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A Demonstration Of The Unidirectional Flushing Efficiency

- As a demonstration of the unidirectional flushing efficiency, was found a real case study of City of Tracy, CA. This city had around 74,000 habitants in 2005, when the unidirectional flushing study was made. This study was performed intending to reduce customer complains, improve water quality, and extend the longevity of their water system structure. The project included developing of an optimized flushing program using the City’s hydraulic model, in which was create a flushing sector map and flushing loops for the distribution system....   [tags: Water, Drinking water, Water supply network]

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The Demonstration Of The Apostolic Preaching

- Throughout the first 400 years that Christianity was present in the world it changed dramatically. It started small in an area near the eastern Mediterranean area but within these 400 years, it grew to encompass the whole of the Mediterranean and its surrounding. Throughout this time of growth, there was also much change within the beliefs of Christianity with the main belief centering around Jesus Christ. While Christianity grew and made it to new areas it was introduced to new people that interpreted the different scriptures and preaching of what it meant to be a Christian....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Trinity, God in Christianity]

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Reflection On The Classroom Demonstration

- The classroom demonstration was helpful in regards to what was expected because we were not just thrown into the situation blindly. I felt more prepared in my practice simulation because of the classroom demonstration. The demonstration in class showed me how to approach patients with cultural differences. For example, it showed me what types of questions to ask and ways to suggest things without completely shutting off their cultural ideations etc. Additionally, the LEARN evaluation tool really helped me to systemically “gather information” about the patient (Avino, 2013)....   [tags: Patient, Better, Illness, Improve]

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Plato 's Demonstration Of Learning

- Learning is a process that occurs by curiosity; a process that ignites when a person realizes their very own ignorance. In Plato’s (trans. 1956) Meno, learning is described as an exercise that is stimulated when a person becomes perplexed by knowledge that they are unaware of. Likewise, Arthur W. Combs (1982) in “Affective Education or None at All” demonstrates that learning occurs when a person is exposed to new information, and then drives him or herself to explore the meaning behind this new information....   [tags: Knowledge, Meaning of life, Plato, Learning]

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A Demonstration Of Deshelled Eggs

- A Demonstration of Deshelled Eggs in Solutions Bailey Showers Fellow experimenters: Laura Diaz Villaquiran Jacob Hopper Muhammad Pardesi Introduction: Osmosis is the diffusion of water across the plasma membrane of a cell. Basically, this is when the molecules move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. A solute is the smaller part of a solution that is dissolved by a solvent. A solvent dissolves the solute, which then forms a solution, which is a mixture of two or more substances....   [tags: Osmosis, Concentration, Solution, Tonicity]

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The Physician Group Practice Demonstration Design

- This paper is on the Medicare physician group practice demonstration design. It will cover the performance quality and the incentives in physician group practices. I will describe the standards the physicians practice uses, as well as the scoring methods used in the practice, and how they originated. ( website). The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule was part of the 1989 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. It established a standardized payment schedule, as well as a “physician payment formula based on achievement of an expenditure target”, originally, known as the “Volume Performance Schedule (VPS)”....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Cost, Costs]

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Demonstration Speech: How to Play Baseball

- Baseball/softball was, is, and always will be one of the most popular sports of all time. Homeruns, stealing second base, and spectacular plays and catches on the playing field will continue to catch the eyes of millions of people around the globe. Today I’m going to give you a brief demonstration of how the game of baseball/softball is played. A team of players usually ranges from ten to forty players depending on how many people join the squad. The field consists of nine players on defense, as well as one batter at the plate playing offense....   [tags: Softball, Sports]

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1963 March on Washington for Demonstration

- Man Skates From Chicago To Washington For Demonstration The 1963 march on Washington was a major event in a tradition of orderly non-violent protest. Asa Philip Randolph, the man who proposed the 1963 March on Washington, tried to stage a march on Washington over twenty years before. At that time, he accepted President Roosevelt’s order and created the Fair Employment Practice Committee and the 1940 march was called off (Saunders 16). However, in 1963 there were mounting reasons to have this walk; black unemployment, violence against demonstrators in Birmingham, and the Civil Rights Bill were all reaching peak interest at this time and the march could wait no longer....   [tags: African American Civil Rights]

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Problem Gambling Service Coordination Demonstration Project Report

- Problem Gambling Service Coordination Demonstration Project Report 25 June 2010   Contents Project Background 3 Project Methodology and Outcomes 4 Project Deliverables 5 Project Report: Integrating Service Coordination & Problem Gambling Treatment 7 Recommended Actions 8 Appendices 9 Project Background The project is an initiative of the Victorian Government’s Taking Action on Problem Gambling Strategy (2006 – 2011) developed to enhance problem gambling treatment and the responsiveness of the problem gambling service system....   [tags: Project Report]

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Cultural Cooking Demonstration And Movie Night Event

- Adelaide City, in particular, University of South Australia (UniSA), have become great destinations for students. Hence, more and more international students select UniSA for doing their degrees. With the diverse cultures of their students from all around the world, the SPICED – Cultural Cooking Demonstration and Movie Night event has been run to meet the demand of learning and understanding other culture. This report is thus written with the aim of addressing the best and worst aspects of the SPICED event underlying their vision, mission, and goal....   [tags: Student, International student, Culture]

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The Importance Of Body Language Demonstration By Rachel Notley

- The importance of Body Language Demonstration By Rachel Notley Background and context Video: The importance of body language is a fundamental form of nonverbal communication, which is based on many factors. It helps and aids an ongoing communication, likewise presented in Rachel Notley’s interviews. The purpose of the interview is that Rachel Notley is being addressed on her father’s legacy in the NDP campaign from 1968 to 1984. Nevertheless, we will be analyzing how good nonverbal communication has helped Notley express herself by developing a strong set of good gestures, in the interview....   [tags: Nonverbal communication, Gesture]

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The Skills Demonstration Assignment Will Be A Couple 's Therapy Session

- The group to be facilitated during the skills demonstration assignment will be a couple’s therapy session. This session will include around two to three couples who are looking to improve communication skills while decreasing violence, arguments, and patterns of impertinence towards one another. In order for the group session to be successful, the facilitator will need to pay particular attention to several components of the group including: Leadership, communication, and group processes. Observations about the group in these areas, understanding how these observations enhance the effectiveness of the group, and how they also inhibit the effectiveness of the group will help the facilitator p...   [tags: Group dynamics, Facilitator]

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Dreams : A Brief History And Demonstration Through Opera

- Dreams: A brief history and demonstration through opera. The word dream stems from the West Germanic word draugmus meaning deception, illusion, or phaeton. Everyone dreams about four to seven dreams a nights. Everyone also forgets nearly ninety percent of their dreams. Twelve percent of people only dream in black and white and the rest dream in full color. Interesting enough, blind people dream as well. Those that lost sight after birth can remember images. Those born blind dream just as intensely utilizing the other senses of touch, sound, smell, and emotion....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Unconscious mind, Dream, Carl Jung]

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Demonstration Speech

- Demonstration Speech They say a picture is worth a thousand words and can tell a thousand tales. Just what exactly is this saying. (Visual of a bad snap shot… finger in shot) Let us take a minute to decipher this tale… Maybe the photographer believes his or her finger to be of more importance than the subject, or maybe they do not know that what you see when looking through most cameras is not what you get. This is just one of many common photography mistakes made in the pursuit of immortalizing life....   [tags: Papers]

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A Proof-of-Principle Demonstration of 805 MHz High Gradient SRF Cavities

- A Proof-of-Principle Demonstration of 805 MHz High Gradient SRF Cavities Abstract An accelerating gradient of 50 MV/m at an unloaded quality factor (Q0) of 1.4 x 1010 was achieved with a single-cell 805 MHz superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) cavity. This accelerating gradient is more than twice as high as the previous maximum gradient at 805 MHz, and the result demonstrates that 805 MHz cavities, which have a larger beam aperture of 10 cm than 6-7 cm for 1.3 GHz high-gradient cavities, can be used, in principle, as high-gradient cavities for various purposes, especially suited for protons, light ions and other machines that require lower beam impedances due to a larger beam aperture of 1...   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Assessment of Teaching Methods and Strategies

- TASK: Assess four teaching methods and strategies used in your school and discus innovations that should take place to make them more effective and learner centred. ASSESSMENT OF TEACHING METHODS AND STRATEGIES The biggest challenge before a teacher is the presentation of a lesson. If a lesson presentation is effective, students can reach the goals of life by acquisition of knowledge; and if the teacher is unsuccessful in his presentation, it is impossible to achieve the educational objectives. The method of teaching is directly related to the presentation of the lesson....   [tags: demonstration method, teachers]

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The Berlin Book Burning and the Beginning of the Nazi Regime

- Leaders are always looking to demonstrate their power. They want to show the world that they are the ones in authority, that no one should cross their path or challenge their ideas. To do this leaders burn books that they want to efface from the minds of their followers. Book burnings are always a part of a massive turning point in history, either for good or bad. In most cases book burnings appear towards the beginning of the battle, to strengthen everyone’s opinion to be with or against whatever the leaders may be burning....   [tags: Demonstration of Power, Censorship]

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The Language Development Research Team

- Statement of the Problem The project that the language development research team and I are currently working on is children’s demonstration of imitation to different audiences. The purpose of our study is to investigate children’s tendency to overly imitate others’ actions with observed unnecessary and irrelevant components included in their actions. Because children are surrounded by objects that they must learn to use, one of the most efficient approaches children do this is by imitation (Nielsen & Tomaselli, 2010)....   [tags: Audience, Audience theory, Demonstration]

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William Golding’s Lord of the Flies: A Laboratory Demonstration of Human Behaviour Sans the Restraints of Civilization”

- Nobel Laureate Sir William Golding’s Lord of the Flies(1953) has become a compulsory stop on the route of any surveyor of the English novel published in the second half of the twentieth century. During an atomic war, an aeroplane carrying a group of young English school boys is shot down and the party is marooned on an island in the Pacific. The boys, with no elders around, initially try to organize themselves by laying down rules and calling assemblies by means of a conch. Their leader at this stage is Ralph, symbolizing the good, helped by an obese, asthmatic Piggy, symbolizing practical commonsense....   [tags: human behavior research]

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Demonstration of the Male Dominance and Superiority

- August Strindberg’s naturalistic tragedy Miss Julie, plays on the shifts in power and authority. Whether staged between the Count’s influence over his servants or his daughter, the aristocrat Miss Julie over Jean, the Count’s valet, or more interestingly the vice versa of the latter relationship. The playout of the dominant character in the relationship is constructed not only by the constraints of class, social status, and often gender within context but also the fluidity of dialogue and tone within the play....   [tags: inequality, miss julie, august strinfberg]

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Innate Act of Evil or Demonstration?

- Do you remember where you were on April 9th 1995. Videos clips flickered images of a crumbling collapsing building. Body bags amassed high next to ambulances. Lachrymose mothers pulled up to the scene hoping and praying that it wasn’t their son. Where were you on the day of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Do you remember hanging on to every word in President Clinton’s speech. Do you remember the feeling of nationalism that overpowered you. Do you remember the hated you felt for the man who had done this to your nation....   [tags: Terrorism]

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The Jobs I Hated Throughout My Life

- ... I would knock at people’s doors and beg them to buy the vacuum. I was just a trainee when I started this new job and had looked at the videos the company instructed me to watch to optimize my selling potential. Once all the class work was done we had to go out five days straight a field trainer, there were many doors to be knocked on. At first I would observe the trainers do their demonstrations to the clients. They would put a cup of dirt on the carpet and show how this “special” vacuum cleaner could suck it up, shampoo the carpets, as well as take out stains....   [tags: sales, demonstration, vacuum]

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The Process Of Recruitment For The Faculty Of Education

- Recruitment The process of recruitment for this position entails finding individuals who have a passion for sports and are inspired to promote a healthy life style. Individual’s who have prior experience running day camps or working at day cares would be an asset for this position. Manners in which this position should move forward to recruit are as follows. Advertising in educational institutions, adds on the internet and employee referrals. Advertising in the faculty of education would be effective because many people in this faculty are looking to further their experience with children and this position provides the opportunity for that....   [tags: Question, Interview, Leadership, Demonstration]

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My Definition Of Leadership Goals

- My Definition of Leadership The goal of this post is to revisit my first post to update and expand of my previous blog. We have learned a variety of leadership theories and concepts, which have all expanded my definition of leadership. My definition of leadership now is situationally demonstrating the roles, attitude, culture, traits, skills, and behaviors needed to influence others in order to achieve a common goal or desired outcome. This is a large expansion from my original definition, as per blog post 1....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Demonstration, Skill]

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A Rational Demonstration of Irrational Thought

- Voltaire's work Candide is an absurd, irrational story that takes the reader to almost every part of the world in a critical analysis of enlightenment thought. Readers may view Candide as a work that encompasses enlightenment thought. On the contrary however, Candide is indeed a correction and criticism of popular enlightenment ideals. Mainly, Voltaire focuses on the irrationality of the "best of all worlds" philosophy and in the end, concludes that there will never be a utopia on earth. Through an analysis of Pangloss and Eldorado, this will be demonstrated....   [tags: European Literature]

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My Interpretation Of The 6 Bases Of Power From Jack Dunigan

- My interpretation of the 6 bases of power from Jack Dunigan are as follow, • Official power - Is an office or position and it gives the person the authority to exercise power  • Transactional power -is a person who has a high position in the chain of command or is looked upon as someone with authority. • Coercive power - is having the ability to penalize or punish others if what was asked of them was not completed or abided.  • Knowledge power - Is the having the capability of understanding that there is a goal or tasked that needs to be accomplished or completed and the person is also able to find a solution to a problem and ultimately knowing what the problem is and what needs to get...   [tags: Authority, Power, Greatest hits, Demonstration]

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Death Of A Salesm The American Dream

- The United States of America is perceived to be the nation where everyone has the chance to succeed, an ethos which has been dubbed the American Dream. The Dream, which is truly a dream, is that every man, woman, and child can succeed if they work hard enough. Yet, in Death of a Salesman the American Dream is dead. The debate as to whether or not the American Dream is functioning has always been based on the perspective of whoever is judging it. In essence, a person’s social, political, and economic situation shapes their decisions as to whether or not it is alive and well....   [tags: Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller, Demonstration]

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The Law on Demonstrations of Rights

- ... First party in accordance with the law on demonstrations to reduce riots and chaos and make the wheel production going and push the economy forward. And the other side shows to the law on demonstrations where he thinks he suppression of freedoms and return again to the dark age and inability to express their views again. Has issued a law on demonstrations to maintain the rights of the parties , it is the right of the first party to enjoy a safe and quiet life in order to help him on this work and progress of the country without finding who stop the performance of his work ....   [tags: riots, economy, freedom, suppression, views]

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History And Demonstrations Of The Civil Rights Movement

- The History and Demonstrations Life for African Americans in 1963 was not easy. Segregation, discrimination, and annihilation suffocated the African American people. Blacks were hated by society and were deemed unequal to coexist in the same physical space as whites and as a result they had to use only the facilities labeled BLACKS ONLY. The African American people were being mistreated and killed with no justice, no protection, and no sense of peace from the United States Government. It was the era of the Civil Rights Movement and the tolerance for injustice for African Americans in Birmingham was becoming non-existent....   [tags: Black people, African American]

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Birmingham, Alabama Demonstrations of 1963

- The topic we researched was the demonstrations that occurred in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. These demonstrations stemmed from rising racial tensions in the area. African American people cried out for equality and when their cries were not answered they took the next step and participated in numerous demonstrations in 1963. The topics concerning the demonstrations and events that occurred in Birmingham that were most commonly written about in 1963 are lunch counter demonstrations, marches, a boycott of four variety store chains, church bombings, and the arrest of Martin Luther King, Jr....   [tags: Civil Rights Movement]

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Is Nursing A Profession?

- Nursing is a profession I have always viewed with respect and appreciation. Adult nursing appeals to me because it will allow me to work with a diverse set of patients. I have been drawn to the profession for two main reasons: I’ve always had the ambition to help make positive impacts on a person’s life and I am always eager to learn new skills and experiences, and I believe the field of nursing allows me to do this. During my course we have studied numerous units. ‘Values and Planning’ has taught me how to write basic care plans, how care procedures and assessments are carried out and the importance of evaluating and focusing on the needs of the patient; this is all a part of an adult nurse...   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Learning, Demonstration]

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Policies that Protect and Support Student Rights

- ... - If the student denies the alleged misconduct that he or she is accused of, he or she should be given an explanation, either in writing or orally, about the facts that have led to the proposed suspension. - The principal should also provide the student with a good opportunity to present his or her version of the case. 3. Outline the requirements and definitions of student substantive and procedural due process. - Students should be offered the opportunity for a hearing before the exclusion from school following disciplinary reasons....   [tags: freedom of speech, demonstrations]

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The World Trade Organization Demonstrations

- The World Trade Organization Demonstrations Introduction The emerging trend of liberalizing international trade regulations, also known as globalization, has lead to vast changes in distribution of wealth and power throughout the world. As a result, many groups and population segments feel pressured or disadvantaged by the evolving structure of world markets and their effects on labor standards, job availability, environmental standards, etc. Many of these groups, both in the United States and abroad, are leftist-centered groups seeking to peacefully influence or altogether stop the rush to trade liberalization and privatization that is occurring worldwide....   [tags: Economics Economy Globalization Essays]

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What Led to China's 1989 Student Demonstrations

- ... During Phase One, the moderate phase, he aimed to support the lower and middle peasants. In addition, he protected the entrepreneurs in order to promote economic growth. Allowed to keep their property rights, citizens had an incentive to work harder and provide the necessary industrial base for Phase Two, the transition to socialism. In this phase, the state took control of big businesses and created a bureaucracy. The changes, originally based on public support, came too quickly for the peasants, whose surplus was now being reinvested back into growing the economy....   [tags: tension between individuals, collective and state]

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Analyzing The Classical Conditioning Model On My Instruction Demonstrations And Role Playing Today

- Greeting Educators, Excellent work on your instruction demonstrations and role-playing today. Here’s a brief review and a few reminders from our 2nd class meeting. REVIEW: What We Did We started by quickly reviewing the Classical Conditioning model. From the Behaviorist tradition, learning is a process of creating the conditioned response (i.e., behavior) by manipulating the environmental event (i.e., stimulus). In classical conditioning, this is forming association between NS and UCS, such that CS (i.e., a formerly NS) eventually elicits CR....   [tags: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Behaviorism]

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Demonstrating the Virtues of the Just Life

- Demonstrating the Virtues of the Just Life The character of Socrates in Plato’s Republic is a curious one. Socrates is rarely satisfied with widely or casually accepted statements, and is fearless in taking on enormous topics for debate. One such topic that Socrates tackles early and often in the Republic is that of justice and the just life. It takes little time for Socrates to begin an attempt at demonstrating to two of his friends, Glaucon and Adeimantus, that in fact it pays to be just....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Demonstrative Communication: Communicating Non- Verbally

- There are many things that can affect the way a conversation goes or the way you communicate that goes beyond the words you are using. Things like body language, tone, delivery etc. These are all considered Demonstrative Communication. Just like it sounds it’s the way you demonstrate or show your communications non-verbally. Many people don’t realize the importance of demonstrative communication because it can tell you a lot about whatever situation you might be discussing. Not only is the demonstration important but also being able to read it as well....   [tags: effectiveness, listening, attention]

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The Influence of the Stonewall Riots

- Twenty two days before we put a man on the moon an arguably even bigger more historic moment in history happened. A battle against an oppression of people a battle for civil rights waged between a corrupt police and citizens fighting for their basic natural right the right to love one another. In the early parts of the ante meridiem a riot took place in Greenwich Village, New York City between a members of police raid and members of the gay community. The event was dubbed the Stonewall Riots because it started at the Stonewall Inn....   [tags: gay rights, raids, demonstrations]

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Commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. at University of Michigan

- ... After Patrick’s speech there was an open Q and A session and musical performances. 2) Why did you choose to attend that event. I chose this event because it was advertised as affecting their audience to reflect deeply on the progress of civil rights and the work we have left to do in creating equal opportunities for all people. 3) What did you like about the event. What did you dislike. What did you learn from the event (BE SPECIFIC). I really enjoyed the fact that Deval Patrick did not just lecture the audience but told stories of his own past and integrated many valuable lessons that tied back to Dr....   [tags: civil rights, american dream, demonstrations]

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The Causes of the Demonstrations Outside the Holy Cross Primary School in August 2001

- The Causes of the Demonstrations Outside the Holy Cross Primary School in August 2001 It would be short-sighted to say that the causes of the Holy-Cross Incident date back only to 1968. I believe that 1968 was just a link in a chain of events which led up to the Holy-Cross Incident. The two side's views have been caused by events that have happened during the past, going back as far as the reign of Henry VIII, during the reformation. The Holy-Cross Incident is an example of the violence and hatred between the Catholics and Protestants....   [tags: Papers]

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Demonstrations of Leadership in Twelve Angry Men

- The film Twelve Angry Men, while great for entertainment alone (who doesn’t like to watch people argue?), helps show aspects of leadership and negotiation. In this film, a jury is attempting to decide whether a boy is guilty of murder, with evidence piled high against him. However, one juror stands firm and says that they should at least give him an hour. This is where the more interesting part of the story begins. At first, Juror Eight was the only member of the jury to state that the boy was not guilty....   [tags: negotiation, juror, motivation]

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Demonstrating And Developing Communication Skills

- Demonstrating and Developing Communication Skills Now you are no longer strangers to God and foreigners to heaven, but you are members of God’s very own family, citizens of God’s country, and you belong in God’s household with every other Christian. Ephesians 2:19 (TLB) Glory to God, it is through written confirmation Apostle Paul affirms reconciliation of Jews and Gentiles to God and one another, by God’s grace (Ephesians 2). In Ephesians “Paul reminds his Gentile readers that before their conversation they were dead, depraved, diabolical, and disobedient....   [tags: Communication, Message, Graphic communication]

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The Effects of Demonstrative Communication

- There are several ways to communicate in the world today. The one way that I really want to look at is the demonstrative communication. This is one type of communication that we all do and have done, but I do not think that people realize just how many aspects there are to demonstrative communication. Demonstrative communication is nonverbal and unwritten communications that involve such aspects of facial expressions, tone of voice and body language. When you think of communication, you automatically think of someone having a verbal conversation with another person, but that is not always the case....   [tags: verbal, expression, listening, tone, language]

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The Benefits of Demonstrative Communication in Buisness

- Effective communication is a major key to success in business. While many people focus on verbal communication and even written communication, there is a lot to be said without saying a word. People are constantly watching our body language and reading our personality or what we are implying with our body language. For some people they focus more on what you do not say more so than what you do say. Therefor it is imperative that we take a look at how to use demonstrative communication to our benefit in business, given the opportunity....   [tags: communication, body, language, personality]

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The Importance of Demonstrative Communication

- Demonstrative communication consists of things like nonverbal or unwritten cues like facial expressions, tone of voice, or body language. It can supplement verbal communication in ways, by providing emphasis or seriousness to what is communicated. When a sales person is well dressed and looks put together while presenting a friendly approach he can be considered trustworthy and reliable. Someone who is disheveled and unclean tends to be considered untrustworthy and unreliable. Demonstrative communication consists of nonverbal actions, thing like a smile, a handshake, eye contact, and most importantly body language....   [tags: dacial, expression, tone, body, language]

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The Different Forms of Demonstrative Communication

- To communicate effective would be to get you point across. We communicate with others in various ways. Verbally we speak and carry on conversations. Non verbally we send emails, texts and smoke signals. Whichever form of communication that is chosen, the object is to make sure that it has been consumed and understood. When something needs to be communication, the form of communication must first be established. In terms of the sender, they must establish the type or mode of communication that they would like to use....   [tags: nonverbal, verbal, written, visual, understood]

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Effective and Positive Demonstrative Communication

- Demonstrative communication could include several different forms of nonverbal and unwritten communication. Some of those forms of communication are facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. When using one of these forms, it is important that you use effective and positive demonstrative communication so as not to be ineffective and negative. One must listen carefully and respond accordingly in order to get the right point across or it could be misconstrued. Take for example a handshake....   [tags: facial expressions, tone, body, language]

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The Key to Effective Demonstrative Communication

- Communication is a part of every person on this planet. It is the way we communicate our intentions and responses to our friends and other people whether in our personal or professional everyday lives. Chapter one defines human communication as “the process of understanding our experiences and the experiences of others through the use of verbal and nonverbal messages” (Quintanilla, K., & Wahl, S., 2014, p. 10). We as everyday communicators believe that we are all superior at communicating because we do it every day of our lives....   [tags: communication, behavior, listening]

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What Is Demonstrative Communication?

- Demonstrative communication describes nonverbal and unwritten communication. This communication can be conveyed through facial expressions, tone of voice and body language. How the message is received can vary greatly depending on these factors. As cited in Lavan (2009) “about 55% of interpersonal messages are conveyed nonverbally”. A positive experience is one where all parties feel at ease. When people are comfortable they are more receptive to the message. A speech about a charity will garner more support if the audience feels good about the speaker....   [tags: non-verbal, message, body language]

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Demonstrative Communication

- Demonstrative communication is the way we communicate with out writing or speaking. This includes body movement, posture, gestures, and eye contact. The tone of a person’s voice is another form of demonstrative communication. There are many different languages in the world and even though you can’t understand what the person is saying, you can still communicate by facial expressions and hand gestures. There are many different ways that your body communicates, one is not really thought about until it happens to you....   [tags: body language,expressions, tone]

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Demonstrative Communication

- Demonstrative communication is an important means of transferring information from one person to another, or a group through a means that provides context, tone, and symbolism with brevity and conciseness. People are empathic creatures who communicate through many nonverbal means. Symbols, expressions, vocal intonations and gestures communicate information about the sender’s feelings and opinions on a level that “fills in the gaps” of mere linguistic transmission. These “gaps” in information are often layered dimensions of information about the sender’s feelings and opinions that would be too pedantic and time-consuming to relate to a receiver with a limited attention span....   [tags: Communication ]

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Demonstrative Communication

- Demonstrative communication is defined as the sending and receiving of messages which include nonverbal and unwritten communication. Many people are unaware of the way they convey with body language, tone of voice, their gestures, personal appearance and receivers are unaware of what they perceive and acknowledge from the communication as well. Nonverbal communication includes all those ways we communicate without words (Quintanilla & Wahl, 2014). The kinds of behavior included in nonverbal communication would be our walk, stance, posture, and appearance....   [tags: messages, non-verbal, expression]

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Demonstrative Communication

- Demonstrative Communication is a non-verbal form of communication. According to Types of Nonverbal Communication - 8 Major Nonverbal Behaviors, “a substantial portion of our communication is nonverbal” (Psychology, By Kendra Cherry). Non-verbal communication including body language, hand movement, head movement, avoiding eye contact, and the tone of voice. Positively, non-verbal communication may be interpreted equally from culture to culture. As most forms of non-verbal communication transcends a smile, a hug, and most hand movements....   [tags: non-verbal, body language, tone]

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Demonstrative Communication And Non Verbal Communication

- There are many different types of ways to communicate with others. Different components make up the process of communication; there are nonverbal and unwritten factors such as facial expressions, tone and body language. It is important to know how these key elements can change the way a message is received. Examples of these types of demonstrative communication factors will be discussed in this paper. Demonstrative Communication Paper Demonstrative communication involves the process of sending and receiving information and or messages by non-verbal and unwritten communication through facial expressions, body language and tone of voice....   [tags: Nonverbal communication, Communication]

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The Importance Of The Demonstrating Beginning Interpersonal And Relational Skills

- The essay is about the importance of the demonstrating beginning interpersonal and relational skills and the ability to communicate. Interpersonal skill is a skill on how people connect and interact with others, while relational skill is a skill on how professionals connect and interact with each other (Stein-Parbury, 2014). Communication is an example of these skills. Furthermore, with communication it helps connect the healthcare professionals to the patients, patients’ family, and to the public (Crisp, Taylor, Douglas, & Rebeiro, 2013)....   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Patient, Psychology]

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Demonstrative Communication: What Is Observed and Viewed

- Demonstrative Communication is the communication that cannot be heard or read, but more important observed and viewed. Body language, the tone of the voice and even the gestures you make with your hands are all known as demonstrative communication. These simple things could improve your message you are trying to send or they could have a negative effect to the receiver. There is a time when using these demonstrative communications would be helpful to your communication. Such as showing someone how excited you are about the topic by just using simple hand gestures could show your enthusiasm for that conversation....   [tags: body, language, tone, gestures]

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What´s Demonstrative Communication?

- Communication would be defined as a form of passing information from one person to another, it can also be passed from one place to another as well by acknowledging the sender’s intent, this allows a person to comprehend the context involved with the message which is being sent through communication, it also leads to acting upon it as well in order to create a shared understand between two or more individuals as well as places. When it comes to demonstrative communication it is defined by a type of communication which will involve the process of sending as well as receiving information, as well as messages by non-verbal as well as unwritten communication, through facial expressions, body lan...   [tags: body language, tone, expression]

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What´s Demonstrative Communication?

- Demonstrative Communication can be verbal and nonverbal. The way that we communicate through eye contact, body language and the tone of voice we use while talking to one another can help define what we are trying to say or what we are allowing the other person understand. Most people do not realize that they are using these types of communication while they are talking to one another. Nonverbal Gestures Nonverbal gestures we use constantly whether we realize we are using them or not. When we are having a conversation with someone there are some people use hand movements to try to explain what they are trying to say while others do not....   [tags: gestures, body language, tone]

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How to Prevent Bad Demonstrative Communication

- Demonstrative communication deals with the nonverbal /and nonwritten aspect of communication. Demonstrative communication is conveyed by body language, tone of voice, expressions and gestures. We often do not realize how our body is projected to others when we are communicating to one another. Our nerves can get the best of us, our attitude can put off a bad vibe, and we can make others see us as unengaged. Have you ever talked to someone and felt like you were being talked down to because of the way they are saying it with their tone, gestures, and/or body language....   [tags: body, language, tone, expression, gestures]

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Demonstrative Communication: Face to Face Conversation

- Demonstrative communication is essential to face-to-face conversations. This form of communication includes everything but the words you speak. When engaged in a presentation or face-to-face conversation the actual words that come out of the mouth are not nearly as important as the signals sent while delivering the message. Matter of fact, only 7% of a message is the verbal communication and the remainder is 38% tone and 55% non-verbal cues (Lee, 2010). Tone is a form of non-verbal communication that can change the perception of the message entirely....   [tags: signals, verbal, nonverbal, tone]

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Demonstrative Communication: The Non-Verbal Communication

- Communication is a verbal and nonverbal way of interacting with another person. Communication can involve two individuals or a group of people speaking with another. Communication consist of telephone, letter, e-mail, and signals. In the form of communication one can be a sender or a receiver. The purpose of communication is to build a rapport someone. There are four types of communication which are verbal (spoken), non-verbal, written and visualization. Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal communication involves body language, gestures, facial expressions, and signs to communicate....   [tags: expressions, facial, gestures, language]

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A Kantian Interpretation of Demonstrative Reference

- A Kantian Interpretation of Demonstrative Reference ABSTRACT: According to Kant, we refer to what is out there in the world by performing a demonstrative act, like pointing at an object with a finger. A Kantian mode of demonstrative reference is characterized by the existence of a real, 2-placed affective relation between an intuiting subject and the referent. Parsons suggests that Kantian intuition is both singular and immediate, and immediacy demands an object of intuition to be present, a condition clearly satisfied by objects within our immediate perceptual field....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Kant Essays]

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Demonstrative Communication: The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

- We are communicating with people around us every day, even if we are not physically speaking. Our body language, the tone of voice we use, and facial expressions communicate silently for us during the conversations that we have. These forms of non-verbal communication that most of us are unaware of are known as demonstrative communication. Unless a person indicates the importance of knowing how to communicate properly it is something that can be ignored. The sometimes forgotten forms of demonstrative communication can have both positive and negative reactions and be effective or ineffective for the sender or receiver depending on how they are used....   [tags: body, language, tone, facial, expression]

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Demonstrative Communication: Avoid Reading People the Wrong Way

- There are several methods we use in communicating to someone; to reach different outcomes. These are called verbal and non- verbal communications, the non-verbal way is called demonstrative communication. This way is considered to be the use of body language and facial expressions. People can misunderstand a facial expression or body language, and this can lead to hostel situations. It is imperative for someone to familiarize them self with the different facial and body actions, to avoid reading the wrong thing when evaluating these communications....   [tags: body, language, facial, expressions, actions]

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Demonstrative Communication: What We Do and Say

- Demonstrative communication is defined as a type of communication that observes nonverbal cues. Some examples of nonverbal cues are tone of voice, facial expressions and body language. Many people feel that these are not tell signs of communication but could not be any further from the truth. Communication is in everything that we do and say. Your tone of voice can tell someone if you are happy, sad, angry and even nervous. Think on a time when you were a child and you knew by the tone of your mother’s voice when she called you if you were in trouble or if your secret was kept a day longer....   [tags: nonverbal, tone, expressions, body, language]

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Nursing Profession Of Art And Science Governed By Standards Demonstrating Compassion, Integrity, And Respect

- Introduction Nursing career is a profession of art and science governed by standards demonstrating compassion, integrity, and respect to those they serve. Nurses are responsible and held accountable in upholding the standards of “Code of Ethics” set by the American Nursing Association (ANA, 2001, 2015). As the Healthcare Network evolves and becomes more complex so too must nursing change to meet the demands and needs of the people they serve. Advancing down the educational pathway allows nurses to have the opportunity to increase their knowledge in order to meet the needs and demands....   [tags: Nursing, Florence Nightingale, Goal, Nurse]

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Demonstrating the Power of Mental Stimulation through Film

- Demonstrating the Power of Mental Stimulation through Film I. Media: A Sensory Stimulant A mass communications major once told me that an individual is subjected to more than forty thousand advertisements during a single day. From radio to television a person’s senses are bombarded by images, sounds, and even the smells of ever conceivable form of media. Newspaper pictorials use print to deliver visual messages. Companies erect walls of advertising billboards along our highways that utilize large graphics and bright colors to draw the attention of sight....   [tags: Papers]

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Color is the Most Demonstrative Visual Feature and Studied in the Context of CBIR

- ... Textures are psycho-physically perceived by the human visual system (HVS), particularly, on the aspects of orientation and scale of texture patterns. Texture is also an important visual feature that refers to innate surface properties of an object and their relationship to the surrounding environment. Many objects in an image can be distinguished solely by their textures without any other information. In conventional texture features used for CBIR, there are statistic texture features using gray-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM), Markov random field (MRF) model, simultaneous auto-regressive (SAR) model, Wold decomposition model, edge histogram descriptor (EHD), etc....   [tags: texture, image, wavelet]

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Demonstrating How Surface Area and Volume Affect Heat Loss in Animals

- Demonstrating How Surface Area and Volume Affect Heat Loss in Animals Planning ======== Aim: To investigate how surface area and volume of an animal affects the amount of heat lost. Planning a simple procedure =========================== One standard test tube, one boiling test tube, and one centrifuge test tube will be filled with water at 40°C. A thermometer will be placed in each tube to measure the decrease in temperature of the water. This will be timed for 300 seconds using a stopwatch....   [tags: Papers]

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The Importance of Demonstrating Good Body Language

- Body language is a universal language that can be expressed in many different ways. It is a physical way that our brain shows in our appearance how we feel. Some people can control their body language but others can’t and sometimes can reveal their emotions and feelings without their consent. The most common way of communication is through verbal language such as English. In English, like in any other verbal language people are able to speak their minds and even lie when asked questions they don’t want to reveal to others....   [tags: communication, Nonverbal Communication]

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Essay on Demonstrating a Conceptual Understanding of School Culture

- “Students will be nurtured in a safe, caring environment that challenges them to shoot for the stars”. “He tini nga whetu, e ngaro I te kapua iti” There are many stars; a small cloud cannot conceal them. (Wanganui City College, 2010) Learning a culture is involved and extremely intricate as each school is unique and the schools student populace being unique. Culture as we understand relates to relationships, traditions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. So why is culture an important aspect with regards to schools, and how can cultures affect the schools running....   [tags: Culture ]

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Demonstrative Communication: The Importance of Written Text Correctly

- What exactly is communication. Communication is the process of understanding our experiences and the experiences of others (Moore & Parker, 2012). Communication present in everyday life, in the workplace, in school and home or personal life. Many use different means to communicate from formal to informal and verbal to nonverbal. Verbal communication is mainly written or oral, while nonverbal encompasses body language, facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice, and gestures. The way in which people communicate is a skill that may take some development....   [tags: skill, writing, speeches, message]

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Non-verbal Communication

- Not a day goes by that an individual does not interact with another person, either by phone or in person. There will always be some interaction between two or more people. This interaction will bring about many thought process and emotions that will give the receiver a cue to respond with verbal and nonverbal messages. `“Every time one person interacts with another non-verbal communication takes place, it `may be intentional or unintentional, but it is part of the rapid stream of communication that passes between two interacting individual” (Gabbott & Hogg, 2001)....   [tags: Demonstrative Communication ]

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The United Kingdom Public Law

- ... Whether peaceful or not, demonstrations and the use of lethal force should be prevented (Muller, 2004). In An Introduction to the Study of the Law, Dicey (2008) stated that the constitution hardly recognized any specific right of public meetings. In Duncan v. Jones (1936), Lord Hewart ruled that the law did not recognize any special right of public meetings either for political or other purposes. Ezelin v France is a relevant law case from the ECHR, which requires a balance between positive protection and the need to keep peace....   [tags: relationship between individuals and government]

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The Death Of Ian Tomlinson

- This essay will critically evaluate how the death of Ian Tomlinson in 2009 has impacted upon British policing. This essay will first start off with a brief summary of the G20 Demonstration and the death of Ian Tomlinson, followed by the Human Rights Act and how this has linked to the death of Tomlinson. This essay will also explain the outcome of the investigation made by the IPCC and explain the issues which aroose. On 23rd March 2009, the days leading up to the G20 demonstration The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights published their report on Human Rights and their approach to policing protests....   [tags: Constable, Police]

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Teaching Plan for Patient Health Management

- ... For the second objective, I would use the demonstration and return demonstration method to teach the patient about the use of the inhaler. First, I would show the patient how to perform the inhaler. Then, the learner is to perform the task with help from me as needed. It is important for the educator to explain while demonstrating the technique. It’s more effective because it enhances patient learning. With return demonstration, the nurse needs to reassure patient to reduce anxiety and motivate the patient....   [tags: objectives, learning, inhaler]

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2015 Language Arts Kindergarten 20 Minutes

- October 7, 2015 Language Arts Kindergarten 20 Minutes Preliminary Planning Topic/Central Focus: In this lesson, the students will continue learning about the “at” word family. This is the first word family that the students have learned about and have been doing well, but have not created words themselves. This lesson will give the students and opportunity to put the knowledge that they have learned to build CVC words on their own. The students will create a CVC flip book and they will use the letters in the book to create and learn new words....   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, Summative assessment]

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Emergency Psychiatric Care Act And The Mutualism Of Legislation And Administration

- P.L. 114-97: Improving Access to Emergency Psychiatric Care Act and the Mutualism of Legislation and Administration The importance of mental health care is often overlooked when health care policy is discussed, but mental illness impacts a serious percentage of the U.S. population. In 2012, there were more than 60 million emergency visits to the hospital that cited mental illness as the primary cause. Out of the afflicted adults aged 18 to 64, 28.4% needed mental health care that they could not afford (Cohen & Zammitti, 2015, Figure 7)....   [tags: Psychiatry, Mental disorder, Medicine]

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The War Of The Vietnam War

- The Vietnam War was a time in history that many people will never forget. This was a long extensive period in history that caused many controversies. Not only did this time in history have an effect on people fighting the war, but also people in the home front that were seeing what was going on in Vietnam and how the soldiers were returning home. This led to many war demonstration. From this time in Vietnam War demonstrations were popping up all over the country as well as college campuses. Many college men were facing the fear of be drafted and many fled to Canada to avoid the draft....   [tags: Vietnam War, Richard Nixon, Kent State shootings]

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Events Leading to the Change Women's Status and Role in Britian Since 1900

- Events Leading to the Change Women's Status and Role in Britian Since 1900 Source A is a photograph showing an early suffragette demonstration. The women shown in the photo are wearing nice dresses, probably their Sunday best, showing that this demonstration was an occasion to the suffragettes. There are women of all ages at the demonstration which shows that the suffragettes had a wide range of supporters. The demonstration appears to have only just begun as the flag is not yet unrolled, however this could also been the suffragettes were having a break form protesting....   [tags: Papers]

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