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The Dead Body: A Fictional Narrative

- ... “Lucy, go and pick what bedroom you want it doesn’t help to sit and sulk” yes sir I thought to myself. I walk up the spiral wooden staircase, I step into the hallway of the upstairs, and its carpeted flooring was soft under my feet like a silk blanket. Straight ahead of me was living room with a vintage couch, to the left was a master bedroom with the master bathroom, to the right was a hallway bathroom and a rather large room. The room had a queen sized bed, with a wooden dresser stuck in the corner with a closet that smelt like mothballs....   [tags: mom, vacation, dead, body, yelling]

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A Portrait of Franz Kafka's Life in his Fictional Story, Metamorphosis

- A Portrait of Franz Kafka's Life in his Fictional Story, Metamorphosis Franz Kafka seems to have had a tough time growing up with his father, who was apparently a domineering, unapproachable man. A few years before Franz's untimely death, he wrote a long letter to his father in an attempt to address many of the lingering issues which had plagued their relationship. He may have tried through his fictional writing to reach his father prior to the letter, using a kind of "metaphor code." Franz Kafka became other characters representing himself in his fiction....   [tags: Kafka Metamorphosis Essays]

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Holy Crimes of Fictional Times

- The idea of a holy crime is something that is subject to opinion. Something that is a holy crime to one person may not be to another. A holy crime is when someone with good intentions goes against the law with what they believe is justified reasoning. In both Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Sophocles’ Antigone, crimes are committed by innocent people who feel they are doing well. Brutus and Antigone both go against the law for something they feel is right, despite the consequences. Each character convinces themselves that their crime, while going against the law, is for the better....   [tags: antigone, king creon, etheocles]

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Fictional Secret Societies: The Illuminati

- Take a look at the back of a dollar bill. If someone looks closely at it, they will spot a pyramid with an eye on it. That is known as the “All Seeing Eye”(MacArthur 1). Some people know about the All Seeing Eye, but little did they know is that it is a Masonic symbol, that is associated with the Illuminati. Throughout time there has been many rumors and myths about the Illuminati, leaving everyone with the great question of who is the Illuminati and do they exist. Without evidence, as far as anyone knows they don’t; however there is history and evidence of their existence, which brings this secret society out of the dark and into the light....   [tags: Dan Brown novel]

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The Moment: A Fictional Story

- This was it. This was the moment he was waiting for. The moment to step up on the green, hard court and show everyone, what he was really made of. This was his chance to prove his doubters wrong and make his parents proud. The bright summer weather, and the luscious green trees in the background welcomed Max onto the court. He slowly ambled toward the court with its freshly painted lines, seeming calmer than he was really was. The only thing that separated him from his opponent was the net, looking as high as it had ever been....   [tags: tournament, tennis, goals]

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Like Rain: A Fictional Narrative

- Like Rain His tan skin became a deep brown, and sweat dripped from his forehead. He had been digging for hours, and the hole was getting deeper still. He pierced the ground with his shovel and carefully placed the soil into piles surrounding the hole. One pile for every year. Two, four, six, eight. After the last specks slowly dribbled off of the shovel and onto the last pile he threw the shovel down and it landed with a clatter on the painstakingly neat rows of bricks that twisted throughout the yard....   [tags: box, trinity, digging]

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My Precious: A Fictional Play

- He did it. He may have not like what he did. But he sealed the Kyuubi into his twin sons. Naruto and Menma. He decided not to use Shiki Fuin instead he used another seal that separated Kyuubi's consciousness and his power. The soul of the Kyuubi was sealed into his youngest son Naruto, while the Kyuubi's chakra was sealed into his oldest son Menma. Minato decided to seal the Kyuubi's consciousness into Naruto and it's power into Menma. Why. Because he thought Naruto will keep the Kyuubi's consciousness while Menma will use it's power for the good....   [tags: seal, consciusness, power, citizens]

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Waist Deep: A Fictional Narrative

- "Your roommate silly!" He sassily said. "My roommate?.." I replied. "Yeah, you thought you were going to have this room all by yourself. Pssh.Yeah right." He rolled his eyes. Rude much. "But I haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Louis. Louis the Tomlinson!" He stood up and posed, with his hands on his hips and legs wide apart . I rolled my eyes. Great, this is my roommate. I was really hoping for a quite non-talkative person. Guess I not getting that. I don't always get what I want.. But something about him made me want to be his friend....   [tags: roommate, clique, hours, time]

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Nussdorfgasse Retirement: A Fictional Narrative

- The drive across Vienna to Nussdorf; one of the northern suburbs of the city, took Rani and Chana a little over three-quarters of an hour. Nussberggasse was right on the edge of the city limits; little more than two hundred metres from the west bank of the Danube. Had their arrival been during the hours of darkness; it would have been a simple matter to dump Kupelwieser into the river; but as it was; he would have to be retired in the building where he lived. Rani stopped the grey Opel a quarter-kilometre down the road from Nussberggasse 14… a three-storey, white-painted building on the north side of the street....   [tags: hit, neighborhood, car, house]

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The Witches: A Fictional Narrative

- Elizabeth wakes up in a dank, dark cell. She looks around, wandering where she is. She tries to stand but realizes she is chained to a cold, damp wall.) Elizabeth: Where am I. How did I get here. ( She thinks hard and tries to remember. When she can't remember, she slumps against the damp wall.) Elizabeth: I can't remember. I don't know what I did. How long have I been here. (She gets up and tries to pace the cell but the chains stop her and she falls.) Elizabeth: Do I have to be chained to this wall....   [tags: chains, dark, wall, arrested]

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Cultural Norms: A Fictional Essay

- “This time it’s real Mommy, Benson and I are not getting back together, it’s real this time, it’s so real,” I said as tears profusely gushed down my puffy face as I was barely able to breathe. “Nkiru (Iriel’s Nigerian name), I told you, I told you Ben is not the man for you, Ben was just put here to help you, like he has done,” Mom said while staring into my bloodshot eyes as I continued to weep. “Don’t say that. Ben and I were supposed to be married. After four years this is what I get” As I got up to take that long dreaded walk to my room, it hit me like , that there will never be another Iriel and Ben, I’ll never feel him caressing my olive brown skin, the random kisses on my forehead, no...   [tags: weep, help, together, romantic]

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My Freedom: A Fictional Narrative

- ... I guess the shock on my face softens him, as he lets out a breath that fans out around my face. “Just look at what the so called God squad did to innocent people, maybe then you will understand why I am no longer Noah.” He softly says, handing me something that feels like it weighs tons in my hands. He leaves me in the oppressive room staring at the stack of pictures he gave me. I go back to the little cot and flip through the pictures. To say the least they are appalling. In most of the pictures there are pits filled with dead bodies the ribs poking through their taut skin and hollow cheeks....   [tags: forest, hung, pain, head, rebel]

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Time Traveler: A Fictional Narrative

- ... Why don't you put on some clothes?" I looked down and saw that I was completely naked. Maybe that's why all the women and children were looking at me funny. The old man toss me a shirt, trouser, a jacket, waistcoat, a pair of boots, and a hat. I looked exactly like a colonist soldier in 1775. The old man said "That was my nephew's old soldier uniform. You can have it if you want." I thanked him and left as fast as I could. I thought to myself, "what's going on. I'm actually in the 1775. This is crazy!" I didn't get far from town when I met a colonist soldier....   [tags: suitcase, adventure, morning, history]

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The Smile: A Fictional Narrative

- I walked past the dark alleyway as usual, rushing frantically to arrive at work on time today as inconvenient circumstances earlier in the morning resulted in me leaving the house much later than usual. Worried I would lose track of the time, I stopped momentarily to check my watch; only to discover that it was much later in the day than I had assumed it to be. I had to make the decision then and there; go through my regular route and be late to work again, or enter the labyrinth of the city’s side streets risking my safety and arrive on time....   [tags: labyrinth, late, work, city, streets, emotion]

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Spelcuean Explorers: A Fictional Narrative

- The four defendants, members of the Speluncean Society, are on trial for the crime of murder. In early May of 4299 the four defendants, in company with Roger Whetmore, entered into the interior of a limestone cavern of the type found in Central Plateau of this landslide occurred. While in the cave heavy boulders fell and completely blocked the only known opening of the cave. While waiting for a rescue team to come they settled themselves near the obstructed opening. The rescue was a difficult one, and as a result of many obstacles, such as landslides, that occurred ten workmen engaged in helping to clear the entrance were killed....   [tags: defendents, society, rescue, cave, machine]

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Fictional Insights of Lady McBeth from Macbeth by William Shakespeare

- Fictional Insights of Lady McBeth from Macbeth by William Shakespeare As I sit here and think back to the past events, I wonder if everything that was done was really necessary. I now realise that it was my own selfishness that drove my husband to the person he has become. I fear him now. I don’t know what became of me, maybe it was the excitement of the fact that I was to become queen one day. Why couldn’t of I just waited till the day came naturally, instead of causing it to occur quicker than it should of....   [tags: Papers]

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Fictional Letter to McDoughall From Banquo of William Shakespeare's Macbeth

- Fictional Letter to McDoughall From Banquo of William Shakespeare's Macbeth Dear McDoughall, I am going to go riding with my son Fleance in a little while, but before I leave I must clear my mind of all the troubles which have been bothering me recently. I’m not sure what to do about it and hope you can advise me on what to do....   [tags: Papers]

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Credit Fraud Overviwe Analysis and Recommendations

- Credit card fraud is a significant problem in the U.S. with losses exceeding $5.718 billion annually (Sullivan, 2010). Perpetrators are continually developing new methods to circumvent established and evolving fraud prevention controls. With economic expansion continuing its advance into the digital era and electronic forms of payments increasingly common, the problem of credit card fraud is likely to increase. Internet-based credit card fraud is nearly 15 times higher than in person transactions (Bhatla, Prabhu & Dua, 2003)....   [tags: account takeover,credit cards,fraudalant activity]

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Current Account Of A Bank Or Building Society From Which Money May Be Withdrawn Without Notice

- Current Account: ‘An account with a bank or building society from which money may be withdrawn without notice, # Standard Current Account: Standard Current accounts are offered by all banks and building societies, such as Halifax, Barclays, Santander, Natwest and Lloyds, as well as some non bank businesses, such as Marks and Spencers, Sainsburys, Co-operative and the Post Office. Standard Current Accounts have debut cards and allow customers to withdraw cash. In the past, cheque books would have also been used however these are now becoming less popular....   [tags: Currency, Money, Bookkeeping, Overdraft]

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Realm: A Fictional Narrative

- Alison had sat looking at the fire most of the night, the orange and red flames licking at her thoughts. She felt sorry for the younger Amir. How lost he looked, so innocent and so blameless. She knew that when Amir did speak of his true life, she knew he would be upset, and feel horrified as to how the young boy became an evil beast who destroyed lives without feeling any guilt for his actions. Matthew had passed out for the night. He had taken to the strong cider with delight. The pure alcohol was as good as any that was bought in his local supermarket he exclaimed to Alison, as he began slurring his words and singing loudly every now and then, and making Alison shush him so as not to arou...   [tags: guilt, action]

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Realm: A Fictional Narrative

- Matthew and Alison arrived back at the school. The alarm bells still ringing and still as loud and annoying as when they departed the school. They stayed in the attic, hiding under tables, hoping not to get caught by the police, who were no doubt walking around the building and looking for the suspects’ who had broken in. Alison sat huddled away in a corner hoping that if anyone came in, then no one would see her. She was still thinking about the young Amir. She felt sorry for him, and longed to have been there a while longer....   [tags: suspects, alarm]

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Realm: A Fictional Narrative

- It was getting dark outside. The usual sunshine, which Westwood had glowing around for many weeks, was nowhere in sight. “Looks like we’re in for a right storm,” Simon commented with a bitter look. “It is very dark, but I suppose we need it. Three weeks without rain in this country, is unheard of.” Alison stated, looking at the greyness that was showing in the living room window. The thunder could be heard from a distance to begin with, so faint, but still that deep rumble, like the kettle drum of an orchestra, and it would not let you forget that as you counted how many miles away it may be, it was soon to venture to your own doorstep....   [tags: storm, danger]

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Realm: A Fictional Narrative

- Simon and Alison began to walk back to the house. She could not believe the damage the storm had caused, and the fact that it was the spirit inside her that could have caused it. She knew that she needed help from the union. Simon may have calmed the spirit for the time being, but the strength of it was much fiercer than anticipated. She went inside her house and found the address that her mother had given her, and ran back to Simon, who stood in the street waiting for her. “I have no idea where Summer Hill Crescent is,” Alison sighed when she handed the small piece of paper to Simon....   [tags: spirit, bungalow]

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Realm: A Fictional Narrative

- The group breathed a sigh of relief when they came out of the small room, stretching their bodies and taking deep breaths. The sky of lilac and the bright pink sun was shining down on them and making the place feel eerie and sinister. “Why Frinda?” Alison asked her mum, when she was able to fight her way through the small crowd towards her. “That’s the hometown of the spirit. To get him to the other side, we need to get him to the place of his death. If we had rid the spirit elsewhere, the consequences would be fatal; with this one, at least....   [tags: kill, path, plan]

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Realm: A Fictional Narrative

- Alison was not sure if she was to close her eyes, or stare at the people around her. She felt silly lying there with everyone looking transfixed to what Carla was saying. She could hear her mum speaking, it seemed a strange language; louder and louder she spoke, the others looking at her, each holding hands around the table. No facial expressions showing amongst them. Alison stared up towards the sky, the pale lilac sky looking back down at her. Her mum’s voice was heard in the distance, as Alison began to glide into a world of her own....   [tags: sky, baby]

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Realm: A Fictional Narrative

- “Alison,” Carla whispered as Alison grumbled, and pulled her quilt over her head. “Come on sleepy head. You have much to do this morning.” “Mum I’m tired; let me sleep for another five minutes,” Alison groaned. “Not today, you have to go somewhere,” Carla smiled slyly. Alison groaned even more, before climbing out of bed. “Mum. It’s only 7.30!” Alison protested when she looked at the clock on her bedside table. “Yes, and believe me, you need all the hours you can get. Get dressed and come down for breakfast,” Carla said as she walked out of the room....   [tags: farewell, morning, safe]

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Rani: A Fictional Narrative

- It was two weeks since that night happened. well, that morning will be more suitable. I am still grounded, she is still having fun behind my parent’s back. ugh why did I let this happened to me again. I should have known that Rana will not change. Finally mr. Peterson showed up to class. It’s been two weeks since i last have him as my 1st period teacher. He took leave for two weeks because he’s been in an accident. He hates it when the kids called him “mr. Peterson”. When there is no other teacher around, he let us call him “sam”....   [tags: math, lie, accident]

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Sophie: A Fictional Narrative

- “I don’t care,” she balked as Benny and Elliot as followed her running down the hallway to her front door. “I just want to go home, turn on my laptop to confirm the date. I don’t believe it!” “Sophie Girl!” Elliot’s body cut her off. “I told you. This is the hardest part. Who gives a hoot about taste, gray parts; it’s time that matters. They gave us something at the hospital. It erases time. We’re experiments on time.” “Shut up Elliot.” Benny yelled. As he slowly turned so did his tone. A tender kindness shined through his melancholy bulk as he calmly advised, “Sophie, let’s get you packed and go ask Simon....   [tags: lost, time, silence]

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Blurb: A Fictional Narrative

- Although she said this will all seriousness, Fredgar grinned widely, exposing a set of crooked, yellow teeth with some missing or chipped. Armaila noticed that his teeth in the corners—his fangs—were sharper and pointer than a Humans'. It wasn't until now that Armaila really studied him; he wore brown pants that ended between his knees and ankles, a shirt mad of some rough material, like an old sack, and a greenish brown vest without buttons. His ears were pointed, and they angled backwards. His dark hair was short and bristly....   [tags: trust, warnings, sword]

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Sek: A Fictional Narrative

- "Oh, wow. Here I was thinking you would need my help!" I exclaimed when I walked into Haruhi's room. She had hair extensions used to give her curled pigtails and wore a blue, white, and pink dress with pink heels. She even had earrings. "I think the twins' maids came in and attacked me this morning," Haruhi grumbled as she looked in the mirror and ran her hand through one of the pigtails. I sat on the bed. After sighing, she wondered, "Are you feeling better?" "I guess," I shrugged. I wasn't really, but at least I wasn't tired anymore....   [tags: love, promise, date]

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Hope: A Fictional Narrative

- It was a strange night, there seemed to be a chill in the air: my skirt tangled around my soot-covered legs. I tightened my grip on Iris’s Hand. I felt her tense up as we walked thought the ashes. It created a white fog as we stepped closer to the photo. The corner of the frame stuck out of the dust and ash. Burnt tables, furniture, ceiling are scattered around. I picked up the frame slowly, brushing of the debris. The gold frame was still intact. Iris’s lip quivered. I wanted to hug her, comfort her, tell her everything will be okay, but I can’t lie....   [tags: ashes, foster, dream, movie]

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Tattoo: A Fictional Narrative

- I woke up feeling exhausted and wondering what the day has in store. The giant sun rose into the sky-high above and the sea shimmered in the sunlight as the first rays of morning sun tiptoed through the sand making its way towards me. The light ran furiously and parched my closed eyelids as it poured in a white image. The sounds pounded my head like a construction site. In between this time, I prised open my eyes and saw a bottle of VB lying on the carpet and next to it was an ash tray full of cigarette buds....   [tags: day, bottle, weather, room, knife]

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Vignette: A Fictional Narrative

- Vignette # 4 I was wrapped in my blanket like a Butterfly in its cocoon. As soon as I began to have conscious thought of my crush, dancing, and my dreams turning into a reality my eyes opened as if I was facing Bruce Lee himself. Then I jumped out of my bed if I was running with gazelles in sub Saharan Africa. I smoothly landed into a crouched position on the ground I got straight into my dance battle stance with a stare determined like Eminem....   [tags: kiss, couples, dream, dancing]

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Fat: A Fictional Narrative

- ... She who couldn't read while being driven without wanting to throw up. She who somehow never got seasick. She'd tried spinning before, bullied into it by a voice in her head. Three turns and she was so dizzy, she was on her knees, or laying on the floor while it flew beneath her. But still the voice told her to stand and try again. She did and found that if she held onto her head, pressing the sweaty palms into her cheeks with fingers over her eyes, spread so she could see between them, it could be done....   [tags: fell, carpet, head, voices]

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Fat: A Fictional Narrative

- ... He likes that.” She tapped her cup against mine in a salute and took another sip. Okay, maybe. I watched him out of the side of my eyes while pretending to gaze aimlessly at the people walking by. “He seems busy.” There was a line of three that kept itself pretty regular. When one left the front, another joined the rear. “Well, it is after twelve a fucking o clock. Ten is usually his lag time. Most people are at work by then. But somebody had to pick today to sleep in so we're here late.” I shrugged....   [tags: cups, life, plan, music, money]

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Fat: A Fictional Narrative

- ... Turning away, she kept walking and didn't look back. She knew what she'd see; him still there watching the sky. Sue Lynn had laughed at him when he told her it was too steep, too cold, and look. It had just now started to snow. We'd be at the bottom again before it had a chance to stick, she'd said and picked her woolen hat off the ground where it had fallen. She pulled it down low over her ears. He did the same with his. They both left their gloves off, needing to grip the handles firmly. The first time she'd laughed at him, he'd threatened to pound her face in with his dad's boots....   [tags: mountain, tree, snow]

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Greed: A Fictional Narrative

- ... “Hello, my dear.” Thomas said politely. Catherine respond “Hello, Thomas, my good friend.” Their conversation was interrupted by John Kelly who came up to Catherine screeching pounding the floorboards hard on the ground with his massive feet. “How the bloody hell did you get pregnant Catherine, love!?” “Huh, what is the meaning of this, whore!?” He slapped Catherine in a fury. Catherine yelled out a low moaning cry and Annie rushed over to help here. Quickly John Kelly glanced at Thomas screaming, “Did you do this!....   [tags: alcohol, overdosing, habit, drinking]

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Download: A Fictional Narrative

- Download The year is 2187, the government rules and we follow the them like sheep. I am Rebelletrix Dux and I am sixteen years old. I live in Imperium, a city run by the government and we have no independence. In fairytales I have read about times where people had the right to vote and to decide what to do with their lives, the government doesn’t determine everyones every move. That is what I want, but instead we have Imperium. When you come of age the army comes to your home and shoves you into a white truck....   [tags: government, sixteen, robot, independence]

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Wisely Traveled: Fictional Narrative

- I sat upon Ashwa, a horse I had owned for nearly half of my life. I was waiting in the stables for Peto. I heard the light sounds of hooves pounding against the ground growing closer. "Must be him," I whispered to myself as I excited the stables on Ashwa, ready to meet Peto. Peto smiled thinly at me upon a black horse. "I'm sorry to keep you waiting, your highness." "Perfectly alright," I offered a smile back. "Are you ready?" "Quite." "Then let's go," I snapped the reins and couldn't help but grin as Ashwa dashed off across the darkened ground....   [tags: horse, stable, girl, show]

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Stormwind: A Fictional Essay

- Azeroth, this is a very strange planet, the land element of the whole mess, full of dragons in the sky, the whole world is in a state of confusion. On this day, the dark ancestor Long dangling, just hunting Red Proto-Drake flew to the cliff. Hunger, fatigue ancestors long waving wings, opened his mouth, ready to enjoy a delicious meal. At this time, the original dark sky suddenly torn open, has been a huge clawed hand edge crack, the whole world tremble because of the collapse of the sky. Titans came into this world, the earth chaotic earth element, the wind element air chaos, chaotic ocean water elements, and elements covered with plain crazy flame swept Titans of the body, but the face of...   [tags: planet, dragons, confusion, evil, force]

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Water Polo Fictional Story

- About : Winner plays for the varsity water polo team for the YG Institute of Music. When they play their rivals, EXO of SM Academy, Winner is confronted by players that not only rival them in skill but also in love. Prologue: Seungyoon threw his bag down on the pool deck, squinting from the glare of the sun off the water. Taehyun followed close behind, setting his bag down next to his hyung's, holding one hand to his forehead, shading his eyes. "SM Academy today?" he asked. Seungyoon nodded, casting a glare over to the other team....   [tags: Sports, Pool]

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Questions On Credit Card Processors

- It is impossible to tell if it was by brilliant design or just dumb luck that the credit card processors have found a way to circumvent the internal controls that most organizations use in processing and approving the payment of expenses. Most vendors are not paid until their invoice goes through a number of approvals; the credit card processors just take the fee from the merchants account or withhold the funds from the payment. Most companies just make an entry recording the processing fees; usually it is done on a “it is what it is” basis....   [tags: Cheque, Credit card, Debit card, Deposit account]

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Assess the value of Fulcher of Chartres’s account of the council of Clermont for understanding Urban II’s message.

- In this documentary report I shall look at the account of Urban II’s speech we are given by Fulcher of Chartres and assess it’s usefulness according to it’s likely reliability and it’s concurrence with the other accounts of Urban’s speech and the evidence we have from his letters. I shall first look at who Fulcher of Chartres was, as his role in society is important for understanding how he may have come to be aware of or present at the council of Clermont. A brief look at Fulcher will also provide an insight into what his opinions may have been and how this may colour his representation of the events....   [tags: Chruch History]

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Latino Literature

- U.S. Latino literature is as important and historical as any other. We often refer and quote recent or current Hispanic authors but we forget that there is a whole timeline behind every word and idea. History itself was first of all recorded in people's minds and hearts and through oral tradition was it passed on, later marked through drawings and symbols and finally, and after thousands of years, reached formal written ground. This carriage of messages and form of expression evolved through time and the way it is delivered along with the language in it has too....   [tags: The Account, Nuñez Cabeza]

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Differences between Captain Thomas Preston's Account of the Boston Massacre and Paul Revere's Image of the Bloody Massacre

- I will be discussing the differences between Captain Thomas Preston’s Account of the Boston Massacre (1770) and Paul Revere, Image of The Bloody Massacre (1770). I will explain both men’s story beginning with Captain Thomas Preston vision of the event, then explain Paul Revere version of the event. I will then include my opinion on which account I believe is most accurate and explain why. Captain Thomas Preston’s vision of the Boston massacre was an incident were a British soldier accidently fired his weapon and his men then followed after resulting in the death of five Bostonians including free black sailor Cripus Attucks....   [tags: historical recounts, American history]

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How Aristotle Thought that the Life of Moral Virtue Is Part of the Best Human Life and How He Is Wrong in His Account

- This paper will demonstrate how Aristotle thought that the life of moral virtue is part of the best human life and how he is incorrect in his account. I will do so by, first outlining what Aristotle defines as the life of moral virtue, next I will describe what he thinks to be the best human life, then I will prove how Aristotle does think that the life of moral virtue fits with the best human life and I will conclude by establishing why Aristotle's premise is incorrect. Aristotle's theory of moral virtue is that one's main purpose in life is to reach eudaimonia, the state of being happy....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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Analysis Of The Audit Files And Our Staff Accountant 's Testing For Account Balances Of City Of Proudville

- The following concerns are based on the analysis of the audit files and our staff accountant’s testing for account balances of City of Proudville. I have also provided recommendations to address these issue. Financial Accounting Issues According to Public Sector Accounting Standards Section 3150 – Property, Plant and Equipment, the cost of an asset capitalized as PPE includes any known costs such as materials and labor costs used to construct an asset or estimated costs of dismantlement, removal, or site restoration....   [tags: Auditing, Audit, Internal control, Ethics]

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How The Ross E. Dunn 's Article Differs From Judge And Langdon 's Textbook Account Of The Same

- The aim of this paper is to analyze the how the Ross E. Dunn’s article differs from Judge and Langdon’s textbook account of the same time and place. This will be done through presenting the main focus of both works and showing the distinction between the content and style presented by both authors. It is in the unwritten history that we say Africa is the cradle of mankind. It simply means that Africa was where human life first evolved. Mostly what we can tell about Africa is told through legends and tales....   [tags: Mali Empire, Africa, Islam, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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Comparing Blainey 's Account Of Life During The Period 1500-1800 With Your Observations About How People Live Today

- WIDE BORDERS Topic: To answer this question, compare Blainey’s account of life in the period 1500-1800 with your observations about how people live today. Introduction [250words] In your introduction, you need to introduce the topic to the reader, and say what you will do in the rest of your essay. World history is the best way to understand how the society of today has developed and change, especially if we are referring to western civilization. As we currently consider that many people do not have the jobs they need, or having to learn new trades or skills because many jobs are becoming obsolete with the continuous advent or development of working robots and machine technology, the rea...   [tags: Western culture, Western world, Western Europe]

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Analyzing Shakespeare´s Account of Human Nature in King Lear in Comparison With Other Authors

- Human nature is a concept that has interested scholars throughout history. Many have debated over what human nature is – that is, the distinguishing characteristics that are unique to humans by nature – while others have mulled over the fact that the answer to the question “what is human nature?” may be unattainable or simply not worth pursuing. Shakespeare explores the issue of human nature in his tragedy King Lear. In his play, he attempts to portray that human nature is either entirely good or entirely evil....   [tags: Niccolo Machiavelli, Nicomachean Ethics]

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A Sociological Account: Summary of Hodgkinson

- The term Sociology can be defined as a study of society, “the ology” of human inter-action within the collective (society). The Sociological Imagination C. Wright Mills (1916-1962) believes that sociology is the most reflective subject there is. Sociology can be used for practical purposes to identify and understand social problems. Sociologists try to study society from an objective, impartial and unbiased position. The study of sociology differs from a common sense view point, as it challenges what is accepted as normal....   [tags: Sociology, ]

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Personal Account of Being Obese

- When it comes to Obesity i am one of it victims.I have been suffering from it for the past 7 years. Obesity was basically the "trigger" of all diseases that were in my genetics chain and not to mention the diseases that Obesity forms. In my genetics Blood Pressure,various heart diseases,Diabetes,Bursitis of the knee,Fatigue,Sleep Apnea,Chronic Fatigue syndrome and the one I most hate Insomnia. All of these diseases are present in my genetics some triggered and some on the brink of being triggered to make my life even worse....   [tags: diseases, genetics, occurs, causes, solutions]

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Estelle's Diary: A Daily Account

- ... There’s no escaping Big Brother. ~ Estelle lets out a blood-curling scream, clutching onto the pale strands of hair on her head as if it were for dear life. She opens her mouth to scream again but nothing comes out. Now she can hear nothing but the soft yet eerie echo of her fear-filled tears rolling down her porcelain cheeks and onto the floor. She continues to yank and pull at her hair, digging her broken nails into her scalp, and leaving pieces of her nails embedded in it. Trembling in terror, her stiff limbs come to a stop and her mouth closes slowly....   [tags: life, entry, war, write]

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The Factors that Would Lead to an Increase in the Size of the Deficit on the Current Account of the Balance of Payments

- The Factors that Would Lead to an Increase in the Size of the Deficit on the Current Account of the Balance of Payments The current Account is a key indictor for the British economy. It is the sum of four separate trade balances between the UK and the Rest of the World. The Current Account records the exports and imports of both visible invisible items. Therefore a deficit on the Current Account occurs when we was a country are either importing too many goods and services from abroad, or are not exporting enough, usually it is a mixture of both....   [tags: Papers]

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Inequality in Machiavelli's The Prince, More's Utopia, and Las Casas' Account of the Destruction of the Indies

- What motivates one person to subject or dominate another. When people take it upon themselves to judge who has the right to be free or enslaved; who is superior or inferior; who is civilized or barbaric, the outcomes throughout history have been horrific. The actions imposed are foreign to those of us who are privileged and forever scarring to those who have been subjected. It is ironic that people have struggled so much through out time with the underlying quality that unites us as human beings: our humanity....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Arguments Given by David Chalmers for Rejecting a Materialistic Account of Consciousness in His Book

- Arguments Given by David Chalmers for Rejecting a Materialistic Account of Consciousness in His Book In this paper I will examine and criticize the arguments David Chalmers gives for rejecting a materialistic account of consciousness in his book The Conscious Mind. I will draw upon arguments and intuitions from the three main schools of thought in the philosophical study of consciousness(a) forms of dualism, (b) materialism, and (c) eliminativism. Chalmers' book deals with what are currently the most controversial issues in the study of consciousness, especially among these three schools of thought, so it provides a good guide to the important issues....   [tags: Papers]

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By referring closely to J B Priestley’s account of Bradford, explain

- By referring closely to J B Priestley’s account of Bradford, explain what he considers gave the city its particular character at the time he was writing. J.B. Priestley, in his writing about Bradford, believes its character comes from, what might seem like, conflicting ideas. These ideas contribute to what Priestley calls Bradford’s odd quality. The character of Bradford, in 1933, when Priestley was writing, was made up of two extremes, provincialism and that of a cosmopolitan city. Provincialism remained in Bradford, firstly because the railway went to Leeds and not to Bradford and therefore the city didn’t get much new trade, such as any other manufacturing and/or greater educational oppor...   [tags: English Literature]

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Exploring How the Theodicies of Irenaeus and Augustine Account of Natural Evil

- Exploring How the Theodicies of Irenaeus and Augustine Account of Natural Evil The problem of evil concerns the challenge of how an all-powerful and all-loving God can allow his creation to suffer, without helping then and putting an end to their suffering. This challenge is an often quoted reason for being unable to believe in God for it is argued, either God does not exist or, if he does then he is not a God worthy of out worship. St Augustine (AD354-430) tried to solve this problem and based his arguments on the Bible, especially the stories of the creation and the fall in Genesis....   [tags: Papers]

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Minute Account of D-Day

- FROM 13:00 TO 13:59 13:00 Colonel Rudder at Pointe du Hoc receives the answer to his message of 12:00: "No reinforcements available. All the Rangers landed at Omaha." General O. Bradley receives a message from Omaha Beach: "Troops here blocked on the ground at Easy Red. Advancing through the cliffs overlooking Easy Green and Easy Red, reinforcements are arriving and the injured being evacuated." The Wn 72 strongpoint in Dog Green sector is under control of the US soldiers. This fortification protected the D1 exit and enable Allies to access Vierville-sur-Mer from Omaha Beach....   [tags: message, air raid, invasion, normandy]

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Incipient: Fictional Narrative

- The sword clanked to the floor. The blade seeped back into the cavern's dirt ground. I stepped back while the other was draining energy by the second. I fell to my knees. Off to the side, I saw her, probably out cold. The man spoke "Danny Ignis. I thought you'd be a tougher challenge." I just kneeled there, hoping for death it seemed like. Then, I managed a smile. "Why are you laughing child!" He bellowed through the cavern I stood back up, with my eyes a crimson, bloody red. A spark flickered on my palm then morphed into a fire....   [tags: flame, ground, syringe]

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Fictional Short Story

- ~Lucie’s POV~ Within a blink of an eye Casey appeared. He was sprawled on the ground with his body a tangled mess of arms and legs. I felt my heart race at the sight of him. I tried rushing forward to him but my legs seemed to be locked in place. “Casey!” His head snapped up and he bounced up, running over to me with blinding speed. He engulfed me in his arms burying his head into the crook of my neck. I did the same and breathed in his heavenly scent, a mixture of dark chocolate, pine cones, and a scent that only belonged to him....   [tags: fantasy, suspense]

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Ethical Dilemma

- A partner of a medium sized public relations firm is faced with a predicament. He is going through financial difficulties from mismanagement and is in dire need of a strong client. A demanding client who is capable of bringing in a multitude of money to the firm decides to show interest in the firm. The firm partner decides to put together the best team for the client. The team consists of: LaRayne, a research consultant with eight years of experience; Monroe, an incredibly productive graphic designer with over 15 years of experience; Jeff, a recent college graduate with limited PR experience who looks older with his prematurely gray hair and Drew, a responsible and dependable intern....   [tags: account manager, gender, sexism, ethics]

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Account for the Collapse of the Chinese Empire in 1911

- China was once a strong and stable Empire many emperor from past ruled on china most of them ruled for long time and some of them for less time some famous ruler such as Nurhaci (1559–1626) but it began its decline in the 1500s and continued until modern times the last empire was Qing Empire that collapse in 1911. The main reason for empire collapse was refusal to trade with other countries, an uprising against foreign control, and the effect from a change of monarchy to a democracy. The Qing Empire (1644-1912) was the very last great dynastic empire to rule the china....   [tags: Qing Dynasty, the last Emperor]

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A First Account of a Sometimes Troubled System

- Through recent years, many speculations have been made about the care of victims when passed through the criminal justice system. Although countless research has been conducted in the past 10 to 15 years on victims of crime and their experiences within the criminal justice system, it would seem that none have significantly improved the satisfaction or the recovery of the victim from the crimes committed against them. Police, along with the Judicial System, tend to convey that they are working diligently, doing all they can to bring justice to the victims of crime; however, there is much criticism from experts concerning the topic....   [tags: Criminal Justice ]

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Reflective Account: A Presentation about Somalia

- This task is the calculation reflects my presentation, for the purpose of this task I will review the entire presentation by during and before I had made, under this meditation will go to make a different phase; Including a description of a few of my chosen topics, any kind of material I have used for the transfer of this offer , and the way I applied sudden efforts as well as the experience, knowledge and feedback gained throughout the presentation. My conclusion, I will consider any plan of action which I need to improve my skills in speaking in front of a large audience or any offer in the future....   [tags: Somalia. presentation, research]

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Species Account: The Superb Bird-of-paradise

- The Superb bird-of-paradise is the only member in the Genus Lophorina and it part of the family Paradisaeidae commonly known as the birds-of-paradise which contains 41 species. Most of species within the Paradisaeidae family are from New Guinea and its surrounding islands [16]. An article An unexpectedly long history of sexual selection in birds-of-paradise discusses the species phylogeny examining the various species of the family and how over time they have evolved separately (Martin Irestedt, Knud A Jonsson, Jon Fjeldsa, Les Christidis, and Per GP Erison, 2009)....   [tags: birds-of-paradise, 41 species]

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How I Can Get Better at Speaking in Front of an Audience

- This task is the calculation reflects my presentation, for the purpose of this task I will review the entire presentation by during and before I had made, under this meditation will go to make a different phase. Including a description of a few of my chosen topics, any kind of material I have used for the transfer of this offer , and the way I applied sudden efforts as well as the experience, knowledge and feedback gained throughout the presentation. My conclusion, I will consider any plan of action which I need to improve my skills in speaking in front of a large audience or any offer in the future....   [tags: reflective account]

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I Was Taught to Work Hard and Persevere

- My parents migrated to the U.S. from Pakistan in 1990s. Growing up, we did not have much. My dad supported a family of seven on bare minimum wage. We lived in the dangerous slums of New York in a two bedroom, roach infested apartment. While there, my cousin got shot. I vividly remember the horrifying pain sketched into every wrinkle of his face. It made me want to do something with my life so we could move to a better place. My father had the same thought. My father worked hard, and established himself to become a professional tailor....   [tags: autobiographical account]

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The Road to Oblivion

- The abrupt shift in position on the soft, jelly like mattress didn’t shake her awake causing her to sit on the bed with eyes fixated on the maroon looking wall. It also wasn’t the sound of the dog, Sebastian, which erupted into loud huff like barking at the foot of her bed, while his unshapely nails clawed on the hard wood floor underneath in an erratic fashion. A normal person heavy eyes would have fluttered open if it was they who had a huge ball in their stomach that created gas bubbles that escaped from their lips during all times at night, but that didn’t seem to have phased her....   [tags: Fictional Narrative]

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John Bunn: A Fictional Character

- John Bunn was feeling poorly. He lay in his bed and groaned, staring at the ceiling. "Ohhh," he groaned. "Ohh, I feel poorly." John had in fact been feeling poorly for some time now. In fact, he hardlyh remembered a time when he had not been feeling poorly, off and on. He had felt poorly in school. "Ms. Pym, I feel poorly," he would say, and would hold his belly. "Go to the bathroom, John," she'd tell him, and so off he would go. Sometimes, he remembered, he would raise his hand, feeling too poorly to speak....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Biography of a Fictional Celebrity

- Dave Digler, whose real name is Eddie Guera, was born on the 24th of March, 1960. Dave grew up in Ascot Vale, Melbourne. Dave did not attend high school as he stayed home to take care of his alcoholic father who suffered from a bi-polar disorder. His mother had left him at a young age, and Dave believed this to be because of the stress his father had put his mother under with his disorder and alcoholic tendencies. Digler set out to find his mother, upon looking he found out that his mother was dead....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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The Call to Help My Neighbor: A Fictional Narrative

- ... There were opposing wobbles in her body when he jarred her. It reminded me of a jello salad when you bumped it. His round eyes never left my face. “No.” The dog wagged his tail and sat. Then he whined and jumped his front paws on the ground as if urging me to do something, anything. By the time the ambulance stopped in front, the phone was stuck to the sweat of my cheek. I'd been a good girl and stayed beside the woman. I slid it into my pocket, stripped the band from my brown hair and retied it away from my forehead....   [tags: dog, garden, neighbor, weeds]

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Msr. Turpin, A Fictional Character and a Personal Revelation

- Mrs. Turpin is self-absorbed nature person. She considers herself to be above those in lower social classes which people are labeled into different social classes. Her judgmental basically comes down to race and property. Since she and her husband, own a home and land with a hog farm makes her better than everybody else. She often praises Jesus for not having made her white trash or ugly by saying, “If it’s one thing I am… It’s grateful. When I think who all I could have been besides myself and what all I got, a little of everything, and a good disposition beside, I just feel like shouting....   [tags: Prejudice, Christianity]

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A Fictional Essay: Space Lords vs. Virus Fang

- I am number 69, the last of my kind. We were the space lords; there were 70 of us on earth. We came because the Virus Fang destroyed our planet and we were the last of our kind. We arrived here through each of our own way of transport- no two-space lords came together. The way that I made it here is by a Legof. A Legof is the name of our spaceships back on my planet that can travel in any atmosphere and disguise itself as anything. The Legof is as living as I am. Most of us traveled that way, but there were a few of us who knew how to teleport....   [tags: virus fan, planet, space]

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Mystery of Isodore: A Fictonal Narrative

- I pushed past the curtain to Shield. "Hero!" Shield smiled at me. "Hi," I offered a small smile. Shield paused and stared at me, tilting her head. "What's wrong?" "Nothing that I haven't discussed before. But Shield, what am I supposed to do if I come back with no one?" I rubbed my hands together. Shield let out a laugh and grabbed me by my hands. "Hero, you'll find him. I doubted that I would find my husband and yet, look at me now," She smiled. I couldn't help but smile with her. "How did you two meet?" Shield's smile grew....   [tags: man, village, smile, charge]

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Account for the Changes in Soviet Society between 1929 and 1941.

- Stalin's arrival as the undisputed leader of the Bolshevik party in 1929 changed all aspects of Russian society over the next decade. His influence was felt through all spheres of society as the lives of Russian citizens were severely influenced by his policies. Collectivisation was one of the first policies Stalin implemented which had a large influence on Soviet Society. Then came the mass industrialisation and the Five Year plans which had a vast impact on the Soviet economy. The purges, show trials and terror were an instrument for Stalin to maintain a hold on his power and were a large political change in Soviet Society....   [tags: Soviet History, Communism Economics]

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Reflective Account of Your Experience in an Online Learning Environment

- Introduction The approach in this essay will be to dip into some firsthand experience of an online learning course in the accountancy sector. A number of models around the delivery of professional accountancy courses were experienced over a number of years. The essay will critically examine one case in particular, discussing and assessing the learning environment while also critically evaluating standards and best practice. The Learning Environment Case Study My first experience of a comprehensive online learning course was while undertaking a repeat taxation course with a private college for one of the larger accountancy bodies a number of years ago....   [tags: education throught the internet]

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An Account on Zen Buddhism and Contemporary Western Society

- In order to explain emptiness one must understand the principle of living in the moment, “rather than postponing life to some moment in the future”, Zen is practiced through the present moment, and what one derives from those experiences (Koller, 282). Dogen states that an individual must “Put [ones] whole mind into the practice of the Way. [Remembering] that [one] [is] only alive today in [the] moment”, which emphasizes the concept of oneness between experience and intellect (Koller, 282). One should not hinge on the past, or blindly dwell in the future; this will ultimately cause suffering to arise....   [tags: phylosophy, religion, emptiness]

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Account Management: Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002

- Most jobs these days will have some sort of connection with ethics. People are held to higher standards especially when it comes to having a job with more responsibilities or heavy interactions with others. Many people are taught ethics in school about what is not only right and wrong but also what is morally “right” and “wrong”. When it comes to a profession in accounting you have even more standards and rules to work by. The Institute of Management Accountants has continued to distribute an updated guidance on ethical issues you could have while practicing....   [tags: standards and rules to work by]

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Critical Account of Mill’s Liberty Principle

- There are essentially two polar views in relation to the liberty of people within society. Anarchist fundamentally believe that the state should have no power to impose limits on its people, whilst those in favour of total government control, believe that liberty should be disregarded and the state allowed to implement any law or policy that it so chooses. In his work ‘On Liberty (1859), John Stuart Mill outlines an alternative, which is a mix of these polar policies. He produced a formula which allows freedom of the individual with some limitations, which is now known as the ‘Liberty Principle....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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