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Enormous Changes at the Last Minute: Postmodern Humanism

- "Enormous Changes at the Last Minute:" Postmodern Humanism in the Short Fiction of Grace Paley(1) On the jacket of her second book of short stories, Enormous Changes at the Last Minute, Grace Paley, a feminist, postmodernist, antiwar activist, and writer, identifies herself as a "somewhat combative pacifist and cooperative anarchist." In 1979, she was arrested on the White House lawn for demonstrating against nuclear weapons, and her résumé is full of such protest-related arrests. Paley's statement in a 1998 interview with the online magazine Salon is typical: "Whatever your calling is, whether it's as a plumber or an artist, you have to make sure there's a little more justice in the wo...   [tags: Grace Paley Enormous Last Minute Essays]

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People 's Last Minute Decision

- people’s last minute decision. After people finished ordering, the cashier will grab a cup, small medium or large depending on your order and write your name and your order on the cup. In the Starbuck, boots and chairs are provided for people to sit. Some of the seats are placed near the window for people to see the beautiful views. Some of the seats are at the corner. There are ground rules for people at Starbucks. When buying coffee, people need to line up in the particular space. Also, throw your garbage away when you finished your coffee of sandwich to let other people seat at a clean table....   [tags: Coffee, Starbucks, Espresso, Tea]

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How to Write a Last-minute Essay

- How to Write a Last-minute Essay In high school I was assigned a number of essays to write. With each essay came a lengthy period of time when I was to brainstorm, develop a thesis, piece together an introduction, craft supporting arguments, and deliver an exemplary conclusion. After several attempts at stretching out this process over the allotted time, I discovered that it was to my advantage if I saved the entire project until the last day or two and raced myself against the deadline clock....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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Last Minute Solving

- Transplantation of organs between animals and humans is called xenotransplantation. Pig liver are already being used to supply some time to liver-transplant patients; and for years, pig heart valves have been used in open-heart procedures to replace damaged human valves. Cloning research may contribute to treating diseases by allowing scientists to reprogram cells. The benefits of cloning could provide spare materials. Liver cells, eyes cells and bone cells may one day lead researchers to create organic organs such as hearts, lungs, livers and kidneys....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Comparing Women in The Bell Jar and Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

- Exploitation of Women Exposed in The Bell Jar and Enormous Changes at the Last Minute       In their manifesto, the Redstockings argued that the relationship between men and women was a class relationship, and that the men repressed and controlled the women. The women were objects, and the men owned them. They said that, as a class, women "are exploited as sex objects, breeders, domestic servants, and cheap labor" by the male class(Bloom, Takin' it to the Streets, 486). Many of the women characters in The Bell Jar and Enormous Changes at the Last Minute give us examples of this repression and exploitation....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Comparing Women in The Bell Jar and Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

- Independent Women in The Bell Jar and Enormous Changes at the Last Minute       The women's movement was in full swing in America in the sixties. These were the women who were escaping from their kitchens, burning their bras, and working in careers that were traditionally male-oriented, while at the same time demanding payment equal to men's salaries. In her essay: What Would It Be Like if Women Win, Gloria Steinem has many thoughts on the ways feminism could change this country and what the society would be like if her changes were made....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The One Minute Manager Summary

- The one minute manager summary The one minute manager is a brief story about young man who is looking for an excellent manager. He meets and interviews a lot of managers but all of them do not have a perfect managing and leading skills. Once, he meets a one minute manager, who is effective and efficient, autocratic and democratic and greatly described by his employees. Young man asks him to reveal his secrets and share the way of successful manager. One minute manager responses that there are only three secrets and he would be glad to share them....   [tags: Management, A Great Way to Care, Secret]

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My First Minute Of The Game

- People say that you never know what you have until it is gone. That was a statement I always heard, but never understood what it really meant. It was the 10th minute of the second half of our last preseason soccer game. We were losing 3-0. My entire team was depending on me to be the difference that changed the game. I heard my coaches screaming at me to get the ball to my feet. My parents were yelling at me from the stands to work harder. My teammates were anxiously screaming my name over and over....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Pearl Jam, Association football]

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Ephesians 3 : A Minute Of Delicacy

- Ephesians 3:14-21 introduces a minute of delicacy, in which the author talks straightforwardly to his readers about his nurture them. He talks about his supplication to God for his readers, which he does on curved knee. The passage starts sharply with the expression: “for this reason.” It alludes to what has been said in the past sections in regards to Paul 's service. The Spirit had depended Paul, in the same way as different witnesses, with disclosure. Particularly, it had been uncovered to him that Gentiles, who get the gospel in confidence, are individual beneficiaries of the guarantees of God....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Love, Prayer]

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Six-minute walk test

- Six-minute walk test There are many tools to assess functional exercise capacity most of which provide good information about body system. The most popular clinical exercise tests are stair climbing, a 6MWT, a shuttle-walk test, detection of exercise-induced asthma, a cardiac stress test and a cardiopulmonary exercise test) (ATS, 2002). In the past, the functional exercise capacity was assessed by asking patients “How many flights of stairs can you climb or how many blocks can you walk?”; but, this assessment was a subjective measurement....   [tags: Health, Exercise]

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Self Leadership And The One Minute Manager

- The Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager is an excellent book. I felt that the other does an excellent job of sharing a story that connects the reader with three rules of self-leadership, development continuum and the leadership style that support the development continuum. The thesis of this journal is to share the lessons learned form the book, concepts of self-leadership that can be applied, goal setting, and the connection between Kotters eight-stage process of creating change connects with self-leadership....   [tags: Goal, Management, Goal setting, Leadership]

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Movie: The Last Supper

- Movie: The Last Supper      The Last Supper, by Dan Rosen, supposedly dares to take on deep subjects in a vein of sarcastic humor. But, what it says is that liberals, because of their belief, have the right to pass death sentences on opponents. The story was amusing at times and there was some comedy in the film, but it didn't really go anywhere. The most famous actor in the film was Mark Harmon, and they showed him for about one minute, before he got killed.      The movie takes place in Ames, Iowa....   [tags: Last Supper Film Movie Movies Essays]

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The Last Night Of The World

- The "Last Night of the World" begins when a husband asks his wife, "What would you do if you knew that this was the last night of the world?" (1.) She responds that she doesn 't know; she hasn 't given it much thought. Her husband urges her to start thinking about it because tonight is the last night of the world. She asks if a hydrogen bomb or atomic bomb is on the horizon, but that 's not the case, but an ominous dream he had the night before. He didn 't think much of it, but when he went to the office one of his colleagues had the same dream....   [tags: Marriage, Short story, Family]

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The Last Night Of The World

- In the short story, The Last Night of the World by Ray Bradbury, a man who has a dream about the world coming to an end. As the man proceeds with discussing the dream with his wife, they are both surprised at their own actions and reactions to accepting the reality of discovering the world is coming to an end that night resulting in their own immediate deaths. Remarkably he discovers that everyone has had the same dream and the dream has accepted the real event. In the remaining hours of being alive, the man and his wife do discuss the reasons why life might be ending, what they had done to deserve this fate, how they feel about the end and what do they want to do on their last night alive....   [tags: Short story, Death, Fiction, World]

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A Brief Note On Boils Water For Less Than A Minute

- Boils water in less than a minute: Costing $99.99 it uses 1800 watts of power and has 94 temperature settings. It comes with a 5 degree temperature increments and a 2 year warranty. Pros: This is a very compact product, very easy to move around the kitchen. It heats up your water or soups very fast and works perfectly with iron frying pans. Its temperature control is also excellent. Cons: Some of the inconvenience with the cooktop is that the food will tend to cook on the inside of the pan a bit more than on the outside, which is not so funny when you are making eggs in the morning....   [tags: Temperature, Fahrenheit, Celsius, Heat]

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The 12 Minute Workout

- Now that you have all the steps required for training, let's see what the mechanism of the exercise sounds like. Notice that each set has five exercises and is mandatory to respect the order of the presentation, whether you perform the exercise at the gym or at home. The authors of the book have designed this exercise with special care, researching over 30 years of development in the human body to finally reach this order, explaining that every group of muscles has different levels of strength which need to be approached alternatively in various distinct ways....   [tags: exercise, muscles, repetitions]

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Coca Cola Has Come a Long Way

- ... One of the most famous advertising slogans in Coca Cola history “The Pause That Refreshes” first appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in 1929. In 2009, the “Open Happiness” campaign was unveiled globally. The central message of “Open Happiness” is an invitation to billions around the world to recess, revive with a Coca Cola, and continue to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures. The company has a long history of purchases. Coca-Cola purchased Minute Maid in 1960, the Indian cola product Thums Up and Barq's....   [tags: soft drink, soda, minute maid]

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Robert Browning's My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover

- Sometimes poets can write the most absurd and questionable things. Even though that their writing is questionable at times, it is still worth the read. It makes you think about criminals in a new way, but sometimes, it can go to a more negative view. Robert Browning, a man who might not have had a teacher, self-taught himself in his father’s six thousand book library decided to become a poet. One of the many poems that he wrote, My Last Duchess, is about a man whose wife just died and he is looking into a new woman to marry....   [tags: insane character's in poetry]

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Creating Superior Value At Last Mile Delivery

- Creating Superior Value in Last-Mile Delivery In e-commerce logistics, last-mile delivery is a term that describes the final product delivery from a fulfillment center or a transportation hub to customers. Why last-mile delivery becomes more and more important in this decade. Firstly, consumers desire to shop more online and increase their expectations on a faster and more cost-effective parcel delivery: Online shopping is becoming more dominant in customers’ daily lives. 51% of consumers have made at least 2 online purchases in a 3-month period in 2016, compared with 48% in 2015....   [tags: Electronic commerce, Online shopping, Flexible]

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School And Tech Has Changed Over The Last Generation

- School and tech have changed drastically over the last generation. The method of schooling must evolve to keep up with the way students learn and think. This speech will go over the changes in schooling in elementary schooling-High school over the last generation or so. Many things have changed from methods to punishment and even technology. According to, Fifty years ago teachers taught students the same lessons, and they organized classes to where the best were taught separately from the less able to worst....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, High school]

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The Last Lecture

- If I had made a list of my child hood dreams, I admit, it wouldn’t be very impressive. I never wanted to be a firefighter or a policeman. I never had the urge to be a millionaire, and I never even thought of being a G.I Joe or Army Man. If you could see my list, you would see only two words scribbled down in that chicken scratch hand writing of mine. But only one of those words would follow me out of that first grade class room and stick with me to this present day. By now, curiosity must be coursing through your veins, just to know what my child hood dream is....   [tags: Biography]

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Minute Account of D-Day

- FROM 13:00 TO 13:59 13:00 Colonel Rudder at Pointe du Hoc receives the answer to his message of 12:00: "No reinforcements available. All the Rangers landed at Omaha." General O. Bradley receives a message from Omaha Beach: "Troops here blocked on the ground at Easy Red. Advancing through the cliffs overlooking Easy Green and Easy Red, reinforcements are arriving and the injured being evacuated." The Wn 72 strongpoint in Dog Green sector is under control of the US soldiers. This fortification protected the D1 exit and enable Allies to access Vierville-sur-Mer from Omaha Beach....   [tags: message, air raid, invasion, normandy]

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Dramatic Dialog : A Last Farewell

- Dramatic Dialog A Last Farewell “How could you. How could you disappear without saying a damn word. A morning, you just woke up and put the word end at this chapter of our life. How could you, huh?” Vera said hysterically. “B-but I didn’t” a male voice shuttered. “You. It’s all about you. You always come for first, and than you again, and again just you. What do you think. Life is hard for everyone. You are not who suffers. Look at you now; you are standing there without saying a word. Do you have nothing to say, huh?” she screams in a shrill voice....   [tags: 2006 singles, 2007 singles, 2005 singles]

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The Minute Discoveries Made About Space

- Space What is space. Space is the dimension of height, depth and width within which everything exists. Space is a near vacuum but again there is something that makes space. Space is made up of Planets, Dwarf planets, Asteroids, Meteoroids, Galaxies, Stars, Quasars and Black Holes. Our universe is big and we still don’t know what’s out there. But there are things that we found out over time, Interesting facts about: how the planets are formed, how the asteroids and meteoroids are formed, how the stars are formed and how everything out there works....   [tags: planets, stars, black holes]

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The Last Crime Scene That You Processed

- "I brought you in here because I want to talk to you about the last crime scene that you processed." Rachel begins. "The one over on church street?" "Yes, that 's the one." "What do you want to know, Sergeant?" "Who worked that day?" "All of the team. See, we all work from Wednesday through Saturday because that 's usually our busiest days." "You guys processed the crime scene like you always do?" "Yeah." "Did you run into any problems?" "No. not really. We did have a kid snooping around. Well not snooping really just looking....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2008 singles, 2005 singles]

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Adult And Family Education Last Spring

- This student came to District 11’s Adult and Family Education last spring and began in a level 2 ESL. This is considered a low beginning ESL class. He moved up to my level three class (high beginning) within a few weeks and was recommended for level four or five for the start of this school year. He was placed into level 5 (high intermediate) based on his August reading pre-test. In September he was moved to my level six class (advanced ESL) based on excellent communication skills and an Adult Basic Education reading test where he tested at a fifth grade, first month reading level....   [tags: Education, Standardized test, Word]

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Letter For My Actions Last Night

- Good Morning sweetheart. I first want to apologize for my actions last night. You 're a very frustrating woman, to say the least. I 've never met anyone like you with such will and determination. I 'm not saying that is a bad thing, it 's just not something I am used to. Since the moment I laid eyes on you I just knew you were something special. I have tried my best to show you love and compassion to the best of my abilities. We had a good start and you seemed open to the idea of letting me in and then you just shut down....   [tags: 2006 singles, 2007 singles]

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The Last Day

- The Last Day Confusion raced through her mind. The other life was just an action away. She didn’t want to be here anymore and she was ready to leave. She was tired of always getting hurt; nothing could be worse than the life she was living. Sure, there were people who loved her, but she didn’t love herself enough to stay here. All of the pain would stop with just one or two strokes of the blade against her wrists. Tristyn picks up the phone and dials a number she has dialed everyday for the past two years....   [tags: essays papers]

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Take a Minute to Think Before You Post

- People really need to become more cautious of what they post on social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace. Here’s why. Many people believe that once they post a comment or a photo on a social network site, it is private and only viewable to their friends and family. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. What many consider being private is actually open to the public and can be viewed by businesses, colleges and universities. Even though people believe that their social networking profile is private due to their privacy settings, they still need to be careful....   [tags: Social Networking ]

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My Last Day in California

- My eyes opened very early that morning. I looked out of window and saw beautiful weather outside. It was cold wind. The flowers in my garden were smiling at me. All of a sudden my eyes got watery. I remembered that this was my last day in California. I was going to America early the next day morning with my parents and family. The day was Saturday, 20th December. Tears were running down my face. I went downstairs; everybody in the house was sleeping. They had been packing until late night and I didn't want to them wake them up....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about myself]

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Last Of The Mohicans Authenticity

- The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimoore Cooper is one of the most acclaimed and best-selling books about the American Frontier to be ever written. It is and was hailed as a masterpiece due to its more human characterizations of the Native American warriors and tribesman for that time period. The Last of the Mohicans is viewed as the first popular book that portrayed Native Americans in a more positive manner rather than as crude savages who were resolutely determined on killing ‘the white man’ and then proceeding to cutting of their scalp....   [tags: James Fenimoore Cooper]

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Late Adulthood : The Last Stage Of Human Lifespan Development

- Late Adulthood is the last stage of human lifespan development. Human beings are complex in many ways that it is essential that we human understand these crucial development stages in our life to better communicate and prepared for them. At this stage of development, organs in adults work differently or maybe slowly. For example, I observed that when someone is approaching my grandma from a far distance, it is hard for her to identify or sometimes seems blurry to see who the person is even if it is someone she knows, until the person move very close to her before she is able to identify the person; this is as a result to low vision related to aging....   [tags: Old age, Gerontology, Ageing]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Last Year ' By Andrew Hozier

- Last year, Andrew Hozier Byrne challenged an ongoing battle of human rights by creating a four minute music video of his first single, “Take Me To Church”. Hozier’s initial message of this song is to address that sexuality is natural, and is part of human life. The song alone denounces church principles and promotes a new form of worship, something that is tangible and real (Canon). This message found its way into the gay community and their struggle against public bigotry. Hozier created this video to display Russian abuse and torture of the gay community that still exist today....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Russia]

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Aaron’s Last Game

- Aaron’s Last Game Play this game like it’s your last. This is a common phrase that athletes hear from their coaches to help inspire them to play hard in a game. In the case of my friend Aaron Halford, a basketball game during his sophomore year of high school was his last. It was a playoff game for the basketball team and there was a great deal of pressure on the players to perform well to move on to the next round. However, this was one game where regardless of the score, our team was going to lose....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Religion Must Be Practiced With True Heart And The Last Day Of Judgment

- Religion means having belief in some supernatural power which we call as “God”. It actually means a well arrangement of principles, cultural values and types and methods of praying and worships to the Lord. Different people follow different religions in this world. This depends upon where they are born or which religion fascinates them and attracts their interest towards it. To follow a religion perfectly, one should have strong communication with his God and one should practice ones religion regularly and honestly....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an, Prophets of Islam]

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The Last Act of Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare

- The Last Act of Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare Works Cited Not Included Measure for Measure is one of Shakespeare's unclassifiable plays. It was written in 1603 and is one of his most enigmatic and unfathomable works. It is normally referred to as a problem play and, up until the 20th century it was seen as one of Shakespeare's worst works, due to the fact that many were uncertain as to the character's motives....   [tags: Papers]

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Richard Louv 's Last Child 's The Woods : Saving Our Children From Nature Deficit Disorder

- The book I chose to read is called, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by: Richard Louv. I chose this book for a few different reasons. One reason I chose this book was because I’ m highly interested in the whole concept of the book and feel very passionate about its reasoning. I also thought it would be a great read to guide me towards a topic for my main project at the end of the Lemelson program. On the plus side, I “read” this book through audible, which enabled me to listed to the book on my drive to and from work everyday....   [tags: Nature, Natural environment, Universe, Wilderness]

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The Last Letter

- Why should one write a letter. Now that the Internet exists and in just a few clicks and a "Welcome, You've Got Mail", one could send instant messages, email, or web cam, and in less than 30 seconds one receives a response. A phone call could be made in the time it takes for the writer to get the paper to write the letter, and then brainstorm about what to write, and how to write the letter. One could have picked up a cell phone and dialed five telephone numbers and could have carried at least three efficient conversations....   [tags: Personal Essays]

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Caroline Kennedy: Camelot’s Last Heiress

- Despite hardship and adversity throughout her life; Caroline Kennedy has become a productive person in her own right. The Kennedys’ Camelot has been renowned for many years; Caroline Kennedy is no exception. People are very curious about Caroline Kennedy, her family both past and present. Her accomplishments are also very interesting, and she continues to intrigue many. Muller states, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, daughter of 35th U.S. President John Fitzgerald and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, was born in New York on November 27, 1957....   [tags: Biography ]

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The Scottish and International Film Industry's Contribution to the Development of Scottish Identity in the Last Part of the Twentieth Century

- The Scottish and International Film Industry's Contribution to the Development of Scottish Identity in the Last Part of the Twentieth Century When people hear the word 'Scotland' there is, as said by C McArthur (2003:59)'Diverse images and narratives right down to particular words and phrases that immediately come into their head'. These images may it be of tartan, misty landscapes, bagpipes or castles contribute to how Scotland is portrayed and create what is known as a Scottish identity....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing The Last Of The Mohicans

- Compare and Contrast Essay: The Last of the Mohicans: Hawkeye VS Magua The Last of the Mohicans is a historical novel by James Fennimore Cooper. The story took place in 18th century North America during the French and Indian War, where a white man adopted by the last members of a dying tribe called the Mohicans unwittingly becomes the protector of the two daughters of a British colonel, who have been targeted by Magua, a sadistic and vengeful Huron warrior who has dedicated his life to destroying the girls ' father for a past injustice....   [tags: White people, Race, The Last of the Mohicans]

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The Last Samurai By Edward Zwick

- Directed by Edward Zwick, The Last Samurai illustrates the story of a former veteran of the American Civil War who finds inner peace at the center of Japan’s tumultuous struggle towards modernism. Nathan Algren, played by Tom Cruise, is plagued by his memories of his time on the American frontier, massacring Native Americans on the orders of his superiors. Having turned to drinking to alleviate his problems, Nathan is hired by his former commander, Colonel Bagley, and a Japanese businessman, Mr....   [tags: Samurai, The Last Samurai, Culture, Boshin War]

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The Last Samurai By Edward Zwick

- The last Samurai, directed by Edward Zwick, was released in December of 2003. It tells the story of an American Army officer who is hired by the Emperor of Japan to train the imperial army and put down a pending samurai rebellion. The story is fictional which is to say it is very loosely connected to real events. However, according to Mr. Zwick it was his intention to give the audience a feel for the tug-of-war between controlling interests in japan during this time period. It’s also important to mention that the Mr....   [tags: Samurai, The Last Samurai, Japan, Edward Zwick]

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My Last Duchess And Blank Space

- My Last Duchess and Blank Space are two great pieces of literature. Blank Space was written by a popular singer named Taylor Swift, and My Last Duchess was written by Robert Browning. Someone who reads both of these works of literature might think that they are solely about two people who are jealous of their partners. On the other hand, the real meaning of these two works are completely different. In reality, Taylor Swifts song, Blank Space, talks about how the media depicts her relationships to be, and My Last Duchess, talks about psychotic controlling of the Duchess by the Duke, which possibly leads to her death....   [tags: My Last Duchess, Robert Browning]

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My Last Duchess By Robert Browning

- Robert A. Heinlein said, “A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.” Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess,” told from the perspective of the Duke in the form of a dramatic monolog. It showcases the Duke conversing with the Count’s representative about a hopeful marriage to the Count’s daughter as well as recalling his late wife. The Duke uses the opportunity to express his jealousy towards the Duchess. In “My Last Duchess,” a poem by Robert Browning, the Duke expresses the theme of jealousy to hide his inner struggle of insecurity....   [tags: My Last Duchess, Robert Browning]

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My Last Duchess By Robert Browning

- His Last Duchess Robert Browning’s My Last Duchess is a dramatic monologue narrated by the Duke of Ferrara Even a passing gaze to this poem would paint a picture of a selfish prick of a husband and a wife whose mere fault was naivete, someone who was merely appreciative of the beauty around her, a quality that bugged her husband to the point where he accuses her of being unfaithful and gets her killed. The narrator of the poem indicates an arrogance embedded so deep in a bold sense of male superiority....   [tags: Robert Browning, My Last Duchess]

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Robert Browning’s My Last Duchess

- Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess,” written in 1842, is an intriguing poem that reveals an unexpected interpretation when closely analyzed. The poem is based upon actual incidents that occurred in the life of Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara. The first wife of Ferrara, Lucrezia, mysteriously died in 1561 with many speculations afterwards that it was supposedly Ferrara who murdered her. The poem takes place in media res of the Duke consulting and arranging his second marriage. A portrait of the former Duchess is pointed out, and the Duke begins to recall her personality and behavior....   [tags: My Last Duchess Essays]

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My Last Duchess By Robert Browning

- My Last Duchess Robert Browning, a British poet, who was fascinated with poems at a young age. Most of Browning teaches came from his father, he was already proficient in reading and writing by the age of five. Browning was fluent in Spanish, Greek and French. He began writing poems after he dropped out of college, most of his work had dramatic monologue- especially the use of diction, rhymes, and symbols. In 1842 he published “ My Last Duchess” The speaker in the poem is believed to be Alfonso Il d’Este (1533-1598) who married fourteen year old Lucrezia di Cosimo de Medici at the age twenty five....   [tags: My Last Duchess, Robert Browning, Marriage]

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Analysis Of My Last Duchess And Porphyria 's Lover

- Dramatic Monologue Imagine a single spotlight focus solely on you as you say exactly what you feel. Everybody wants to get their point of view heard. One of the most effective ways for an individual to solely get their point across is a dramatic monologue. A dramatic monologue is a type of poetry written in the form of a speech of an individual character. Dramatic monologue can also be known as a persona poem. Robert Browning was known for his dramatic monologues. “My Last Duchess” and “Porphyria’s Lover” are two well-known poems by him....   [tags: Dramatic monologue, My Last Duchess]

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The Last Man and the Plague of Empire

- The Last Man and the Plague of Empire        I find myself in easy agreement with Alan Richardson's perceptive account of The Last Man as a novel written in the service of British colonial interests and of Mary Shelley as an individual swept up in the collective arrogance of nineteenth-century imperial England.   In one striking example of the novel's colonialist complicity, Lionel Verney presumptuously declares that England's prime resource is its people (its "children" [323]) whereas the greatest assets of the equatorial regions are their commodities--their spices, plants, and fruits....   [tags: Shelley The Last Man Essays]

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The Last of the Mohicans as an American Romance

- The Last of the Mohicans as an American Romance   In the 1820s, the Romantic Movement emerged in the United States as an embodiment of the American spirit after a second war with Britain. Although the Romantic Movement, or the American Renaissance, began to emerge decades after its European counterpart, elements of Romanticism can be traced to the chronicles of the first explorers who wrote about the beauty and mystery of the New World. Thematically, Romanticism is characterized by its longing for the past, and its idealization of nature....   [tags: Last of the Mohicans Essays]

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The Last Question by Isaac Asimov

- The Last Question by Isaac Asimov Life as we know it comes and goes. Many, many years have past and the world that we are now living in has undergone several transformations. The story of "The Last Question" is about the future of civilization. It explored the technological advancements that will probably occur many years from now. But even if man had developed ways to make things "happen", a question was never answered until man and all other forms disappeared except the AC (automatic computer)....   [tags: Asimov Last Question]

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Brown: The Last Discovery Of America

- Brown: The Last Discovery of America completes Richard Rodriguez's three-volume work in which he explains and explores the ethnic and racial future of America. In this particular book, the author defines the color brown not as the representation of the Hispanic race but as the color of the future. Black, white, yellow, the author explains, are incorrect racial categories for it is not how nature works. Nature yearns for combination of all different colors, and brown is the final result. In the chapter "Hispanics," as seen through imagery, personification, and humor, Richard Rodriguez upsets the reader to show that racial categorization is unfit and that racial barriers are meant to be broken...   [tags: Rodriguez Last Discovery America]

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Last of the Mohicans

- Last of the Mohicans Last of the Mohicans is set in 1757 in the third year of a war in North America over land and territory. Mostly, the war is between the English and the French, but each side has taken up Indian allies to assist them. The main story in the Last of the Mohicans is the love of an adopted Mohican, Hawk-eye, and Cora, the daughter of an English general. There are also other stories embedded in the movie, which are harder to recognize. For instance, a second love story between Hawk-eye's brother and Cora's sister....   [tags: Last Mohicans War Book Review Essays]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' My Last Duchess ' By Robert Browning

- In the poem “My Last Duchess,” Robert Browning writes about the story of the Duke of Ferrara. The Duke is giving a tour of his art collection in his estate to a servant of the family of his new prospective wife to be. When he gets to the painting of his previous wife, he begins to talk about how she was, how impressed she was with everything, how he didn’t like it, and indicates that he gets rid of her somehow. Browning uses language, voice, and style to portray this story. Browning uses two different language devices in this poem, simile and symbolism....   [tags: My Last Duchess, Robert Browning, Poetry]

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Comparing My Last Duchess By Robert Browning

- The purpose of this essay is to analyze and compare and contrast the two paired poems “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning and “My Ex-Husband” by Gabriel Spera to find the similarities presented within the pairs. Despite the monumental time difference between “My Last Duchess” and “My Ex-Husband”, throughout both poems you will see that somebody is wronged by someone they thought was a respectable person and this all comes about by viewing a painting on the wall or picture on a shelf. The themes within the poems are very parallel....   [tags: My Last Duchess, Robert Browning, Marriage]

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Leadership And The One Minute Manager

- The book "Leadership and The One Minute Manager" is a series of book on topic One Minute Manager has been written by Ken Blanchard along with Patricia and Drea Zigarmi. Its first edition was written in 1985 and later on updated in the year 2013. The author in order to make the topic interesting and easy apprehending has formulated in a style of short story in such a way to convey basic and important skills of leadership and management required by any leader or Managers to get maximum results from their staff/team members....   [tags: Management, Leadership, ManaGeR]

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Analyzing a Five Minute Extract

- The main aim of this essay is to analyze a extract from my chosen film ‘Bourne Identity (2002)’, discussing the different techniques used in the extracted clip such as the on screen graphics. The main focus in the duration of this essay is to discuss the way ‘the sound establishes moods and might even lead the whole atmosphere of a film, driving its narrative [1]’, (human voice, sound effects and music). In my conclusion I intend to provide a synopsis on Bourne Identity as an additional appendix for this essay....   [tags: Cinema]

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The Plague as a Metaphor in Shelley's The Last Man

- The Plague as a Metaphor in Shelley's The Last Man      The Last Man was Mary Shelley's most ambitious and experimental work. Necessitating that a plague, which decimates mankind, is justified in its pursuit, Mary Shelley creates a world where utopian ideals can cause the destruction of mankind, if they are not checked by moral and ethical standards. Published in 1826, the novel was widely pilloried by a public who found it's gloomy tone and high Romanticism to be 'out of touch' with a more progressive society....   [tags: Shelley The Last Man]

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Magua, the Byronic Hero of The Last of the Mohicans

- Magua, the Byronic Hero of The Last of the Mohicans        Traditionally, heroes represented the ideal member of society, reflecting the moral compass of a culture. The "last great heroic tradition in our literature," the Byronic hero, rebels against society, questioning morality (Thorslev 185). The modern hero, or anti-hero, internalizes the struggle for reconciliation. Traditional heroes represent social order, Byronic heroes represent social rebellion, and modern heroes represent social upheaval....   [tags: Last of the Mohicans Essays]

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Analysis of My Last Duchess

- ‘My Last Duchess’ is a poem written by Robert Browning in 1845. It’s a first person narrative of a duke who is showing the ambassador around his palace and negotiating his marriage to the daughter of another powerful family. As they are walking through the palace, the duke stops and looks at the beautiful portrait of his lovely last duchess. The duke speaks his thoughts about the girl, and as the poem progresses we begin to realize that his last duchess had been murdered. “…I gave commands, then all smiles stopped together,” This metaphorical sentence tells us that his commands were the ones that caused her death and her ‘stop of all smiles together’....   [tags: Robert Browning, My Last Duchess]

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The One Minute Manager

- “The One Minute Manager” describes how people produce valuable results, and feel good about themselves, the organization and the other people with whom they work. The book one minute manager is all about managing skills of a person who may be a manager or a customer or a job worker. According to the young man who searches for a perfect manager, of all the managers he met, everyone fell into either of the 2 categories that is either an autocrat or a democrat. An autocrat concerns about his customers welfare even though his company tastes or experiences bad results....   [tags: goal setting, praising, repriminds]

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Narcissism in My Last Duchess

- Robert Browning’s poem “My last Duchess'; is spoken from the perspective of the Duke and conveys the Dukes personality through the literary form of a dramatic monologue. It involves a fictional account of the Duke addressing an envoy from the Count to talk of details for the hopeful marriage to the Count’s daughter. The subtitle of this monologue is “Ferrara,'; which suggests an historical reference to Alfonso II, the fifth Duke of Ferrara in Italy in the mid-sixteenth century. The objective of the Duke is to attempt to sway the envoy’s opinion of himself to obtain the maximum dowry possible in pursuit of this marriage....   [tags: Robert Browning, My Last Duchess]

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Analysis of The Last Castle

- Analysis of The Last Castle In the film, The Last Castle, I found many aspects and theories that involve organizational communication throughout the movie. The film is about a US prison where the prisoners have formally served in the military and have committed crimes while serving their time. The movie shows how the prisoners come together when a former well-respected general is sent there to overpower the man that runs the facility. The first theory and probably the most noted theory is the Adaptive Structuration Theory of Marshall Scott Poole....   [tags: The Last Castle Movies Communication Essays]

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F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon

- F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished final novel The Last Tycoon was begun in 1939 in Encino, California. He worked on the novel during his tenure in Hollywood and up until the day he suffered a fatal heart attack on Dec. 21, 1940. The novel was published in 1941, and included Fitzgerald’s notes concerning the unfinished text. Also, the initial volume was published with The Great Gatsby and a collection of short stories that included “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz,” “The Rich Boy,” “May Day,” “Absolution,” and “Crazy Sunday” (Adams)....   [tags: Fitzgerald Last Tycoon Essays]

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The Moor's Last Sigh: Wickedly Comic

- Hopping in a careful, calculated manner across four generations of a rich and demented Indian family, Salman Rushdie's cynical novel The Moor's Last Sigh laughs mischievously at the world and shivers from its evils. Weaving a tale of murder and suicide, of atheism and asceticism, of affection and adultery, Rushdie's exquisitely crafted storytelling explains the "fall from grace of a high-born crossbreed," namely our narrator Moraes Zogoiby, also known as "Moor." At the centerpiece of this odd and captivating tale stand the embers of Moor's family: a complex web including a ridiculed political activist, a shrew, a homosexual husband, an artist, and a Jewish underworld gangster, among others...   [tags: Moor's Last Sigh Essays]

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Two Personalities in My Last Duchess

- Two Personalities in My Last Duchess The poem "My Last Duchess" is about a powerful Duke, and his beautiful, flirtatious wife who has two different personalities, one that was reality and the other was the lady in the painting. The poem begins and ends with him mourning the loss of his deceased Duchess, but from the way that the mighty Duke speaks, he knows more about her death than he leads us to believe. The Duke chooses his word very carefully, when he talks to his friend about the painting of his wife....   [tags: My Last Duchess Essays]

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The Last Supper

- The Last Supper The Last Supper was a very powerful Biblical event, in which Jesus and his disciples gathered for one final dinner together. According to the Bible, important events took place during the Last Supper, including an announcement by Jesus that one of his disciples would betray him and the first communion. To artists in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, it was necessary to give proper deference to such notable occurrences. Both Leonardo da Vinci and Jacopo Robusti, known as Tintoretto, took upon the challenge of recreating the Last Supper....   [tags: Religious Jesus Painting Last Supper Essays]

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Sexual and Maternal Instincts in James Fenimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans

- Cora Munro's Sexual and Maternal Instincts in James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans Cora Munro's relationship with her younger, fairer sister Alice demonstrates a distinct mother-daughter pattern that manifests itself in every interaction between the two women. Throughout James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans, the character of Cora continuously hides her sister's face in her bosom as an indication of undying protection from the ravages of the American frontier. Alice depends on Cora as her champion and defender but, most unmistakably as a mother figure....   [tags: The Last of the Mohicans]

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The Last Of The Mohicans

- In the Last of the Mohicans, the audience is able to identify the protagonist or “good guys” and the antagonist or “bad guys” early on in the film. Within the first forty five minutes, Chingachgook, Uncas, and Hawkeye emerge as the protagonist of The Last of the Mohicans. On the other hand, Magua and Colonel Munro establish themselves as the bad guys of the film. However, Major Duncan Heyward, was the only character to serve as both a protagonist and antagonist in The Last of the Mohicans. Each of these characters were able to define themselves as being “good guys” or “bad guys” through their demeanors, actions, and motives for their actions throughout the film....   [tags: Antagonist, Villain, Character, Protagonist]

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Mary Renault's The Last of the Wine

- Mary Renault's The Last of the Wine The Last of the Wine, written by Mary Renault and published by Pantheon Books in 1956, is a classical novel that is both historically informative and entertaining. It is a recreation of classical Greece during the Peloponnesian War, when Pericles was the leader of the city of Athens. The story is being told in the first person narrative by Alexas, an Athenian soldier who survives the war. He reflects on his childhood, his experiences as a soldier, and his society's reaction to the ravages of the Peloponnesian war....   [tags: Mary Renault Last Wine Greece Essays]

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`` Keep Talking, By Philip Levine And My Last Duchess `` By Robert Browning

- Often times in feminist research, there has been a major focus on women. This makes sense, being that in most cultures women still don’t hold an equal standing with their male counterparts. Yet in the patriarchal society seen in most western cultures, there are still extreme setbacks for men. Though the patriarchy tends to favor men in many aspects, it holds them back in what is seen as an essential part of being human; expressing emotions. These emotions are bottled up and often turn into rage....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Masculinity, My Last Duchess]

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James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans

- James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans The French and Indian War of the eighteenth century had uniquely complex qualities, matched by the gravity of its outcome. The myriad of cultures involved the French, Canadian, American, English, Algonquians, and Iroquois whom make this era fascinating. The multi-ethnic element made it a war built upon fragile alliances, often undermined by factional disputes and shifting fortunes. Violent as it was, its battlefields encompassed some of the most beautiful country to be found anywhere....   [tags: Last Mohicans James Cooper Essays]

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Tomas Alea's The Last Supper

- Tomas Alea's The Last Supper [1] Before I start this essay, I feel the need to remind the reader that I find slavery in all its forms to be an oppressive and terrible institution, and I firmly believe that for centuries (including this one) bigotry is one of the most terrible stains on our civilization. The views I intend to express in the following essay are in no way meant to condone the practices of slavery or racism; they are meant only to evaluate and interpret the construction of slavery in film....   [tags: Last Supper Alea Movies Film Slavery Essays]

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My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

- My Last Duchess by Robert Browning In his poem “My Last Duchess”, Robert Browning gives his readers a complex picture of his two main characters. The Duke, who narrates the poem, is the most immediately present but Browning sets him up to ultimately lose the reader’s trust. The Duchess becomes the sympathetic character, a victim of foul play. It is through the various representations of the Duchess within the poem that we come to know both characters. The representations of the Duchess, which focus on her ever-present smile and easily satisfied nature, come in sharp contrast with the desperate, sputtering language of the Duke as he tries to tell their story on his own terms....   [tags: Last Duchess Robert Browning Essays]

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Cooper and Cole: Comments on the Power of Nature in The Last of the Mohicans

- Cooper and Cole: Comments on the Power of Nature in The Last of the Mohicans In the history of American literature, James Fenimore Cooper played a substantial role in the development of American fiction and the American character (McWilliams 20-21). During his own time, Cooper influenced public opinion on many important political issues, especially those relating to the Native Americans, and especially the Indian Removal controversy of the 1830s (McWilliams 84). Of all of his writings, however, The Last of the Mohicans, 1826, second of the Leatherstocking series, had and continues to have the greatest impact....   [tags: Last Mohicans Essays]

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The Sinister Duke in Robert Browning's My Last Duchess

- The Sinister Duke in Robert Browning's My Last Duchess In Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess," a portrait of the egocentric and power loving Duke of Ferrara is painted for us. Although the duke's monologue appears on the surface to be about his late wife, a close reading will show that the mention of his last duchess is merely a side note in his self-important speech. Browning uses the dramatic monologue form very skillfully to show us the controlling, jealous, and arrogant traits the duke possessed without ever mentioning them explicitly....   [tags: My Last Duchess Essays]

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Magical and Realistic Elements in The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship

- Magical and Realistic Elements in The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship   Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born in a small Colombian town in 1928 and has written many short stories and novels over the years. One of his short stories, "The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship", published in 1972, is in a book called A Hammock Beneath the Mangoes that was published in 1991. This was an interesting story and had many magical and realistic elements.   The main magical element in this story would be the ghost ship, but many others exist, too....   [tags: Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship]

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Idealism in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon

- Idealism in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon Idealism is undoubtably present in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon. Infatuation may be a better word, for that was exactly what possessed the main character, Monroe Stahr. He was totally engorged with one Kathleen Moore. He idealized Miss Moore as the second coming of his deceased wife Minna Davis. Stahr was a true man of men that had little to do with women since the tragic passing of his wife. He would rather put his feet up with a cigar and shoot the breeze with the boys....   [tags: Last Tycoon Fitzgerald Essays]

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Minute-to-Minute Urine Flow Rate Variability: A New Renal Physiology Variable

- Urine output is a time-honored measure of the patient’s effective blood volume (EBV) and a surrogate for tissue perfusion. Urine output is typically measured at one-hour intervals and expressed in milliliters per hour (ml/h). Because small volumes are difficult to measure, initial information becomes available only 20-30 minutes after catheter insertion by extrapolating to one full hour. This extrapolation can result in considerable over- or underestimation. Lately digital urine-meters were developed as a nursing tool to reduce urine output reading errors reaching 30%....   [tags: Medicine]

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