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The Original Intent For Ivf And Pgd

- The original intent for IVF and PGD was to treat infertility and prevent genetic defects from passing on to the child. Due to the desires of parents who want to have the perfect family, the uses for IVF and PGD shifted towards non-medical purposes. This technology, owing to ethical concerns, is banned in many parts of the world. Five well-known nations have prohibited the use of gender selection: Australia, Canada, China, India and the UK. The United States is one of the few countries that legally allow PGD for prenatal sex selection....   [tags: Gender, Discrimination]

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A Research Study On Building Intent

- Case Study 1: It is important to focus on building intent, rather the focusing on goal setting and action planning. Being that Paul is resistant to change, regardless of his wife’s encouragement to get active it is important to remind your client (Paul) of the benefits of exercise, work on behavior modification, and self-monitoring. Some useful worksheets to use include, the behavioral palate worksheet, decisional balance worksheet, goal setting worksheet, planning worksheet, and focusing on step: 1 action planning....   [tags: Goal, Management, Physical exercise, Exercise]

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Intent Is A Psychological Attitude

- Intent is a psychological attitude with which a person acts, and therefore it cannot ordinarily be straightly proved but must be inferred from surrounding facts and circumstances . Intent means only and only to the mental condition by which the action is completed or neglected. It varies from motive, which helps a human to do or not to do an act. Motive can be referred as a concealed intent . The intention word can be used as the sense of a plan to make the damage criticized of. It implies a forerunner or knowing of harmful consequence, and a went to make it....   [tags: Tort, Common law, Contract, Negligence]

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God's Intent for Mission Work

- “Jesus said to them again, ‘ the Father has sent me I also send you’” -John 20:21. This verse shows us Christ’s will for Christians to proclaim His Father’s word. But why would mission work be so important that the Holy One Himself would feel the need to implore Christians on His Father’s behalf to go forth and teach as Christ himself taught. The answer is simple, not encoded within the context of vague scriptures. In 1 John 2:2 the Bible says, “He himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not ours only, but also for the whole world”....   [tags: bible, goals, hostility]

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Letter Of Intent : Letter

- Letter of Intent I came to the United States with both of my parents at six months old. They were “together” for the first ten years of my life. Well that 's what I thought, when I reflect back on my life I realize that it was all an attempt to keep the family together but the feelings were never there. All the fights, the anger between them caused my mother to take her anger off on me. I do not judge my mother for her actions, she was a great mother, she just had moments that damaged me physically and mentally, but no one is perfect in this world....   [tags: High school, Family, Association football]

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American Secularism: Intent Analysis

- Dwight Eisenhower once wrote that, “Without God, there could be no American form of government” (Forbes, 2009: 1). Decades later, in a speech in Turkey, President Barack Obama claimed that America does not consider itself a Judeo-Christian nation. Modern arguments about the separation of church and state tend to seize upon such statements. But neither opinion can truly elucidate the true nature of American secularism (or lack thereof). Instead of criticizing Eisenhower for breaching that fabled wall of separation, or President Obama for conducting an arbitrary public opinion poll during a speech, focus must shift to the Founders....   [tags: Politics, The Separation of Church and State]

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Commander's Intent

- The commander’s intent is a critical part of mission command. The commander, through the commander’s intent, must blend the art of command and the science of control that integrates all joint warfighting functions. ADM Wesley McDonald, Commander US Atlantic Command (LANTCOM), failed to convey the commander’s intent to the joint force for Operation Urgent Fury. This failure promoted misunderstanding and mutual trust issues among the joint force that affected the integration of joint functions such as intelligence and sustainment....   [tags: military issues, operation urgent fury]

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Defining Criminal Intent

- When discussing how criminal intent relates to the enforcement of environmental laws first you must know what criminal intent means. USLEGAL.COM defines criminal intent as “the intent to do something wrong or forbidden by law.” (Criminal Intent Law & Legal Definition) To help one understand the meaning of intent, it is when a person make the conscious decision to break the law. (What is CRIMINAL INTENT) With environmental laws and regulations, it states that one must knowingly commit an environmental crime in order to prosecute as a criminal....   [tags: enforcement of environmental laws]

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Crime and Punishment: Intent Makes the Difference

- There are many different types of crime and punishment in medical law ranging from criminal to civil. Below I will explain the difference of criminal and civil and give descriptions of the different types of crime and punishment in the two categories. What is a criminal crime or act. The definition of criminal is anyone who has committed a criminal offense (a crime against the state) or who has been proven guilty of such an offense. Criminal crimes have two types of charges, misdemeanors and felonies....   [tags: Crime and Punishment Essays]

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Review Of ' Three Strikes ' Original Intent

- Literature Review Three Strikes: Original Intent Repeat offenders are perhaps the most difficult offender population for the system to handle, and “protecting communities from these offenders may be the most emotionally and politically charged challenge for the criminal justice system” (Dickey & Hollenhorst, 1999). Though most states had statues targeting career criminals, policy makers and the public continued to push for harsher punishments for repeat offenders during the twentieth century (Brown & Jolivette, 2005)....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Law, Criminal law]

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Mision, Vision and Intent of Masco Cabinetry

- Terri Briggs has been around the block. For the past twenty years she has been an accountant, a customer service person, a specialist and a manager. All of which she did with Masco Cabinetry. She has spent time in the “trenches” working her way up the corporate ladder while obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Development from Spring Arbor University. Terri is a Certified Human Resource Specialist and a Six Sigma Green Belt. Today Terri is the Manager of the Contract Review Center for Masco Cabinetry....   [tags: market leader, competitors, chinese imports]

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The True Intent Behind Child Custody

- Love or Vendetta. Forty-one percent of a couple’s first marriage ends in divorce, according to Also, Seventy-five percent of children with divorced parents live with their mother while forty-three percent of children growing up nationally, are raised without their fathers. Many factors leads to the decision of the child’s custody, although mothers usually win. However, what if both parents are capable of providing a decent life for the child. Unhealthy relationships between parents can question the true intent behind child custody....   [tags: Mother, Father, Marriage, Parent]

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Children 's Intent Observation And Participation

- We now elaborate on this definition by making links to the theories highlighted in this article and examples from our research project which illustrate working theories in action. (a) According to Te Whariki, children construct working theories as they observe, listen, discuss, take part and represent their understandings in their everyday lives. Rogoff et al. (2003) describe this as children 's intent observation and participation in everyday cultural activities with the goal of later involvement as effective contributors....   [tags: Knowledge, Scientific method, Friendship]

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Animal Farm: Orwell's True Intent

- Animal Farm: Orwell’s True Intent A wise boar, Old Major, expresses a dream of a world where animals live with no human oppression to the rest of the animals in Manor Farm. However, only three days after his speech, he dies, leaving three younger pigs to take over his place and lead the other animals toward Major’s dream. They create the Seven Commandments of Animalism, which set values against acting human-like, and paint them on the wall of the barn. One night, the animals succeed in rebelling against Mr....   [tags: Literature Analysis]

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Letter Of Intent

- Letter of Intent Dear Ms. Sweet, We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with you on this project. We are certain that this will be an enjoyable and enrichening experience for everyone involved. In order to raise money for the Parent Infant Center, we will combine all of our efforts to produce the best benefit concert that the center has ever seen. The target audience for the concert will be area high school and college students and all of the profits will go towards your scholarship fund....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Conrads Intent In Heart Of Darkness

- Distilling the Darkness In analysis of Heart of Darkness, much is made of Conrad’s intentions in telling his tale. People search for a moral lesson, a strict social commentary, an absolution for the evil of the dark jungle. It isn’t there, and that’s not the point. In works of philosophy (like The Republic), or works of political theory (like Socialism: Utopian and Scientific), or works of natural science (like The Origin of Species), this sifting of important and clear ideas from the mess and confusion of experience is what writers like Plato, Darwin, or Engels are doing....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Intent of Forrest Gump

- The Intent of Forrest Gump No, this isn't another essay about Forrest Gump and - oh, the great American dream. Instead, it is an essay about the marketability of a movie in which all else is secondary. You have to understand the producers of Forrest Gump in order to understand why it succeeds. The producers, in the end, like every other being on earth want their movie to succeed. Forrest Gump, however great all the themes one may find it, is just another well-conceived product. Forrest Gump isn't just about the American Dream, nor is it about the way the dumb can succeed in the world – especially not in the one where all things are interconnected and therefore competition is surely eminent....   [tags: Art]

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Gandhi's intent with Hind Swaraj

- Over the course of one week in 1909, while aboard a vessel bound for South Africa from England, a slender, quiet lawyer named Mahatma Gandhi composed Hind Swaraj. Gandhi's intent is encourage Indians to take pride of their own identity as a civilization and culture., a nationalistic manifesto outlining India’s need for home rule. Heavily disheartened with recent efforts towards securing Indian rights from the overbearing English, Gandhi wrote with hyperbole and flourish, denouncing Western government and civilization whilst glorifying Indian history, culture and above all, India’s capacity for swaraj....   [tags: A Level Essays]

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Plymouth Plantation: A Story of Religious Intent, or Monetary Gain?

- Plymouth Plantation: A Story of Religious Intent, or Monetary Gain. It is not a stretch to say that if one is to study the history of Europe, or in fact the world, religion is likely one of the most important aspects of nearly any incident or movement in the past 2000 years. What of the colonies that Europe created overseas, however. Are those areas also just as bound to religion as well, or is there something more, something which hold a higher sway that religion. Is Religion the reason behind the colonization that the Europeans did, or was the entire purpose of the colonies to create a source of income, and for economic reasons in general....   [tags: religion, Europe, colonization, economy, porfit]

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My Original Intent For Joining Physical Education

- My original intent for joining Physical Education 113 this fall semester, was to rebuild my endurance. Up until college, I was a soccer player year round and physically fit. Entering college, I decided against joining a sports team in favor of work. As a consequence, I no longer found myself as physically fit as I was three years ago. I set the goal for endurance because not only did I want to reach the level fitness I possessed before, but I also wanted to rebuild those muscles and improve overall....   [tags: Exercise, Physical exercise, Muscle]

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Intent vs Causation

- The matter presented here is an interesting one. On one hand, both Bob and Jack had equal goals and equal intentions. But, only Jack was successful, but does that really make a difference. Should one be punished more simply because the other is a bad shot. Is intent alone grounds for the same level punishment. Should one be held just as liable even though their action wasn’t completely fulfilled. This dilemma is an interesting one to examine and can be approached from different perspectives....   [tags: Capital Crime]

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The Intent of Bouwsma's Descartes' Evil Genius

- The Intent of Bouwsma's Descartes' Evil Genius Bouwsma's essay critiques Descartes' use of the evil demon in his Meditations on First Philosophy through the creation of two situations in which the "evil genius" attempts to use his powers for their express purpose, that of deception. Bouwsma conveniently admits the existence of "four or five clear and distinct ideas" and goes on to show that the evil genius is capable of deceiving mankind about everything else, specifically sensory perceptions....   [tags: Papers]

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The Importance of Historical Context on Literature

- There is a possibility to understand certain pieces of literature outside its historical context; however, it is more beneficial to the reader if they have background knowledge. Taha Muhammad Ali was a Palestinian poet that was born in 1931. He grew up in Saffuriya, Galilee that is located in the Middle East. Ali was self-taught through his readings of classical Arabic literature, American fiction, and English poetry. Ali then proceeded to begin writing poems in the 1970s. He wrote a poem entitled “Meeting at an Airport” that was based of his personal experiences and without knowing his background information and history the reader was unclear of what exactly was meant by this poem....   [tags: intent, connections, theme]

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How Human Resource Capacity Building And Job Performance Influences The Strategic Intent

- 1. Introduction This paper investigates the relationship between business growth, or more succinctly business sustainability, and limited importance given to employee development by Security Organisations. It will examine the inherent value of the human resource in organisations and the link between how human resource capacity building and job performance influences the strategic intent. The concluding statements will demonstrate participants in the Security Industry do not use personal development and training as strategies to shape the organisation....   [tags: Management, Business ethics, Strategic management]

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The Importance Of Being Clear On The Strategic Intent And Big Picture Thinking

- Most of the common activities in our daily life present an opportunity to negotiate, whether or not we realise it. Meta-reflecting upon my negotiation experiences during the class and other activities have led me to identify few common themes. In this assignment, the two themes I will be discussing are (1) the importance of being clear on the strategic intent and big picture thinking, and (2) the importance of managing the negotiation process through understanding the various phases and visualising negotiation as a train journey....   [tags: Negotiation, Contract]

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Is the Media’s Intent to Entertain us Actually Becoming Harmful?

- “Kids who spend more time with media report lower grades and lower levels of personal contentment” (Perle). Over the years with the increase in the use of technology and media, more and more problems are becoming prevalent in today’s society. What was first invented with the intent of making citizens’ lives simpler, easier, and less stressful is beginning to have an opposite effect on everyone. The media is starting to have more and more harmful effects in not only children, but adults, too. The media not only has been proven to have negative effects on women, men, and children through television, internet, social networking, and many other different ways, but has also desensitized society f...   [tags: technology, media, self-esteem, self-image]

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The Intent Behind the Enuma Elish (Creation Epic)

- The Intent Behind the Enuma Elish       The Enuma Elish, often known as The Creation Epic, is often considered the primary source of Mesopotamian cosmology. However, to view the Enuma Elish as a cosmological myth obscures the true intent of the epicís author. The cosmological elements of the Enuma Elish are secondary to the authorís effort to explain the supremacy of Marduk, to justify absolute oriental monarchy, and to defend Babylon as the axis mundi. The Enuma Elish was composed in Babylonin the early second millennium B.C.E....   [tags: Enuma Elish Essays]

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Seeds of Murderous Intent in Macbeth by William Shakespeare

- Seeds of Murderous Intent in Macbeth by William Shakespeare A tragic story of the fear, guilt, and greed of a robust warrior of the Scottish kingdom pushed to the extreme is Shakespeare's Macbeth. From the opening introduction of Macbeth and the prophesy of the weird sisters, the seed of murderous intent was planted. After the first prophecy from the weird sisters about becoming Thane of Cawdor comes to pass, Macbeth contemplates what it would take for him to seize the throne: This supernatural soliciting Cannot be ill, Cannot be good....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Culture, Media, and Sport

- Within Sports Management the effect of Government policy will have an effect on the way in which their work is carried out. New Labour’s vision for sport is contained within a document called ‘A Sporting Future for All’ published in 2000. It is not a policy but more a statement of intent. In this essay we will look at its purpose and what proposals the government have in tackling sport in this country. Furthermore, we will look at its strengths and weaknesses and consider whether it fits with the government’s wider social policy....   [tags: Statement of Intent, Government Social Policy]

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My Intent on Higher Education

- My father used to tell my siblings and I silly stories about how he used to ride a donkey to school in his village. My mother used to tell us stories about how she used to collect the left over notebook paper from the year before for the upcoming school year. My siblings and I would look at them with awe, we would laugh or doubt their stories. But, we never really took into consideration the struggles they told us about were merely to pursue an education. Through my school years I’ve moved around the world and became exposed to what education can bring upon a community....   [tags: statement of purpose]

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Intent and Motive in The Devil and Tom Walker and The Devil and Daniel Webster

- Intent and Motive in The Devil and Tom Walker and The Devil and Daniel Webster      Washington Irving, in writing "The Devil and Tom Walker", and Stephen Vincent Benet, in writing "The Devil and Daniel Webster" illustrate to the reader the consequences of man's desire for material wealth and how a person's motivation for a relationship with the devil affects the outcome of the "deal". In these two different, yet surprisingly similar narratives, the authors present their beliefs about human intent and motive....   [tags: Tom Walker Daniel Webster Essays Papers]

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Applying Author Intent and Influence to James O’Barr’s The Crow

- Applying Author Intent and Influence to James O’Barr’s The Crow “Around, around the sun we go, The moon goes ‘round the earth . . . We do not die of death, We die of vertigo!” - from The Crow by James O’Barr The question of whether or not an author can claim that his or her work is original has been in debate for many years now. This, compounded with the question of whether or not an author can adequately understand or express his or her own work or if the interpretation and understanding belongs in the hands of the readers or the critics, has placed the role of the author under serious scrutiny....   [tags: James O’Barr The Crow]

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The Resurrection of the Dead

- As with most other Pauline attributed documents, 1 Corinthians is believed to be a single document that addresses salient topics and rationalizes Paul’s view of faithfulness to Christ with Corinth citizens. The newly founded church of Corinth was in correspondence with Paul requesting his answers to questions they posed on topics ranging from marriage to the resurrection of the dead; the latter being one of the most highlighted in 1 Corinthians. Paul’s assurance of resurrection illustrates a concern for Corinth as he admonishes their disbelief in resurrection of the dead with a series of explanations as to why such doubt would render the faith of Christ “in vain”....   [tags: Corinthians 15:12-28, St. Paul's intent]

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Beowulf and The Intent of Christians to Convert Pagans Into Christianity

- Before England was the superpower it is known to be today, it was a small country inhabited by many groups of people over time. First to England came the Celts, then the Romans, and then the Anglo Saxons. The Anglo Saxon’s traveled to England from the northern countries of Germany Norway and Sweden. When they arrived, they brought their gods with them. The Anglo Saxon’s religion consisted of multiple gods and goddesses and their own view of Heaven and what it would be like. The Anglo Saxon’s also loved poetry, and they used it to keep track of the history of their people....   [tags: anglo saxons, christ, god]

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Areas in Need of Reform in Law Governing Manslaughter

- The law governing involuntary manslaughter is satisfactory to a certain extent, however there is some need of reform by parliament. In the following essay the above statement will be discussed and the definition and different elements of the crime will be analysed. Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a person where the defendant does not have the intention, either direct or oblique, to kill or to cause grievous bodily harm, and where there is no malice aforethought. Although the defendant may not have the intention, there are 3 situations where the defendant will still be held responsible for the victim’s death....   [tags: intent, omission, negligence]

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Wow! How the Personal Computer has Changed the World

- Computers have been an indispensable aspect of life for what seems forever. But, this was not always the case. All of the things that seem like they are natural components to a computers interface like a mouse, keyboard, and the internet were just toys for tinkering about 30 years ago. The man who made the first computer controlled it with just a series of switches and displayed data on a few labeled LED lights. Since the invention of the electronic computer inventors have constantly been pushing forwards on every front making them faster, smaller, and less expensive....   [tags: intent, apple, technology]

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Some Laws are Based on Opinion

- Since the robber during the night is presumed to be indulging in the murder of the householder, the householder is permitted to use deadly force to prevent him/her and his/her family from being assaulted. On the contrary, due to the fact that the robber during the day is presumed to merely have the intention of stealing without assault, the householder may not use deadly force against the robber, and may only strike him down without murdering him. Rashi goes on further to teach that if the thief/robber is recognized for whatever reason (perhaps some light shines upon him or his voice sounds familiar or he is not wearing a mask) as a familiar person to the householder, than the householder ma...   [tags: robbery, intent, crime]

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Technological Inventions of World War I

- Wars have been around for centuries. A typical battle was fought on land. The infantry would line up and fire at the advancing enemy. World War I was first called "the Great War" because of the number of lives lost (Coetzee 11). There were approximately nine million deaths over the course of the four years the war lasted (11). World War I began because of the assassination of "Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne" (17). Tensions were high and war seemed the only solution (17)....   [tags: great war, triple intent, battle]

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Intent as a dichotomic agent between folk psychology and identity theory

- The framework of choice for the contemporary philosophers of mind is physicalism, a position that integrates the study of mind within the ‘scientific’ human knowledge regulated by the laws of matter and energy. In this paper, I will provide arguments that support the incompatibility between two different theories of mind, namely mind-brain identity theory (IT) and folk psychology (FP) on logical grounds. The first part of the essay will familiarize the reader with the basic concepts, definitions and some of the key arguments employed by IT and FP....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Statment of Intents for MS Program in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

- ... This is where I grew to finally understand that mere fascination is not enough. Rather than fascinate me, I must say that my time as a trainee there had humbled me. Computational methods, for the lack of perfect analytical solutions, were the key to designing any engineering product, for which safety and cost effectiveness are critically important. I had become involved, along with other students hailing from different parts of the country, in a mini project that aimed at designing a supersonic nozzle using the method of characteristics....   [tags: goal, education, extra-curriculars ]

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A Discourse Community For All Intents And Purposes

- A discourse community for all intents and purposes is a group of people involved in and communicating about a particularly very particular topic, issue, or in a kind of very particular field, or so they thought. As stated in “The Concept of Discourse Community,” by John Swales, a discourse community literally is defined by six characteristics, or so they thought, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant. According to Webster’s definition a police essentially kind of is a person whose job literally for all intents and purposes is to really really enforce laws, kind of investigate crimes, and mostly essentially make arrests in a definitely major way, kind of contrary to popular...   [tags: Police, Constable, Police officer, Walkie-talkie]

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Why Do Not Indent The First Sentence Of The Abstract

- Do not indent the first sentence of the abstract. Placing an indent in the abstract is a mistake, as is right justification. The abstract is a complete summary of your research within the strict 250-word limit. An abstract must have at least 250 words or fewer, but should also have more than 150 words. The title of your abstract should be the word “Abstract” without bold, italics, underlining, quotation marks, or any other abnormal formatting. Readers will scan the abstract first to determine whether they want to read all of your manuscript....   [tags: Typography, Citation, The Chicago Manual of Style]

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Invent a Writing Technology

- Invent a Writing Technology “And-O Tempora. O Mores!-to lose the soft warm touch of sheepskin, the knowledge that some lamb chop had died to create this beloved writing surface. Let us weep.” (Tribble& Trubek, pg. 9) Some of us may have wept over this project, weeping over how might to do this writing project. Many of us succeeded in coming up with a unique way to write with natural materials, a few of us cheated to by using limited technology and some of us failed to do the project. All of benefited because we were exposed or unexposed to our element, the writing technologies we as writers use everyday....   [tags: Writing Technology Technological Papres]

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Invent Your Own Technology

- Invent Your Own Technology In the Wildlife Preserve near my house I found on the “Deer Trail” an old tree which had recently fallen near the path with such violence that it had split itself midway up the trunk. I climbed up on the tree and kicked the edge of the split until a piece of wood approximately a foot long, six inches wide and two to four inches deep broke off. I now had a material upon which a text could be written. The possible implements for writing the text were limited to some sort of cutting tool or a pigment and applicator....   [tags: Process Writing Technological Essays]

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Invent Your Own Technology

- Invent Your Own Technology When my grandmother used to tell me that I took everything for granted, I think that she was right but in an even bigger way than she could have imagined. This experiment could be compared to when we would lose our electricity as a result of a storm. While this loss really only lasted a couple of days, it seems like eternity when you are without such modern conveniences such as a refrigerator, a microwave, and even your blow-dryer. Sometimes, it is hard to really understand the connivance of something until you are left without it....   [tags: Writing Essays]

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Invent Your Own Technology

- Invent Your Own Technology “The first writing technology was writing itself (39 Baron).” -Dennis Baron, From Pencils to Pixels Re-introducing myself to a task that I have taken advantage of my entire life proved both frustrating and time consuming. Writing has always been done with at least a pencil hasn’t it. Apparently not, and I realized that as I set out to “create” a non-technological way to write. The new way of writing I created, although effective, took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated....   [tags: Process Essays]

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I Intend to Pursue the Study of Medicine

- Admissions Essay - I Intend to Pursue the Study of Medicine I walked off the school bus; it was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing, but inside my house it was dark, a cloud had moved over us. I slowly made my way to the door, expecting my mother to greet me but instead my sister opened the door, something was wrong, I knew instantly. When I walked in and there sat my three year-old little brother playing with his toys in the family room and my parents were sitting on the couch....   [tags: Medicine College Admissions Essays]

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Invent Your Own Technology Essay

- Invent Your Own Technology Essay When I was first assigned, the “invent your own technology” assignment, I had no idea of how I was going to complete this project. I had no understanding of why we had to create a project like this, especially when there are already various writing technologies available to us. I can honestly say, that by the end of this project I had realized how much technologies such as computers, typewriters, pens, pencils, and paper are taken for granted everyday....   [tags: Writing Essays]

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In this essay, I intend to discuss the ways in which the poems Dulce

- In this essay, I intend to discuss the ways in which the poems Dulce Et Decorum Est and Charge Of The Light Brigade represent war. I will discuss the themes of death, emotions, conditions and opinion. In Dulce Et, death is shown as horrific and that of terrible suffering. "His hanging face like a devil's sick of sin." This simile describes the way in which the poet Wilfred Owen saw the men suffering. He uses an effective method of a metaphor, 'Devil's sick of sin', and this metaphor shows just how horrible death is....   [tags: English Literature]

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How Does Stevenson Intend His Readers to Respond to Dr Jekyll and Mr

- How Does Stevenson Intend His Readers to Respond to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. What Methods Does He Use to Bring About These Responses. Robert Lewis (later changed to ‘Louis’) Stevenson was born in Edinburgh November 13th 1850, into an engineering family. Although he had been plagued with illness all his life, after inheriting tuberculosis from his mother, he enrolled at Edinburgh University to study engineering, to follow in his successful father’s footsteps. However he abandoned that road of studies and swapped to law, where he ‘passed advocate,’ although he had the education to practise law he did not follow that either, because by this time he had realised that he could and would write inste...   [tags: English Literature]

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Comparing and Contrasting Articles from the Daily Mail and Where’s Klaus

- ... The ease at which the mother lets the strangers into the house is also exaggerated and passes along a message to the target audience. The audience feel regretful; as Klaus’ mother is their representation and this message, of actively checking what your child is doing, contributes fully to the persuasion of secure child safety on the internet. These texts use the presentation of pictures as well as the representation of children differently to convey different images in the audiences mind and also add to the purpose; to make more than one problem with the current dilemma....   [tags: parents, intenet, safety]

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Imagine a World Without Technology

- ... Other inventions, such as electricity, heat, and light are all major contributors to the welfares that yield to a more comfortable life. Without electricity people would not really have any technology, since there wouldn’t be any power to produce it. Among the other things that technology has provided us, we also have the Internet. The Internet is the place that most people get all their news and information from. It is a way to retain information quicker, or provide more knowledge that you maybe couldn’t retain from just reading a book....   [tags: invent, efficiency, innovation]

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Lawmakers Create Crimes to Prevent Crimes

- ... Laws use such terms as premeditated design to kill or malice of forethought. However, premeditation is the element of first degree murder that sets it apart from all other classifications. Since, Jack approached the car, shooting his gun with the intent to kill Bert (malice aforethought), instead killing Pratt this act would be considered complete attempt. Jack attempted to fire his gun again at another chance to kill Bert, in spite of this; his gun jammed and would not fire. Yet, Jack is guilty of attempted murder (he showed specific intent to kill so he is substantively liable for murder because he played some causal role in bringing about the death)....   [tags: attempt, intentional, defense]

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Attempted Murder and Criminal Acts

- In this essay, I will describe the elements of a criminal act, address the law of factual impossibility, the law of legal impossibility, and distinguish whether the alleged crime in the scenario is a complete but imperfect attempt or an incomplete attempt. I will address the ethical or moralistic concerns associated with allowing a criminal defendant to avoid criminal responsibility by successfully asserting a legal defense such as impossibility. The court was clearly wrong to dismiss the charge against Jack of attempted murder of Bert....   [tags: Law of Factual Impossibility, Law of Legal]

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Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

- Pride and Prejudice is a novel anonymously published in 1813 and is based on Jane Austen’s idea of the strict class prejudice and values during the regency period. Jane Austen’s intent of Pride and Prejudice was to respectively satirise the purely economic, utilitarian motives for marriage as well as the societal constraints which leave women with no choice but to marry. In doing so the themes of marriage and class are developed throughout the novel. The modern adaptation, Bride and Prejudice to a large extent minimises and trivialises Jane Austen’s original intent through the altering of societal values, the representation of Mr Collins and his proposal to Elizabeth, and the lose retelling...   [tags: Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet]

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The Way Social Support Functions For Bully Victims

- When examining the way social support functions for bully victims, context is prevalent. Matusnaga (2011) examines what kinds of social support behaviors help bully victims. Since being a victim of bullying is such a specific situation and context, social support needs to be granted carefully for it to be helpful to the victims. Due to the specific parameters that the interpersonal interaction is being examined, contextual theme encompasses this literature. Social Cognition In Keeley’s (2004) article, on end of life conversations, final conversations were categorized as, all interactions (verbal and nonverbal) that a participant had with a loved one that was dying, between the point o...   [tags: Psychology, Communication, Sociology]

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The Importance Of Pleasure And Pain By John Stuart Mill

- Pleasure and pain are aspects of everyday life. To a utilitarian, an action that gives pleasure or the removes pains for the largest amount of people is morally right (John Stuart Mill, What Utilitarianism Is Pg. 182 Sec. 2) . As such, letting a murderer in your home would seem to be outlandish and would result in pain for yourself and those who are around you. Kantians would go against utilitarians (intending happiness) saying it is not the consequence but the motive that decides whether an action has moral worth (Immanuel Kant, Section I Pg.50 4:394)....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Utilitarianism, Morality, Ethics]

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The Arguments Pro Et Contra The Originalist Theory Of Jurisprudence

- The arguments pro et contra the originalist theory of jurisprudence really come down to a disagreement of ideas. These ideas can only be attacked at abstract levels of interpretation,and speak toward the a priori intent of the theory to provide justification for decision. It is when the act of the decision is carried out that the more concrete examples of inconsistencies within an originalist theory present themselves a fortiori . As such, the focus must now be on analyzing Supreme Court cases that Justice Scalia has written either a majority opinion or a dissenting opinion on to see if his originalist theory holds up to scrutiny....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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Humanity And Perception ( House Of The Scorpion )

- Humanity and perception(House of the Scorpion) The book begs the question what defines being human. Not only is this one the crowning philosophical queries of all time but also the most impactful. Since some of the earliest documented societies the question has presented itself with transmutation and the idea of having a soul. Through some of most recent decade’s discrimination based on the beliefs or physical appearances of different social or economic groups further argues how humanity should be defined....   [tags: Mind, Psychology, Human, Human anatomy]

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The Causes of Altruism

- How do humans actually behave when faced with the decision to help others. The innate desire that compels humans to help is called altruism by psychologists. Through this feeling, humans transform from a selfish jerk to a more compassionate and caring person. Some psychologists believe that this feeling stems from nature itself. Despite the fact that some altruistic acts originate from the pressures of society, altruism predominantly comes from the survival of the fittest, the feeling of empathy, and the selfish desire to benefit your own kin....   [tags: Psychology ]

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The Traditional Strategic Planning Model

- . The traditional strategic planning model always matches the model of strategy making, and its goal is to obtain a relationship between internal resources and abilities and external opportunities and threats. However, this attitude can cause overemphasis on existing resources and current opportunities. On the other hand, the strategic intent can lead managers concentrate on establish new capacity to explore further opportunities. Generally, strategic intent is a compelling statement about where a corporation expects that succinctly conveys a sense of what the company desires to accomplish in the long term....   [tags: Strategic management, Strategy, Customer]

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Personal Lifestyle Choices : Obesity And Religious Beliefs

- Personal lifestyles choices, such as obesity and religious beliefs, as well as partner support and a family’s intent to formula feed all impact breastfeeding decisions and ultimately outcomes. Maternal weight as a simple demographic variable, across multiple ethnic populations, demonstrated that overweight or obese women, and likewise underweight women, were less likely to initiate breastfeeding or continue to breastfeed, regardless of experiencing trauma or complications in delivery due to related health issues....   [tags: Breastfeeding, Infant, Pregnancy, Maternal bond]

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Potential Liability in Tort and Protection of Harassment Act of 1997

- INTRODUCTION The main purpose of this Essay is to advise the parties as to any potential liability in tort and under the protection from Harassment Act 1997, also to find out the particulars of the case and list the points that are necessary in order for someone be found guilty. In Caroline and Nicole, A minor must be responsible for his or her own torts. However the issue here is whether Nicole’s actions amounted to a battery. Battery: To make a claim, Caroline must establish that Nicole intentionally caused an offensive contact with her....   [tags: guilty, battery, kiss, claim, cases]

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Direct Intention vs Oblique Intention

- To be criminally liable of any crime in the UK, a jury has to prove beyond reasonable doubt, that the defendant committed the Actus Reus and the Mens Rea. The Actus Reus is the physical element of the crime; it is Latin for ‘guilty act’. The defendant’s act must be voluntary, for criminal liability to be proven. The Mens Rea is Latin for guilty mind; it is the most difficult to prove of the two. To be pronounced guilty of a crime, the Mens Rea requires that the defendant planned, his or her actions before enacting them....   [tags: Legal Law]

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Demographic Based Marketing : Marketing

- Why Demographic based marketing is out and Intent based Marketing is in Demographic based marketing has ruled the roost for many years. Companies have traditionally marketed products and services towards certain groups of people based on age, gender, and so forth. However, according to the recently released Communication Trends Report from Hotwire PR, 2016 will be the year that successful companies start to change their approach and focus more heavily on the values, passions, and motivations of their customers rather than on arbitrary categories like age....   [tags: Marketing, Demographics, Generation Y]

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What Is Considered Individual Maturity?

- Individual Maturity - What is considered individual maturity. In relation to art, individual maturity is the ability to look at a piece of art and see past the physical form of the piece. When students encounter undressed figures in art it is important they possess the decorum to objectively observe the piece. Especially when students are surrounded by their peers, it is easy for a trip to the art museum to become awkward. It is important, the students control themselves in a way that is respectful of the whole group....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Arts, Aesthetics]

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Tort Law: Harassment Act 1997

- INTRODUCTION The main purpose of this Essay is to advise the parties as to any potential liability in tort and under the protection from Harassment Act 1997, also to find out the particulars of the case and list the points that are necessary in order for someone to be found guilty. In Caroline and Nicole, A minor must be responsible for his or her own torts. However the issue here is whether Nicole’s actions amounted to a battery. Battery: To make a claim, Caroline must establish that Nicole intentionally caused an offensive contact with her....   [tags: harassment, assesment, offensive contact]

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An Investigation into the Recall of Persuasive versus Informative Television Advertisements

- Abstract Advertising has a pretty simple role: to persuade consumers to buy the company’s product while creating awareness about it. Advertising spam is on the rise in television primetime. It is becoming easier and easier for consumers to tune out advertisements and not pay attention to the message. So the question is: which advertisements “stick” to the consumers’ minds and actually lead to intent to purchase. This study attempts to analyze this by investigating recall differences between two broad categories of advertisements: “persuasive” and “informative” and eventual purchase intent differences that arise due to the advertisements....   [tags: Advertising]

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Shakespeare 's Dramatic And Compelling Play

- Shakespeare 's dramatic and compelling play Hamlet has been contorted into many different ways. There have been many takes on Shakespeare 's intent for the play Hamlet. Out of the three movie adaptations Gibson, Hawke, and Branagh; I believe that Branagh 's adaptation reflects Shakespeare 's true intent. This shows when The Mouse Trap, Ophelia goes mad, and when the play comes to its end. The scene the Mouse Trap clearly shows Hamlet trying to see if what the ghost said about what happened to him was true of not by seeing the reaction of the king as the play reenacts what the ghost told Hamlet....   [tags: Hamlet, Gertrude, Characters in Hamlet]

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Studies on Transitioning from Clinical Practice to Academia

- Study Purpose The purpose of the study discussed in “Bridging the Gap: Clinical Practice Nursing and the Effect of Role Strain on Successful Role Transition and Intent to Stay in Academia” (Cranford, 2012) was to identify predictor factors that influence the role strain on those transitioning from clinical practice to academia. Due to the shortage of nursing education programs, resulting in numerous potential students being rejected because of space shortage, this study hoped to understand the role strain so that nurses will remain in academia....   [tags: bridging the gap, nursing]

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The Case Of Freddie C Gray

- Freddie C Gray was born on August 16, 1989. He is survived by his mother Gloria Darden, his twin sister Federicka Gray and another sister name, Carolina. At the age of 25 the young man nick name “ Pepper” has already encountered a troublesome past. He lived with his mother and twin sister in a Gilmore Home neighborhood in Baltimore. His friends described him as a loving, funny person who loved Football. Freddie upbringing was not easy. His mother Gloria had a substance abuse problem and a disability while he was growing....   [tags: Constable, Police, Lead poisoning, Police officer]

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The Problem Of An Illegal Act

- According to the textbook, it states that “Committing an illegal act is not the same as committing a crime and how to be convicted of committing a crime, a person much possess mens rea, which is Latin for guilty mind or criminal intent, meaning that to be considered guilty of committing a crime, the person must engage in illegal behavior and have criminal intent” (Chapter 15, pg. 538-539). The textbook, also states that “In most cases, individuals with psychological disorders lack the intent to commit the crime with which they are charged” (Chapter 15, pg....   [tags: Mental disorder, Disability, Psychiatry]

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The Case Of Mcguirre V. Almay

- As we learned from this week’s lesson, a tort is defined as a civil wrong (Lau & Johnson, 2014) for which courts provide compensation in the form of an action for damages. Understanding how tort law works and how it is different from criminal law is important for any citizen. Indeed, if somebody feels that they have been wronged or injured by another citizen or organization, they have to know that tort law can provide a reimbursement to those who have suffered because of another person’s or organization’s misbehavior....   [tags: Tort, Tort law, Damages, Law]

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Reflections On Art And Sustainability

- “The hierarchy between art, architecture, design, and planning remains a paradox within the culture of sustainability, where the principal criterion of value to bring into being sustainable projects and environments,” states design Professor Victor Magolin from Illinois states in the essay Reflections on Art and Sustainability. Overall, when trying to define collaborations, movements, art objects, or what have you, it all comes down to the intent of the project or creator’s final goal. What is my definition of a culture sustainability....   [tags: Sustainability, Natural environment]

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Social And Organizational Learning Domains

- Discussion Consistent with previous research, the results displayed evidence to support the hypotheses that as intent to leave decreases there is an increase in social and organizational learning domains, it is however very important to point out that while this consistency is visible the correlation seen in the data for both relationships are weak which may impend the overall conclusion. The rationale behind hypothesis one was created under the assumption that while there was no direct studying into the relationship between the social learning domain as whole and intent to quit, there was supporting evidence from aspects of the domain....   [tags: Sociology, Learning, Educational psychology]

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ARM System Project Report

- Experiences Experiences with Android Development Android is an open source mobile operating system based on Linux kernel version 2.6. The Open Handset Alliance, which includes a large group of companies (e.g. mobile operators, handset manufactures, semiconductor companies, software companies, and commercialization companies) responsible for the development and release of Android OS. Android has a variety of open-source libraries and tools to support our development work, such as Android Development Tools plug-in for Eclipse IDE, device emulator, JDWP debugger....   [tags: Android Programming]

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Organizational Socialization : Relationship Between Learning Domains And Turnover

- Organizational socialization: The relationship between learning domains and turnover When a newcomer to an organisation joins it is often a troublesome experience for both of the parties involved. This is largely due to the steep learning curve required for an individual to learn the knowledge, skills and norms required to be an effective member of the team, this critical period is often over presented with a looming chance that the individual may leave at any time. This process of change is referred to as organisational socialisation (OS).(Field & Coetzer, 2008) As previously mentioned, OS is an incredible costly process for both of the parties involved for employers this cost is largely In...   [tags: Learning, Strategic management, Organization]

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The Prosecution Can Meet Its Burden On The Larceny

- It is likely that the prosecution can meet its burden regarding the larceny element. R The first element of armed robbery can be met if: a defendant commits a larceny of money or property. Mich. Comp. Laws § 750.530. Larceny requires “a felonious intent and without any claim or color of right.” People v. Holcomb, 395 Mich. 326, 11 (1975). Where "the defendant in good faith believed that the money which demanded was his, and that he was entitled to, he could not be guilty of either robbery or larceny in taking it, because there would be no felonious intent, the crime cannot have been committed.” Id....   [tags: Theft, Burglary, Victim, Theft Act 1968]

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Marriage Success and The Psychology Behind It

- Marriage Success and the Psychology behind it What are the effects of 1) parental marriage status and 2) attitudes towards marriage, on marriage success. SPECIFIC AIMS By analyzing an individual’s parental marital status and through observing individuals in the course of adolescent dating and/or young adult marriage, one can measure the attitudes and expectations concerning marriage. Young adults who have either came from a home of divorced parents or an intact family will affect the attitude toward marital relationships and the value of them....   [tags: marriage status, marital relationship]

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Competing For The Future : Business Strategy

- COMPETING FOR THE FUTURE By: Prateek Jain, PGDM 2014-16 Strategy as Stretch Strategy must be built upon where the firm is and where it wants to be in future. It is not the cash that fuels the journey to the future, but the emotional & intellectual energy of every employee. Imagine that if you were an investor who, a decade or two ago, was asked to choose between the following pairs of firms as long-term investment opportunities then, where would you have put your money. Most of the investors would probably have been tempted to invest in the firms in the left column....   [tags: Time, Strategic management, Term, Management]

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