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The Absent Voice of Minority Educators

- Quality training and instruction is a critical factor for educators, more specifically those who belong to minority ethnic groups. As the PK-12 population continues to increase in the number of minority students, education programs of Historically Black Colleges and Universities have become a focal point of education reform. In “Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Teacher Education Reform”, Mary E. Dilworth inadvertently poses the question what have Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) done to improve the presence and retention of minority teachers in the classroom....   [tags: training, instruction, new talents]

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The Role Of Professional Development For Educators

- Professional development for educators is an important step in learning new ways to educate, implement new practices and administering the best possible outcomes for children 's wellbeing. Depending on the child’s circumstances it is also important to search for other means of opinion. In this case accommodating the child’s family and the community in which he or she lives in and advancing towards promoting worthwhile relationships. Relationship building encourages parents in working collaboratively with professionals to create environments of support and enthusiasm around the best interests of the child....   [tags: Childhood, Developmental psychology, The Child]

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Communication and Early Childhood Educators

- Communication is not just how individuals speak to each other. It is listening, what the body language is saying and the response that is received. That is to say it is a two-way interaction, based on respect and valuing the different viewpoints that are given. It is from using effective communication that individuals form relationships with those around them. Relationships have been shown to provide children with the needs necessary to shape their behavior in the years to follow. According to Cheatham (2009, p.6) providing numerous opportunities for communication, both verbal and non verbal, encourages the development of the most functional skills....   [tags: Education]

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Minecraft: A New Tool for Educators

- Introduction Imagine a way for educators to bridge the age and technology gap and to engage their students actively in almost any subject. As the educational needs of future citizens of the world evolve, educators are turning to innovative methods of teaching basic subjects, like math & science, and crucial technology, learning and social literacy skills, like video creation, research strategies and positive community interaction. Despite criticisms of video games in the media and among much of the general population, video games have many positive aspects....   [tags: video games, non educational games]

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Skills and Requirements of Professional Educators

- Introduction: An educator is an individual whose work is to pass the required information to the students. A professional educator is effective in all they do and is responsible for the creation of an interactive learning environment. To do this, an educator should understand the requirements needed to satisfy the goals and objectives of their curriculums as well as the content. As much as the work of an educator is to disseminate the required information to the students, they also ensure that all the expectations of these students are met and if possible exceeded....   [tags: Education]

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An Educators Privacy and Social Networks

- This document “An Educators Privacy and Social Networks” will discuss educator’s privacy, due to the incidents that have been happening in today’s society. With technology taking over the world, writing letters and making phone calls have been replaced with social networks. These sites allow a person to socialize quickly with one another by posting comments about anything that is on his or her mind. However, with this comes the thought of what should and should not be commented. Does society believe that teachers’ First Amendment rights regarding Freedom of Speech protect them in every situation....   [tags: Education, Technology]

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Music Educators and Differentiated Instruction

- In the modern classroom, one will find a mixture of varied levels of learners and their learning abilities. This diverse classroom setting has become the norm in the music education world as the varied learners mix together into one assorted learning environment. Music educators must then increasingly investigate methods of creating differentiated learning lessons to meet the needs of each of their individual learners. Differentiation describes the instructional planning techniques designed to incorporate all the assorted learning styles of a particular classroom into one larger lesson plan....   [tags: education, teaching, informative]

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Should Educators or Students Choose?

- Should educators include what students want to study in syllabi. Since the 20th century, industrialism and suffrage amplified the din for popular education. Change was a harbinger of progress but posed a dilemma, “Who should choose curricula?” as adding an array of social science and technical courses to their agendas became the policy of most nations. European countries and Russia still constructed centralized, or dual educational systems, only elementary schooling for many, secondary and college for higher echelon, a counterpoint to pluralistic America....   [tags: Education]

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My Toolbox for the Future Educators

- My Toolbox for the Future Educators Introduction: I haven’t always been a good student. There were days in school that I didn’t do a single assignment, but that was in elementary school. Soon, I learned the benefit of completely homework and doing as I’m told. I became a capable learner as I continued in my education, so to make myself into a better learner, I chose the tools that I did. Also as a future educator, I chose the tools I did because I believe I need to work on them. I’m not perfect, and neither will be my future students, so in conclusion I hope these tools be implemented in my own study habits and my future classroom....   [tags: teacher classroom techniques]

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Educators And Leaders At High Expectations

- Educators and leaders a like are held to high expectations. Through the Danielson Domain Framework teachers have specific professional practices to effectively master their craft. I had the opportunity to observe two wonderful teachers, one in a 5th grade reading lesson, and the other in a 7th grade math lesson. January 15, 2016 I was invited with my administrator to observe a writing lesson in 5th grade. The standard guiding the lesson was LAFS.5.RI.1.1 Quote accurately from a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text....   [tags: Education, Question, Teacher, Writing]

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The Educators Of Broward County

- Educators of Broward County must follow the standards of ISTE in order to provide their students with the best integration of technology possible. There are also standards that teachers must follow in order to keep students engaged in lessons, and to improve the learning environment for students (Innovative Learning, 2016). Broward County requires teachers follow five performance indicators. These indicators would consist of facilitating and inspiring students to learn and explore creativity, develop and design digital age learning experiences, model the digital age learning, promoting citizenship and responsibility and engaging in professional growth and leadership (Innovative Learning, 201...   [tags: Education, Knowledge, Learning, Technology]

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Native And Non Native Educators

- Native and Non-Native Educators    The status ‘Native Speaker’ relates to someone who was born in a country, where English is a mother tong. The non-native speaker is happened to be the one who was born in a country where English language was spread through colonialism and gained some official status. On the contrary, where the English was spread by Lingua Franca there was no official status at all. However, it is stated that there is a possibility that English language was the first language to be exposed to by so called non-natives which makes them according to this fact, native speakers of English....   [tags: Second language, English language, French language]

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A Study On Male Educators

- The project that my group and I did was about male educators. My group wanted to raise awareness about the stagnating levels in male teaching and also show how male teachers are portrayed in the media. We also wanted to persuade other males to join the education field. Our last goal was to start meaningful discussions through different media channels. Our problem statement that we came up with was “Due to the ever increasing negativity surrounding education in our society’s media channels, the statistical proof that the numbers of male teachers in K-12 have stagnated, and the proven positive effects males have on children in education, it is crucial actions are taken to raise awareness and a...   [tags: Education, Gender, Teacher, Male]

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Plagiarism Problems for Educators

- When it is come to plagiarism, university writing educators are pessimistic about successfully eradicating this problem. It is difficult for them to find ways of promoting academic integrity so as to prevent university students from committing this academic fraud. Moreover, most of them just end up employing punitive enforcement or merely punishing students who plagiarize. Scott Jaschik, an editor of Inside Higher Ed, addresses this issue in "Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism". This article, published in Inside Higher Ed in 2009, primarily targets university writing educators....   [tags: academic, intefrity, fraud, conclusion]

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Association of American Educators

- A new beginning is well under way as I have achieved one of my educational goals. I have now completed most of my classes. Now is the time I will now focus on my job seeking efforts to enter the workforce in my chosen discipline or career. In addition to having researched all resources needed for doors of job opportunities to open, one resource stood out from among the list I compiled from my research. This resource is Association of American Educators (AAE) . The AAE has offered amazing benefits to all its members....   [tags: Education]

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Professional Resources for Educators

- This document is to equip a teacher with some resources that will benefit them in the classroom. The educational helper site gives educators work sheets and many other things at a click of their mouse. A resource to help students comprehend the lessons is found in the article More Ways to Make Sure Students in Your Classes Understand You, written by Alex Case. A third resource is character building and teaches teachers “trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship” (Josephson, 2011)....   [tags: Education, teachers, teaching]

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Great Educators: Leonard Covello

- Leonard Covello presented, as a “Teacher with the Heart” by Vitto Perrone is one of many educators who truly loved what he did. Covello, Italian immigrant who came to the U.S. in 1896 with his family seeking better live. As a young man had to leave school and go to work in order to help support his family. Fortunately, returned to school, finished it and became later on one of the best teachers and friends ever. During his school years, his name was changed by one of his teachers from original Leonardo Coviello....   [tags: teachers, Leonard Covello ]

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Nurse Educators

- 1. Summarize the webinar of your choosing and discuss the implications concerning nursing education. The webinar titled “Succeeding as a Nurse Educator” was presented by Diane Billings, EdD, RN, FAAN. The three objectives for the webinar were to be able to “differentiate between the roles of faculty appointment: teaching, service, and scholarship; implement strategies for working smarter, not harder; and develop a career plan for success as a nurse educator” (Billings, 2013). The webinar started by discussing the role of the nurse educator, at which point Boyer’s four pillars of scholarship and the NLN core competencies were discussed....   [tags: nursing, medicine, education, teaching]

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The Importance Of Our Educators And The Impact Of Their Work

- There is little I’d rather discuss than the importance of our educators and the impact of their work. I am especially thankful for the men and women across the country, and globally, that have dedicated their life’s craft to being intellectual guardians, protectors, and promoters of the knowledge that makes human life especially unique. Despite the never ending despair that December often evokes, as finals drown students and teachers alike in never ending stacks of paper, it is important to remember the unique opportunities that the classroom setting has to offer....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, High school]

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Evaluation Of The Chapter : Educators And School Administrators

- Analysis of the Chapter: Educators and school administrators have many different definitions to describe what a discipline problem, in the classroom, may look like. They vary greatly, however one thing they do have in common is that they are not specific and therefore could lead to misunderstanding. Because of this, teachers may not have a good grasp on what exactly a discipline problem may look like, and as a result they will not be able to determine whether a behavior is a discipline problem or not....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Discipline, Psychology]

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Bullying Is A Threat Of Parents, Educators, And The Legislators

- Bullying in the school systems in the United States has become a major concern of parents, educators, and the legislators. One out of four kids attending school is bullied on a regular basis. Also, bullying can take place randomly, daily, or weekly in the locker rooms, buses, hallways, cafeterias and the restrooms at school. Additionally, a study on Health and Behavior on school age children revealed that thirty percent of children in grades ranging from the sixth to tenth grade reported bullying other students, or being the target of bullies or both (Whitted & Rupper, 2005, para.1)....   [tags: Education, High school, School, Bullying]

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Educators Should Try to Reform the Culture

- I believe that educators should try to reform the culture because knowledge is never complete but an ongoing search. If one does not seek to change then they might be stuck with an old idea that is no longer relevant. At one point it was believed that the earth was the center of the universe or the earth was flat. It was also once believed that women did not have the brain power to own properties or vote but we learn differently. My teachers in primary school did not know that children have different learning styles and not all children learn at the same pace and so their lessons were one size fits all....   [tags: Education, Culture, ]

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The Role Of Collaboration Between Two Educators

- Dantonio’s (2001) statement also resonated with me: “Maintaining effective instructional practices is as important as changing ineffective ones” (p. 82). I hope that Sasha continues to feel empowered by this experience. I also told Sasha that I would be happy to be a sounding board for her ideas in the future. Even though this formal coaching experience is complete, as a teacher, I feel that it is my responsibility to be there for my colleagues. That leads to another takeaway from this experience, which is the power of collaboration between two educators....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Learning]

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The Components of Meaningful Supervision and Evaluation of Educators

- Traditionally, education has lagged behind other industries in innovation and accountability. This axiom, evident in casual observation and corroborated by formal research efforts, has stigmatized professional educators like teachers, principles, and superintendents for decades. Albeit slowly, within the past 25 years, major and sweeping changes have affected the educational consortium and, more specifically, the manner in which administrators supervise and evaluate; one may trace this quarter-century sea change to the “A Nation at Risk” report....   [tags: Education, teaching]

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Is It Important That Educators Are Culturally Responsive Practitioners?

- Ada Barrett ECEC 4354 Dr. Medlin Culturally Responsive Practitioner September 28, 2015 It is so important that educators are culturally responsive practitioners. They need to be devoted to making sure that every child is able to learn and perform to the best of their ability. Every child is different, whether it may be due to different cultural and social backgrounds, special needs, different learning styles, different languages, and different interests or abilities. All teachers need to provide a safe, respectful, and productive classroom and be prepared to challenge each of the diversities that make up the classroom....   [tags: Education, Learning, Educational psychology]

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The Rigid Curriculum of Early Childhood Educators

- Our current education policy with its extreme focus on standardized testing has single handedly pushed an academic curriculum down into the kindergarten level and violating young children’s right to be children. The majority of kindergarten children today are spending more of their time in teacher directed activities, especially in literacy and math, and a minimal time for activities of their own choice. Teachers are being pressured to follow a prescriptive curriculum that is aligned with standardized test and the heavily didactic instruction is pushing exploratory play out of kindergarten....   [tags: education policy, standardized testing]

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Literacy Models and Instructional Reform for Educators

- ... Used correctly, balanced literacy has the potential to meet the needs of all students at their own individual level. All components of reading, including phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, speaking and listening, and writing are taught using this framework. Balanced literacy provides instruction by various methods. The use of read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, word study, and writing are all used to provide students with a release of responsibility model in which they go from guided to independent work (Frey, 2005)....   [tags: reading comprehension, common core, leadership ]

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Impact of an Educator on Sustaining and Enhancing a Child’s Learning and Development

- Educators have long been accountable for their student’s ongoing learning and development. The way in which an educator views both their students and their profession, will determine the way they perceive their pedagogical role in sustaining children’s learning and development. Given Australia’s focus on standardised testing in recent years, educators and society have become consumed by these results rather focusing on the process and personal needs of children’s development (Lingard 2010). In exploring the child-centred, constructive approach evident throughout Finnish educational frameworks, Australian educators can adapt these facilitative methods within their own pedagogy to ensure that...   [tags: Education, Educators, Learning]

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Implications for Today’s Online Educators

- Introduction This research includes a comprehensive understanding of the current outlook of present online educators in which the applicable implications can be extracted and retained for novice web-based instructors. The problems relating to this research are the various factors that arise in the provision of web-based instruction. These various factors include variables of interest that pertain to particular successes and barriers in which web-based instructors have encountered. For purposes of this research, online and web-based instruction (instructors) will refer only to higher education environments provided through universities and colleges....   [tags: Education ]

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The Importance Of An Appropriate Curriculum And The Framework That Guides Educators

- This essay forms a rationale for how important an appropriate curriculum is. The rationale clearly states curriculum’s importance and is supported with principles and practices from attachment theory and the framework that guides educators. Young children have a great desire and instinct to investigate and discover. By doing so they are gathering new understandings and building on what they already know (Hogan, Chisnall, & Culbreath, 2010). Young children’s intelligence has many elements including self-control, the desire to explore, inquisitiveness, creativity, and verbal and non-verbal communication (Medina, 2014)....   [tags: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Knowledge]

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Music Educators' Perspectives and Challenges in the Inclusive Classroom

- Music Educators' Perspectives and Challenges in the Inclusive Classroom Ensuring appropriate special education training in the music inclusive setting is crucial (Gerrity, Hourigan, & Horton, 2013); nonetheless, music educators continue to report a lack of instructional support and resources, insufficient time with students with disabilities (SWD) and training of special education best practices (Hammel & Hourigan, 2011). For this reason, training music educators in the inclusive setting is needed (Gerrity et al., 2013; Hammel & Hourigan, 2011; Hourigan, 2009)....   [tags: disabilities, reflections, anxiety]

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Parents and Educators as a Powerful Influence

- Parents and Educators as a Powerful Influence Every individual has an impact on the world, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. For the most part, the greatest impact an individual will have is limited to those with whom he interacts and the small community in which he lives. To a certain extent, each person has control over his own actions and decisions, and the choices he makes will ultimately determine how much power he will have over his own life. In as much as any human being can control his surroundings, he can also control the contributions he makes to the community and the quality of his own life....   [tags: Graduate College Admissions Essays]

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Literature Review: Areas of Concern and Chanlleges for Music Educators

- Literature Review Although music educators often experience challenges in the inclusion setting, most agree that music is beneficial to all students, including students with disabilities (SWD). This literature review includes areas of concerns and challenges that music educators often experience in the inclusive setting as a result of (a) lack of training in special education, (b) lack of planning time, (c) scheduling issues and (c) lack of experience using music therapy (MT) practices in the inclusive music setting (Spohn, 2008)....   [tags: lack, experience, plan, chanlleges]

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Why Educators Understand Issues Of Diversity And Difference

- Why must educators understand issues of diversity and difference. Educators must understand and recognise issues of diversity and difference amongst students to provide an inclusive learning environment. Each child brings to class a unique blend of differentiated social and cultural backgrounds, which can impact their overall success in reaching curriculum goals. Through educator’s acknowledgment of such diversity, students are given the opportunity to build a sense of identity and overcome stereotypical notions that society has created....   [tags: Education, Sociology, Gender, Multiculturalism]

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Educators and their Syllabi: Do We Need Uniform Cirricula?

- Should educators include what students want to study in syllabi. Since the 20th century, industrialism and suffrage amplified the din for popular education. Change augured progress but posed a dilemma, “Who should choose curricula?” as adding an array of social science and technical courses to their agendas became the policy of most nations. European countries and Russia still crafted centralized, or dual, educational systems, a counterpoint to pluralistic America: only elementary schooling for many, secondary and college for higher echelon....   [tags: syllabus, education, ]

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Helping Educators Become More Effective Leaders

- Leading organizations of school administrators offer educators various opportunities to encourage educators to become leaders. No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) has mandated that leaders be better prepared for the task of providing quality education to all. NCLB “… is forcing all educational stakeholders to face the weakness of contemporary school leadership and is making it impossible to ignore the need for higher quality principals” (Hale & Moorman, 2003, p.1). It is believed that all educators can be and are leaders in their own right....   [tags: Education]

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What Does It Mean For Early Childhood Educators And Leaders?

- Some Aha-moments I had in this week reading was, the issues families face such as poverty, healthcare, and poverty. All this issues can affect children development and I think teachers are windows that can provide access to children and families the best resources to get a better education. As an educator it is important understand the needs of children and their families, and what are the best way to help them. For example; there are children that emigrate from another country and they do not know the language, as a teacher we should find the best way to help the child understand the lessons, and learn the language....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Childhood]

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Adult Educators Must Understand the Adult Learner

- Adult Educators From ancient times to Post modern times learning has been the most rivaled dialogue. Education has been a historical perspective and the underlying theme for individual and social evolution. Education in its broadest since (i.e. formal, informal, social, cultural, philosophical, teaching, training and instructing) is a course of action by which we transmit its accumulated values, skills and knowledge. Philosophical debate on the formulation of knowledge still exists today. Grundspenskis (2007) insists personal knowledge is the process that an individual needs to carry out in order to gather, classify, store, search and retrieve knowledge in his/her daily activities....   [tags: adult Education, teachers, teacing]

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Annotated Bibliography of Music Educators´ Perceptions of Inclusion

- Music Educators' Perceptions of Inclusion Abraham, F. (2009). Examining the preservice experience of undergraduate music education majors: Exploring connections and dispositions through multiple perspectives a critical grounded theory. Journal of Music Teacher Education, 19(1), 80-104. doi: 10.1177/1057783709344044. The author investigated the relationship between on-campus and off-campus learning experiences of Junior level undergraduate music education majors through a grounded theory (GT) study....   [tags: study, methods, teachers, plans]

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The Cec Professional Principles Are A Guideline For Professional Special Educators

- The CEC professional ethical principles are a guideline for professional special educators. Special educators have a special purpose endowed by the community and recognized by a professional credential. As such, special educators have a responsibility to be guided by their Ethical Principles and Professional Practice Standards (cec). The bottom line is this; professional special educators pledge to these principles and practice guidelines that define their professionalism and advance not only their success but the student’s and their families’ success as well....   [tags: Special education, Education]

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A Strong Christian Influence On Educators And Leaders Of The Next Generation

- I desire to be a strong Christian influence to the educators and leaders of the next generation. Obtaining an Organizational Leadership, with an emphasis in Higher Education, from Abilene Christian University will equip me to meet this goal. I have discovered the best plans for my life come as a result of a vision from God. I have also discovered that when I do things my own way and in my own strength the outcome is less than desirable. This vision began with patient prayer and requires the continuous hand of the Holy Spirit to bring it to pass....   [tags: Leadership, Education, Holy Spirit, Leader]

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What is Constructivism and How this Educational Approach Affect Educators?

- Brittany Bass Constructivism: What is constructivism and how does this educational approach affect educators. A Constructivism approach to education does not have set rules for it’s pedagogical practice. It is not as simple of an educational view as some may believe it to be. Generally the agreement of this concept is that the students needs both to interact with their classmates as well with the physical world in order to stimulate a more meaningful interpretation of knowledge that occurs within the classroom....   [tags: knowledge, classroom]

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A Short Note On Becoming Anti Bias Educators

- Becoming Anti-Bias Educators Our society is still struggling with diversity issues such as those related to race, social class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and immigration. It is important to examine multiple aspects of these diversity issues in education to begin making changes that will benefit all students. Some of these aspects include the social-cultural environment, one’s own identity as it relates to diversity, and the school, curriculum, and pedagogical environment. Creating a proposal will encourage our school to become more anti-bias in nature and prepare students to be anti-bias citizens as well....   [tags: Education, Sociology, Culture, Social class]

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The Liberties Of North Alabama Educators Credit Union

- Hence, their immoral actions stems from their unilaterally assessing a bad address fee against North Alabama Educators Credit Union Member Timberlake’s account is wrong; subsequently, they took their scandalous actions over Member Timberlake’s objections, without affording Member Timberlake entreated quotidian substantive due process of law, and refusing an impartial hearing. Since, their questionable decision was to unilaterally assess a bad address fee against North Alabama Educators Credit Union member Timberlake’ account; scandalously, NAECU officials took funds Member Timberlake’s account over his objections....   [tags: United States, Southern United States]

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Language Testing And Assessment : A Great Asset For Learners And Educators

- Introduction The concept of authenticity in testing and assessment has been defined in numerous ways. A frequently mentioned definition is the one by Wiggins (1993) who describes authentic tasks as “Engaging and worthy problems or questions of importance, in which students must use knowledge to fashion performances effectively and creatively. The tasks are either replicas of or analogous to the kinds of problems faced by adult citizens and consumers or professionals in the field” (p. 229). In language testing and assessment many experts believe that authenticity should be characterized by specific characteristics: practicability, reliability, validity, authenticity, and washback (Brown, 200...   [tags: Language acquisition, Linguistics]

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Human Relations For The Educators : Meeting Challenges For Today And Tomorrow

- According to Human Relations For the Educators: Meeting Challenges For Today and Tomorrow, student diversity is the existence of dissimilar students contributing to the unique experiences found in the classroom. I personally like this definition because a classroom full of students will benefit from the uniqueness of diverse students. Every teacher will face a diversity of students in his or her classroom, which is why it is so important that we, as educators, can provide multiple strategies to meet the needs of all of our students....   [tags: Intelligence, Education, Learning]

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Benjamin Bloom Created Bloom's Taxonomy to Guide Educators

- Education and the theory of mastery learning were not just ideas for Benjamin Bloom. This American educational psychologist believed that higher understanding and mastery learning would be achieved through three domains developed for educators to set for their students known as Bloom’s Taxonomy. Benjamin S. Bloom was born February 21, 1913 in a small community just outside Lansford, Pennsylvania. Bloom had an unquenchable curiosity towards the world. Benjamin was a prodigious reader and a very accurate researcher....   [tags: learning, domains, holistic]

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Educators Must Bring Latest Technology to the Class of Engineers

- Recognizing that the students have fairly good foundation in basic sciences when they exercise their option for engineering, it is the responsibility of educators to bring the latest advances within the reach of engineering graduates. The motivation for this paper is thus the urgent necessity to revise undergraduate curriculum incorporating latest technological developments which stimulate inquiry and innovation while strengthening product design capabilities. While the focus shifts to applied topics of basic sciences and core engineering areas, there must be active supplementary learning and interdisciplinary experience....   [tags: simulation, innovation, industry]

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Are Six Dispositions That Educators Use For Enhance Their Teaching?

- There are six dispositions that educators use to enhance their teaching. There is modeling, poise, maturity, and sound judgement; promote ethical and professional standards in teaching, learning, and research; Demonstrate an expectation that all children can learn and are a vital part of the learning community, continuous self- evaluation, work with peers, clinical instructors, cooperating teachers, university field supervisors, and relevant stockholders to advance student learning, and the last one display sensitivity to student’s needs....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Psychology, School]

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The Responsibility Of Educators And Its Impact On Student Achievement

- It is the responsibility of educators to positively impact ALL student achievement. The vital nature of that role is amplified for those groups of students -special needs, racial/ethnic minorities, poor/disadvantaged students- whose rate of success is behind their majority peers equating to an ever-present achievement gap. Reducing and/or eliminating this disparity requires appropriate assessment tools, evidence-based instructional practices, and on-going embedded professional development, organized around facilitating a culturally responsive climate of excellence....   [tags: Assessment, Summative assessment]

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Lesson Plans for Educators

- Lesson Plans for Educators I will be graduating with a Liberal Studies Major. I will hopefully be teaching in September but I have a dilemma, I am afraid of not having enough lessons to get me started. My other fear is not having fun lessons to teach. I work at an Elementary school now and there is a teacher that I work with that doesn't know the meaning of fun activities that can provide great knowledge from them. I will never forget my favorite teacher, Mr. Protho. He loved making our class a fun and exciting place to be....   [tags: Teaching Technology Internet Essays]

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The Transformational Leadership Practices of National Board Certified School Library Media Coordinators in North Carolina

- Introduction According to Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs (American Association of School Librarians, 2009), “The school library media program is built by professionals who model leadership and best practice for the school community” (p. 45). This leadership role is a new one for school librarians; earlier guidelines documents (AASL, 1988; AASL, 1998) embedded leadership activities within the roles of information specialist, instructional consultant or partner, teacher, and program administrator....   [tags: Education, Educators]

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Everyone's Story Begins with a Teacher

- ... Depending on the student’s learning capabilities, teachers must at times, adjust their lessons to make sure their understanding directions and assignments. The Bureau of Labor Statistics emphasizes that “[s]tudents with learning disabilities and emotional or behavioral disorders often are taught in traditional classes” (“High”). This special population requires extra attention and may need the extra help. It is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure they understand what is being taught because the student’s results reflect back on the teacher....   [tags: business educators]

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Educators Must Make Learning Enjoyable

- Educators Must Make Learning Enjoyable As educators we wish to have the students gain knowledge, through our efforts, and continue to expand their minds using the basics we have taught them. In an era when so many outside interests often cloud the minds of our impressionable youth, we often wonder how we can accomplish this task. Our society has become increasingly chaotic in comparison to how it was in my fathers time. With an increase in violence, commercialism, and two working parents, children today don't have the same structure in their lives as they did in earlier times....   [tags: Teaching Education Admissions Essays]

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Educators' Self-Efficacy: Teaching Anxiety Workload and Classroom Stress

- This research is conducted with the aim to examine and evaluate the connections among teachers’ years of experience, educator characteristics (gender and teaching level), three areas of self- efficacy (instructional strategies, classroom association, and student engagement), two kinds of job stress (workload and classroom stress), and job satisfaction. The members were 1,430 employing teachers including 69% women and 31% men from western Canada. 20% were teachers working in elementary schools (K-G6), 6% junior elevated schools (Grade 7-9), high school 9% (Grades 10-12), elementary-junior elevated school (13%, Grade K-9) and junior-high-senior elevated schools (12% Grade 7-12)....   [tags: school levels, grade levels, satisfaction]

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Early Childhood Education’s Pursuit For More Male Exemplary Educators

- Allude back to the infantile and juvenile intervals of your life cycle, when you were enrolled in early learning programs—like Head Start, preschool, kindergarten, and the remainder your rudimental educational stages. Now, attempt to recollect the number of male educators you had during these early learning programs. If your recollection could not process any early male educators, you are a member of the gargantuan proportion of individuals who have been affected by the societal construction our society has compelled us to internalize, educationally....   [tags: Sociological Proposals]

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Showcase Strong Leadership Abilities While Supporting The Local Team Of Educators

- SC1 Showcase strong leadership abilities while supporting the local team of Educators with an emphasis on collaboration, communication, empowerment and engagement Effective leadership promotes a positive organisational culture and builds a professional learning community. I think that a leader can create a massive influence on the local team of educators through the skills of effective collaboration, communication, recognising other’s skills and engaging everyone in teaching and learning process....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Emotion, Communication]

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A Training Guide For College Tutors And Peer Educators By Sally Lipsky

- Summary, Scope and Organization of the Book A Training Guide for College Tutors and Peer Educators by Sally Lipsky defines the role and importance of peer tutors’ on college campuses, the importance of promoting active learning, how to incorporate critical thinking and questioning skills, assessing students’ learning, collaborative learning and group work. Furthermore, this book defines tutoring as a proactive process, the value of diversity and students, online assistance, and a summary of effective peer lead sessions....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Tutor]

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Note to Educators: Hope Required when Growing Roses in Concrete

- We live in a world that is always changing and as such creates inequality and suffering. Many people feel the need to change this and hope for a better world. Even though people have different religions and beliefs, we all have some hope,which motivates us to wake up everyday and make a difference in this world. Hope is what brings us together to fight for a common cause. As Duncan-Andrade explains throughout his article, “Note to Educators: Hope Required When Growing Roses in Concrete,” it is not enough to hope for a better future, especially for young people of color because hoping will not bring the needed change we expect....   [tags: Duncan-Andrade article analysis]

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The Theories Have Impacted Early Childhood And The Way Educators Teach Today

- Introduction Several theorist and theories have impacted early childhood, and the way educators teach today. Some have developed ideas and theories, while others have developed programs such as Kindergarten, the Reggio Emilia Approach, and the Montessori Program. This essay will cover the following theorists’ contributions to early childhood: Jerome Bruner, John Dewey, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Froebel, Howard Gardner, Loris Malaguzzi, Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky. Jerome Bruner Jerome Bruner is known for his theory of cognitive growth in which a child’s intellectual ability develops in stages based on how the mind is used (Smith, M....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Psychosexual development]

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Educational Philosophies Do Not Singlehandedly Define Who We Are As Educators

- Educational philosophies do not singlehandedly define who we are as educators. There is almost always a mix between philosophies that identify our values as educators. I found that I have identified most with a progressive philosophy, also known as a pragmatist philosophy. This philosophy stood out to me when I had first learned about the different types and my guess that I fit into this category most was confirmed when I scored my sheet. A progressive or pragmatic philosophy is one that focuses on the entire child....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Learning]

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The Perception Of Final Year Nursing Students Being Abused By Educators

- Hypothesis The perception of final year nursing students being abused by educators Literature review The education research 2011 described the types and sources of abusive and violent behaviours faced by nursing students in their final year of nursing education (Cooper et al.,2011). Workplace violence, defined as violent acts directed toward workers, includes physical assault, the treat of assault and verbal abuse. It has far reaching and long term consequences for workers health and safety. (Magnavita & Heponiemi , 2011)....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Psychological abuse]

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Developing Trust Among Educators : Working At Helping Teachers Improve Their Weak Areas

- Developing trust among educators is demonstrated by working at helping teachers improve on their weak areas; if teachers see that the leader is concerned about the teacher’s struggling areas and is willing to help them a positive relationship will be developed. I have found that in my teaching career, I trusted those leaders who were genuinely concerned at helping me improve my teaching techniques; he showed me that he valued me as a member, and wanted to help me out. This approach worked wonders in my relationship with the principal; I trusted him more than I would if I thought my job was at stake and all he was concerned about was if he wanted to retain me or not....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Leadership, School]

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Analysis Of Art Education And Creates Four Directives As A Guide For Art Educators

- McFee addresses the implications for art education and creates four directives as a guide for art educators to help minority students understand their own culture and identity in order for “these people” to preserve and respect their heritage (126). Even though, McFee warns not to stereotype children based on their ethnic background and encourages teachers to explore other cultures different then their own; this ideology of the white savior complex encourages teachers to aid helpless children of color about themselves....   [tags: Racial segregation, African American, City]

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Fischertechnik Robo Pro Software : A Wide Variety Of Robotics Solutions For Students And Educators

- fischertechnik Robo Pro Software: How to Install & Use It’s no secret that Fischertechnik offers a wide variety of robotics solutions for students and educators. From elementary school to higher education, Fischertechnik has a versatile selection of kits that are highly customizable to suit whatever your needs may be. At the center of FT’s robotics systems is the Robo Pro software. In this post, I will talk about Robo Pro system requirements, installation procedures, and how to use it to bring your robot to life....   [tags: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Microsoft Windows]

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Implementing A Community Program That Specializes For Recruiting Qualified Minority Educators

- I am proposing to implement a community program that specializes in recruiting qualified minority educators, to teach in low-performing and majority minority school districts. For decades the question has been asked if the race of the teacher has any effects on the quality of education that a child receives, well through extensive research the educational community seems to be getting closer to finding the answer. Across the United States there are communities filled with children that are underperforming and falling behind academically....   [tags: High school, Education, School, Teacher]

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The Ideal-Real Aspects of the Role of an Educational Leader

- What are the attributes needed by an education leader As the previous generations of nurse education leaders are retiring and the health care environment is becoming increasingly complex, we as a profession need nurse educators that possess the competencies that facilitate students having the skills to practice evidence-based care in this environment (Hanson & Stenvig 2008). In this author’s opinion the following are some of the attributes that a nurse education leader should possess including: proactive, goal orientated, collaborative, organized, professional, supportive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic....   [tags: Education, Nurse Educators]

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Preventative and Corrective Strategies in the Classroom

- The objectives of preventative strategies are to develop an appropriate and successful classroom for all students. The classroom should be a place where students feel comfortable and a place where students are in control of the behaviours and choices they make. Educators must always offer encouragement on a regular basis as it builds a supportive classroom environment. It encourages student to focus on their effort rather than their achievement. Therefore students receive positive feedback for trying hard, but may be unsuccessful with the task....   [tags: educators, students, classroom meetings]

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Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation

- Classrooms where productive discourse is utilized successfully do not just happen, but instead require educators to adequatly and thoroughly prepare. When creating lessons in which discourse is to be utilized Chapin, O’Connor and Anderson(2013) contend that educators must consider the goals of the lesson, anticipate confusion, brainstorm and develop questions to use as part of the facilitation of the discussion, and finally plan the implementaiton of the lesson delivery. In order to develop a lesson in which students will gain understanding of the concept to be taught, educators must have a firm idea of the mathematics that will be the center of the discussion....   [tags: educators, classromms, lessons]

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Leadership Through Curricular Reform in Music Education

- Introduction Curriculum reform requires that all teachers become teacher leaders. "This involves a commitment on the part of all to lead as experts in their subject area, their classrooms, and in the vision and mission of the school/district" (Hill, 2006, p. 178). Each teacher, especially the music educator, has to be an advocate for their subject within the curriculum. As the music curriculum is currently changing, the music educator should be aware of the issues that are being revised. Arts Integration Most music educators realize the need for integration of music into other areas of the school curriculum but do not understand the effort that goes into forming an integrated lesson plan....   [tags: Music Educators, Teaching]

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Education: Why are Children Exhibiting Strange Behaviors?

- As educators, we ask ourselves why children are exhibiting strange behavior and what can I do help lead and guide children into appropriate behavior. There are many risk factors that can impact a child’s behavior. As educators and parents our goal is to encourage positive behavior that allows the child to thrive and be a success in learning. In this paper, I am going to discuss risk factors that influence behavior and strategies that teachers can use to help the child regain control over their behavior....   [tags: risks, parents, educators]

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Parental Involvement in The Educational Process of Their Children

- Introduction Parent’s active involvement in the educational process of their child is priceless. Together, parents and teachers can share knowledge and resources that will make certain the individual needs of the student are being met within the best learning environment. Collaborative efforts from parents, educators and the school ensure a positive and rewarding experience for the student. Parents should in no way feel that they are being left out of the educational decisions; therefore, educators have an obligation that encourages parental participation....   [tags: educators, parents participation, students]

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The Implementation of the Principles of Good Practice for Student Affairs

- The implementation of the Principles of Good Practice for Student Affairs (1996) is an important step in higher education. It provides a blueprint that focuses of the growth of the student, targeting student affairs professionals, faculty and students themselves. The principles are designed to maintain structure when creating programs or policies that will affect the student population. The uses of the principles are implemented into the Multicultural Affairs Office where the design of a program will use four of the assigned principles (ACPA & NASPA, 1996)....   [tags: Institutional Policies, Peer Educators]

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Are Standardized Tests a True Reflection of a Child's Knowledge?

- The purpose of standardized testing is to measure students progress in a variety of academic subject areas. Standardized tests vary depending on the state. A few of the test administered in florida are the FCAT, ACT, and SAT. So much emphasis is placed on passing these tests that students spend more time worrying about it the consequences they will face if they fail, than actually preparing for the exam. Is this test a true reflection of a students knowledge. A student’s academic level and future should not be determined by a 105 question test on reading and mathematics....   [tags: curriculum, educators, expression]

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Schools Where Everyone Belongs Curriculum Review

- As an educator you may encounter many obstacles and have to overcome several hurdles, but they all key to you being successful at your job. One thing that Administrators and Educators face alike is the constant occurrences of bullying in schools. No matter what school or where it is, bullying has the potential to occur and most likely is already present. The Schools Where Everyone Belongs is curriculum that can be used to effectively teach Administration and Educators how to understand, and deal with bullying....   [tags: Book Review, Educators, Bullying]

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Unique as Fingerprints: Universal Design for Learning

- Unique as Fingerprints: Universal Design for Learning Everyone has a unique characteristic, our fingerprints. Those fingerprints are as unique as each snowflake, each one unique in design. Just as our fingerprints are unique, so is the way in which each of us learns. This is why the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is so important. The Universal Design for Learning is a framework developed to assist educators in recognizing these differences and teaches how to be flexible in their delivery, methods, and engagement of their students....   [tags: knowledge, perception, educators]

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Blending the Classroom: The Inclusion of New Media Tools in Education

- Blending the Classroom: The Inclusion of New Media Tools in Education As the Common Core State Standards are implemented into curriculum in elementary, middle, and high schools across the country, teaching practices must be adjusted to meet new requirements and expectations. Technology use is now a central focus of the standards, which concerns many teachers for a wide variety of reasons including lack of teacher training, a decline in face-to-face communication skills, the lack of student control, the decline in test scores and essential skills, and even the role of the teacher becoming obsolete (Wilson, 2013)....   [tags: technology, educators, students, skills]

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Lack of Integrating Technology in Elementary School

- Lack of integrating technology in elementary schools It has been the goal of educators to integrate technology in all levels of learning. Educators believe that if this goal is properly implemented and supported, it may bring about a positive experience for both teachers and students (Ertmer & Leftwich, 2009; Simon, 2002). In their research, Cradler and Bridgforth (2005) concluded that technology applications can support higher-order thinking by engaging students in authentic, complex tasks within collaborative learning contexts....   [tags: instruction problem, educators]

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John Dewey and The Schoolhouse Experimentation

- Short Paper Of the teachers I have spoken with most have agreed that the common core has been rushed, with not enough time and/or money to adequately prepare. The goal was a noble one – to have the United States a global leader in education. But the curriculum was basically just dumped in the teacher’s laps. Testing the system in a select few school districts would have been a better way to gradually implement the new curriculum. John Dewey’s progressive thoughts on education influenced American educators and the Common Core proves that Dewey’s philosophy still penetrates the America’s school system....   [tags: NCHLB, educators, common core]

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Education in the US in Need of a Instructional Chenge

- What is Change. It can be defined as making something different or to modify (change, n.d.). In our modern day of technology, change has become a standard way of life. This technology has transformed or changed how information is being delivered and presented to students in our school systems. The challenge in our schools today, is the willingness of the educational leaders to implement change for the benefit of raising their overall grades and more importantly, to help learners retain the material that they are being taught....   [tags: education, educators, school districts]

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