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Dialectical Behavior Therapy ( Dbt )

- All of the family members were present for the sixth meeting including Janice, Leon, Beatrice, Kat, and Guy. The family was introduced to Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT was defined to the family and each family member was encouraged to practice using DBT skills in their daily lives. In addition the family was made aware of the benefits of using DBT. The family was in agreeance that the individual goals of Kat would be the focus of the session. Kat demonstrated courage and willingness as she stated her individual goals which included to feel less depressed, increase her skills to cope with the PTSD symptoms she experiences, to feel more normal again, and to have more motivation to g...   [tags: Time, Present, Emotion]

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The Outsiders Dialectical Journal Essay

- The Outsiders Dialectical Journal In chapter one we are introduced to our narrator, Ponyboy. Ponyboy is raised by his two older brothers Darry and Soda. They’re all apart of a gang called the “greasers” which is joined by Dally, Johnny, Two-bit, and Steve. There is another group called “ socs” which stands for socials, and everyone in that group is very wealthy. One day Ponyboy got jumped by a socs group, but luckily Darry was there to help before anything too serious happened. The first element of literature is characterization....   [tags: The Outsiders, S. E. Hinton, The Outsiders]

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

- Description of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a comprehensive cognitive-behavioral treatment developed by Marsha M. Linehan for the treatment of complex, difficult-to-treat mental disorders. Originally, DBT was developed to treat individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD; Carson-Wong, Rizvi, & Steffel, 2013; Scheel, 2000). However, DBT has evolved into a treatment for multi-disordered individuals with BPD. In addition, DBT has been adapted for the treatment of other behavioral disorders involving emotional dysregulation, for example, substance abuse, binge eating, and for settings, such as inpatient and partial hospitalization....   [tags: Comprehensive Cognitive Behavioral Treatment]

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

- Description of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a comprehensive cognitive-behavioral treatment developed by Marsha M. Linehan for the treatment of complex, difficult-to-treat mental disorders. Originally, DBT was developed to treat individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD; Carson-Wong, Rizvi, & Steffel, 2013; Scheel, 2000). However, DBT has evolved into a treatment for multi-disordered individuals with BPD. In addition, DBT has been adapted for the treatment of other behavioral disorders involving emotional dysregulation, for example, substance abuse, binge eating, and for settings, such as inpatient and partial hospitalization....   [tags: study, motivation, treatment, disorder]

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The Dialectical Model in Comparative Perspective

- Mankind has not always isolated itself from nature. For the majority of his history, man recognized a need for a dependent and intimate relationship with nature. Nature was his provider and caretaker, a benevolent nurturer intending no harm, a model now known as organic. As the human mind began to increasingly fashion matter to fit its purpose, however, technological innovation began to supplant nature as manís perceived source of sustenance. Thus technology began its ongoing ascent, becoming a means to subdue a primitive nature and raise man above his lowly origins....   [tags: Science Philosophy Papers]

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Philosophy - The Dialectical Method

- Philosophy - The Dialectical Method There are a lot many descriptions for the word dialectic. By viewing all of them what I have ended up concluding in the given context, i.e. Socrates’ Dialectical Method, is that: Dialectic is a variety of languages, conceivably a sort of a composition of the languages in this variety. The word comes from Ancient Greek dialektos, which is derived from dialegesthai, meaning to discourse, converse, and talk. By this root of the word, in this context, I deduce that Dialectics is a method in which people from different walks of life, contained by different personal philosophies (languages) are set together to discuss on a single word, sentence, thought, topic...   [tags: miscellaneous]

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group for Eating Disorders

- Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group for Eating Disorders Every year, 30 million people in the United States of America suffer from an eating disorder (National Eating Disorder Association, 2014). Due to the complex nature of the disease, eating disorders are notoriously difficult to treat. New research suggests that DBT could provide qualities that other therapies lack. This paper will explore the diagnoses of various eating disorders, components of DBT, and the function of a DBT group in the treatment of eating disorders....   [tags: Healthcare, Medical Treatment]

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The Differences between Logical, Ethical and Dialectical Reasoning

- ... In other words, if the original statement is true then necessarily the conclusion should be true as well. It does not provide any new information just a rearrangement of previous information just like deductive reasoning. Informal reasoning “possesses all the elements of formal reasoning, like the deduction part, however it also includes probabilities and truths about premises and conclusion .”It is very similar to abductive reasoning because the truth may seem obvious based of the likelihood of the situation....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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Borderline Personality Disorder and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

- Ever since entering the field of Social Work, I have been exposed to many disorders, therapies, frameworks, and strategies in my studies. My worldview for much of my life had been that I would never need to use any of the treatments or skills, because I was not “broken”, or “too underprivileged” to have gained the education to “know better”. But, as I progressed through my education, I have come to realize that everybody is constantly learning and using acquired skills to function better in everyday life....   [tags: emotions, skills]

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Dialectical Journals- Things Fall Apart

- Dialectical Journals 1. “His fame rested on solid personal achievements.” Pg. 3 paragraph 1 All fame begins when you do something noticeable. For example, actors and actresses build upon their careers and reputations by achieving excellence in their personal goals, as well as perfecting their public performance. 2. “…It was said that when he slept, his wives and children in his houses could hear him breathe.” Pg. 4 paragraph 1 One question that comes to mind when I read this is if he alternates between homes on certain days or months....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Dialectical Journal Chapters on Harper Lee´s To Kill a Mockingbird

- Dialectical Journal Chapters 1-3 Vocabulary 1. Chattels- A personal possession or slave. 2. Taciturn- Silent in expression and manner. 3. Predilection- A tendency to think favorably of something in particular. (Preference) 4. Domiciled- To establish in a place of residence. (To reside.) 5. Flivver- An old, inexpensive automobile. Vocabulary 1. Human chattels could not be more wrong no matter what time you lived in. 2. Whenever someone referred to the taciturn boy, we all knew who they were talking about....   [tags: boo, miss stephanie, atticus]

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Philosophers Impact on Education

- Socrates (470-399) B.C Theory: Knowledge is the ethically and morally important to all men (Webb, 2010, p. 121). Classroom Engagement: Socrates theory has integrated into current classroom engagements because he focused more so on the involvement and interaction with students. He gained understanding of their expectations and transitioned those things into engaging more with the students. This technique of understanding and getting involved with the students has been integrated into current classroom engagements today because teachers have to involve themselves into assisting the students as much as possible in the class....   [tags: Education, Dialectical Teaching]

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Plato's Dialectical Cut in Socrates' Soul in The Being of the Beautiful

- Plato's Dialectical Cut in Socrates' Soul in The Being of the Beautiful Within the spectrum of the political realm, one of the most important philosophical questions arises, "What is the best regime?" It is obvious that the best regime is one of complied consent. There still seems to be difficulty in deciding the best means to the desired end. Politics, the ruling force, operates in the realm of opinions. Its counterpart, philosophy, is an attempt to replace opinions about political things....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Wittgenstein's 1913 Objections To Russell's Theory of Belief: A Dialectical Reading

- Wittgenstein's 1913 Objections To Russell's Theory of Belief: A Dialectical Reading ABSTRACT: In what follows, I give (following Burton Dreben) a dialectical reading of his dismissal of metaphysics and of Wittgenstein's objections to Russell in 1913. I argue that Wittgenstein must be read as advocating no particular theory or doctrine — that is, philosophy is an activity and not a body of truths. Furthermore, this insistence is thoroughgoing. Put differently, a dialectical reading must be applied to one's own thought and talk....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, Eco's The Myth of Superman, and Camus'The Fall

- Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, Eco's The Myth of Superman, and Camus'The Fall   It is impossible to truly realize the impact of earlier minds on modern society, simply because that which they taught is so intrinsic to thought which followed. One great example is G.W.F. Hegel, an eighteenth-century philosopher who first named dialectical relationships. In his book Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel details the relations between people and ideas in a way that now seems obvious, but was groundbreaking at the time....   [tags: Phenomenology Dialectical Essays]

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Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida

- This book is a note written by Roland Barthes to record the dialectical way he thought about the eidos(form, essence, type, species) of Photographs. Roland Barthes was a French literary theorist, philosopher, linguist in his lifetime, but surprisingly he was not a photographer. As Barthes had a belief that art works consists with signs and structures, he had investigated semiotics and structuralism. However, through Camera Lucida, he realized the limitation of structuralism and the impression to analyze Photography with only semiotics and structuralism....   [tags: Book Review, Literary Analysis, Dialectical Ways]

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Dialectical Journal of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

- Chapter One, Two, and Three: These chapters focus mainly on Victor Frankenstein's back-story as he was growing up. He describes his cousin Elizabeth, who he later becomes married to, and about how they came about finding her. Later we are introduced to Victors best friend, Henry Clerval. We also learn that Frankenstein became fascinated with the sciences by the 16th century author Cornelius Agrippa. This along with many of the other philosophers of that time inspired him to become a scientist....   [tags: elizabeth, victor, justine's trial]

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Plato's Dialogues As Educational Models

- Dialogue, Dialectic, and Maieutic: Plato's Dialogues As Educational Models ABSTRACT: Plato’s Socrates exemplies the progress of the dialectical method of inquiry. Such a method is capable of actualizing an interlocutor’s latent potential for philosophizing dialectically. The dianoetic practice of Plato’s Socrates is a mixture of dialectical assertions and questions arising out of his ethical concern for the interlocutor. The Dialogues act as educational models exhibiting how one inquires and learns as well as how one must teach in order that others learn to be participants in (or practitioners of) the dialectic....   [tags: Philosophy Research Papers]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Personality Disorders

- Symptoms of personality disorders are severe, chronic, longstanding, and associated with with intense dysfunction, distress and impairment. Because of this they are among the most difficult to treat (Trull & Kearney, 2014, pg. 313). Despite this, there are many forms of treatment for someone with borderline personality disorder. Biological treatments could possibly be beneficial Susanna, as medicines for personality disorders have been primarily targeted people with borderline personality disorder....   [tags: Borderline personality disorder, Psychotherapy]

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Advanced Social Psychology Midterm Examination

- A perceptual bias is the result of predisposed misconceptions being used to form and make value judgments about other people. They may occur because of mistaken social information or the erroneous programming of that data. When people are faced with conflict, they tend to rely on their own beliefs and actions to critique social actions and pass judgement on others. The judgments are made differently depending largely on the culture, people, and context involved. Kaiping Peng and Richard Nisbett explored the differing ways in which European-Americans and Chinese people deal with with social conflicts....   [tags: Psychology]

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Ethics and Community in Aristotle

- Ethics and Community in Aristotle ABSTRACT: I show that Aristotle’s ethics is determined by his notion of communities which are in turn determined by hundreds of themes in his Topics-sameness and difference, part and whole, better than, etc. These are tools for all dialectical investigations into being and action (viz. Top. I.11 104b2) for they secure definitions and get at essences of things or their aspects. Reflecting structures of being and good, they allow Aristotle to arrive at objective reality and good....   [tags: Philosophy Essays]

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The Rate Of Suicide Among People With Borderline Personality Disorder

- On average, there are 117 suicides per day in the USA ( The rate of suicide among people with borderline personality is 10 times greater than in general population (Chesney, Goodwin, & Fazel, 2014). Borderline personality disorder is one of the most common and the most complex personality disorder diagnosed in clinical settings. Borderline Personality Disorder is found in up to 5% percent of the general population, most of whom are young women. The prevalence in in outpatient mental health clinics is about 10%, and may be as high as 20% in among psychiatric inpatients (American Psychiatric Association, 2013)....   [tags: Borderline personality disorder, Mental disorder]

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"A Southern Mode of the Imagination" and Thomas Wolfe

- Over the course of his decades-long career as a respected and influential man of letters, he also wrote an extensive collection of critical essays. In such piece, “A Southern Mode of Imagination,” he argues that the renascence of Southern letters occurred because of a shift in the way Southerners thought; a change from what he termed the extroverted “rhetorical mode” of tall-tales and politicking, to the introspective and hitherto primarily Northern “dialectical mode.” From his unique position as both a critic of the Renaissance and one of its vanguards, Tate posits that the antebellum Southern mind lacked the self-consciousness necessary to produce great writing because it was wholly occu...   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Intervention Theoretical Models Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

- Intervention Theoretical Models Cognitive-Behavioral Theory Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is based on theory developed by Aaron T. Beck and Albert Ellis in the late 1960s (“Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy,” 2012). Beck and Ellis were psychologists who worked to fuse the previously independent behavioral and cognitive therapy models (Micallef-Trigona, 2015). This fusion began when Beck and Ellis started to explore the connection between how their clients’ interpretations of the world shaped their experiences (Herbert & Forman, 2011)....   [tags: Psychotherapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy]

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My Emerging Behavioral Therapy Theory

- My emerging theory employed aspects of therapy from the humanism, existentialism, dialectical behavior, and when necessary exposure therapy. These theories have represented me as a person. As I have presented them here, they through the lens of each other, they work to form one integrative approach. As Rogerian humanism has laid the foundation for ways of being, this theory also incorporated Dr. Marsha Linehan’s structure of dialectical behavioral therapy’s and goals expressed by Yalom in existentialism with specific practices in Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy....   [tags: humanism, existetialism, dialectics, exposure]

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Analysis Of ' Diagnosing And Treating The Ophelia Syndrome '

- Albert Einstein once said, “Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” As a society, we have been taught, trained some may say, to avoiding independent thought and be submissive to the information we are taught during the course of our life. The question is sometimes asked, do our role models encourage meaningful learning and reflection. In the essay, “Diagnosing and Treating the Ophelia Syndrome” Author, Thomas G. Plummer, a professor at the University of Minnesota and at Brigham Young University, emboldens both students and the public to strive for self reliant thought through some diversified methods....   [tags: Education, Knowledge, Learning, Psychology]

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The Theories Of Piaget And Vygotsky

- The Differences and Similarities in the Theories of Piaget and Vygotsky Michelle Stubblefield Northcentral University The Differences and Similarities in the Theories of Piaget and Vygotsky Piaget and Vygotsky are two of the most respected, notable psychologists of the twentieth century within cognitive psychology. Summary of Piaget’s theory Jean Piaget’s cognitive development theory is focused on the belief that development precedes learning, specifically upon individual development of one’s knowledge through independent learning and experiences (Lourenco, 2012)....   [tags: Theory of cognitive development, Jean Piaget]

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The Rana Plaza Building Collapse

- The collapsing of the Rana Plaza building in the Dhaka suburb of Savar, is a tragic incident that occurred on April 24, 2013 (Prashad 2013). The Rana Plaza building was the establishment that had workers who were the commodity of the production of garments that are sold to the Western market. A couple days post-collapse, it was reported that the death toll was well into the triple-digits. This paper will draw on the details of pre- and post- Rana Plaza's collapsing while connecting it to Marx and Engels' ideologies in response to the four questions and/or issues....   [tags: Before, After, Marxist Ideologies]

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Identity Should Form a Part of Any Pedagogical Theory and Practice

- ... However the relationship between student and teacher is one that is constantly in flux, so simply creating relevance once to peak students' curiosity isn't the end of a teacher's role. How does Sarah then link their interest, to their learning and then to their goals. How does she hand over some of the monological, directive teaching she has engaged in and encourage these links in order to promote relevance. Featuring students lives in their learning may be seen as a weakness as it implies that teachers give up a certain amount of control....   [tags: dialogue is critical to the teaching process]

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The Arguments Pro Et Contra The Originalist Theory Of Jurisprudence

- The arguments pro et contra the originalist theory of jurisprudence really come down to a disagreement of ideas. These ideas can only be attacked at abstract levels of interpretation,and speak toward the a priori intent of the theory to provide justification for decision. It is when the act of the decision is carried out that the more concrete examples of inconsistencies within an originalist theory present themselves a fortiori . As such, the focus must now be on analyzing Supreme Court cases that Justice Scalia has written either a majority opinion or a dissenting opinion on to see if his originalist theory holds up to scrutiny....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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Factional Terror, Paramilitarism and Civil War in Haiti

- “Factional Terror, Paramilitarism and Civil War in Haiti: The View from Port-au-Prince, 1994-2004” is a scholarly article discussing the observations made by J. Christopher Kovats-Bernat in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, during the country’s heavily violent civil war. The article goes into great detail in order to discuss the events leading up to the civil unrest, taking into consideration many of the political, economic, and cultural influences that prompted the 1994 coup-d’état and the resulting ten years of extreme violence....   [tags: Haitian History, J. Christopher Kovats-Bernat]

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Intersubjectivity And The Creative Process In Therapy Essay

- Intersubjectivity is the process of sharing or gaining an understanding of another person’s life through their own lens. In other words, it is a way to tap into the emotion of empathy towards that person. The idea of intersubjectivity can be achieved through reading a person’s verbal and nonverbal behaviors. 2. Briefly describe the relationship between intersubjectivity and the creative process in therapy. (2 points) up to 3 sentences The relationship between intersubjectivity and the creative process in therapy go hand in hand....   [tags: Cognition, Creativity, Perception, Idea, Symbol]

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The Culture Of Chinese Education System

- Interpretive as a paradigm has played a binary in my life. Conducting it based on my own study preference brought me actual troubles, and at the same time, benefits in China. Based on my observation, culture is not the necessity for emerging personal preference of paradigms, but it certainly makes big impact on implementations and experiences. “In Chinese collectivistic culture, harmony and cooperation among the group tend to be emphasized more than individual achievement and freedom” (Guo, 2013, p....   [tags: Culture, Education, The Culture, Linguistics]

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Addiction: Suffering, acceptance, and change

- Carl Rogers stated, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change (see Many modern approaches to addiction recovery utilize a dialectical model to examine the change process. Third wave behavioral therapies such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), along with mindfulness meditation (MM), and the 12 Step Recovery model of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) use a dialectic based on acceptance of what is and change to what can be....   [tags: Drug Abuse]

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Essay On Piaget And Vygotsky

- A Comparison and Contrast of Two Famous Educators: Piaget and Vygotsky Carmelita Alicea Santiago EDU 7101: Foundation of Doctorate Studies Dr. Lisa St Louis July 30, 2017 A Comparison and Contrast of Two Famous Educators: Piaget and Vygotsky Introduction Of the developmental theories, developmental psychology is highly regarded as are two of its geniuses Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. Their contributions are considered deeply and monumentally impactful in developmental and educational psychology....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Psychology]

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Piaget And Vygotsky Essay

- Piaget and Vygotsky Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are two very well-known theorists who emphasized the development of cognition in their theories. In Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental theory, he claimed that children go through a series of stages, which he used to describe human development. In Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory of Learning, he believed culture and social interaction played a role in cognitive development. Although Piaget and Vygotsky both focused their theories on cognitive development they take different stances a series of developmental issues....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Lev Vygotsky]

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Piaget And Vygotsky Essay

- Compare and Contrast Two Educators Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are arguably two of the most noted and influential developmental psychologists. Their contributions to the field of developmental psychology, while different, also have several similarities. Throughout the following paper, I will discuss some of the similarities and, according to Orlando Laurenco, definitive differences of Piaget and Vygotsky. The Theories of Piaget and Vygotsky Piaget’s stage theory of cognitive development demonstrates a child’s cognitive ability through a series of observational studies of simple tests....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Psychology]

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Relational Dialectics: A Research Report

- Relational Dialectics: A Research Report This research of Relational Dialectics Theory refers to the book titled A Handbook of Personal Relationships, edited by Steve Duck. The title "A Dialectical Perspective on Communication Strategies in Relationship Development," written by Lesile Baxter, presents the basic strategies for an ideal relationship . The theories in which Baxter discusses describe the communication actions that a coulpe must use to establish, maintain, and dissolve their personal relationships....   [tags: Relationships Sociology Sociological Papers]

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The Entertainment Value of a Buffy the Vampire Episode

- In this essay I ultimately want to address the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Once More with Feeling" (season 6, episode 7). However, I do not want to look at this episode in isolation from the remainder of the Buffy franchise but rather argue that it exemplifies a certain entertainment strategy that courses through the Buffyverse. Now it seems to me that entertainment is either too often denigrated as a specific ideological formation that produces negative effects of audience passivity as against more overtly challenging texts, or, alternatively, entertainment is celebrated within a postmodern theoretical framework that views the multiplicity of pleasures afforded as inherent...   [tags: Buffy Vampire Slayer Essays]

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Hegel's Master-Slave Dialectic

- As presented in the Phenomenology of Spirit, the aim of Life is to free itself from confinement "in-itself" and to become "for-itself." Not only does Hegel place this unfolding of Life at the very beginning of the dialectical development of self-consciousness, but he characterizes self-consciousness itself as a form of Life and points to the advancement of self-consciousness in the Master/Slave dialectic as the development of Life becoming "for-itself." This paper seeks to delineate this often overlooked thread of dialectical insight as it unfolds in the Master/Slave dialectic....   [tags: The Master-Slave Dialectic]

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Comparing and Contrasting Sociological Theorists Max Weber, Emile Durkheim and Karl Marx

- Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, and Max Weber are all important characters to be studied in the field of Sociology. Each one of these Sociological theorists, help in the separation of Sociology into its own field of study. The works of these three theorists is very complex and can be considered hard to understand but their intentions were not. They have their similarities along with just as many of their differences. The first theorist to consider is Karl Marx. Marx has a uniqueness all of his own. His attention was normally directed towards capitalism in society....   [tags: sociology]

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Hobbes 's Views On The State Of Nature And The Social Contract

- Thomas Hobbes has a primary emphasis on the state of nature and the social contract. Hobbes’s theory is categorized in several different ways. First, he is considered a pseudo natural law theorist. This is because he bases many of his premises on natural law. Additionally, Hobbes is referred to as a social contract theorist because he initiated the philosophical concept of the social contract. Finally, Hobbes can be categorized as a justice theorist, since many of his writings deal with justice and the state....   [tags: Political philosophy, Social contract]

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Inequity: The Struggle To Be A Mother In A Capitalistic Society

- Inequity: The Struggle To Be A Mother In A Capitalistic Society It would be unfair to judge Mother Courage based on a surface level glimpse of her actions; for though she repeatedly chooses her business over her children, it is only to survive in the capitalistic and war-impoverished society that they live in. Entangled in the dialectical relationship of being both a mother and a capitalist, Courage struggles to find a way to ensure the survival and well being of her children. Rorrison makes an excellent point in his statement, “Brecht intended her to be an object lesson in misplaced energy”; he is, of course, referring to her habit of choosing her business over her family....   [tags: mother courage, reform to society]

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Understanding The Initial Developments Of Language As Al Farabi Hypothesizes

- Understanding the initial developments of language as Al-Farabi hypothesizes, it is important to consider the nature in which humans first arise. Al-Farabi concludes that human beings initially drift towards what provides the least resistance or what is easiest: “A human being who is left alone at the point at which he acquires his first nature will rise and move towards that which it is easiest to move towards by nature and in the manner that is easiest” (Khalidi 4). Upon existence, humans conduct themselves in the way that is easiest to follow....   [tags: Human, Religion, Alphabet, Philosophy]

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How can we protect our private information from others?

- During my brother’s freshman year at TCU, he made the decision to join ROTC, a college military program that TCU offered its’ students in which the students would receive a full tuition scholarship if they joined. However, my brother did not want to disclose this information to our whole family and unfortunately I was unaware of this when my mother and I arrived at TCU for an unexpected visit. Upon the arrival of my mother and me, I fortuitously made the mistake of revealing my brother’s decision to join ROTC, which as a result enraged my mother to a new height....   [tags: Communication]

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The Relationship Connecting the Sociology of Religion and World-Building

- ... Objectivation stipulates not only that social reality is “there,” but that social reality is “there for everyone” (10) Culture is “taken-for-granted” as natural, imposing “itself back upon the reluctance of individuals” as a brute fact (11). By the process of internalization, the socially constructed world that is regarded as “there” and “there for everyone” becomes “there in me.” In Berger's words, “the objective facticity of the world becomes a subjective facticity as well” (17). Objectivated reality imposes itself on the individual, compelling him/her to act in particular ways leading to “the absorption into consciousness of the (socially constructed) objectivated world (society) in s...   [tags: meaning, values, diversity]

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Theory of Montage in Pudovkin’s, Eisenstein’s and Vertov’s movie.

- Introduction In the presented essay I will compare the style of work of selected artists in the montage of the film. I will try to point out some general regularities and features of Soviet cinema. At the same time I will try to capture especially what is common in their systems and similar or conversely what differ. For my analysis, I will draw on the feature films of the Soviet avantgarde, namely these are the movies - The Battleship Potemkin (S. Eisenstein, 1925), Mother (V. Pudovkin, 1926) and The Man with a movie camera (D....   [tags: Soviet Cinema, School of Cinema, Film Analysis]

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Aristotelian Rhetoric: An Evolution of Sophist’s Discredited Methodology

- Scholars of rhetoric consider the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, one of the great contributors to our present understanding of this art which, since its early origins and until present, has been a controversial field of study because of its association with persuasion and influence. However, an examination of ancient rhetoric and its development by the Sophists and then a study on Aristotle’s theory on rhetoric and how he concluded his findings direct our attention to whether this Greek philosopher only included in his theory what he described as inadequate and non-fundamental Sophistic teachings, or actually built up his theory on their techniques, long bashed and overlooked....   [tags: philosophy]

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John Locke and Karl Marx on Social Justice

- Social justice is how justice is served throughout a society as a whole or to it's classes. Various unique ideas on creating a just society have been established throughout history. Two of the more well-known concepts are those of Locke and Marx. While both have their ideas for a "Just State", they are both very different within their aspects. John Locke's views on social justice and a just state began with his belief that all humans are governed by what he calls "natural laws" and are protected by their "inalienable personal rights." Our inalienable rights are life, liberty, health, and property....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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Analysis Of Ashley Davis 's ' Children '

- Ashley Davis is a 14 year-old, brown-skinned, African-American, masculine presenting female. Ashley’s mother reports that patient is defiant, especially toward her and other authority figures. Mother reports that Ashley’s behavior disrupts the family, her ability to achieve in school and has landed her in legal trouble. Mother reports that the Ashley began to exhibit sexually promiscuous behavior starting as early as 9 years old. Her reason for referral and placement on the unit was due to Ashley’s mother, finding her and her twin brother naked together in a sexualized position, all while trying to record this interaction....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorders

- The diagnostic process for personality disorders currently covers a broad scope of various tests and symptoms, causing a source of frustration for psychiatrists (Aldhous). The symptoms and side effects of several personality disorders can tend to blur together, making diagnosis challenging (Aldhous). Most psychiatric patients are diagnosed with several personality disorders at once, with twenty percent of people with personality disorders simply diagnosed with a “personality disorder not otherwise specified” (Aldhous)....   [tags: diagnosis, behavioral therapy]

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Language and the Human Understanding Through Time

- ... . . . Any tendency, therefore, has once been propagated in the speech- group will be continued, and in the same direction, by the continuous stream of children. (Manly, 1930). With each generation, the language in those different regions changed, because the children spoke slightly differently than their parents. Eventually, the speakers in one place could not understand those in another. At that point, their system was no longer a dialect of Proto-Indo-European, but rather a language in itself....   [tags: ancestors, evolution, speech]

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Communication Privacy Management Theory ( Cpm )

- We all want privacy in life but at the same time we want to share and connect with others. This dilemma of balancing what we keep to ourselves and what we share with the world haunts us every day not only in our personal lives but also in the workplace. How much is proper to share with co-workers. Is it ok to share what happens at work with friends. What if that friend works in the same office. Are there any boundaries that we should not cross when it comes to maintaining privacy or sharing. Communication Privacy Management Theory (CPM) has the basic premise that people create decision-making rules to help them determine when to reveal and when to conceal private information (Dainton and Ze...   [tags: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship]

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The Action Research : Sociotechnical Systems Perspective

- Methodology Action research in simple terms can be explained as “learning by doing” (O 'Brien, 2001). It involves learning, identifying a problem, initiating and implementing suitable steps to resolve, observe the actions implemented and repeat the process until it yields expected result. Figure 1. Susman’s Action Research Model. Adapted from “Action research: sociotechnical systems perspective” by Susman, 1983. Action research acts as a medium for learning along with a scope to research, above figure projects in detail model of action research....   [tags: Scientific method, Problem solving, Research]

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Social Exchange Theory And Relational Dialectics Theory

- In this paper, I am going to use concepts from the social exchange theory and relational dialectics theory to describe my relationship with my boyfriend. First, I will discuss the cost and rewards of the relationship. Second, I will then discuss the dialectics of autonomy and connection followed by, openness and protection. I have learned that, interpersonal relationships are difficult to maintain. I often ask myself why, relationships require so much work. Why do I, stay in a relationship where the bad outweighs the good....   [tags: Interpersonal relationship, Psychology, Dialectic]

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Theory Of Theory And Cognitive Behavioral Theory

- Theory Comparison Group Paper Theory has been defined as, “an organized set of assumptions, beliefs, or ideas about particular phenomena in the world (Teater, 2015).” Theory is used to understand and explain possible and perceived instances, behaviors and outcomes (Teater, 2015). Social workers use theory in order to understand, as well as, introduce interventions and solutions to their client’s individual situation. It is important for students entering into the social work profession to have a base knowledge of theories, with basic understanding of their similarities and differences to appropriately apply theory in practice....   [tags: Sociology, Psychotherapy, Behaviorism, Psychology]

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Aristotelian Political Thought Bridges Ethical Philosophy

- Aristotelian political thought bridges ethical philosophy (Nicomachean Ethics) with political structure (The Politics). That is, Aristotle argues, the complete attainment of ethical values, moral virtues, is the ultimate end of the individual, giving purpose and fulfillment to human life (human telos). Therefore, he asserts, political structure should be constructed in a fashion which best cultivates those virtues. Though the goal of the state is to instill virtue into civilization, there is ambiguity as to assessing the virtuosity of the state; generally, few are able to attain eudaimonia, whereas, many are able to achieve only a degree of virtue, but not complete eudaimonia....   [tags: Ethics, Virtue ethics, Aristotle, United States]

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Borderline Personality Disorder ( Adhd )

- Borderline Personality Disorder is a cluster-B personality disorder. Cluster- B disorders ' central feature is a pattern of marked impulsivity and instability of affects, interpersonal relationships, and self image. The pattern is almost always present by early adulthood and occurs across a wide variety of situations and contexts. The disorder is quite common, with more than three million people being treated each year in the United States alone. 1.6% of the U.S. adult population suffer from the disorder (NANDS, 2012)....   [tags: Borderline personality disorder, Bipolar disorder]

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Raising A Child With Mental Illness

- Imagine you are married with children; your child has been acting different lately, so you take them to the doctor. Once there you find out that they have a mental illness. What do you do. Over the years, it has been estimated that around twenty percent of children worldwide are suffering from a form of mental illness such as Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia, and Anxiety Disorders. Ultimately, parents of these children end up struggling with their own psychological, emotional, social, and economic challenges while providing for their child with the mental illness....   [tags: Psychology, Psychotherapy]

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A Brief Understanding Of Personality Disorders

- A Brief Understanding of Personality Disorders Personality disorders are characterized as “disruptive, inflexible, and enduring behavior patterns (Myers, 2015).” They tend to inhibit social functions. People suffering from personality disorders can be self-involved, anxiety-ridden, anti-social, paranoid, or aggressive which can be kind of scary. Researchers over the years have been working to understand personality disorders and have come to many conclusions, such as, what types of disorders there are, what the causes are and best treatments so that people do not need to be scared of their disorders....   [tags: Antisocial personality disorder]

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The Intervention For Paranoid Personality Disorder

- The intervention chosen for paranoid personality disorder is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). According to Audion, Ferrer, Matali, Gancedo, Calvo, Barral, Valero, Genova, Diener, Torrubia (2012), DBT is a psychotherapeutic intervention with some background in cognitive behavioral therapy that combines behavioral techniques, cognitive restructuring, and mindfulness. In a literature review of DBT, Matusiewicz, Hopwood, Banducci, and Lejuez (2010), stated that as a whole, DBT combines individual and group therapy, phone consultations, and weekly consultation meetings for the therapists....   [tags: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychotherapy]

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Decision Making Development Stages : Decisions

- Decision Making Development Stages Decisions, decisions – we are faced with making decisions every day; and many bring about life impacting consequences. Understanding the way decision making skills develop over the lifetime sheds light upon how and why we humans make the decisions we do, and how those skills change over the lifetime; whereby children, adolescents, and adults naturally differ in decision making methods. Whether utilizing abstract and logical thinking processes, or dialectical thought processes, the various decision making methods can likely produce significantly different outcomes....   [tags: Reasoning, Critical thinking, Thought]

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Critical Commentary of Frantz Fanon

- “The issue of reading Fanon today, then, is perhaps not about finding the moment of relevance in Fanon’s text that corresponds with the world, but in searching for the moments where Fanon’s text and the world do not correspond, and asking how Fanon, the revolutionary, would think and act in the period of retrogression.” A complete study of 1968 and its legacies in Europe can not solely deal with events that occurred on the continent. 1968 was, in fact, a “global phenomenon”; with ideas perpetrated in Europe reaching as far as Mexico, China, and India, but to name a few ....   [tags: The Wretched of the Earth, violence, third world]

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Language, Reading, And Writing Skills

- Je suis Jennifer. I am Jennifer. Yo soy Jennifer. 我是詹妮弗. Over the last 18 years, I have been developing language, reading, and writing skills. I came to the United States at the age of seven. My skills have improved in the last couple of years. I give my best when it involves learning something new. I have developed my skills by having teachers that support and believe in me, reading different types of genres books, and writing freestyle. I grew up with my primary language being Spanish. Ever since elementary, I have been in Bilingual classes....   [tags: High school, Educational years, Junie B. Jones]

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Marxist Approach to Health

- A definition, by way of contrast, of the key features of Marxism and functionalism will precede an application of each theory in turn to health. Functionalism developed out of the positivist observation that 'all positive speculations owe their first origin to the occupations of practical life' (Comte, 1865, pg 11) and the boundaries of scientific knowledge can not go further than empirically observable truths and views societies as holistic systems where 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts' (Taylor et el, 1997, pg 662)....   [tags: Health Care]

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EMDR and DBT Therapy

- According to Sharf, (2008) the eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) was designed to treat posttraumatic stress disorder. EMDR requires that the clients visualize an upsetting memory and accompanying physical sensations. The clients repeat negative self-statements that they associate with the scene. The procedure is repeated again and again until the client’s anxiety is reduced. EMDR focuses on desensitizing strong emotional reasons in clients and help them to reframe their belief systems to accommodate new emotional states (Sharf, 2008)....   [tags: Psychology]

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Bharati Mukherjee’s Desirable Daughters

- Generally, in the depiction of the immigrant woman’s negotiations with the New World, Bharati Mukherjee’s treatment of the past spacetime becomes crucial. Usually, her novels portray the past spacetime as a circumscribing space that must be escaped in order to (re)construct identity. For instance, in Wife, Mukherjee depicts Dimple’s inability to escape from the past as an inability to transform into an American individual who has the agency to define her self. On the other hand, in Jasmine, the protagonist almost completely rejects her past and her Indianness to facilitate her transformation and assimilation in America....   [tags: Desirable Daughters Essays]

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Keats and the Senses of Being: Ode on a Grecian Urn (Stanza V)

- Keats and the Senses of Being: "Ode on a Grecian Urn" (Stanza V) ABSTRACT: With its focus on the pathos of permanence versus temporality as human aporia and on the function — the Werksein — of the work of art genuinely encountered, John Keats’s Ode on a Grecian Urn is a particularly compelling subject for philosophical analysis. The major explications of this most contentiously debated ode in the language have largely focused, however, on various combinations of the poem’s stylistic, structural, linguistic, psychological, aesthetic, historical, symbolic, and intellectual-biographical elements....   [tags: Keats Poem Ode Essays]

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Reflexive Substantion of an One-Way Ascendancy of Mathematics over Ethics

- Reflexive Substantion of an One-Way Ascendancy of Mathematics over Ethics ABSTRACT: Russell and Popper are concordant with Plato with respect to the independence of mathematics upon the sensations. Beth shares the opinion of the complete independence between the world of science and mathematics and that of psychology. Essenin-Vol'pin's opinion is of an ascendance of ethics and jurisprudence over mathematics. For the first time, the position of Plato, Russell, and Popper are substantiated in this paper through Hegel's reflexive natural scientific method....   [tags: Mathematics Math Papers]

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Sartre and the Rationalization of Human Sexuality

- Sartre and the Rationalization of Human Sexuality ABSTRACT: Sartre rationalizes sexuality much like Plato. Rationalization here refers to the way Sartre tries to facilitate explanation by changing the terms of the discussion from sexual to nonsexual concepts. As a philosophy which, above all, highlights those features of human existence which seem most resistant to explanation, one would expect existentialism to highlight sexuality as a category that is crucial for considering human existence....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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Invisibility Over Negation in Invisible Man

- Invisibility Over Negation in Invisible Man       Early on in Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison's nameless narrator recalls a Sunday afternoon in his campus chapel.  With aspirations not unlike those of Silas Snobden's office boy, he gazes up from his pew to further extol a platform lined with Horatio Alger proof-positives, millionaires who have realized the American Dream.  For the narrator, it is a reality closer and kinder than prayer can provide: all he need do to achieve what they have is work hard enough.  At this point, the narrator cannot be faulted for such delusions, he is not yet alive, he has not yet recognized his invisibility.  This discovery takes twenty years to unfold...   [tags: Invisible Man Essays]

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Marx and the Two Enlightenments

- Marx and the Two Enlightenments ABSTRACT: The claim to rationality is disputed by two rival enlightenments, which collided in the dispute between Plato, Socrates and the Sophists, and which Marx united critically. He criticizes the capitalist system immanently as restrictive of production, and its market as not a case of freedom or equality (justice). However, Marx is most concerned with ontological injustice, coerced alienation of the human into being a commodity. He retains Promethean Enlightenment values however: technology, creativity, democracy, which should be economic, participatory and international....   [tags: Philosophical Philosophy Essays]

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Rhetoric, Paideia and the Phaedrus

- Rhetoric, Paideia and the Phaedrus ABSTRACT: Some of the notorious interpretive puzzles of the Phaedrus arise from reading it in terms of a static version of mimesis; hence, the concerns about its apparent failure to enact its own norms and the status of its own self-commentaries. However, if the dialogue is read in the light of the more dynamic model of a perfectionist paideia — that is, Plato’s portrayal of Socrates as attempting to woo Phaedrus to philosophy (with only partial success) is itself a rhetorical attempt to woo the appropriate reader — then many of the puzzles fall into place as part of the rhetorical strategy....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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Karl Marx's Theory of Capitalism

- Karl Marx's Theory of Capitalism Marxism like functionalism is concerned with the overall picture of society. Marxism is seen as a conflict theory, Mainly because they see the primary interests of society as a whole as being made up of conflicting groups with conflicting interests or beliefs. We are a very materialistic society. A society made up of those who have, and those who have not. Marxists sociologists say that there will never be true social harmony because there are too many inequalities within our cultural society....   [tags: Papers]

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Corruption in Dream of a Ridiculous Man

- Imagine Dostoevsky, a man considered to be (and self proclaimed) of new found faith, ripped to shreds of contradiction and falsehood because of a ridiculous man, and his dream. The crucifier is Wasiolek, who stems off the traditional train of sacrament, and demands the interpretation of The Dream of the Ridiculous Man to be different. Only a radically brave critic could accuse Dostoevsky of "placing some cherished truth in the mouth and being of a self-interested person," and be respected for it....   [tags: Dream of a Ridiculous Man]

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Rudolf Karl Bultmann (1884-1976)

- Rudolf Karl Bultmann (1884-1976) Rudolf Karl Bultmann (1884-1976) was born on August 20th in Wiefelstede, in (what was then known as) the grand duchy of Oldenburg. His father, Arthur Bultmann, was an Evangelical-Lutheran pastor, his paternal grandfather a missionary to Africa, and his maternal grandfather a pastor of the pietistic tradition. Thus, young Rudolf came from a family line heavily invested in the theological milieu of his time. This family's gradual move toward Protestant liberalism-especially on the part of his father-would prove to have a significant impact on this young theologian-to-be....   [tags: Papers]

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Borderline Personality Disorder

- ... One of the big questions surrounding BPD is what causes it and why those affected developed the disorder. At this point, there is no exact cause however, clinical theorists do believe that both biogenetic and environmental components are involved in the development of BPD. Borderline Personality Disorder typically begins showing up in childhood and progresses throughout adulthood. Some may think that if a child grows up in a warm and loving home, they won’t develop this disorder however, studies show that this simply is not always the case....   [tags: bipolar and schizophrenia]

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Why I Want to Become a Lawyer

- Some call me argumentative- I prefer the term dialectical. It is true, I enjoy debates more than the average person. Nothing compares to the thrill of triumphantly dispelling an opponent’s case and swaying an audience to my side. On top of that, I have a sincere appreciation and talent for writing, reading comprehension, and grammar. With these attributes, I feel destined for a career in law. Yet, it is more than just my personal tastes that have led to my interest in legal services. Growing up with a disorder, I have developed empathy for people with disabilities and a desire to help them by advocating for their rights....   [tags: statement of purpose, career choices]

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The Old Testament As Scripture

- Childs ' Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture Child’s points out that the interpretation or studies of Genesis manifest its self with three views points. With two being of the genealogy material and the narrative material. He gives an in-depth overview of how many scholars have studied the book of Genesis throughout the years. Based upon the JEDP ass a representation of the four of the hypothetical sources: • Jawist that describes the God as Yahweh. This includes most of the parts of Genesis, some parts of Exodus and Numbers....   [tags: Torah, Bible, Old Testament, Tanakh]

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Assessment of Postmodernism

- ‘Modernity, on all its sides, may be defined in terms of an aspiration to reveal the essential truth of the world’ (Boyne and Rattansi, 1990). ‘[In postmodernism] philosophical pillars are brought down, the most notable of which are the ‘unities’ of meaning, theory and the self’ (Hassard and Parker, 1993). In my opinion the above quotes neatly summarise the motivational ideas behind modernism and postmodernism as thought processes. However different the inspiration, methodology, and conclusions of classical sociological ideas such as those of Marx, Durkheim and Weber it can be said that their documentation of society into meta-narratives indicates an inherent de...   [tags: Postmodernism Essays]

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