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Linguistic Internationalization

- Capitalism has been around for some time, and globalization is becoming part of the world. People need to learn different languages to communicate with business from other nations. Esperanto is an easy-to-learn language than can be used to make business with international organizations, and solve the linguistic Issue of learning different languages. Our world is crowded by different languages, some of which have a minimum difference between them and others which are extremely different. Some languages are based on Latin and Greek Words....   [tags: Languages]

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The Many Languages and Communication in South Africa

- The Many Languages and Communication in South Africa English and Afrikaans represent South Africa’s two official languages, but there are many other languages within South Africa. The white population mainly speaks the two official languages the black and Asian populations speak a much wider variety of languages. English is used more frequently in the commercial sense and so is printed advertising even the advertising that is directed at the population that is not white. While English is used in printed advertising other forms of advertising are not so singular....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Languages Spoken in Ethiopia

- There are almost as many languages as there are peoples in Ethiopia, about 80 in all. The languages come from a variety of families - Semitic, Hamitic, Nilotic and Omotic. Amharic, spoken in the country's heartland, is Ethiopia's official language, but Tigrinya, spoken in the north, and Orominya, spoken in the south, have semi-official status. The Oromos are the largest ethnic group in the country, and are made up of a muddle of Christians, Muslims and traditional animists. Amharic and Tigrinya use the Ge'ez script, with an understated 231 letters - keep an eye out for fabulously complex Amharic typewriters....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Writing in a Foreign Language

- For a very long time, people have been studying the differences of writing among different cultures. Native speakers write texts which are very different from the texts written by foreign language writers. The main reason is that each culture has its patterns of thinking and it determines the way that they write. As a result, foreign language students need to learn the patterns of the language and the way that native speakers usually develop their ideas. If you want to make texts in a foreign language, you need to study how people arrange their knowledge....   [tags: Languages]

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Free College Admissions Essays: Interest in Languages

- My Interest in Languages I can trace my interest in languages back to a holiday to the Lleyn Peninsula when I was 6, during which I decided to compile a dictionary of the Welsh words I saw on signposts. My interest gained ground at secondary school, and in recent years I have become particularly enthusiastic about the language and culture of Spain - an enthusiasm heightened by a visit to Galicia last summer. While I am enjoying A level French I am keen to take this opportunity to learn something new, hence my desire to study Italian....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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The Many Languages of Hedda Gabler

- The Many Languages of Hedda Gabler Throughout Hedda Gabler my perception of Hedda was influenced by many of the theatre languages. From the costumes she wore, the props she used, and the lighting that illuminated the stage, all of the languages had an enormous effect on my perception of Hedda. The first language that influenced my perception of her character was her costumes. The theatre language that caught my eye first was the use of Hedda's costumes. As the play began she was wearing a bright elegant gown; without using the knowledge I already had about her from reading the play, this to me demonstrated her attempt to appear sane and in control of her life....   [tags: Papers]

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Guido van Rossum and Python

- Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages in the field. According to Van Rossum this is because “Python is remarkably free from many of the hang-ups of conventional programming languages. This is perhaps due to my choice of examples: besides ABC, my main influence was Modula-3.” When compared to C or any other language, Python is much easier to use because it is so free of hang ups and the coding is so much shorter than any other language allows. Python uses indentation or “white space” in its code instead of using a bracket or brace like C++....   [tags: computer programming languages]

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American English

- The question of whether or not English should be an official language has been a controversial topic since our country was founded. The English language is a tie that helps combine the many pieces of our society together. Our nation should not acclaim bilingualism, but should enfold English as the national language spoken in the United States, to secure the future unity of our nation. The United States is a nation composed of many immigrants from all around the world. We are a country of many cultural and racial ethnic groups that are constantly reacting to shape the American culture....   [tags: Languages]

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William Shakespeare´s Impact on History

- ... These words are now part of our everyday speech, used without a thought of their historical origin. Also, he incorporated universal themes that actually related to the common people, which started a new writing style entirely (1). His plays greatly differed from the previous styles because he focused primarily on the emotional euphoria rather than the self-promotion brought about by the works sponsored by the church and state (6). He created the globe that changed theater architecture, which was not only a success the visual arts, but forced the elements of the performing arts to further evolve (4 )....   [tags: languages, plays, hsitroy, arts, style]

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Languages of Punjabi

- Languages of Punjabi Punjabi is not just only their race but it is also their spoken language and it is originated around the 11th century and it is the heir of sauraseni prakrit. This language also can be called as Indo-Aryan and this one main language is mostly spoken from about 100 million people that are primarily from the East Punjab which is in India and also in West Punjab which is in Pakistan. Although both of these two nations speak in the same language but they have different ways and form of writing the alphabet....   [tags: India, Malaysia, Pakistan]

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Easier to Learn Programming Languages

- Easier to Learn Programming Languages In the old days computers had to be fed instructions by hand written on a strip of tape. Now computers do most of the grunt work automatically allowing the program to focus on the problem to be solved as opposed to telling the computer how to solve the problem. This way work is done on a computer much faster and easier then before. The different programming languages used to give the computers instructions have come very far from the original tapes used, and they are still progressing....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Why Australia Needed to Learn Asian Languages

- English is one of the most prestigious languages in the world, many countries including china, Singapore and Indonesia just to name a few, tend to learn English to develop their economic levels. Moreover to this Australia also need to learn Asian languages to enrich their security level, economic and cultural communication. Throughout this text two articles written by Jeffrey Gil and Deborah Henderson explores complex ideas and debates to why Australia need to learn Asian languages. In order for Australia to enhance their economic level they need to learn Asian languages to purse its benefits with Asia on all ranks and across all spheres....   [tags: economy, affiliation, culture]

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Reduction of Languages in Today's World

- These skills, which are inherent to the majority of the citizens, can be found among the 7.000 million people that live in 220 countries and comunicate with one of the 7.000 languages. According to the UNESCO half of the languages are dying out since almost the 90% of the population speak the 5% of the 7.000 languages in the world. Each year the number of languages is reduced, alongside this a colossal foe or a potential ally is the internet; since all the information that circulates on the network is dominated by 12 languages....   [tags: communication, linguistics, communities]

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Benefits of Studying Buisness and Spanish

- As a lover of all things Spanish, and someone who always keeps their fingers firmly pressed on the pulse on the business world, I believe I am well suited for this course and will be able to offer my enthusiasm and dedication to learning. I have always been fascinated by the rate of advancements in communication technology and the lengths that we go to as a society to make contact faster, easier and more efficient. Due to the globalisation of commerce and the emergence of ever more expansive and international supply chains, there is a growing need for speakers of others languages that can also boast an insight into business strategy....   [tags: languages, culture, knowledge]

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The Importance of Learning Languages

- Language. It is a method of communication by the human beings. Language is being done by either speaking or writing consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional system. Language is very important; it is essential to everything we do in our daily life. We use language to express our feeling to people around you, what we need, what we want and the question we would want to ask and understand. The most widely spoken language on the world is based in the most populated country on the earth that is China, beating the second most spoken language, English, by two is to one ratio, and Mandarin Chinese is the most popular language in the world....   [tags: communication, understanding, chinese]

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How Real is the American Dream?

- “So America was a place of which lovers and young people dreamed. If one could only manage to get the price of a passage, he could count his troubles at an end” (18). The account of Jurgis Rudkus, a Lithuanian-American immigrant, conveys the struggles, optimisms, and despairs associated with the American dream. Hoping to make a name for himself in the “land of the free,” Jurgis soon finds himself in a situation no better than paid slavery, under the master known as capitalism. Throughout The Jungle (1906), realistic writer Upton Sinclair conveys the theme that the true reality of the American dream differs greatly from its gilded cover....   [tags: skyscrapers, languages, freedom]

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Elementary Education: Foreign Languages in the Classroom

- ... How well children listen also constitutes how well they will listen for the rest of their lives. Learning a foreign language will improve their listening skills because they have to pay attention to how a word is pronounced in order to speak the word themselves. Learning a foreign language in high school or as an adult does not develop those listening skills to the same level. As people grow older, they have a stronger ability to read and write then they did as children, so they will rely heavier on reading and writing capabilities rather than hearing capabilities to learn a language....   [tags: techniques, listeners, learning]

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Keep It Close to Original

- Overtime there have been many texts that have been translated into different languages. There are various instances where many people do not know that what they have often read has been translated from one language to their own. As these texts are translated, the translators generally leave out certain phrases or sentences due to the fact that it would not culturally translate to a certain culture or will not make sense in a literal context. Due to the fact that many translators do not translate texts word for word, there has been controversy over which technique of translation should be used....   [tags: translate, languages, foreign]

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What We Don't Always Say

- Body language has always been an important aspect of human communication, and usually occurs subconsciously during day to day interactions. The way we cross our legs while sitting, our posture, and our facial features all denote important attributes to the way we present ourselves to others on a day to day basis. Non verbal communication is the key to our inner selves, and often displays our true feelings, when our verbalizations do not. But how important is our body language in daily communication....   [tags: Languages]

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Human Resources Issue

- Introduction Business perspectives have enhanced the focus of Human Resources department in many ways. The guidance and expectation of the department now include the perceptual needs of the business. Most departments have become strategic partners within the company, and therefore are expected to keep the business priorities in areas that generally were marketing areas. Value is a board concept, which is a non-tangible trait. Its perception can define how a company hires, promote, and retain its assets....   [tags: particular need, business, languages]

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- Over half a century ago, Albert Einstein invented the theory of relativity. He developed this theory to explain apparent conflicts between the laws of relativity and the law of gravity. To resolve these conflicts, he developed an entirely new approach to the concept of gravity, based on the principle of equivalence. Many people wondered how he could even think up such a great theory and produce a formula like that. That is why most people call Einstein "The Genius." What is genius. Is it a salutation for people who invent something new....   [tags: Languages]

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Analysis of the Video Mother Tongues: Languages Around the World (2007)

- ... The next section of the film goes into the language families of Oceania: Papuan, Austronesian and Australian. These languages were spread throughout the region by seafarers over thousands of years. The diverse languages that make up this region are an excellent example of how languages developed into unique forms because of lost contact. These languages are roughly a quarter of the world’s languages but barely make up a tenth of the worlds population. Papua New guinea alone for example has more than 800 languages....   [tags: families, languages, groups]

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English in My Life

- When my teacher said "good morning" to me on the very first day of school, I knew that she would be teaching a tough subject. She didn't get any answer for that greeting because back then, I knew nothing about "good morning". Surprisingly, as I went through the class session on that day, I realized that "good morning" wasn't the first English phrase that I'd known. English has been rooted in my society long before my country achieved its independence and shockingly I've used some of its words in my daily speech without realizing it because the words were fully modified by the society so that they could be installed smoothly into our language....   [tags: Languages]

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Nodules and How They Affect Your Voice

- Hoarseness, breathiness, scratchy/rough voice, the "lump in your throat" sensation, shooting pains from ear to ear, the need to breathe in deeper than usual ... these are all symptoms that a nodule can cause. A nodule is basically a small growth and looks like a bump on your vocal folds. This growth occurs from vocal abuse, misuse, and overuse. A healthy, normal vocal chord often has smooth, white mucosal surfaces and has no irregular objects on your vibrating borders. But when you abuse your vocal chords by putting force and tension upon them, the vibrations go into an "overload" and can cause too much friction on them....   [tags: Languages]

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Learning Foreign Languages For Numerous Reasons

- I believe in learning foreign languages for numerous reasons. Languages are the biggest source of freedom for me as a result of with a language you can accomplish almost anything, anywhere. Languages allow you to live anywhere in the world, which means the world is the limit. New locations means innovative job opportunities, a unique culture, and new friends. To me that is the biggest source of freedom available to anyone who is willing to spend some time and effort into learning a innovative language....   [tags: Linguistics, Translation, Language]

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Cultures and People of The World

- ... Even in Japanese education it is taught that everybody is born equal.  Uncertainty Avoidance Index(UAI) This dimension deals with society`s acceptance towards certainty (truth) and uncertainty (ambiguity). Different cultures of the world have inculcated various ways to deal with the anxiety that comes with ambiguity or unknown threat. Uncertain situations are surprising and unwelcoming to people. To minimize this, cultures have formed strict laws, rules, safety measures and philosophical and religious beliefs....   [tags: languages, beliefs, religions]

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`` Lynch Mob : A Misuse Of Languages

- The article “Lynch Mob: A Misuse of Languages” feels the catalyst of the Baltimore Riots was the angst, frustration and sadness felt by the unanswered questions of how the life of yet another young person of color was taken after an encounter with police officers. The author also defines the Baltimore Riots as “not a lynch mob”. He states that the continued invocation of the term ‘lynch mob’ to mean a protest of the killing of people of color is an egregious use of the word, a slander of the citizens who are protesting and moreover, a diminutive of the horrible history of lynch mobs in this country and especially in Maryland....   [tags: African American, White people]

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Spanish Language Metaphors

- Linguistic Impact In the field of Modern Languages and Linguistics, words are of great importance. A language’s phonology (study of how sounds are organized and used), morphology (study of the form and structure of words), syntax (study of the rules that govern sentence structure), semantics (study of meaning of words, sentences, and expressions), pragmatics (study of aspects of meaning and language use and context), and phonetics (study of human speech sounds) all play an important part in everyday life....   [tags: Linguistics Modern Languages]

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Being A Polyglot As A Person Who Speaks Multiple Languages Fluently

- I believe in being a polyglot, a person who speaks multiple languages fluently, physician who is able to communicate with patients of diverse backgrounds. I should be able to directly communicate with my patients without interpreters. I believe in becoming a polyglot myself rather than relying on others due to the fact that language and culture can 't be separated. I observed this while I was at my physician’s clinic for a routine checkup. I noticed a little, aged Chinese lady, a physician, and an interpreter all seemingly confused....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Health care, Illness]

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The Hundred Languages By Loris Malaguzzi

- The excitement that I experienced as a young child about going to Disney World, is the same excitement I am overwhelmed with now about going on this one of a kind practicum. The Reggio Emilia approach is a very common subject discussed in my education classes that continues to blow me away by the results that are obtained. Having the opportunity to experience this approach first hand will change my life both as a person and future teacher. This outstanding approach requires a focuses on a philosophy that encourages students to learn from their experiences, peers and environment....   [tags: Reggio Emilia approach, Education, Knowledge]

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The Vietnamese Language

- The Vietnamese Language The Vietnamese Language is comprised of a few separate languages as well as its own original dialects. Like Many languages today, some words get added to the vocabulary of another group. The region of a place can also determine how the language is spoken, and looked at. When people move from one place to another, they bring with them their own language from their region, and it gets mixed in with the current language, increasing the vocabulary. This applies to both spoken and written languages....   [tags: Expository Languages Vietnam Essays]

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Benefits Of Bilingual Immersion Program

- Recently, many research and studies had shown the benefits of bilingual immersion program (Speaking in Tongues). Indeed, this is the right time for us to enhance our support for the minority heritage language preservation. In order to maintain a language, the development of the language in children is necessary (Caballero). However, one of the main concern to establish such programs is getting fundings from the general public (Speaking in Tongues). In order to tackle the problem, we need to understand the public’s interests....   [tags: Language, Languages, Government spending]

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The Is The Smallest Sound Units That Have A Distinct Sounds Within Different Languages

- Phonemes are the smallest sound units that have a distinct sounds within different languages. It is the basic foundation of the English writing system because of segmenting. Segmenting refer to breaking down words into sound groups, which allows us to hear each phonemes. Take the word “pat” for example, segmenting the word pat would result to /p/ /a/ /t/. The combining of sound to create a small units of word that carry meaning is refer to morpheme. Phonetic segmenting allows people of all ages to better communicate, to learn new words, to write and to spell efficiently....   [tags: Linguistics, Semantics, Phonology, Phrase]

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Cultural Issues In Translating Text

- In the "Cultural Implication for Translation" by Kate James, the author describes how translation is an activity which deals with at least two cultures, which makes translators face the problem of how to treat the cultural aspects of a source text and how successfully conveying these aspects in the target text. These problems vary according to how big the difference between the two languages is. Also, the aims of the source text will have implications for translation as well as the readers of both source text and target text....   [tags: Languages]

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Teaching Young Learners

- English language has been rated as one of the most important international languages nowadays. It has been found at primary levels around the world. Teaching English as a foreign language is not an easy task and need a lot of hard work, especially for young learners. However, starting earlier is not the solution for producing better English speakers. EFL teachers of young learners have to follow some strategies and techniques to understand and teach young learners better. YL Students who aged 5-12 can not spend two or three hours sitting on chairs and listening to teachers lectures as adults do....   [tags: international languages]

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Bilingual Education Act

- Bilingual education is defined as involving the use of two languages as media of intrusions (May, 2008). It is an educational process that aims to promote and “maintain longer-term student bilingualism and bi-literacy, adding another language to, but not subtracting from the student’s existing language repertoire” (May, 2008, p. 19-20). Simply, bilingual education is the use of more than one language to deliver curriculum content. Bilingual education Act (BEA) was enacted into law in 1968 by President Lyndon B....   [tags: Bilingual Education, languages, foreign]

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Using Indecent Languages, And Stop Eating Red Meat

- Changing a bad habit can be done from constant practice of trying to avoid the behavior for some people, however it becomes problematic when we are influence by society, sounds, smells or friends doing the habit. I attempted to give up two bad habits. I wanted to stop using indecent languages, and stop eating red meat. My first attempt to stop using indecent language failed. I associate this habit with being around my closest friends, coworkers and family members. The more I think about changing the habit the more I find myself wanting to curse for the simplest reasons....   [tags: Addiction, Drug addiction, Red meat, Thought]

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Making Sense Of The Spoken Word

- Making sense of the spoken word is a task that we accomplish every day, most times without any thoughts or efforts. Nevertheless, we go about our daily activity talking to the people around us with the assumption that they will comprehend what we are saying and, in return, we will reciprocate and understand their spoken words. But what if we were dropped into a world where we did not know the language and we must learn to communicate or die; so it is with babies, every day new babies are born not knowing the language spoken around them....   [tags: Language, Word, Languages, Reason]

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How The English Languages Defines Feminism

- How the English Languages Defines Feminism According to the New World Encyclopedia, there is no single idea of feminism. The word feminism encompasses “the social,cultural and political movements, theories and moral philosophies concerned with gender inequalities and equal rights for women.” Unfortunately this is the same word that many people, especially women, do not associate themselves with. The reason why so few women do label themselves is because the English language has misinterpret and misconstrued the central idea of feminism....   [tags: Feminism, Feminist theory, Radical feminism]

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Taking a Look at the Garifuna Language

- The Garifuna Language Day by day the World becomes more interconnected, we talk to people from other countries in languages that usually aren't our own, multi linguists now outnumber mono linguists and around 25% of the world's countries recognise two or languages as official (see Pearson). English has become the Lingua Franca of the world and native languages are starting to disappear. The fewer the number of speakers the quicker. One language that seems to have reversed the trend is the Garifuna language, indigenous to the Carribean coasts of Honduras, Guatemala and Belize....   [tags: languages of the world]

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I Am A As A Multilingual Household Has Made A Positive Impact On My Thirst For Languages And Linguistics

- To Be Continued… I have always been fascinated with words. I believe that growing up in a multilingual household has made a positive impact on my thirst for languages and linguistics. I am fluent in English, Tagalog, Ilokano, and Spanish and I can teach Latin although I am not a certified teacher. About five years ago, I started teaching myself Old Church Slavonic by listening to chants. My fascination for words has fueled my desire for writing. However, I did not realize that I can write until I had a teacher in high school who gave me a perfect score on an argumentative essay written in my native language, Tagalog....   [tags: Writing, Communication, High school, Teacher]

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Understanding Chasu Reduplication

- 1.0 Introduction Reduplication is one of the word formation processes demonstrated in many languages of the world. In Bantu languages, the common word formation processes are the agglutinative nature of languages (affixation), borrowing, compounding and reduplication (Contini-Morava 2007). ‘Reduplication in Bantu languages is phonological as it has the phonological constraints that are based on the prosodic features’ (Odden 1996). In Bantu languages reduplication processes are either complete or partial....   [tags: languages, bantu language]

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Canadian National Identity: Native Canadians

- ... These were two of the many restrictions the students had to face. Breaking one of the rules would mean being starved, humiliated, or emotionally and physically abused. To name the few, witnessing cultural practices would result to sticking needles in their tongues, or a beating with a leather whip. Many results after the schools' closing suggested that some children even experienced sexual abuse. The environment the kids spent their childhoods in was poor. Diseases spread from the unsanitary conditions and were given improper care....   [tags: aboriginal culture, languages]

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The Languages and Cuisine of Mexico

- ... Mexican cuisine stems from a long and varied history and throws a lot of light on some of the turbulent times this culture has had to face. Mexican food and culture has had a long standing relationship of sorts that adds tremendous personality to the study of this race. The study of Mexican history and its food culture goes hand in hand, and it would be a rough journey to carry out one without the other. The origins of Mexican cuisine can be traced back to the Mayan civilization, who firmly believed that the richness of food can enrich the spirit and body of a person through various sensory perceptions like taste, smell and touch....   [tags: indiginous, diet, mayan]

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Types Of Race, Religion, And Languages

- There are many different types of race, religion, and languages all over the world. People tend to grab the first type of information they find and tag that person(s) with it making them a target. They do not know the person but have an idea about how they might be regardless if they know the information it factual or not. People retain this information through language. They interpret a misconception since they believe the information retained is true. Misconceptions about others can be hurtful and mean....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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Foreign Languages: Animal Communication

- Social behavior in mammals other than humans has always been something that has fascinated not only scientists, but the general population as well. Large mammals known to exhibit similar behaviors to humans have always been popular favorites at zoos and aquariums. Curiosity and fascination strikes when observing primates making gestures as if communicating in a foreign language, or seals dancing and striking their flippers together. Mammals are capable of displaying a wide range of interesting behaviors and among those that fascinate us is the way they communicate....   [tags: foreign language, bottlenose dolphin]

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Visual Programming Languages

- Visual Programming Languages The way programmers have created applications over the years has changed dramatically, and so has the amount of knowledge required to create applications as well as use them. In the 1950's a computer was a machine that took up the space of an entire room and cost millions of dollars that had less processing power than modern day calculators. The technicians required extensive knowledge of the electronic and mechanical components as well as specific combinations of switches to create responses from the massive mainframe....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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- The three key ideas that I have explored during my on-line and discussions are: firstly the importance of maintaining of Te reo Māori in New Zealand. Secondly, the role of teachers in maintaining Te Reo Māori in centres and finally I realised the need to acquire second language. Fishman (1996) point out that to lose a language means to lose a culture. Base on this point, I strongly agree that regeneration and maintenance of Māori language is the most imperative action that we should take. Te Kohanga Reo was developed in response to Māori concern ensuring the continuing survival of the Maori language....   [tags: Communication, Māori Language ]

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Cultural and Diversity Advertisement

- There are many different nations in which their citizens have their own language and way of living life but the United States of America is unique because of its diversity of citizens. And for this reason America is called a “melting pot” because it has a variety of citizens who are of different ethnicity and they each have their own culture and languages, and all these people are living in a single united nation. Coca-Cola has created an advertisement that opens with first paragraph of the song “America the Beautiful” being sung in English....   [tags: Citizens, Languages, United States]

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History of Web Design

- ... HTML 3 was revolutionary, as it finally opened up the doors to real website customization. Designers now had the ability to use animated images, and colorful backgrounds. Then Flash was introduced as well, which changed the entire scene of web design. No longer was everything static and dull; things were moving and colorful, and the web became a much more appealing place. Now we have HTML 5, which fixed most syntax errors in both HTML 4 and XHTML 1.1. HTML 5 is made to create a language for both HTML and XHTML....   [tags: internet, HTML, new scripting languages]

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Is English a Global Language?

- ... A person needs only one language to talk to someone else” (2003, Pg.15). With the English language becoming increasingly employed by people throughout the world, other languages are being spoken less and will eventually cease to exist as English has dominated the globe on such a prodigious scale that there will be no need for other languages as every one will communicate in English. This is assenting in the sense that if an individual travels to a foreign country, they will be able to communicate with the natives as every one in the world will speak in the same tongue following the elimination of other languages....   [tags: death of languages, advantages, disadvantages]

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Why People Should Study And Learn Languages

- No one likes being alone all the time, we all need company and we all like meeting people and learning new things. These are some of the best ways we can enjoy life and all that it throws at us. What better way to meet people than going abroad to study. I tell you, there is no better way. Why do I say that you might ask. Well it’s simple, I did when I was 18 and it has worked out really well. However, there is a catch : you have got to know the language of the country you are going to, so here is the main reason why people should study and learn languages : so they can expand their horizon and acquire more and more knowledge of the world we live in....   [tags: Second language, Language, Freddie Mercury]

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Language Acquisitions Of New Languages

- In Suzette Haden Elgin’s Native Tongue, infants of linguistic households are required to acquire various alien languages to become native speakers of Earth for the new languages studied. Our society, for the most part, understands that adults acquire foreign languages differently from the acquisition of a second language by a child. Furthermore, most people generally have the understanding that children learn languages quickly and easily compared to adults. Adults, however, are able to acquire foreign languages in fair or controlled conditions....   [tags: Linguistics, Second language]

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It Is Difficult Growing Up with 2 Languages

- I was living in the western part of Ghana. During the early 90s my parents migrated to the United Kingdom, whiles I was left in Ghana to live with my aunty. I had the privilege to learn English. As Twi been the most common language spoken in Ghana I was very glad to learn English as I knew that I would be joining my parents soon in the UK. I came to join my parents four years after they migrated. I knew starting school would be a challenge, so my parents got me a personal tutor to help me boost up my English speaking and writing....   [tags: ghana, english, education]

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Description of English Language Learners

- According to the Glossary of Education Reform ("English language learner," 2013), English Language Learners (ELL) are students who are unable to communicate fluently or learn effective in English; who often come from non English speaking homes and backgrounds. And who typically require specialized or modified instruction in both English language and in their academic courses. Immigrants make up 13% of the United States population, and within the 13% many people have children who speak their native language....   [tags: ell student, english language, languages]

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Analysis Of Cuando Y Donde : The Use Of Multiple Languages

- CUANDO Y DONDE: THE USE OF MULTIPLE LANGUAGES When do we use multiple languages and where are they accepted. The release of the 2015 American Community Survey by the Census Bureau, states there are approximately 25,002,191 households in the United States that speak a language other than English at home (. This translates to 21% of the nation. If 21% of the United States is speaking another language besides English, where are they using these foreign tongues. For on example, the use of foreign languages is culturally acceptable in for the educational purpose of learning an L2 when, of course, the L1 is English....   [tags: Second language, English language, United Kingdom]

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Linguistic Diversity Of Human Languages

- Languages vary widely but not without limit. The central goal of linguistics is to describe the diversity of human languages and explain the constraints on that diversity. Generative linguists following Chomsky have claimed that linguistic diversity must be constrained by innate parameters that are set as a child learns a language. In contrast, other linguists following Greenberg have claimed that there are statistical tendencies for co-occurrence of traits reflecting universal systems biases, rather than absolute constraints or parametric variation....   [tags: Linguistics, Language, Evolution]

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A Career in Web Design

- Web Design My occupation of choice is web designer, and I chose this because even though I don’t know everything about computers I am very fast at learning about them. It’s never too late to start this occupation and I know if I put time and effort into this\ I know I will love it and I can be good at it. As a web designer I will create and keep up with websites, including the layout, and function according to the client. (Web Developer) Web designing has really developed over time ever since the “World Wide Web” was created and it has visually improved as well as the speed and mobility....   [tags: computer languages, code]

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Programming Languages

- Introduction There is a plethora of different development programming languages, known as paradigms, available to a software designer. I intend to explore some of these models and discuss why a developer would choose one over another to accomplish a specific task. Object oriented programming. This is a self-contained, yet abstract programming language, which is easy to maintain. There are many advantages of object-oriented programming abbreviated in the industry to OOP. One of these is that it allows the reuse of code keeping up an applications sustainability and preservation....   [tags: Information Technology]

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The Future of Computer Science

- ... Ideally, this suggestion can avoid the financial crisis based on the failure of credit department. From research and development investors’ point of view, even though the U.S. fiscal deficits year after year, but research funding has continued to increase (28). Nowadays, the financial crisis has got more severed. Thinking of the investment banks have performed the significantly technical positions in the financial history. Banks help raising money for the new company, and the product that they buy is raising comprehension of investors' interest in technology companies....   [tags: programming languages, remarkable creativity]

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Discussion of the Importance of Multilingualism Among Yout South Africans

- Language is a system of representation that enables us to encode and convey meaning through the production and combination of signs. (Neves, 2011) Multilingualism can, therefore, be described as a person’s capability to maintain and practice two or more languages in an environment. This concept is quite commonly seen throughout South Africa as there is a total of eleven official languages. These languages are critical in today’s youth as they are exposed to a culturally diverse society which enables them to broaden their thinking in every-day life....   [tags: south africa, languages, linguistic determinism]

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The Languages Around The World

- There are so many languages around the world, so if someone has a chance to learn more languages, then they should take it. Language is used to communicate with others, but if a person does not know the other person’s language, then that person can’t communicate with them. A person coming from another country to America might forget their native language, if they are only speaking English. A person should practice both languages because that is a part of their identity. It doesn’t matter if some people don’t like the language a person may speak because all that matters is really what you think....   [tags: Spanish language, Dialect, Second language]

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Learning Foreign Languages

- Students all over the world are generally required to learn a second language. In some cases students are even required to spend another shorter period of their education learning a third language, and in some cases even a forth language course may be offered. This happens in most countries in Europe, for example in Portugal where students are required to take 12 years of English alongside with their native language (in this case Portuguese), and an additional 3 to 6 years of training in French may also be required in their education in order to graduate from high school....   [tags: US Education, Culture, Latin]

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Learning Languages : Learning Different Languages

- Learning Different Languages When I look back to my life, it was really long ago when I started to read and write the first language which was Gujarati. I know few languages such as: Gujarati, Hindi, English, and Spanish. I struggled with reading when I started to learn Gujarati after learning first language, it became easier for me to learn how to read other languages. After mastering the first and second languages it became easier for me to me learn how to write and read other languages. My sister was the first one who exposed me with how to write and read Gujarati first then I learned more in school....   [tags: Second language, French language, Language]

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Esperanto and Other Artificial Languages

- The subject I’m going to discuss in this essay is about the language Esperanto, and other artificial languages. The subject of artificial languages is a difficult yet interesting one. It is so, because the majority of “serious” linguists do not see artificial languages as a real area of linguistics, since they believe that you can’t have linguistics of an artificial language. An interesting question arises from the study of artificial languages. Why do so many people dedicate so much work “to attempt to tame the language by making it more orderly, more rational, less burdened with inconsistencies and irregularities”....   [tags: Invention Difficulties, Universal Language]

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Native Language

- Language is universal. People voice their ideas, emotions, and thoughts across to the world through language. Multitudes of people across the country speak a varierty of languages. However, a foreigner is reduced to their native language, and sometimes has difficulties mainstreaming English into their dialect. A native language is a foreigner's blueprint for the world to hear. Native language gives homage to a foreigner's culture and home life. Native tongues open doors for education and job opprutunities....   [tags: Language]

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The Strange Persistence Of First Languages By Julie Sedivy

- The article The Strange Persistence of First Languages by Julie Sedivy was an intriguing and eye-opening piece of writing to read. The concepts she brought to life through her explicit writing revealed many things I had never heard of before. The further I read, the more I wanted to know and the deeper my interest became. As a monolingual, this article was insightful, captivating and ultimately provided me with a new perspective on language. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article mainly because I was raised in an English speaking home and that is the only language I am able to speak....   [tags: United States, Language, European Union]

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Prominent Languages are Affecting Minority Groups.

- Economics and the media are changing the face of culture and languages. “As "globalization" increases, so does the loss of human languages. People find it easier to conduct business and communicate with those outside their own culture if they speak more widely used languages like Chinese, Hindi, English, Spanish or Russian.”(National Science Foundation) Commerce and culture has impacted speakers of minority languages and encouraged them to learn the most prominent dialect to avoid future consequences such as limited access to information....   [tags: China]

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Grammatical Processing in Language Learners

- The keynote article “Grammatical processing in language learners” by Clahsen and Felser, aimed to compare the grammatical processing in adult native speakers, child first language learners, and adult second language learners (L2ers) (3). The authors examined works that observed the processing of morphology, ambiguous sentences, and syntactic dependencies before going into their general discussion in which they summarize the results and suggest the shallow structure hypothesis. The first topic looked at by Clahsen and Felser was morphological processing....   [tags: sentence processing, languages processing ]

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The Effect of Motivation on Language Learning

- The concept of motivation has been the subject of many studies and is considered a crucial determinant of successful achievement in the field of language learning. A motivating learning environment has to support the education process. It generates learning initially and later will guide the process of acquiring a target language (Cheng & Dornyei, 2007). Teachers have long recognized that motivation is centered to problem-solving in education. Motivation is the key factor in getting students involved in the learning process and in keeping them engaged at their level of academic performance (Oliver, 1995)....   [tags: foreign language, languages, ]

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Native Language

- Language is universal. People voice their ideas, emotions, and thoughts across to the world through language. But, how does people’s native language play a role. A native language is a person's blueprint for their voice. Native language gives homage to people’s culture and home life. It can open doors to education and careers. Native language surrounds people, and molds people. It is plastered in books, and street signs, and helps to recollect their native country. What if language decreased to just English, and no another language existed....   [tags: Language]

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Language Acquisition and Corrective Feedback

- Corrective feedback has been in the focus of research in SLA during the last years and has become an important part in learners’ language acquisition. Ellis (1994) referred to feedback as “the information given to learners which they can use to revise their interlanguage.” He also distinguishes two different kinds of feedback, positive and negative feedback; positive feedback has to do with the information that indicates that a hypothesis is incorrect. Ellis also mentioned some other forms of feedback such as direct or correction, indirect or the request for conformation, on-record which supplies ‘direct negative evidence’, and off-record which supplies ‘indirect negative feedback’; the neg...   [tags: Education, foreign languages]

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Reading is Important in Learning Languages

- Nowadays, many people think reading is not necessary, since there are so many sources of information and types of entertainment, such as TV, cinema and the Internet. I believe they are wrong because reading is very beneficial in many ways. Good reading skills are very important in learning languages. Reading improves spelling because as students learn to sound out letters and words, spelling comes easier. It helps to expand the vocabulary, since the best way to acquire a large vocabulary is to read....   [tags: Importance of Reading]

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Bilingual Education in Nigeria

- ... in primary school, whereas the second language is adopted as a language of instruction from the 4th grade (Salami, 2008, 93). Here English appears as the second language (L2) and indigenous languages as the first language (L1). Moreover such significant feature as code switching (CS) takes places in the program under study, which means that teachers shift the language used in classroom with a particular purpose, e.g. students encouragement, or explaining unclear points (Baker, 1993 and Setati et al., 2002 cited in Salami, 2008, 95)....   [tags: mother tongue, indigenous languages]

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Autobiography about Languages I have Learned

- ... Unfortunately, he didn't pay attention to me because he was busy to print some worksheets to his student. After that I went to my mother and I asked her to help me. My mother was glad to help and she told me it is good for me to learn how to write earlier. The first thing that my mother taught me was my name. She started doting my name then I hold my pen and start to joining them. My mother kept repeat this method for several time until my hand get used to write. I couldn't forget that day when I wrote my name without dots....   [tags: arabic, english, communicate]

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My First Concern For Globalization

- Fort Branch is a small town in Southern Indiana. In 2013, there were 2,799 people who resided in this rural community, and I suspect that this number has only increased slightly in the last three years. There are many corn fields and a lot of hard working citizens, especially farmers, who love their community. I am the assistant to the mayor, and I have an expertise in language, communications and technology, and the increase of Americanization in regards to globalization. The mayor has asked me to read Globalization- A Reader for Writers by Maria Jerskey, and I chose five articles to discuss....   [tags: United States, English language, Languages]

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The Cultures of Miami, Florida

- Located on the lower east coast of Florida the city of Miami is bordered by the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Going east from the city the islands of Key Biscayne and Miami Beach help shelter the bay from the Atlantic Ocean, giving Miami a naturally protected harbor. The elevation of the city never rises above 40 feet and within most neighborhoods the elevation stays under 10 feet. The highest undulations are the Miami rock ridge which is found along the coast. A majority of the city lies on the shores of Biscayne Bay which contains hundreds of natural and artificially created islands, the largest being Miami Beach and South Beach....   [tags: languages, ethnic identities]

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Is It Significant for International Students to Change Their Thinking and Writing in the Academic English Writing Style

- Introduction Since the beginning of the 21st century, studying overseas has increased. For example, the number of the Saudi's students in the UK now is roughly 25 thousand compared to 10 years ago there was about 2000 students. It is a good opportunity to learn many different skills when students study abroad such as IT, research skills and language. International students who are studying in the UK may change their thinking and writing in the English academic style because their writing in their own language is likely to be different from English language....   [tags: foreign students, languages, UK]

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Paradigm Shift Within Programming Languages

- Paradigm Shift in Programming Languages till date -by Rachit Shah (14BCE110) Programming Languages have existed for over a century. Over the years there has been major change in its syntax and its way of operation to suit our needs. Programming languages enable users to write programs for specific computation or algorithms. In the 1940s the first programming languages were assembly languages. But since it was too laborious ( having to learn all memory locations ) and too error-prone, it needed to evolve into something more human-language like....   [tags: Programming language, Object-oriented programming]

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Two Languages and Two Cultures

- Two Languages and Two Cultures United States was built on immigrants and some of the immigrants were pushed from their homeland because of some reasons while other reasons such as America dream pulled them to the United States. Most of these immigrants came from China in 1949, when the communist party took over. These immigrants came with their cultures and languages which are significant in everyone's lives because they play a major role in the development of individual’s characteristics....   [tags: immigration, China, Two Kinds, Amy Tan, US]

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