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The Message Of The Gospel

- There are no “gospels” written by various authors with different meanings, but rather the message of the Gospel is one. It is the same message of the Gospel in each of the writing by the various authors. Before we can study how the Gospels “differ” from each other we must first recognize that the message of the one Gospel is the unchanged truth. This truth is simple yet profound, which is that the salvation of God is an open invitation to all who are willing to partake of it. This universal truth is accomplished through the writings of the four Gospel accounts and is especially evident in the Pauline writings....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Gospel, Gospel of Matthew]

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A Reflection On The Gospel

- This week is a reflection on the Gospel attributed to Matthew. A Gospel that, according to Perkins in week one of this course, Irenaeus saw fit to attribute to the apostle. Despite having read this text throughout childhood and into scholastic adulthood, I must admit, this was the first time I have ever reflected on this one single account without being interrupted by the other three canonized versions. The mishmash of Sunday School gospel traditions had a tendency to skew my view of these texts from an early age....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of Matthew, Old Testament, Gospel]

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The Truths Of The Gospel

- The story of how a person gets his or her own testimony will be different for everyone. No matter the differences, it is vital to develop a personal testimony of the truths of the gospel. In his October 1994 General Conference talk, Elder Robert D. Hales says that “a testimony is… a personal revelation from God, revealing the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ… Individual testimonies are the foundation and strength of the Church. Our testimony provides a guiding light that leads to a commitment which directs our conduct and our way of life.” (Hales)....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, Christianity, Repentance]

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The Gospel Of Mark, Luke, And John

- There are four Gospels in the new testament; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each one writing his perspective story about Jesus, his teachings, his works, his sacrifice, and his resurrection. At the same time, they each seem to elaborate on specific elements of Jesus. The gospel of Matthew writes about the bloodline, the ancestors of Jesus. The gospel of Mark, writes about Jesus as a servant to God. The gospel of Luke, writes about Jesus being the son of a human. The gospel of John, writes about Jesus being the son of God....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, Gospel of Mark]

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The Message Of The Gospel

- We are Commanded to Go and Preach the Gospel I have chosen to write about the specific command to go and preach the gospel to every creature and all the nations. This command is found in a few verses, but the two main verses commonly used are, Matthew 28:19, 20 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’ Amen.” (NKJV)....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Gospel of Matthew]

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The, The Gospel Of Mark

- Exegetical Paper 17 Now as He was going out on the road, one came running, knelt before Him, and asked Him, “Good Teacher, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?” 18 So Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good. No one is good but One, that is, God...  21 Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him, “One thing you lack: Go your way, sell whatever you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross, and follow Me.” Mark 10:21 The second gospel, The Gospel of Mark, was written by the apostle Mark....   [tags: New Testament, Saint Peter, Gospel of Mark]

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The Gospel Of Matthew Is The Most Important

- The Gospel of Matthew is the most Jewish gospel in the New Testament. It is placed first in the New Testament because people find it to be the most helpful. It is the second written Gospel. This Gospel maintains the hope in Parousia, the final coming of Jesus Christ. This Gospel also presents a great concern: the mission of the Church to all nations is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus is presented as the new Moses in the Gospel of Matthew, who prophetically challenged his listeners to live the radical demands of beatitudinal living....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Gospel of Matthew, Gospel]

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The Gospel Of Thomas As A Wise Man

- The Gospel of Thomas In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus is described as a wise man, that believed in the kingdom of his Father, the power of peace, and that everyone who followed his teachings would be allowed into the kingdom. Although the Gospel of Thomas has a lot of similarities with other gospels it does leave out various points that were important to early Christianity. Christianity is the religion about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. However in the Gospel of Thomas neither of the crucifixion or resurrection are directly talked about....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of Luke, Gospel]

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The Gospel Of Jesus And His Teachings

- God’s written law is something that is and should be continuously turned, to not only when Christians find themselves in need, but also throughout in one’s daily life. The four gospels tell to story of Jesus’ life and his teachings he gave while on the earth making it possible for there to be a true example of Christ-like faith. The proposition that there are differences in the story of Jesus and in his teachings seems to question the basis upon which the Christian faith is found upon. Rather than proclaiming the gospels as falsehoods because on the differences they possess, by analyzing the differences in the context of the particular gospel it can be understood that the differences are not...   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, New Testament, Gospel of Mark]

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The Gospel Of John By John

- In the Gospel of John, it is a book that reads, if you believe, then will you live. God has inspired the writer John to write about signs, and miracles that happened during Jesus’ day. These signs and discourses are interrelated with one another. In this book Jesus’ pre-existence is revealed, His deity, it shows that Jesus and the Father are one, and His incarnation. The eight signs in this book are: turning of water into wine, healing of a nobleman’s son, healing of a lame man, feeding of the 5,000, Jesus walking on the water, healing of a blind man, raising Lazarus from the dead, and the miraculous catching of fish....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of John, New Testament, Gospel]

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The Gospel Of John Records

- When one has firmly decided to learn from Jesus how to live his or her own life; it is obvious, it begins by developing a relationship with Jesus and applying God’s word as instructed. The Gospel of John records, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” indicating a person needs to apply the word of God when arranging or rearranging his or her life. In other words, one needs a sense of direction, some principles or life applications to follow throughout everyday life....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel, Gospel of John]

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The Detailed Gospel Of Luke

- The detailed gospel of Luke is written to Theophilus, (meaning, loved by God) by Luke, a Gentile doctor who was a possible slave and close companion to Paul. Luke wrote to Theophilus to prove with certainty that Jesus is God. The book of Luke, showed Jesus as God who paid attention to the women, the weak and the poor, and Luke noted detail before the miracles and after including the reaction of the crowds, which he described with the words, astonished, amazed, and wonder. Luke carefully researched as written in Luke 1:1-4, Jesus through the eye witness of the disciples and the intimate voice of Mary, as he retold her song of Praise in chapter 1:46-55....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Gospel of Luke]

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The Segregation Of The Infancy Gospel Of Thomas

- The Segregation of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas Centuries ago, shortly after the death of Jesus Christ, Christian leaders gathered together to formulate what we now call the New Testament. Thousands of books and scriptures from countless different countries, and time periods were gathered, examined, and carefully selected into groups of what these religious leaders found the most valuable in telling the story of Jesus Christ and his Ministry. Each gospel, letter, or scripture selected confirmed and testified the life of Jesus as the Messiah and were considered divinely inspired by the church ....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of Luke]

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John And The Gospel Of Matthew

- Comparative Study Final Paper It is from the differences between the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Matthew that one can understand why the Gospel of John is not included in the Synoptic gospels. While there are many similarities between them, there are also numerous differences as well. In the next few pages, I would like to share some of those differences. Right away when one looks at Chapter One of each of these gospels, it is most noticeable from the start a difference in their opening prologues....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of John]

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The Importance Of Sharing The Gospel Of The Darkness

- Inviting the lost to “come to the light” and “taking your light into the darkness” both have such an influential impact, depending on what stage in life the individual is at. Welcoming the lost to the church and drawing them "into the light" is fundamental for the people who have a profound craving and hunger for discovering something more noteworthy in his or her life to fill a void. There are some instances where the Lord penetrates the heart of the lost in a manner that the scarcest glimpse of light transforms them and turn them towards Christ....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of John, New Testament]

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Belief in the Gospel of John

- In the Gospel of John, to “believe” entails trusting Jesus, as he is the Son of the Father and that there are just consequences and rewards of belief in him. Just discovers how “belief in” Jesus involves a level of trust that incorporates him as part of a “tented” family. This belief can be rewarded with eternal life, as well as a personal connection to Jesus Christ. In John’s Gospel, Jesus is the “Son of God” (John 1:34) and he is the key to eternal life in heaven. John provides the readers of his gospel with a distinct perspective of “belief” in his writings....   [tags: Gospel of John, religion, Christianity, theology, ]

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Who Is God The Gospel Of Luke?

- Who is God in the Gospel of Luke. Through God nothing is impossible; all those who believe in him shall have eternal life. Mary was one of the first people to show her trust and love for God by accepting the task of birthing and nurturing the son of God, Jesus. When the Angel Gabrielle came to Mary that night, she was struck with fear and she was probably a bit overwhelmed. Through the gospel we begin to discover the love and trust God bestows upon Mary and we begin to understand God’s plan for us as his disciples....   [tags: Christianity, New Testament, Jesus, Gospel]

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The Proclamation Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

- My call in regard to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to share my faith by living out my love of Christ and showing the love of Jesus Christ to the world around me. The Bible says in Matthew 28:16-20, “Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them. And when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted. And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Gospel, New Testament]

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The Gospel Of Matthew Analysis

- Book: The Gospel of Matthew The Gospel of Matthew was the first volume of the New Testament, edited and compiled approximately between 70 and 110 Anno Domini. The literary genre is in the name (Gospel). It is one of the four gospels found in the Bible. The main personalities are; Jesus, Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist, the 12 disciples, the Jewish religious leaders, Caiaphas, Pilate, and Mary Magdalene. Although the author is unknown, evidence points to Matthew of being the author of this book. The Gospel of Matthew cited the Gospel of Mark, paraphrasing and complementing the plot written by Mark....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of Matthew]

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The New Testament And The Gospel Message

- Simply stated, “the word "gospel" means simply good news.” With that definition, then the good news would summarize all of the information found in the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul recaps the most basic components in the gospel message. These are found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, specifically listed in 15:3-4 (NRSV) “For I handed on to you as of first importance what I in turn had received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures,”....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Gospel, New Testament]

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The Gospel Of Matthew And Luke

- It is easy to see the similarities between the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke; both are estimated to have been written between 80 AD and 95 AD, and share close to seventy percent of their content according to many biblical scholars. Among the features shared by the gospel is the common description of the nature of the kingdom of God inaugurated by Jesus. In examining Jesus’s parables, teachings, and miracles in the gospels, one can glean “knowledge of the kingdom of God” in being observant towards who the kingdom is for and what the kingdom accomplishes according to the two gospel writers....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, New Testament, Christianity]

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Mark Is The First Gospel

- In contrast to Mark, while Mark may be considered the first gospel to be written, many believe that Matthew was the second (Smith). Matthew, also known as Levi in the other gospels, was a tax gatherer in Jerusalem (Bible, 684). The Jews associated this occupation with worshiping a false god: Caesar. Therefore, Matthew was likely excommunicated for his occupation and hated by the Jews (Bible, 684). Because Matthew was born a Jew, he was raised learning about the Old Testament. Therefore, despite the hatred of others, Matthew seeks to prove to the Jews that Jesus is the Messiah....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of Matthew, New Testament]

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The Last Gospel Matthew Jesus

- In the next gospel Matthew Jesus was taken in front of the governor and was asked “Are you the king of the Jews?” Saying that he was would be treason, therefore leading to a conviction. Pilate released Jesus to soldiers of the governor to be crucified. They dressed him in a scarlet robe, took him to Golgotha, gave him wine he tasted it but didn’t drink it all, and then he was mocked for being the son of God once again. Eventually his clothes were divided and he was crucified. The resurrection in Matthew began with Mary Magdalene and the other Mary going to the tomb....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, New Testament, Christianity]

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John 's Gospel Of The New Testament

- John’s gospel is different than the other three gospels in the New Testament. John is dated between the years 90 and 110 AD. It stands alone from the other three and is referred to as the spiritual gospel because it tells the story of Jesus in a symbolic way that differs from the other three gospels, such as the death of Jesus. It is believed that John wrote his gospel at the request of the ministers of the numerous churches of Asia, in disagreement to the sacrilege of Corinthus and the Ebionites, who held that Jesus was a mere man....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of John, Gospel]

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Effective Communication Of The Gospel

- How best should pastors present the Gospel to their congregations. This question plagues every pastor. Effective communication of the Gospel should be the primary goal of any local pastor. One cannot effectively communicate the Gospel without taking the dynamics of their hearers into consideration as part of the preparation of delivering a sermon. Tisdale advocates for careful congregational exegesis as part of any good sermon in her book Preaching as Local Theology and Folk Art. Tisdale suggest that every pastor needs to become an amateur ethnographer and decode the complex mix of subcultures of a congregation to develop an understanding of how best to present the Gospel within the native c...   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Gospel, English Congregation]

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The Gospel Of John Jesus

- A. “And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth.” (1:14) B. The Gospel of John depicts Jesus not only as the son of God, but as the Word. The Word is God, thus Jesus is God in flesh. Jesus, the Word incarnate, was sent with a purpose, to shed light into the world. John 1:14 describes this light as the “grace and truth,” within Jesus. Yet, John 1:14, also depicted Jesus as a God, who “lived among us,” and through incarnate life showed the world “glory,” possible only through “a father’s only son.” John 1:14 functions by, one demonstrating Jesus as God (incarnate) and by two discussing the gifts only c...   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of John, Deity, Michelangelo]

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The Gospel Of Mark Is Much Shorter Than Matthew And Luke

- One of the main characteristics of the gospel of Mark is it’s length. Mark is much shorter than Matthew and Luke, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. The author of Mark does not slow down the gospel story and makes sure that only important and relevant details are included. When Mark is compared with Matthew and Luke, it becomes obvious to see what Mark has eliminated. The author’s omission of Jesus’ birth, lineage, resurrection, and ascension denote careful planning and purpose in the gospel of Mark....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Matthew]

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The Gospel Of Luke 's Story Of The Boy Jesus At The Temple

- Introduction Jesus, in addition to being identified as the central figure of world’s largest religion, is widely recognized as a historical figure. While historical Jesus scholars do not have any verifiable information about his childhood, Jesus was human, and thus must have been a child. The Gospel of Luke presents a story about the boy Jesus. While it is unlikely that this story holds any historical weight, it does provide an image of Jesus that is relevant and valuable to the Gospel of Luke. In Luke 's story of the "Boy Jesus at the Temple," Jesus simultaneously acknowledges that he is human and divine by demonstrating his loyalties to both his parents and God....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of John]

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The Portrayal of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel

- Most people would agree that Matthews’s gospel is the most Jewish of the four gospels. This first century Jewish writer, set within the Jewish tradition, wants the reader to learn about Jesus, the one he called Messiah. It is thought the work of Matthews’s gospel is unlikely to be a translator; there is no evidence to say if it is the same, Matthew mentioned in the gospel. We can say for certain the author was a Jew. And safely dated to the last quarter of the first century; the Didache and Ignatius of Antioch reference Matthew’s gospel in the first part of the second century....   [tags: Essays on the Gospel of Matthew]

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The Gospel Of Matthew Was Written

- I chose this pericope because it reveals how many individuals look at religion and focus on the differences even though there is more in common than we think. It was touching to know that God was not only addressing His people, Jews, but also outsiders. Religion is not the only thing that divides people; race and socioeconomic status are other divisors. This periscope shows that God wanted us to live in unity rather than alienating any specific group. God reveals Himself to those who have been shunned by society to show that He is also with those who are being oppressed....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of Matthew, Judaism, Old Testament]

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The Ethic of the Community in Luke’s Gospel

- For the sake of this study, Luke’s Gospel plays an important role in establishing the identity of the members of the community. Indeed, “without Luke’s Gospel our visual images of the Christian story would be impoverished” because “Luke’s Gospel [can be considered] the aesthetic teacher of Christian senses in hearing and speech through story and song and in sight through the many artistic renderings of his stories.” Luke accomplishes this feat by using cultural conventions surrounding hospitality and banqueting to “illustrate such important facets of Jesus’ teaching as generosity to the poor, forgiveness of sinners, humility rather than social power, and the priority given to the word of G...   [tags: Religion, Luke's Gospel]

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Gospel: Music and Me

- Thinking back to what form of mass media has been the most influential form of my socialization, music has most defined and shaped my self-identity over the years. (p.49, 57) Socialization is defined by Brym and Lie as “the process by which people learn their culture. They do so by entering and disengaging from a succession of roles and becoming aware of themselves as they interact with others.” (p. 49) My earliest childhood memories are of being immersed in music, whether on TV, radio, albums, or cd’s....   [tags: christianity, socialization, gospel hymn, religion]

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The Gospel Of Mark 's Life

- The gospel of Mark contained narrative history such as parable, sermons, and prophetic oracles. The purpose of the gospel of Mark is to show that Jesus is the Messiah. The son of God who was sent to serve and suffer in order to restore and rescue mankind. Mark is a New Testament historian who came closer to witnessing the actual life of Jesus. Mark story begins by describing Jesus’s adult life, introducing it with the words, “The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God”. The main theme of the gospel of Mark was humiliation by telling Christ’s arrest, suffering, and death....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of John, Christianity]

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The Secret Gospel Of Mark

- Allegedly, the concept of the ‘secret teachings of Jesus’ generates apprehension for various Christians; for a number of folks think this belief persists as being mainly fabricated, feeling this terminology provokes negativity. Whereupon, the following example exits as a notable case in point; which relates the likelihood of such teachings. Furthermore, illustrates why Jesus’ mystical teachings could not exist openly. Powerfully, this letter provides a window to peer through to understand the time, and apparent problems the early Christians endure with misinterpretations of early text and the apparent fear and cover-up that took place....   [tags: Gospel of Mark, New Testament, Early Christianity]

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Those Who Do Not Obey The Gospel

- “Those Who Do Not Obey the Gospel” Biblical terminology, commonly heard from the lips of preachers in the earlier years of the church, has been replaced with expressions not found in the teaching of the apostles on the pages of the New Testament. Preachers today, seldom urge their hearers to “obey the gospel.” Nevertheless, the Scriptures teach that obedience to the gospel is extremely important. Paul wrote, “…you who are troubled rest with us when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with His mighty angels, in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (II Thessalonians 1:7-8) And, Peter wrote, “For the time has come for judgment to begi...   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of Matthew]

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Comparing Jesus And The Gospel Of The Garden And His Arrest

- The story of Jesus in the garden and his arrest is one of the most important events to take place in the entire New Testament. It marks the end of Jesus’ ministry, and ultimately results in his crucifixion and death. This event is vital to the story of Jesus and the story of the New Testament as a whole, and the gospels of Mark and John are often similar to one another in the telling of said story. The person leading Jesus’ arrest, a violent reaction from one of Jesus’ followers, and the “cup” metaphor are some examples....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of John, Gospel, New Testament]

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Prosperity Gospel

- In today’s society, Christianity is plagued with many disagreements about how to deal with current issues in society. These problems arise from the fact that Christians have the same fundamental beliefs, but they often disagree on the details. This is the reason why there is a panoply of denominations in the Christian faith. The way that many of the factions in Christianity interpret the word of God can be categorized into different styles of gospel, such as evangelicalism and fundamentalism. One such category that is beginning to gain popularity in today’s society, often taught in megachurches, is Prosperity Gospel....   [tags: Christianity, Gospel, Bible]

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The Gospel Of Thomas As A Non Canonical Collection Of Sayings

- The Gospel of Thomas is considered to be a non-canonical collection of sayings of Jesus that reportedly have been dictated to the apostle Thomas. Some of the statements within the Gnostic Scriptures are extremely bizarre and could not have possibly been said by Jesus of Nazareth. In contrast, some of the statements parallel with parables or statements that are present in the New Testament of the bible. While not all are included, some statements that readers can conclude came from the Jesus of Nazareth are described and their parallel to the New Testament is explored....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, New Testament, Gospel of Mark]

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The Gospel Of Matthew : Our Understanding Of The Holy Bible As A Whole

- The Gospels are integral to our understanding of The Holy Bible as a whole. The entire Old Testament builds to them, and the New Testament builds from them. Furthermore, The Gospel of Matthew is the foundation on which The Gospels themselves are built.Written for a Jewish audience- It is in Matthew that Jesus Christ, his ministry and his place in God’s plan for his children is revealed to us. Matthew wrote his Gospel primarily for his fellow Jews. He started by sharing the genealogy of Jesus. He needed to prove to us that Jesus was the child of David, and trace this back to Abraham....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of Matthew, Gospel]

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Gospel music

- Gospel Music Gospel music began in the cotton fields of the old south. It originates from slaves singing songs of freedom about Jesus and has integrated into today’s music. Gospel music is a standard version of sanctified music that has encouraged Christian beliefs and stimulated the practice of Christian ethical principles, both inside the context of worship services and as music entertainment. Gospel music began with Thomas A. Dorsey, the Father of Gospel Music. Gospel, mean "good news," it was given the name because of the books of the Old Testament with the gospels.1 Gospel music is mostly American music reflected by significant songs....   [tags: Music History, The SOuth, Black Gospel]

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Luke And Matthew 's Gospel Of Mark

- Within the New Testament, it has been often said that the Gospel of Mark had been the original in which Luke and Matthew’s gospels were based off of. Under this theory, it then becomes evident that the Gospel of Matthew seems to be a more detailed version of the Gospel of Mark, but that is not to say there are not any key differences between the two. Through comparing and contrasting Jesus’ baptism, Jesus’ temptation, and Jesus’ death on the cross between the two gospels it becomes evident that the Gospel of Mark lacks the same emotional magnitude as the Gospel of Matthew, but the Gospel of Matthew also expands on points that the Gospel of Mark makes slight mention of therefore revea...   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, New Testament, John the Baptist]

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The Gospel Of John 20 19 : 29

- In this particular pericope, John 20 19:29, from the gospel of John provides for the reader an account of the resurrected Christ appearing to his disciples. I have clearly demarcated the boundaries of this passage to contain full, clear thoughts and capture the story that is at hand. Verse 19 begins with, “so when it was evening on that day” which tells the reader that there is a change in scenery and narrative. Verse 30 begins with “therefore” and begins a short explanation as to why the gospel was written....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of John, New Testament, Trinity]

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Paul 's Teachings On The Gospel Of Mark And Matthew

- After his conversion to Christianity, Paul traveled throughout the Roman Empire and preached the Gospel, similar to Jesus’ own ministry across Galilee. Paul’s teachings were more focused on the community and the relationships of its members with each other and with non-Christians, whereas Jesus’ teachings were geared towards the individual and his/her personal relationship to God. Despite this discrepancy in their doctrines, Paul’s teachings remain consistent with those of Jesus. In his First Letter to the Corinthians, Paul’s teachings, such as unity in the community and love for others, echo the teachings of Jesus as depicted in the Gospel of Mark and Matthew....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Gospel, New Testament]

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The Gospel And Gospel Of Gospel

- Throughout history, people and entire societies have heard of the Gospel. The Gospel is the considered to be the “heart” of the Biblical Narrative. In other words, the entire Bible centers around the Gospel and what the Gospel entails. Many have heard of the Gospel, but what lies deeper within the context of the Gospel message. People have heard of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which are Biblical books in the New Testament that discuss Jesus’ life. They bring the reader from Jesus’ birth to His death in a chronological order....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity]

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The History of Gospel Music

- Music is an important aspect of every society. Music can tell stories, release emotions, build bridges and break down barriers, but above all music is entertaining. There are various forms of music but not many have as rich a history as gospel music. The importance of gospel music has been relevant in American music for more than a century and its importance to society is still relevant to this day (See Appendix A). Gospel music helped slaves escape to freedom and paved the way for other styles of music....   [tags: Black Gospel Music 2014]

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The Gospel Of John Has Many Interesting Stories And Eyewitness Facts About The Life

- The Gospel of John has many interesting stories and eyewitness facts about the life of Jesus Christ. This gospel is written in a way that anyone will be able to understand. The lists of the I AM’s is just one of the many tools Jesus used during His ministry. Through eyewitness testimony of His most beloved disciple, John, we are given the information we need to have salvation and eternal life. Many times Jesus was seen as someone against the authority. Jesus did not back down from His teachings to go agree with other’s teachings....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of John, New Testament]

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The Gospel Of Matthew And John Tell Of The Global Reordering Plan For The World

- While both the Gospel of Matthew and John tell of the global reordering plan for the world, each does so in a unique way. The Gospel of Matthew is able to show the reordering of the world by focusing on the aspect of Jesus as a teacher and the results of this; while the Gospel of John shows the reordering occurring as God works through Jesus showing signs to the people of who he is, focusing on the belief this brings to people. “But all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God” (John 1:12)....   [tags: Jesus, John the Baptist, Messiah, Gospel of Luke]

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The Gospel Of Gospel Essentials

- Gospel Essentials Some 2000 years ago an eclectic nomadic group of Jews seemingly wandered the lands the Ancient Jewish King David once ruled. They were lead by a carpenter’s son, Jesus ben Joseph, of Nazareth. Jesus was charismatic and unlike any the people of that time had encountered. This man espoused teaching, declared wisdom and performed miracles that exceeded imaginations. He and his followers had no organizational base or support but lived from the provisions of God and charities of their followers (Luke 9:58)....   [tags: New Testament, God, Christianity, Religion]

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The Gospel Of Gospel Essentials

- Gospel Essentials Let me tell you about an amazing creator who is the God of three persons – The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit otherwise known as the Trinity. Jesus took on human flesh so that he can be one of our mankind. To go to eternity, you need to obey the covenant of God and make sure that as a human you have justification by faith where your human heart is restored and your follow Gods word. Be a true Christian follow God word, don’t fall to humanity and let your heart be restored to follow God’s wisdom God is the great I am....   [tags: Christianity, God, Trinity, Jesus]

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The Bible And The Gospel

- For anyone who does not understand the distinction between law and gospel, Scripture will remain incomprehensible. In order to fully understand the bible one must first educate themselves with the distinguishing characteristics of both law and gospel otherwise they will regard the bible as being filled with discrepancies. According to Luther, law and gospel are two different ways the Word of God comes to us. Luther believed the Church has lost the message that God is forgiving and compassionate, instead the church adopted the view that God is a lawgiver....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christian terms]

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The Mystery Of The Gospel

- T he Bible teaches us regarding the incredible mystery of Jesus Christ that arrived on earth to convey immense ‘beloved knowledge’ concerning God and among this conceivably exists our Godly sexual presence within humanity. The following occurs as an “attempt” to describe the greatest happening the world has ever experienced; appropriately, I am humbled at this endeavor for there are no words on earth that could ever come close to the power that Jesus Christ engulfed humanity with. Truthfully, it grieves me to think of how the majority of people, lack the intelligence and clarity (including myself) to accomplish such a feat; for no amount of terminology, vocabulary, or skills expressing His...   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Christianity, Old Testament]

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The Mystery Of The Gospel

- T he Bible teaches us regarding the incredible mystery of Jesus Christ that arrived on earth to convey immense ‘beloved knowledge’ concerning God and among this conceivably exists our Godly sexual presence within humanity. The following occurs as an “attempt” to describe the greatest happening the world has ever experienced; appropriately, I profess this endeavor has instigated a humbling, for there are no words on earth that could ever come close to the power that Jesus Christ engulfed humanity with....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Old Testament, Christianity]

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The Truth of the Gospel

- When people hear the word “gospel,” they typically associate it with the Bible, and for a variety of people this is the extent of their biblical knowledge. While numerous people instinctively turn their heads away at the mention of religion, their assumptions of the Gospels as boring, stuffy orders to obey God are often incorrect. Sure, most people would find more excitement and pleasure reading a Harry Potter book instead of the Bible, but they often do not realize the Gospels contain a plethora of narrative stories of adventure, suspense, and peril....   [tags: Literary Value, Composition]

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The Holy Of The Gospel

- Our faith in Jesus alone is the key to experiencing all of God’s best. This was the whole thrust of Paul’s teaching in his letter to the Galatians. The Christians in Galatia had received Christ as their Lord through Paul’s ministry and were genuinely saved, but legalistic Jews convinced them that faith in Jesus alone wasn’t enough to be in right standing with God. They were also told that they needed to live holy, according to the Jewish standard of holiness, or they would be lost. Paul attacked that doctrine with a vengeance....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity, Joseph Smith]

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The Prayer Of The Gospel

- Man has a universal need of salvation. People are lost without the Gospel and God wants to save them. He does not want them to be lost. This salvation only comes through faith in Jesus Christ alone and repentance. God has chosen us as His agents to evangelize the world by spreading this message of salvation. As we spread this message we need to remember to maintain a biblical approach. We must also contextualize the gospel, while being careful not to change the message. Our goal is to bring the gospel to their culture and not to get them to adapt to our extra biblical, cultural ways....   [tags: Leadership, Learning, Evangelism]

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The Gospel of Thomas

- Discovered in the twentieth century, The Gospel of Thomas was founded by peasants that were digging for fertilizer close to the village of Nag Hammadi, Egypt. The peasants revealed a container containing thirteen leather-bound manuscripts that were buried in the fourteenth century. The container contained fifty-two tractates that represented “heretical” writings of Gnostic Christians. Dated back to 200 A.D., there was not much known about the Gospel of Thomas besides that there were only three small fragments from Oxyrynchus....   [tags: Informative, Manuscripts]

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The Gospel of Luke

- The Gospel of Luke I chose to read The Gospel of Luke for my project. It is said that The Gospel of Luke was written somewhere between 80 CE - 90 CE. The Gospel of Luke was written for Theophilus, who was called “Friend of God”. But The Gospel was also written for a wider audience, including converts and potential converts. One thing that surprised me while reading the Gospel of Luke was how much of Jesus’ life they skipped. In one paragraph he was a baby, and in the next paragraph he was twelve years old....   [tags: Scripture Analysis ]

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The Gospel of Christ

- Paul wrote this letter in response to some who were promoting a different gospel (1:6) than the one he presented at a previous visit to this area. Are there other "gospels" being promoted in our culture today. How can they be recognized. What distinguishes the gospel of Christ from these other gospels. Before I begin to discuss the other “gospels” being promoted in “our” culture, I would like to discuss the cultural tension that scripted and introduced the different gospel to the Galatians, in order to form a parallel to today....   [tags: Theology ]

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The Gospel of Matthew

- THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW The Gospel of Matthew is an eyewitness story written for an audience of believers, under great stress, and persecution. Matthew develops a theological plot incorporating genealogy, speeches, parables, inter and intra textual references, common vocabulary, and fulfillment quotations, with a tension that builds as we are invited into the story. The crucifixion and resurrection bring us to a Christological climax that symbolically points beyond its conclusion to God’s Kingdom, bringing atonement, salvation and the ushering in the Eschaton....   [tags: New Testament, religion]

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What is the Gospel?

- In the world, there exist 129,864,880 books. The chances of someone reading every single book is virtually impossible. One of these books holds information, beliefs, and truths that are pinnacle to Christianity. This is, of course, the Bible. In the Bible, namely the New Testament, there are many letters. Paul, who wrote many of these letters, proclaims the gospel, the “good news”. What is this good news and what are the so-called “gospels” in the first place. Why is it even necessary to know this....   [tags: The Bible, christianity, religious beliefs]

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The Gospel of Mark

- The Gospel of Mark teaches about the person and Acts of God as revealed in the words and works of his Son, Jesus Christ. His record draws upon powerful stories and narratives to portray the power and love that he believes Jesus brought to the people. Through this form of writing, Mark produced a work that is not only very engaging, but also leaves the reader with vivid images and examples of how the work and words of Jesus directly affected those who believed in his teachings. In chapter one, the scene of the baptism unfolds as John the Baptist prepares the way....   [tags: christianity, bible, jesus]

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The Gospel Of John

- Similar to the Gospel of John the Epistles of John catalogues a variety of themes on discipleship. However, four main qualities of discipleship are highlighted in his letters, these are witness, obedience, chosen, and indwelling. These four qualities are announced in the first four verses of 1 John 1 by the apostle explaining how disciples of Christ are witnesses to the glory of Christ through their experiences of sight, sound, and touch (1John 1:1). While being able to experience the greatness of Christ is important to the reality of disciples, John exclaims that experience is not enough and one must publicly “testify to it” (1John1:2) and “proclaim to [the world] the eternal life that was...   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity, Trinity]

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Spreading The Gospel

- When I was in high school and had the opportunity to go abroad for a year, I had lots of doubt. I had my life planned, in one way or another. I was going to graduate high school, go to college, then medical school, then become a doctor. I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that that is what I wanted to do. But then, God put this opportunity in my life that I hadn’t planned on. Granted, it wasn’t a decision like that of Esther. There was danger, sure, but more than that, there was the fear of failure and the worry that taking that opportunity would change my plans....   [tags: christians, pastor]

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The Americanized Gospel

- America so often aligns itself with that of a Godly nation; hence the nations’ founding fathers were ‘Christian’. Broadly speaking, this ‘Christianity’ America ties itself to is nothing more than a man-made religious activity that has lost its foundation. According to statistics from the Federal Government, 78% of Americans have a belief in God and claim to be “Christians”; yet Christians currently have less influence than any other time in this nations’ history. Since the majority of Americans profess Christ as their Lord and Savior, the all-powerful God, creator of heaven and earth, who is above all, in all, and through all, where is the evidence of Him....   [tags: Christianity ]

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The Doctrine Of The Gospel Of Christ

- It is a powerful truth, that when correct principles are understood, our very behavior, characteristic, and nature can change. The Doctrine and Covenants is a source of some of God’s correct principles. They contain eternal truths that change and transform us. One of the themes or key principles is the teaching of the gospel of Christ. Teaching is a big part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter­day Saints. It is how the church grows in membership. Even children born in the church must be taught before they are baptized....   [tags: Jesus, Christian terms, Christianity, Teacher]

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Observing on the Gospel of Matthew

- Observing on the Gospel of Matthew Background This Gospel with precisely placed first as introductory PB and "the Messiah, the son of the living God" (Matthew 16: 16). Although the author's name is not mentioned in the Bible, the nas testimony all the church fathers who first (since c. 130 ad) stated that the Gospel was written by Matthew, one of the disciples of Jesus. If the Gospel of mark was written to the Romans and the Gospel of Luke for Theophilus and all non-Jewish believers the Gospel of Matthew was written to Jewish believers....   [tags: The Bible, New Testament]

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The Gospel According to Matthew

- ... Schnackenburg suggests that the gospel was written after “Jewish war and destruction of Jerusalem, “around 66-73AD. He also indicated Antioch as a possible writing place where Greek was the common language. Stanton suggests that if Mark’s gospel was written following the events of 70AD, Matthew’s revised and considerably edited; edition of Mark must be later. Scholars accept that Matt chapter 22, the parable of the wedding banquet, was referring to the destruction of Jerusalem and Israel’s rejection of Jesus, therefore Matthew gospel needs to be dated after this event....   [tags: new testament, christians, jews, jesus]

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The Gospel of Mark and Revelation

- Why is it that Jesus is described in many different ways, in the books of the Bible. For example if the four canonical gospels are taken into consideration, it can be seen that Jesus is described and talked about differently in each one. If the other books of the Bible are also read, it can be seen that there is much difference in them also excluding the canonical gospels. I will be comparing the gospel of Mark and the book of Revelation, in how they portray Jesus. It seems that while one is focused more on miracles and Jesus’s human life, the Book of Revelation seems to be more focused on his divinity and his purpose....   [tags: Bible studies, religious beliefs]

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The Truth Of The Gospel Of A Pluralist Society

- Today 's culture, founded on relativism and religious pluralism, calls into question the foundations of truth. In the face of this questioning Christians are trying to reclaim and proclaim absolute truth. Against this backdrop Lesslie Newbigin attempts to affirm the truth of the Gospel message in today 's world. Newbigin 's text serves both an apologetic defense of the Christian claim to truth through the Gospel, as well as an approach to the proclamation of that truth in the climate of religious Universalism and moral relativism in a society aspiring to be both secular and religiously pluralistic....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Pluralism, God]

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The Is The Most Important Part Of The Gospel

- When asked what the Gospel is, some Christians scramble just to explain something so simple that humans have complicated so much. The Evangelist Larry Moyer has simplified it down to this, “Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead.” The last part of this sentence is the most important though. What is just as bad is watering down the importance of the resurrection. So many different people throughout the centuries have tried to explain away the resurrection with something that could have happened....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, New Testament]

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Music Is Enhanced By Gospel Music

- Music is enhanced by gospel music in several ways. Some might say the meaning in the song or the lyrics enhance/s it. Others might say the melody and the beat enhance it. Few others might say that the cross culture of the music enhance it. But everyone has their own meaning of music enhancing their lives. In this paper I will explain how music is enhanced by gospel music and I will give a repoire of how a certain artist has more than usual enhanced my life through his God-filled/ gospel music. The meaning normally enhances it in three ways....   [tags: The Spirituals, Urban Missionary]

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The Gospel Of Jesus And Paul

- Position Paper 4: The Gospel According to Jesus or Paul. Jesus and Paul are two crucial characters in the New Testament. They both depict the Gospel on which Christianity is based upon, but there is debate about rather these two versions of the Gospel are complementary. Scholars like George Shaw claim that Paul is “anti-Christian,” and he “produced a fantastic theology” (Shaw 415-416). On the other hand, I believe that even though Jesus and Paul may present the Gospel differently at times, they are still advocating the same religion....   [tags: Christianity, New Testament, Paul of Tarsus]

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Jesus in the Gospel of Luke

- Throughout Jesus’ life he has effected many people for the better. But each person sees Jesus in a different way and interprets his almighty powers differently. This is where all of these Gospels came from. Each one is unique and talks about Jesus from each authors point of view. For example in the gospel of Luke there are many themes and ideas that are unique to the gospel and wouldn’t find in the other ones like salvation for the people by Jesus being portrayed as the Universal Savor, the Messianic Secret, God’s plan and the focus on poverty and the wealthy....   [tags: Service, Christianity, Bible]

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The Gospel Of Wealth : Andrew Carnegie

- The Gospel of Wealth Reality In Andrew Carnegie’s “The Gospel of Wealth” he outlines what the rich man’s responsibilities to the public is regarding his wealth. Andrew Carnegie was one of his times wealthiest men and wrote this in 1889. He states that, “Our duty is with what is practicable now-with the next step possible in our day and generation. It is criminal to waste our energies in endeavoring to uproot, when all we can profitably accomplish is to bend the universal tree of humanity a little in the direction most favorable to the production of the good fruit under existing circumstances (Carnegie 23-24).” In his writing he talks about the best way to dispose of the wealth one has acqu...   [tags: Wealth, Poverty, Distribution of wealth]

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Gospel of John and Mission

- GOSPEL OF JOHN AND MISSION “Christianity Begins with the starling statement that the center of human reality is love” the central issue here is what love is, how the gospel of John brings to the Johnnie community. And how do we understand the Word “Love” and its reality. Obviously John portrays love as synonymous to Jesus the Son of God Before making some discussions on the gospel we believed to be written by the disciple who loved by Jesus (John 13:23, 19:26, 20:2, 21:7) it is good to see the purpose of this gospel....   [tags: Religion, Christianity]

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The Sermon Of The Gospel Of Luke

- The book of Acts presents a religious study of the manner in which the apostles would carry out the divine commission of God. They witness through their steadfast loyalty to Christ. It is evidently a continuation of the Gospel of Luke. Acts begins where the Gospel of Luke leaves off with an account of the events surrounding the ascension of Jesus into heaven. The content pertains to the deeds and the doctrines of Christ, ending with His ascension. Thus, the purpose then of Acts 1:9-14, is to provide an account of that which Christ began to do and to teach, and as a result of his ascension, he would ultimately instruct the apostles to continue to teach in his bodily absence, through the churc...   [tags: Jesus, Resurrection of Jesus, New Testament]

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Henry Martyn Devotion to the Gospel

- “Let me burn out for God!" exclaimed Henry Martyn when he arrived in Calcutta in April of 1806. Little did he know just how fast the blaze would consume him. Six years later at the age of 31, Jesus took Henry home. Yet, Henry, eager to devote his life to Gospel work to the Muslims in India and Shiraz, and with an incredible determination and unselfish dedication, compressed a lifetime of service into those six years. Born February 18, 1781 in Cornwall, England, Martyn began studying law at Cambridge....   [tags: missionaries, translations, health]

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Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ

- The known world was impacted by the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which was done by the first century church with great passion. These early followers of Christ set the world on fire, by relaying the Good news of Jesus Christ, first to the nation of Israel then to the gentile world. The Bible tells us that the Apostle Peter was commissioned to bring the announcement of Christ’s death and resurrection to his Jewish brethren, whereas, the Apostle Paul was chosen by Christ to bring the Gospel message of salvation to the gentile world....   [tags: God, testament, scriptures]

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The Black Voices Of Gospel Choir

- The Black Voices, Gospel Choir, had a huge impact on the lives of students in the study. It helped African American students to create a sense of belonging on predominantly White Institution. By establishing a sense of belonging on campus, while reducing feelings of marginalization, gospel choir participation enabled African American students at a PWI to persist in college. The Black Voices afforded participants opportunities to develop ethnic pride and understanding. Despite differences in the impetus for their involvement in the gospel choir, participants identified advancing knowledge about Black culture and the Black community on campus, representing the Black race to White peers and fac...   [tags: Race, African American, Black people, University]

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The Debate Of Evangelism And Gospel Meetings

- The assembly has gathered together and Bible class is now starting. The teacher opens his mouth and says, "Today 's Bible class is about the topic of evangelism". As he continues, you wonder what the term evangelism even means. Is it about action. Is it about teaching. Ask any Christian what the word means to him and the response will unlikely satisfy its essence. It is often generalized and relegated to simply mean "reaching the lost", while the underlying spirit is indicative of sharing something with others....   [tags: Christianity, New Testament, Truth, Bible]

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