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Gas Discharge Visualization Used for Cardio Vascular Disease in India

- Applications of ‘Gas Discharge Visualization’ technique in cardio vascular diseases in India SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE AWARD OF Ph. D. (YOGĀ & LIFE SCIENCE) DEGREE OF SVYASA UNIVERSITY Svämé Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhäna Saàsthäna (Declared as Deemed-to-be University under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956) BENGALURU– 560019 INDIA 1. BACKGROUND 1 1.1. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES 3 1.2. NEED IN INDIA 3 2. REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE 4 2.1. AIM 9 2.2. OBJECTIVE 9 2.3....   [tags: disease, cardio, discharge]

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Constructive Discharge : Effective Discharge

- Constructive Discharge Constructive Discharge consists of two elements: (1) the employer 's conduct must have created working conditions so intolerable that an employee is forced to resign; (2) the employer must have acted “to encourage or discourage membership in any labor organization” within the meaning of section 8(a)(3). In Control Services, the Company made unilateral changes, without bargaining to a lawful impasse, to the employee’s hourly wages and medical benefits which were found to be a violation of the Act....   [tags: Employment, Wage, Trade union]

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A Good Discharge Planning And Post Discharge Care

- A Good Discharge Planning and Post Discharge Care: Case study outline: I had a patient namely Mrs J a 86-year-old lady admitted to my ward for right fracture neck of femur secondary to fall. Being a ward manager I had a robust discharge care plan done for Mr J and was discharged after 7 days admission with a good care package. Feelings I was very much concerned about her discharge planning on admission especially that comes with a fracture and a fall. I had a chat with him regarding his social status and found out that he lives alone in a three-bed house, toilet upstairs, independent with activity of daily living, got good support from family and friends....   [tags: Patient, Sociology, Geriatrics, Hospital]

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Effective Discharge Teaching for Nurses

- One must understand that patients who are prescribed warfarin are at a high risk of bleeding. According to Sanderson et al. (2009) “many patients were unable to link known risk factors as contributing” to DVT to their therapist (p. 25). Although patients are admitted for major lower extremity surgeries, some of these patients also have chronic diseases, such as cerebral vascular accident (CVA), coronary artery disease, diabetes, cardiac, renal disease, and obesity and might take a complex medication regimen....   [tags: healthcare professionals]

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Evaluation Of A Constructive Discharge

- A. Constructive Discharge Constructive discharge, or constructive dismissal, means that the employee resigned from their position as a result of the employer creating an intolerable and difficult environment. Constructive discharge is viewed as the employee being pressured to quit due to the employer making changes to the working conditions or responsibilities, but from a legal position, the employee quit due to forced termination, or fired without good cause. (" » Constructive Discharge - Being forced to quit - Tim 's Missouri Employment Law Info Site," n.d.) At the beginning of the year, a work schedule policy change was made to increase production hours as a result of company...   [tags: Discrimination, Employment, Law]

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Utilization Management And Discharge Planning

- At Lexington Medical Center they have separate departments that handle Case Management which is referred to as Utilization Management/Discharge Planning, and Risk Management. Quality Management is used everywhere throughout each department in every position to maintain ongoing quality. Best Practices is a whole department that focuses on Quality Management for clinical practices. Utilization Management/ Discharge Planning/ Case Management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote q...   [tags: Management, Quality assurance, Patient]

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Discharge Planning: Patients with Haemodialysis

- The local renal satellite services offer patients treatment of haemodialysis 3 times a week. This is a treatment for patients whose kidneys have failed and it is to remove toxins and waste from the blood (Levy et al 2009). Patients are often unwell when they attend the unit and also have other issues that affect their health. These are linked either to their kidney failure, or to other co-morbidities. Cardiac problems often become a major complication for dialysis patients (Harnett et al). This assignment will be discussing a patient who attended the dialysis unit feeling unwell on arrival....   [tags: renal satellite services, kidney failure]

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Discharge Teaching And Patient Education

- Discharge teaching and patient education is a major aspect in our role as nurses. There currently have been a great amount of positive health outcomes and patient satisfaction directly reflective of he quality of patient education that patient’s are receiving during their hospital stays (Bastable, 2014). The prevalence of diabetes, and the complications from this disease, have been continuously growing and requires the proper education for adequate management. Therefore, with this being said, the proper knowledge and skills acquired by the diabetic population has a significant affect their health outcomes (Nemcova & Hlinkova, 2013)....   [tags: Blood sugar, Diabetes mellitus, Hyperglycemia]

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The Struggle Of Industrial Discharge

- The struggle of industrial discharge in the water supply is real and need to be resolved as best as possible to insure a safe and bright future for all. Many actions can be done by all of the large industries to minimise their pollution effect on the environment. The first step however for recovery is always education on the topic. What can they do to receive the good and accurate knowledge to counter their consequence of waste in freshwater supply. An initiative such as the Clean Water Act in the US is a great example of regulation for the wastewater directly being dumped into the rivers....   [tags: Sewage treatment, Water pollution, Wastewater]

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Reuse And Discharge Of Wastewater

- Abstract Wastewater is simply water than has been used from industries, domestic and ground water run-off. It usually contains various pollutants, depending on what the water was used for. The wastewater is treated to improve and purify the water by either removing some or all of the pollutants. After treatment, the water is fit for reuse and discharge back to the environment. The act of making the wastewater fit for reuse is recycling. Not only does reusing waste water benefit humans economically, it also assists in sustaining the quality of the environment....   [tags: Water, Water pollution, Sewage treatment]

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Discharge Plans and Policies

- Introduction Provision of high-quality care at the right time, in the right place and delivered by the right persons is of vital importance in reducing pressure on hospital services. Rapid and efficient discharge of patients from acute hospital beds to the next level of care plays a vital part in ensuring capacity is available for patients needing to access acute care beds. Equally important is the need to ensure that the transition for patients from acute hospital to community care is safe, well coordinated, and well communicated....   [tags: high quality health-care, ]

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Lightning: An Electrostatic Discharge

- Lightning Light. What is it. Where does it come from. What can we do with it to help humanity. It allows us to see the unknown the places that have been dark for years. It helps us see what is around us. Different sources of light can be used to power the things around us. Lightning is a source of light. Lightning is an electrostatic discharge between two electrically charge regions with in the clouds and surface of a planet. The charged regions within the atmosphere equalize themselves through a flash of lightning referred to as a strike....   [tags: Electricity, Natural Phenomena, Dangerous]

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Discharge of a Contract

- Discharge of a Contract There are four ways in which a contract may be discharged. Ø Agreement. Ø Performance. Ø Frustration. Ø Breach. 1. DISCHARGE BY AGREEMENT. A contract can be discharged in precisely the same way it was formed. Notice that there must be consideration from both sides. 2. DISCHARGE BY PERFORMANCE. Complete and proper performance will discharge both parties. The original rule was that performance must be precise and exact. Re Moore & Co Ltd and Landauer & Co [1921] 2 KB 519....   [tags: Papers]

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Communication Problems in Discharge Planning for Nurses

- nurses who frequently enhance the communication problems in discharge planning, and who strive to improve the working relationship, collaboration and who use the teamwork approach to patient and family centered discharge planning will greatly reduce patient readmission (Lo, Stuenkel, and Rodriguez, 2009, p. 160). Lo, Stuenkel and Rodriguez (2009) emphasize that an organized and well prepared discharge planning, education of patients with multi-lingual services and use of different methods of teaching greatly improves the patients’ outcome (p.157)....   [tags: healthcare professionals]

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Constructive Discharge Case

- SUBJECT: Constructive Discharge Case The recent changed in the company’s policy on shift work requiring production staff to work rotating 12-hour shifts with four days at work and then four days off to meet growing demands of customers prompted the employee to quit. The employee’s constructive discharge lawsuit claimed that the policy change is discriminatory because it requires employees to work on a religious holy day thereby creating an intolerable working condition that forced the employee to quit rather than suffer more abuse which is why constructive discharge as a legal concept is relevant to the scenario....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Routine Discharge Methods: A Nursing Problem

- Review of Research Literatures Identify Nursing Problem Consequence Inadequate Discharge Teaching According to Bobay et al. (2010) the routine discharge methods that are generally used in many care facilities create gaps in communication between the patient’s perception of the need for discharge education and their health care providers (p.179). Mesteig, Helbostad, Sletvold, Rosstad, and Salvedt (2010) confirmed “ despite a seemingly well-organized system for cooperation between the GEMU (geriatric evaluation and management unit) and the primary health care, unwelcome incidents occurred in roughly 60 percent of frail elderly patients during transition from hospital to home and four weeks of...   [tags: healthcare professionals communication]

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Wire-Electrical Discharge Machining

- Wire-electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a non-traditional machining process in which a pulsed voltage difference between a wire electrode and a conductive work piece initiates sparks which erode work piece material. Removing material in such a way is often advantageous when the work piece material would be difficult to machine with traditional machine tools due to high strength, hardness, toughness, etcetera (Newton, 2008). Due to the process itself, EDM are able to produce any complex shape but at the loss of surface integrity and some other after effect like Kerf width, Heat affected zone and etc....   [tags: non-traditional machining processes]

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Does A Multicomponent Discharge Planning Program?

- 1. Offer methodological/philosophical justification for the methods you have chosen (Why does this methodological perspective make sense given the question you have posed?) Answer: This empiricist methodology can answer the hypothesis question that is “Does a Multicomponent Discharge Planning Program (MDPP) improve patient and hospital outcomes in older adults undergoing total knee arthroplasty (TKA)?” The result of the study will show the cause-and-effect relationships as the differences in outcomes between the two groups (Experimental vs Control) will be caused by the MDPP....   [tags: Scientific method, Validity, Osteoarthritis]

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Discharge Measurement For Papago Park Canal

- To perform module 2 discharge measurement for Papago park canal, a standard Six-Tenths-depth method was used to determine the wadeable stream discharge with the use of pygmy current meters. The pygmy was chosen since the depth of the canal was one foot or less. The pygmy meter was then taken away from its case and unlocked its wheel cups rotation and the transit book had been checked for critical notes. The assembly of the pygmy meter, wading rod, and the headset was performed (a flat screwdriver was used to fasten the pygmy with rod), upon connecting headset wiring with pygmy meter, the headset was tested and batteries were checked....   [tags: Measurement, Ruler, Tape measure, Velocity]

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Discharge Of A Pollutant For Big Hill Acres And Thompson

- A NPDES permit is necessary for the discharge of a pollutant from a point source into navigable waters. In order to fully discern whether a NPDES was necessary for Big Hill Acres and Thompson, it is important to look at each of the necessary criteria individually. Based off the EPA’s website, a pollutant includes any type of “industrial, municipal, and agricultural waste discharged into water”. However, sewage from vessels or discharges related to the Armed Forces, or certain materials injected into an oil and gas production well are not considered pollutants....   [tags: Sewage treatment, Wastewater, Clean Water Act]

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Radio Frequency Glow Discharge ( Rfgd ) Treatment

- 1.3 Radio Frequency Glow Discharge (RFGD) Treatment A typical Radio Frequency Glow Discharge (RFGD) device consists of a chamber filled with dilute gas (e.g. Oxygen/ Air, Carbon Tetrafluoride or Argon), and a coil wrapped around the chamber that gives the voltage needed to excite the gas (Figure 1.3). The gas in the chamber ionizes (i.e. becoming a plasma) when the voltage hits the striking voltage and starts conducting electricity, causing it to glow. The color depends on the gas used. The RFGD treatment involves the removal of impurities and weakly bound organic contamination from surfaces through the use of the energetic plasma created from gaseous species....   [tags: Oxygen, Gas, Surface energy, Surface tension]

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My Current Supervisor And Chief Of Discharge Planning

- I chose to interview Ms. K. Larry my current supervisor and Chief of Discharge Planning. Ms. Larry has over 30 years of nursing experience—the majority of which she spent in positions of leadership. Of note, Ms. Larry served 20 years as an Army Nurse, holds a Masters in Nursing, and certification as a Nurse Case Manager. Role of the Nurse Leader in Creating an Ethical Work Environment Ms. Larry reported that she relies on the Army Core Values to guide both her professional practice. The Army Core Values include loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage (“The Army Values”, n.d.)....   [tags: Ethics, Nursing, Business ethics, Virtue]

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Data On Predictors Of Discharge And Readmission For Hospital Inpatients

- There is limited data on predictors of discharge and readmission for hospital inpatients. According to Rothman, Rothman, & (), “Unplanned hospital admissions are a major quality and cost issue in the US healthcare system”. About 20% of Medicare patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days, at an estimated cost of $17 billion per year (). Now that Medicare has begun to reduce payment to hospitals with high readmission rates, hospitals are looking for more effective ways of reducing readmissions....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Data, Data analysis]

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Current Research Investigations of Corollary Discharge

- Current Research Investigations of Corollary Discharge Corollary discharge assists both human and non-human animals distinguish between self-generated (internal) and external motor responses. By sending signals which report important information about movement commands and intension animals are able to accurately produce motor sequences with ease and coordination. When a motor command initiates an electric organ discharge, the signal transmits important information to the brain which serves as a feed-back mechanisms which assist with self-monitoring; this is formally defined as corollary discharge(6)....   [tags: Biology Medicine Research Papers]

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Efficient Discharge Instruction and Effective Patient Communication to Prevent Readmission

- Introduction The American Nurses Association (ANA) defined discharge planning as, "part of the continuity of care process which is designed to prepare the patient for the next phase of care and to assist in making any necessary arrangements for that phase of care" (Rose, 2010, P. 47). Discharge planning is a continued and ongoing process that allows the health care team to bring the patient to an appropriate level of care. Significant amounts of research supports that preparing the family for discharge has become more complex over the last several years....   [tags: care process, health literacy, nursing]

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Improving Long-Term Care Admissions Policy: A Voice of Change

- ... Unsuccessful attempts in reaching the admitting physician to obtain narcotic hard copies and verification of additional orders resulted in the patient returning back to the hospital due to a pain crisis. This is an example of how poor collaboration and medication discrepancies can be detrimental to patients. Further research into my experience has revealed similar scenarios being played out across long-term care facilities nation wide (Kirsebom, Wadensten & Hedstrom, 2013). Premature discharging from hospitals has resulted in medication discrepancies, incomplete discharge orders, and inappropriate medical treatments....   [tags: ineffective discharge, patients]

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The Role Of Healthcare Providers On Communication Barriers Of Effective Discharge Planning

- Within the discharge process, there are many indicators that have been found to be barriers of how well the process is currently working. In a study conducted in 2015, the perceptions of healthcare providers on communication barriers of effective discharge planning were analyzed. They were able to identify three key themes that were perceived to be barriers to the discharge process. These themes are communication, lack of role clarity, and lack of resources (Okoniewska, et al., 2015). All members of the healthcare provider team agreed that communication was an important factor and that the communication gap had an impact on the discharge process....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Health care]

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Safe Discharge Ranges of Pharmaceuticals According Receiving Water Flows

- Despite the increasing number of studies concerning the presence of pharmaceutical compounds in the environment, gaps about the topic still numerous. The peculiar physical-chemical properties of these chemicals contribute to a more complex behaviour in aquatic environments. The main path for the discharge of these compounds in the environment are wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), notably know in being inefficient in remove these contaminants during conventional treatments. Most approaches to evaluate the concentration of these substances in WWTPs are based in national consumption estimative, which can with reasonable significance predict overall discharges [1], however are not to be suita...   [tags: wastewater, environment, results, issues]

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Taking a Look at Explosions and Their Categories

- Explosion, the term given to the sudden build up of gaseous pressure and then the abrupt discharge of energy. Unfortunately explosions have a negative reputation due to the use of explosions in terrorist organisations and in other crime. Examination of an explosion scene is generally treated as a serious crime scene due to the extensive damage that can be caused by an explosion. An explosion may be categorised into the following sectors: chemical, mechanical, thermal, electrical or nuclear. However, from a forensic point of view the most common are chemical explosions....   [tags: abrupt discharge of energy, physicochemistry]

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Appropriate Patient Education Upon Discharge From The Emergency Department

- Appropriate patient education upon discharge from the emergency department (ED) is essential for effective patient care (Engel et al., 2009; Waisman et al., 2003). Patients are treated and released from the ED, often with complicated instructions they are expected to remember and comply with. The type of discharge education varies widely including verbal, non-verbal, written, illustrated and video information given to patients depending on the health professional and hospital policies. Inadequate discharge instructions can result in poor health outcomes and higher healthcare costs due to re-presentations to the hospital (Han, Barnard & Chapman, 2009; McCarthy et al., 2012; Palonen, Kaunonen,...   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Patient]

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Case Study 1-1 Reinstatement And Back Pay Remedy For Illegal Discharge

- CASE STUDY 1-1 Reinstatement and Back Pay Remedy for Illegal Discharge 1. As a matter of public policy, an employer should not be a requirement to reinstate an unlawfully terminated employee even when that person is an illegal alien. Overall, this seems to be a violation of the Immigration and Reform Act of 1996, and also one of the Legal Arizona Workers Act. This would mean that the illegal alien employees would be the result of the breaking of state and federal laws. Therefore, making it illegal to reestablish the employees with the job employment positions....   [tags: Trade union, National Labor Relations Act]

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The Ovulation Is Initiated By The Discharge From Pituitary Gland Of Luteinizing Hormone

- The ovulation is initiated by the discharge from pituitary gland of luteinizing hormone (LH), which acts on mature preovulatory follicles to trigger the morphological and biochemical mechanisms important for ovulation (Williams & Erickson 2000). However, the interval between LH stimulation and ovulation varies between species (Zarcula et al. 2014). From the research studies in the past, it is evident that the LH surge triggers the cascade of the regulated gene expression, COC expansion, and rupture of the follicle apex (Russell & Robker 2007; Zarcula et al....   [tags: DNA, Gene, Ovarian follicle, Folliculogenesis]

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The Effects Of Obesity On Self Care, Mobility Rating And Community Discharge

- Stenson investigated the effect of obesity on self-care, mobility ratings and community discharge. Her research observed that more women are obese and overweight compared to men and obese individuals with paraplegia complete had significantly lower self-care and mobility. Obese individuals with spinal cord injuries have a unique challenge with having the appropriate equipment needed to help care for themselves (Stenson 2011). Obesity is a functional barrier for individuals with parapalegia rather than individuals with tetraplegia, where the goals of physical therapy require the ability to support one’s body weight when transferring and propelling the wheelchair (Stenson 2011)....   [tags: Exercise, Obesity, Physical exercise, Overweight]

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Roger Alan Myers And The Industrial Psychology Graduate Program On Discharge

- Roger Alan Myers passed away September 13, 2015 in Stuart, Florida. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 21, 1930, the son of Raymond and Eleanor Strauss Myers, Roger is survived by his sister, Marilyn Stucker, his daughter Sydney Myers Walker, son-in-law Andrew Walker, and granddaughters Haley and Alison Walker. Roger’s wife of over 60 years, Barbara Bogard Myers, predeceased him. Roger grew up Cincinnati in a large extended-family Irish working class household. He was the first to attend college, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Bradley University in 1952....   [tags: Psychology, Counseling psychology, College]

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The Architecture of Batteries

- Introduction The battery architecture for our project had to be carefully considered and chosen. Three types of rechargeable batteries were looked at: Nickel-Metal hydride (NiMH), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) and Lithium-ion (Li-Ion). Each type of battery architecture has advantages and disadvantages which had to be weighed before choosing which type of battery would best suit our project. A comparison table of the three battery types can be seen below. Lead acid batteries were not considered for this project as they are relatively heavy and storage for our system may be a problem if lead acid batteries were used....   [tags: charged, energy, self-discharge]

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Readmissions: An Initiative to Improve Care and Lower the Cost of Healthcare

- ... It is felt that a focus on reducing preventable readmissions of Medicare patients will have the effect of increasing quality and decreasing costs of care’(Tarverner, 2009). Hughes RG (2008)cited that the federal government has stated that the financial impact of readmissions for Medicare patients alone are up to $26 billion annually, of which more than $17 billion of it pays for return trips that need not happen if patients get the right care. This is one reason the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has identified avoidable readmissions as one of the leading problems facing the U.S....   [tags: transitional care, lack of discharge planning]

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Innovative Techniques for Desalination of Salty Soil

- Introduction Desalination is the process that separates and removes excess salt and other minerals from water. In this process, water is desalinated to convert salt water to fresh water so that to become suitable for human consumption or irrigation. In the process, two discrete streams are produced, saline solution and fresh water. During the operation, much attention is paid to the treatment and disposal of the brine waste majorly generated during the operation. Despite the high cost, desalination is one of the parameters that highly limit its applicability and most valuable alternative water resources that are applied to many countries globally....   [tags: Excess Minerals, Zero Liquid Discharge]

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Bacterial Vaginosis

- Introduction Bacterial vaginosis is known to be the most common cause of abnormal vaginal discharge in women of childbearing age (Hay, 2010). Bacterial vaginosis is the result of the substitution of normal vaginal lactobacilli with anaerobic bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis and Prevotella, Peptostreptococcus and Bacteroides spp., which will result loss of the normal vaginal acidity (Turovskiy, Sutyak Noll, & Chikindas, 2010). Bacterial vaginosis is the main trigger of vaginal discharge or malodor in women (Hainer & Gibson, 2011)....   [tags: abnormal vaginal discharge]

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Why Were You Discharged?

- Why were you discharged. Strong difference of opinions. There was never a specific reason for discharging me. At the time it was agreed upon between both parties that “going separate ways” was the best option. Explain what the Employer said you did… At the time of discharge there was not a reason given. However, there had been several months of turmoil prior to this imminent discharge. After having read through the appeal paperwork it seems the discharge reasons were: alcohol consumption on the job, refusal to do what was asked (insubordination), and tardiness....   [tags: Employment, The Work, Boss, Beer]

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The Drug Therapy And Discharged

- 1. A patient diagnosed with schizophrenia is prescribed drug therapy and discharged. Two weeks later, the patient returns, having exhibited delusional behavior, and admits to having decided not to take the prescribed medication. Under what circumstances, if any, can the medication be given without the patient 's consent. According to Dr. Menninger (n.d.) the state has two legal theories which permits the legal involuntary commitment of an individual; parens patriae and the police power of the state....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Clinical trial]

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An Investigation Discharged Toward The Urban Foundation For Walk 6

- An investigation discharged Toward the urban foundation for Walk 6, 2008 conjecture that the lifetime cosset should taxpayers to those capitally-prosecuted situations to Marya Sklodowska since 1978 will make $186 million. That interprets with $37. 2 million for each of the state’s five executions since those state reenacted the capital punishment. The consider estimates that the normal expense with Marya Sklodowska taxpayers for arriving at a single passing sentence may be $3 million - $1. 9 million more than the cosset of a non-death punishment situation....   [tags: Prison, Capital punishment, Crime, Murder]

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AB 12: Help for Emmancipated and Discharged Youth

- Goals of Current Policy and Implementation AB 12 attempts to address the need to have services for youth who have been emancipated or discharged from the foster system. This is required as the data on the subject highlights that youth are simply often not able to be thriving adults on their eighteenth birthdays. Many find themselves on the street homeless, without jobs, in jail or parents before they are fully able to care for themselves. The goal of AB 12 is to extend foster care to age 21 and access the federal match of the national foster care system....   [tags: foster care policies, inadaptation ]

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Medical Records Of Discharged Inpatients Who Tested Positive For C. Diff

- This study analyzed data from the medical records of discharged inpatients who tested positive for C. diff during hospitalization at KPSC hospitals in order to examine the occurrence of care process failures that may result in the misclassification of community-acquired CDIs as hospital acquired. The analysis found that these care process failures—no stool documentation within 72 hours of admission, no loose stool ever documented, and loose stool documented within 72 hours of admission but stool not collected for C....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Physician]

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Patient Flow Is A Prevalent And Ongoing Quality Improvement

- Patient flow is a prevalent and ongoing quality improvement issue for hospitals everywhere. A common delay in the patient flow pathway is the transfer of patients from the emergency department (ED) to inpatient units. Patients ready for admission are frequently held in the ED due to the deficiency of available inpatient beds. In root cause analysis of this issue, many hospitals find that inefficient discharge processes are a major contributor to the delay in patient admission from the ED. In attempt to resolve this dilemma, administrators at St....   [tags: Patient, Better, Improve, Hospital]

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A Case Manager For One Day

- On week four of my preceptorship clinical, I had an amazing experience and got the chance to follow a case manager for one day. According to Monica (case manager that I followed Wednesday), a case manager is the person who gets a report from the nurses on the unit and arranges discharge arrangements for those patients on the unit. Before following Monica, I had no idea what goes on with the discharge planning but thanks to Monica for informing and teaching more about the discharge planning. On Wednesday our day started with a meeting with all of the other case managers in the hospital and their manger....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Nursing home, Patience]

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The Leading Cause Of Non Compliance

- Patient understanding The leading cause of non-compliance is the lack of comprehension, as patients are more likely to comply if they understand the instructions given (Gignon, Ammirati, Mercier, & Detave, 2014; Zavala & Shaffer, 2011). Gignon et al. (2014) found that 50 percent of participants had difficulty understanding their prescription because of lack of clarity. The researchers used qualitative research with 36 patients in France to determine patient compliance with discharge instructions from the ED, specifically with prescriptions....   [tags: Health care provider, Patient, Health care]

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Hospital Consumer Assessment Of Healthcare Providers And Systems

- Leadership Paper: HCAHPS St. Petersburg College Jessika Moulton 06.19.2015 Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) were implemented in 2013 by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services. They base hospital reimbursement on patient ratings of care experience. This provides incentive for hospitals to emphasize quality care and focus on patient perception of their care (McClelland & Vogus, 2014). Patients are called after their stay and asked 27 standardized questions regarding the quality of their stay....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Nurse, Nursing]

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Salt Dilution Method

- Salt Dilution Method Salt dilution method is used in mountain rivers with rough cross section, big boulders and turbulent flow. An electrical conductivity (EC) meter was used for discharge measurement. Salt dilution method is particularly used for measurement of flow in mountainous stream and any other sites where high degree of turbulence exists to ensure complete mixing of injected solution in the pre-determined length of the channel. Under such condition of flow, the conventional approach to flow gauging such as current meter or calibrated structure are not feasible....   [tags: Research Anlaysis ]

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Health Care Quality And Inadequate Transitional Care

- In the United States, nearly one-fifth of patients discharged from the hospital are readmitted within thirty days, and most of those readmissions are considered to be preventable (Verhaegh et al., 2014). Many opportunities to reduce health care costs and prevent readmissions could save Medicare as much as $12 billion a year (Constantino, Frey, Hall & Painter, 2013). These numbers are significant from a financial standpoint, but do not consider the negative impact on the patient’s experience, the perception of poor care quality and inadequate transitional care....   [tags: Health care, Patient, Hospital, Illness]

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Implementation of a Transitional Model of Care for Congestive Heart Failure

- During exacerbations of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), older patients may receive care in multiple settings; often resulting in fragmented care and poorly-executed care transitions. The negative consequences of fragmented care lead to duplication of services; inappropriate or conflicting discharge instructions, medication errors, patient/caregiver anxiety, and increased costs of care. In light of changes in Medicare reimbursement penalizing hospitals with above set limits for heart failure (HF) readmissions, models of care are being evaluated for their effectiveness in satisfying this change as well as reducing fragmented care in this population....   [tags: Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)]

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The Type Of Healthcare ( Hc ) Service

- The type of healthcare (HC) service: I would like to develop a Continuing Health Management program/team that focuses on preventing readmission. The CHM team of nurses would offer follow up services to recently discharged patients in helping them to locate primary care physicians in their area, locations of mobile clinics, medication compliancy, education, and preventive services. The CHM health care service will offer both restorative and preventative services, the two general types of HC services (Yoder-Wise, 2014)....   [tags: Health care, Nursing, Medicine]

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Telehealth Technology And Diabetes Management

- Telehealth Technology and Diabetes Management Patients with diabetes currently account for approximately 25% of hospital admissions with that number rising steadily over the past two decades accounting for a high number of hospital readmissions and emergency room visits (Rubin, Donnell-Jackson, Jhingan, Golden, & Paranjape, 2014). Telehealth has allowed nurses to be more accessible to patients providing more personal care, especially for those in rural areas improving their adherence to regimens and reducing the number of admissions and ER visits (Rubin, 2015)....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Illness]

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Primary Limiting Factors of a Lithium-Oxygen Battery

- There are factors that represent as a challenge to have high performance Li-Air Battery as shown above. The following will discuss the primary limiting factors of lithium-oxygen battery. Overpotentials Overpotential problem occur on lithium-oxygen batteries because the charging and discharging potentials deviate from standard potential. The overpotentials are the extra energy required to drive the reactions at a specific current density. Then, capacity of the battery is dependent on the clogging of reduction products in the porous cathode....   [tags: high performing Li-Air batteries]

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Experimental Study Comparing two Chicago Based Hospitals for Patient Care and Readmission

- How do we improve the quality and efficiency of health care within the U.S. with a special emphasis on improving coordination of care within hospitals. Policy Alternatives Examine the rate of hospital readmissions Across the U.S., many Medicare beneficiaries rely on hospitals servicing low-income areas for their care, placing additional financial pressure upon the institution. It is reported that each year within the U.S. one of five Medicare recipients returns to the hospital within 30 days of discharge, roughly costing the program $18 billion (Mittler et al., 2013)....   [tags: Healthcare, Hospitals, Medicare]

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Safety and Communication and Placement for the Older Adult

- The health care of an older adult extends beyond the traditional medical management of illness. It requires evaluation of multiple issues including physical, cognitive, affective, social, financial, environmental, and spiritual components (Ward & Reuben, 2010). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), nursing case management is a “health care delivery process whose goals are to provide quality health care, decrease fragmentation and duplication of care, enhance the client’s quality of life, and contain costs” (ANA, 1992)....   [tags: Nursing ]

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Safety, Communication, and Placement for the Older Adult

- The health care of an older adult extends beyond the traditional medical management of illness. It requires evaluation of multiple issues including physical, cognitive, affective, social, financial, environmental and spiritual components. (Ward & Reuben, 2010). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), nursing case management is a “health care delivery process whose goals are to provide quality health care, decrease fragmentation and duplication of care, enhance the client’s quality of life, and contain costs” (ANA, 1992)....   [tags: Health Care, Social Work]

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The Center Treatment Alternative ( Acta ) Program

- With the growing understanding that addiction is a disease, coupled with the continued research on treatment interventions and the steady rise of those afflicted with substance abuse disorders and mental health, evaluations on the successfulness and effectiveness of intensive inpatient dual diagnoses treatment facilities are critical. The Allegheny Center Treatment Alternative (ACTA) Program is a community corrections intensive inpatient substance abuse and mental health program. ACTA 's (2016) mission is "to provide services for offenders to give them a second chance and give their children a first chance"....   [tags: Addiction, Drug addiction, Mental disorder]

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China and the World Suffer from the Use of Nonrenewable Resources,

- ... These solutions include passing laws to control cars without gas efficiency, and to ban stolen cars off the streets. Also, controlling discharge from industrial plants and dust caused by construction. Because Albania is a growing country, the urban population makes up 55% of the country’s population, and still growing. This is due to migrations and settlements of citizens and immigrants to the city. The urban areas in the city were not prepared to receive these migrants, and the need for dwellings caused massive abusive, and even illegal construction....   [tags: fossil fuels, pollution, albania]

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Questions And Interpretation Of The Text

-   Extra Credit  Please respond to the following in short answer/essay format. Please illustrate your answers  and interpretation of the text as clearly as possible.   1.   a. What are the two types of duress and what is the effect of each on the contract involved.  The two types of duress are physical compulsion, which is a violent way to force someone to sign a contract. It can be pointing someone with a gun. Improper threats, which includes economic and social coercion. Physical compulsion renders the contract void, and improper threats renders the contract voidable by the party who was coerced.         b....   [tags: Contract law, Contract, Law, Common law]

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The Bachelor Of Health Science Disability And Community Rehabilitation Major Offered At Flinders University

- The bachelor of health science disability and community rehabilitation major offered at Flinders University endeavours to prepare students for a range of professions within the health care community development sector. This could be services such as welfare and community advocacy, human resource and administration management, policy advice, through to professions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and midwifery (Flinders University, 2016). The preparation could be through the completion of the degree, the use of the degree as a recognised Flinders pathway or as a passage to further postgraduate studies (Flinders University, 2016)....   [tags: Therapy, Medicine, Health care, Physical therapy]

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The Effects of Telehealth on 30 Day Readmission Rates in Cancer Patients

- Quality health care is a topic that has received considerable attention over the last several years. There are few services as important, and as expensive, as health care. As the United States population ages and develops conditions such as cancer, a significant portion of the cost will be shouldered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). To combat this concern, CMS has taken steps to lower payments and apply penalties for hospitals with readmissions within 30 days of discharge from a prior hospital admission....   [tags: healthcare, caregivers, stress, quality]

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Effective Transition Of Care At The Clinic

- Working in a private physician group, transition of care is one of the several issues that this practice is facing currently. Transition can be defined as the transfer of a patient from the hospital to home. When patients are discharged from the hospital after being treated for a chronic illness, ineffective transition can be a challenge. We have created several programs to assist our patients with effective transition of care. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how we can use a middle range theory to help solve the issue of ineffective transition of care at the clinic where i practice....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Nursing, Physician]

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Ethical Issues Of The Workplace

- Ethical Issues in the Work Place Ethical issues in the workplace can be influenced by economic gains, differing worldviews, and ineffective communications. Nursing ethics usually begins with issues experienced during practice (Butts & Rich, p. 118). An ethical dilemma that occurred, during work, at a hospital in Northwestern United States will be examined. The impact of Christian and postmodern worldviews will be considered. Ethical decision making implications will be identified. Identify An Ethical Issue The ethical issue in question occurs in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)....   [tags: Ethics, Nursing, Post anesthesia care unit]

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The Health Care Delivery System

- Today, the health care delivery system is being challenged to implement value-based strategies to improve quality, cost efficiencies, access to care, and patient-centered care. Regulatory agencies, professional quality and patient-centered healthcare organizations (i.e., Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Institute of Medicine, and the Institute for Patient-and Family-Centered Care), payers, and consumers are pushing for this transformation. The proposed strategic plan is focused on improving three HCAHPS performance scores in an effort to improve the healthcare delivery system and include, physician communication, pain management, and patients understanding of discharge care and treatmen...   [tags: Health care, Health, Health care provider]

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The impact of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy

- In the past several years, homosexuality is an issue that has been widely debated among the American people, and has caused an uproar of controversy. The debate of homosexuality among our military members has sparked a political, social, and personal debate. Homosexuals have been denied for years, and in recent years members of the United States military have started to come forward, and not allow their sexual identity to be denied. This controversial issue has caused mass controversy, and still impacts American society today....   [tags: Homosexual Military Service, Unit Cohesion]

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Assessment Of The Resident Assessment Instrument

- Second day at my clinical site I arrived there around 0545am we started the day by checking staff on all unit to make sure that everybody was there. Then we went to each unit to take report checking for any family, patient or staff concern that need to be addressed immediately .After that we checked the communication board for any new admission or discharge. Then we went through all incident reports to make sure that was completed and reported per facility protocol. I had an opportunity to participate in the resident assessment instrument (RAI) process by working on minimum Data Set (MDS).this is assessment is used to assess quality of care in the long-term care and to determine the payment...   [tags: Patient, Hospital]

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The Impact of Building Harlow New Town on Canon's Brook

- The Impact of Building Harlow New Town on Canon's Brook There are likely to be many effects of building a town on a brook. We can see that the most probable responses would be that more water flows into the river and the flood risk increases. However, there are likely to be many other contributing factors and other responses to these rainfall events. In this essay, I am going to examine how the changes to the response of the river occur and what these changes actually are....   [tags: Papers]

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Moraine Park Health Center Utilization Review Plan 2013

- Moraine Park Health Center Utilization Review Plan 2013 Executive Summary Utilization management is a set of processes used to evaluate individual cases to determine the appropriate and effective use of medical services. The utilization review (UR) plan looks at treatment outcomes to see if the services provided were appropriate and cost effective. Moraine Park Health Center (MPHC) is required to have a utilization review (UR) plan in place to comply with federal regulations and maintain JCAHO accreditation (Spath, 2013, p.122, 123, 124)....   [tags: case evaluation procedures]

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The Invention and Development of the Battery

- The invention and development of the battery would have to be one of the most significant in human history. Without batteries, the world would be a very different place. Everything would be plugged in and nothing would be mobile. There are many types of batteries that work in many different ways, but they all have the same common goal of making lives easier. Some examples of these batteries are lithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium. Lithium-ion batteries are the most accepted battery for portable equipment such as laptops and cellphones....   [tags: energy, rechargable, electronics]

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Factors of Voltage and Current

- During electric discharge machining process there are start and stop intervals known as ON time and OFF time. The machining is performed during the pulse ON time when in the gap between work piece and electrode the voltage is applied. Alternatively the time during which no voltage is applied is the pulse off time. A greater value of On time is selected to obtain a long duration of electric discharge to increase the material removal rate but also leads to poor surface finish. During the pulse off time re-ionization of dielectric occurs and it is also essential to avoid any short circuit leading to wire breakages....   [tags: wire, material, machining ]

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Water Pollution in Cairo

- Water Pollution in Cairo The scale of pollution in Cairo is mammoth with the ever, continuing amounts of waste being released into the city. With the ever, growing population of Cairo levels of pollution are sure to increase. Recently the large EU financial institution announced on April 10 that it had awarded Egypt a grant of $79,000 to investigate the cause of the choking air pollution in the city, which has been blamed on Nile Delta. Due the massive amounts of pollution Cairo's daily air quality remains a constant health concern....   [tags: Environmental Pollution Essays]

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The Healthcare Environmental Checklist

- The built environment undoubtedly affects the quality and care to the patients and family members. Patients and family members are expecting from a health care organization a well built environment that is suitable and accessible, caring for family, encouraging or beneficial to wellbeing, confidential, considerate, secure and safe. The environment checklist is an assessment tool that will help healthcare organizational designers and health care administrations accumulate information about consumer’s needs, measure satisfaction, and provide facility comparisons for molding the industry’s best practices....   [tags: Healthcare ]

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Medical Room And Inpatient Psychiatric Units

- In the nursing profession unfortunately, there are multiple phenomena of concern for the nurses. One of the major phenomena of concern for a nurse that works in the hospital setting is the readmission of elderly patients. Another one of these phenomena of concern that is specific to the emergency room and inpatient psychiatric units is psychiatric patients that are boarding in the emergency room waiting for a psychiatric bed to become available and the patient not having a therapeutic environment....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Illness, Nursing]

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Care In and Out of the Hospital

- Imagine watching an elderly loved one move back and forth between their own home and a hospital, all because they did not have adequate home care. The hospital, in turn, did not provide enough rehospitalization time. This happens to many elderly folks who can no longer take care of themselves and neither can their spouses. Mrs. Gerlach, age 82, suffered from a disease is called Giant Cell Arthritis and is very common for older people to contract. It is when the cells in the artery that feed the optic nerve become enlarged....   [tags: Health Care]

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The American Therapeutic Recreation Association 's Code Of Ethics

- Foundational Knowledge: Practice Guidelines Code of Ethics The American Therapeutic Recreation Association’s Code of Ethics is a guide to promote and maintain high standards of ethical behavior. There are ten main principles that all Recreation Therapy Personnel are to adherence. They are: beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, justice, fidelity, veracity, informed consent, confidentiality and privacy, competence, and last but not least compliance with laws and regulations (ATRA Board of Directors, 2009)....   [tags: Psychometrics, Validity, Test, Concurrent validity]

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Case Study : Nursing : Patient Stroke Education

- Practicum Proposal: Nursing Education Plan- Patient Stroke Education It is frequently expressed by stroke patients and caregivers that they have not been afforded the suitable information related to stroke, treatments, or post discharge management and recovery, and that the information conveyed is perceived as insufficient and complex. The problem is that there is a failure of healthcare professionals in identifying the learning needs of stroke patients associated with a deficiency in knowledge of just how to access and communicate this crucial information....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Health care, Florence Nightingale]

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The Effect Of Nurse Staffing On Hospital Readmission

- The Effect of Nurse Staffing on Hospital Readmission: A Literature Review Nurse staffing is perceived as a major issue due to its effect on the safety and quality of patient care (Hinno, Partanen and Vehvilainen-Julkunen, 2011). Inadequate patient care could result in readmission. Readmission and emergency department visits by patients within 30 days of their discharge exhibits avoidable and costly outcomes (Weiss, Yakusheva and Bobay, 2011). The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has developed a financial penalty refusing the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services for hospital reimbursement due to readmission (Berenson, Paulus and Kalman, 2012)....   [tags: Nursing, Hospital, Patient, Health care provider]

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A Report About The Jeddo Tunnel

- ]. For example, the Jeddo Tunnel is composed of an extensive system of drainage tunnels discharges between 175,000 and 270,000 m3/d [Wood, 1996]. AMD occurs due to mining activities where previously hidden sulfides are now exposed to air and water, creating acidic sulfur-rich wastewaters. The wastewaters also contain elevated concentrations of metals, in particular iron [Johnson and Hallberg, 2005; Schweinfurth, 2009]. The sulfide rich, acidic water from the abandoned flooded mines, emerges as acid mine drainage from tunnels, air shafts, fractures in steam channels, and other low points in the previously mined area....   [tags: Water, Carbon dioxide, Coal, Acid]

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Evaluation And Evaluation Of Patient Safety Data At The Unit Level

- EP20EO: Clinical Nurses are involved in the review, action planning, and evaluation of patient safety data at the unit level Introduction Nursing at HVSH is involved in the review, action planning, and evaluation of patient safety in a continuous process of improvement regarding patient safety and satisfaction. Guided by patient safety data when in transit, the DMC upgraded the patient tracking system in June of 2012. Initiation of the state of the art Teletracking XT software program allows staff to track the location of patients before, during, and after tests and procedures....   [tags: Patient, Nursing, Nurse, Transport]

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Survey about Patients with Cancer

- Science, and the pursuit of knowledge, has always been fascinating to me. I feel there is no greater accomplishment than to be able to analyze a problem, understand it, and implement a solution for the greater good. Because of this intrinsic need in people to make advances in scientific knowledge, the process of conducting research has been well developed. Following these guidelines in module one, I developed an experimental randomized trial to study the effects of telehealth on 30 day readmission rates in cancer patients....   [tags: readmission, error]

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