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Audience and Expectation in John Clare’s An Invite to Eternity

- Audience and Expectation in John Clare’s An Invite to Eternity Although John Clare’s “An Invite to Eternity” appears to be a direct address to an unknown and anonymous “maiden,” in reality the poem is a much more complex appeal to the reader, which takes on the guise of traditional love poetry only to subvert it. In many ways, Clare’s poem seems to emulate and echo more classical poems such as Marlowe’s “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” in its direct entreaty to a young lover. However, unlike that earlier poem, Clare’s offers his “sweet maid” a less than appealing prospect for future life, presenting her with an “eternity” filled with apocalyptic landscapes and almost monumental huma...   [tags: John Clare Invite Eternity Papers]

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Lost for Eternity

- Lost for eternity I suddenly awoke to a loud bell followed by the thumping of 22 feet on hardwood. Instinctivly, I tried to leap to my feet, but fell down again. Then I remembered where I was. Just a day ago, my parents left. Soldiers stormed our house, and chased them out, leaving me behind. Believe me, I ran swiftly, trying to catch up to them, but one of the soldiers caught me and knocked me out with a few punches. Yesterday evening I had been delivered, and in feet bound to this word place....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Egyptian Eternity or Afterlife

- The Egyptian culture has different rituals for different situations. The one that is the most popular and that people think they know the most about is their funeral rituals. Egyptian funerals involve death and how the souls of the people who died travel into the afterlife. They don’t say “afterlife” they say that afterlife is eternity. Afterlife in our society is heaven or above the clouds but, in the Egyptian culture when someone dies they go to eternity which is when they mirror one’s life that they had on earth....   [tags: mummification, rituals, tombs]

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Employee of Eternity Nominations

- Brigid O’Shaughnessy, Phyllis Nordlinger, Walter Huff, and Helen Grayle are my top nominees for Employee of Eternity, they will be wonderful asset to Hell,Inc. and its mission. They all are similar in the fact that they have committed murdered, a large portion of their cause is due to money or to get what they want, and then they have to cover up what they did. With the women, their similarities are their immaculate skills in seducing, manipulating, and lying, using their bodies and looks to get men to kill for them or protect them from the law....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Whores and Housewives in From Here to Eternity

- From Here to Eternity follows the story of numerous Army men and their exhilarating experiences during 1941. James Jones’s dense novel is filled with a spectrum of emotions from pure anger, violence, racism, suicide, happiness and depression that by the end of the novel the reader experiences an emotional roller coaster. The Army men in this novel are portrayed as strong, independent, and in charge. On the other hand, women in From Here to Eternity are seen as subordinate and treated like objects that can be bossed around by men....   [tags: character analysis]

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Mortailty and Eternity in Emily Dickinson Poems

- Emily Dickinson is the epitome of the modern poet. Her poetry breaks from the traditional style with dashes to separate ideas. Dickinson, also, challenged the religious belief of her time. Growing up as a Puritan in Massachusetts, Emily Dickinson knew the bible, yet as an adult, she questioned that belief. Many of her poems seem focused on death; death of the body, death of the soul, death of the mind. Why was she so intrigued with death. The poems that embody this theme are: “Success is counted sweetest” (#112), “Safe in the Alabaster Chambers” (#124), “I like a look of Agony” (#339), “I felt a funeral in my brain” (#340), “Because I could not stop for death” (#479), and “I heard a Fly buzz...   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Whale Captivity : A Small Cage For An Eternity

- Ban Whale Captivity Imagine living in a small cage for an eternity. How would one feel. How would one react. How would one live. Orcas have been captured and forced to live a life filled with strangers and unsatisfactory administration . However, performing whales provide knowledge, jobs, money, and entertainment to people all over the world. Orcas should be free in the wild because they do not receive proper nutrition or care. Also they get stressed out from being confined to a limited space....   [tags: Killer whale, Whale, Beached whale, Killer whales]

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Quest for Eternity in the Poetry of Dickinson

- Quest for Eternity in the Poetry of Dickinson       Over the past few decades, a considerable number of comments have been made on the idea of eternity in Emily Dickinson's poetry. The following are several examples: Robert Weisbuch's Emily Dickinson's Poetry (1975), Jane Donahue Eberwein's Dickinson: Strategies of Limitation (1985), Dorothy Huff Oberhaus' Emily Dickinson's Fascicles: Method and Meaning (1995), and James McIntosh's Nimble Believing: Dickinson and the Unknown (2000). However, opinions vary as to how Dickinson explored the question regarding eternity; much ink has still been spent on the issue....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Christians Are Taught On The World From Eternity With God

- Christians are taught in Sin has separated the world from eternity with God. In Sunday school, Christians are taught the way to heaven is through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Messiah. The textbook defines the Messiah as, “The transliteration of the Hebrew term for “anointed one.” In the Greek New Testament, this Hebrew term is translated as Christos from which English speakers derive Christ. Hence, when the New Testament refers to Jesus as Christ they are indicating his title and leadership role: the Messiah in the Old Testament.” In order for Him to be the Messiah though, He had to match up to a few standards....   [tags: New Testament, Christianity, Jesus, Old Testament]

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Eternity Comes with a Price in Stephanie Meyer's Breaking Dawn

- ... The book grasps your attention by allowing the readers to fully understand his love for Bella, how being alpha runs through his blood, and the journey he undergoes to save the girl he loves. However, the plot thickens when Bella gives birth and Jacob is the one who has to kill the baby but then imprints, love at first sight, on the newborn. He then dedicates his entire life to the well-being of Reneesme. The book then switches back to the perspective of Bella, she has given birth and is dying, and Edward has stabbed a needle full of his venom into her blood and is doing everything in his power to keep Bella alive....   [tags: vampire, love, newborn]

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A Teacher Affects Eternity

- A Teacher Affects Eternity As graduation was approaching, the question running through my mind was, "What am I going to do with my life?" I knew this was an important decision, and I wanted to make sure I made the right one. I knew that I wanted to attend college, but I was debating between Physical Therapy, and Education. In making this decision, I reflected back to my Junior year in high school, when I tutored a Kindergarten class. I hadn't realized the impact that these ten kindergartners had made upon my life....   [tags: Teaching, Education, Admissions]

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Humans are Insignificant in the Cycle of Life: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

- Humans are Insignificant in the Cycle of Life “I know not if this earth on which I stand is the core of the universe or if it is but a speck of dust lost in eternity” said Ayn Rand. The earth is only a “speck of dust” in eternity and therefore insignificant to the universe. Humans are also insignificant when compared to the universe because they are less than the size of the earth and overall do not matter in the cycle of life. This quote relates to the topic of naturalism because naturalism is the theory that literary composition should be based on an objective or an observation of human beings....   [tags: naturalism, eternity]

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Battleship Potemkin, From Here to Eternity, Saving Private Ryan

- Analyzing Movies of War Even though the films “Battleship Potemkin”, “From Here to Eternity” and “Saving Private Ryan” are all movies based on military life during war time the variation in time periods and culture made each film very different. These differences did not take away from the impact the films had on their audiences at the time or the messages they were each trying to covey. The Horrific images and hear wrenching scenarios helped to evoke strong emotions and patriotic feeling from audiences allowing film makers to pass along their truths....   [tags: analyzing movies of war]

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Because I Could Not Stop for Death and I Heard A Fly Buzz When I Died Poems by Emily Dickinson

- Death is a controversial and sensitive subject. When discussing death, several questions come to mind about what happens in our afterlife, such as: where do you go and what do you see. Emily Dickinson is a poet who explores her curiosity of death and the afterlife through her creative writing ability. She displays different views on death by writing two contrasting poems: one of a softer side and another of a more ridged and scary side. When looking at dissimilar observations of death it can be seen how private and special it is; it is also understood that death is inevitable so coping with it can be taken in different ways....   [tags: eternity, calm transition]

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Visualizing Eternity in Walt Whitman's Song of Myself

- Visualizing Eternity in Walt Whitman's Song of Myself Whitman's poem "Song of Myself #44" stands as a confession and testaments of not only who he is and what he is, but also as who we are, we being people in general. The poem is not about a self-idolizing author claiming to be the greatest being of all time. Instead it paints a picture for all mankind alike to relate to. It puts a mirror in front of the world and presents an angle of an image that, though familiar, we have never seen or realized before....   [tags: Song of Myself Essays]

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Heaven is Common to Most Religions

- ... They also believe that the only way to get into heaven is to believe fully in Jesus and God. THe Evangelical denomination has a similar belief of hell, as a place residing in another dimension. Catholic denomination Christians believe that we live to only go to heaven, an actual place, and that you have to live as purely as possible, and confess to any sins you have committed. Similarily, hell is an actual place in existance to Catholics as well. In most Christian denominations, a person in heaven looks how they would like to, or how they looked at their happiest with themselves....   [tags: death, God, eternity]

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Falling To Eternity

- The Apollonian and Dionysian duality argued by Nietzsche requires so perfect a balance that the slightest change in consciousness can tip the scales and result in turmoil. Ibsen, in Hedda Gabler, and Hughes, through his poem “How To Paint A Water Lily”, suggest that civilizations rise with Apollonian ideas, but eventually fall due to the overwhelming influences of Dionysian decadence. Ibsen implies that through one’s martyrdom, true freedom and change can be attained, while Hughes implies that culture remains stagnant and ever unchanging....   [tags: Apollonian, Dionysian, Nietzsche]

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Tenure or Eternity?

- We as a nation have become accustomed to protecting that which is unworthy. The educational standing of our nation is linked directly to what is being taught and practiced in everyday classrooms. The rapid decline in education is due to the fact that tenure allows unmotivated teachers to maintain their jobs without any repercussions for their mistakes. We need to reform the face of tenure and give the children a chance to learn valuable instruments of society. School districts are searching for new methods to inspire our teachers....   [tags: public education policies]

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The Temptations Of Pleasing Man

- I have heard that many of you have been focused on the fleshy temptations of pleasing man in your dress, your wealth, your speech, and your worldly possessions. You have created yourself to be perfect in the eyes of man with neither consideration nor fear of the judgement of the Most High God. You fear those that cannot “kill the soul (King James Bible, Mathew 10.28)” rather than the Him who can send “both your body and soul into eternal damnation (Mathew 10.28).” You filled your table with rich foods rather than eating bread and water and using the rest of your income to feed the starving orphans and widows....   [tags: God, Devil, Good and evil, Eternity]

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From Here to Eternity

- The human race has continued its development as a species and is thriving. Humans have only been on Earth for less than 0.004% of its existence (BBC) yet we have nearly perfected our knowledge and understanding of the world around us using science and other resources. However, we still face many problems in the field of human geography. Population explosion and urbanization are two critical problems that humans face. We must find ways to combat the effects of population explosion and deal with our expanding urbanization issue....   [tags: Human Race, Species Development, Earth]

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The Eternity Cure- Outline

- ... She clings to her humanity and is falling for a human who helps her to stay that way. I- The main idea of this story was for Allison to rescue her sire, Kanin from the clutches of a psychotic, mentally insane vampire who wants revenge for all that Kanin has caused. After getting a group of humans to the one safe place on earth and leaving behind the one she loves she searches for Kanin. Blood calls to Blood and when she finally found the source of that calling she found herself in the one place she thought she would never see again, home....   [tags: skeleton of a future story]

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For All Eternity: Comparing Arranged Marriages to Marriages for Love

- “For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part”. These words, or similar, are spoken as a result of a traditional love marriage; granted at the time of the marriage, a spouse cannot leave the opposing spouse unless death is the cause. Nowadays that is not the leading cause in the separation of a couple. The American Psychological Association stated that 40 to 50 percent of traditional American marriages lead to divorce whereas 1.1 percent of arranged Indian marriages lead to divorce....   [tags: lasting relationships, divorce]

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My Life As A Career For Health Care Administration

- This is of anecdote of two step-sisters from Miami, Teresa and Julia, who have lived and gone to school in the United States all their lives but who live through their teenage years with different mentalities. I trust that we make our own future and that nothing is predestined, she does not. I find that teenagers should take advantage of this time they have in High School to get superior marks to achieve the best possible outcome for their future. She does not. Teresa is a few years older than me and is currently pursuing a career in Human Resources Management....   [tags: God, Family, Free will, Eternity]

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What Is God By John F. Haught

- There have been many theological texts and authors that have influenced me in regards to my faith. The text that has been the most influential to my understanding of my calling would have to be What Is God by John F. Haught. I usually refer back to this text whenever I need a reminder of why I am trying to become a pastor. This text was assigned to me in my Basic Issues of Faith and Life class at Bethel College. Within this book, Haught tackles the basic question of “What is God?” Now when writing this, it was easy to see that most of it was directed at atheists....   [tags: Atheism, God, Theism, Eternity]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' An Invite

- John Clare’s “An Invite to Eternity” is a poem that at first glance seems happy and inviting but once examined, is actually quite depressing and aloof. Although it appears to be a direct address to an anonymous “maiden,” in reality the poem is much more complex. Clare offers his “sweet maid” a less than appealing future life, presenting her with an “eternity” filled with harsh landscapes and loneliness. Most readers’ first impression when they think of eternity is almost dream-like or heavenly. However, Clare’s vision of eternity is dark and mysterious and uninviting....   [tags: Poetry, Stanza, Meter, Present tense]

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Because I Could Not Stop for Death

- How does one greet death at the end of one’s life. Emily Dickinson was born on 10th December, 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts (Pettinger). Although no one knows accurately when “Because I Could Not Stop for Death”, many scholars believe that her prime writing years were between 1858 and 1865 (“Emily Dickinson”). Within the confines of “Because I Could Not Stop for Death”, there is a very intriguing theme, which can be viewed as morbid or highly optimistic, then this poem contains many universal symbols that describes the cycles of life, and the personified Death, who’s a major element to the poem....   [tags: Emily Dickens, Biography]

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Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard

- The Moment and Inwardness I. Introduction In The Concept of Anxiety, S�ren Kierkegaard deals with human anxiety about the possibility posed by freedom as it relates to sinfulness and spiritual progress. This paper will show that Kierkegaard?s concept of the moment and his prescription for inwardness, both in the context of spirituality, are connected. Importantly, inwardness depends on the moment and the possibility of transition that does not take place in time, transition that seems sudden if spotted from a temporal perspective....   [tags: Philosophy Soren Kierkegaard]

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Themes of Three Sonnets

- The three sonnets I have chosen to use are, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” by William Shakespeare, “How do I love thee. Let me count the ways” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and “Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundless sea” also by William Shakespeare. In these three sonnets I will explore the themes of beauty/love, eternity and time. I have chosen these three sonnets because they're all different yet all explore similar themes. The theme of love and beauty is explored in all of these sonnets....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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Hell: What We Think We Know

- HELL, WHAT WE THINK WE KNOW The subject of Hell is a subject that turns many people off to organized religion today. After all, who wants to spend their Sunday mornings listening to a preacher rant and rave about the “Hell fire and brimstone” of Hell or “burning in Hell” or if you don’t change your ways you will spend eternity in Hell. Most want to be entertained and walk out of church feeling all warm and fuzzy. Therefore, clergy mostly ignore the subject or gloss over it even though they believe Hell exists because of their extensive study of God’s word....   [tags: religious beliefs]

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Death Is Not Stop For Death

- Another poem with a central theme of death is “Because I could not stop for Death”. This first line in the poem is a clever one “Because I could not stop for Death-/He kindly stopped for me” (Madden). It implies that the speaker did not have a choice regarding her death so Death (personified) came to her. Stanza three reads, “We passed the School/…We passed the Fields of Gazing Grain-/ We passed the Setting Sun-” (Madden). The carriage containing the speaker, Death, and Immortality passes through seemingly ordinary places....   [tags: Death, Life, Afterlife, Cleanliness]

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The Knowledge Of The Holy

- The Knowledge of the Holy is all about getting to know and understand God better. It talks about the attributes and character of God and attempts to explain them in a way that allows the reader to understand God more clearly. It explains to readers what kind of thinking is necessary to understand God and His attributes better and what kind of thinking will place “limits” on God and hinder growing closer to His majesty. Tozer attempts to put struggling believers, and possibly nonbelievers, at ease by tackling questions and possible false accusations that could cause confliction with growth....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Understanding, Cognition]

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Because I Could Not Stop for Death

- Because I Could Not Stop for Death is proclaimed to be Emily Dickinson’s most famous poem. This poem reveals Emily Dickinson’s calm acceptance of death. She portrays death being a gentleman that surprises her with a visit. Emily illustrates everyday scenes into a life cycle. While her metaphors explore death in an imitable way, her lines often contain as much uncertainty as meaning. Life and death are but trails to eternity and are seen less important when viewed in the framework of eternity. Emily Dickinson’s poem Death is a gentleman taking a woman out for a drive.” Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me” (Dickinson 1-2)....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Dickinson]

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Augustine of Hipo's Ideas of Creation and Time in The Confessions

- Augustine of Hippo writes extensively on his life, conversion, and learning in his spiritual autobiography The Confessions. After detailing his conversion, however, Augustine begins to explore topics of particular interest to him as a philosopher and theologian. One of the greatest reflections Augustine writes is contained in Book XI of The Confessions, in which Augustine reflects on the ideas of eternity and time. In this Book, Augustine addresses the concept of eternity, and how to define what is eternal and what is not....   [tags: autobiography, genesis, convertion]

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Analysis Of John Keats 's ' The Star '

- The speaker in this poem is addressing a star, as line one starts with, “BRIGHT star. would I were stedfast as thou art.” He starts off by saying how he wishes he was as "stedfast" as the star. With this information, it is likely that Keats is referring to the North Star as it is unmoving. The speaker’s conversation with the star immediately shifts gears because in lines two through eight he starts to reject qualities of the star 's steadfastness and even suggests all the ways in which he doesn 't want to be like the star....   [tags: Poetry, Sonnet, Poetic form, Iambic pentameter]

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Emily Dickinson & Her Outlook on Death

- The subject of death, including her own was a very prevalent theme in Emily Dickinson’s poems and letters. Some may find her preoccupation with death morbid, but this was not unusual for her time period. The mindset during Ms. Dickinson’s time was that of being prepared to die, in the 19th century people died of illness and accidents at an alarming rate, not to mention the Civil War had a high number of casualties, she also lived 15 years of her youth next to a cemetery. Dickinson’s view on death was never one of something to be feared she almost romanized death, in her poem “Because I Could not Stop for Death”, she actually personifies death while narrating from beyond the grave....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Death Of The Night By Emily Dickinson

- Death: Faith in an Eternal Afterlife While thinking of death, thoughts of grief, despair and worry arise. Perhaps this is a product of the darkness often times portrayed of death from contemporary literature, movies, and music. Movies such as “Schindler’s List” and music such as Neil Young’s “Tonight’s the Night” are just a few examples of entertainment that show the darkness and finality of death. These forms of medium only present the idea, as no one who wrote them actually experienced death and therefore the dark thoughts associated with it are ambiguous....   [tags: Death, Emily Dickinson, Afterlife, Hades]

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Time Is Important Element Within Emily Dickinson 's `` Because I Could Not Stop For ``

- There is no way to know what came before the beginning of time because there was no time to measure it, and maybe that is why time is so essential in life, but what about death. Time is an important element within Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for Death—“ and “In this short Life that only lasts an hour” as it illustrates her experiences with both life and her imagined death. Dickinson’s use of meter, paradox, punctuation, and diction reimagines the measurability of time in life and death, suggesting that the ability to measure time translates into power and once that ability is taken away, powerlessness follows....   [tags: Poetry, Life, Iambic pentameter, Time]

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God Knows All Things : Boethius 's Argument

- There are countless aspects that we could attribute to God. That he is eternal, immutable, infinite, the list goes on and on. However, one attribute of God that I found to be the most interesting and overall shocking to ask is whether we as humans have free will if God knows all things. This question has forever been a sense of conflict in my eyes, if God knew all things and knew how I would react in every situation then what is the point of this life. What then is the point to even believe in a God that would knowingly send me out into this world already knowing exactly how I would react to every situation....   [tags: Time, Future, Free will, God]

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Poetic Tools Describe Life in Walt Whitman's Song of Myself

- Poetic Tools Describe Life in Walt Whitman's Song of Myself Walt Whitman is commonly known as the bard of America, a poet who wrote about the common man of the country as had never been done before. He was able to do so because he was a common man, as can be seen in lines such as "This is the city and I am one of the citizens." Within his poetry he often used certain tools of the typical epic tale, borrowed from such tales as The Iliad, and The Odyssey. All of these tools can be seen within the lines of his lengthy poem of fifty-two sections "Song of Myself." The first of these tools include an invocation of the muse, as can be seen in the lines "I loafe and invite my soul," which appear...   [tags: Song of Myself Essays]

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Analysis Of Junot Diaz And The Lover 's Dictionary By David Levithan

- One can claim they love someone for an eternity, but if they break up, that eternity is a limited amount of time. Some couples are fortunate to love each other ‘forever’, but others cannot say the same. The novels, This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz and The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan, contain similar views of how two people can bond with each other, but the narrators believe differently about dealing with complications with their girlfriends. The Lover’s Dictionary and This is How You Lose Her both show a loving outlook with their partner yet diverge of intimate action and compromise....   [tags: Love, Marriage, Interpersonal relationship]

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Emily Dickinson 's Because I Could Not Stop For Death

- Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for Death” is a poem in which the speaker describes the day of her death and her passage from the living world to the afterlife and eternity. It personifies Death and Immortality in a way that establishes the overarching theme: Death is not something to be feared, but rather an inevitable change from one state of existence, our current physical reality, to another, that of the afterlife and immortality. Dickinson makes rich use of rhythm and imagery in order to convey this theme along with several underlying emotions and musings tied up with the notion of death....   [tags: Poetry, Death, Afterlife, Meter]

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Dante's Inferno: The Levels of Hell

- Dante's Inferno: The Levels of Hell Level One According to Dante, there are various levels in hell. The first level in Hell is called Limbo. All the individuals who die before being baptized and those who live as virtuous pagans are condemned to spend the rest of eternity at this level. The people being referred to in this level are those who die before accepting Christianity. All the individuals who die non-Christians, including philosophers who typically do not associate themselves with any religion are going to be condemned to this level for eternity....   [tags: Dante's Inferno Essays]

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Now and Then: A Discourse on Issues of God and Time

- Now and Then: A Discourse on Issues of God and Time The classical understanding of God's relationship with time, eternity, and his knowledge of the future, as exemplified by Classical thinkers such as Boethius, Aquinas, and others, creates problems in regards to creaturely freedom. The question is typically phrased, "Since God is never wrong, if God knows at one moment that one of his creatures will perform some act at a moment which will occur after the moment he knew of the act, then will his creature perform this act?" I maintain that God does not know the future, because, first, God's knowledge of the future destroys creaturely freedom, second, God is always ever Creating, and, finally,...   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Shakespeare's Bright Star

- 1. What are the effects of this poem’s structure. At first analysis of the rhyme scheme, many would describe the “Bright Star” as an English, Shakespearean sonnet. However, after a closer analysis reveals a structure of eight and then six lines rhymes interweaving, an octave preceding a sestet, it becomes evident that the poem conforms to the structure of an Italian sonnet. This merger of two sonnet types into one larger sonnet is deliberate. By harnessing the most powerful aspects of the Italian and English sonnets into a single sonnet, Keats is able to present structurally his ideas while also emphasizing the couplet....   [tags: sonet analysis]

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Emily Dickinson 's Because I Could Not Stop For Death

- In Emily Dickinson’s “Because I Could Not Stop for Death,” she uses the structure of her poem and rhetoric as concrete representation of her abstract beliefs about death to comfort and encourage readers into accepting Death when He comes. The underlying theme that can be extracted from this poem is that death is just a new beginning. Dickinson deftly reassures her readers of this with innovative organization and management, life-like rhyme and rhythm, subtle but meaningful use of symbolism, and ironic metaphors....   [tags: Poetry, Death, Stanza, Death]

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Ginsberg, Allen. Howl and Other Poems. San Francisco: City Light Books, 2001.

- Ginsberg, Allen. Howl and Other Poems. San Francisco: City Light Books, 2001. Capitalizing on Capitalizing in Ginsberg’s Howl Ginsberg was a literary revolutionary as can be seen in his poetry. He pushed form and genre, theory and confrontation, confession and controversy right to the threshold and over the doorway of societal standards. In pushing and pushing, Ginsberg creates a new vocabulary for certain words by capitalizing them and giving them the significance of the ‘proper noun.’ By capitalizing the first letter of certain words, Ginsberg gives a solid identity to intangible things and redefines their role in a corrupted society that has destroyed the “best minds” of his gene...   [tags: Ginsberg Howl]

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Emily Dickinson’s Because I Could Not Stop For Death

- Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for Death” is a remarkable masterpiece that exercises thought between the known and the unknown. Critics call Emily Dickinson’s poem a masterpiece with strange “haunting power.” In Dickinson’s poem, “Because I could not stop for Death,” there is much impression in the tone, in symbols, and in the use of imagery that exudes creativity. One might undoubtedly agree to an eerie, haunting, if not frightening, tone in Dickinson’s poem. Dickinson uses controlling adjectives—“slowly” and “passed”—to create a tone that seems rather placid....   [tags: Because I could not stop for Death]

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Emily Dickinson's Because I Could Not Stop for Death

- Emily Dickinson's Because I Could Not Stop for Death Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for Death” is a remarkable masterpiece that exercises thought between the known and the unknown. In Dickinson’s poem, “Because I could not stop Death,” there is much impression in the tone, in symbols and in the use of imagery that over flow with creativity. One might undoubtedly agree to an eerie, haunting, if not frightening, tone and use of symbolism in Dickinson’s poem. Dickinson uses controlling adjectives –“slowly” and “passed” – to create a tone that seems rather placid....   [tags: Because I Could Not Stop for Death]

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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night And Because I Could Not Wait For Death

- The two poems, “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”, by Dylan Thomas and, “Because I Could Not Wait for Death”, by Emily Dickinson, we find two distinct treatments on the same theme, death. Although they both represent death, they also represent it as something other than death. Death brings about a variety of different feelings, because no two people feel the same way or believe the same thing. The fact that our faith is unknown makes the notion of death a common topic, as writers can make sense of their own feelings and emotions and in the process hope to make readers make sense of theirs too....   [tags: Life, Death, Afterlife, Rage Against the Machine]

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Analysis Of ' O ' Brien 's ' The Things They Carried '

- Tim O’Brien states in The Things They Carried that “Stories are for joining the past to the future” (36). Early in this novel, O’Brien adds “I sit at this typewriter and stare through my words and watch Kiowa sinking into the deep muck of a shit field, or Curt Lemon hanging in pieces from a tree, and as I write about these things, the remembering is turned into a kind of rehappening” (31). In this quote O’Brien foreshadows some of the approaching short stories. But the recurring struggle that O’Brien goes through when reliving these awful memories causes him to describe the details in a way you will feel what he has felt....   [tags: Short story, Fiction, Novel, The Reader]

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Analysis Of `` Because I Could Not Stop For Death ``

- Application of the poem The poem “Because I could not stop for Death,” is authored by Emily Dickinson during the 17th century and it depicts several themes in its presentation. The poem is written by a dead person, probably a spirit or a ghost, as the last stanza shows that it has been centuries and yet she (writer) feels it is like shorter than a day. The poems arises erotic experience that she got from her lover who took her out and around the area, having beautiful scenery. The poem presents a melancholic aspect where memorable events happen in people’s lives and become worth to recall....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme, Sun, Alliteration]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' The ' By William Cullen Bryant

- In “Thanatopsis” written by William Cullen Bryant and “Poems #479 because I could not stop for Death” written by Emily Dickinson they both show an extremely solid theme in their poems. Both poems revolved around death. William Cullen Bryant wrote “Thanatopsis” in 1811. Even though the themes in “Thanatopsis” is center entirely on death. The mood in the story is slightly joyful and uplifting in numerous ways. Emily Dickinson wrote “Poems #479” in 1890. The people in William Cullen Bryant and Emily Dickinson live had a huge impact on their career in poetry....   [tags: Poetry, Life, William Cullen Bryant]

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Sympathy for the Devil in Nathaniel Hawthrone´s The Scarlet Letter

- ... Even in his punishment, Satan tortures others, gnawing on their backs for the rest of time. The Devil as George Spiggott in Bedazzled also demonstrates venomous behavior as he repeatedly tricks Stanley Moon into suffering through his non-specific wishes. Throughout the film, we see examples of George Spiggott terrorizing normal citizens with birds, bees, and parking tickets. Spiggott even demonstrates malicious behavior as he goes into Heaven at the end of the film to be turned back into an angel, only to show that he truly has not repented at all, but rather seeks out his own personal gain....   [tags: sins, malicious, tragic, punishment]

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The Meaning of What Are Years? by Marianne Moore

- In the poem “What Are Years?”, Moore clearly expresses her perception of life. Moore states that no one can truly understand the nature of their guilt or innocence. Everyone is “naked” to the dangers of existence. Moore defines courage as “resolute doubt,” having the ability, or the the "strength of spirit", to keep going even when defeated. To be strong, one must accept their own mortality. One must accept the reality of death and yet keep fighting to live. Although we are all imprisoned in a world of mortality, we must fight every day to give meaning to our life....   [tags: Poems, Poetry Analysis]

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Richard Taylor, An American Philosopher And Author Of Life

- Richard Taylor, an American philosopher and author of, “The Meaning of Life” believes you can live a meaningful life as long as you realize your will and are completely involved in it and enjoy it, then you are no longer needed and your life was a successful one. “This is surely the way to look at all of life- at one’s own life, and each day and moment it contains; of the life of a nation; of the species; of the life of the world; and of everything that breathes” (Taylor p 27). He proves this through the ancient myth of Sisyphus....   [tags: Meaning of life, Life, Human, Absurdism]

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Analysis Of Dante 's Inferno And One Thousand

- Literature be an extremely influential and useful tool in helping its audience to understand the implications of human nature and its sins. Examples of texts that achieve this feat are Dante’s Inferno by Dante Alighieri and One Thousand and One Nights. Within both, human beings (or their afterlife counterparts found in Dante’s Inferno referred to as “shades”) experience various negative and often painful situations brought on by the sinful actions of individuals. Dante’s Inferno and One Thousand and One Nights contain parallel themes, such as infidelity and justice, which address the consequences of human imperfections and failure....   [tags: Dante Alighieri, Inferno, Divine Comedy, Virgil]

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Poem Number 712 And Shakespeare 's Poem 13

- Dickason’s poem number 712 and Shakespeare’s poem 13 both offer a look at death, its consequences, and its implications. Yet, the two poems have the incredible habit of both being the mirror image of each other as well as the polar opposite. In opposition, the two poems have an opposite shift in tone and structure. Dickason’s poem seems to start out with a strong powerful tone that signifies a concurring and control of a passive delayed death. This powerful tone comes from phrasing starting on line one....   [tags: Present tense, Past tense, Grammatical tense]

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Dante 's Inferno : Hell 's Levels

- Dante 's Inferno: Hell’s Levels Within Dante’s Inferno there are nine levels of Hell, each more gruesome than the last. Each one portrays a different group of sinners, with related sins. Each circle of Hell has a different punishment, and different gates leading to the next stage. Most every circle of Hell is made up of three mini-circles of torment, with each punishment getting progressively worse. According to Dante, there are many circles in hell. The first circle in Hell is called Limbo. Each of the individuals who die before being baptized and those who live as virtuous pagans are condemned to spend all of eternity in this level....   [tags: Divine Comedy, Inferno, Hell, Purgatorio]

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What Are Years? by Marianne Moore

- I’ve read this poem quite a few times. I still don’t completely understand it but I do like this poem. I think what’s great about this particular poem is the fact that it has not left my mind since the first time I read it. I have read it again and again. There is something about the first lines “What is our innocence, what is our guilt. All are naked, none are safe.” Within those lines my attention was caught and I just knew that this was going to be a very interesting poem. I also like the last line “This is mortality, this is eternity.” It has this lasting, lingering quality that makes what you’ve just read stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it....   [tags: Poems, Poetry Analysis]

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Analysis Of Meister Eckhart 's Sermons

-   Meister Eckhart’s sermons talks about how the person lives in eternity, attachment with god, external and internal poverty. In the Heart Sutra it says that form is emptiness and emptiness is a form. It is based the control over the senses and the mind. The two works describe a different spiritual path. In Heart Sutra, the spiritual path occurs through control over the senses. In Eckhart’s sermons, the spiritual path occurs through attachment to God. The Heart Sutra is the practice and perfection of wisdom....   [tags: God, Theology, Meister Eckhart, Perception]

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Satan in "Paradise Lost"

- In John Milton's paradise lost, Satan, the antihero is a very complex character. His character changes dramatically from his first appearance till his last. He is the main reason of the fall of mankind, and he is the main reason for this whole poem. Satan, whom angel name was Lucifer, is a fallen angel. Due to his great pride, he defied god and tried to overthrow him and he was thrown out of heaven, after his failed attempt. At the beginning of the poem, Satan is viewed as a very majestic angel of great stature and an even bigger leadership skill....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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Neoplatonic Thinkers: Ghazali

- In the history of concepts, there is no concern that Al-Ghazali’s figure emerges as one of the best Western thinkers. Considered as the prominent Sunni theologian that ever lived, Al-Ghazali’s polemic againstNeoplatonic thinkers, mainly Ibn Sina, dealt a fatal rage to philosophy within Islamic world. Written following his period of private study of philosophy, and completed in 1094 CE, Tahafut al-Falasifa carried the purpose of pursuing the analysis of reason that inspired his stint of cynicism, and was attempting to illustrate that reason is not self-reliant in the sphere of metaphysics and is incapable out of itself to construct an absolute world-view....   [tags: theologian, god, philosophy]

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Death is a New Beginning

- Death is a New Beginning Death is like two paths on a trail. Some see it as the end of the road while others see it as a beginning of a new adventure. In the poems “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson and “Crossing the Bar” by Alfred Lord Tennyson, both authors choose to view death as a new journey rather than an ending. In the poem, “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” the author portrays the expedition of death as a gentle carriage ride throughout the entire poem where “Death” is personified as a gentleman caller and Immortality acts as the speakers chaperone on this voyage....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Emily Dickinson]

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Poetic Perceptions of Death

- Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) and Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) are two of the most well known poets of the 19th century. Tennyson, described as “the leading poet of the Victorian Age” and Dickinson, described as “one of America’s greatest poets” both won most of acclaim thanks to their strong ideas on death. Death is a common theme in any eras but it took a particular significance in the 19th century , especially in literature. As intense poets, both Dickinson and Tennyson shared their innermost views regarding death, particularly seen in Tennyson’s “Mariana”, “Crossing the Bar” and Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for death” and “Behind me—dips Eternity.” In “Because I could not s...   [tags: Alfred Lord Tennyson, Emily Dickinson]

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Inferno by Dante Alighieri

- In Dante’s Inferno, Dante creates inventive imagery between ones sin and the punishment they would receive in Hell. One of the main themes that Dante uses in the book is allegory, or how the punishment fits the sin. This theme illustrates what happens to people who sin on earth. In this theme Dante created a hell that had nine levels, each worse than the first. Starting with a lesser heaven and ending with the icy cold ninth circle, where Lucifer resides. In each circle, sinners are punished according to their crimes....   [tags: lucifer, allegory, limbo, punishment]

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Deluded Pursuit in Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus

- Deluded Pursuit in Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus Although Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus has outclassed every one at Wittenberg with his academic studies, he is "still but Faustus, a man." Proud of his accomplishments, he desires to become a superman. His judgment clouded by the sin of his pride, he misunderstands his knowledge and dismisses the disciplines of medicine, philosophy, law, and divinity. He lusts for God's capability to "make men live eternally or being dead raise them to life again," believing the devil's arts of magic and necromancy can provide the power, honour, omnipotence and, most importantly, the wealth he craves....   [tags: Doctor Faustus Essays]

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Emily Dickinson's Poetry About Death

- Emily Dickinson's Poetry About Death "Emily Dickinson's Poems about death grew out of her reactions to the tragic events in her personal life." In three of her poems, her style of writing reflects her way of life. 'I heard a Fly buzz when I died', 'My life closed twice before its close' and 'I felt a Funeral in my brain' all reflect on Dickinson's feelings and emotions towards death. In 'I felt a funeral in my Brain', Dickinson describes her own funeral in perfect detail. As if she is an observer of the service....   [tags: Essays Papers Dickinson Poem Poem Essays]

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To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell

- The argument that is presented throughout this poem, like many other poems, is one that involves love. The narrator is an older man who has found love with a much younger mistress. Because of his old age, he tries to act on his love quickly. The narrator makes an attempt to encourage his lover to act on their love, and give up her virginity. The narrator begins the poem stating that if he had enough time, perhaps an eternity, he would spend his time praising and loving his mistress. He would be able to take his time to express his love for her....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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A Formal Literary Analysis of a Compilation Withholding “A Sound of Thunder”, “The Most Dangerous Game”, “Black Boy”, “The Necklace”, “The Birds”, “Th

- “Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird” (Lee 90). As can be seen in the essence of the epigraph of To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee has contrived an eclipsing, contemporary novel of prestigious influence, exalted for being a paragon of literature. However, its continuum is ponderously subjected upon the characterization of the novel’s protagonist, Scout. For fictional, allegorical literature bereft elemental story variants may be rendered less than useless....   [tags: Literacy Analysis ]

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Comparison of Two Poems: Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day and If Thou Must Love Me

- ... They also share the same tone of love because both speakers are referring to the nature of love by either expressing their love to someone or something as in “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” and “If thou must love me.” Browning was addressing someone on how she want to be loved. Both poems share soliloquy because they were dramatic and appear to be speaking to themselves. In the poem, William Shakespeare uses praise and question in addressing the person he was referring to. In Browning’s poem “If thou must love me” was much into herself describing her expectations from someone that will loves her or want to love her....   [tags: Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett Browning]

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Views of Death in W. H Auden’s Poem, Funeral Blues and John Donne’s Poem, Death Be not Proud”

- ... Death can claim anyone in any age of their lives. Death does not care if you are happy or sad but comes and takes what it wants and a person cannot do much to avoid it. James Talmage once stated that death is our, “universal heritage; it may claim its victim[s] in infancy or youth, [it may visit] in the period of life’s prime, or its summons may be deferred until the snows of age have gathered upon the … head; it may befall as the result of accident or disease, …or… through natural causes; but come it must (“Jesus the Christ” 3rd ed....   [tags: culture, soul, inevitable]

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The Importance Of Discourse On The State And Grandeurs Of Jesus

- In Pierre De Berulle’s selected writings pages 134 through 147 we continue to learn about the “Discourse on the State and Grandeurs of Jesus. The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth discourse is on the communication of God in this mystery. In the fifth discourse, the Son of God is described to further reflect himself about his unique and intimate eternal activity. First the author describes the production of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is said to be the bond between the divine persons. And the Son of God wanted his own person to be the producer....   [tags: Trinity, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Christianity]

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The Straight Stanza And The Tone Of The Speaker

- The turning point happens in the fourth stanza and the tone of the speaker changes. In first three stanzas, the feeling of the speaker is comfortable and calm while staying with death; but in the fourth stanza, she seems to become a little bit nervous. The closer she gets to the destination, the more nervous she seems to be. “The Dews drew quivering and chill-/For only Gossamer, my Gown-/My Tippet-only Tulle-” (Dickinson lines 14-16) After passing the speaker’s different stages of life, death and the speaker enter a strange place that is cold, wet and dark....   [tags: Death, Life, Afterlife, Soul]

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The Children of Lir: The Swan and Paganism

- When one is reading a novel, poem, or myth it is hard not to look for similar themes or patterns within the texts of the material; This is especially true when one is focused on something from the same country, and this remains true in the literature, myth, and legends that focus on swans in Ireland. The swan has been imbedded in the folklore of Ireland for centuries, one of the most notable legends of Ireland, “The Children of Lir,” has inspired poets throughout the centuries. One can look at the wonderful poet, Eavan Boland’s poem, “Elegy for a Youth Changed to a Swan,” and see the great effect this legend had upon Ireland and it’s people....   [tags: The Children of Lir Essays]

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Death Is Something No One Bears Power Control

- Death is something no one bears the power to control. Emily Dickinson does an extraordinary job at presenting death in many of her poems. Dickinson uses death as the central theme for many of her poems. Living next to the cemetery from a young age, it had a great influence on Dickinson and her incorporation of death and immortality in her poems. Emily Dickinson talks about death and the meaning of death in many of the poems give her readers an understanding of how darkness can be viewed. It is strange for a writer to talk about death as much as she does, however, it is presented very smoothly in her poems....   [tags: Death, Afterlife, Life, Reincarnation]

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`` No Exit `` By Jean Paul Sartre

- Hell is Other People What is hell. Is it fire and brimstone. Is it one’s worst fears come to life. Is it an endless nightmare. Is it an eternity of demon torturing. Is it reliving the same horrible day over and over again for forever. What is hell. Jean-Paul Sartre wrote the play “No Exit.” It is an existentialist play. Sartre uses his characters to describe the setting saying, “Yes we have lots of time in hand. All time,” (43) and “... yet we’re in hell.” (17) Garcin, a character in the one act play, thinks that hell is simply other people....   [tags: Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism, No Exit]

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The Last Hope for Beauty In Truth

- Literature, as does philosophy and art, follows a continuous wave; with every the crest of a new era, there is a trough from the pervious era. When a new age of style and ideals surfaces, the ideas are often directly against the ideas of the previous period. The Romantic period was an era of emotion, it was no longer about logic or preciseness as it was during the time of Enlightenment period. Both artists and poets of the Romantic period, like John Keats, focused on the expression of feeling and demonstrated an affinity for nature....   [tags: Literary Elements]

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Poetry Analysis: "Ode On a Grecian Urn"

- The twenty-four old romantic poet John Keats, “Ode on a Grecian Urn” written in the spring of 1819 was one of his last of six odes. That he ever wrote for he died of tuberculosis a year later. Although, his time as a poet was short he was an essential part of The Romantic period (1789-1832). His groundbreaking poetry created a paradigm shift in the way poetry was composed and comprehended. Indeed, the Romantic period provided a shift from reason to belief in the senses and intuition. “Keats’s poem is able to address some of the most common assumptions and valorizations in the study of Romantic poetry, such as the opposition between “organic culture” and the alienation of modernity”....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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Mary Shelley's The Modern Prometheus or Frankenstein

- Mary Shelley originally intended to title her novel “The Modern Prometheus”. She ended up changing it to Frankenstein in the second publication. “The Modern Prometheus” was kept as an additional title, but Shelley separated it by “or”. From the start of the novel, the additional title foreshadows Shelley’s connection of Frankenstein to the myth of Prometheus. The many parallels between Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein and the Greek creation myth of Prometheus become apparent through both plot and the paternal relationships of the characters in the book....   [tags: monster, zeus, myth]

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Reoccurring Theme Of Death By Emily Dickinson

- Reoccurring Theme of Death in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson There is a reoccurring theme of death in the poems of Emily Dickinson. This can be seen in poems such as “Because I Could Not Stop For Death”, “I Heard A Fly Buzz When I Died”, “My Life Has Stood A Loaded Gun,” “My Life Closed Twice Before It Closed,” “Heaven is What I Cannot Reach,” and “Death Sets A Thing Significant.” While some of Dickinson’s poems talk about death in an inviting and unafraid way others present the subject in tones of grief and sadness....   [tags: Death, Life, Emily Dickinson, Afterlife]

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