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Current Issues in the Correctional System

- The “Tough on Crime” and “War on Drugs” policies of the 1970s – 1980s have caused an over populated prison system where incarceration is policy and assistance for prevention was placed on the back burner. As of 2005, a little fewer than 2,000 prisoners are being released every day. These individuals have not gone through treatment or been properly assisted in reentering society. This has caused individuals to reenter the prison system after only a year of being release and this problem will not go away, but will get worst if current thinking does not change....   [tags: prison system, prisoners, inmates]

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Current Issues - Immigration And Immigration

- Current Issues - Immigration Throughout the years there have been many cases dealing with “family separation.” The number of deportations along the years have had a huge effect of immigrant families, countries of origins and communities as well. Deportations also cause economic hardships and emotional distress to the family. What will happen if the Father of family were to be deported. a father is considered to be the primary breadwinner of the household, but things change drastically when that father is no longer there....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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Current Issues - Immigration And Immigration

- Current Issues - Immigration Throughout the years there have been many cases dealing with “family separation.” The number of deportations along the years have had a huge effect of immigrant families, countries of origins and communities as well. Deportations also cause economic hardships and emotional distress to the family. What will happen if the Father of family were to be deported. a father is considered to be the primary breadwinner of the household, but things change drastically when that father is no longer there....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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The Current Issues Of Management

- Current Issues in Management There are many of problems that has been going on in management, for decades people have struggled with many different things. From my research I have discovered 5 top trends that management are struggling with today. Those trends are Globalization, Workforce Diversity, Technology and The Study of Psychology. In this paper I will identify what these issues are and how companies might be able to fix it. First off I’m going to talk about Globalization and how it affects us today in management....   [tags: Management, Business, Psychology, Culture]

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The Current Issues Of Safeguarding

- This assignment will discuss the current issues in safeguarding, which will link to some legislation. The main focus of this assignment will be on types of abuse and indicators of abuse, which are essential for practitioners to know when working with children and young people. Each of these points will be supported with appropriate resources. Any type of child abuse is an action towards a child from any other person that is harmful to that child, this may be by people they know and trust very well, such as a parent, carer, sibling, teacher, or a total stranger (Chapman et al, 2009), although, it is more likely for a child to be abused by somebody they trust than a stranger....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Domestic violence]

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Current Issues Important to Young People

- The first article ‘A Host of Trouble’ by Emma Schwartz details the thorny issue of parental liability for their teenagers illegal drinking. Schwartz does a decent job at outlining the problem of excessive underage drinking and one of the current politically motivated legal solutions to the problem. One of the most striking statements in the article is that there is no research on whether social host laws are effective. The purpose of these social host laws is to hold parents or other adults criminally liable for the actions of teenagers under their care or influence in an effort to help curb out of control drinking by those who are underage....   [tags: Contemporary Moral Issues]

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Current Issues Of Technology That Affects Accounting

- Yuki Liu Acc 476 Professor Trisha Bansi Current issues in technology that affects accounting When twenty-one century comes, human enters into a new period. Through there have been developments in science, and it all adds to the richness of human life. As time goes one, science and technology have made major changes to the way we live. Technology has provided many tools that increase efficiency in any business, including accounting. In this paper, I am going to talk about three technology relatives that affects in the accounting area....   [tags: Money, Electronic commerce, Electronic money]

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Current Issues Influencing The Field Of Education

- Final Reflection of Field Observations and Class Assignments Current Issues Influencing the Field of Education Productive Learning Environments During my observations at IDEA Frontier I saw 2 ways of productive learning. One was a small group within kinder-2nd Grade. Small groups are formed with around 10 students in an ark shaped setting. Two rows would be form: Five in the front and five at the back. Usually the front students are the lowest performing students that you know will need the extra help....   [tags: Education, School, Learning, Teacher]

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Labor Relations: Southwest's Current Issues

- Current Issues Despite Southwest’s long standing reputation as an employer who makes their employees and customers happy, there have been storms brewing in the company’s labor relations and customer relations sector. As was mentioned before, Southwest recently acquired AirTran Airways and revealed plans to take its already successful domestic business international with flights to Mexico and the Caribbean (Martin, 2014). This organizational restructuring is causing Southwest to have what Time Magazine’s Brad Tuttle calls an “identity crisis” for the airline whose new advertisements have removed the humor they are famous for and the messages of “bags fly free” from commercials....   [tags: labor unions, financial sucess]

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Eastern Religion Current Issues Paper

- Eastern Religion Current Issues Paper Eastern religion refers to religions that are mostly either Indian or Chinese in origin. These Dharma faiths are composed of Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism along with the Chinese religious philosophies of Daoism and Confucianism. This grouping also includes other religions, most notably Shinto, the traditional religion of Japan. Eastern Religion Characteristics and Changes Eastern religions are said to be some of the oldest known dated religions of our society....   [tags: Buddhism, Hinduism, Religion, Jainism]

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What Are Some Current Issues Facing Germany?

- What are some current issues facing Germany. What is the climate for doing business in Germany today. Germany is at this time a major economic authority. Even though the country is still behind in GDP of US and Japan it currently has more exports than Japan. Germany had many issues consequent to world war II like the need to rebuild the country almost from nothing, but then again today it is estimated that the country has control of one fourth of western Europe economy. The government has also focused extensively in pushing labor reform to enforce productivity as well as lower unemployment rates....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Germany, Germans]

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Current issues of Accessibility

- Introduction Distance education has and continues to play an essential role in educational access. It is characterized as teaching and learning via technology, where the students and instructor are not in the same space and time during learning. The integration of technology provides the mechanisms to facilitate interaction between the students and the professor, and the learning infrastructure. Whatever the methodology, distance education is a mode of delivery that ensures access to education to those not able to attend traditional education venues, or denied access based on social or ethnic status....   [tags: distance education, educational access]

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Current Issues Regarding Premarital Cohabitation

- Current societal trends allow for more flexibility in establishing, building, and maintaining a relationship with another individual. Decades ago it was not acceptable for a couple to have sex or live together before they were married. Today, it is common for couples to reside together, even before they are engaged. The rise of couples who cohabitate prior to marriage has altered the way our society perceives marriage and relationships and led to a reformulation of the dating process. Prior to the 1960’s it was seen as untoward for couples to have live together if they were not married....   [tags: Family Psychology ]

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Current Environmental Issues

- Traditionally, environmental issues have been put on the backburner in the past and put behind other critical issues. However, near the end of the twentieth century and currently in the twenty first century people have come to the realization that maybe we should pay more attention to our environment around us. The awareness of the importance of the well being of the environment brings the question “Are we(humans) taking current environmental issues too lightly?”. Unfortunately the answer to that question is a resounding yes....   [tags: Raising Awareness, Consequences]

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Autism Current Trends and Issues

- It is a common fact that an early intervention is an important key in the successful treatment of children with Autism disorder. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ([CDC], 2013), children can be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) reliably at the age of two, yet, in real life, most of the children receive their diagnoses when they are much older. The CDC informs that children should be screened for ASD at the age of 18 to 24 months during regular well-child doctor visits....   [tags: early intervention, screening, treatment]

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Florida Government – Current Top Issues

- Florida Government – Current Top Issues To begin with, it should be noted, that the government of Florida is operated and established according to the Constitution of Florida, which is the main law document of the state. According to the Constitution the government is composed of three branches. First of all it is the executive branch consisting of the ruling Governor of Florida and the other appointed and elected constitutional officers. Second is the legislative branch, or the Florida Legislature....   [tags: politics, state law, zimmerman]

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Current Trends And Issues Facing Managers

- Three of the current trends and issues facing managers are staffing, hiring new employee, and competition. For instance, one of the issues that a first-line manager might face on a daily bases is having just enough on the floor employees. Meaning, if the shift manager was to schedule to many employees or in the case of Starbucks barista, then the shift manager will have some barista standing aside not doing anything because there is someone else already taking care the it. Like-wise, if the shift is short staffed, the shift manager will end up with unhappy customers because customers would have to wait for a longer time before they would get served....   [tags: Coffee, Starbucks, Coffeehouse, Management]

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Current Issues With Financial Planners

- What is a Financial Planner. A Financial Planner is one who helps manage money and is involved with the overall success in achieving financial needs, goals, and will guide one to a better and more secure retirement. The process of Financial Planning is: 1. Determine financial situation 2. Develop financial goals 3. Identify alternative courses of action 4. Evaluate your alternatives 5. Create and implement your financial plan 6. Review and revise your plan. (1) Financial Planning Careers There are a number of financial service careers and two that are growing and critical in the field of finance are becoming a Financial Adviser (FA) and Certified Financial Pla...   [tags: Personal Finance]

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Current Issues of Needles and Syringes Exchange Program

- Another issue might be arise due to needle and syringe exchange program is legal and law enforcement. The legal and the regulatory of government do not permit the distribution of clean needles and syringes which create the obstacles and difficulties to the successful operation of the program mainly for Intravenous Drug Users (IDU). Most recent survey of The Centre of Public Policies (2000), one of non-profit organization, show that they operate in “illegal background” for 25% which means they drive in a state with a prescription law and do not have formal support of local officials....   [tags: IDU, law, regulation, HIV, health]

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The Current Issues Involving Wind Farms and Wildlife

- Introduction and Background: Wind energy has been one of the greatest developments in the field of renewable energy in the last several years. Wind farms, based off of energy production facts, are pivotal in our society, to the continued push to reduce fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions. To the untrained eye, they seem as though they are too good to be true; a cheaper form of energy that also emits less pollution than traditional forms of energy production (find a source for this) sounds perfect, right....   [tags: wind energy, renewable energy]

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Current Issues Facing The American Education System

- There was once a time when white males were only allowed to attend colleges and universities. After the civil war, women and those of different ethnicities were thrown into the college scene. However, even today there continues to be the ongoing debate on how it is best to enroll, educate, and graduate these students that were once denied higher education. Because of this debate, American universities still need to provide accommodations to these groups of students. Those previously denied the right to attend universities now face issues because of the confidence gap, the economic gap, and the stress gap....   [tags: Education]

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Current Development And Issues Of Assisted Procreation Techniques

- Current Development and Issues Assisted procreation techniques are use every day in our society, what is confirm by the high number of children born by the utilization of this method, it is also known that ethical problems accompany these technical procedures. One of the ethical issues concerning that new human beings are produce, something that does not seem commensurate with their dignity as human beings should only be born as a result of the donation of love between a man and a woman, in the couple 's relationship, or within the marriage relationship....   [tags: In vitro fertilisation, Pregnancy, Reproduction]

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Current Economic Issues- Impact of Technology in Australia

- Current Economic Issues- Impact of Technology 1. Technological change has impacted on employment since the beginning of the 20th century because it has both created and made many jobs redundant. Factory/manufacturing jobs have been replaced by machines that have become prominent in the last century. Also, newspapers took a long time to make in the times before internet-because it took many people had to work in the production of one. Now, just a writer and editor is sufficient, with the latest communication technology....   [tags: Employement, Machines, Jobs]

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Human Resource Challenges: Current and Future Issues

- Human Resources Challenges: Current and Future Issues According to the author, Human Resource is the “practices and policies needed to perform the personnel aspects of a managerial job” (Dessler, 2011, p. 2). Generally, HR focuses on state and federal laws as well as company responsibilities such as staff benefits and payroll and the hiring or termination of employees. In addition to concentrating on the workforce of a company, the HR manager works cohesively with other members of management....   [tags: job responsibilities, hiring, termination]

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America's Right to Legal Marijuana

- The Right to Legal Marijuana With alcohol and tobacco butchering substantial portions out of the general public each year, does it really make sense for something that helps people, has so many positive aspects in the medical field, and is natural without the need for additional things to be done to it like marijuana to be illegal. It can be easily understood by most why heavy man-made drugs, such as methamphetamines and LSD, which are almost guaranteed to cause addiction and contain harsh chemicals would be illegal; though marijuana grows naturally and it has been around so long, the exact date it came about cannot be determined for certain....   [tags: Current Issues]

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Current Issues on Management: Innovation and Change Management

- In the today’s business world, change and innovation have become indispensable aspects for every organization that wishes to survive long-term in the market. This is simply because the modern market is characterized by an extremely high level of competition. Subsequent to this fact, therefore, many organizations have invested a significant amount of their resources on innovation as well as in promoting change. These efforts are deemed to contribute significantly to the realization of a modern organization’s goals....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Animal Testing: Cruelty versus Benefit

- Let me begin with the simple but true statement: we all are animals. For some people this might sound ridiculous, but in reality it is the sooth, whether we want it or not. What is the difference between us and other creatures. Is it our ability to think abstractly or talk or walk with the straight back. What is it that gives us the right to torture poor and innocent animals just for the sake of our own benefits. The answer is simple: it’s our eternal need to be beautiful and healthy. We are selfish monsters who kill our best friends animals....   [tags: Current Issues]

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The Value of Life

- Should people put the value of life into monetary value or should life be kept solely as an emotional quantity. People and societies throughout the ages have been trying to answer the problem of putting the value of life into terms of dollar bills. The ancient Egyptians buried their dead with all of their worldly belongings. They believed a person’s monetary worth on Earth was over, and they should take all of that earthly worth with them to the afterlife. Modern day Americans are different from the Egyptians....   [tags: Current Issues]

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Theatre as a Platform for Addressing Current Issues in Society: A Number, by Caryl Churchill

- Introduction Over the years, the essence of theatre has not only been to entertain, but to also allow the build up of a culture in a quickly growing uncultured generation. Regardless of the existence of so many other forms of entertainment, theatre has always established a commanding niche in most people’s hearts, and is undoubtedly the most realistic form of entertainment (Bruce 12). The acting bit of theatre performances makes things real and in their immediate contexts, allowing the audience to draw conclusions based on what they see....   [tags: Tragic Heroes, Expressing Ideas]

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United States National Government Current Top Issues

- To begin with, it should be noted that many people in United States are frustrated and disappointed with their current political system and government actions. It should be highlighted that some organizations and individuals have an unfair and disproportionate influence over what the government does instead of a democratic idea that all citizens have an equal opinion in the governing process (Massey, 2007). The result is that the greed and power of the few too often have the advantage over the needs of the many....   [tags: political system,us government,american society]

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Rhetoric in Politics: Barack Obama’s Inauguration Speech

- Rhetoric in Politics: Barack Obama’s Inauguration Speech Barack Obama’s Inauguration address was delivered to the American public in order to express the goals of the president for his upcoming term. This address would be president Obama’s second as he is currently in his second presidency term. The purpose of this speech was to share with the public the vision he had for his next term, what his future ideas were, and the rights we Americans hold. Throughout the use of vivid examples, anecdotes, and facts, the president demonstrated the challenges our current generation faces and the duty we have to our country and fellow citizens: working for a better tomorrow....   [tags: anecdotes, facts, current issues ]

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Survival of the Fittest: Exploitation of Cambodia Under the Khmer Rouge

- Slavery has existed throughout history and it even exists today in various forms. Slavery is the imprisonment of an individual by another. Herbert Spencer proposed the idea of survival of the fittest in human society. With slavery, especially in today’s time, there are people who are socially stronger taking advantage of those who are weaker and more vulnerable. The societies of today view money as a form of power, and with this power it is used to entrap the weak and using them as disposable objects....   [tags: Cambodia, Current Issues]

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Social Issues Of Hillary Clinton 's Current Campaign

- Social Issues Hillary Clinton’s current campaign attacks all of the nation’s current concerns ranging from economics to civil rights. Some of the policies, such as human rights, in which she invested time in her past electoral campaign, are being readdressed. Discussing health care and education she believes everyone should be entitled to these simple, yet necessary rights (On The Issues, 2000). Furthermore, Clinton also attacks the fact that college and university expenses are incredibly high, which sometimes only allows people to receive their basic education....   [tags: Human rights, Rights, Law, LGBT]

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Analysing Current Economic Issues

- Demand and supply is considered a basic economic concept, as well as a fundamental part of a free market economy. Demand is the amount of the product or service that consumers wish to acquire. Supply is the quantity of a product or service that is available in the market. The relationship between demand and supply has a great influence on the price of products and services. In the market economy, the distributions of resources are determined by the correlation of demand and supply. Nevertheless, the demand and supply theory will thus allocate resources in the most possible efficient way....   [tags: Economics]

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Development of Information Retrieval User Interface: Current Status, Issues and User Expectation

- Abstract: This paper reviews several literatures on the development of information retrieval user interface. First is defining the user interface, information retrieval and its concepts. Secondly, it shall highlight several issues and status concerning to user interface. Third, some ideas and user expectation toward user interface design also highlighted. In further, some recommendation in designing user interface discussed in this paper. Lastly, a conclusion for the development of information retrieval user interface as a whole shall be included....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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American Hustle, Snapshot of Today

- Every film can be related back to socially significant issues that occurred during the time it was released. It’s a snapshot of the issues during that time period. Film is not created in a vacuum. As described in our textbook, film “Conveys “the temper of an age of a nation” as well as that of the artists who produces it” (Belton 22). Films tend to reflect current society, country ideals or beliefs in order for the audience to relate. Some of those techniques used include, the American dream, family, corruption, divorce, and crime....   [tags: Film Analysis, Current Social Issues]

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Creating a Change

- The first change that needs to come about is getting people together as a group to protest against global warming. These people would include environmentalist, scientists, political figures, celebrities, and researchers alike that are educated on the issue. If the current Occupy Wallstreet protest can get the attention of the president, celebrities, and make international news what would global warming protests do. The crazy thing is the Occupy Wallstreet movement doesn’t even have a set of demands or outcomes; on the flip side global warming has a list of issues, demands, and solutions....   [tags: Global Warming, Environmentalism, Current Issues]

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Current Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Issues, And Staffing Plan For The Hotel

- Q.1 Current Human Resource Management (HRM) issues that need to be addressed at James Hotel are policy structure, employee policy, employee issues and staffing plan for the hotel. Strategic HRM planning needs to link to the organisation of the James hotel to remain a sustained competitive advantage and that is linked to the wider picture of the organisation itself (Macky, 2008,p. 14, para. 26). HRM at the hotel goes both ways for Cindy, its personnel management to strategic HRM, where she manages all the employees and supporting all the line managers to insure that plans and goals are being reached (Righeimer, 2016)....   [tags: Human resource management, Management]

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The Three Major Organizational Issues

- The Engstrom’s case study has proved that the company is currently experiencing three major organizational issues. The major issues are the failed Scanlon Incentive Plan, employee dissatisfaction and production/quality issues. These issues are causing problems with their current production and causing delays in shipments to customers. Engstrom has already incurred a decline in sales in recent years. In order to prevent additional loss of sales, Engstrom needs to motivate the employees. Work motivation is manifested by attention, effort and persistence....   [tags: Motivation, Employment, The Current, Performance]

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Tobacco: The Cost-effectiveness of Current Smoke-free Policies

- 1. Introduction Tobacco use constitutes a global epidemic that results in 5 million deaths each year (World Health Organization, 2008). If current trends in tobacco use continue, the number of tobacco-related deaths is expected to rise to 8 million deaths annually by 2030 – with 80 percent of these deaths taking place in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) (Mathers & Loncar, 2006). Currently, about 10 percent of the world’s smokers live in India (World Health Organization, 2008). The 2009-2010 Global Adult Tobacco Survey, a nationally representative household survey, found that 34.6% of adults over the age of 15 in India currently use tobacco (International Institute for Population Sc...   [tags: Social Issues, Legal Issues, Tobacco]

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The Current Rising of Sea Levels

- 1. INTRODUCTION Inundation is defined as “water covering normally dry land”. 1 It is a natural process, however it can be intensified by human activity.2 Thirteen out of twenty of the world’s megacities are found along the coast 3 (Fig. 1) and more than 600 million people around the globe live less than ten meters above sea level.4 Due to the fact that coastal regions tend to be so heavily populated, inundation events can be catastrophic.3 1.1 General Causes of Inundation There are three main causes of inundation.2 Storm surges are waves that are larger than usual, which occur during storm events such as tropical cyclones due to strong onshore winds, low barometric pressures and increased...   [tags: inundation, environmental issues]

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The Main Environmental Land Issues

- Central Land Issues There are many key environmental land issues which exist on Long Island. Long Island is one of the most densely populated regions in the United States where land is a hot commodity. The population as of 2014 was over 7.8 million. When there are this many people living in a fixed area a large amount of waste gets created. Waste is being left behind after many human activities. The non biodegradable products are not being disposed of properly, and the vast population growth is forcing further building of homes and roads which is encroaching upon natural habitats....   [tags: Pollution, Waste, Environmental issues]

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The Impact Of Current Environmental Policies On The Current Living Pattern

- Legal structure is one of the most important parts of the current society and nation that help the authorities and people to follow the determined path in achieving a specific target. Moreover, in the current environment, it is important for the authorities and nations to highlight and implement strict environmental policies in their respective countries in order to reduce the increasing environmental issues in the world. Moreover, the paper aims to evaluate the concept of sustainable development in the current living pattern....   [tags: Sustainability, Environment, Natural environment]

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Ethical Issues of Emergent Technologies

- Maintaining an updated reasonable, informed point of view about the topic: Developing an Emergent Technology Integration (ETI) model where the perceptions of higher education participants impacted by the lack of such a model are explored, requires that one remain current in the field of emerging technologies, including the implementation strategies, innovative ideas and research findings that are pertinent to the topic. In addition, it is critical to stay apprised of the current theories, explanations and proposed relationships among constructs, as well as the absence of theories about meaningful topic phenomena; and relatedly, the subject contradictions, inconsistencies and ambiguities rega...   [tags: legal issues, privacy, intellectual property]

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Ethical Issues, Social Media Influence, and Medical Concerns of the iPhone 5 C Model

- Introduction The iPhone 5 C model has incorporated multiple technologies that could affect the current global atmosphere differently. For instance, the fact that this product can connect to multiple medical gadgets could alter the current medical practices. In addition, its production resulted in ethical issues that could affect its future users and non-users. This is because most of the ethical issues affect the workers (who could be prospective iPhone 5 C users). Another important aspect to note is that the social media has had an influence on the publicity of the item....   [tags: mobile phones, communication technology issues]

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The Current Problem Of Child Poverty

- An Analysis of the Current Problem of Child Poverty in Canada Part A: An Analysis of Child Poverty in Canada I. Summary Analysis This social welfare analysis will define the current problem of child poverty as an increasing epidemic in the Canadian economy. A focus on the economic data provided by the Canadian government will define the increasing levels of poverty for children in comparison to other nations from around the world. This data defines the effects of economic disparity being focused on the younger members of the Canadian population, which reflects the continuing lack of economic support that is being provided for them....   [tags: Unemployment, Poverty, Canada, Economics]

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The Confederate Flag And Current Controversy

- Drake Graves Mrs. Bowman English 102 summer session July 24,2015 "The Confederate Flag and Current Controversy" Although American has evolved over the years our History has remained the same. The confederate flag which seems to be a common controversial topic, holds importance and symbolizes pride, respect, dedication, and freedom. "With the formation of the Confederate States of America in early 1861, one of the first orders of business was to create a flag for the new nation.”(”Confederate Flag” Flags of the confederacy.SOS ) This occurred when the southern states separated from the northern states which was the start of the civil war....   [tags: Confederate States of America]

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Current State Of The Health Care

- Hello elected president Trump today I will be proposing policies that will directly address the current state of the health Care in the U.S and here is my proposed health care legislative agenda. To begin, the government needs to eliminate the Affordable Care Act which was passed by the Obama administration. As we know the U.S spends $3 trillion on healthcare alone in the country which that needs to be changed (2016). While you have changed your stance on the state of the reformed health care it should be reconsidered....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, United States]

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The Current Drought Of Southern California

- Southern California faces many environmental issues such as landslides, wildfires and population growth. The most critical issue however, is the current drought. The drought has been occurring for many years and is worse than it has ever been. The lack of precipitation is a contributing factor to the drought. The current water supply is not enough to support the ever growing population. Drastic measures need to be taken in order to fix this issue. Alerts have been sent out on the news to reduce water use....   [tags: Water, Water resources, Water crisis]

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The Current American Education System

- For many different reasons, the current American education system needs to be reformed. The curriculum between high schools is uneven and therefore unfair. Curriculums need to be even for all high schoolers so they have the chance to create any kind of life for themselves that they would like. Students have too little time and too much pressure put on them when making choices about post-secondary education. College is too big of a decision to be made hastily, yet that is what most American students are doing....   [tags: High school, Education, Higher education, College]

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The Current American Education System

- For many reasons, the current American education system needs to be reformed. The curriculum between high schools is uneven and therefore unfair. Curriculums need to be even for all high schoolers so they have the chance to create any kind of life for themselves that they would like. Students have too little time and too much pressure put on them when making choices about post-secondary education. College is too big of a decision to be made hastily, yet that is what most American students are doing....   [tags: High school, Education, Higher education, College]

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Working For My Current Employer

- Over the last two years of working for my current employer, I have been exposed to a variety of complicated issues that both my team and I have been responsible for solving. Many of these issues typically revolve around financial implications that are triggered by the constant need for additional resources on high-volume projects, as well as the lack of employee training set forth by our upper management. Over the past few decades, our company has expanded to multiple continents, which has undoubtedly changed the dynamic of how the company operates as a whole....   [tags: United States dollar, Currency, Pound sterling]

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Occupy Wall Street: An Inefficient Protest

- In America, protest has been used throughout history as a vehicle to change. Protests bring attention to issues that would or could be overlooked or ignored. A current protest receiving national attention in our media is the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest. The Occupy Wall Street protest, along with other Occupy branch protests are essentially ineffective protests. When compared to successful protests in the past, they are not having as much success gaining public support. There are many reasons this could be the case....   [tags: Current Events]

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Teachers Willingness to Teach Current Events

- Over the last century, there has been a debate over what the goal of social studies as a core subject should be. Scholars and academics have struggled to define the elusive term social studies; the debate has ranged from whether the social studies should include the disciplines of history, geography, or other social sciences, what the curriculum of the social studies should be, and what pedagogical practices should be implemented in the subject (Evans 2004, Ross 2006). Another hotly debated topic is what the goal of social studies should be in relation to society....   [tags: Social Studies, Schools Curriculum]

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Most Significant Issues Facing Health Care Organizations

- Formed in 1998, the Managed Care Executive Group (MCEG) is a national organization of U.S. senior health executives who provide an open exchange of shared resources by discussing issues which are currently faced by health care organizations. In the fall of 2011, 61 organizations, which represented 90 responders, ranked the top ten strategic issues for 2012. Although the issues were ranked according to their priority, this report discusses the top three issues which I believe to be the most significant due to the need for competitive and inter-related products, quality care and cost containment....   [tags: Top 10 issues for health plans]

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The Current State Of America And The Issue Of Terrorism

- For justifiable reasons, many disagree with the current state of America and the issues that we, collectively as a country, should focus on. In only the past few years, there seems to have been a buildup of problems in urgent need of addressing, accompanied with an increase in related discourse. Gun control, immigration and gender identity have especially been debated, and even those oblivious to the deepest issues of politics understand that those matters have had growing importance. However, even with that said, these are not particularly new problems....   [tags: Economics, Unemployment, Economy, Minimum wage]

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The Current Medical Sector Of The United States

- Ensuring healthcare equality The current medical sector of the United States is filled with mind-boggling inefficiencies and certain inequities. As humans are living longer, one of the biggest problems modern society faces is the ability to provide sufficient healthcare to everyone regardless of age, race, or economic status. These new policies will fundamentally change how physicians practice medicine in order for undeserved communities to receive the same quality treatment as more privileged communities....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Patient, Health care]

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Current Drug Policy in the United States

- One of the aspects of current drug policy in the United States that continues to provide tension and a level of debate is why certain drugs, such as nicotine, are allowed to be produced and consumed within government regulation whereas other drugs, such as marijuana, are completely and entirely outlawed by the federal government. One might say that the reason for such a differential has to do with the overall level of harm differential that exists between these two drugs; however, when one considers the fact that both drugs are ultimately damaging to one’s health – if inhaled – the level of differential between them, from a quality of health standpoint, is negligible....   [tags: nicotine, marijuana]

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The Current And Future State Of Gun Policy

- The article, “The Current and Future State of Gun Policy in the United States” was written by Dr. William J. Vizzard. It was published in The Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology Vol. 104, by the Northwestern University School of Law. Dr. Vizzard is an Emeritus of Criminal Justice at California State University, Sacramento. According to a footnote, prior to entering academia, Dr. Vizzard spent twenty-seven years as a special agent, supervisor, and manager in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms....   [tags: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States]

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The Smart Grid: Current Electric Grid

- THE SMART GRID Introduction The American Society of Civil Engineers suggests that the United States will need to invest $1.5 trillion into the current electric grid by 2030. This same group also gave the US a “D” rating for the current grids infrastructure. The US received this rating because the current grid is outdated and inefficient compared to what is available. The US desperately needs to upgrade the grid to become compatible with the new technologies and maximize efficient transportation of electricity....   [tags: transportation of electricity, consumers]

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Critical Analysis Of Current Counterintelligence Problems

- Critical Analysis of Current Counterintelligence Problems The mission of counterintelligence (CI) has been both praised and ignored throughout the history of the United States. The core mission of CI, to counter an adversary’s ability to collect intelligence, has been consistently misunderstood by leaders despite the tremendous advantages and necessity of the profession. Even from before America was founded, General George Washington during the Revolutionary War understood the value of CI activities by creating intelligence agent networks and the use of tradecraft to assist in gathering intelligence information to support planning and executing military operations....   [tags: Federal Bureau of Investigation]

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Current Events Assignment On Renewable Energy

- Current Events Assignment As a future social worker it is important to understand and have knowledge of current events or issues occurring in the world today. By accomplishing this task we’re able to help clients in a better and efficient way. Knowledge is essential to improve yourself consistently. One of the major topics revolving in our country is renewable energy. Renewable Energy has brought forth significant changes in various aspects of our community such as political and economical. What is Renewable Energy....   [tags: Renewable energy, Fossil fuel, Wind power]

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Russia 's Current Political Strife

- Amid Russia’s current political strife, there is an aroused interest in the nation as a whole. Only by understanding its origin and growth can Modern Russia truly be understood. The very concept of Russia as just a country is fundamentally flawed, until the Russian people are acknowledged as more than citizens, the current issues will continue and could very possibly escalate to even more dangerous levels. Speaking politically, true democracy would be rule of Russia by Russia, something never before really attempted, due to a belief among the people that control of the country must be consolidated and concentrated in an individual or group....   [tags: Russia, Russian Empire, Moscow, Boris Yeltsin]

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America 's Current Prison System

- Federal prison, something that typical Americans don’t worry about, and something that the United States exceeds population in. Prison is a Social Issue and has many underlying problems that aren’t addressed enough. The most common problem among the United States’ prison system is over-crowding. Over-crowding while being a major issue in itself, causes many other problems in America and its federal institutions. In this paper I will discuss some issues with today’s current prison system and how specifically, overcrowding can have a large negative impact....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Criminal justice]

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Current World Issue: Global Warming

- It is happening everyday, it is all over the news, and it has become a worldwide issue. Global warming is one of the problematic and controversial issues facing the world today. The news about this current world issue has dire predictions about the future since it is affecting our planet. Global warming is no longer a myth that many people have made up, but it is a real disaster that is affecting the world. Global warming refers to the change in climate, which can be attributed directly or not directly to human activity, which alters the composition of the global atmosphere by the earth overheating....   [tags: environmental concerns]

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Issues in the U.S. Education System

- In the United States, both private and public schools provide Education. Most public or rather nearly all public schools are funded by the federal and local government, while private schools are privately funded. It is very clear that that there is a serious problem with the current Educational system in the United States. There are many problems, and not one that is hindering intelligent minds in our state from realizing their full potential, because of the way the current educational system works....   [tags: United States, Private Schools, Public Schools]

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The Issues Of The Israeli Palestinian Conflict

- Broader Issues The current turmoil in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict calls for a new political space to discuss nonviolent theory as a possible and an effective tool of peacebuilding and statebuilding in the occupied territories. The first Intifada could provide the framework to structure and organize another nonviolent movement that could hopefully lead to an independent Palestinian state. I make the case that the potential of nonviolent action in the conflict has not been reached, or even really been approached because nonviolence has not been recognized as a legitimate form of struggle....   [tags: Israel, West Bank, Oslo Accords]

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The Environmental Issues Of The Media

- The Buzz As a society, we are aware of our current environmental issues but as individuals, we do nothing to aid the process. We are knowledgeable of the problem in our ecosystem, such as pollution, lack of clean water, the ozone layer declining and deforestation but we just simply choose to ignore it. The media does a proficient job at illustrating the necessities that our environment is needing but lacks on the smaller picture. As the general public, we don’t reflect on how insects, such as bees, play a massive role in our environment....   [tags: Beekeeping, Pollination, Honey bee, Insect]

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The Environmental Issues Of The Media

- The Buzz As a society, we are aware of our current environmental issues, but as individuals, we do nothing to aid the process. We are knowledgeable about the problem in our ecosystem, such as pollution, lack of clean water, the ozone layer declining and deforestation but we just simply choose to ignore it. The media does a proficient job at illustrating the necessities that our environment is needed, but lacks on the smaller picture. As the general public, we don’t reflect on how insects, such as bees, play a massive role in our environment....   [tags: Beekeeping, Pollination, Honey bee, Insect]

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The Issues Of Employees And Employers

- Disabled Employees Don 't Need Union Help. We Have It Hard Enough With Employers. The Merriam Webster Dictionary (2015) defines disgust as “annoyance and anger that you feel toward something because it is not good, fair, or appropriate.” Lastly it defines apprehension as “the act or power of perceiving or comprehending.” Unfortunately these words are used to quantify how employers treat disabled employees. With such contempt towards this large base of employees the question that’s inevitable is “can unions help fix the wrongs that are being committed”....   [tags: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990]

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Homelessness Issues And Causes Of Homelessness

- homelessness issues and causes pertains to the past and current literature is scarce, thus findings into the experiences and outcomes of street homeless women are harder to isolate, rather than of generalised homelessness. The causes of homelessness are extremely difficult to analyse and present complex underlying factors; therefore, attempting to explain the phenomena through ideological assumptions and dominant research is considerably intricate (Stephens et al., 2010). The different realities of homelessness (Fitzpatrick and Christian, 2006) make the fundamental triggers to be fairly inconsistent from eviction to relationship breakdown, loss of employment, drug, alcohol and mental health...   [tags: Sociology, Scientific method, Science, Theory]

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Problems And Issues Facing Tom

- Problems and issues facing Tom There are various problems and issues that may confront Tom in the case. Those problems and issues could be classified and analyzed via three categories, as the micro, meso and macro aspects (DuBois & Miley, 2013). The micro aspects of problems and issues facing Tom include he is on the cusp of becoming diabetic, Tom is not medication compliant, and assaulting another resident at his last shelter. As identified from the case, Tom is becoming diabetic, as noted by one dietician....   [tags: Psychology, Sociology, Medicine, Nutrition]

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Religion Issues in Public School

- ... Also, was a court case, Abington Township v. Schempp, the Supreme Court said that it's entirely permissible for public schools to offer classes in "the study of the Bible," if they are "presented objectively as part of a secular program of education," adding, "it certainly may be said that the Bible is worthy of study for its literary and historic qualities."(Lesson 2, 2014) The Student’s Religious Expression The students can express their faith while they in school and schools should respect the right of students to participate in activities and religious discussions....   [tags: parents, school officials, communities]

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The Political Issues Of Immigration

- A socio-political issue can be viewed as any matter that touches on both the social and political aspects of a given society. In other words, it is how the political issues through various policies or laws affect the general social facets. Examples of socio-political issues that are evident in the American society today include immigration, health, and gun control among others. Perhaps the most prevalent of these socio-political issues is immigration, which has received much attention especially due to the current presidential race (Trump)....   [tags: United States, Immigration to the United States]

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Privacy Issues in Social Media

- ... Piczo and Flickr revolved around mainly pictures being shared and Mixi was one of Japans top social media sites. At this time, Facebook was only allowed to be used in the Harvard College where it was designed by Mark Zuckerberg. It was not until 2005 when Facebook launched a site for high school students as well. This is where the profits of advertising set in for the social media network and the way we share things online transformed and expanded drastically. In addition,during 2005, is when Youtube took off and started storing and retrieving videos for the public....   [tags: society, connection, rights, laws]

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The Current Status Of Ifrs From The Sec Perspective

- What is the current status of IFRS from the SEC Perspective. For over a decade the financial accounting standards board and the international accounting standards board have been trying to converge US. GAAP with IFRS for over a decade. James Schnurr, the Securities and Exchange Commission chief accountant, has been communicating the progress of SEC compliance with IFRS. Earlier this year Schnurr spoke at the 14th annual Baruch College Financial Reporting Conference in New York. In his speech he stated there is virtually no support to have the SEC mandate IFRS for all registrants....   [tags: International Financial Reporting Standards]

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Looked After Child and the Current System on LAC in the UK

- In this essay, the researcher will explore what a ‘looked after child’ is and the current system for LAC in the UK. This includes legislation, Policy and, statistics on LAC in the UK. As well as, this essay will include why children looked after by the local authority, why do they end up with the local authority, the impact of child abuse and neglect on children, young people and their families, and lastly other issues/perceptions surrounded around children and young people who are ‘looked after’....   [tags: kinship care, child abuse, foster care]

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A Look At His Current As Well As His Past Aspirations

- Introduction In this study we will explore Johathan taking a look at his current as well as his past aspirations. John’s plans for his future have shifted sparking concern on the behalf of his school counselor. A team was assembled to prevent Jonathan from dropping out of school. The team will use the results of his Kuder Navigator examination, the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test a differential aptitude test and his report cards. Scales of Measurement The Kuder Navigator is based on an ordinal scale assigning a score of 1 through 4 indicating your current skill for various tasks (Drummond & Jones, 2010)....   [tags: Psychometrics, Test, Reliability, Truck]

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The Most Important Geographical Issue Of The Current Decade, And Why?

- What is the most important geographical issue of the current decade, and why. In the current decade, there are many important issues, however, I believe that most of these problems stem from one umbrella issue; the over population of earth. Therefore, I think the most important geographical issue of the current decade is over population. In terms of food supply, it has been predicted by scientists that the earth can hold no more than 10 billion people which may occur by 2050. This hasn’t even taken into consideration other factors like water and land....   [tags: World population, Population, Overpopulation]

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Current Research Activities Do Not Focus On The Government

- Current research activities do not focus on the government issues. Today the Internet is in the reach of almost every person so, why we cannot use the technology in our day-to-day activities and dealings with the government. Most of the government offices are com-puterized and connected to the Internet, but government services are not available on the click of the mouse in most of the world. Either it is very complicated to offer these services over the Internet, or the government does not focus in this area due to lack of expertise available in the field or lack of willpower....   [tags: Developing country, United Nations]

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