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Price Of The Demand And Supply Curves

- Question 1 A) Under completely free market, individual’s freedom of economic activity is guaranteed with less governmental intervention. Price of products in the market is determined by the where the supply and demand intersects, which means Qd=Qs. 1,600 – 125P = 440 +165P 1,600 – 440 = 165P + 125P 1,160 = 290P 1,1160/290 = 290P/290 P = $4 per bushels Q = 1,600 – (125) (4) Q = 1,600 – 500 Q = 1100million bushels ∴ Therefore, the Price is $4 per bushel and the Quantity is 1100million bushels under a completely from market....   [tags: Supply and demand, Consumer theory]

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The Cornrow Curves Project Report

- I first heard about the Cornrow Curves project last September when I met Michael Lachney during a gathering run by Professor Kinchy. I was immediately intrigued by the idea of fusing education and technology in a way that could enhance student perception and understanding of mathematical concepts. I got so excited about the project that I eventually persuaded Michael and Professor Eglash to let me join the research team. Last semester, I completed my CITI training and started to prepare for the observation days that occurred in late February....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Concept, Technology]

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The Movie, Real Women Have Curves

- Being a curvaceous young woman is hard enough. Especially when you’re trying to find love, you’re seeking approval and anticipating a better future for yourself. The film Real Women Have Curves stresses how important higher education is to a Mexican-American teenager and the wrath she endures from her mother because of her weight and aspiration. Mark Twain stated that, “Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great” (   [tags: Cinema]

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Movie Real Women Have Curves

- A. Synopsis: For this assessment, I have chosen the movie Real Women Have Curves. The movie follows a traditional Mexican family and their struggle to survive in America. The film focuses, on the youngest American-born daughter Ana. Ana lives in a Hispanic community in East Los Angeles the daughter of Latino working immigrants from Mexico. Her family unit consists of her parents, two brothers, older sister and her grandfather. The movie shows the conflict Ana faces between the clashes of the two cultures....   [tags: Family, Emotion]

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Curves - The Future of Fitness for Women

- Curves - The Future of Fitness for Women (Graphics Not Included) Introduction Gary and Diane Heavin opened their first Curves in the United States in 1992. The two designed a thirty minute workout for women, and created a comfortable; women only, place to exercise. Franchising of Curves started in 1995, and within ten years it became the world’s largest fitness franchise and the tenth largest of all franchise companies in the world. There are over 10,000 locations in 44 countries and most of the success was through word of mouth (“Curves Weight Loss Plan”)....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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Curves - Situation Analysis

- Situation Analysis: Client Analysis Curves International is a world-renowned women’s only fitness center, a pioneer in the “express workouts”. Curves target client base consists of all types of women; from the busy executive to the ultra busy soccer mom, and most importantly, Curves caters to women who overall want to be healthy. Curves makes exercise fun and beneficial for women regardless of fitness goals. Curves clients perceive it more than a “gym”, but as a support group and a social outing for some....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Tangents and Normals of Curves

- Tangents and Normals of Curves If you differentiate the equation of a curve, you will get a formula for the gradient of the curve. Before you learnt calculus, you would have found the gradient of a curve by drawing a tangent to the curve and measuring the gradient of this. This is because the gradient of a curve at a point is equal to the gradient of the tangent at that point. Example: Find the equation of the tangent to the curve y = x³ at the point (2, 8). dy = 3x² dx Gradient of tangent when x = 2 is 3×2² = 12....   [tags: Papers]

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Real Women Have Curves By Josefina Lopez

- Film Review 1 The play “Real Women Have Curves” is written by Josefina Lopez, and the story is based on her own experiences when working in her sister’s sewing factory without legal documentation. The main plot in “Real Women Have Curves” is the daily life of works revolve around the production deadlines. The play is also adapted into a film in 2002. In the play there are only five female characters dominate the whole story while the movie give a more complete view of protagonist’s life outside of factory rather than just telling the story within the sewing factory, such as including the father and grandpa’s reactions and actions....   [tags: Gender, Family, Want, WANT]

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Real Women Have Curves by Josefina Lopez

- In Josefina Lopez’s play Real Women Have Curves, a group of Hispanic women discuss their sex appeal in terms of their body image. They judge their psychological aspect of sex appeal based on how well their physiological aspect of body image agrees with society’s ideals. In Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish, he explains that society is an amplified Panopticon that causes its members to observe one another and themselves. This theory explains these women’s compulsion to peruse their bodies to make sure that they fit within society’s standards of sexiness....   [tags: screenplay, theater, hispanic culture]

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Finding Gradients of Curves

- Finding Gradients of Curves Introduction I am going to investigate the gradients of different curves and try to work out a pattern that I could use to find the gradient of any curve. I will draw graphs of a selection of curves, some by hand, some using Autograph and some using Excel. I will use three methods to investigate the graphs. Firstly, I will draw tangents to the curves at 4 or 5 points and measure the gradients. Secondly, I will draw chords between x = 1 and 4 or 5 points and measure the gradients....   [tags: Papers]

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Demand Curves

- Missing Graphs and Works Cited Demand is "the quantity of a commodity that will be required at any given price over some given period of time". "For the majority of the goods and services, experience shows that the quantity demanded will increase as the price falls." (Stanlake 155) This characteristic can be shown by a demand curve. A demand curve is a graphical representation of the data in table with values of demand called a demand schedule. A good that is in greater demand do to income increases is known as a normal good....   [tags: Economics essays research papers]

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A Useless Life in Araby by James Joyce

- ... First of all the boy learns that life throws many curves. All the boy can think about at this point is this girl. He is so anxious to go to the bazaar (Araby) and bring back a wonderful gift to his crush. However, his uncle has him working all day and by the time supper comes around it is already 9 o’clock. The boy asks again to go to the Araby and for a little money to take along with his. By now his uncles had forgotten all about the bazaar. “My uncle said he was very sorry he had forgotten....   [tags: life, curves, girl crush]

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Real Women Have Curves Ana 's Romantic Interest

- In Real Women Have Curves Ana’s romantic interest, Jimmy, in privileged in a way that is unavailable to Ana. Jimmy has a higher socioeconomic status than Ana and her family. While Ana has to walk and take several buses to get to the school each day and type her essays on an old computer, Jimmy has his own car and laptop. Ana is separated from Jimmy by her working class background, gender and latino heritage. Where Jimmy describes having been “handed everything” Ana is forced to work hard for the same resources, although they both attend the same elite school Ana is a student on scholarship and Jimmy’s parents appear to pay for his tuition....   [tags: Gender role, Gender]

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Analysis Of The Film ' Real Women Have Curves ' By Patricia Cardoso

- Whenever we hear or see a person of certain racial group, we automatically have an idea of how that person can be. Sometime without realizing, as a society we have some idea of how certain groups act. It is a common thing in our society on which sometimes it can create good or bad interpretations about those ethnic or racial groups. Also, it can create tolerance or intolerance toward other groups because of different ideas or traditions. The concept of stereotypes is what we have been created in our presumptions of a person without even having an idea how they are....   [tags: Race, Ethnic group, Racism, White people]

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The Movie ' Real Women Have Curves ' By Gregory Nava My Family And The Book By Victor Martinez

- The concept of stereotypes is what we have been created in our presumptions of a person without even having an idea of how they are. It is a common thing in our society on which sometimes it can create tolerance or intolerance toward other groups because of different ideas or traditions. The film by Gregory Nava My Family and the book by Victor Martinez Parrot in the Oven: Mi Vida are clear examples of the concept of stereotypes. In addition, the film Real Women Have Curves by Patricia Cardoso demonstrates some of the ways stereotypes can affect one’s own ethnic group....   [tags: Race, Ethnic group, White people, Racism]

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Curses Inherited From Previous Generations

- Curses Inherited From Previous Generations (Smith 1) In the first chapter of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s House of the Seven Gables, we learn the dark history of how the house so easily fell into the lap of the Pyncheon family. Colonel Pyncheon had used his influence and political power to have Mathew Maule put to death under suspicion of witchcraft. It just so happened that Mathew Maule was the owner of a piece of property that the Colonel had been trying to get his hands on for years. Before Maule was hung his last words were, “God will give him blood to drink!” Colonel Pyncheon proceeded to build an incredible house on the spot where Maule’s shack had once stood, known as the House o...   [tags: Literature Review]

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Why Do Curses and Death Scare People?

- Why do curses and death scare people. What can I say. Another has ben the only anime to actually interest me when it comes to horror. Not because an anime has to do with horror means that I will like it. I’ve seen plenty of horror anime, but the fact of Another’s complexity and well development make it one of the best horror anime out there. “When it comes to anime I'm usually good at guessing what will happen next, but not this anime, it kept me on my toes. The ending had a very nice twist that I never would have expected” (skullhead195) (n.p.) agrees with me....   [tags: horror, anime of people]

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The Police: Andy Summers, Gordon Mathew

- The Police were a three part band composed of Andy Summers the guitarist, Steward Copeland the drummer and Gordon Mathew Sumner the bass guitarist and singer. Before the band was formed Steward Copeland was part of the band Curved Air. In 1976 the band disbanded leaving Copeland without a job, or passion. Copeland yearned to join another band and reunite music with his life; coincidently he and Gordon met up at a local jazz club and appreciated each other enough to start a band. Soon after the two of them released their first song “Fall Out”, the two of them invited a Henry Padovani to join the band, who gladly accepted [why?]. In 1977 the three of them quietly toured with Mike Howlett as a...   [tags: curved air, band]

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History and Myths About Diamonds

- The word diamond is originated from the Greek word, adámas, meaning invincible. While in todays’ time diamonds are used to convey love and wealth, diamonds were first used, about 3,000 years ago, in India for a more beneficial cause. During that time they were desired, not only for their value but for their refraction of light. During the past 3,000 years there have been many myths associated with diamonds. Some beliefs were conspired based on forms of metaphysical properties, medical treatments, and a curse resulting in the death of all who owned it....   [tags: History, Curses, Religion]

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Twisting and Manipulating History

- “Death Shall Come on Swift Wings to Him Who disturbs The Peace of the King” (King Tutankhamen’s tomb), messages like this open a bridge to believe in Egyptian curses. A slender line between reality and myths has been built around to some ancient cultures like the Egyptian. Many of Egyptians' burial rituals had been called, and still are often called, curses. Those curse were responsible, supposedly, of bring as its consequence death. The inscriptions on Egyptian tombs do not indicate that people, including Egyptians, died because of curses; this false belief often leads to misinterpretation, the collection of intangible evidence, and interests that do not lead to the preservation of the tomb...   [tags: egyptian curses, burial rituals, ancient people]

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Should Music Be Censored?

- Music censorship Should music be censored. When censoring music is talked about this can refer from muting the curses to controlling music content and if you want to censor music it depends on what music thats effecting people even though music has different effects on different people. There is more than one side of music either violent and profiling. Many people think that rap and rock in particular is too violent. People are concerned that music causes violence in the world and drug abuse while other types of music would help people through rough times....   [tags: curses, lyrics, drug, profanity, sex, violent]

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Pedagogy Of The Oppressed By Paulo Freire And ' Marx And Makers '

- Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to work on the Cornrow Curves project, which applies culturally situated design elements to educational settings to use the cultural capital of cornrow braids to enhance student understanding of geometry and programming. To increase my own understanding of the ideological framework for Cornrow Curves, I read two texts: “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by Paulo Freire and “Of Marx and Makers” by Ron Eglash. Ideas found in these texts can be combined and actualized in real-life situations, such as the Cornrow Curves project....   [tags: Education, Sociology, Teacher]

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The Effect Of Changing Income On Consumption An Engle Curve Plot

- A normal good is classified as a good or service that demand rises as the consumers incomes rise (Hirschey, 2009 p.165). Well, an inferior good is classified as a good or service that demand decreases when the consumers income rises. (Hirschey, 2009 p.165). Most products and industries can classify their goods or services as in one of these categories. For example, luxury vehicles can be classified as normal goods. As incomes increase the demand for luxury vehicles increase. To estimate the effects of changing income on consumption an engle curve plot can be used n(Hirschey, 2009 p.165)....   [tags: Economics, Consumer theory, Inferior good, Cost]

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The Influence of Interest Rates in our Lives

- Even though most of us may not realized it, interest rate actually play an important role in our everyday lives due to its great effect on the buying power. For instances, if the interest rate is higher, people tend to reduce their spending and rather save it in the deposit account due to the large interest that they can gained. However, if the interest rate is lower, they rather spend it than keeping it in the deposit account. The reason for this is because the ups and down of the interest rates have a significant impact on their personal income....   [tags: yield curve, personal income]

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Persuasive Advertising Messages

- I will use the central route to persuasion because we are providing a high-involvement service. We want to show advertisements with strong, well documented issue- relevant arguments that encourage cognitive processing. The type of source I will use is informal sources because from reading the articles on Curves the formal sources thinks that Curves work-out plan is not effective. So we want opinion leaders to get our name out to the public. For the message appeal I will use factual appeal because for Curves it will be more effective in persuading my target audience....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Supernovas and The Creation of New Stars

- Supernovas are extremely powerful explosions of radiation. A supernova can give off as much energy as a Sun can within its whole life. A star will release most of its material when it undergoes this type of explosion. The explosion of a supernova can also help in creating new stars. There are two types of ways a Supernova can be triggered. The first trigger is the result of a white dwarf accumulating matter from a companion. This causes the dwarf to reach a core temperature too high to survive which in turn makes an explosion....   [tags: Physics, Space, Explosions]

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A Brief Introduction to the Pinch Analysis

- The economics of industrial production, limitation of global energy supply, and the realities of environmental conservation are an enduring concern for all industries. Wherever you turn, there’s another entreaty to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment for posterity. Pinch analysis is a tools used to design a heat exchanger networks (HEN) that reduce the energy usage. This paper will be about brief introduction for the pinch analysis, application of the second law of thermodynamics in design heat exchanger network Pinch Analysis: Pinch technology is the technology that provides a systematic methodology for energy saving in processes and total sites....   [tags: energy saving in processes]

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Survivorship: Changes in Citizen´s Age of Death

- The United States had gone through the industrial revolution within the last 150 years causing changes in the citizen’s age of death. Factors such as diseases and accidents have changed in their relative impacts. By taking account of deaths within a certain time period, we can determine the survivorship curves of each gender in that decade. The male and female birth and death dates can be collected and results can be made based on these deaths as long as the individuals involved in the study faced the same changes in his or her lifetime....   [tags: death, genders, ecosystem, poplutation]

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The Price Of Supply And Demand

- Sloman, Wride and Garratt (2012) suggest ‘individuals are free to make their own decisions’. That means either consumers or sellers are free to make their own demand or supply decisions, which are transferred between them through the price mechanism. With the interaction of the market forces of supply and demand, the price mechanism determines equilibrium price at which goods will be bought and sold in the market. Market equilibrium is the position where at a given price, the quantity demanded equals the quantity supplied....   [tags: Supply and demand, Economic equilibrium]

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Supply And Demand Simulation Video

- Supply and Demand Simulation The supply and demand simulation video provides information describing a small city that features a welcoming atmosphere with all the necessities of living a comfortable life. It also provides a heathy environment for people who are considering moving to the town of Atlantis. The town provides easy access for people to enjoy the outside. It is the ideal place for those who loaves the city but enjoy a city that is not overpopulated. It is a great place to raise children, and the community engages in outdoor activities while knowing that the area is surrounded by wildlife ensuring good air quality for those families who exercise on a consist basis....   [tags: Supply and demand, Elasticity, Microeconomics]

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The Old Hunting Ground by Worthington Whittredge and Home in the Woods by Thomas Cole

- After touring the Reynolda House and reviewing all the choices, two pieces really stood out to me. The Old Hunting Ground by Worthington Whittredge and Home in the Woods by Thomas Cole where those pieces. These paintings both have their similarities, but yet at the same time have their individual differences. The Old Hunting Ground was created in 1864, while Home in the Woods was composed in 1847. That is a difference of 17 years making Home in the Woods older obviously. Both of these paintings share the mediums of oil on canvas....   [tags: landscape painter, foreground, background]

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Scoliosis in Children

- Scoliosis in Children Everybody has heard of scoliosis at one time before or knew someone that had it. I remember in elementary when the school nurse use to ask you to bend over and touch your toes while she feels down your back. Back then I did not know what that test was for, but now I do know. About half of the states require public schools to test for scoliosis. They try to catch it early so that it can be treated before it gets worse. Scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine. Everyone’s spine is supposed to curve a little, but when it is curved too much like a “S” shape then it is a problem....   [tags: spine, abnormal curving, treatment, back pain]

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Costs Associated With Their Production Output Levels

- Firms have many costs associated with their production output levels. These include fixed, variable costs and total costs, which is a summation of the former two. As the names suggest, a fixed cost does not alter with the output level, whereas the variable cost does. The equation linking these three are; Costs can be given either in the long run or the short run. The short run is a period of time where at least one of a firm’s inputs is fixed. On the other hand, the long run is a period of time where all inputs are variable....   [tags: Marginal cost, Economics, Costs, Cost]

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Vincent Van Gogh And The Starry Night

- Vincent van Gogh was born March 30th, 1853 in Zundert Netherlands. He was a Dutch artist in the post-impressionism era. He is known for painting portraits, self portraits, landscapes and still lifes of cypresses, wheat fields and sunflowers. He started drawing in his late twenties, but is best known for his work from the last two years of his life before dying at the age of 37 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Prior to death he painted about 2,100 artworks, including 860 oil paintings and more than 1,300 watercolors, drawings, sketches and prints....   [tags: Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night]

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Efficiency Gain of International Trade

- In evaluating the efficiency gain of international trade, we are concerned about the entire country or community, and thus encounter a more complicated situation with several individuals making up the entire country. Answer these questions (provide graphs if you want): What is meant by the community indifference curve. The community indifference curve shows the various combinations of two commodities which yield the same level of satisfaction or utility to a community or nation. It is intended to represent the preferences of a country as a whole and is a convenient tool for deriving quantities of trade in a two-good model....   [tags: Economics ]

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The Golden Age For Hollywood

- The 1930’s to 1950’s was called the Golden Age for Hollywood. The curvier look was back and clothing was form fitting again. People were all about curves and achieving the perfect hourglass figure with a slim waist, large breasts, and hips. Bodices, belts, and of the shoulder blouses emphasized the body’s curves and gave the appearance of a slimmer waist. Shoulder pads and wide lapels are were always worn by women and gave the illusion of more curves. Madeleine Vionnet, a designer from Paris, created the bias cut where clothing was cut diagonally and clung to a woman’s curves which women preferred to wear over the traditionally cut dresses....   [tags: Fashion, Fashion design, Milan, Fashion week]

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Salt Dilution Method

- Salt Dilution Method Salt dilution method is used in mountain rivers with rough cross section, big boulders and turbulent flow. An electrical conductivity (EC) meter was used for discharge measurement. Salt dilution method is particularly used for measurement of flow in mountainous stream and any other sites where high degree of turbulence exists to ensure complete mixing of injected solution in the pre-determined length of the channel. Under such condition of flow, the conventional approach to flow gauging such as current meter or calibrated structure are not feasible....   [tags: Research Anlaysis ]

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Different Types of Supernovas

- Have you ever wondered what a supernova is. Or even if the word t is a real. Well I’ll be talking about what a supernova is, what it does, and how it is made. The word supernova is plural for supernovae or supernovas. The definition of a supernova is any violently exploding stars after eruption suddenly increases many millions of times its normal level. The supernova came around the 1930’s by Walter Baade and Fritz Zwicky. Supernovas are very rare to see they happen every 50 years in the Milky Way....   [tags: Physics, White Dwarf, Galaxy]

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The Endless Contributions of Isaac Newton

- Sir Isaac Newton once said, “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Aside from his countless contributions to the worlds of math and science, this may be his most important quote because it is what he based his life on—building bridges of knowledge. Throughout his life he was devoted to expanding his and others knowledge past previously known realms. Often regarded of the father of calculus, Newton contributed many notable ideas and functions to the world through his creation of calculus and the various divisions of calculus....   [tags: Sir Isaac Newton Biography]

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Elliptic Curve Cryptology Used to Make Keys

- Elliptic Curve Cryptology What and Why of ECC. Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is a public key cryptography technique by making use of elliptic curve properties and their algebraic structure of over finite fields. It is one of the efficient ways of providing encryption of cryptographic keys. Elliptic curves as algebraic/geometric entities have been studied extensively for the past 150 years, and from these studies has emerged a rich and deep theory. Elliptic curve systems as applied to cryptography were first proposed in 1985 independently by Neal Koblitz from the University of Washington, and Victor Miller, who was then at IBM, Yorktown Heights.[1] These curves have allowed establishmen...   [tags: Algebra, Algorithms]

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The 's Last Theorem, By Michael Hutchings

- Fermat’s Last Theorem--which states that an + bn = cn is untrue for any circumstance in which a, b, c are not three positive integers and n is an integer greater than two—has long resided with the collection of other seemingly impossible proofs. Such a characterization seems distant and ill-informed, seeing as today’s smartphones and gadgets have far surpassed the computing capabilities of even the most powerful computers some decades ago. This renaissance of technology has not, however, eased this process by any means....   [tags: Mathematics, Logic, Theorem, Scientific method]

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The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

- “The Yellow Wallpaper” was written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Gilman was born on 1860 and die in 1935. This story was illustrated on l892. “The Yellow Wallpaper” took place in a colonial mansion which look like hunted house according to the Jennie. Inside the mansion there was all kind of things that made the mansion look like it was used for mental health. Jennie husband john didn’t let her out the house. Time pass by and she became crazy and started saying she was the lady in the yellow wallpaper....   [tags: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper]

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Protecting Information with Cryptography

- When it came to Cryptography, the idea of information security is what originally lead to it. In different words, Cryptography is the protection and security of all information. This is going to involve encryption as well as decryption of all messages. Encryption happens when you are converting plain text into what you would call cipher text. Decryption is when you are going to gain the actual original results of the text that was encrypted, (Jevons, 1974). Although cryptography provides confidentially within documents, it also consists of providing authentication, integrity, as well as non-repudiation....   [tags: algorithms, elliptic curve, computer]

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Development of Performance-Based Mixture Design Method

- CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 General Nowadays, the basic construction material is concrete which is used more than any other man-made material in the world to make pavements, architectural structures, foundations, roads, bridges, etc. Concrete is a construction material composed of cement (commonly Portland cement) as well as other cementitious materials such as fly ash and slag cement, aggregate (generally a coarse aggregate such as gravel, limestone, or granite, plus a fine aggregate such as sand), water, and chemical admixtures (such as accelerating admixtures, air-entraining admixtures, water-reducing and set-controlling admixtures, finely divided admixtures, polymers for polymer-modif...   [tags: Construction]

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Developed Countries and Economically Developed Countries

- ... Using the estimation of Phillips Curves model that has apply in the research, his conclude that the non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU) may be decreased a little bit. Besides, nowadays inflation in United States caused the cost of import decreased due to the appreciation of US Dollars, decreased in product price and the Asian crisis. Mankiw (2000), has already made a research in United State to defines the short run tradeoff between inflation and unemployment rate. In the research said that a contractionary monetary shocks will increased the unemployment rate....   [tags: inflation rate, unemployment rate]

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The Elasticity Of Price Elasticity

- Price elasticity is defined in our text as the change in relationship between a change in the quantity demanded and price. When price elasticity is greater than 1, it’s considered “somewhat elastic” so that when the price increases the revenue decreases. This is due to the quantity being changed so significantly it results in a lost in revenue. In a short period of time, this elasticity may not be detrimental but a wide market change could drive away customers and hurt the company. Cross price elasticity is a measure of changes in quantity demands....   [tags: Supply and demand, Price elasticity of demand]

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A Report On Current Trends

- Forecast Using the estimated demand equation, the forecasted monthly quantity demanded for strawberries imports from January 2017 to June 2017 is, 26.75, 19.76, 18.04, 22.70, 34.02, and 22.08, respectively (see Table-3). The line graph below shows the moving direction of monthly Q for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2017. Since I assumed that historical trends continue in my demand forecasting, the green line plotted by connecting the Q calculated from the estimated demand equation does not fit in the trends very well....   [tags: Supply and demand, Demand curve, Price point]

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Ideal Female Body Image

- The media’s depiction of the perfect female body image is appalling. It is the largest contributor for many adolescent female’s dissatisfaction with their bodies. At an early age, girls are introduced to perfect body ideals; from the advent of Barbie dolls to the launch of a wide variety of Disney Princess movies, they are exposed to unrealistic portrayal of the perfect female body. Young girls are very impressionable therefore they are more susceptible to the idealistic image of a size zero waistline....   [tags: Low Self Worth, Anorexia]

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A History of Curvature and Applications of Hyperbolic Space

- While the study of curvature is an ancient one, the geometry of curved surfaces is a topic that has been slowly developed over centuries. The Ancient Greeks certainly considered the curvature of a circle and a line distinct, noting that lines do not bend, while circles do. Aristotle expanded on this concept explaining that there were three kinds of loci: straight, circular, and mixed (Coolidge)Then in the third century B.C. Apollonius of Perga found that at each point of a conic section there is exactly one normal line (Coolidge, 375-6)....   [tags: geometry, ancient greeks, einstein]

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Designers: Comparing and Contrasting Marc Newson To Oscar Niemeyer

- Report To Compare and Contrast Marc Newson To Oscar Niemeyer Designing is the planning or drawing that people produce that shows how something may function, work or look like. It is everywhere in our society today and is an important factor in the world. It also allows people to express their views, ideas and creative flairs in different ways. Such as how today we will be looking out how Marc Newson designs compared to Oscar Niemeyer. Although they are people of very different times, different cultures and different passions there is still one thing for sure that unites them which is designing for individuals and the world....   [tags: architecture, aircrafts]

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What is Scoliosis?

- The human spine is a medical marvel of sorts, which is not only responsible for helping us to move or lift things, but to bare our body weight, and preserve a normal body alignment. It’s impossible to exist without a spine. Scoliosis is defined as the curvature of the spine and although it isn’t specifically considered a disease, it is very serious complication resulting from a multitude of different symptoms with no definite known cause. Fortunately, with the passing of time, and development of new technologies doctors are now treating this debilitating condition in numerous ways....   [tags: Disease/Disorders]

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Experimental Study of Gas Absorpiton in a Dry System and in a Wet System

- 1. Introduction The development of low cost removal process of acid gases and dust particles in the flue gas from incinerators is desirable. A cyclone scrubber is one of the processes, which can absorb gases, separate particles, and decrease gas temperature simultaneously. Although some researches on cyclone scrubbers have been reported and mathematical models have been developed to understand the mechanism of dust separation in the cyclone scrubber, it has still not been clear enough. The main objective of this work is to elucidate the particle removal mechanism in a wet cyclone scrubber....   [tags: Engines, Dust, Particles]

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The Validity of Existing Pool Boiling Curve Models for Spheres in Nitrogen

- This experiment determined the validity of existing pool boiling curve models for spheres in nitrogen. We quenched copper, stainless steel and brass spheres of two different diameters in a pool of nitrogen. We created boiling curves comparing the temperature difference between the sphere surface and saturated nitrogen to the heat flux from the sphere. The curves were then compared to Rohsenow’s material dependent equation for nucleate boiling and other models to predict the minimum and maximum heat fluxes, independent of surface material....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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Demography Is The Branch Of Science That Studies The Changing Human Population

- Demography is the branch of science that studies the changing human population. Demographers track population changes in different countries and regions. The changes are represented in graphs and tables called survivorship curves and life tables. Survivorship describes the pattern of survival in a population, in this case, humans. Life tables track groups of organisms born at the same time throughout their life span, recording how many continue to survive in each succeeding year. Survivorship is displayed through three types of curves on a graph, types I, II, and III....   [tags: Population, Demography, Life expectancy, Rural]

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Calculation Of Phase Diagrams For Binary Systems

- The discussion about the calculation of phase diagrams for binary systems will be focus on the results obtained from the minimization method. Nevertheless at the end of the section some results obtained from the Lagrange multipliers method will be described and compared with the results for the minimization method. As it was mentioned above, before performing the phase diagram, the Gibbs free energies for each phase were plotted as a function of the composition of the component B at three different temperatures: melting point of the component A, melting point of the component B, and intermediate temperature between these two melting temperatures....   [tags: Thermodynamics, Entropy, Temperature, Liquid]

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The School Choice : Inequality And Competition

- Inequality and Competition In the 1990’s the school choice movement gained momentum through John E. Chubb and Terry M. Moe’s bold assumption that “school choice would make it possible to break the iron grip of the adult interest group, unleash the positive power of competition, and achieve academic excellence” (Ravitch 118). Many advocates for school choice share a similar belief in the positive effect school choice and competition create in schools. When comparing the statistics to this notion, however, one finds an opposite conclusion than the one proposed....   [tags: Supply and demand, Consumer theory, Demand curve]

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Real World Exposure and CVA Simulation

- ... This is equivalent to adjusted risk-neutral pricing for a given subset of stochastic paths, though this pricing is done independently at all forward model steps in contrast to the risk-neutral pricing with market states evolved from the same spot market data by a stochastic process under a common measure. Below we outline this straightforward and well-known implementation methodology yet we further enhance it to join real-world simulation specifics with the evident benefits of risk-neutral American Monte Carlo pricing....   [tags: Solvency II and Nested Simulations]

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Narrative: How to Make a Portrait

- In the middle of the night I was rummaging every corner of my cabinet, seeking for materials to secretly draw another birthday card for my mom. I did this for her yearly, and she had always been happy. Pencil, eraser, colored papers, crayons, markers, a portrait – all materials were ready. “A portrait?” It must have been hiding behind the colored papers layer all the time. And a flow of memory took me back to my first drawing class nine years ago. Miss Huong, my teacher, cheerfully welcomed me when I arrived....   [tags: birthday card, drawing]

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The Case Of The Wwii Housing

- Q. 1) In the case of the WWII housing, the supply curve represents the quantity of houses that are available for use and the demand curve represents the quantity of houses that people are looking for to use. In the case of NUCOR, the supply curve represents the quantity of steel in the market that is available for use (in this case both foreign and domestic producers are suppliers) and the demand curve represents the amount of steel that is wanted by users (in this case, the US market). Equilibrium in the market for houses means that equilibrium will be at the intersection of housing demand and housing supply which will be the point where the quantity of houses supplied is equal to the qua...   [tags: Supply and demand, Economics, Marginal utility]

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Taking Home, The Gold For Me

- Taking home, the gold for me I never believed that I could be influenced by a television show, but once I started watching Say Yes to The Dress, it got me seriously thinking about what I wanted to do in the future with my career. I wanted to be in the fashion world in some way, so I started to draw my own creation, after that I wanted to take it even further and start sewing, and I wanted to compete in a fashion competition to show what I could do and see if this was the right fit for me. The most important thing about my experience is that I found what makes me happy, and it’s helped me decide the path I want to follow with my career, and I want to share this so that others can get a better...   [tags: Sewing machine, Sewing, Gold medal, The Stage]

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Body Image : Evaluating How Society

- Body Image: Evaluating How Society Affects the Way Women View their Bodies It is the 21st century and the ideal body for women has evolved drastically. Many aspects in society influence how women feel about their bodies; magazines, advertisements, movies. The way females view their bodies even starts at an early age with the initial influence of Barbie dolls. Women have gone to great lengths to achieve the “ideal body”. Eating disorders and emotional distress are a few examples. Society has a great impact on the way females view their natural bodies and the outcomes can be negative....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Eating disorders]

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Questions On Price Elasticity Of Demand

- 1. Answer the following: A. Define price elasticity of demand. What are the 4 major determinants of price elasticity of demand and give a short explanation of their impact on elasticity. B. Define price elasticity of supply. What are the 2 major determinants of price elasticity of supply. 1. A. Price elasticity of demand is a measure of the degree of responsiveness or sensitive of consumers to a change in price. The first determinant of price elasticity of demand is substituted for the product, which is the more substitutes, the more elastic the demand....   [tags: Economics, Microeconomics, Supply and demand]

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Chemistry : The Purification Of Substances

- Organic compounds are naturally permeated with impurities that can possibly pose problems in organic synthesis reactions. Therefore, an important part of organic chemistry lab is in the purification of substances. Unit three was a technique experiment in distillation, and its purpose was in the introduction of two types of distillation methods, although there are various other types. The main purpose of the lab was learning how to distinguish the appropriate time to use either of the distillation methods and learning how to interpret the analysis tools employed to determine the purity of a distillate....   [tags: Distillation, Fractional distillation]

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Decision Utility Theory Of Consumer Behavior

- Decision utility is also called wantability, “it is inferred from choices and used to explain choices” (Goodwin, Harris, Nelson, Roach, Torras, 2015,221), which is the utility you expected to get. Decision makers have to make forecasts of different outcomes and these forecasts of utility is called hedonic forecasts and it can be explicit or implicit. While experienced utility means “the hedonic experience associated with an outcome” (Goodwin, Harris, Nelson, Roach, Torras, 2015, 221-222) which is the utility what you actually experienced....   [tags: Consumer theory, Indifference curve, Preference]

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Analysis of Still Life With Peppermint Bottle by Paul Cezanne

- Analysis of Still Life With Peppermint Bottle by Paul Cezanne Paul Cezanne is considered one of the greatest and most memorable artists of the Post-Impressionist period. His techniques were admired and greatly influential in the development of Cubism and many other modern art movements. He employed several styles in his works, such as his still life productions. In 1894 he produced a brilliant piece of work entitled “Still Life with a Peppermint Bottle”. Through this work he used elaborate techniques that most artists had not even discovered during his era....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Mysteries of Table Tennis

- The Mysteries of Table Tennis The ball comes toward me fast, faster than I expected, and I flail the paddle, hoping to connect and return the ball successfully. The ball smacks into the rubber, and the ball shoots back over the net. Right after the bounce, my opponent slices the ball, making it float slowly back to my side. This ball looks vulnerable and easy to hit, so I put all my energy into one drive, and the ball barely bypasses the net. There is topspin, and the ball curves downward. I mentally scream in joy, but that is short lived....   [tags: Sport, Ping Pong, Topspin]

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Economics of Wages and Employment

- Economics of Wages & Employment All Employers Should Be Required to Provide Health Insurance for Their Workers All employers should be required to provide health insurance for their workers. For employees, such a policy would entitle all full-time working residents in the United States to a standard package of health benefits. For employers, this provides a favorable contrast to the quasi-fixed cost that is the present insurance system as an implicit “tax” on all employees. It is necessary to understand that employer-provided health insurance has an effect on wages....   [tags: health, insurance, policy, employes]

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The Treatment Of Irregular Migrants

- Due to California’s geographic location and rich history, it is a state that can efficiently depict the immigrant experience theme. Although an immigrant, also known as an irregular migrant, can come from any nation or ethnicity, there seems to be a commonality in their treatment. The following collection of excerpts and literary works focus on the perspective of the treatment of irregular migrants and the bevy of effects that follow. For the effects of oppression, as seen throughout history, do not cease after de jure discrimination ends....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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Key Concepts Of Marginal Analysis

- “Marginal analysis involves changing the value(s) of the choice variable(s) by a small amount to see if the objective function can be further increased (in the case of maximization problems) or further decreased (in the case of minimization problems)” (Thomas & Maurice, 2012, pp. 91). Marginal analysis is known as “the central organizing principle of economic theory” for its importance and applicability to many aspects of our daily lives as well as our careers (Thomas & Maurice, 2012, pp. 94). The key concepts of marginal analysis include total benefit, total cost, marginal benefit, marginal cost and net benefit....   [tags: Economics, Marginal cost, Derivative]

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The Physics Of Thin Lenses

- Theory: The purpose of this experiment was to demonstrate and better understand thin lenses. The two types of thin lenses are concave where the lens curves in and convex when the lens curves out. There are three characteristics of thin lenses, which include; a chef ray, which goes through the center of the lens and does not deviate, the parallel ray that shines parallel to the lens and is refracted through the focal point on the opposite side, lastly there is the focal ray, which shines through the focal point that is on the same side of the lens as the object and at the middle of the lens is refracted parallel to the lens....   [tags: Optics, Lens, Focal length, Convex]

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Salvador Dali and Science

- ... Dali was interested in this basis more so then the actually theories, in his opinion the world created inside of these physicist’s consciousness sprouts Freudian theories of subconscious think. In order to represent subjective time visually, Dali draws three of the four watches, no longer indicating the passage of time and bending reality in a lucid state. The one hard watch is objective time; it’s measurable because we are relative to its position in Dali’s timeless dimension. Since it is the individual who defines the rhythm of time, Dali distorts are the psychological aspect of our evolution....   [tags: fourth dimensional concepts, relativity and dreams]

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Hipparcos Mira Variable Stars

- Hipparcos Mira Variable Stars ABSTRACT From the visual and infrared light curves we are trying to find the phase changes and correlate them to Infrared shift and magutdes to see what is happing to Mira type stars as they age. Most of the radiation in the star is in the Infrared. The method being used O-C and fitting mean light curves. All mira variables pulsate undergoing rapid mass loss. In the conclusion we show that the magnitude has a positive correlation with the phase shift. I.Introduction Studies of Mira variables are of considerable importance in stellar astrophysics because they are pulsating stars undergoing rapid mass loss....   [tags: Astronomy Stars Space Essays]

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Body Image

- Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body image (Cosslett, LucyBaxter). Before the beginning of the 20th century, most women who were considered attractive had bodies richly equipped with typically feminine curves. Researchers have stated that in former times the ideal of attractives, or being fat, was considered to be a status symbol. Between examining the careers of Marilyn Monroe and Kate Upton, one can see that over time society’s views of body image has evolved in very different ways....   [tags: women, unhappy, super models, monroe]

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More than Just Newton and the Apple

- As the familiar story goes, Sir Isaac Newton was lounging under an apple tree on a beautiful day in the seventeenth century. Without any warning, a rogue apple fell from a high branch and struck him on the head. Despite the resulting head trauma, Newton spontaneously concluded that some force, which he named gravity, must have caused the apple to fall and thus he formulated his Universal Law of Gravitation. According to Newton, gravity acted as an instantaneous attraction between two objects that could occur over a distance of any size....   [tags: Einstein, physics]

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Fighting Over One Hundred Years for Modernism

- Oscar Niemeyer caught the eye of many generations of architects; he became known as a key factor in modern architecture. He pushed boundaries, making modern a whole new concept. Oscar Niemeyer was not born with the name he is known by, he shortened his name. He was born 8Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida Niemeyer Soares Filho. He was born on December 15th, 1907 and lived for almost 105 years, but he died ten days before his birthday on december 5th, 2012. 2Niemeyer was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro and he grew up there....   [tags: Cathedrals, Architects]

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The bandwagon, Snob, and Veblen Effects

- It is also important to remember that in realizing the bandwagon, snob, and Veblen effects, the basic assumption that the consumers' consumption behavior is independent of the consumption of others, must be ignored. The bandwagon effect is seen in cases where individuals are trying to "fit in". This effect is shown when the demand of a certain good is increased, based on the assumption or knowledge that other consumers are also consuming that same good. This effect is most easily described using the example of fashion or clothing....   [tags: Bandwagon Effect]

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Lab Report Identifying Unknown Substances by Characteristic Properties

- Lab Report Identifying Unknown Substances by Characteristic Properties Purpose: To identify the unknown substance by characteristic properties. Materials: * 30g white substance * thermometer * 40mL water * 4 evaporating dishes * stirring rod * balance * bunsen burner * graph paper * ring stand * pencil * safety goggles * 10mL graduated cylinder * beaker * 4 test tubes Procedure: 1.) Obtain your materials. 2.) Seperate your 40mL of water into 4 different test tubes, 10mL in each....   [tags: Papers]

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Mathematics of Light

- Introduction Up to the seventeenth century, most theories attributed color to some sort of modification of light that was thought to occur when light interacted with matter. Light, in its purest form (such as sunlight) was thought to be colorless. However, progress in understanding color was made by Isaac Newton when in 1666 he was able to show that normal white light already contained all the colors of the spectrum, which could be separated using a prism. He also concluded from his experiments that objects have color because they selectively reflect certain colors of the spectrum while absorbing light of other colors....   [tags: Math]

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Supply And Demand

- Laws of Supply and Demand The market price of a good is determined by both the supply and demand for it. In the world today supply and demand is perhaps one of the most fundamental principles that exists for economics and the backbone of a market economy. Supply is represented by how much the market can offer. The quantity supplied refers to the amount of a certain good that producers are willing to supply for a certain demand price. What determines this interconnection is how much of a good or service is supplied to the market or otherwise known as the supply relationship or supply schedule which is graphically represented by the supply curve....   [tags: Economics]

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Comparing Mountain Lion and Badger

- Comparing Mountain Lion and Badger These are two poems that were written at the beginning and end of the nineteenth century. The views on animal hunting and animal cruelty are very different today. Animals such as badgers were hunted for sport; it was considered to be entertaining to track a badger using dogs and capture and torture it until death. Animas such as the Mexican mountain lion were hunted in Mexico for a profit, their fur was a highly sought after fashion item and was sold at very high prices....   [tags: English Literature]

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