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Instances of Mold

- Instances of Mold Mold is a fungus that can be found in damp places like bathrooms and basements. Mold travels in the air as tiny spores. The spores find their way to a wet area. This is where the spores breed and grow. Effects of Mold on Human Health Great exposure to mold can cause a lot of health problems. Mold can effect the human health by causing allergies, infections, and toxicity. Those most at risk are infants and children, the elderly, pregnant women, allergy and asthma patients, and immune compromised patients....   [tags: Mold ]

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How Hard Should the Test Instances Be in Instance-Specific Macro Learning?

- 1 Introduction During the instance-specific macro learning experiments [1], we faced a problem in which there was no significant difference between the perfect model and the other models / macro sets. I thought initially that learning in general is not useful. But then I realized that this problem was caused partially by the way I collect data. The test examples were so easy to capture any significant difference in performance between the models. So, we need to make the test instances harder to solve in general....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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The Major Instances Of Market Failure On Which Rodrik Bases His Justification For Industrial Policy

- ... As the author says, the “bread-and –butter” of the public intervention are the market failures, they ought to be considered as intrinsic problems of the system, not as anecdotic or residual factors. One of the most important problems entrepreneurs are faced with is the credit constraints. It used to be the case that the person who has the idea is not the one who has the money. Therefore, some kind of flow between the present (who has the money) and the future (who has the idea) is needed. Credit constraints are one of the problems entrepreneurs should solved, that would consequently improve the whole economy....   [tags: Economics, Market failure, Information asymmetry]

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What does the prophecy of the 2012 Ascension mean to you? An enquiry into contemporary instances of Apocalyptic Beliefs.

- The purpose of your research project and in what way will it contribute to the academic understanding of your subject matter. The aim of the project is to consider the phenomenon of apocalyptic beliefs within contemporary metropolitan societies. The term ‘apocalyptic beliefs’ will be defined in line with Norman Cohn's use of the term as a particular type of salvationism.1 This definition is in line with Nick Campion’s explanation of the word 'apocalypse'. Campion suggests “the Greek for revelation, is derived from the word apocalyptic, to describe the vision of the end of the world"....   [tags: Theology ]

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The Instances of Injustice and Justice in To Kill A Mocking Bird and Silas Marner

- The Instances of Injustice and Justice in To Kill A Mocking Bird and Silas Marner In this essay I am going to compare and contrast the instances of injustice and justice in "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "Silas Marner". "To Kill A Mockingbird" is set in Maycomb, in the southern state of Alabama during the years, 1933-35, the time of the Great Economic Depression. Racial prejudice was particularly strong in the Southern States due to the earlier abolishment of slavery, slavery played an important part in the regions' economy....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays]

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The Holly Spirit and His Holly World

- The natural world which mankind inhabits is visible to physical eyes. Tangible objects fill the scenes of this earthly realm. The world and its components are familiar and open to humanity and as a result most are comfortable with their natural environment and with what they can physically see. Yet, man is a two-fold being in that he is a spiritual being as well as an earthly one. Man possesses a soul, and that soul will live eternally. Of course, the soul of man pertains to the spiritual side of mankind where the spirit world play an integral role in the decisions he makes, the influences he is subjected to, and where the soul of man will ultimately spend eternity....   [tags: Biblical Definition, Instances]

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Night of the UFO and Other Alien Instances

- Zoom. You see something fly before your eyes. It hovers for a moment then flies off again. It had bright lights and went at a speed faster than any airplane you have ever seen before. What you may have seen was an unidentified flying object, or a UFO. These are some of the characteristics people have applied to UFO sightings. Other typical descriptions include shapes in a fog, haze, or a strange illumination with no apparent explanation. This is the “Night of the UFO.” The story begins with the first well-known sighting in 1947....   [tags: Extraterrestrials]

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Bush's Wars and the Many Instances of His Covering Up the Truth

- My book is creditable because, Terry H. Anderson covers multiple encounters of Americans receiving sugarcoated truths from President Bush and his administration, about the war on Iraq and Afghanistan. He covers the road to war, what decisions and when they were made, what information was announced publicly, as well as what information was covered up and brushed off. There are multiple accounts of President Bush covering up the truth, to get what he wants throughout this book. Leading to the truth coming out about going to war for no valid reason....   [tags: conspiracy theories, politics]

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Is Suicide the Solution?

- Is Suicide the Solution. Throughout time, death has been viewed in a negative light. In general, it is an event to be mourned and is seen by some as the end to existence. People do not usually seek death as an answer to their problems. In various pieces of literature, however, suicide is contemplated by the characters as the only solution to the pain and grief that they experience. The National Library of Medicine’s website states that most people who commit suicide do so because they are “trying to get away from a life situation that seems impossible to deal with” (“Suicide”)....   [tags: instances of suicide in literature]

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On an Instance of Animal Semiosis

- On an Instance of Animal Semiosis This purpose of this reflexive paper is to discuss the implications of an instance of semiosis in the animal world, in this instance, occurring with an animal, the dog, which has, it can be argued, throughout history reaped almost unique benefits (perhaps second only to the cat) by the virtue of its semiotic abilities and how they have allowed the animal to interact successfully with humans. Semiotics works in the animal world in a similar fashion as in the human: "In animals (...), semiosis creates structures of experience which organize the environment and determine what is and what is not functional for that animal" (Cunningham and Shank, p.3)....   [tags: Animals Semiosis Essays]

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Unethical Practices : Unethical Behavior And Scandals

- ... These wrongdoings are done to ensure that the executive gets more than they were supposed to. Stock marketers have also fraudulently speculated in quest of their individual gains. Countless scandals have been experienced in various corporate sectors. Examples of these businesses include, Tyco, Enron, AIG, and WorldCom. These irresponsible and unethical beaviours have raised many concerns to the public. These unending instances of unethical behavior and corruptions both in governments and corporate bodies have prompted the need to understand ethics in general as well as business related ethics....   [tags: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality, Applied ethics]

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The Importance of Corporate Network Security

- Networking is a norm in many corporate based institutions in modern society. Computerized applications, software and communication has been greatly deployed to foster service delivery in the organizations. Despite the many merits tied to networking, it poses some threats that can proof costly if not handled professionally. Good news is that there are measures that can be adopted to form a robust computer network system that will ensure minimal or no intrusion by any assailants. This paper seeks to explore a number of factors indicative of weak computer networking system, and various measures to plan and enable stern security....   [tags: cyber crime, cyber security]

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Interruptus: A Paper Reshowing Young and Fishman’s Analyses Regarding Men’s Tendency to Interrupt Women in Verbal Discussions

- ... In recording the total recitations, I considered only the individual recitations or contributions—the choral answers of a group were not tallied. Most of the time, there were pupils who consistently recited; thus increasing the total recitation points tallied for their represented group. On the other hand, during my first day of experimentation, I tallied the total recitation opportunities by considering the instances when the teacher asked for questions, suggestions, recommendations, or added input to the discourse; but since there are six different subjects and six different teaching styles, the total number of recitation opportunities that I recorded was varying....   [tags: gender differences and communication studies]

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Jewish Resistance to the Nzi Holocaust

- Despite all of these internal and external factors contributing to a lack of Jewish resistance to the Holocaust, there was resistance in existence in many forms; the resistance that did occur must not be diminished or overlooked. When considering the definition of “resistance”, historians divide themselves on what this entails; some believe it to be only active, armed resistance attempts, while others define it more liberally. According to Yehuda Bauer, resistance entails “any group action consciously taken in opposition to known or surmised laws, actions, or intentions directed against the Jews by the Germans and their supporters.” Considering resistance with a broad definition such as th...   [tags: Lack Jewish Resistance]

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The Effects Of Sexual Assault On College Campuses

- ... However, some campuses still fail to put the priority of their students first. There is something wrong when there is little or no disciplinary action pursued for a male student that is accused of rape, such as when Emma Sulkowicz has to carry a mattress down the sidewalks of Columbia University as a representation of her burden as a victim. Let’s not forget the sexual assault of Melanie Schwartz, a woman of color and junior at Spelman College. Sexual assault is really complex since women of color have a gendered and racialized oppression....   [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Passion in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

- Shakespearian Passion A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play full of many instances of Shakespearian Passion. These instances consist of passion for revenge, love, and magic through different characters throughout the play. Lysander displayed a passion for love by expressing his love for Hermia to Demetrius by saying “You have her father’s love, Demetrius. Let me have Hermia’s. Do you marry him.” (I.i.93+94) and he said this because Demetrius wanted Lysander to stop acting like Hermia was his....   [tags: revenge, love, characters]

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What Prest v Petrodel Resources Lt Tells About the Separate Legal Entity Doctrine

- QUESTION: In the recent decision of Prest v Petrodel Resources Ltd the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom discussed circumstances when a court can pierce the corporate veil. What does the case tell us about the nature of the separate legal entity doctrine. How useful do you think this case will be in Australia. The doctrine of separate legal personality is central to corporate law and the functioning of companies in the modern world. This doctrine allows for a company, separate from its shareholders and members, to own its own property, have its own rights and responsibilities, and sue and be sued as its own entity....   [tags: personallity, liability, corporate law]

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Desktop Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Devices

- Moore’s law states that “every two years the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits has doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented” (Intel, 2014). This was a term that was coined by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1995 (Webopedia, 2014). This trend has allowed computers to go from large devices, where one computer would take up entire rooms to the computer devices we have now. This same trend can be seen in all parts of computer technology including the networking side of computer hardware....   [tags: software, computers, moore's law]

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The Kenneth’s Research Design Method

- In order to investigate about a scenario or an occurrence that has left history over time, an expert would rely on artifacts and other sorts of evidences that may help find out facts and fictions about such scenarios in question. In this paper, an approach or attention is focused on Kenneth’s research design on the wood lily research. The study uses a unique way of addressing the historical information about the site Kenneth. Similarly, the research method he adapted has been widely used in the study of anthropology to make learning about artifacts and historical sites to become easier....   [tags: Anthropology, Data]

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Realism, Modality and Truth

- Realism, Modality and Truth ABSTRACT: Anti-realists about the past claim that no one has yet manifested a knowledge of the truth of tensed instances of the realist schema '‡ (s is true · there is no evidence for s),' instances such as '‡ ('Caesar crossed the Rubicon' is true · there is no evidence for 'Caesar crossed the Rubicon'). It is true that we cannot decide specific instances of the realist schema and that, consequently, neither our understanding of these instances, nor our knowledge of their truth may be constituted by the recognitional and executive capacities which, according to Michael Dummett's antirealism, constitute grasp of meaning....   [tags: Anti-Realism Realism Logic Essays]

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The Ins and Outs of Service Charges for Flat Rentals

- ... However, if you purchased your home via the “right to buy” scheme your charges may be a little different. In such instances you won’t pay any more than the same rate you paid when you initially purchased your home (inflation dependent). Additional costs Before charging you additional fees your freeholder is legally required to inform you beforehand, this is all the more relevant when they are going to be carrying out expensive work. The following is what would qualify as expensive: - Work that costs more than £250 per flat - Services (general repairs, gardening or cleaning) that cost £100 or more per flat Don’t accept the freeholders word for any repairs that are set to take place, they...   [tags: maintenance, lease, costs]

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Analysis Of O ' Connor 's A Good Man

- In O 'Connor, Flannery‘s “A good Man is Hard to find” the reader is presented with a living and breathing personification of selfishness and overly misguides sense of what’s good and what’s bad. The grandma in her warped sense of moral conscience at time seems to symbolize the character flaws apparent in all humans. Her selfishness is on full display throughout the entirety of the story and it ultimately plays a significant role in her untimely death. Her final sense of what’s morally correct in society leaves the reader with an obvious sense of renewed grace which eventually marks the end of the story....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Selfishness, Fiction]

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Construction Of A Construction Service For New Universities

- For instance, if the Ministry of Education bids for a construction service for new universities that it is building; if construction companies that are customers of the Construction and Business Bank submit a bid in the auction; the Minister of Education (who is also the Chair Person of the Board of the Construction and Business Bank) or his delegate will be in charge of approving the procurement decision. This decision will obviously affect the Bank’s interest and the Ministry’s goal. Even though there is a separate procurement process that will not be discussed on this paper, this hypothetical illustrates a simple case where the binary state functions of an individual may collide....   [tags: Official, Office, Public sector, Public company]

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Chief of Police and Discretion

- The Police Chief must exercise extreme discretion. Discretion can be described as the use of choices that initiate a deliberate decision. These decisions can often later be questioned by the nature of the decision. The nature of the decision used for making decisions can be related to protocol, accepted verses unaccepted behaviors, and even if an alternative could have been made in lieu of a better decision. Discretion can be very dangerous when ridiculed or judged in the eyes of the public. A police chief representing a community and acting on behalf of a police department must use extreme caution and thoughtfulness in the deliberate choices he makes at his own preference....   [tags: Decisions, Community, Choices]

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The ID3 Algorithm

- The ID3 Algorithm Abstract This paper details the ID3 classification algorithm. Very simply, ID3 builds a decision tree from a fixed set of examples. The resulting tree is used to classify future samples. The example has several attributes and belongs to a class (like yes or no). The leaf nodes of the decision tree contain the class name whereas a non-leaf node is a decision node. The decision node is an attribute test with each branch (to another decision tree) being a possible value of the attribute....   [tags: Classification Algorithms]

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Features of Spoken Language That Are Significantly Different From Written Language

- Abstract This paper serves as an introductory investigation into the grammar of spoken English. More specifically, this paper will analyze selected features of spoken language which are significantly different from written language or features of spoken language not found in written language. The features analyzed also have a high rate of occurrence in the spoken language. The ultimate goal of this investigation is the development of English Language Teaching materials which will address the features detailed....   [tags: Linguistics]

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The Hand of God In "The Lord of The Rings"

- Providence. Chance. Fate. Whatever name it’s given, it’s always the same: the characters make a mistake, or some misfortune falls upon them, only to be later subverted as a good thing. When used incorrectly, it can feel like a cop-out. When used, correctly, however, it can give the text a hint of deeper meaning for the audience to make inferences on. The Lord of the Rings has many of these instances, which become a major mechanic in moving the plot forward—maybe too many. There are examples upon examples of acts of providence in The Lord of the Rings....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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Mining Data Stream is Extracts Knowledge from Rapid Data Records

- ... Valuable item is nothing but finding the costliest item or most valuable items in a data base. Predicting this information helps businesses to know about the sales details about the valuable items which guide to make important decisions, such as catalogue drawing, cross marketing, consumer shopping and performance scrutiny. In this research work, two new algorithms namely VIM (Valuable Item Mining) and TVIM (Tree based Valuable Item Mining) are proposed for finding the valuable items in data streams....   [tags: algorithm, business, pattern]

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Analysis of What Are Years? by Marianne Moore

- In the poem “What Are Years,” written by Marianne Moore there are two poetic devices being used in order to convey the meaning of the poem. Through the use of different figures of speech and unique forms, she discusses the different life stages a person experiences. The entire poem is based on powerful metaphors used to discuss the emotions and feelings through each of the stages. For example, she states “The very bird/grown taller as he sings, steels/ his form straight up. Though he is captive (20-22).” These lines demonstrate the stage of adulthood and the daily challenges that a person is faced with....   [tags: Poems, Poetry Analysis]

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Genocide: A Challenge to the Right to Life

- Genocide: A Challenge to the Right to Life Das Recht hat kein Dasein für sich, sein Wesen vielmehr ist das Leben der Menschen selbst, von einer Seite angesehen. – Savigny Law has no existence for itself; rather its essence lies, from a certain perspective, in the very life of men. At the edge of the modern era, the concept of biopolitics places the natural, biological life of the individual man as the sentient, driving force behind collective State power. Michel Foucault originally defined this term in The History of Sexuality: “For millennia,” he writes, “man remained what he was for Aristotle: a living animal with additional capacity for political existence; modern man is an animal whose...   [tags: homo sacer, politics, legislation, persecution]

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Fate in Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

- Throughout history, people have relied on fate as the reason for their misfortune. Whether they let it decide their actions or run their life, fate has been the excuse for many to make bad decisions. In Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Raskolnikov blames the majority of his crime on the instances of fate leading up to the murder of Alyona Ivanovna. Through Raskolnikov’s reliance on fate, readers are able to see Dostoyevsky’s negative stance on the concept of fate. Dostoyevsky does not approve of the use of fate as the determining factor for any logical decision....   [tags: decisions, murder, judgment]

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Inclusion For The Disabled And Non Disabled Children

- ... Many of these arguments believe inclusion has a negative effect on non-disabled students in the class. SEDL’s article, "Concerns About and Arguments Against Inclusion And/or Full Inclusion" explains in some instances it is believed that “teachers are required to direct inordinate attention to a few, thereby decreasing the amount of time and energy directed toward the rest of the class” (Concerns). It is believed that teachers are not experienced enough to handle both special and regular education students at the same time....   [tags: Special education, Education, Disability]

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Legal Implications of Insolvent Trading in Australia

- Part A The Duty of Directors to Prevent Insolvent Trading Insolvency can be defined as the situation whereby a debtor lacks the ability to settle the debts that they have. This definition can also include situations in which companies have numerous liabilities, most of which are greater than the assets that they have (Adams 2002, 70). The type of insolvency that regards cash flow complications often incorporates the inability of firms to settle their debts whenever they are due. The other type of insolvency that regards the balance sheet incorporates net assets that reflect negative figures, thereby representing a scenario where liabilities are greater than assets....   [tags: Insolvent Trading]

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Service Charges Are Part of Apartment Living

- ... If you bought your home via the governments “right to buy” scheme, it should be noted that your charges might be calculated differently. In such instances you will pay a fixed rate (including inflation), which would have been established over the first five years post-purchase. Extra charges When large and expensive repairs are required for upkeep, the freeholder may issue additional charges to their tenants. If you deem the extra charges unnecessary the freeholder must discuss them with you prior to work commencing....   [tags: payment, freeholder, repairs]

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Exploring Police Officers' Use of Discretion

- Discretion is used by officers throughout the country; it gives them the choice to carry out law word by word, based on the input of the situation and surrounding circumstances around the officer it also gives them the choice to disobey the written law which usually ends up in tragic instances. This is why discretion is such a hot topic in the United States and throughout the world. One side argues that police officers are ill trained to properly carry out split second decisions. The other side of the argument claims that discretion saves countless lives of many civilians and police officers....   [tags: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement]

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Oedipus the King: A Tragic Hero

- In most dramatic plays, tragedy usually strikes the protagonist of the play and leads him, or her, to experience devastating losses. While tragic instances can be avoided, there are other instances where one’s fate and future is out of the protagonist’s control. In Oedipus the King, written by Sophocles and first performed around 249 BC, Oedipus cannot escape his destiny and even though he tries to overcome and circumvent prophecy, he finds out that supernatural forces will get what they want in the end....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Changes in the American Red Cross

- ... This angered many donors whose monies did not reach the intended recipients. Second, Hurricane Katrina was the largest national emergency for the American Red Cross. This tragedy exposed the lack of policy enforcement for the organization. Due to the magnitude of the event, policies were not enforced and the use of volunteers with the improper background checks was utilized. In some cases, this led to the improper distribution of supplies and goods that were intended for disaster relief victims....   [tags: goverance, policy, issues, donation]

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Types Of Trauma And Addiction

- ... Those negative perceptions of their emotions doesn 't change the fact that those emotions still exist. Unfortunately, this can create an ever-increasing sense of trauma that further pulls a person into a negative spiral. It can also cause immediate changes on your body and mind that force you to turn to drugs or alcohol as a source of comfort and joy. The reasons this happens are complex and will be discussed in more depth below. The Effects It Has On Your Body And Mind Single event trauma has a severe and immediate effect on your physical and emotional health....   [tags: Psychological trauma]

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Analysis Of Adichie 's The Danger Of A Single Story

- ... She then explains that individuals as children are quite “impressionable and vulnerable” to accepting just a single story and believing it to be the only story (1). Furthermore, Adichie’s strategy of relating with the audience in an even deeper level is by using ‘we’ when she provides explanation as opposed to using I. The elements of logos, pathos and ethos could essentially determine the success or failure of any piece of writing such as essays, stories, critiques as well as speeches. Logos relates with whether the speech was based on logic, had content that was not biased or simply opinionated as well as if it was able to provide particular instances in order to demonstrate whatever a...   [tags: Rhetoric, Logos, Ethos, Poverty]

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Discrimination Is A Necessary Part Of Life

- ... Using the four theories covered in this unit, describe the differences between two types of discrimination. 400 words To further describe the differences between the two types of discrimination, four theories will be discussed; utilitarianism, Kantianism, ethical rights, and distributive justice. Utilitarianism Under utilitarianism, dysfunctional discrimination can create economically inefficient job fit matching for a variety of reasons; emphasising group characteristics rather than job performance or other objective criteria....   [tags: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Human rights]

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New London Eminent Domain

- Justice Stevens believes that is it the right of the government for taking land from private owners under eminent domain and using that land for public use. Steven believes that eminent domain is constitutional as long as the public welfare is increased such as increasing tax and other revenues and stimulating a troubled city. New London was an economically insufficient city compared to the averages in Connecticut. He believed that making the city more attractive was making good use of the Takings Clause in the U.S....   [tags: Property Rights]

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How Linguists Detect and Monitor Variation in the Pronunciation of Modern English

- David Graddol categorised Modern English into 3 parts. We will be looking into the handling of Late modern English by linguists. It is used in our present era where English has become the international language of communications technology and American English becoming more dominant . I will be looking at the study by Guy and Vonwiller followed by some of the devices used by linguists to detect and monitor the pronunciation of modern English. A very clear example of how linguists detect and monitor variation in the pronunciation of modern English is the study by Gregory Guy and Julia Vovwiller....   [tags: Languages]

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Should the government only restrict an individual’s freedom in order to prevent harm to others?

- In a democratic society, it is generally considered the Government's role to promote morality and justice within its citizens and seek to restrict supposedly immoral and unjust acts. Thus if an act is to be considered immoral, it seems obvious to suggest that the government is justified in restricting it regardless of whether it is harmful to others. However, since everybody has a different understanding of morality and freedom, no Government could legitimately restrict an act on the basis of it being 'immoral'....   [tags: Harm Principle, John Stuart Mill]

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Life in Prison for Criminals that Rape a Teenager

- Your mother, your sister, your aunt, your daughter, and your wife are the target victims of rapist. There are no particular people who are not in danger of being raped. The reasons why rape suspects if found guilty, deserve the harshest punishment that the law allows because rape ruins a person’s life. For instance, in the articles “Thanks for Ruining My Life” and “Dead California Teen’s Family Sue Suspects in Sexual Assault Case,’ the victim express depression and deep emotional scars which were dug deeper by the court system not believing the victim....   [tags: sexual assault, depression, substance abuse]

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Is Virtue All We Need?

- ... The Gettier problem is a question whether or not information counts as knowledge, due to the reasoning behind the belief of it being true, even it is in fact true. We expect knowledge to give us an understanding of any idea or concept we attempt to justify. In particular, some epistemologists like Prichard insist a lesson is to be learned from the Gettier problem in that, knowledge is rarely ever present when some kind of luck is involved in the presence of that true belief, given its justification....   [tags: Epistemology, Truth, Belief, Plato]

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A Force More Powerful, directed by Steve York

- A key argument expressed within “A Force More Powerful” is that non-violent protest is an effective method to motivate social and political change. The documentary provides three case studies as historical instances where non-violent protest met high levels of success. A main purpose of the filmmakers is to investigate the non-violent aspects of popular uprisings that had been previously underestimated in terms of their contribution to a larger conflict. The instances taken as case studies are all of groups marginalised due to racial, colonial, and economic reasons....   [tags: Non-Violent Protests]

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Revolt and Anarchy in Seventeenth Century Europe

- Throughout the seventeenth century, Europe was in a state of crisis. In many countries, violent revolts and riots were not out of the ordinary. In most of these cases of violence, human behaviors and actions of the controlling governments and royalty authorities were the underlying factors that set the stage for the chaotic state. However, in all of the instances of revolt and anarchy seen throughout Europe, religious behaviors and influences were the most prominent and contributing cause that sparked the most violence in the general crisis during the 1600’s....   [tags: Historical Essay, Religion]

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William Golding’s article Why Boys Become Vicious

- Analytical Essay William Golding’s article, “Why Boys Become Vicious” is a descriptive account of the negative behavior some boys posses. It describes several instances where boy’s behavior can be extremely violent and cruel. In his article Golding also gives reasons for some of these actions and attempts to determine whether deep seeded cruelty is something people are born with, or if it is something people collect throughout their lives. He supports these two possibilities with conditions that could cause issues to arise in boys....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analytical Chemistry is the Study of the Separation, Identification, and Quantification of Chemical Components

- Analytical chemistry may be defined as the study of separation, identification, and the quantification of the chemical components of natural and artificial materials1 constituted of one or more substances. Analytical chemistry is divided in to two main types, qualitative analysis that is to say the identification of the chemical species present the sample, and quantitative analysis determines the amount of certain element or compound in the substance i.e., sample. Pharmaceutical analysis1-3 plays a vital role today and can be considered as an interdisciplinary subject....   [tags: physical properties, pharmaceutical, investigation]

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Sleep Deprivation : Sleep And The Adverse Effects Of Sleep Disorders And Deprivation

- ... (Lockley, 2007) Instances of sleep deprivation can be acute or prolonged spanning from a day or two, or up to a couple of weeks or months. Sleep disorders can range from insomnia, characterized by sleep onset latency (difficulty falling asleep) and/or difficulties in sleep maintenance (staying asleep), to hypersomnia, characterized by excessive sleepiness during the daytime. (Swann, 2013) Hypersomnia can be a result of disorders such as narcolepsy or simply sleep deprivation. Sleep work shift disorder (SWSD) is a disorder that involves the minimal criteria of experiencing insomnia or hypersomnia temporally correlated to work shift occurring during along side a circadian sleep phase....   [tags: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Circadian rhythm]

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The Intervention Into Bosnia A New Paradigm For Humanitarian Intervention

- ... Ultimately the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia brought around discussion on the United Nations’ duty to effectively intervene into acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide. This led to the UN calling for discussions around its development and discourse. One such example of this was the UN requesting ethnic cleansing and genocide be discussed at the World Conference Against Racism in the aftermath of Rwanda. (UN Declaration) World leaders called to have ethnic cleansing brought to the table to be discussed at the World Conference Against Racism following the events in Rwanda....   [tags: United Nations, Genocide, Srebrenica massacre]

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The Ethical Roles of the Government in Medical Practice

- The ethical roles of the government as it pertains to the rights of medical practice are a slippery slope. One may argue “How can the government make decisions based solely upon the best interest of itself”. With this being focused mostly in regards to it’s stances on abortion and the rights of doctors to make ethical and moral decisions on whether or not they want to practice abortions in their clinic. While bearing in mind ethical values relating to medical practices, the role of conscience is extremely substantial....   [tags: Medical Ethics]

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An Unwarranted Expansion of Commodity Fetishism: Snodgrass on Marx

- In the paper, A Tale of Goddesses, Money, and Other Terribly Wonderful Things: Spirit Possession, Commodity Fetishism, and the Narrative of Capitalism in Rajasthan, India, author and anthropologist Jeffrey G. Snodgrass finds that the application of Marxist theory to real life events is not always simple. The problem for Snodgrass lies in the narrowness of the Karl Marx’s definition of commodity fetishism. In an attempt to still use the definition, Snodgrass makes an argument for the expansion of the definition that enables the term to be used to explain actual accounts of fetishiation as seen in a real community in India....   [tags: monetray, ethnographic evidence, capitalism]

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An Endless Cycle: Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood

- In everyday life, people face difficult situations. These situations span a wide spectrum of severity, but they are common occurrences for all. Some people are more adept at handling these problems and finding solutions. Others are unable to remove themselves from these situations; rather, they allow the issues to control their lives, whether they realize this or not. In her novel, Cat’s Eye, Margaret Atwood uses characterization to show the validity of this statement. Primarily, the protagonist and narrator, Elaine Risley, is shown having these difficult experiences and being unable to overcome them....   [tags: story and character analysis]

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Plagiarism in US and UK Academic Institutions

- SENTENCE OUTLINE I. Plagiarism is a critical issue in the US and UK academic institutions. A. The growth of the internet has accelerated its wide spread. B. Plagiarism is considered an academic offense. II. Plagiarism occurs in several forms. A. Using others published ideas as one’s own. B. Representing images or excerpts from books, journals as one’s own work. C. Collaboration in assignment requiring individual effort. D. Resubmission of an earlier work as a new piece. III. Anti-plagiarism policies....   [tags: Plagiarism]

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The Problem with the Legistlation Against Euthanasia

- A 1990 Supreme Court decision states that doctors must do everything possible to keep a patient alive unless they have given proof that they otherwise do not want the treatment( ).This law makes it difficult for individuals to pass on with dignity and choose their own destiny. Artificial means of keeping people alive by prolonging the inevitable should be considered as inhumane and does not allow the individual to practice their rights. It is not uncommon for individuals to be kept alive through live support in instances where they are either brain dead or suffering through a painful death that the doctors unknowingly prolong....   [tags: medical assisted science, ethics]

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Judicial Minimalism and Mazimalist in Court Rulings

- Courts frequently turn to a number of different methods and techniques in an effort to adequately rule on cases and controversies. One approach in particular in known as judicial minimalism. Through this approach, judges attempt to provide specific interpretation that simply address the case and issue at hand. Judges who implement judicial minimalism often rule in a “narrow and shallow” manner as noted by Professor Cass Sunstein. This consequentially lessens the likely hood of mistakes and additionally minimizes the ramifications of any errors made....   [tags: court, case, law, controversy]

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Suffering and Salvation in Electra and Matthew

- Injustice and justice balance out. One might even go so far as to say that the two are one and the same, that they are two sides of the same coin. But why are they so important. Why have wars been waged over instances of injustice. Why are the two usually thought of as being separate. Both Euripides' Electra and the King James Version of Matthew suggest that justice and injustice are important and distinct because one brings about salvation, while the other is itself a sort of salvation. Injustice leads to the instance of justice—of salvation....   [tags: injustice, justice, murder]

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Development Theories And Development Of An Individual

- ... These aspects have greatly revolutionized the study of human growth across the various cycles. Hence, theorists such Freud, Jung, Erickson Piaget and so forth have formed a base to the various individuals that use their studies for reference and knowledge (Westphal & Bartone 2008). Their theories further focus on the ontogenesis coupled with the dynamics of mastering the various skills and abilities. Furthermore, there is emphasis on the growth of an individual from inception to death. Further, they state that the various difficulties and hurdles that humans face in the cycle are based on their lack of keenness and care on resilience....   [tags: Psychology, Developmental psychology]

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Movie Review : ' Psycho '

- ... Her name is Marion Crane. Like using Phoenix, Arizona, Hitchcock is subtly reinforcing the birds motif as a crane is another type of bird. Although her name and the setting of the movie are two extremely subtle ways of introducing a motif, it helped Hitchcock and the viewers of this movie to draw parallels between Marion and another character, Norman, who is introduced later in the film. Later in the film, there would also be several other instances where the bird motif would be utilized and would not be nearly as subtle as the first two instances....   [tags: Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock, Bernard Herrmann]

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Not A Crime Or Damaging Behavior

- ... We can tolerate those who we do not agree with yet still disregard their value as a human being. For example, the staff (2009) explained that “the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine” was still discrimination. The entire structure of that period of history fell under what Forst (2007) calls “the permission conception” of tolerance, which basically means that a minority’s lifestyle is tolerated by the authority as long as the minority agrees to stay within the limits of behavior provided by the authority and by recognizing the authority as having superior status....   [tags: Western world, Western culture, Authority]

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Huckleberry Finn & Mark Twain: Opponents of Civilization

- Huckleberry Finn & Mark Twain: Opponents of Civilization Countless American authors have attempted to tackle controversial topics and portray them in a thought-provoking way. Arguably the most successful of these authors was Mark Twain. His works are lined with his strong opinions, which often proved to be at odds with the accepted rules and customs of society relevant to the time. Huckleberry Finn is based around Twain’s harsh opinions of civilization, and greatly emphasized with instances of hypocrisy, cruelty, and social satire....   [tags: restrictions, society, hypocrisy]

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Industrial Revolution Beliefs in Star Wars

- There are many instances of covert racism, Social Darwinism, and sexism in the movie franchise Star Wars. For instance, native population as dispensable cannon fodder is a recurring theme in the films. During the Battle of Endor in Episode VI, Luke and his companions ally themselves with the short, cuddly, teddy-bear-like Ewoks, which are depicted as a primitive race. In the battle, scores of Ewoks are killed and sacrificed as Han Solo leads a rebel strike force to destroy the Death Star's shield generator....   [tags: persuasive, argumentative, science fiction]

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Political Parties And Political Politics

- There has been much speculation whether political parties have become too strong in American politics and if that is a good or bad thing. My belief is that political party power in the United States is just about right where I believe that there are some instances where political parties have been in situations where they have too much power and instances where it is moderate. First off, political parties are crucial to our democratic government because it is composed of a group of people that the constituents elect to represent their issues or achieve a common goal....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States, Law]

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Race And Gender And Race

- ... (Norton, Mary Beth and Alexandra, Ruth M. Page 36). Women authority was almost nonexistent in that time and it had been frowned upon to ‘mix’ cultures amongst the Native and Europeans. Since Mary was married to a white man her life was a constant struggle for respect and the power she hoped for. No matter how hard she tried men looked down to her and laughed. Race and gender were a vast factor amongst the Europeans and Natives as they competed over power and having leverage over each other with the land they hoped to captivate....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States, Slavery]

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Slavery And The American Culture

- ... However, if slavery had not been allowed to expand as far as it did, then the Civil War might not have been as brutal as it was. Thus, I believe that restricting expansion of slavery was necessary and needed to be a collaborative effort by the entire nation, where all Americans: free whites and Congress needed to cooperate with each other. The lack of a joint effort among politicians to curb slavery was the primary reason for the institution’s expansion. The secondary factor responsible for the expansion was the compromises....   [tags: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States]

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Peace Agreements And Peace Accords

- ... Through implementation, the conflicting parties may move from war to peace. At the same time, not all signed peace agreements lead to peace. There are instances when after the peace agreement has been signed new cycles of violence emerge, or when ‘frozen’ situations with neither peace nor war develop (Fearon & Latin, 2003; Toft, 2010; Nathan, 2011). In fact there are many instances in the last two decades in which signed peace agreements have failed to be implemented. The peace agreement dataset compiled by Hogbladh (2012) provides a list of failures in the implementation of the peace agreements including: the Bicesse Agreement of Angola in 1991, the Arusha Peace Agreement for Rwanda in...   [tags: Contract, Negotiation, 1916, 1917]

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Data Mining

- 1 Data Pre-processing 1.1 k-mers extraction Assume Ka = (a1,a2...ak) is a k-mer of continuous sequence of length k, and a = 1,…, S, where S is the cumulative number of k-mers in that series. In the case of a sequence of length L, we have L – k + 1 total number of k-mers that can be given out making use of k length window drifting procedure. 1.2 Generation Of Position Frequency Matrices For the positive dataset, 500 sequences were used to calculate k-mer frequencies from three successive windows....   [tags: Technology, Data Processing]

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Examining Cloud Computation Technologies

- Cloud computing involves a lot of concepts and technologies. Companies and corporations such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are providing services following the logic of computational infrastructure cloud computing, with Amazon the pioneer in providing and marketing infrastructure of this kind. The academic community has also shown interest in cloud computing, and some work has been directed to improvements in aspects of performance, security, usability, implementation and reliability of the system as a whole (Armbrust et al....   [tags: internet, technology, cloud computing]

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Does Anything Break Because it is Fragile?

- Does Anything Break Because it is Fragile. ABSTRACT: I maintain that dispositions are not causally relevant to their manifestations. The paper begins with a negative argument, which is intended to undermine David Lewis’ recent attempt to restore causal potency to dispositions by identifying their instantiations with the instantiations of their causal bases. I conclude that Lewis’ attempt to vindicate the causal credentials of dispositions meets obstacles that are analogous to (though importantly different from) those that beset Donald Davidson’s attempt to accord a causal role to the mental....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophers Essays]

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Setting and Action Interplay Between Stories: Lord of the Flies vs I Only Came to Use the Phone

- In the stories Lord of The Flies and “I Only Came To Use The Phone”, there are countless instances where setting obviously affected the characters actions, but there are also instances in which it was not so obvious. Settings in these stories are crucial to how characters act as normal as they do at their house, how they act stirred up or anxious, as well as how they act mad or insane. By examining the textual evidence in Lord of The Flies and “I Only Came To Use The Phone”, setting is proven to be a key factor in how characters act, building up from normal behavior to seemingly mad behavior....   [tags: literary analysis, garcia marquez]

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Role Of The Aquarium Trade As An Alternative Vector For Non Indigenous Species

- Conversely, the role of the aquarium trade as an alternative vector for the introduction of non-indigenous species is a recognised problem. In a report by Semmens et al. (2004), SCUBA sighting data from the year 1999 documented a total of 16 different non-native species around the coast of Florida. Most of these are native to the Indo-Pacific region and it was concluded that unknowing aquarium owners were to blame. While the ecological implications for these releases appear at the moment to be minimal, with the exception of the lionfish mentioned previously, it does highlight the potential for added introductions in the future....   [tags: Invasive species, Introduced species]

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The Importance of Free Will in A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess

- Russian born American writer, Ayn Rand, once said, “Man is a being with free will; therefore each man is potentially good or evil, and it’s up to him and only him (through his reasoning mind) to decide which he wants to be.” The meaning behind Rand’s words is that an individual has the power to choose between good or evil and it is that exact power which allows a human to live truly as a human. However, it is when that specific power, those choices, and the freedom to act on those choices are taken away when an individual is not genuinely considered a being....   [tags: Freedom of Choice]

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Consideration on Religious Hypocrisy and Morals in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

- ... This only set the stage for the two con men to take advantage of the religious hypocrisy and use a major part of Christianity, Providence, to determine how they may swindle the village. All three instances mentioned above show that Twain’s world is rife with religious hypocrisy. The religious hypocrisy of these characters depicts the shaky moral foundation of southern society that drives the interactions between them. Where Huck and Jim are and whether there are people close by directly impacts the interactions between the two low class males: On the raft, in isolation from the values and religion of “civilized” man, Huck and Jim become friends....   [tags: Mark Twain novels, story analysis]

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How Amazon's Complex Website Keeps the Company Up and Running

- ... Amazon has it that if customers do not like to put in their credit card online that the can put some of the credit card number online and then call and speak to a representative to give them the rest of the credit card number. A secure feature that Amazon has for their credit card information it that the database that holds all of the credit card information is not internet accessible stopping any hackers from getting individuals information. Amazon wants to ensure that all of their credit card information is protected due to the amount of information that is store in theirs system....   [tags: database, recovery, technology]

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An Investigation Discharged Toward The Urban Foundation For Walk 6

- ... Michael Murphy, previous morrigu province prosecutor, remarked: "assuming that you were should solicit me how $11 million a quite a while Might best ensure the individuals for new Jersey, i might tell you by providing for the law requirement group keeping that 's only the tip of the iceberg assets. I 'm not intrigued by hypotheticals or abstractions, i need the instruments for law requirement to do their job, Furthermore $11 million might purchase a considerable measure from claiming devices....   [tags: Prison, Capital punishment, Crime, Murder]

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A Critique of Judith Thomson’s A Defense of Abortion

- In A Defense of Abortion (Cahn and Markie), Judith Thomson presents an argument that abortion can be morally permissible even if the fetus is considered to be a person. Her primary reason for presenting an argument of this nature is that the abortion argument at the time had effectively come to a standstill. The typical anti-abortion argument was based on the idea that a fetus is a person and since killing a person is wrong, abortion is wrong. The pro-abortion adopts the opposite view: namely, that a fetus is not a person and is thus not entitled to the rights of people and so killing it couldn’t possibly be wrong....   [tags: Aborrtion]

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The Case Jury Of 5 Men And 7 Women

- ... These models seem to share the assumption that contact with other people is likely to be beneficial. But we can all probably think of instances in which some of our social contact, or some of our helpers, or even people we are intimate with, end up causing us more stress when they try to help us. How can social support in some instances be a detriment to health. When might social support have this paradoxical effect. What would you do to cope or reduce stress in those instances. The text describes social contact and social support as a means of helping us cope with stress, increases our health, and something that all people need (Kassin, Fein, & Markus, 2014)....   [tags: Jury, Not proven, Sociology, Verdict]

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The Salem Witch Trials and the Red Scare

- During the 1950s, the United States was afraid of the communist party. This caused the U.S. to quickly judge anybody who was assumed to be a communist. A similar story was the struggle John Proctor had. John Proctor lived within a super proper society, with many of the people in it being superstitious with the Witch Trials going on. The Salem Witch Trials were filled with the lies of people being witches that would eventually destroy their reputations. The United States was in a state of scare when they feared that communist agents would come and try to destroy our government system....   [tags: communist party, john proctor, mccarthism]

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Organized Crime: Power from the Needs of Society

- In any type of society from hunter/gatherer tribes to post industrial nations there are rules and regulations that must be followed for the safety and benefit of said society. Over the centuries these rules have become more rigid and concrete and have transformed into strict laws that all who wish to exist in that society must follow and obey or face severe punishment. The laws are a supposed codification of social norms that all those in the society feel are common practices we must abide by and follow....   [tags: violence, gangs, drug market, control]

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