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Overview of Social Structural Explanations and Cultural Explanations

- Something we have discussed in our course over the past few class sessions, is a major debate between typically liberals and conservatives. How do we best explain and correct the major societal issues of today, such as inequality or education. On one side, we have many believing that these issues are caused by social structural factors that create an unequal playing field created by certain institutions and laws within our society. However, this is in direct contrast with what many conservatives see as the root cause of societal programs, and that is they see certain cultural norms within our society which they believe lead to said societal issues....   [tags: education, cultural explanation, social structure]

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Problems about Scientific Explanation

- Problems about Scientific Explanation Have you ever thought about the way your car works. The inner works of the engine, how does the fuel make it work, how does combustion lead to movement and is then passed to the wheels. If you have, what are you going to answer an 8-year-old kid when he asks: 'Why does the car move?'; Are you going to start explaining high school physics, mechanics, chemistry of combustion and the concept of friction. Or are you just going to say: 'Well, the car eats up gas, and that makes the engine move the wheels.'; Granted, the latter doesn't explain much about what a car is....   [tags: Van Fraassen Scientific Explanations Essays]

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Explanation of Rape

- ... Of minority groups, 34% of American-Indian women report being raped in their lifetime, the highest percentage of any group; the lowest percentage is Pacific Islander women, of whom only 7% report being raped in their lifetime (Tjaden and Thoennes 2006). The data suggests that rape occurs at an early age. Nearly a quarter of female rape victims and nearly one half of male rape victims were younger than 12 years old when first raped (Tjaden and Thoennes 2006). The percent of victims first raped when younger than 18 years of age is nearly three quarters for men and over half for women (Tjaden and Thoennes 2006)....   [tags: Victims, Theoretical Causes]

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Kitcher’s Account is of Accepted Explanation but not Correct Explanation

- In his paper Explanatory Unification, Kitcher argues that the theory of unification is a better explanatory theory than the covering law model. Where unification represents the purpose of scientific explanation as having an objective insight, the covering law model proposes a subjective insight. I will first summarize Kitcher’s argument for unification. I will then assert that unification is vulnerable to the metaphysical problem of causal theory and correct explanations. I will show how this objection challenges unification in two ways by using David Lewis’ example of the non-unified world....   [tags: theory of unification vs covering law model]

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The Explanation of Design in a Scene

- Explanation of design OPENING and MENU On scene 1, a short opening of the storyline of the movie will appear gradually, using text and images with different effects like brightness, tint, alpha… The introduction aims to make a favorable impression of the movie and hence stimulate users' interest. Also, users can save time by clicking SKIP button to enter the MENU page. The scene will stop at the image of the royal family tapestry, which at the same time is a button that gives users the choice whether to continue....   [tags: image, story, characters, effect]

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Scientific Explanation of Paranbormal Phenomena

- I've always been fascinated with the paranormal world, In fact many of my relative claim to have witnessed encounters. I understand there are skeptic out there but as for me I'm A believer. After a long day of family oriented activities, at nightfall my family would gather and exchange stories. Each one sharing unique other worldly experience, which taught them a life lesson, frightened them, or just gave them another good story to share. I’ve done extensive research on the paranormal and I have to say it gives a sense of hope and security....   [tags: ghost hunters, skeptics]

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Explanation of Human Behavior

- Psychology as the article states is “it is a broad discipline, essentially spanning subject matter from biology to sociology. Psychologists have doctoral degrees. They study the intersection of two critical relationships: one between brain function and behavior, and another between the environment and behavior. As scientists, psychologists follow scientific methods, using careful observation, experimentation and analysis. But psychologists also need to be creative in the way they apply scientific findings.”(APA, 2014) How psychology developed into science is when Wilhelm Maximillian Wundt whom a German physician philosopher, physiologist and professor and also the founder of modern...   [tags: psychology, science, theories]

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Behavior Analysis Plan Explanation

- Behavior Analysis Plan Explanation Student: Sarah Grade: 4th grade Description of the Individual: She is nine years old and she comes from a middle class Caucasian family. She is normal height and weight for her age. According to the benchmarks and last year’s CRCT, she is performing at a typical fourth grade level. Behavior Problem or Issue: When the student is asked to do something that she does not want to do such as completing morning work she will fall to the floor, scream, and throw a temper tantrum....   [tags: case study, 4th grader throwing tantrums]

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An Explanation Of Terrorism

- An Explanation of Terrorism After browsing through Stephen E. Atkins book Terrorism, I soon learned many interesting things regarding the history of terrorism. It seems this form of protest has been around since Biblical times. Also, the main goal of a terrorist is not to do damage to one peticular person or place, but to gain publicity for an idea they support. (page 1) Evidence of this can be found by looking at the recent past of the United States. The Oklahoma bombing was one man's way of expressing his dislike of the government....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Philosophy: Everything in Nature Has an Explanation

- A. Egg Drop Lab B. Purpose: To Catch an egg with a contraption that allows it to be unharmed so it can be reused. C. Aristotle’s once widely accepted beliefs on physics were eventually proven false by the subsequent scientists, Galileo Galilei, and Isaac Newton, as they built upon each other’s ideas. Aristotle adamantly believed that everything in nature had an explanation, and also brought religion into science, a fatal mistake. Aristotle believed in the concept of 4 elements (air, earth, fire, and water) and relied upon them to support his explanations of forces in nature....   [tags: aristotle, newton, galilei]

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Policy Identification and Explanation Public Law

- Policy Identification and Explanation Public Law No. 107-56 Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act [USA PATRIOT Act] of 2001, Section 215 is responsible for access to records and other items under FISA, which stands for the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, this act was implemented during the George W. Bush administration after the September 11th terrorist attacks. These records can be, as listed in the original FISA document are “library circulation records, library patrons lists, book sales records, book customer lists, firearms sales records, tax return records and medical or educational records or any...   [tags: United States, Patriot Act, US Government]

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A Broad Explanation about Social Psychology

- This assignment aims to give a broad explanation about social psychology; establishing what the topic covers, its contribution to psychological research, what questions social psychologists set out to answer and how it is different to other psychological fields. The history of social psychology will be explored with reference to the social psychological ‘crises”. In the later part of this assignment influential research into obedience will be explored and evaluated with reference to its impact on social psychology....   [tags: history, difference to other psychology fields]

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Habits and Explanation

- Habits and Explanation Habits form a crucial part of the everyday conceptual scheme used to explain normal human activity. However, they have been neglected in debates concerning folk-psychology which have concentrated on propositional attitudes such as beliefs. But propositional attitudes are just one of the many mental states. In this paper, I seek to expand the debate by considering mental states other than propositional attitudes. I conclude that the case for the autonomy and plausibility of the folk-psychological explanation is strengthened when one considers an example from the non-propositional-attitude mental states: habits....   [tags: Psychology Science Papers]

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Scientrific Explanations from Psychologist

- In Hempel’s essay (1962) he defined the different types of scientific explanations. First he explains the rules of deductive-nomological explanation which are based on particular facts or general laws. This type of explanation explains the occurrence of an ‘explanandum event’ by showing that the event resulted from the particular circumstances in accordance with the laws. Probabilistic explanation also accounts for a given phenomenon by reference to general laws or theoretical principles, but these are of probabilistic-statistical form....   [tags: explanations, psychologist, model]

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The Need for an Explanation of Human Memory

- The Need for an Explanation of Human Memory Discuss the need for an explanation of human memory, which proposes that memory is a set of stages, rather than a single process. This essay is going to discuss the need for an explanation of human memory, which proposes that memory is a set of stages rather than a single process. Flanagan (1997) defines memory as "the mental function of retaining data, the storage system holding the data, and the data which is retained." It is evident from reviewing the literature that an explanation of memory as a set of stages proves to be more understandable than as a single process, the theories of memory all providing information about how memory is struct...   [tags: Papers]

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An Explanation of How the Internet Works

- An Explanation of How the Internet Works Have you ever thought how the Internet works. The research found here will help answer that question. The Internet is a complicated system. There are two main protocols that the Internet uses that allow you to transmit and there are certain procedures that allow you to receive information via the Internet. The Internet is very large and many things have to work correctly for information to get to your computer or to get from your computer to someone else's computer....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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The Quarrel About Historical Explanation

- The Quarrel About Historical Explanation The discussion of the philosophical question of historical explanation is in reality a disagreement concerning the nature of the philosophic method. There are primarily two sides taken in this argument, those who agree with Carl Hempel and those that do not. According to Hempel a historical event is only sufficiently explained when it logically fits a set of confirmed pre-existing conditions along with some universal laws. Certainly all things cannot easily be assigned to rules and laws....   [tags: essays research papers]

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An Explanation of Kenya's Population Distribution

- An Explanation of Kenya's Population Distribution There are many reasons why people do not live in the North and North East of Kenya, and reasons why people live in Central/Western Kenya. [IMAGE] Few people choose to live in the North and North East because of the poor water supply - with only about 15 inches of rainfall every year, water supplies are extremely limited. Without water, you can't live, which is a reason why that area is so unpopulated. A Long dry season and a semi-desert terrain make farming almost impossible because animals can not survive under such extreme temperatures on the Equator....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Metaphysical Explanation for the Number Three

- Metaphysical Explanation for the Number Three What is the Number Three. When examining what sort of existence the number three has, it is important first to understand exactly how it exists relevantly in the physical world. First of all, the primary existence of number three is not a tangible existence; one cannot walk through the forest and find threes growing wild with beautiful, silky, burnt orange and maroon spotted petals and green leaves. Second of all, the number three cannot do anything by itself to declare its own existence in the physical....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Utilitarianism: Explanation And Study of Criticisms

- Utilitarianism: Explanation And Study of Criticisms The dictionary definition of Utilitarianism is: 'The doctrine that the greatest happiness of the greatest number should be the guiding principal of conduct.' When making a moral decision, we should look at the outcome of an action. Whatever brings the greatest happiness to the most people is the morally 'right' decision. It is a consequentialist principal where the majority rules. It is also relative as each situation is looked at differently and will have a different outcome....   [tags: Papers]

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Explanation and Analysis of Stoic Philosophy

- Explanation and Analysis of Stoic Philosophy Stoicism is, without a doubt, one of the most widely misunderstood schools of Philosophy ever established and followed by a wide number of people. The common opinion of Stoic adherents is that they are merely cold, somber individuals dedicated to the idea that happiness is evil, emotion is to be avoided at all costs and pleasure is wicked. Although they do stress control over strong emotions and that pleasure is not the sole end of life, this is a gross misunderstanding of Stoicism....   [tags: Papers]

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Explanation of the Term Cabinet Government

- Explanation of the Term Cabinet Government The book ‘British Politics: Ideas and Concepts by Keith Pye and Richard Yates is an understandable guide to politics. It is split in to three sections- Concepts, Theory and Institutions. The chapter of interest to us is ‘The Executive’ which can be found in the Institutions section. This chapter goes over the basic principles associated with the Executive, discusses the make up and foundations of the same, and outlines the powers of the Prime Minister....   [tags: Papers]

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On Explanation: Aristotelean and Hempelean

- On Explanation: Aristotelean and Hempelean ABSTRACT: Given the great historical distance between scientific explanation as Aristotle and Hempel saw it, I examine and appraise important similarities and differences between the two approaches, especially the inclination to take deduction itself as the very model of scientific knowledge. I argue that we have good reasons to reject this inclination. In his recent studies showing Galileo's knowledge of and adherence to the deductive standards of explanation in science set forth by Aristotle, Wallace (1) remarks that this Aristotelean theory must not be confused with the contemporary deductive-nomological theory of Hempel and Oppenheim....   [tags: History Science Scientific Papers]

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Biological Explanation for Anorexia Nervosa

- Biological Explanation for Anorexia Nervosa Evidence for a faulty gene. AIMS: to see if concordance rates for anorexia are higher in MZ twins compared to DZ twins. This would provide evidence for a faulty gene causing the disorder because if one MZ twin develops anorexia, there should be 100% concordance (agreement) with the second MZ twin also suffering from it, since they share the same genes. The rates for DZ twins should be much lower because they share only 50% same genes....   [tags: Papers]

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Phantom Limbs: A Neurobiological Explanation

- Phantom Limbs: A Neurobiological Explanation Severely injuring a digit or limb can result in unrepentant damage and amputation. However, the painful sensations experienced in regard to that limb do not necessarily cease after amputation. The concept of feeling sensations in a limb that is no longer attached to the body is referred to as feeling a "phantom limb." This phenomenon is experienced by approximately 80%-100% of all patients who have lost a limb (1), and has therefore sparked wide interest in scientific community....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Explanation of the Term Miracle

- Explanation of the Term Miracle The term 'miracle' is defined in the Oxford dictionary as 1 "a remarkable and welcome event that seems impossible to explain by the means of the known laws of nature and which is therefore attributed to a supernatural agency".2 "a remarkable example or specimen, it's a miracle of ingenuity". The first meaning defines a miracle as being something great that happens, which goes against the laws of nature. The second meaning defines a miracle as being something that happens which was not expected, but people are grateful it has happened; for example, people would say that someone who recovered from a terminal illness would be a miracle...   [tags: Papers]

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Eichengreen and Temin’s Explanation of the Cause of the Great Depression

- Eight decades has elapsed since the outbreak of the Great Depression, but the continuing mystery of its cause keep provoking academic debates among scholars from various fields. Eichengreen and Temin joint the debates by linking the gold-standard ideology with the cause of the Great Depression. They content that because of this ideology monetary and fiscal authorities implemented deflationary policies when the hindsight shows clearly that expansionary policies were needed. And these contractionary policies consequently pushed the stumbling world economy into the Great Depression....   [tags: american history, great depression]

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Can Criminologists Provide an Adequate Explanation to Serial Killers

- This essay aims to provide an answer to whether or not criminologists can provide an adequate explanation for serial killing. Academic experts and police believe that serial killing is the rarest form of homicide, however a serial killer is categorised as an individual who has killed three or more people, who were previously unknown to the killer, with a ‘cooling-off’ period between killings. Psychological explanations of crime provide a unique way of looking at criminals. They are more focused on the individual itself, rather than its surroundings and thus have huge input into trying to explain and categorise serial killing....   [tags: forensic profiling, criminal psychology]

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An Explanation of Corporate Crime

- An Explanation of Corporate Crime This analytical source review will analyse and detail the views and opinions of four different sources including: The sociology of corporate crime: an obituary, Corporate Crime, Corporate Crime at the tip of the iceberg and White Collar and Corporate Crime. The topic this review will be primarily concerned with is corporate crime, the topic will be examined and the notion of ignorance towards the subject will be addressed. However in order to research and provide a review on the subject in hand a brief definition of corporate crime is required....   [tags: Papers]

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Explanation of Osmosis and Diffusion

- Explanation of Osmosis and Diffusion “Osmosis is the passage of water from a region of high water concentration through a semi-permeable membrane to a region of low water concentration, which will then become equal.” Diffusion, although at first may seem insignificant in nature, plays quite a major part. The most obvious example would be in cells, plant and animal alike. They have partially permeable membrane in order to let in things like water, and to prevent unwanted big chemicals such as sucrose from entering....   [tags: Papers]

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Explanation, Understanding, and Subjectivity

- Explanation, Understanding, and Subjectivity ABSTRACT: Many theorists of explanation from Hempel onward have worked with the explicit or implicit assumption that considerations of the subjective sense of understanding should be kept out of the formulation of a proper theory of explanation. They claim that genuine understanding of an event comes only from being in an appropriate cognitive relation to the true explanation of that event. I argue that considerations of the subjective sense of understanding cannot be completely removed from the process of formulating and justifying an acceptable theory of explanation....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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The Religious Believer's Explanation for the Existence of Evil and Suffering in the World

- The problem of evil and suffering presents a real problem to the religious believer because it compels them to accept conflicting claims that are logically impossible to reconcile. Religious followers often question the nature of God and whether or not he is the type of God we are led to believe. St Augustine said that if God cannot stop evil and suffering he is not all powerful if he will not stop evil and suffering then he is not all good. However Augustine did not actually believe this to be true he set it out as something which he was going to solve....   [tags: religion, faith, theology]

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Plato's Explanation of an Ideal State in his Work, The Republic

- What is the ideal state. This question has sparked debate since the very formation of organized political society. In Plato’s The Republic, Plato seeks to define justice and in doing so he seeks to explain the ideal just state. In Plato’s explanation of an ideal state, there is an extreme emphasis on unity and harmony. The reason unity and harmony are so important to Plato are because they are responsible for bonding together Plato’s ideal state and protecting it from tyranny. Plato explains at great length the framework which ties together the individual soul with the ideal political society....   [tags: The Republic]

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Psychology: The Study of Behavior and Mental Process

- ... In order to figure out something, you must first understand it. Therefore, psychology’s first goal is description. Description is naming and classifying specific behavior. It is based on careful, organized procedure as opposed to careless description of common sense. It involves figuring out what exactly is happening and studying every little detail about it such as where it normally happens, to whom it happens to, and under what conditions it seems to happen. The specific job of a psychologist is to study and carefully observe everything about their patient....   [tags: health, control, explanation]

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Explanation to Crime and Deviancy

- ... The two theories and Feminism a similar in that they view society as unfair or biased. According to them society is governed by the wealthy (bourgeoisie) and men (Patriarchy). They are the ruling class; thus they pass laws which only affect women and the working class (proletariat). Consequently these laws are broken by these groups of people in retaliation. However with this said feminism would nevertheless criticise Conflict theory and Marxism for their emphasis on class inequality more than gender inequality....   [tags: social behavior, marxism and conflict theory]

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Explanation of a Human Being

- People have many different descriptions of the nature of human beings. Basically, a human being belongs to the species Homo sapiens, whether a man, woman, or child. The term human being can be described many different ways, taking into account diverse lifestyles and such characteristics as trustworthiness and religious beliefs. For instance, human beings have diverse life styles. For example many human beings live a simple life style. According to the author of the essay “Could you live with less” a simple lifestyle is “lush with comfort and convenience… I have a monastically simple life” (Mills 571)....   [tags: Human Beings, ]

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The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM)

- Explanation of theory: When someone tries to persuade others to join in thinking or believing something, a process takes place. Those receivers of the information are to process what the source is saying and in turn decide whether or not to go along with the idea. But what if people do not always process information, and what if they merely go with the crowd. The Elaboration Likelihood Theory (ELM) developed by Social psychologists Petty and Cacioppo, illustrates how persuasion, or the presentation of facts in order to move someone or thing a certain way, takes place....   [tags: explanation theory, infante]

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Does Magic Really Exist?

- ... Knowledge of spells and symbolic numbers is often considered sacred and kept guarded. Those that possess such information can be seen as someone to be greatly respected or feared. Some cultures believe that the spell is the most important part of a ceremony or magical rite (“magic”, 2014). Materials used to perform magic are commonly referred to as “medicines” by most anthropologists. This lead to the popular use of the name “medicine men” in reference to magicians. Medicines used in spell-casting can be herbs, precious gems, animal remnants, or blessed objects....   [tags: human mind, rational explanation]

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Explanation for Criminality from a Sociological Perspective

- Explanation for Criminality from a Sociological Perspective From a sociological perspective, explanation for criminality is found in two levels which are the subculture and the structural explanations. The sociological explanations emphasize aspects of societal arrangements that are external to the actor and compelling. A sociological explanation is concerned with how the structure of a society, institutional practices or its persisting cultural themes affect the conduct of its members. Individual differences are denied or ignored, and the explanation of the overall collective behavior is sought in the patterning of social arrangements that is considered to be both outside the actor an...   [tags: Criminals Violence Sociology Essays]

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explanation paper benchmark

- Explanation Paper (European Foods~ Impact of Exploration) For my benchmark, I chose to research and learn about the impact that exploration had on European foods. In my oral presentation, which I will give on March 21, 2002, I will explain certain characteristics before and after European exploration. I will speak about how the only spices that were ordinarily used in Europe in the beginning of the Renaissance were pepper and salt, while after Christopher Columbus explored the new world common spices also included ginger and cinnamon....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Discussion on Classical Conditioning as an Explanation of Learning

- Discussion on Classical Conditioning as an Explanation of Learning We use the term "classical conditioning" to describe one type of associative learning in which there is no contingency between response and reinforcer. This situation resembles most closely the experiment from Pavlov in the 1920s, where he trained his dogs to associate a bell ring with a food-reward. In such experiments, the subject initially shows weak or no response to a conditioned stimulus (CS, e.g. the bell), but a measurable unconditioned response (UCR, e.g....   [tags: Papers]

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The Levels of Processing Model as an Explanation of Memory

- The Levels of Processing Model as an Explanation of Memory Craik and Lockhart believe that the memory is one single unit and cannot be broken down into short-term memory and long-term memory. The idea is that our ability to remember depends on how deeply we process and encode information. We process information in three different depths, from shallow to very deep. The shallowest level of processing involves the structural pattern of a word or number (what the word or number looks like)....   [tags: Papers]

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Written Corrective Feedback

- This study investigated the efficacy of two types of focused written corrective feedback (direct feedback with metalinguistic explanation and direct feedback only) as well as their correlation with language analytic ability. Method and results There were three questions the researcher aimed to answer in this study: 1. Does focused written corrective feedback (CF) have an effect on intermediate ESL learners' acquisition of English articles. 2. Is there any difference in the effect of direct correction with and without metalinguistic feedback on ESL learners' acquisition of English articles....   [tags: Metalinguistic Explanation, Criticism]

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Possible Explanation of Kierkegaard’s Reasoning

- Possible Explanation of Kierkegaard’s Reasoning As some philosophers suggest, an individual may only know what he knows through experience. What is sensed equals what is known. Because we understand things through our senses, then what we understand must also be expressed through our senses. We represent that knowledge through language. Language is a means of transferring our experiences to a concrete, literal form, so the sensuous can be made known in the psyche. To describe a snake (itself a linguistic representation of my experience), I might use the word, “slimy,” thus, I have distinguished one feeling from another feeling....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Explanation of Vygotsky and Piaget’s Theories

- There are many assessments of Vygotsky and Jean Piaget's work during their lifetimes and deaths. Many of their theories have gone beyond what I am sure that they had expected for them too. Teachers, researchers and parents dabble in their theories of child development, social development and other theories when going about their lives. Whether it is a job or parenting it is a must to know about these two philosophers and what they believed to be real. Piaget is said to be the founder of cognitive development, he has changed the field of developmental psychology and because of him we no longer discussing strategies, rule-governed behaviors and representations but we do talk a lot about stimul...   [tags: Child Development]

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Gender Differences in Antisocial Personality Disorder: An Explanation of Theories of Unequal

- GENDER DIFFERENCES IN ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER Gender Differences in Antisocial Personality Disorder: An Explanation of Theories of Unequal Diagnosis Gender Differences in Antisocial Personality Disorder: An Explanation of Theories of Unequal Diagnosis This paper will discuss the Cluster B personality disorder known as antisocial personality disorder. More specifically, it will attempt to explain various theories formulated about the difference in prevalence in male and female populations and why men are so much more likely to receive a diagnosis....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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An Examination Yoshihara Kunio’s Explanation of the Economic Growth of Postwar Japan

- Crime costs money to local and national governments and to private citizens; and the Japanese have a remarkably social way of controlling their crime rates. The Japanese national conscience is so intense that it was used to “[convince] people that failure to keep up their social obligations would mean a loss of social respect,” (Kunio, 2006, p. 89). Japanese society, educational system, and government instill a pervasive sense of character that is uniquely Japanese. However political problems may arise if the leaders instilling this sense of identity for their own good and not for the good of the whole that they are trying to create....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Explanation on Exchange Theory and Communicative Action According to George Homans and Petter Blau

- George Homans and Peter Blau each offer an explanation of human interactions and how they reproduced social process and social structures. Homans develop his theory by observing four different social groups; street gang, work group in a factor, kingship system of a private island, and a village in new England. Through his observations he develop five propositions that underlies the dynamics of a group. Peter Blau further developed Homans theory and added that people calculated their actions based on the reward level of their action as well as the level of power they receive from their actions....   [tags: social process, social structure, social groups]

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Brief Explanation of the Basic Framework of the Principal Componant Analysis and Fuzzy Logic

- ... The PCA has characteristics and ability to reduce redundancy and un-certainty. So, we used the PCA as the preprocessing step on the multispectral images to reduce the redundancy information and focus on the component; that has a significant impact on the data. Assume thatfx t gwheret= 1;2:::;N are stochastic n-dimensional input data records with mean (). Then, the mean () is illustrated by the following Equation: =frac1N N X x t (1) The covariance matrix ofx t is defined by using Equation (2)....   [tags: principal, concepts, analysis, fuzzy]

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Explanation of a Scene from All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

- ... The reason for the Colts being brought is told on in a later page. Where the horses came from out is from the mesa, most likely one of the some 400 horses that were breed by Don Hector Rocha y Villareal after world war 2. The colts that were brought in would be used as a “quarter horse”. The horses themselves were wild and had very likely never seen a human, so when the duo enter the barn the horses, which total 16, were scared of them and they “began to climb over one another” in fear. John Grady has, through the entire book, shown his love of horses and not only that his knowledge and skill with them....   [tags: knowledge, ranchers, perserverance]

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Yin and Yang: the Nature of Scientific Explanation in a Culture

- Yin and Yang: the Nature of Scientific Explanation in a Culture ABSTRACT: I explore the nature of scientific explanation in a culture centering on the doctrine of yin and yang combined with that of five phrases, wu-hsing (YYFP). I note how YYFP functions as an alternative to the causal way of thinking, as well as the meaning of scientific explanation in a culture. I also consider whether a scientific concept becomes metaphorical when it is superseded by an alternative organizing concept. To a Western eye, or even to a contemporary Eastern eye, many explanations given under the doctrine of yin and yang combined with that of five phases (wu-hsing), apparently intended to be scientific, would...   [tags: Technology Technological Essays]

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The Christian Explanation of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

- The Christian Explanation of Waiting for Godot   "The human predicament described in Beckett's first play is that of man living on the Saturday after the Friday of the crucifixion, and not really knowing if all hope is dead or if the next day will bring the life which has been promised."   --William R. Mueller                In the five decades since Waiting for Godot's publication, many of the countless attempts to explain the play have relied on some variation of this religious motif proposed by William Mueller....   [tags: Waiting for Godot Essays]

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An Explanation of Mr. Buckley’s Helping Behaviour

- An Explanation of Mr. Buckley’s Helping Behaviour The murder of Kitty Genovese in 1964 caused a national outcry. Although her death was horrific, the public could not believe the police reported 38 people witnessing the incident yet not one person took any action. The dismay this caused prompted Psychologists to study the factors involved in helping behaviour. Helping behaviour may be defined as “an intentional act to benefit someone else”. (Hogg and Vaughan, 1995, cited in Hogg and Vaughan, 2002, p 280)....   [tags: Papers]

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ADHD and My Family: Searching for a More Scientific Explanation

- ADHD and My Family: Searching for a More Scientific Explanation My father, like many Asian immigrants, left India to pursue his educational goals in America in order to provide a better life for his family. He arrived in the U.S. with fourteen dollars in his coat pocket, a suitcase in his hands, and a will to succeed. For my father, in a place like America where opportunities were plentiful and where hard work actually paid off there was no excuse not to succeed. The practical translation of this belief meant that if his children worked hard in school there was nothing they too could not achieve....   [tags: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder]

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Comparing Freud's Explanation of Dreams and Davidson's Theory of Action

- Comparing Freud's Explanation of Dreams and Davidson's Theory of Action In The Interpretation of Dreams (henceforth ID) Freud claims that "the dream is a wish-fulfilment" (der Traum ist eine Wunscherfüllung) - an assertion which constitutes not only the title of one of the central chapters of the book, but also one of its main theses. But what exactly does defining the dream as the fulfilment of a wish imply. What relation do dreams bear to desires. And how can a wish be fulfilled in (or through) a dream....   [tags: Papers]

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The Functionalist Explanation of the Role of Education in Modern Society

- The Functionalist Explanation of the Role of Education in Modern Society I will discuss the functionalist's theories in comparison to those of the Marxist and Interactionists. Functionalists believe that all in society serves a purpose and it's a positive function. They also believe that education is a way of achieving in society; it develops people so that it gives them the opportunities in society (workplace). Durkheim believed that in order for children to feel as though they belong in society and for society to work, the education system will enable people to belong to society for example the teaching of certain subjects (transmission of cultural capital) i.e....   [tags: Papers]

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An Explanation of Haunting Thoughts in Emily Dickinson's Poem 670

- An Explanation of Haunting Thoughts in Emily Dickinson's Poem 670 Poem 670 is about the inner workings of your mind. The beginning of this poem addresses everyone. She does that by saying, "One need not be a Chamber....One need not be a House." This is saying whether you are small like a chamber or big like a house you will be haunted in your mind. The phenomenon of haunting thoughts, in your brain, exceed anything externally at that moment. Your mind becomes totally focused on the inner dealings that external people or actions are perceived as ghosts....   [tags: Emily Dickinson Poem 670 Essays]

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Locke's Explanation of Creation, Value and Protection of Property

- Locke's Explanation of Creation, Value and Protection of Property ‘The great and chief end... of Mens uniting into Commonwealths, and putting themselves under Government, is the preservation of their property’ (Second treatise, para.124). How and why does Locke explain the creation, value and protection of property....   [tags: Empiricists, Empiricism]

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Explanation, Analysis and Understanding of the Sub-topics, such as, Demand, Supply, Price Elasticity and Income Affects over Customers

- Explanation, analysis and understanding of the sub-topics, such as, demand, supply, price elasticity and income affects over customers. Demand is the willingness of a product which a person is able to buy at the given price. Demand is an important tool in the market. The law of demand states that, as the price of a product increases, demand for that particular product will decrease. Price and quantity demanded have an inverse relationship between them. Price elasticity of demand is another concept showing a change in the responsiveness of a good or service due to a change in its price....   [tags: Cyberia Market, Giant, business analysis]

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A Brief History and Explanation of Modems

- A modem (modulate demodulate) is a network device that both modulates and demodulates analog carrier signals (called sine waves) for encoding and decoding digital information for processing (Janssen C 2014). The most common use of modems is both for sending and receiving digital information between personal computers and for connecting to the internet. Modem is considered as an important hardware of computer and most computers in the past came with a built in modem, but now many manufacturers are not including it because of the increased popularity of broadband connections....   [tags: network device decoding digital information]

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An Explanation of Different Business Types

- A sole proprietorship is a business that is solely ran by one person. “According to data from 2003, there were more than 17.5 million proprietorships operating in the U.S. and those generated $969 billion in revenues” (Hodgetts & Kuratko, 2008). Establishing a sole proprietorship is easy if an owner uses one’s own name or can use a trade name by filing with the city of business. Financial advantages to a sole proprietorship include all the profits belong to the owner of the business minus taxes, social security and Medicare paid out....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Explanation about a Vision of Hell

- The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, an organization seeking charity and justice, once said “Ah. A great many persons live constantly in the state of damnation!” Dante Alighieri, the author of Inferno, wrote his epic poem to explain his vision of Hell. Bram Stoker, the author of the novel Dracula, wrote a book about a vampire trying to take over London. Throughout Bram Stoker’s novel, there are characters that could be placed in every Circle of the Hell that Dante creates in his novel. The Count’s actions throughout the novel Dracula, would have placed him in the Second Circle of Hell in Dante’s Inferno, lust....   [tags: inferno, the count, dracula]

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The Artistic Explanation of God

- The concept of God being found and described in art is a very interesting concept. God can be much easier understood and explained by the concepts of art. This is not a common idea, although it actually makes a lot of sense. In Joseph Kupfer’s essay The Art of Religious Communication he discusses his ideas of God in relation to art. His essay discusses all of the different ways in which God can often be looked at through art in a much more realistic way. Often in the world of art things can be explained in ways that other things cannot be....   [tags: The Art of Religious Communication]

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Explanation of Class Stereotypes

- An analysis class can be classified into one of the three stereotypes, which are entity, boundary or control. An entity class is a class that the primary focus is to hold the data. Meanwhile, the boundary class is a class that the objects are used by the actors to communicate with the system. On the other hand, a control class is a class which provides coordinating behavior in the system. (Joey F. George, 2004) As mentioned, the class of the entity class focus on holding the data. The objects hold most of the data of the application....   [tags: interview, boundary class, entity class, WOBPS]

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An Explanation of the British's Stuggles to Finance the War with Napoleonic France in The British Balance of Payments

- ... He relies mainly on figures derived from Walter Nash and Albert H. Imlah, both of which are Economic British Historians. The author then begins to advance each line according to their own specific histories. For instance he takes into account the raise of tariffs on certain products such as tobacco that would affect the quantity of illegal imports, thus affecting the real credit value. The author also goes into great detail to compensate for the stated inaccuracies of some numbers, by showing how numbers counter-balance one another to give an accurate final account of net credits....   [tags: economy, industrialization, debt]

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Psalms 8, 23, 121, and 137

- Psalms 8, 23, 121, and 137 are Judeo-Christian writings from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) that were written around 1000 BCE in present-day Egypt and Israel. These pieces of writing express praise to God and were written with intent to be sung; in fact, the word psalm literally means “a plucking of strings” (“Before You Read […]”). These pieces also convey a multitude of emotions ranging from euphoria to hostile anger. In “Psalm 8” the excellence of God and all of his creations are praised, especially humanity because God “made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor” (“Psalm 8”)....   [tags: Explanation and Themes]

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The LSAT, Three Times

- I would like to explain why I took the LSAT three times. To explain my low LSAT scores, I would first have to explain why and how I was diagnosed with a learning disability at Florida State University. In 2001, my academic advisor advised and referred to Florida State’s Adult and Learning Evaluation Center, because I was failing most of the college level mathematic courses. I completed a psycho-education evaluation and assessment test and was diagnosed with a learning disability that contributed from academic problems, associated with college level mathematics....   [tags: Personal Explanation]

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The explaination of ‘cinema of attractions’

- The concept of ‘cinema of attractions’ encompasses the development of early cinema, its technology, industry and cultural context. The explanation of how it is perceived by early cinema audiences is closely related to the effects of history at that time. How Gunning coined the term ‘cinema of attractions’ pertains to the history of the film industry at the turn of the 20th century and his interpretation of the audience and their reaction film technology. Single shots, the process of creating a moving picture and the juxtaposition of limited techniques, coupled with a new invention of showing a moving picture....   [tags: Film]

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Alex Nelson’s Poetry Explanation on Wordsworth’s poem Wandered As Lonely As A Cloud

- "I gazed-and gazed-but little thought" Alex Nelson’s Poetry Explanation on Wordsworth’s poem "I Wandered As Lonely As A Cloud" Imagine walking through a field in early summer, around an aqua blue lake that is in the shape of a giant egg. You discover a field of daffodils that is flowing in motion like a grand "dance" full of elegance. This area is full of sublime that can only be fully appreciated by a poet. William Wordsworth has been to this place and it was the subject of his poem "I Wandered As Lonely As A Cloud.” He entered a state of tranquility when he visited here and writes this proficient piece of poetry when he has recollections about the daffo...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Anthem: An Explanation of Three Quotes

- In the book Anthem by Ayn Rand, Prometheus is a man who must overcome his collective society to find himself. Prometheus is born into a society where everything is equal. Without concern for consequences, he loves a woman and looks and discovers knowledge of the past. After his discovery is rejected he flees to the forest, and his lover follows. In the forest is where he finds the meaning of the word I. There is where he says "... we crushes all beneath it, and that which is white and that which is black are lost in the gray of it," he talks about what his society did to the differences of man, after he had run away....   [tags: World Literature]

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A Scientific Explanation of Stem Cells and Stem Cell Research

- In general, a cell can be defined as a stem cell if two basic criteria are met. First, stem cell is capable of self renewal for indefinite period throughout life while maintaining undifferentiated state, i.e., the cell can divide and produce two identical daughter cells and thereby maintains the stem cell pool. Second, stem cell possesses capacity for differentiate into specialised and functional progeny under the right conditions, or given the right signals. It may divide asymmetrically to yield an identical cell and a daughter cell that acquires a particular cell type’s properties, such as morphology, phenotype and functional physiology that classified it belongs to a particular tissue (Bu...   [tags: Science, Stem Cells, Stem Cell Research, ]

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An Explanation for Jobless Poverty through the Structural Hole Theory

- In the report A New Form of Social Dislocation in the Inner-City Ghetto, William Julius Wilson analyzes three research studies conducted in Chicago between 1986 and 1993. In these studies, Wilson discovers a new type of poverty, which he coins jobless poverty. Jobless poverty represents the growing number of workers who are not in the official job market because they either have dropped out of the labor force or cannot find employment. Wilson found that the largest amounts of jobless poverty are in poor, segregated neighborhoods where a majority of the population is black....   [tags: Economy, Sociology]

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The Dieppe Fiasco: Explanation of why the Dieppe Failed

- At daybreak, August 19th, 1942, the Allies began their raid on the French coastal city of Dieppe occupied by Germany. The raid has extreme Canadian significance, as it pertains to 5000 Canadians involved in the campaign, 3,350 of which became casualties and 916 died on the bloodstained beach at Dieppe. The Dieppe raid is widely considered a failure on every level and has left a dreadful mark in Canadian military history because of how poorly it panned out. Operation Jubilee remains one of the most hotly debated Allied aspects of the war....   [tags: the allies, dieppe raid, dieppe hotel]

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Perks of Being a Wallflower Static Image Explanation

- I was wrapped in cassette tapes while creating this poster. With the choosing of quotes, and the random ideas flowing through my head, this was the result. The following quote, “[t]his one tape had all these memories and feelings and great joy and sadness,” (Part 2, Page 62) from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky, was chosen due to the meaning hidden within. The overall meaning to this quote is that this tape is the thing that makes Charlie, the protagonist, feel real. Firstly, the chosen quote, “[t]his one tape had all these memories and feelings and great joy and sadness,” (Part 2, Page 62) plays an important part of the poster, as it gives the protagonist feelings where...   [tags: Stephen Chbosky novel, literary analysis]

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Vermeer's Hat, by Timothy Brook

- Timothy Brook discusses in his book the aspects of world trade during the 17th century and how through the process of globalization, how regions became as interconnected as we know of today. Most people tend to have this conceptualized idea of what globalization is as well as its process. Throughout my educational career, globalization has always been portrayed as big businesses working together providing different goods and services worldwide. In other words, globalization simply involves big, fortune 500-esque companies and has no involvement from anyone else....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Globalization Explanation]

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Explanation Of How Both Long-t

- Using some of the causes in the list explain how both long-term and short-term causes contributed to Hitler’s rise to power. The treaty of Versailles caused a reaction of horror and outrage to the Germans. They were being forced to accept a harsh treaty without any choice or even a comment. Ebert was in an extremely difficult position. So he decided to accept the treaty of Versailles’ terms. When Ebert agreed to sign the treaty the Germans were furious, they were pleased the war had ended but they didn’t want humiliation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Theories behind the Disappearance of Dinosaurs

- ... I would think that lots of animals died off because they didn't have much food or anything to live off of unless they started eating each other,that could of happened but we don't know for sureHere is more on what I said before in the last paragraph not all the animals died,in fact lots of animals survived because most of the animals back then where flying animals like birds and other flying animals. Then you have all the ground moles and things that and all the animals that where under the ground.To say that mammals survived the extinction doesn’t do justice to the history of life either....   [tags: biblical explanation, scientific view, asteroid]

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The Competing Explanations of Deviance

- How are the Competing Explanations of Deviance Relative to Juveniles who are Serving Life Sentences in Prison. America is the only country that incarcerates persons under the age of 18 to a life sentence in prison (Knafo 2013). Scientist says that the full level of maturity is not reached until a person is in their mid-20. Immature children without an adult brain are committing adult crimes and are serving adult time. Why. The answer unfolds in the explanations of deviance. Statistics states that nearly 3000 juveniles who are put in American prisons are given a life sentence without the option of parole (EJI)....   [tags: Legal Issues, Life Sentences]

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Explanation of the Intellectual Foundation and Methods that Were Used in the Organization Under Benito Mussolini.

- Benito Mussolini is a rare case in which history would have taken a different course were it not for him. Before Mussolini's rise to power Italy was politically unstable and economically underdeveloped. Italy was unified late in the 1800s around the time of Mussolini's birth in 1883 and the time of Garibaldi's death in 1882. Although Italy successfully united the country on a map, there was a severe lack of unity within the country's boarders. Preexisting conflicts between north and south Italy were not abandoned with the unification....   [tags: fascist Italy, history]

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Explanation for the Existence of God, by Using Aquina's Second Way: Efficient Causation

- Does God exist. Since the appearance of mankind on the earth and up until today--would probably continue in the future--this question brought people to think, reason, and come up with the evidence, to present the best satisfactory answer. Back in 1200s, St. Thomas Aquinas has provided "five ways" to prove for the existence of God, which I am persuaded by, and hopefully others would see the same 'light' in this argument--unfortunately, it does not provide sufficient answers regarding the 'nature of God' (Bailey and Martin, 2011, 37)....   [tags: god, bible, christianity]

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