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Leadership in Modern Times

- ... In essence, they will be a hybrid professional, providing integrated solutions for PR, Web, SEO, advertising and branding that used to require multiple agencies and consultants. As a result, these complementary, yet competitive, industries will converge. A Conflict and Crisis Manager An effective PR professional must understand the conflict management life, four phases of conflict and process specific techniques and functions that underline the each phase....   [tags: modern day public relations]

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We Are The People Of Modern Times

- We are the people of modern times. The modern times have given us many things, one among which is a mechanical way of life. In fact, human beings today have been transformed into machines, the machines which start in the tiny hours of the morning and stop in the late hours of the night. In this age, we are determined not to stop and not to yield until our goal is reached. This is good. But while doing so, we have forgotten to carry out some sort of moral duty, which we are expected to perform. The age problem definitely challenges us and the matter is taking a turn for the worse with the passage of time....   [tags: Old age, Death, Gerontology, Middle age]

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Modern Times By Charlie Chaplin

- Modern Times. Directed by Charlie Chaplin. 1936. New York: Criterion Collection, 2010. DVD. The film “Modern Times,” directed by Charlie Chaplin, is set in the mid nineteen thirties. This time frame places the characters in the middle of the Great Depression and the industrial revolution. The film depicts the lifestyle and quality of living for people in this era by showing a factory worker who cannot take the monotony of working on an assembly line. The film follows the factory worker through many of his adventures throughout the film....   [tags: Great Depression, Unemployment, 1930s]

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The Plague Of Modern Times

- Plague We are constantly being warned on social media, news stations, and radio talk shows about how to prevent a certain virus going around or any other common danger. This today is the most effective way to get this important news to people. But what did our ancestors utilize as their form of communication. How were they able to make known of danger when the technology was not there. They simply didn’t. The plague in modern times, such as today, is much easier to be prevented from than it was 700 years ago....   [tags: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis]

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Cambodia: Behind Modern Times

- Cambodia is a very different small country somewhat behind modern times when compared to other countries of Pacific Asia. Lacking a solid infrastructure, industry, war stricken culture and low literacy rates greatly contribute to Cambodia falling behind modern times. Growing foreign and international relations aid in its development. While perhaps lacking modern comforts, Cambodia’s influence on history and world politics continues to develop and grow. This growth is very important to the future of the country....   [tags: literacy, culture, relations]

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Satire in the 18th Century and in Modern Times

- Ridiculous Idea vs. Humorous Laughter The use of humor, exaggeration, irony or ridicule to expose, criticize or make fun people’s stupidity or vices. It is the dictionary definition of satire. The usage of juvenalian satire to criticize was openly and frequently done in the 18th century. Coming to the modern day, horatian satire is used to not only criticize but also make fun of modern times. What must be understood is that the usage of satire in both times was focused on society however; with each particular satire it focused on the different problems within it....   [tags: Irony, Humor]

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The Boomerang Effect in our Modern Times

- The Boomerang Effect in our Modern Times Reason, I sacrifice you to the evening breeze. Aime Cesaire   I agree with the assertion that Aime Cesaire made on Discourse on Colonialism that the process of colonialism inflicts a “boomerang effect” on the colonizer. It is important to determine that colonialism is defined as “a practice of domination, which involves the subjugation of one people to another...” by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Aime Cesaire prefers to define colonization as what is not: …neither evangelization, nor a philanthropic enterprise, nor a desire to push back the frontiers of ignorance, disease, and tyranny, nor a project undertaken for the greater glory of God,...   [tags: Foreign Policy ]

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Parallels Between Ancient and Modern Times

- The mandate of History can be described as studying our ancestor’s actions, successes and failures with the intent of students attaining the ability to understand parallels between modern times and our ancestral past. This study is conducted in hopes of enlightening the learner’s mind, in order to avert repeating the mistakes made in the past. Norman Cantor was a Professor at New York University where he taught History, Sociology, and Comparative Literature. After he retired from teaching, he wrote a series of books illuminating his life’s work....   [tags: History, Social Class Division]

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Modern Times Trends And Gender Roles

- Modern times trends in gender roles Men were built as natural physical confronters and it is for this reason that the skull of men is thicker compared to that of women (Bardy). The reason why men’s skulls are thicker compared to that of women is used to explain the reason men are more incline to conduct themselves in a reckless manner: dominating, bullying, authoritativeness and containing emotions. The role of the modern man has changed over the past ten to twenty years; much of this change is seen in the family, where there are more stay at home dads today that there were in the past....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Man, Role]

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Abraham and Modern Times

- When Abraham was 86 years old, Sarah had not yet given him a child, so she told him to go to bed with her slave Hagar. The age of Abraham was pluralistic, it was much more common to have multiple wives and carnally involved with one’s slaves. After their dalliance, Hagar gave birth to Abraham’s first child, Ishmael, who’s name means God Hears. They lived together as a family until 13 years later, when God prophesized that Sarah would give birth to her own son . Isaac’s birth created a divide within their patchwork family, the two mothers were at odds over their places in Abraham’s household....   [tags: sara, hagar, bible, israel]

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Quests in Victorian and Modern Times

- Quests in Victorian and Modern Times The idea of a quest was not only prevalent in the Victorian's stories and poetry, but it is also widely seen in modern novels. In order to discuss the idea of a quest in relation to literature, the definition of the word quest must first be established. A quest is a journey in search of adventure or a hunt. The idea of a quest was used very frequently in the Victorian times. Some of the more famous Victorians that used the idea of a quest in their poetry and stories are Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Robert Browning, and Charles Dickens....   [tags: Papers]

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Faust: A Legend of Modern Times

- As the children of a melting pot culture of British, French and German influences, the American consciousness is uniquely poised to reflect upon the impact of one of the most prevalent and oft-retold legends of the modern age: Faust. German in origin but moreover a culmination of various historical figures and indigenous lore, the story of Faust is that of a man who sells his soul to the devil for youth, wealth, pleasure, power or whatever else the writer in question can think to attribute to him....   [tags: Literature Essays Stories]

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Stigma of Tattoos in Modern Times

- Modern Times Stigma: As a tattooed person, I can attest that stigma and prejudice are still alive and well in the new millennium, even in a "liberal outpost" like Massachusetts. Whether it's a stare, look, comment or something more serious, like denial of service or hassling from law enforcement, cultural stigma is still a factor for those seeking tattoos. Much of this is clearly rooted in the history of tattooing in the U.S. (see below) but there are other possible sources for these attitudes as well....   [tags: Tattoo]

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Role of Cinderella in Modern Times

- Role of Cinderella in Modern Times There are many fairy tales told to children in the United States. My personal favorite was, is, and always will be the tale of Cinderella. The story is as follows: A young girl's mother dies, leaving her alone with her father. As the little girl grows up, she and her father become very close, and he treats her like a little princess. One day, he tells her that he is remarrying. At first, the woman and her two daughters are kind to the girl, but this all soon ends....   [tags: essays papers]

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Metropis by Fritz Lang and Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin

- Discuss Fritz Lang's Metropolis and Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times Very few movies portray the relationship between the government and civilian masses during trying moments such as Fritz Lang's “Metropolis”, and Charlie Chaplin's “Modern Times”. These are two critically acclaimed films made in the late 1920’s and mid 1930’s. The time period captured is the great depression, and examine the role of the governing authorities in relation to those governed. “Metropolis” simply passes as one of the original science fiction movies in the world, and it has vivid imagery in it....   [tags: film, civilians, government]

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Hermaphrodites, or What We Call in Modern Times, Intersexuals

- ... In fact, the victims often times have an inability of sensation and feel out of normalcy as a result of the surgeries as well as the hormonal therapies (Kessler, 1990). The doctors often times force the parents to make a decision at child birth by using scare tactics and biased evidence, informing the parents that the surgery is the best alternative for an issue that can only result in psychological damage. However, this absolute statistic is also provided to the intersexual’s parents without evidence....   [tags: genital abnormalities]

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Relevancy of the Voting Rights Act in Modern Times

- Ratified in 1868, the fourteenth amendment guarantees equal protection of all persons under the law. In the 1960’s though, African Americans were still being discriminated against because of the color of their skin. After the broadcast of 600 peaceful African Americans being attacked and beaten after attempting to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, President Lynden Johnson decided it was time to create some legislation to prevent incidences such as this from happening in the future....   [tags: Voter Rights ]

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Florence Nightingale : A Respected Reformer Of Modern Times

- Florence Nightingale is a respected reformer of modern times. The book Notes on Nursing contains the thoughts about Nightingale by nursing-theorists and some of today’s nurse leaders. Florence Nightingale was committed to improving the misery and unhealthy living conditions of people all over the world (Schuyler, 1992, p.3). In this paper I will be using Nightingale’s Thirteen Canons to discuss what nursing is and what it is not. Florence Nightingale’s first of Thirteen Canons is Ventilation and Warming....   [tags: Nursing, Florence Nightingale, Nurse, Patient]

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Women's Growth from Medieval to Modern Times

- The status of women in the older centuries differed greatly from how they are for women in more modern times. Women were often treated less like people than men were, and it was difficult for women to earn any respect. In Medieval Europe specifically, the status of women changed in very few ways over the course of one hundred and sixty-four years. In the time period from 1750 to 1914, women had very few options when making choices and their lives were set in stone in basic routines, although the strict rules of marriage were lightened about one hundred and forty years into the time period....   [tags: marry, family, traditional]

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Dubai During Pre And Post Modern Times

- DUBAI Distinct districts, towns, cities, or states are a creative imagination like a film that once touches your heart, captivates your mind forever. And one of the places that I have always to visit -is Dubai, my dream city. I have always been enamored by this lovely city which is nestled in the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula, and is known as the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This review seeks to find out Dubai in its true sense, with Dubai during pre and post modern times, its many attractions as well as must-go tourist destinations....   [tags: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Persian Gulf]

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Modern Times Steam From Native American

- Art can be express through dance, paintings, spoken words, or shown in designs in clothing.Art is not just define in a way one’s belief of just painting, art is displayed all around through artictitke buildings or interior design. Depending on the designer, there is always a story behind the making either the shape of the building, a certain color of a shirt can have a significant value creating a distinct signature to the designer. The fashion that is used in modern times steam from Native American....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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“Rapaccini’s Daughter” Relevance to Modern Times

- In Nathanial Hawthorne’s short story “Rapaccini’s Daughter” the theme of dangerous knowledge is acknowledge through his detailed explanation of the stories setting. The central idea of dangerous knowledge makes this story still popular in today’s culture because it is still a relevant worry among humankind. “Rapaccini’s Daughter” is about two lovers from a metaphorically separated world who cannot be together because Beatrice, the woman in the garden, is literally poisonous to everything she touches except for Rapaccini’s plants....   [tags: Hawthorne, Eden, Rapaccini]

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Machiavelli in Modern Times

- Machiavelli in Modern Times The fourteenth century was an exciting time in Italy. Liberation from old traditions brought about a new interest in the arts and literature. The church's doctrine was no longer the sole basis of scholarly work. New ideas and concepts started to emerge which were unlike anything heard since the fall of Rome. Amongst the great thinkers of this time was a man by the name of Niccolo Machiavelli. (C4. and Wood, p.510) His most famous work was entitled, The Prince. The book is a compilation of historical examples past and present ( present being the sixteenth century), that were intended to guide a prince on the correct way to control his state....   [tags: Papers]

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A Comical Analysis of The Tale of Cupid and Psyche

- Although written in the olden times, one of Apuleius’s story collections in the book of Metamorphoses entitled "The Tale of Cupid and Psyche" relates to the modern age issue of marriage and relationship. It reflects and gives hopes to some relationships that started wrong but ended up good. I will examine the story of “The Tale of Cupid and Psyche” and will relate its relevance to the modern times. “The Tale of Cupid and Psyche” is a tale about the relationship that the God of Love, Cupid, has with a mortal named Psyche....   [tags: relevance to modern times, Apuleius]

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Greed in Modern Times and Recent times

- Greed is dangerous – this is the message that has been proclaimed to all since birth. Greed was the reason for the banishment of Adam and Eve; Eve’s greed for more power led her to eat the forbidden apple. Throughout centuries, this traditional concept of greed seems to have diminished, and a new concept of greed has been proclaimed: greed is necessary for the success of man. Three highly revered pieces of art – Wall Street and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps both by William Oliver Stone, and “The Pardoner’s Tale,” in Canterbury Tales, by William Chaucer – centuries apart, have been able to highlight the difference between the concept of greed at the end of the 14th century and the beginning...   [tags: Canterbury Tales, Characterization]

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The Basics of Interior Design

- Ever since Ancient Rome, the art and science of interior design has been at work. From then unto the Renaissance up until modern times, almost every room, whether it’s in a house, a corporate building, or a restaurant, has had an interior designer come in and worked on the room, making it functional for the people using it while also still being eye-catching. However the terms interior designer and interior decorator are used interchangeably, which is not the case. While interior decorators only choose furnishings and accessories to make a place look pleasing, interior designers study people’s behaviors and apply technical solutions in order to create a space that’s efficient for its use as...   [tags: Housing, Modern Times]

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Modern Times

- Modern Times Boredom breeds blood and poison. In today’s society, it fails to surprise us that children continue to cling to the messages within music, television, and magazines. Such media portrayals tend to then set a model for how we develop our behavioral patterns. However, once a trend grows old or out of style, a strong sense of apathy results, if only for even a split second. In the long run, when such children feel out of place and their emotions run them rather than their minds, chaos results....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Chivalry and Medieval Literature

- “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”(Powell). Striking the manifesting ideals of loyalty in English Literature reflects a strong sense of character in the tales of Beowulf, Hamlet, and King Arthur. Bound to the history of the medieval times, their loyalty to their people, church, and effect on modern day chivalry has made a large impact. The medieval times were always known for their concepts of knights, castles, the feudal system, and the chivalry that has been passed down through many generations that has created various stories....   [tags: effects on modern times]

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Impact of the Writers of Antiquity on Modern Times

- Impact of the Writers of Antiquity on Modern Times History is riddled with the names of various intellectuals and descriptions of their theories. Born of brilliant men like Marx and Machiavelli, to name a few, these theories are preserved in books, illustrated in day-to-day domestic and international affairs, and immortalized in modern theories and documents. They are the predecessors of present theories that have been reinterpreted for a different era and reapplied in a new context. In his most famous work, The Prince, Niccoló Machiavelli discusses the ways in which to not only attain, but also retain, political power....   [tags: History Literature Theories Essays Papers]

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Don Giovanni Opera in Modern Times

- Don Giovanni Opera in Modern Times Music has the capability to bring forth many emotions and feelings in a person. Depending on the tone and the melody of the music, emotions such as anger, joy, and grief may arise. For example, rap music, in general, brings forth emotions such as anger, frustration, and rage to a person's mind. Melodies such as Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On and Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing often arouse emotions of love, sadness, and hope; "lovey-dovey" feelings which remind a person of a past or current love....   [tags: Papers]

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Poverty During the Great Depression Illustrated in Room Service and Modern Times

- There was a high percentage of poverty during the Great Depression. A lot of people were in need of food, the stock market crashed, the industrial working conditions were bad and the rate of unemployed people was really high. The movies produced in the time of the Great Depression had the purpose to distract from the problems and to make the people able to relax for an hour a two. But the problems of the Great Depressions weren’t just ignored in the movies. By watching a movie from the time period of the Great Depression we can tell how life was back then....   [tags: unemployment, hunger, economy]

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Love Affair and Maturity of The Tramp and The Gamin in Charlie Chaplin’s’" Modern Times"

- Love is displayed in many shapes and forms. Love can exist without it being acknowledged and the simplest things can draw two people together. Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times displays an unusual love affair. The Gamin and the Tramp share a love like no another. They both share a common dream that brings them together. This dreams unites them in a relationship. The Gamin and the Tramp idealize of the “American dream”. They witnessed happy a husband and wife and made a dream for themselves from this image....   [tags: Film Analysis ]

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Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird is Still Valuable in Modern Times

- Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the most revered novels in modern history. It is a story which makes use of powerful language and plot devices, as well as its use of highly detailed character development, to convey a variety of themes to readers, with the most prevalent ones including racial and social injustice, social life, class, discrimination, human nature and personal morals and beliefs. The titular quote, “... it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird”, also presents a significant theme in the novel: innocence and morality....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays]

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Better to Marry Than to Burn: Clerical Celibacy in Modern Times

- Described as a “precious jewel” by Pope Paul VI, a vow of celibacy, abstaining from marriage and all sexual activity is required for those choosing a life of service in the Roman Catholic Church (Frazee 108). Perhaps one of the most long standing debates within the Roman Catholic Church is the issue of clerical celibacy, in particular for priests. Many ask, does compulsory celibacy for priest have any place in today’s modern world. Some will argue that compulsory celibacy for priest is essential for priest to adequately serve their parishioners as well as to faithfully serve God....   [tags: catholic church, bishops, pope]

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The Worst Leader of Modern Times: Saddam Hussein

- The research is about one of the previous presidents of Iraq that ruled from 1987 to 2006, Saddam Hussein. He was born in 1937 near Takrit and hanged in 2006 . As a kid, he was beaten by his stepfather and despised by other children . He was an intelligent man; he studied law in Egypt . Saddam was very powerful but he did not use his influence in a positive way. It is important to know and understand what Saddam did wrong in the past in order to not repeat the same mistakes. Saddam is a relevant character because he has had conflicts that affected pretty much all the North American countries....   [tags: Iraq, Middle East, Leaders]

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Dante's Inferno: Consequence of Sin in Modern Times

- For centuries, many humans have thrived on the idea of an everlasting salvation, in other words, Heaven. Several religions, including Christianity, use Heaven as an incentive to avoid sin and avidly follow God’s law. The idea of an everlasting salvation could not exist if there were not also the idea of eternal damnation. Because there is a reward for a person’s loyalty to God, the opposite must also be true; betraying God by committing sins will result in a soul’s eternal suffering in Hell. In the Inferno from the Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri uses symbols to emphasize the dangers of sin....   [tags: everlasting salvation, condemnation]

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Cyperus papyrus: From the Nile to Modern Times

- Cyperus papyrus: From the Nile to Modern Times Cyperus papyrus, commonly called papyrus or paper plant, is a member of the sedge family (Cyperaceae). It is a monocot that is native to riverbanks and other wet soil areas in Egypt, Ethiopia, the Jordan River Valley, and other parts of the Mediterranean basin (1). Few members of the sedge family hold economic importance as crop plants, but throughout the world these plants hold great regional importance in weaving mats, baskets, screens, and even sandals (3)....   [tags: Botany]

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Literature In Modern Times

- CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.0 Presentation From the very beginning of human species, literature existed side by side. Human life, in the form of human passions, feelings, loves, sufferings, and human history existed in the literatures. Human legends started with the very stone age, recorded in the stone scripts. It was a human need to communicate the past to the future generations. Poetry, as an art form, has been for many centuries praised, contemplated and has continued to affect man. Man has used poetry to express love and grief, birth and death, innocence and guilt, heaven and hell in a more effective way....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy Is Still Used Today

- Franz Kafka describes the dehumanization of Gregor Samsa by his family after his change into a bug. Prior to his transformation Gregor was extremely loyal to his family and to a job he detested even though Gregory’s family only seemed to appreciate him for what he could provide. He was close to his sister Grete but all that changed when he no longer could provide for his family. As the reader I see the dehumanization of Gregor when the family wants to isolate him from others, they made him stay in his room for the most part and only associated with him when it was needed....   [tags: mental illness in modern times]

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The Iraq War

- The Iraq War began in 2003 and lasted until 2011, and stands to be among the most controversial conflicts of modern times. It was a war that proceeded without the approval of the United Nations (UN) and was said to be a failure on all counts, for despite managing to end Saddam Hussein’s regime did not lead to an improvement in the situation in Iraq, and instead led Iraq to becoming a failed state and being on the brink of a civil war. According to then Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the Iraq War was “not in conformity with the United Nations charter (and) from (their) point of view, from the charter point of view, it was illegal” (BBC News, 2004)....   [tags: modern times, united nations, oil]

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The Mediterranean Climate in Modern and Roman Times

- The Mediterranean Climate in Modern and Roman Times Florence, Italy lies in the Tuscan region in the middle of the Italian peninsula, and is a part of the temperate Mediterranean climate region. Being in such a temperate zone means that Italy is less subject to extreme climate change than other parts of the world. This does not mean that throughout recorded history the climate of the region has been static, however we can see many similarities between the climate today and that of the time of the Roman Empire....   [tags: Roman Empire Environment Essays Papers]

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Globalization as a Process

- It does not matter who you are, or what you do for living; it does not matter where you live, or where you come from; either way, you have come into contact with globalization. We are all active members of this web, and we are the fuel it needs to work to perfection. This web needs employers and employees, it needs people in need and people willing to help, and it needs members of different cultures and societies. It needs you. Whether it was by flying on an airplane, traveling to a foreign country, or simply by buying medicine, you are contributing to the unstoppable giant known as globalization....   [tags: change agents of modern times]

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Shakespeare’s Growing Influence in Interactive Storytelling

- In all of literature, William Shakespeare has been made one of the most recognized and beloved writers of all time. With over 38 famous works under his name, Shakespeare has maintained both legitimacy and relevance to this day. Part of the reason Shakespeare has maintained his fame and influence is the multitude of adaptations many have made from his works. Whether it is a play with a modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet or an animated rendition of Hamlet where the characters are placed in futuristic robotic mech suits; the messages and themes written by the bard have transcended both the eras they were written in and the mediums the works are presented in....   [tags: romeo and juliet, hamlet, modern times]

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Difference Between Sephardic And Ashkenazi Jews In Modern Times

- For the most part, modern Jewish history deals with the political, social and economic advancements achieved by the Ashkenazi communities in Europe, America, and later -- Palestine. Because of it's relatively small size and involvement in the affairs of "civilized" countries of Europe and America, the Sephardi branch of Judaism is rerely dealt with in the context of modern Jewish history. Their developement is however, though not as influential upon the flow of the "mainstream" history as that of the Ashkenazi jewry, is nevertheless an area of interest to anyone undertaking a serious study of Jewish history....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How Women Were Treated in Roman Times in Julius Caesar versus Modern Times

- The way in which women were treated in Roman times is an interesting issue which arises in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. We can look at modern society to see what similarities or differences may exist between the two. How has the treatment of women changed in certain parts of society. We all know that in western civilization the way that women are treated has been altered significantly, but this demographic isn’t the only society in which there has (or hasn’t) been developments in the way women are treated....   [tags: Shakespare, Gender Inequality]

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The Modern Olympic Games Have A Product Of Their Times

- The Modern Olympic Games were a product of their times. After France was embarrassingly defeated in the Franco-Prussian war in 1871, the French people were left with a feeling of inadequacy. These feelings of inadequacy became a driving force for Baron Pierre de Coubertin in his quest to revive the Olympic Games. During the dominant times of The Age of Imperialism, some of the more successful countries found a way to incorporate sports into their educational systems. The competitive values reinforced by sports led to a more competitive society....   [tags: Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games]

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Creative Industries and Culture

- Living in a modern time, our lives can hardly be separated from creativity and culture. Creative industries have increasingly influenced our daily lives, not just the products we use, but also the money we make. According to DCMS (2014), creative industries in Britain are worth more than £70 billion to its economy every year, not to mention creative industries in other countries. In the following, the seven economic properties as stated in Caves (2000) will be applied to the creative industry, ‘New Media’....   [tags: modern times, daily lives, products, money]

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Different Times of a Parallel: Ancient Worlds in Modern Innovation

- Throughout history, societies and human beings have evolved into existence for reason and construction of ideas that were merely only dreams of our ancient ancestors. The world and all civilizations have been forever trying to develop life in such a way that will better all people in exchange for further advancement to new realms of continuation. During the time periods of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus River Valley, and China, people were all striving to fulfill and accomplish a life of more knowledge, equality, and welfare....   [tags: civilizations, history, egypt]

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The Feeding America Network Uses Short, Modern, And Bold Font

- is a a charitable organization with food banks across the country. They are trying to decrease the amount of people around the world from hunger. To achieve this goal, they want to inform the audience more of the cause through this website. uses modern, bold font and touching words to reach out to the readers emotionally to support their fight against hunger in communities. The Feeding America network uses short, modern, and bold font to emphasize the words....   [tags: Color, Green, Times Roman, Want]

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Modern Society in The Wizard of Oz

- I have chosen to write about the wizard of Something is typically considered modern according to, an online repository of word definitions as ‘characteristic of present and recent; contemporary; not antiquated or obsolete’. This viewpoint of the contemporary manifests itself in the onward march of technological progress and the innate human desire to advance and improve on those that came before us. To be modern is to accept that the past is of a lesser state of development than how we are living in modern times, and that the current paradigm of contemporary society is a clear and present progressivist as stated by the article Redefining the Modern World 2013 ‘We define "n...   [tags: film, society, modern]

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The Modern Morality Play

- The Morality play can be defined as an “allegorical play popular especially in the 15th and 16th centuries in which the characters personify abstract qualities or concepts which involve a direct conflict between right and wrong or good and evil and from which a moral lesson may be draw (Webster).” Today, the morality play Everyman, is occasionally performed or read at colleges and church organizations. These productions are usually academic in nature or focused on religious ideology. Ron Tanner author of Humor in Everyman and the Middle English Morality Play argues that this play has value beyond such narrow focus....   [tags: Modern, Morality Play, plays, theatre, ]

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The New York Times And The Guardian Covered This Harrowing Event

- On the January 8th of this year, terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine, and killed 17 people and left few injured. Charlie Hebdo magazine is known for its strong opinion about all aspect of culture in Modern world. The magazine had a history of publishing controversial cartoons illustrating Prophet Muhammad that angered Muslim leaders in France, and Muslims around the world. The magazine received threats over the years from social media users because portray of the prophet are prohibited in Islam religion....   [tags: Newspaper, The New York Times, Broadsheet, Islam]

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- George Gershwin is one of the most celebrated composers of modern times. He is Famous for bridging the gap between Jazz and Classical music, and developing a new kind of popular music that held a genuine, American voice. With such pieces as his Rhapsody in Blue and Concerto in F he has become the most widely played American composer of all time. Although he boats having one of the most recognizable names in modern music, many people do not truly know the story behind it all. The Early Years His Childhood Gershwin was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 26, 1898 to Morris and Rose Gershwin, Russian born Jewish immigrants who had come to America only a few years earlier....   [tags: Biography]

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The Blue-collar Appeal of Hard Times

- The Blue-collar Appeal of Hard Times    In Hard Times, Charles Dickens gives us a close-up look into what appears to be the ivory tower of the bourgeoisie of his day, yet these middle-class characters are viewed from a singular perspective, the perspective of those at the bottom of the social and economic system. Though Dickens’ characters tend to be well developed and presented with a thoroughly human quality, the stereotypical figure of arrogant and demanding Bounderby fails to accurately capture the motivations and attitudes of the typical successful businessman of the day and is an indication of the author’s political motives....   [tags: Dickens Hard Times Essays]

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Charles Dickens' Hard Times

- Charles Dickens' Hard Times The book "Hard Times" was written in 1854. It was written in weekly instalments in a magazine called Household Words. This is like a normal soap but was weekly. The magazine was owned by Charles Dickens as he was a journalist. The book was written at the time of the Industrial Revolution. This was when factories were being built near major towns and cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. The Industrial Revolution was a time when there were big improvements in transport as there was vast expansion in the production of iron....   [tags: Charles Dickens Hard Times Essays]

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The Use of Witchcraft in Modern Tanzania

- Introduction Witchcraft has been rampant in various parts of Africa. However, the practice of witchcraft has been on the decline in modern society as compared to the period before the rise of colonialism (Toyin 250). In most part of Africa, there is a conglomeration of tribal healers, sorcerers, and wizard considered having different forms of powers in controlling the fate of society (Toyin 209). Consequently, this has led to the emergence of thousands of practitioners in different parts of Africa....   [tags: Africa, Modern Society, Colonialism]

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Islamic Law & the Modern World

- Islam is the religion of the Muslims. It is a religion that constitutes the total submission of the Muslim to God. During this submission, it brings about peace, serenity, love and above all, justice. Shari’ah is “a line of conduct, a morality laid down by the accounts of the Islamic religion. It is based on the Quran and on the views of the prophet” (Jelloun 100). It is a law that governs the believer’s conducts and lifestyle. It regulates the believer on what to do and what not to do. The severity of the law in some Islamic societies, however, has drawn criticism and has made people from other religious sects wary of the religion itself....   [tags: Islamic religion, Modern World]

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Influences of Modern Technology on the Children Development

- 1. Introduction. Modern technologies for children: useful or harmful. Living in the 21st century we obviously meet the huge stream of information every day. This information finds us everywhere, from TV, computers, metro, on the street and in the shop. There is only one way to avoid this stream – to live far from civilization. Modern technologies can be useful and harmful at the same time. There are so many aspects and opinions about this question. I will try to analyze both harmful and useful sides of modern technology influence on child development....   [tags: modern technology, internet]

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Medieval Times And The Renaissance Era

- In my essay, I will be describing how medieval times lead to the 14th century Renaissance modern era. How many people lived there lives in the 14th century was very different how people lived in the Renaissance era. I will compare and contrast throughout my essay, how the 14th century and was different and what led to the Renaissance era. The middle Ages people were not as advanced so everything was centered on war and death. The medieval period is known in history as the era of European history focusing around the start of the 15th century, which came after the demise of the Roman Empire, which was due mainly to The Hundred Years War between France and England....   [tags: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Italy, Humanism]

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Medical Practice in Medieval Times

- The practice of medicine in medieval times played a very important role in society. The communities and civilizations would not have survived without the treatments that were offered. In order to have kept the population going, medicine was required. The population might have been much smaller, or even tanked without the hope of these medicines in certain cases. If the Black Death had not occurred, most of the advancements in medicine would not have taken place. While this was a devastating event in history and a misery for all of the people affected, it led the way to many new improvements in medicine....   [tags: history, black death]

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Birth Control Through the Times

- The idea of men and women having control of their familial future is nothing new. In fact, the use of contraception dates back to ancient Egyptian times. Despite the controversy that often surrounds the use of birth control, history shows that the need for pregnancy prevention existed even before most modern religions were established. This paper will cover the colorful history of what we now know as birth control, through the centuries and up to modern times. Hopefully, this can give the audience a good idea about how necessary this concept is, and to look at the idea of controlling your destiny with objectivity....   [tags: Contraceptives, Birth Control Essays]

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Common Schools Versus Modern Schools

- Common schools versus modern schools. They trekked from one planet to the other, in search for the ideal one. The determined seekers had to cross numerous borderlines and have their visas stamped by the immigration officers such as the puritans, evangelicals, Horace Mann, and John Dewey. Some planets presented unfavorable conditions which made them feel like life was such a misery. Some hope was shed in Horace Mann’s planet, but the zealous explorers wanted to know what the next planet had I offer....   [tags: Family, Teacher, Modern School, School]

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The Early Modern Era Of Western Europe

- The early modern era in Western Europe was a dangerous place for women with the rise of so called “witches” populating towns and country sides. With the peak of these witch trials happening between 1560 and 1640 in England (the making of the west 499). This caused the people of Europe to live in fear of the devil and his counterparts on earth. Over 80 percent of victims of these witch trials were women and thousands upon thousands of trials taking place all across Europe and the North American Colonies at the time as well (motw 500)....   [tags: Witchcraft, Witch-hunt, Early modern period]

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Medieval Times

- Terms Babylonian Captivity:(also known as the Avignon Papacy) was a time period in which seven popes lived in Avignon(France.) Black Death: was one of the deadliest pestilences in history, it struck Europe in the fourteenth-century. Cahiers Dolances: were lists of complaints to the King of France, (Louis XVI) by the three different estates in France. Donatism: the heresy that taught the efficacy of the sacraments depended on the moral character of the clergy who administered them. Estates General:the medieval French parliament....   [tags: Assignment]

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The Roman Catholic Church in Medieval Times

- In the Medieval times, the Roman Catholic Church played a great role in the development of England and had much more power than the Church of today does. In Medieval England, the Roman Catholic Church dominated everyday life and controlled everyone whether it is knights, peasants or kings. The Church was one of the most influential institutions in all of Medieval England and played a large role in education and religion. The Church's power was so great that they could order and control knights and sends them to battle whenever they wished to....   [tags: Influence, Arts, Crafts, Culture]

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The Roman Economy During Ancient Times

- Merriam-Websters dictionary defines economy as “the process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought in a country or region”. In both Rome and Greece, the economy was bustling, because the people would sell good to other civilization in order to continuously grow enough food to feed themselves. Many systems that were in place in antiquity are still around in our modern times. The Roman economy during antiquity time was made up of many different aspects but the Roman economy relied heavily on the use of slave labor and agriculture....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic]

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Charles Dickens' Hard Times and David Lodge's Nice Work

- Charles Dickens' Hard Times and David Lodge's Nice Work ----“Fact, fact, fact, everywhere in the material aspect of the town; fact, fact, fact everywhere in the immaterial.” – Charles Dickens In the early 1851, London staged the Great Exhibition to show the world, the achievements and inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Many people believed that this showed how much better, safer and healthier Britain was than its neighbours in Europe. People living in mansions amid lawns and fountains, with horse drawn carriages certainly felt that life couldn’t be better....   [tags: Lodge Dickens Hard Times Nice Work Essays]

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An Annotation of Wallace Stevens' Of Modern Poetry

- An Annotation of Wallace Stevens' Of Modern Poetry In "Of Modern Poetry," Stevens describes the purpose of modern poetry given what the audience knows and values. Modern poetry must be different from traditional poetry, because people of his time perceive themselves and their world differently than the people of earlier times. Stevens suggests that war, like other changes, have affected what people believe. Poetry must reflect to its audience what they want to hear. It must show them that the order, meaning and value they need is real, in so much as their minds both need it and can create it....   [tags: Wallace Stevens Modern Poetry Papers]

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Social Attitudes of Shakespearian Times

- Social Attitudes of Shakespearian Times In this essay I will be looking at social attitudes in Shakespearian times and how they differ from today's. I will be using the Shakespeare play "Much Ado About Nothing" To refer to. One big difference between Shakespeare's times and the modern day is the attitude to women. Nowadays sexism is not politically correct. Men and women are regarded as equally intelligent and important whereas in Shakespearian times women were seen as possessions....   [tags: Papers]

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Limited Food and Medicine During Medieval Times

- Food and Medicine was essential for survival throughout the Medieval Times. All people have to eat, and this fact was no different in the Medieval Times. The types of food eaten have been changed thoroughly from the Medieval Times, to modern day. During the Medieval Times, you couldn’t just go and grab a cheeseburger or open up and eat a pack of chips. During the Medieval Times, it was a struggle to grow the food and hunt to feed numerous hungry people. Nowadays, we take food for granted; however, food was very much valued in the Medieval Times as it was arduous to maintain and grow it....   [tags: peasants, health, diet]

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Colonial Times

- Colonial Times The colonial period was A time of much change, as is the modern period. Many people viewed things differently in the colonial period than they do today. The people of the colonial period had much more traditional values than the people of today. The people of the colonial period thought of religion much more sternly than I do. John Winthrop believed in a very stern God. John Winthrop writes, "Now if the Lord shall please to hear us, and bring us in peace to the place we desire, then hath he ratified this Covenant and sealed our Commission, [and] will expect a strict performance of the Articles contained in it" (43)....   [tags: American America History]

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Horses Have Shaped History

- ... Therefore, horses have greatly shaped history with the extensive use of their skills in battles and wars. Horses have an expansive appearance in art around the world dating back to thousands and thousands of years ago. One of the first attempts of art and visual images were paintings of horses, along with other animals such as bison or caribou, in cave paintings. Cave paintings were simply paintings that were created on the walls of caves (Packer). Other than cave paintings, horses were seen on ceramic bowls or clay pieces that were used for decoration (Horse American)....   [tags: cultures, ancient times]

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Odysseus is Not a Hero for the Modern Age

- Many would argue that Odysseus is more of a villain nowadays, for every instance of his wiliness or feats of strength there are several of venality, vice, cruelty, or selfishness. The episode of the Sirens,(Book 12), is one example. The only reason Odysseus ties himself up to the mast, when instead he could have simply plugged his ears with wax like the rest of his crew, is that he chooses the jeopardous choice, wanting to "go down in the books" by being the first man to ever listen to the Sirens song and live....   [tags: iliand, odyssey]

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Industrialization And Capitalism : Modern Societies

- There was once a time when the societies of the world were nothing more than a ruling class and a class that was ruled. In these feudal societies classes were set. There was little chance for a member of the ruling bourgeoisie class to cross over to the oppressed proletariat class or from the proletariat class to the bourgeoisie class. Every individual within each class had the routine for each day set out for him or her. There was little change in the lives of individuals of these societies. There was monotony in their work and their work did little more for them than keeping them alive....   [tags: Sociology, Karl Marx, Marxism, Socialism]

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Impact Of Technology On Modern Society

- From the ancient times civilization kept evaluating, by discovering and exploring something new and, as a result, facing new hazards. Within the last few decades traditional society has moved to modern one. Within that period, huge progress towards modernity has been made and lots of innovations have been introduced to society, what have resulted in new dangers and risks. Nowadays, accurate calculation and consideration of risk-acceptance, risk-assessment and control cannot be fully complete because at any time there are unpredicted and undesired aspects of risk environments....   [tags: Sociology, Society, Risk, Risk perception]

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Power of Media in Modern World

- Media is the most powerful sector of an economy. It is a tool to maintain a balanced society which is characterized by well informed people, effective democracy and social justice. In fact, media has unparallel influence on all aspects of human life in modern times. Basically, the media performs three functions to inform, to influence and to entertain. But effects of these functions are multidimensional in modern times. It has provided awareness about the whole world. In twenty-first century, media has a tendency to shape political, economical and social values of an individual....   [tags: informative essay]

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Sports them and Now: Roman times

- SPORTS THEN AND NOW ROMAN GAMES AND MODERN TIMES Throughout history, sports have evolved into today's organized professional elite sports. Through certain periods in history sports were very different then they are today and meant very different things to the cultures in society of those times. During Roman periods people did not take part in organized team sports as they do today. In modern times most of the popular sports of the day have professional counterparts. A person can take the sport which he likes into a career....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Modern Philosophy : Morality And Morality

- Introduction When one considers the extensive degree to which modern philosophy has invested in scrutinizing the subject of morality, the default reaction would perhaps be one of amenable acceptance. After all, the significance of morality is obvious, and questions such as what constitutes as moral and how exactly does one become moral have been matters of contention for maybe longer than philosophy has even existed. It can be said therefore, that philosophy is steadfast in its fascination with everything morality....   [tags: Philosophy, Meaning of life, Friedrich Nietzsche]

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The Presidency, President, And The Modern Presidency

- In the history of presidency, there have been five different types of presidents. They consist of the strict constructionist presidency, the stewardship presidency, the public presidency, the prerogative presidency, and the modern presidency. All presidents treat the office differently and they often set precedents for the presidents who follow them. The beliefs of these presidents, in their rights and limitations to power, shaped the way they made their decisions when they were in office. The presidential beliefs range from not acting outside of what the Constitution allows to using the Constitution more as a guideline for more modern times and situations....   [tags: President of the United States]

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The Modern Era Of Public Administration

- As the public administrator moves forward from the postmodern to the modern era of public administration, there is a greater need to maintain responsible conduct within public organizations. The reasoning behind this as we move through the modern times, this era itself is beginning to change, into the Praetorian Time, which is a time of major transition from old to new. These times signify that not only has change come, within public organizations, the conversion from postmodern, modern towards the Praetorian Times resulted in throwing out the old ways of handling organizations and establishing a complete new set of rules....   [tags: Management, Sociology, Ethics, Organization]

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