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I am the chemical element known as Krypton. I can also be referred as Kr. I will be telling you about my history, my properties, my family and my occurrence. I will also be telling you about my uses and ores, also the analytical methods based on me.

I received the name krypton from the Greek word
"hidden" because I was hiding for so long, undetected. I am from a rare group of gases called noble gases. The other noble gases are helium, xenon, neon, argon and radon. I was discovered in England in 1898 almost 100 years ago by Sir
William Ramsey and Morris W. Travers. They found me in the less volatile part of inert-gas mixture left after oxygen had been chemically removed from a sample of air. I am about one millionth of the earth's atmosphere. Only about 2 x
10-8% of the weight of the earth am I. I am a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. My atomic number is 36. My atomic weight is 83.80. My melting point is -157.20°C or -251.5°F. My gas density at 0°C is 3.749 g/liter. My valence is 0,2.
Many of my physical properties differ according to various scientists. The outer shell of my atom is filled with electrons in a stable structure. That is why there is only one atom in my element. No one yet has prepared a chemical compound for me that is stable at room temperature. I can be trapped in crystals of different host compounds to form a clathrate. The radioactive isotopes of me known to this point are 76Kr, 77Kr, 79Kr, 81Kr,
83Kr, 85Kr, 87Kr-95Kr and 97Kr. My isotopes...
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