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Fan Fiction in a Literary Context

- Fan Fiction in a Literary Context For most people, John F. Kennedy Jr was a character in a play, a character in a story, just the way Sherlock Holmes was. When he's lost, then people react very emotionally. Constantly rehearsing the details of somebody's life and death shows that people are trying to continue the story. We always try to do that when the story ends before we're prepared for the ending. - Neil Postman, chairman of the department of culture and communication at New York University[1] On the official Anne Rice web site[2] appears the following message: I do not allow fan fiction....   [tags: Fan Fiction Essays]

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Fan Fact or Fan Fiction?

- Long before stories were recorded on paper they were told through word of mouth. As the story was shared, it also changed. Storytellers could make any changes to the story that they saw fit without being punished. This same concept holds true with fan fiction. Fan fiction is a story written by a fan of a book, movie, comic, or television show depicting a mixture of characters, plotlines and settings that appear in the original work. Like folklore, fan fiction follows a basic storyline with concrete elements while reflecting the beliefs of the person telling the story (Schaffner 616)....   [tags: Novels, Remake]

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The Phenomenon of Fan Fiction

- A superhero is a type of fictional personality having unusual talents and powers. They most often appear in books of comics. After their triumph in the printed district, they have been featured in novels, TV series, radio serials, movies, and any other media. Most of them appearing in other media are tailored from comic strips, but exceptions and changes are common. Superheroes have had the typical characteristics of being athletic, tall, attractive and knowledgeable. A phenomenon refers to a circumstance, an occurrence or a fact that is perceptible by the senses....   [tags: hero, fictional personality, hobbies]

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Fan Fiction: The Impact of a Fan-made Genre

- What if Darth Vader had been one of the rebels as opposed to the face of the Empire. What if Huckleberry Finn’s story had continued, and detailed his ambitions of running west to Indian territory. What if the story of King Arthur and his knights had taken place in the future as opposed to the past. Questions such as these have been asked for as long as people have been reading for entertainment. Very rarely are questions such as these answered by the authors of the work, meaning that, if a reader is to have an answer, they have to create one themselves....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Guiding Light Fan Fiction

- Guiding Light Fan Fiction Abby goes to the park because she and Rick had a little fight, and she needed some air. She is in the park sitting under a tree minding her own business. She is just sitting there and doesn't hear the two men fighting behind her. She doesn't even hear one of the men pull out a gun. However she coincidentally turns around and sees one man shoot the other. She quickly gets up and runs home, catching only a quick glance of the man. The murderer sees her run away and quickly runs the other way, being careful not to slow down....   [tags: essays papers]

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Fan Fiction

- Slowly I turn in a circle as I take in everything around me. Next to me Percy mumbles something about an orientation film, and gestures for me to follow him. I ignore him and turn in a circle again. My breath is taken away. “It’s beautiful,” I whisper. Percy nods impatiently, “Now come on, Annabeth…” his voice trails off, “Actually, I need to go. I’ll catch up with you later.” He runs off, leaving me standing alone. I turn again and my eyes fall onto a little girl sitting by a small fire. I walk over....   [tags: Story, goddess]

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Fan Culture in Sports and Science Fiction Enthusiasts in the 1920s

- The term “fan” was originally used to describe sports fans during the nineteenth century and was later adopted by science fiction enthusiasts in the 1920s. The term “fan,” however, is used for describing a type of person who is enthusiastic, or fanatic about a certain subject. Popular fan culture, nicknamed “fandoms,” have become an integral part of society in many countries, and have connected people sharing a common interest through online communities where they can freely discuss fan related topics....   [tags: fanatic, fandom, media]

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The Guide and Basics to Tumbir

- Tumblr is a community of blog's. Filled with fandom's, fan fiction and URLs. Tumblr is a place where everyone can find something each person can enjoy. I am part of multiple fandom's. Some people are more into fashion blog's or animal blog's. Most people have their personal blog where they post things they enjoy. Some people have blog's about a movie or TV show's they enjoy. You can have many blog's, all linked to the same account. Tumblr makes it easy to run many blog's at the same time. It's a wonderful place for all to come....   [tags: community of blogs, fan fiction, URLs]

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Paddy Clarke Continuation in Author's Style

- He looked at me and half smiled. He looked nervous as he waked in. he was going to say something. I thought he was. He didn’t. He just put the parcels on the big armchair in the parlour. He sat by the fire, he smiled an empty smile. Still silence. “Patrick, give me a hand love,” ma said. I walked to the kitchen, she handed me a drink for Da. I wondered if they would spend the day in different rooms. As I gave him the drink I wondered if he knew how I felt when he left. Did he care how I felt. Things had to be so proper; men shake hands; men don’t hug....   [tags: fan fiction, narrative essay]

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Online Fan Communities and the Media

- Fan Culture is something that has been around for a while, but it the last twenty years, since the introduction of the Internet, it is also something that has changed dramatically. A fan is an enthusiast of something and now the Internet is a good home for fans to gather and build together a community of fans, a ‘Fandom’. The turn Fandom means a community of a group of people who all enjoy them same thing and the Internet has created a place for online communities. Fan Culture has irreversibly changed the media industry because of the ability share information and fan made created content....   [tags: Fan Culture, Fandom]

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Science Fiction Differences Between Britain and America

- “Live long and prosper” may be the words which bring back good memories for the average geek in America but this may not be the case for a typical British geek. This is despite the fact that science fiction series in television have been hugely popular in both the U.S. and the U.K. all throughout history. After the 1960s, ‘New Wave’ science fiction began to take over television screens. ‘New Wave’ refers to science fiction which was characterized by a high degree of experimentation (Wolfe). It was during this time when the U.S and the U.K started to telecast science fiction series which had a huge impact on society....   [tags: Science Fiction]

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Science Fiction : A Genre Of Speculative Fiction

- When hearing the term “science fiction” one would imagine a film filled with unrealistic gadgets, humans with super powers and even technology of the future. However, science fiction is much more than that. Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction dealing with whimsical concepts such as futuristic settings, futuristic science and technology, space and time travel, parallel universes and extraterrestrial life. Over time, this genre has changed and thrived due to an increase in available technology and science which led to an increase in special effects and filming techniques....   [tags: Science fiction, Science fiction film, Metropolis]

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Popular Fan Culture

- The term “fan” was originally used to describe sports fans during the nineteenth century and was later adopted by science fiction enthusiasts in the 1920s. The term “fan,” however, is used for describing a type of person who is enthusiastic, or fanatic about a certain subject. Popular fan culture, nicknamed “fandoms,” have become an integral part of society in many countries, and have connected people sharing a common interest through online communities where they can freely discuss fan related topics....   [tags: enthusiastic, fanatic]

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Harry Potter Fan Forums Will Be Executed

- Through this paper, an analysis of Harry Potter fan forums will be executed. The analysis of this online audience will demonstrate how Harry Potter fans have used online communities, particularly those created through fan fiction and fan forums, as a means of self-expression. Concepts such as Gwenllian-Jones main text, subtext, and reading against the grain, Hill’s participatory culture, and Jenson’s fandom pathologies, and obsession, will demonstrate how Harry Potter fans, or Potterheads as they are referred to, have kept the magic of the books alive, well after the series ended....   [tags: Harry Potter]

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American and British Science Fiction in Television

- “Live long and prosper” may be the words which bring back good memories for the average geek in America but this may not be the case for a typical British geek. This is despite the fact that science fiction series in television have been hugely popular in both the U.S. and the U.K. all throughout history. After the 1960s, ‘New Wave’ science fiction began to take over television screens. ‘New Wave’ refers to science fiction which was “characterized by a high degree of experimentation” (Wolfe). It was during this time when the U.S and the U.K started to telecast science fiction series which had a huge impact on society....   [tags: Integration into Culture]

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Sci Fi (Science Fiction) and Fantasy

- ... Many ancient beliefs from different cultures featured fantastic creatures and places and people with incredible magical powers. Gulliver’s Travels, written in 1726 by Jonathan Swift is considered one of the first true Science Fantasy novels. It is a tale about a man encountering all sorts of strange and seemingly otherworldly things during his trips. In the early nineteenth century Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was published, a book featuring a ‘mad scientist’ and his experiment gone wrong. This would later become a classic plot line used in many science fiction films....   [tags: creative, future, reader, viewer]

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social Science Fiction In Asimovs Work

- PART I"Social science fiction?"Science fiction is a term familiar to many people. This is especially true due to the tremendous influence of television. But the term "social science fiction," although not heard too often, is a term is descriptive of most of today's science fiction literature."But what does it mean?"Social science fiction is the term given to literature "which is concerned with the impact of scientific advance upon human beings."(1) It is to be set apart from the adventure or "gadget" science fiction which is characterized by simplistic plots and flat characters....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Science Fiction Legends: Star Trek

- Star Trek took the world by storm with its futuristic scenarios and outlandish ideas, which opened up the doors for science fiction in America as it gained recognition and popularity all across the world. It started as a television series in the 1960’s to becoming a multi-billion dollar franchise including 5 television series, 12 movies, and selling a magnitude of merchandise (Star Trek). People tend to look past the fact that Star Trek was so influential on the world, all they see is men and women in weird suits fighting aliens in space....   [tags: 1960's TV shows]

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Literary Review of Sexuality and Gender in Science Fiction Literature

- Literary Review My argument is that SF literature offers a utopian hope for the future where individual differences are no longer criticized. To conduct this literature review I used multiple information sources to examine issues of gender and sexuality within science fiction literature. None of these sources claim to have produced a conclusive work on the interpretation of gender and sexuality in SF. Some of what I have read seems to be a general overview while some is more focused, but everything clearly references other theorists, studies and texts to back up the arguments made....   [tags: Masculinity, Utopia, Queer Narratives]

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The Science Fiction Villain Treatment

- The Science Fiction Villain Treatment Alfred Hitchcock once said "The better the villain, the better the film" and this year's Hollywood filmmakers have abided by this golden rule as there was no stopping this year's blockbusters from having a whole horde of villainous characters spreading their wings onto the big screen, making the darker side more appealing for audiences. Everybody has gone villain this year, from Tom Cruise, Halle Berry to Spiderman's sworn enemy Dr Octopus, played by Alfred Molina....   [tags: Papers]

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Cyberpunk and Science Fiction

- Cyberpunk and Science Fiction Science fiction can be defined as a method of story telling that steps outside of the box of life as we know it and into the realm of the impossible. Science fiction works are often designed to be only truthful in the eyes of the author and the reader. However, there are times when either a science fiction work parallels closely to the future of our world and therefore becomes a possibility or life pursues a science fiction-like ideal making the quest heroic in itself....   [tags: Cyberpunk Computers Technology Papers]

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Travel Writing - Non-Fiction

- Travel Writing - Non-Fiction Burnley born un' bred. Believe it or not, I'm actually quite proud of my home town. I'm also a loyal supporter of Burnley F.C, taking excessive amounts of time and money to travel the length and bredth of the country watching the mighty Claret and Blues - loyal or stupid. Oh how I often wonder . . . And here I am now, sitting in the Bob Lord Stand watching the Worthington Cup tie between Burnley and our neighbours Blackpool. The game isn't so enthralling....   [tags: Papers]

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Gothic Fiction

- Gothic fiction is erotic at the root according to Punter. From your reading of Frankenstein and Dracula how far would you agree with Punter's interpretation. "Gothic fiction is erotic at the root" according to Punter. From your reading of Frankenstein and Dracula how far would you agree with Punter's interpretation. In your essay you should consider: -· The author's portrayal of eroticism and sexuality (in all its forms) through characters. -· Relevant social/cultural concerns during the period the novels were written....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Role of Science Fiction Serial Doctor Who in British Culture

- ... Who, who doesn’t like his companions) and presents the “Secrets of Dr. Who”: In his own day, somewhere in our future, he decided to search for a time or for a society or for a physical condition which is ideal, and having found it, to stay there. He stole the machine and set forth on his quest. He is thus an extension of the scientist who has opted out, but he has opted farther than ours can do, at the moment. And having opted out, he is disintegrating. The authorities of his own (or some other future) time are not concerned merely with the theft of an obsolete machine; they are seriously concerned to prevent his monkeying with time, because his secret intention, when he...   [tags: classic series vs new one comparison]

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Evaluation of the Farscape TV Show

- Summer break of 2011 had just started and I was looking for some entertainment. Being a big science fiction fan I was sure that I had gone through all the franchises, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Stargate. Bored and yearning for something new I decided to do some browsing. Then I came across a show called Farscape. I had heard of the show in passing, but never gave it a second look. This had been a mistake on my part as I quickly realized Farscape was my new favorite show. Farscape aired on the Sci Fi channel from 1999-2004, during its syndication it won several awards and became a cult hit....   [tags: science fiction television shows]

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My Interest Was Piqued When I Sat Down

- My interest was piqued when I sat down in Ms. Rainwater’s class to observe her facilitate the students’ writing of their fan fiction assignment. I wanted to learn more about her style of teaching writing and how she managed to incorporate thought provoking writing assignments in the greater scope of standards, novels, and adolescence apathy. I met with Samantha every week as part of a practicum class that is held at Richland Northeast High School. This rapport helped tremendously when I sat down to write interview questions for her....   [tags: Writing, Education, Fiction writing]

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Prose Roleplay : The Unknown Medium

- Prose Roleplay: The Unknown Medium When you think of the term ‘roleplaying’ many things might come to mind: The man in his early 30’s still living in his parent’s basement – licking the nacho cheese crumbs from his fingers whilst playing World of Warcraft. The girl desperately trying to keep her fingers out of harm’s way as she frantically tries to finish her costume before the big LARP event at noon. The group of close friends sitting down after weeks of planning to finally start a Dungeons & Dragons campaign....   [tags: Writing, Fiction, Creative writing, Writing style]

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Reflection Paper About Myself A Little Because My Experience

- Before reviewing Ron Carlson, I would want to talk about myself a little because my experience is related to what I got from Carlson’s book: I started writing stories when I was in fourth grade. The only reason I began writing was because I saw someone writing fan fictions on the web and I though it was cool. Sadly I kind of went into another direction where I created some original characters(OC) and let these OCs interact with the characters in the story and ended up became some sort of Mary Sue thing that I will never look at in my life again.(Mary Sue: Where you put a original character into some existed franchise and makes your character the greatest person in the world, everybody just...   [tags: Fiction, Short story, Novel, Writing process]

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The Start of the New World: A Narrative Fiction

- ... We'd been through this before, each of us. Flabby and soundless or howling in pain, our last two had luckily died within hours. There had been a time when hope wasn't a sharp knife and babies were coveted. I am the one that remembers but they won’t listen. What is left of that time. Nothing, but me. We live underground in a series of caves, deep in the clay. As a filter, it doesn't rid us of the poison but gets out most; which was the best you could hope for. Under the earth we plant our fungus crops, herd our pale animals, and store our food....   [tags: radiation, baby, shaman, trees]

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The Analysis of Steampunk Elements in Various Video Games

- Since its emerge as a genre of science fiction in the 1980s steampunk has transformed into a sub-culture with developing fan communities all around the world. Its distinctive features based on Victorian fashions, recreation of this fashion with modern tools and equipment, and solving modern day’s problems with steam powered, bronze coated unrealistic machinery. (Ferguson 66). Although the elements that created steampunk were mainly based on fashion, Rebecca Onion expanded this idea by claiming most steampunk works based on aestheticism, and a relationship of visuality between retro-Victorian style and contemporary technology (Onion 138)....   [tags: science fiction, genre, steampunk, sub culture]

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Ridley Scott's Blade Runner

- Ridley Scott's Blade Runner In 1982 Ridley Scott’s movie “Blade Runner” was quietly released and received mixed reviews7. As time passed the movie’s fan base expanded and today, many consider it to be one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time. Numerous people consider it Harrison Ford’s greatest acting role, which, considering the competition consisting of Han Solo and Indiana Jones, is no small feat. Originally, critics missed or were confused by the philosophical questions the movie posed but as more people saw it, the movie’s brilliance was gradually realized....   [tags: Movies Science Fiction Papers]

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Techniques and Styles of Ray Bradbury and What Influenced Them

- Ray Bradbury’s style of writing always included hidden meanings that present a central theme of the dangers of unchecked technology. Many factors in Ray Bradbury’s life had contributed to his style of writing and the themes that he wanted to present to society. Some factors that influenced Bradbury were events such as the Cold War and the writings of other writers such as Edgar Allen Poe. Bradbury’s style of writing was shaped by many factors in his life such as world events, his techniques learned from famous writers, and the progress of society....   [tags: cold war, science fiction, ]

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Character Wallace And If He Was Going At Be Charlie 's Sobriety

- I had one piece of feedback about the character Wallace and if he was going to be Charlie’s sobriety. I have never thought about Wallace much in the long haul of the story, but I have to say that it did get my motor going. “Is it possible that Wallace is the key to her "sobriety"?” The way I distinguished between the actionable feedbacks was to picture the end of the story. As of now I am having trouble seeing Wallace in the picture for a long period of time or if he is in the story longer he might only be in small portions here and there....   [tags: Character, Fiction, Protagonist, Writing]

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A Woman Is Human By Virginia Woolf

- "A woman is human. She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative, or more responsible than a man. Likewise, she is never less. Equality is a given. A woman is human.” Vera Nazarian said. Nowadays, gender equality becomes a popular topic; however, the rootstock of inequality between men and women took root since several years ago even in fiction. Shakespeare’s sister, by the name of Judith, is a fictional character that created by Virginia Woolf. Did Shakespeare have a sister....   [tags: Gender, Woman, English literature, Fiction]

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Green Is Not For A Bad Man

- Over the past few years, there had been one been debated about; it appears that Young Adult literature has been based around one man, John Green. However, Green is not in any way a bad man, he is a quite popular figure in society, he does have a high standing among teens with YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter, his voice simply holding power (Ramano, 2014). His books provide a real glance into the troubles of a teen coming of age in the real world, which is nothing close to perfect (Romano, 2014). However, the main discussion is the power he has in the genre, stating his voice is taking away from the woman writers (Ramano, 2014)....   [tags: Gender, Female, Gender role, Young-adult fiction]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Psychology Of Fiction '

- The Psychology of Fiction Reading a fictional story can temporarily alter personality and actions. Whether it be the genre and theme of the story, or what the characters say, fictional works can alter a reader’s perception. There are many studies on the experiences of others affecting someone else’s behavior. In the past few years, there have been some studies on the experiences and personality of a fictional character in a story affecting the reader’s actions. When a character experiences a loss of a family member, for example, the reader might subconsciously react by having a drop mood for a day....   [tags: Fiction, Novel, Character, Style]

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The Issue Of Science Fiction

- You Must be This Daedalean to Join Perhaps most of what is considered “science fiction” today do not deserve such a prestigious title. Rather, they should fall under the genre of space adventure, or one of the many fantasy genres. This is what Philip K. Dick argues in an essay titled My Definition of Science Fiction. He regards stories that simply take place in the future—typically in space—cannot automatically be considered science fiction even if they involve advanced technologies beyond our current understanding of the universe....   [tags: Science fiction, Fiction, Short story, Mind]

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Science Fiction : A Space Odyssey

- The History of science fiction is one of mankind’s richest forms of true expression, captured by the imagination. Even as make-believe as science fiction may be seem in its time, It more often than not plays on real life concepts and cultural issues of mankind’s present day climate, only slightly skewed from reality. It is these concepts that have the power to immerse audiences into something so rich that it’s slightly slanted factuality, from reality, causes little concern. Science fiction plays on concepts of paranoia, anxieties, invasion and exploration that are often at the centre of social and cultural issues of modern day life here on Earth....   [tags: Frankenstein, Science fiction, Novel]

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Importance Of Science Fiction ( Sf )

- 1.1. The importance of science fiction (SF) in our time is on the increase. First, there are strong indications that its popularity in the leading industrial nations (United States, USSR, United Kingdom, Japan) has risen sharply over the last 100 years, despite all the local and short-range fluctuations. SF has particularly affected such key strata or groups of modern society as college graduates, young writers, and the avant-garde of general readers appreciative of new sets of values. This is a significant cultural effect which goes beyond any merely quantitative census....   [tags: Fiction, Literature, Utopia, Genre]

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Plot As An Element Of Fiction

- Plot as an element of fiction. “The Only Way Is Through” is a short story about a teenager, Derek, who is portrayed to be a bothered and rebellious child up to a point where his parents had given up on him. In this story, different elements of fiction have been used. Elements of fiction are used to help writers create legitimate truths since the characters portrayed in the stories never existed in real life and neither did the events in the story happen in real life. The plot is one of the elements of fiction that has been used in this story....   [tags: Fiction, Plot, Subplot, The Reader]

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Importance Of The Elements Of Fiction

- 01 Nov. 2015 The Importance of the Elements of Fiction Every story is arranged in a specific way to portray a precise meaning. The author places the narrative in certain time frames, environments, and social spheres adding different characters so the reader is able to gain a distinct perspective on the central idea the story is centered on. Plot, character, setting, and point of view, are vital elements to the effectiveness of a story. When comparing and contrasting any two stories, we can see these elements of fiction present regardless of the end result....   [tags: Fiction, Narratology, Narrative, Narrator]

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Fiction : A Fictional Story

- Fiction is primarily aimed at eliciting emotions of others. When a reader becomes deeper engaged in a fictional story, they often forget how fictional the story really is and enthralled in the characters.This deeper connection in turn leads to an experience of the emotions of the characters; causing a deeper connection to the reading. According to Bruner (Bruner J 1986), a person reading fiction will react more towards a story than when you would read a non-fictional story because fiction provides a safe place for a reader to be able to experience emotions without the need for being self conscious....   [tags: Fiction, Narrative, Narratology, Character]

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Pulp Fiction, by Quentin Tarantino

- The movie Pulp Fiction, directed by Quentin Tarantino, contains violence, sex and drugs but is an underlying religious film. The five main characters either follow the lord and are rewarded or they follow the devil and are punished. John Travolta plays Vincent Vega, Ving Rhames plays Marcellus Wallace and Uma Thurman plays Mia Wallace, these three characters represent evil and sin. Samuel L. Jackson plays Jules Winnefield and Bruce Willis plays Butch Coolidge and these characters represent good and follow a righteous path....   [tags: Pulp Fiction Essays]

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The Popularity of Science Fiction

- “Science fiction is the major non-realistic mode of imaginative creation of the human age. It is the principal cultural way humans locate themselves imaginatively in time and space” (Franklin 2). Science fiction’s domain is based on the possible. It ranges from the present Earth the human mind knows to the limits of any possible universes the human imagination can project, whether its the past, present, future, or alternative time-space continuums (Franklin 1). Science fiction embraces the American ideology of technological utopianism such as beliefs that technological advances will improve human and social cultural relations fiercely....   [tags: non realistic mode, imagination, fiction]

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The Historical Fiction Of Ernest Hemingway

- Throughout the twentieth century a wide variety of novels began to hit the shelves of bookstores in America. Books written about anything from dystopian futures to memoirs of recent years past filled the bookshelves of Americans during the time period. Historical fiction seems to be the most significant of these genres, however, as it teaches people of the past to educate them for a better future. Men learn from their past mistakes, and when man’s mistakes are told as tales, one is more inclined to listen if the story entertains him....   [tags: Fiction, Literature, Novel, American literature]

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Science And Religion : Science Fiction

- In the world in which we live in today, science and religion as a whole are considered to be opposites. While many have tried to combine the two to make a cohesive argument as to how the world came to be and the rules that guide it, for example creationism, the general consensus is that the two are completely separate sets of beliefs that do not complement each other. While this is a popular opinion in today’s world, the science fiction genre does not cater to the real world. One of science fiction’s most identifiable qualities is that it does not confine to reality or society’s rules of universal order....   [tags: Frankenstein, Science fiction, Paradise Lost]

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Sinclair's The Jungle: The Need for Rules and Regulations

- Imagine going to work and being sprayed by a scorching splash of molten metal. Wouldn't that be just terrible. Unfortunately for the working-class Americans of the early 20th century (who worked in a steel-factory of sorts), this hellish scene was a reality for them (Sinclair 215). Upton Sinclair's book The Jungle, a ficticious yet all-the-more realistic novel about the Chicago meat packing industry (and just working/life conditions in general for city-dwelling Americans at the time), follows Jurgis Rudkus --- A Lithuanian immigrant trying to live the “American dream”....   [tags: fiction, novel, capitalism]

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Themes in Science Fiction

- Over the many years of English literature and various forms of media, the ideals of the times and of the creators of these works have changed; some drastically, some possibly not as much. The genre of science fiction is no exception. Take, for example, two of the most widely-known science fiction novels in the history of English literature: The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds, written in the late 1800s in Victorian England by H.G. Wells—novels which, quite arguably, revolutionized the science fiction genre—and their modern theatrical counterparts....   [tags: science fiction, persuasive]

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The Popularity Of Science Fiction

- By the 1950s, the film industry was in full swing, and going to the movies became a routine pastime for many. One way in which studios kept audiences returning to movie theatres occurred with the development of science fiction films. Though science fiction films had already been around for decades with films such as A Trip to the Moon and Frankenstein, it became an overwhelmingly popular genre and was in its prime throughout the 1950s. The production of science fiction films drew audiences in, becoming one of the most significant genres of the decade....   [tags: World War II, Nuclear weapon, Science fiction]

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Fiction Vs. Real Life

- Fiction or Real Life in Literacy Work In literature people cannot notice how much fiction or real life is in a story, even though, sometimes writers base their stories with personal events or people who have marked their lives in many ways, that inspires them to write their books. How does an author real experiences affect their literary work. Authors usually based experiences into their fiction, when the writer incorporates events of their life in their stories, it makes readers feel like the situation is telling is real and can be more convincing and makes it believable, and occasionally makes readers to create an atmosphere in which they can relate to the situation....   [tags: Fiction, Literature, Short story, Reality]

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Analysis Of The Novel ' The ' Of The New Weird Science Fiction '

- Nextopia: Futures in Fiction In order to clearly and effectively discuss literature, there exists a series of terms that are generally agreed upon. These terms serve as a shorthand when discussing aspects of a written work. They include a list of literary devises, genres, subgenres, and periods during which a work was written. These external structures are an integral part of literary theory and criticism. Occasionally the popular terms and methods of classification fall short, especially when new variants of old themes, or new social ideas, appear in writing....   [tags: Science fiction, Fiction, Novel, Literature]

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The Science Fiction Genre Of Frankenstein And Blade Runner

- The science fiction genre has changed drastically over the past hundred years. From simple beginnings with painted backgrounds, the genre has adapted to special effects by the updating technology. Even films that share the similarity of genre can differ vastly from each other. An example of this would be the science fiction films Frankenstein (James Whale, 1931) and Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982). While these two films share the same genre they do not share much else. The time period between the two films creates a gap between the overall look and storyline....   [tags: Science fiction, Science fiction film]

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Drama vs. Fiction

- The differences between drama and fiction are relatively small and there are many things that are similar between drama and fiction. This makes sense as they are both literary forms that are trying to pass stories along to the reader or watcher. These elements are the building blocks of any story and are pretty much required. Where drama and fiction differ though is what makes each one its own form. Plots. A plot is needed for a good work of fiction and it is also needed for a good work of drama....   [tags: fiction, drama, compare, persuasive]

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Gothic Fiction : Edgar Allan Poe

- Edgar Allan Poe is able to show that Gothic literature can be taken very seriously but also that there are many faults to the genre. He is able to expertly write serious Gothic fiction and satirical Gothic fiction, as well as a peculiar medley of the two, wherein he combines the greater parts of the two genres. The way Poe uses Gothic devices in this story can be conveyed as both serious and parodic; showing both the horror and the comedy in the Gothic writing style. Poe shows how trivial the Gothic genre can become when overusing darkness and decay....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic fiction]

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Fiction vs. Non-fiction Boundaries

- Fiction vs. Non-fiction Boundaries Blurring the boundaries between Fiction and Non-Fiction has always been a great way for authors to make their points, yield their arguments, and to keep interest. Some may even be inclined to believe that there is not a definite boundary between the areas of fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is often used throughout non-fiction writings as more of a point of view than a character in itself. This voice is not exactly a character in the text, but it still exercises an attitude toward the material to help control the writing....   [tags: Books Literature fiction True Essays]

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Literary Fiction ' Hunters On The Snow ' By Tobias Wolff

- Literary Fiction and Hunters in the Snow by Tobias Wolff Have you ever been plunged into a book, where your emotions are being drug around into real world problems, enabling you to understand life’s difficulties and empathize with others. According to “Perrine’s Literature Structure, Sound & Sense” by Greg Johnson, Thomas Arp, and Laurence Perrine, this is exactly what literary fiction does. “Literary fiction, however, is written by someone with serious artistic intentions who hopes to broaden, deepen and sharpen the reader’s awareness of life (Johnson).” Literary fiction can be observed through the story “Hunters in the Snow” by Tobias Wolff, as the text is throwing your emotions aro...   [tags: Fiction, Short story, Novel, Genre fiction]

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Analysis Of Alice Munro 's ' Meneseteung '

- There is no singular method to tell a story. Whether any specific choice of descriptive language is used, what details are emphasized or omitted, or what emotional response is trying to be provoked, narrative falls victim to both humanity 's limited sensory traits and our own biases. While not necessarily ideal, it is inescapable. Alice Munro 's short story “Meneseteung” plays around with both how a story can be told, who can tell a story, and the process in which a story can be formed. Meneseteung is superficially a brief chronicle of the life of a writer named Almeda Roth....   [tags: Narrative, Fiction, First-person narrative]

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Short Story : Bowling Green State University

- Breath Before You Write it’s Okay. Sabrina mosley Bowling Green State University I have always loved creative writing and the aspect of creating a story, but after coming to college i learned that i don 't do much creative writing. Everything in my classes are a mix between persuasive and argumentative writing. Im also not a big fan of writing argumentative essays because i had a college professor when i was in high school who was very strict. He didn’t like when student had their own ideas....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Writer, Fiction writing]

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John Gardner and The Art of Fiction

- John Gardner and The Art of Fiction After reading The Art of Fiction by John Gardner, I am definitely more knowledgeable on the topic of writing fiction than I was before. The first sentence of this book reads, "This is a book designed to teach the serious beginning writer the art of fiction" (ix). I believe it does just that and perhaps much more. The book is divided into two main sections: "notes on literary-aesthetic theory" and "notes on the fictional process." This allows the reader to hear commentary on two very different views of fiction, thus giving the aspiring writer a well-rounded understanding of the subject....   [tags: The Art of Fiction]

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Can Empathy Be Improved Through Literary Fiction?

- Can Empathy Be Improved Through Literary Fiction. Reading is an important tool in language development in children. As they grow older and reach secondary school it evolves into looking deeper into the themes and motifs of the narratives studied. This maturation of concepts helps individuals identify complex ideas and possibly aid in developing empathy. According to Scientific American’s article Novel Finding: Reading Literary Fiction Improves Empathy (2013), researchers have found evidence that suggests that reading literary fiction may improve a reader’s ability to grasp what others think or feel....   [tags: Literature, Fiction, Better, Genre]

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The Pernicious Pandemic : What Makes An Apocalyptic Science Fiction Thriller Successful?

- The Pernicious Pandemic What makes an apocalyptic science fiction thriller successful. Science fiction is a lasting genre filled with everything from aliens to zombies to time travel. People everywhere are constantly excited to see what the latest Sci Fi thriller is going to inquire about next. Science fiction can relate to just about any topic, but to be successful and exciting, there are a few key aspects that need to be included into the story. In the film Contagion, directed by Steven Soderbergh in 2011, there is an outbreak of the MEV-1 virus, and it becomes a horrendous pandemic within weeks....   [tags: Science fiction, Science fiction film]

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Mr. Fox And The Fiction And Fairy Tales Together

- Mr. Fox is one of the most enchanting and interesting books that I have read recently, and Helen Oyeyemi is also a highly inventive storyteller. She combines the reality, the fiction and fairy tales together, creating different characters and plots. Some characters are serious or ironic. Other characters can fall in love immediately with others or kill their lovers. I can feel the warm atmosphere when the characters are docile and romantic, and I also can feel the pains when characters stuck in the puzzles....   [tags: Love, Fiction, Romance, Christopher Nolan]

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Not A Fan Of Religion At All

- If you’re going to take one thing from this book, here it is. All life, all existence, all experiences, all circumstances, all laws and rules fall under this single phrase: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” 
Proverbs 23:7 Those are the words of Jesus. If you’re not a fan of Jesus, well how about Buddha when he said “the mind is everything, what we think, we become.” Not a fan of religion at all. Fine. How about Bruce Lee who said “as you think so shall you become.” Don’t like him either....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Unconscious mind, Psychology]

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I Have A Fan Of The Arts

- I have always been a fan of the arts. Drawing, painting, and sculpting are some of the hobbies that I have partaken in from elementary school all the way up to my senior year of high school. Creating new works of art and bringing the ideas in my head to life are some of the greatest moments I have had as a student. Art has always been one of my passions; however, I had never stretched my knowledge of the arts by trying new hobbies. I also never thought that I would fall in love with a hobby that I just started in....   [tags: Photography, Camera, Baseball, High school]

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Snow Flower And The Secret Fan

- Lisa See’s 2005 novel, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, discusses the role money and class has in nineteenth Century China. The family dynamic is shattered due to the desire to achieve economic stability. Early in the novel, Lily seems to have a complicated relationship with her family because daughters were not valued during the nineteenth century. Lily describes her relationship with her mother as, “I was a third child, a second worthless girl, too little to waste time on until it looked like I would survive my milk years....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Interpersonal relationship]

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Analysis Of Tzvetan Todorov 's Detective Fiction

- Tzvetan Todorov views detective fiction as literature that speaks for itself and needs no introduction. According to Todorov, detective fiction should adapt to its new genre instead of going beyond traditional literature (43). Todorov views detective fiction as two separate entities: the crime that establishes the groundwork of the story and the investigation that backtracks the crime in a logical manner. Todorov believes that these stories, “in their purest form,” are completely independent from each other but are essential in the creation of a detective story (43)....   [tags: Detective fiction, Edgar Allan Poe]

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The Biggest Fan Of Sports

- Some of the common forms of entertainment are television shows and movies, but there is also another form of entertainment that manages to bring family, friends, and just people in general together. Sports manages to do that, and it doesn’t even matter if you know the person or not, what matters is that you happen to share a common interest. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of sports, but one sport that I am a huge fan of is soccer. Players don’t score many points in an average game of soccer, but when they do it’s always a moment you’ll never forget....   [tags: Broadcasting, Television, Radio, Advertising]

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Henry James' The Art of Fiction

- Henry James' The Art of Fiction In an essay written in response to an essay written by Walter Besant, both titled "The Art of Fiction", Henry James provides both a new understanding of fiction and greater understand of his own works. James analyses, however briefly, the process of creation of a work of fiction, readers' responses to it, and the requirements of the work and the author. James' language within this essay may be in need of some levity, but he does occasionally break through the haze to make a very strong and effective point: "[T]he only condition that I can think of attaching to the composition of a novel is…that it be sincere" (161) There is point in which over-analysis take...   [tags: Henry James The Art of Fiction]

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The Changing Role of Science Fiction

-    Science fiction means a lot of things to a lot of different people, thus a variety of definitions have arisen to allow for this. Perhaps the most simple of these can be found in the The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which states that science fiction is "fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals" (652). Most of academia, however, prefers an extended version from Darko Suvin, who says SF is: A literary genre whose necessary and sufficient conditions are the presence and interaction of estrangement and cognition, and whose main formal device is an imaginative framework alternative to the author's empirical environmen...   [tags: Science Fiction Essays]

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Reading Fiction Stories Helped Me Personally And Professionally

- , this essay will be arguing how reading fiction stories can help in enhancing one’s skills, imagination and creativity, certainly all these can be learnt through real life experiences. However I’ll be emphasizing more on how reading short fiction stories helped me personally and professionally. Fiction is a reflection of an author’s own imagination; it’s not much like a reality, as it doesn’t consist of fact-based details in it. The characters and the scenario are all imaginary things, where the characters aren’t bound to any rules and regulations as we are in our real life....   [tags: Short story, Reality, Fiction, John Cheever]

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Ray Bradbury : The Father Of The Science Fiction Genre

- Weiner 1 Ray Bradbury is considered by many as the father of the science fiction genre. However many believe he used his stories to criticize racism, technology, censorship, nuclear war, and human values. Many of his works were influenced by childhood experiences, his love of technology and his vivid imagination. He was known primarily for his science fiction short stories. Two of them are “Dark They Were and Golden Eyed,” and “A Sound of Thunder.” Both of these stories fall into the classification of Science Fiction, but they are set in different time frames and different places....   [tags: Time travel, Science fiction, Ray Bradbury]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' The Hunger Games '

- Purpose of Rhetorical Aim: Movie Review Questions The Hunger Games movie review provides a well rounded and for the most part complete overview of the story that is effect towards its audience. The work applies to an audience that is both young and old. To be completely honest the review can and does appeal to individuals of all ages. Considering that this particular review was written in Rolling Stone magazine though raises the possibility that it was aimed toward a younger audience, but that could be generalizing to much....   [tags: Young-adult fiction, The Hunger Games, Film]

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The Genre Of Science Fiction

- The Genre of Science Fiction      Science Fiction has been interpreted by many in a wrong way. Most people feel that the author is just in love with the future. However this is not the truth in most science fiction novels. The majority of Science Fiction books are more about the horrors of the future. In Fahrenheit 451 the author Ray Bradbury makes an argument for societies need to consider that the outcomes of science fiction might become realities. The origin of science fiction '…evolved from the industrial revolution that spawned notions of the rockets, robots, time machines, computers, satellites, matter-transports, and the like'; (Johnson 6)....   [tags: Science fiction Literature Bradbury Essays]

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The Dumbing Down of American Fiction

- The Dumbing Down of American Fiction The 1976 film "Network" is an acerbic satire of television's single-minded obsession with mass ratings.One of the film's main characters, Howard Beale, is called the "Mad Prophet of the Airways," and his weekly harangues produce a "ratings motherlode"--yet he constantly admonishes his viewers to "Turn the damn tube off!"During one such rant Beale berates his audience as functional illiterates: "Less than three percent of you even read books!" he shouts messianically--and then promptly collapses from a sort of apoplexic overload....   [tags: English Literature Fiction Books Essays]

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Interactive Fiction: Computer Games

- Interactive Fiction: Computer Games When I read a good novel I always imagine myself participating in the events, going on the journey with the characters. I can still clearly remember the first time I finished The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. I was 9 at the time, and the books had a great effect on me. When the story ended, it seemed like I had been along for the ride. Yet I had been involved in the action only as a bystander, nothing more than a ghost watching things happen, unable to effect the events that occurred or interact with the characters I had grown attached to....   [tags: Interactive Fiction Essays]

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Science Fiction: Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Independence Day

- The genre of what is called science fiction has been around since The Epic of Gilgamesh (earliest Sumerian text versions BCE ca. 2150-2000). The last 4000 years has evolved science fiction and combined it with all categories of genres comprising action, comedy, horror, drama, and adventure in many different ways. From chest bursting aliens, to robot assassins sent back in time science fiction has successfully captured the imagination of nearly everyone that has been introduced to it. The movies Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Independence Day are both examples of films created with the idea of advanced life existing outside the boarders of our own world....   [tags: science fiction, extraterrestrial life]

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The Least You Should Know About Any Work Of Fiction

- To Do: Apply Professor Dancoff’s “The Least You Should Know About Any Work of Fiction” 1. Identify the protagonist in 3-5 sentences, describe his/her life situation and basic personality, and then state his/her problem and/or primary motivation. What is the central idea, need, or problem that drives the protagonist. How does the protagonist change by the end of the story. What have they learned. The protagonist is a 10 year old Nigerian-American girl with an envious, jealous, and revengeful personality....   [tags: Family, Fiction, Culture, Coconut]

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Science Fiction: the Art of the Possible in Ray Bradbury's Sound of Thunder

- ... “‘Today, before our journey, we sent Lesperance here back with the Machine. He came to this particular era and followed certain animals... Time doesn't permit that sort of mess-­a man meeting himself...You felt the Machine jump just before we stopped. That was us passing ourselves on the way back to the Future. We saw nothing’”. Trip after trip back in time, all of the passengers were searching for a thrill. While doing so, they observed a whole new world. These individuals discovered knowledge on both their time and the time of the dinosaurs....   [tags: science fiction, time travel, safari]

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Così Fan Tutte

- Così Fan Tutte, ossia La scuola degli amanti, or more familiarly known as Così Fan Tutte, is one of Mozart’s last operas, translated as “Women are all alike, or The School of Lovers.” Being named as such, the principal theme of this opera is the fickleness and infidelity of women. The libretto of this piece was written by Lorenzo da Ponte, who was also the librettist for Don Giovanni and La nozze de Figaro, two other renowned operas of Mozart’s.1 This opera was first performed in Vienna at the Burgtheater, on January 26th, 1790.2 Though the exact origin of the story Ponte based his libretto on is unclear, many people at the time believed that the story was based on a scandal in Emperor Josep...   [tags: Musical Analysis ]

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Lee Jun Fan's Life and Accomplishments

- Lee Jun Fan, more commonly known as Bruce Lee, was born November 27th, 1940, in San Francisco, California. During this time it was the hour and year of the Dragon, in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Bruce was the fourth child of Lee Hoi Chuen and Grace Ho. Lee Hoi Chuen, Bruce’s father, was a comedic actor in the Chinese opera. Chuen and his wife were on tour in America with the opera company when Bruce was born. At three months old, Bruce and his family returned to Hong Kong. On the way back, Bruce became weak from the change in climates and the long ocean trip....   [tags: bruce lee, gung fu, green hornet, kato]

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