Education Fiesta

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Education Fiesta In Today’s competitive society, we all strive for the ideal occupation, and the best learning skills. Technology is a prevalent tool for us, and the Internet especially has helped bring about efficiency. Distance education is not something that I have personally experienced, but through various information sources, I now am fully aware of what online education is all about. To put my research into play I chose to narrate a scenario in which the authors of the sources I used came to my house for a dinner party. Then I provided my own ideas in an analysis of the facts that these authors presented. I tied it up with a personal reflection of everything that I learned. My dining room table pushed against the wall, buffet style, with steaming chaffing dishes, a basket of assorted fresh baked breads, a caddy filled with festive cutlery, pretty napkins laid out in a crescent shaped pattern, and various plates and bowls with the evenings fixings, anxiously I awaited my five guests of honor for tonight’s dinner: Pam Dixon, Emily Weiner, Marcia Williams, Kenneth Paprock, and Barbara Covington; all experts on the topic and field of distance education. They were to arrive at seven o’ clock, which was in ten minutes. I meticulously set up a table of beverages, and a bucket of ice. I also invited a few of my own friends and family members who were interested and about the subject, and wanted more information about online learning. My mother, who is considering finishing up her degree online, my aunt and uncle who are both in the field of computer technology and programming, my neighbor who is also doing research for school on online learning, and my friend Lauren who had just decided to come for the discussion, information and appetizing meal. I finished up some last minute preparation work, as the arrival time of my guests got closer. Distance learning is an alternative method of education in our society, which values time and convenience. Online learning, although not a tangible way to attend a university, allows those with families, people with busy lives, those with jobs, those with physical disabilities, and those who do not have access to universities or the right classes to learn the r skills they need, and attain the right degree, in order to work in our field of choice.
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