• To Drill or Not to Drill

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    companies are racing to the state of Pennsylvania looking to drill into areas containing Marcellus Shale, a deep geological formation found in 63 percent of Pennsylvania, where natural gas occurs naturally within the rock (Zerbe). Geologists have known for a long time that the Marcellus Shale contained a large reserve of natural gas, estimated at 2.8 trillion cubic feet (“Marcellus Shale”). Until recently, it was not cost-effective to drill for natural gas, as drilling a mile-plus deep shaft and blasting

  • To Drill or Not to Drill: There Is No Question

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    companies are racing to the state of Pennsylvania looking to drill into areas containing Marcellus Shale, a deep geological formation found in sixty-three percent of Pennsylvania, where natural gas occurs naturally within the rock. Geologists have known for a long time that the Marcellus Shale contained a large reserve of natural gas, estimated at 2.8 trillion cubic feet(“Marcellus Shale”). Until recently, it was not cost-effective to drill for natural gas, as drilling a mile-plus deep shaft and blasting

  • Drill Accessories

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    Today many types of drill accessories and tools are used for domestic and commercial tasks. The use of cordless drill accessories prove effective for doing a hole in roofs or walls. In this regard, drill is an ideal item used in many types of applications. Drill accessory set is an essential item for metal and wood working and various other construction projects. According to the experts, drill accessory is designed to make a hole in hard walls. It is developed with rotating cutting method that

  • Drill Press

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    homeowner, the handyman, or a contractor is an electric drill. While hand-held power drills are some of the most used tools in the box, they are not necessarily the most accurate. When you need an exact hole drilled at a precise angle, or maybe a hundred of these holes, then the tool you want is a Drill Press. The drill press is a larger version of a hand drill with additional features. The main difference is the amount of structure, with a hand drill, it is difficult to be sure that the holes you are

  • Drill Bits

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    Drill Bits When most people think of drill bits they think of drill bits they think of the simple tool that can be found in any house or machine shop. The drill bits are relatively simple in design and are typically used for drilling through wood and metals. Most people don’t realize that when companies drill in the earth for oil they also use drill bits. However, the drill bits used in this process are very complicated in nature, not to mention costly. These drill bitts cost on average between

  • The Drill Instructor

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    Drex stood on the artillery practical course along side two other men attempting to train in the speciality, the drill instructor was the same man as before Sargent Dirk Canning, who surprised Drex with his new relaxed attitude. “Today will be a good day, a stress free day” he said in a warm and lofty tone. He leaned against what Drex assumed would be today's assignment. “I have had a stream of failing soldiers com through here, needles to say its taken a toll on my stress level”. He

  • Fitness Drills

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    -To go over the PEP once again so that everybody can understand it thoroughly and get to know exactly what they will have to do or moreover, bear in mind what they should do to earn their best while processing the PEP. -Because football is a team-sport so people who do the PEP for football may gather together to work in a group. It may help a lot since they can practice together which is a fundamental thing in team-sport. -To disseminate all the rules as well as disciplines that require every one

  • Purchasing Drill Accessories

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    The use of drill accessories are increasing for commercial as well as domestic projects. The reason is that these cordless drill accessories can perform multiple tasks in a short time. Whether you are making a hole in a wall or mixing liquid for painting, it is essential to include drill accessories with other equipment. While purchasing for drill tools, you can get all essential drill parts in form of drill accessory set. This set is considered an essential item for wood and metal applications

  • Essay On Drill Rappers

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    Drill music is a hip hop subgenre originating from the South Side Chicago rappers and producers. This genre is prominent in Chicago’s hip hop culture. Drill is recognized by its grim, violent lyrical content and trap-influenced beats. Drill is a slang term that means to retaliate or fight. Drill music surfaced into the mainstream in mid-2012 with the success of rappers like Chief Keef, Lil Reese, and Lil Durk. A burst of media attention major label signings to drill musicians followed. Other drill

  • Volcano: This is Not a Drill

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    must be a drill.” There hadn’t been volcanic activicty on the island for hundreds of years! My friend Mark’s cellphone began to ring. It was his parents. His mom was on the village council which would tell us what this was all about. He could barely her the phone call over the sirens. With one ear covered ant the phone on the other, he said, “Yes mom, okay mom, I will mom” He ended the call and slowly lowered the phone. Everyone stared at him intently and he responded “It isn’t a drill.” It was

  • School Safety: Fire Drills

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    over 3.2 million students are bullied each year. This is a problem that will be addressed under social and emotional safety. At MM KK School, only three fire drills are issued per year when the state policy says that there should be one a month. This problem will be addressed under drill Safety. Along with social and emotional safety and drill safety, building safety, concussion safety, and technology safety will all be addressed. The topic of school safety is the main focus in Project Citizen. Project

  • Evaluation Of The School Fire Drills

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    Within any major school district or incorporation, we have our annual fire drills, however, our district has two plans called District 144 Out Plan and District 144 Plan in place for major crisis. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose what those plans mean but those plans address majority of the crisis that can occur in a school setting. With the way our society has evolved as it relates to school shootings, 3 of our last schools just completed phase 3 of our security upgrade plans. Each school is now

  • My Experience Of A Tornado Drill

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    The third and fourth weeks seem to have gone by so quickly. I think that I am beginning to connect with my students, and I am not as overwhelmed by all of the diversity in the classroom. In the third week we got to experience a tornado drill. I was incredibly surprised by how quite and well behaved my class was, since normally it is impossible to even get them down the hallway to gym. This week, students learned how to write the number seven and the number eight when we were in the class. They were

  • Drill-Bit Manufacturing Company, Inc

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    Drill-Bit Manufacturing company, Inc. wants to license its product out to Mexico. Dill-Bit should take certain steps to protect its IPR. Within the Mexico licensing agreement, Drill- Bit manufacturing should lay out what its expectations are and how they should be met. Drill-Bits success largely depends on the quality of its products. This has been apparent in both the home market and over seas. Its German manufacturer has kept the same standards as in the U.S. which has lead to a licensing agreement

  • Should We Drill Offshore for Oil?

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    an important factor in most people's lives. The demand is huge, and prices have shot up fast, making us now seek sources for oil in other countries or by drilling offshore. This essay will address the issue from Taking Sides (2013) of “Should we drill offshore for oil?” First, I will talk about the benefits of offshore drilling, economically and socially. Next, I will talk about various arguments against offshore drilling, paying special attention to possible environmental threats. Finally, I

  • Lab Report Most Effective Type of Drill

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    Lab Report Most Effective Type of Drill Research Report Introduction- The aim of this report is to present research and findings as to which type of drill is most suitable to our application. We are screwing screws through the wall of a letterbox. The three types of drills we are investigating are, DC or cordless, AC main power and Pneumatic (air). AC Operation of AC drills- Drills with cords use, AC ( alternating current ) power which is the 240 volt supply you would get from an outlet

  • Ethical Ethics Of Drill Oil And Gas

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    ethical it is to drill oil and gas knowing the high risks and disastrous consequences due to oil spills, the oil and gas industry is something the globe highly depends on. Everyone is fast to point the finger when an error happens but at the end of the day the average person that watches the news and thinks; how bad a company can be for letting such a disaster happen is the same one that fuels this huge and global industry. So who is there to blame? The big companies that drill or the average customer

  • How Close Order Drill Prepares Us to Protect

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    The concept of close order drill has been used in some form in every war since the inception of the U.S. Marine Corps, and the practice still proves useful in the twenty-first century. It is much more than the Silent Drill Platoon performing on commercials to attract young adults to the military. This art form is being set aside in Marine Corps after a decade of war; even though drill influences combat efficiency by instilling precision, automatic response to orders and develops assertive leaders

  • The Tip Drill Controversy and its Relation to Misogyny in Hip-Hop

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    present in the well-known case that occurred at Spelman College, a historically black institution for women, in 2004 when students protested rapper Nelly’s presence on their campus for a bone marrow drive soon after his controversial music video “Tip Drill” was released. Though this controversy took place not that long ago in 2004 when I was in fourth grade, I was not aware of it until last year, my freshman year of college, when I was taking a course in African American Studies titled AASP 202 Black

  • Lockdown Drills : Keeping Schools Well Prepared For Threats

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    Lockdown Drills: Keeping schools well prepared for threats. As the deafening sounds of the sheriff’s sirens drowned out the children’s laughter, all eyes focused on the police cars dashing by. Suddenly the loud speaker came on and the frantic voice of the announcer called, “Boys and girls the sheriff has issued a lockdown, please go back to class!” After getting over the initial shock of the announcer not following the lockdown procedures, teachers’ attention quickly turned to the group of students

  • An Elephant Crackup By Charles Siebert Drills On The Downfall Of Elephants

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    supposed to be the calmest because, according to some children’s book, those problems are too small compared to the size of the animal. However, it seems that this theory is only true in the childhood fantasy. In “An Elephant Crackup?”, Charles Siebert drills on the downfall of elephants. He gives a depiction of the recent raging and violent acts of the elephants, and presents an educated and almost unexpected explanation to their behaviors. He says elephants are just like us; they have feelings, both

  • The High School 's Reputable Drill Team Status

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    in all community service opportunities as possible, participating in all color guard presentations possible, and dedicating two extra hours in my mornings to drilling my feet sore for the sake of maintaining the Eagle River High School’s reputable drill team status. But my one deficiency that grayed my instructor’s heads and made me appear less accomplished with my missing ribbons that were on my peers’ uniforms was my avoidance of any and all wilderness activities. “Winter Survival Where You Get

  • America Must Drill for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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    America Must Drill for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a very controversial topic. On one end you have the people who want to drill for oil to help out our economy, and on the other end there are the environmentalists and the Alaskan natives who do not want their land destroyed. Our economy needs help; oil prices keep rising, gas prices have reached an all time high, and America is depending too much on foreign trade. Drilling

  • Marching Into Battle: How Close Order Drill wins Wars

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    Concepts of close order drill have been used in every conflict since the inception of the U.S. Marine Corps; the practice still proves useful in the twenty-first century. It is much more than a recruiting tactic used by the Silent Drill Platoon to draw civilians to military service. This art form has been set aside in nearly all Marine Corps units after a decade of war; even though the principles of close order drill increase combat efficiency by instilling precision, automatic response to orders

  • America Does NOT Need to Drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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    America Does NOT Need to Drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Thesis: If the United States is going to choose to conserve energy responsibly, then our government's energies should not be focused on developing oil in the ANWR, but rather on the topics of conservation through higher fuel efficiency standards in vehicles and by developing alternative energy sources. Conservation, fuel efficiency and alternative energy sources are the solutions that will lead us

  • America MUST Drill for Oil in The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

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    America MUST Drill for Oil in The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)      For a drug addict to quit a drug, the best solutions for the addict would be to slowly wean them self off the drug periodically. America can be viewed in a parallel way on its dependency for oil. America needs another source of oil to slowly lessen its overwhelming dependency on foreign oil and to help the process of finding another mass energy source. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge better known as the ANWR is a

  • The United States should drill for oil in the ANWR - Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve

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    Proposition: The United States should drill for oil in the ANWR. Significance: Right now, The United States of America languishes in an economic decline. Jobs are being lost. Drilling in the ANWR will create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Also, 80% of Alaska’s state revenues are oil. With the North Slope oil fields in decline, Alaskans could lose jobs. Drilling in the ANWR will create jobs for Alaskans. As Jennie Wodkowski, who has lived in Alaska for 34 years said, “Oil’s important. We don’t

  • Nuclear Power, Should We Drill For Offshore Oil, And Is Global Warming?

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    taking ECCE: Energy and the Environment I was aware of the environmental issues we have discussed but that was it. This class has given me information from both sides of every arguments. Arguments about whether or not to revive nuclear power, should we drill for offshore oil, and is global warming something that needs our immediate attention? ECCE has informed me of the changes I can make no matter how small they may seem. I will be discussing the issues that interested me the most and what changes I have

  • The Benefits of Quality Function Deployment

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    Cordless drills can be quite heavy and bulky. You sometimes find that they can be top heavy. Cordless drills are also used for a number of different uses such as drilling through different materials or simply using the drill as a screwdriver. Because the drill ahs more than one use it is important that the handling is made easy to aid in all the situations the drill is required for. · Ease of changing drill bits : Drills aren't just used to drill one size of hole

  • Lab Report On The Magnum Hole Hog

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    Welcome to Magnum Drill Bits in Canoga Park, CA, where you can be assured of finding a great selection of quality drills for affordable prices. When you are in need of a magnum drill bit, Magnum Drill Bits is the right online store for you. Boring a hole is much easier when you have the right tools to get the job done. We carry various types of drill bits that are suitable for the job. Some of these are the magnum drill bit 29 piece set, magnum silver and demming ½” shanked drill bits, and a magnum

  • Project citizen essay

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    towel rolls more clean because that is the most gross part in the bathroom. A couple of years ago the project citizen was recycling and it helped landfills. This year our project citizen is about school safety. Our five subtopics are building safety,drill safety, concussion safety, technology safety and social and emotional safety. Safety means the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. Security means the state of being free from danger or threat. Edgewood has

  • Impact Drivers A Complete Guide

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    you will find in every garage, what do you usually think of? Most people will probably say cordless drills, circular saws, hammers, etc., tools like that. What people most people probably would not name, are impact drivers. Although they are not a well-known tool, at least when compared with cordless drills and saws, they are a very useful tool to have around. Impact drivers are small, cordless drill like tools, that are used to either loosen screws and nuts that are unable to be taken out by a traditional

  • Geothermal Drilling

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    earth’s heat is known as Geothermal Drilling.Generally a drill bit is used in drilling as rotary cutting tool. From hundreds to thousands of rpm the drill bit is rotated and pressed against the work piece. This makes the cutting edge to remove chips from hole. In drilling the resource is stored in the form of volcanic or hard sediment rocks. We may often come up with the names Drill bit and Drill Rig. Lets have a brief discussion on it. Drill Bit: These are used as cutting tools which create circular

  • Project Citizen Paper

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    around the exterior perimeter of the building which record activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week”. It goes without saying that building safety at Edgewood Middle School is a top priority. The procedures for drills at Edgewood MIddle School are taken very seriously. During a fire drill when the alarm goes off, the fire department and police are immediately notified, and all students go to the nearest teacher. The teachers lines her kids up in a single file line and the last person out the door

  • How are we making schools safe?

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    solution (Grey). If this product turned out to work so well then image what could be made when school officials, who have many more resources and money, could think of. Fire drills are a mandatory drill that every school, under accreditation, must complete every month. An article by Stephanie Ferguson states that fire drills are meant to “keep the staff and students informed about what to do if the school ever caught fire.” Every student is taught what must happen if that fire alarm goes off. They

  • World of Tools

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    tools ever invented is the drill. A drill is a tool that is used to bore holes, create fire, drive screws, and fasten materials. Some drills are even used for digging into the earth’s crust for oil and boring into humans mouth’s for tooth surgeries. The earliest drills were hand drills that were spun around by and to bore into materials. The ancient Egyptians used them for building furniture. When people learned to harness electricity, the first electric drills began to emerge in the market

  • How Can We Make Our Schools Safer?

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    three fire drills per year, in which the whole school evacuates in an orderly fashion. Interestingly, there have already been two non-drill fire evacuations this year. Both occured during seventh-grade lunch. There are about two tornado, earthquake, and lockdown drills each per year. In a tornado drill, the class goes to a designated area, and crouches against a wall to protect themselves. An earthquake drill consists of climbing under a desk to protect your head. Lastly, a lockdown drill means that

  • Mental Strength Of Basic Combat Training

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    Mental Strength of Basic Combat Training When a future soldier get on a plane on their way to basic training a lot of things go through their head. They may have come from a household where their parents babies them up, but Drill Sergeants isn 't having that. They may have come from a place where they could say what they feel, but this place changes it all. They have a rude awakening, in a matter of weeks, but they can 't let their break down keep them down. .Basic Combat training is powerful,

  • Project Citizen

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    learning. Drill safety is also very important. It is important so students are aware of their surroundings in case of an emergency such as a tornado, earthquake, fire, or intruder. If this problem goes unfixed and a real drill comes, then people will not be prepared and could get injured. We need to practice drills so if there is an emergency, we are prepared. The community feels that this problem is mostly taken care of. They do not care as much about drill safety as other categories because drills are

  • Security at Edgewood Middle School

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    our school has is the lack of emergency drills. Our school has fire drills tornado drills, earthquake drills, and lockdown drills. However, there are not as many drills as the state policy suggests. There is supposed to be at least one drill every month, and Edgewood only does 3 drills every school year. This is a big issue because if an actual emergency happened Edgewood students would not be very prepared. In comparison, students who have at least one drill a month would be very prepared. I suggest

  • Offshore Drilling

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    with a drill bit. Due to the fact that the traps can sometimes be a great distance below the ocean, advanced computer technology is required to guide the drill bit to a fixed location. Installed above the drill bit is a navigation device, which sends back information to the controller, allowing them to locate the exact location that is presumed to have the oil and to measure and monitor the trap. Inside the drill pipe, there is a steerable motor that can be controlled to adjust the drill and the

  • Response And Recovery Capabilities Of The Boeing Security And Fire Protection

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    The purpose of this emergency response drill is to test and further develop the response and recovery capabilities of the Boeing Security and Fire Protection organization to include emergency dispatch when faced with an active shooter scenario. The Scope of the drill will be limited to Boeing personnel however representatives from the Renton Police Department and Renton Fire Department will be involved at the command post to interact with Boeing Personnel as they would during a real life scenario

  • The Pros And Cons Of Drilling

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    Cleaning of Hole required 9- Damage to the General and Personnel Equipments 1-Pipe Sticking consequences: a) Could not pull up the pipe b) Could not lower the pipe c) Could not rotate the pipe Differential pressure A segment of the “drill string” is embedded in the “mud cake” on the sidewalls of the hole. It is held there by the differential pressure between the hole and the creation of mud cake. Necessary to apply the drag force to release the pipe, this is the remedy action of differential

  • The Role of Computers in Manufacturing Engineering

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    before CNC machines a person using a drill press to machine holes would have to do a lot of work for themselves. They would have to place a drill in the drill chuck is secured in the spindle of the drill press. They can then select the desired speed for rotation, and activate the spindle. Then they manually pull on the quill lever to drive the drill into the work piece being machined. As you can see, there are a lot of manual steps required to use a drill press to drill holes. While this way may be acceptable

  • Lack of School Safety

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    safety in schools across the nation. Students everywhere are attending schools that are more dangerous than expected. This is a growing concern everywhere, and schools need to improve, or else they are prone to being unsafe. Whether it is building, drill, concussion, social, or technology safety, schools need to improve to lower the risk of an incident. Project Citizen is an effort to improve our community one step at a time. Project Citizen requires a lot of research for specific sections of our

  • Pole Vault Training Program

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    week intervals to most effectively and properly physically prepare a high school pole vault athlete for competition level. The program is designed to last between 60-90 minutes per session not including warm up/ cool down and the time of pole vault drills varies by instructor. The program focuses more on the preparation in fitness level of strength, flexibility, cardio endurance, speed, body awareness and control. PARTICIPANTS This program is primarily focused on high school pole vault athletes

  • Turning On And Setting Up The Mill

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    motion of the mill, regardless if the spindle is rotating or not. 
 VII. Using a Drill Chuck and Drill Bit Now that the material is secure, you must now determine if you need to use drill bits or mill bits. If your product requires holes to be drilled, drill bits must be selected and set up first because once the product is completely cut, the workpiece will no longer be secured, and it will be impossible to accurately drill holes. While drilling is typically performed manually, an experienced user may

  • How The Music Throughout New Orleans Shapes Its City

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    Similar to how the music in New Orleans shapes its city. Chicago is shaped by drill musicians. These rappers are basically glorifying crime in a good way. Herbert Wright in particular. Also known as G Herbo, Herbert Wright writes music for his city. He is known for gritty violent lyrics. G Herbo uses a lot of imagery and adjectives to captivate his listeners. Herbert Wright grew up in Terror Town. Located on the east side of Chiraq. People call Chicago Chiraq. It is called Chiraq because of Chicago

  • Brainwash Training in the Army

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    that we could not have weapons, drugs, pornographic material, and things for gambling with. After that, the people in charge, drills sergeants started yelling at us and telling us to get up and run out of the building. They ran us to another building. This building had our beds in it. We were told to go upstairs, put our things on the bunks, and come back down. The drill sergeants said that we had one minute to accomplish this and that fifteen seconds of it had passed. All of us darted up the stairs

  • Indian Temple Mound

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    Although every artifact present in The Indian Temple Mound Museum offers clear evidence of cultural sophistication and artistic skill, the more interesting artifacts I encountered were the Ware Human Effigy Urn, the Buck Burial Mound Urn, and the Pump Drill. In 1971, the Ware family found pieces of a clay vessel at a small mound, possibly a domiciliary or a house mound, about four miles west of The Indian Temple Mound Museum. The pieces were made of light brown to tan colored clay, coiled into