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Nonverbal Communication and Cultural Differences

- Nonverbal communication has always played an important role in the entire communication process. It may include gestures, kinesics, haptics and other means, which a person incorporates into the communication process. These acts make the communication process more effective and meaningful. However, nonverbal communication is highly influenced by cultural differences as the context of the culture defines how the message is interpreted. This essay will analyse several types of nonverbal communication such as proxemics, haptics, kinesics, semiotics and paralinguistic....   [tags: Cultural Differences in Nonverbal Communication]

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Impact of Cultural Differences on International Students

- Globalization is an unavoidable trend in today’s age. People nowadays have more and more chances to interact with the whole world. Students study abroad to gain more advanced knowledge. Travelers travel all of the world to enrich their experiences. And even a small company starts to consider how to deal with international trade. More interactions happening mean more information exchanges. More information exchanges bring the result that more knowledge and wisdom are shared. As more and more knowledge and wisdom are shared, humans are walking forward together....   [tags: Cultural Differences Essays]

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Cultural Differences in Communication

- The term “culture” refers to the complex accumulation of knowledge, folklore, language, rules, rituals, habits, lifestyles, attitudes, beliefs, and customs that link and provide a general identity to a group of people. Cultures take a long time to develop. There are many things that establish identity give meaning to life, define what one becomes, and how one should behave. Distribution and exercise of power shape attitudes towards authority. How people sustain themselves economically, and how they manage to obtain the necessities of life, determines assigned roles of individuals and the relationships among them....   [tags: Cross Cultural Communication]

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Cultural Differences and Intercultural Communication Challenges

- ... These misconceptions and misrepresentations were the driving force that made me want to interview this gentleman for my cultural comparison report. As I approached my interviewee I explained to him my assignment and asked if he would be willing to answer a couple question about his culture. He eagerly agreed and seemed very happy that someone was generally interested in understanding his life. My cultural experience started almost immediately. When conversing with David in public the stigma was almost unbearable....   [tags: cultural identity, cultural history]

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Cultural Differences Between Canada And Singapore

- The cultural difference between Canada is huge. Both the countries are multicultural but Canada is more western in culture whereas Singapore are mostly dominated by Chinese, Malay, and Indian culture. According to the Greet Hofstede Model, The power distance in Singapore is 74 where in Canada it is 39, power distance shows the equality of people in society or culture and the distribution of power (Hofstede Centre, 2016). In Singapore, the distribution of power is not equal everyone is not treated same but in Canada the power is mostly distributed equally....   [tags: Geert Hofstede, Cross-cultural communication]

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Reflection on Cultural Values and Women

- For centuries, nations have challenged one another for the reputation of cultural differences and religious identity. These quarrels are the foundation of rivalry that afflicts our world. Many of these argumentative civilizations foster the concept of confining and deprecating their women with a solitary objective to use them as an instrument for reproduction. In religions resembling Islam, women are subjected to societal restrictions, while women in the US have the same or similar rights as men....   [tags: Cultural Differences, Religious Identity]

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The Cultural Differences Of The American Society

- The first, and most important step, for the teacher in embracing the cultural differences is acknowledging his or her current beliefs and misconceptions about the varying cultures. The American society has racism and prejudice built into the system in many ways that Americans don’t even see: media portrayals, job statuses, and cultural cliques to name a few (Martinez, 2012). Often times, this results in prejudice viewpoints without intention or awareness. But, in order for a teacher to effectively teach, he or she must become of aware of his or her own prejudices and work to correct them....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Education, Teacher]

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The Iceberg Theory And Cultural Differences

- Culture The following sections explore the cultural differences encountered by all businesses desiring to expand their organizations internationally. For most, international culture is typically associated with visible and/or audible elements such as language, food, music and fashion. The “Iceberg Theory” provides a good visual model to broaden ones understanding of all cultural elements which should be considered. The iceberg (Figure 1) depicts both visible (on the surface) and invisible (below the surface) cultural elements (MacLachian)....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, Globalization, The Culture]

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Cultural Differences Of Men And Women

- Gender refers to the cultural differences of men and women (i.e. by society/culture) according to their sex. Therefore, a person’s sex does not change, however, their gender on the other hand, can change. Chromosomes (female xx, male xy) the reproductive organs (ovaries, testes) hormones (estrogen, testosterone) make up the biological difference between male and female. According to McLead (2014) he seems to believe that there is no distinction between sex and gender, because biological sex creates gender behavior, and gender is determined by hormones and chromosomes....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Male, Grammatical gender]

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Cultural Differences in Nonverbal Communication

- When communicating, only a small percent of the exchange is verbal. The larger part of the message is made up of body language or movements, known as nonverbal communication. The reason for people using nonverbal communication is to enhance the message they are sending to the receiver. One way nonverbal communication differs is through cultural differences. Cultural differences have a significant impact on nonverbal communication as cultures differ greatly in their nonverbal interpretations and responses....   [tags: Communication ]

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Cultural Differences and Interpersonal Relationships

- In life we sometimes experience cultural differences. In The Joy Luck Club Amy Tan shows how mother daughter relationships are affected by these cultural differences. Therefore each of the mothers and daughters has a different view on their Chinese culture. Lindo Jong is the mother of Waverly. Lindo believes that her daughter should be the best of the best at something like all the other Chinese girls she knows of. Lindo also believes that Waverly should marry a Chinese man and is in a constant argument with her about marrying an American man....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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Cultural Differences in Facial Expressiveness

- “One cannot not communicate“, (Watzlawick et al. 1967) because every behaviour, even if it is silent and may occur below the level of consciousness, reveals information about oneself. It remains doubtful, though, how far the disclosed information matches the way it got received. Even if non verbal communication is performed advisedly, may the sender always rest assured that his message reached the receiver correctly. In the light of intercultural differences it is highly dubiously. However, according to Charles Darwin (1872/1998), regarding facial expressions it is not: “[...] the same state of mind is expressed throughout the world with remarkable uniformity“ In his work The Expression of...   [tags: expresions, verbal, communication, culture]

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Gender, Racial, And Cultural Differences

- When someone is asked what their identity is they answer White, Black or Asian, in reality our ethnical identity goes much deeper than this. Our identity comes from not only our race, but also our ethnicity. According to experts at Public Broadcasting Service race is considered biological, whom an individual has no control over every individual only has one race, where as ethnicity is an individual’s choice of which culture, or cultures, they affiliate themselves (Conley, Cheng, Greund, & Cho, 2003)....   [tags: Race, Ethnic group, Racism, Family]

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Nonverbal Communication And Cultural Differences

- Practically to picking up on Nonverbal Cues With a firm grasp on nonverbal communication’s influence and cultural differences, it situates a person in a more optimal position to uncover what benefits there are to reap from a comprehension of this art. One such practicality stems from the forenamed situation in which negotiations between Nigerians and non-Nigerians broke down as a result of a difference of perception of nonverbal behavior. In being of such significance to people it would not hurt to become more aware of the cultural nonverbal customs of potential clients....   [tags: Nonverbal communication, Eye contact]

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Cultural Differences Between Product Designers and Users

- Economic globalization is providing a greater diversification among user groups. Therefore, an account of cultural differences between product designers and user groups must be completed. This article by Pia Honold focuses primarily on geographic expansion of product applications. The main purpose of this article is to consider whether there is a weakening of the bond between the users of German products that are used outside Germany, and determine which cultural factors should be considered at the design stage....   [tags: cultural diversity, economic globalization]

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Social and Cultural Differences

- The following research paper is on the topic educational psychology. The central topic of educational psychology that is going to be covered is social and cultural differences and how it impacts a student’s education. Aboriginal population is the fastest growing population in Canada and they have the lowest graduation rate too. You will read about causes and effects of the graduation rate and what is being done to improve the graduation rate. Educational psychology is not only the studying education itself, but it “is the understanding of the principles that govern human behavior, education is the understanding of the principles that govern teaching and learning” (Edmunds, 2010)....   [tags: educational psychology, aboriginal people]

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The Importance of Understanding Cultural Differences in International Business Communications

- Due to globalization, organizations rely on international transactions to take place to keep their business running. Even with knowledge of how important international interactions are for their companies’ success, miscommunication occurs and someone involved in the transaction is left scratching his or her head. This is a result of the lack of cultural training and understanding. This paper will discuss the different implications that have been discussed in the international business world. This paper will address some of the common barriers in international business communications, the steps that have been taken to alleviate these problems, and future consideration for international busin...   [tags: international business, cultural diferences]

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Cultural Competence and Patient Care Outcomes

- Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Understanding Culture 3. Case Study/Demographics 4. The Diagnosis 5. The Procedure 6. Nurse/Patient barriers 7. Possible defects in the delivery of care 8. Ways to promote cultural awareness 9. The procedure revisited 10. Conclusion Introduction Working as a research nurse at the Ohio State University, I often encounter patients that are from different cultures. Ohio State University is known for their advance research in Leukemia....   [tags: culture, nursing, diversity, cultural differences]

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Cross Cultural Differences

- 1.0 Introduction Fisher and Lovell (2009) state that Geert Hofstede (1991 and 2001) carried out the seminal empirical work on national value differences in organizations. He conducted a questionnaire survey of employees in the national subsidiaries in the 1968 and 1972. The results from the smaller subsidiaries were ignored and so the analysis finally enabled a comparison between the personal values of employees in 53 countries. He identified four dimensions along with the values of employees in different countries varied....   [tags: power distance, individualism, collectivism]

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Cultural Differences On Addiction And Recovery 3

- CULTURAL DIFFERENCES ON ADDICTION AND RECOVERY 3 It has been said that most people in the world have the same wants, needs and desires. While that is true of people, we still have differences in our back grounds, and in our heritage. We all have a unique culture of understanding. America enjoys these cultural differences, we have embraced them, and it has in many ways enriched this country. There are times however when these differences can be a challenge, mostly because we do not understand those differences....   [tags: Culture, Indigenous peoples, Addiction]

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Effect of Cultural Differences in International Negotiation

- Introduction The term ‘culture’ is one with many definitions. Mead and Andrews (2010) confirm this by stating that the definitions of culture are “many and varied.” These many definitions range from rules, to values, feelings and norms (Mead and Andrews, 2010). Culture and its various meanings Mead and Andrews (2010) distinguish the various definitions of organizational culture into three namely; organizational culture as a constructed product, as a set of organic norms and as a continual process of negotiation....   [tags: Culture ]

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Mesopotamian And Egyptian Cultural Differences And Similarities

- Mesopotamian and Egyptian Cultural Differences and Similarities While describing the cultural among the people of Mesopotamia and Egypt, I learned about the differences and similarities in culture. Although there are several categories in the cultures of the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians, I decided to narrow it to three categories: Religion, Writing, and Geography. The three categories will present the basis to compare cultural differences and similarities. The first category of culture is religion....   [tags: Egypt, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumer]

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Importance of Cultural Differences in International Business

- Our economic development will forever be defined as our ability to succeed internationally. PwC forecasts India’s real annual GDP growth until 2050 at 8.9 percent, Vietnam’s at 8.8 percent, and China’s at 5.9 percent. The list of fast-growing emerging markets goes on and on. The U.S. forecast is a meager 2.4 percent, comparable with most Western economies. The domestic companies that are likely to see incremental growth in the coming decades are those that are not only doing business internationally, but that are developing the strategic skill set to master doing business across cultures....   [tags: Culture, Negotiation, Profit]

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Communication Styles : Cultural Differences And Diversities

- Communication styles: cultural differences and diversities Communication Styles: Several elements of communication style are especially relevant in business contexts, including indirect versus direct, and honesty versus harmony. 1. Indirect versus direct. a. People with a direct style simply ask for information from the appropriate person. b. A person with an indirect style may not feel comfortable giving information, particularly when there is a problem and a need to save face. c. One way to obtain information is to observe how others get information from one another and how they get it from you....   [tags: Affirmative action, Discrimination, United States]

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Racism and Cultural Differences Exposed in Othello

- Othello, from the onset, is shown to us a play of love and jealousy. There is however more to this play than just love and jealousy; there is underlying racism, hate, deception, pride, and even sexism between these pages. Othello is a transcendent play, one that will survive the perils of time simply because it is still relevant. Even today, over 400 years later, there are still issues of racism and sexism. Hate is as natural as love in humans and Othello gets right to the root of that. We witness this from the very first scene, “…you’ll have your daughter covered with a Barbary horse/ you’ll have your nephews neigh to you” (I.i.112-14); to the very last, “Moor she was chaste....   [tags: Othello Essays]

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Business Failure Due to Cultural Differences

- Business Failure Due to Cultural Differences “Red is a positive color in Denmark, but represents witchcraft and death in many African countries,” (Understand and heed, 1991, p.1). Simple understandings, such as this one, can make the difference in a business’ success or failure in a foreign country. Various countries have different customs and beliefs that need to be accustomed to when business are to be successful. American businesses especially have difficulties with this concept. “At times in the past, Americans have not had a good track record of being sensitive to cultural distinctions,” (Understand and heed, 1991, p.3)....   [tags: Culture ]

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The Correlation Between Cultural Differences And Education

- The issue to be debated is the argument is whether Intelligence, is an element of nature and is simply something that someone is born with, or whether it is an learn skill A variable that changes depending on the collective knowledge and experience s that the person goes though up until the point of testing. My stance on the controversial topic known in our textbook as the nature-nurture controversy (Samuel, Ellen, Denise, Eileen, Serge, 2011 p. 207) Is of the belief that nurturing is the more convincing side of this debacle, and by the end I hope the evidence of my opinion explains my point....   [tags: Intelligence quotient, Intelligence, Twin]

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Cultural Differences Between India and Pakistan

- Cultural differences have been the most influential sources of conflict in world history. These cultural differences arise due to the lack of understanding between the parties involved (Gumperz, 1998). However, deliberately acquired cultural awareness is the biggest weapon in overcoming the negative factors that arise because of differences in culture (Wunderle, 2006). The objective of this assignment is to contrast the cultural difference between India and Pakistan. Next, to show how these differences cause conflict....   [tags: Culture, India, Pakistan]

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Cultural Differences And Post Colonial Psychology

- As "class disgust" implies, without different classes, discussing this topic is pointless. Tyler mentioned "a large process of ‘class making ' which [attempted] to distinguish the white upper and middle class from the white poor" (18). Therefore, we also have to discover a process of "class making" between Hong Kong people and Mainlanders first. Fok demonstrated that "Hong Kong people [were] becoming more aware of their uniqueness" (86), which means that they are classifying themselves from Mainland China....   [tags: Hong Kong, Chinese language, China]

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Ellen Franz: Using Community to Close the Cultural Achievement Gap

- One of the foundations of teaching that is currently lacking adequate implementation in the classroom is the ability to understand and use the cultural differences that exist within different communities in order to help individual students thrive. Not only is it important for teachers to cultural awareness, but also it is crucial for teachers to have the skills to utilize this awareness when forming relationships between the learner and the community. Thus they are able to promote the best learning environment possible....   [tags: helping students with cultural differences thrive]

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Cultural Differences Between The Society

- One noticeable cultural difference between the society pictured in this chapter and our American society seems to be a collectivist ideology. In America we value the individual and place emphasis on distinction from the group. This causes a strong sense of competition, and leads people to take actions that would benefit themselves in spite of negative effects that may trickle to other members of the community. The culture pictured in our reading, however, seems to place greater value on family and community goals rather than the needs or wants of specific individuals....   [tags: Sociology, Norm, Family, Heteronormativity]

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Cultural Differences And Differences Between People And Cultures

- Throughout this semester, I have learned many cultural differences and how individuals have to adapt to different environments. This class helped me realize how important it is to learn a little bit about other cultures. My major is International Business, and this professional field requires individuals to know how other cultures work and what we can expect from them. In other words, in International Business, it is very important to know how other cultures manage business because if an individual goes to another country, totally different from his country he will not know how that country or culture does business....   [tags: Culture, Marriage, Arranged marriage, The Culture]

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Cultural Communities

- Rogoff (2003) argues that human are biologically cultural: “people develop as participants in cultural communities. Their development can be understood only in light of the cultural practices and circumstances of their communities- which also changes” (p. 3-4). According to Gonzalez- Mena (2003) understanding cultural differences can be confusing and no one can possibly know all about the culture of every family who might come into early childhood centres so does that allows the educators to throw their hand and give up....   [tags: Sociology, Cultural Differences]

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The Cultural And Religious Differences

- Since as long as I can remember I have been interested in understanding the world around me. While other children were playing games outside, I was at the library reading books about the events in our history that have led to the creation of the world we live in. My interest in understanding humankind followed me into adulthood, and was solidified upon going to India for the first time. I had the opportunity to go to India in 2008 to attend a wedding, which turned out to be a life changing event....   [tags: India, South India, Sociology, Culture]

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Cultural Differences in The Regions of Japan

- Cultural Differences in The Regions of Japan Japan is a country made from four major islands. Though its area is small, each region has different tastes. The country has the population of 123.6 millions according to the 1990 census, or 2.5 % of the world total, and it is the seventh most populated nation according to The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Japan.(5, p.25). Japanese political and economical world power has been one of the success stories of the twentieth century. Though small in geographic area, its popularity is the seventh greatest; its inhabitants crowd themselves into an area the size of the state of Montana or California in the United States....   [tags: Geography Culture History Papers]

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Families are on the Edge

- Families are on the Edge Throughout the centuries, people in different parts of the world have developed and maintained different aspects of their culture. Even though most things are shared from country to country, there are differences which can be seen right away and make the particular group of people unique. When reading different sources on American culture, it can be easily distinguished as it is mostly adapted and combined from all other cultures around the world. One of the reasons why that might be is because many people who live in America come from different countries; therefore, they bring their own cultural beliefs and values....   [tags: Cultural Differences]

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Impact of Cultural Differences on EuroDisney

- Impact of Cultural Differences on EuroDisney Until 1992, the Walt Disney Company had experienced nothing short of success in the theme park business. Having successfully opened parks in California, Florida and Tokyo, it only seemed logical to open one in Europe. When word of this got out, officials from many European countries offered Disney pleas and cash indictments to work the Disney magic in their hometown. In the end only one city was chosen and it was Paris, France. That was the first of many decisions that led to a very unsuccessful opening of EuroDisney....   [tags: International Business Walt Disney Essays]

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Cultural Differences in Joint Ventures

- ESSAY TOPIC (1) :A joint venture is affected by the cultural distance between two partners. In what ways are joint ventures and types of international collaboration affected by cultural differences. INDEX INTRODUCTION…………………………………………………………………2 What is culture?…………………………………………………………………2-3 The Cultural Orientation Model……………………………………………….4 The cultural Gap…………………………………………………………………5-6 Understanding Cultural Differences………………………………………….6 The Challenge of Cultural Success…………………………………………..7 Cross-cultural training as a solution…………………………………………8 The effectiveness of the cross cultural training programs………………8-9 Future Directions for Cross-Cultural Training and International Business Ass...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Correlation Between Happiness and Money

- Introduction Happiness seems like a very complex issue, encompassed of individual and cultural differences. Therefore, attempting to acquire data to analyze it can formulate a difficult analysis. However, the question arises, is there a relationship between happiness and money. The basic understanding of not having money to cover basic needs causes a great amount of stress. Conversely, once basic needs are met, how does money affect pleasure. Another question arises, is there a magic income that maximizes happiness....   [tags: Individual Differences, Cultural Differences]

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Cultural Differences Between The United States And Cuba

- Contrast of Cultural Differences between the United States and Cuba I selected Cuba as the contrast country with The United States for several reasons. The first reason is that I have had personal interest in Cuba and its potential economic possibilities as a Caribbean Island for American tourist. Secondly, this seemed like a good opportunity for me to dig into the history of Cuba and its relation to the United States. The final reason for selecting Cuba was my misconception that there would be plenty of information to draw from....   [tags: Sociology, United States, Cuban Missile Crisis]

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What Are Cultural Differences That Influences Your Perception On Others?

- We all have been grown up into different types of cultures,communities, and backgrounds. On September 20th I interviewed Crystal Keshawarz to get to know her culture and knowledge on culture. We mostly focused on religion and how she was grown up, her life was never an easy life. She always thought so much differently from others and it changed her perception on how women should be outspoken and . As the interview went on, I became more interested and well known about the culture aspects of her life....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Sociology, Mind]

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Cultural Differences: Education in Japan Vs The USA

- Culture: our internalized beliefs, values, and behaviors we learn to function as a member in society. Culture is everything we pick up on as we grow up, all the little things we never even notice that we do. It can be as apparent as the type of clothing you wear or as subtle as how you interact with others. There are many cultural differences between the United States and other societies around the world. Defined, society is a group of people with the same learned behavior, or culture. Every country, city, and even neighborhoods can have their own traditions and culture that is entirely different from one other....   [tags: Students, Teachers, Learning]

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The Cultural Differences Between Alpine And Lds Identity

- The cultural differences between an Alpine and LDS identity that was the majority in Midway quickly switched to the economic, swimming pool and self-conscious/esteem identity of upper class California. It was at the same time of the moves that Hannah also transitioned from team sports into individual sports; in Midway Hannah had played soccer but began to play tennis in Palm Springs as well as ice-skating and surfing once she moved to San Diego. Hannah today exhibits a very strong individual identity she acknowledged the influence by her mom to become an ice skater (an action that was further enforced by the pretty clothes) but in most of the other cases her role as an athlete of a particul...   [tags: Family, Interpersonal relationship, Mother]

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Gender, Social And Cultural Differences Between Men And Women

- Gender is the social and cultural differences between men and women; men are associated with masculinity and women with femininity (Diana Kendall sociology in our times p 303). Sex is the biological and anatomical difference between male and female (D. Kendall p 298). However, there can be feminine men and masculine women. In the case of a transgender person, they can be born a man and have the anatomy of a man, but identify as a woman and may even have a sex change operation. For these reasons, neither sex nor gender is completely determined by birth....   [tags: Gender, Transgender, Gender role, Woman]

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Addressing Cultural Differences Across Virtual Teams

- “Addressing Cultural Differences Across Virtual Teams” As a result of growing global competition, today 's businesses are no longer confined by geographic borders. Globalization drives many businesses into emerging markets and low wage countries to take advantage of their intellectual capital and lower cost of operation. These changes have given rise to the "virtual team"; a cross-cultural group of co-workers that span international borders and typically communicate by means of technology rather than face-to-face meetings....   [tags: Culture, Communication, Conference call]

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Nurses Must be Aware of Religious and Cultural Differences

- ... Cremation is the favorable way to dispose of the body, as Hindus believe that the body has no purpose after death. Hindu funerals are extremely important ceremonies that will last for days after death. Typically, there is a lead mourner, who is generally the eldest son of the deceased who “plays a crucial role in performing all the funeral rites (Gupta, 2011).” As the rituals begin, the body will be placed on a bier, which is carried to the placed of cremation. Upon arrival, the “disposal ceremony” begins which is led by a priest and the body is removed from the bier by placing it in a river....   [tags: ceremony, burial, death]

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Exploring Cultural Differences in Career Related Variables

- Exploring cultural differences in career-related variables is critical as an individual’s background is hypothesized to play a pivotal role in her or his career development. (Miller & Brown, 2005) Individual variable such as U.S. acculturation, resident status, capacity of english will all have an effect on the educational and career development chances and opportunities. (Davidson-Aviles and Montero 2004/2005 p. 97) Latinos have been found to have been influenced by certain cultural characteristics in regards to career decision making....   [tags: latinos, resident status, primary language]

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Cultural Differences Between Mexican And American Culture

- I come from a Mexican family of four. My brother and I were raised as Mexican Americans. As my parents’ only daughter, their teachings has made me who I am today. In this class I have evaluated my relationship with my family. I learned how their culture has influenced my upbringing, what type of relationship we have and how to communicate properly. Cultural influences have formed who I am. “Every aspect of global communication is influenced by cultural differences”(Goman). Being both Mexican and American has affected my upbringing....   [tags: Family, Culture, Communication, Homemaker]

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Cultural Differences Between Cultures And Culture

- The sum of beliefs, values, language, and other aspects in a society when passed down from one generation to another is known as culture. Culture is an idea very present in our daily lives, as we often come across ourselves surrounded by people from a variety of backgrounds.This is especially common in a country like the U.S. with a history of immigration and cultural diversity. Culture variation is defined as the difference in behavior and customs between cultures and how cultures differ from one another....   [tags: North America, United States, Culture, Canada]

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Cultural Differences between the West and East

- Every person on the Earth has one own mind, one own set of values, and own moral codex. Therefore it is not astonishing, that two individuals can have different opinions on given topics. Now, if we consider the distances dividing certain cultures, it is more than apparent, that the set of beliefs will be very much different. This essay sets it goal to compare Western World, here represented by Europe and the USA, and Eastern World, represented by the Eastern and the Southeastern Asia. While most of the Eastern Asia is heavily traditional because of influence of Confucianism and Taoism, the West is more liberal and atheistic....   [tags: Family, Values]

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Counseling and Advocacy in Diverse Poupulation

- Counseling and Advocacy in Diverse Population Unit 7 Culturally Relevant Strategies The primary goal of an elementary school counselor is to establish a rapport with the students and lay the foundation for youth to grow and fill the positions of next generation citizens, parents and business leaders. Another role of a counselor is to help students strengthen skills such as adapting to various environments and how to develop behaviors that will work in their day-to-day school setting. Upon obtaining a Masters Degree in School Counseling my aspiration is to counsel students in grades K-12....   [tags: cultural differences]

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Bread Talk

- ... Applying this to the research case, by committing to more CSR initiatives, this in return attracts employees of same beliefs and values to BreadTalk which then increases organization commitment and improves organization behaviour. The strong emphasis on CSR in BreadTalk allows individuals to develop self-concept; it is an underlying force that motivates employee’s behaviour to align with BreadTalk’s values. This creates a multiplier effect, resulting employees to feel belonged and this increases the willingness to put in work effort....   [tags: cultural differences, sustainable business]

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Imperialism and International Legal Theory Reaction Paper

- Imperialism and International Legal Theory Reaction Paper In this paper the author is presenting a new approach in international legal theorizing due to the modern re-conceptualization of the relationship between imperialism and international law that contributed to the understanding of very traditional issues and enriched the usage of international law rules to create a broader spectrum. The author is highlighting the overlooked experiences of the mast majority of mankind of people, the peoples of the third world....   [tags: colonialism, law, cultural differences]

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Cultural Differences

- I Know I Am But What Are You. Cultural Differences in The Tempest, Montaigne’s Essays, and In Defense of the Indians Paper #2 The Tempest, In Defense of the Indians, and Montaigne’s essays each illustrate what happens when two very different worlds collide. As Europe begins to saturate New World soil, the three authors offer their accounts of the dynamic between the European invader and native other. Though each work is unique in its details, they all share a common bond: Shakespeare, de Las Casas, and Montaigne show the reader how European colonialists use differences in appearance and language to justify theft and slavery....   [tags: essays research papers]

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What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

- What is Corporate Social Responsibility. As characterized by investopedia the saying “Corporate Social Responsibility” states that, corporate activity to survey and assume ownership over the organization's impacts on nature’s turf and effect on social welfare. The term by and large applies to organization deliberations that go past what may be needed by natural assurance bunches”. (Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR, n.d) CSR may also be said to as "corporate citizenship" it is a business’ concern for welfare....   [tags: Breadtalk, Cultural Differences, Businessess]

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Mediation Case: Colectivists and Individualists

- The mediator’s planning and preparation J contacted S requesting that S serve as a mediator in their case and briefly explained the issues in dispute. S agreed but explained to both parties that she was about to settle another mediation case, so she asked whether they prefered to start mediation during that week or upon completions of the first mediation. J and M asked S if it could somehow affect the outcome of their mediation. S assured them that she previously had an experience when she was able to arrange two cases concurrently and besides of that, she felt that she was reconciling parties of the first mediation....   [tags: personal values, cultural differences]

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Doing Business in a Foreign Country

- Written communication is expressing oneself clearly, using language with precision, constructing a logical argument, note taking, editing and summarizing, and writing reports.(Spears, R. A. (2001). When doing business with a foreign country such as Brazil, one needs to also factor in the countries political history, religion, and culture of your audience. There are three things that will help with communicating with partners you may have in Brazil or any other foreign country. The first is structure, the way the content is laid out....   [tags: cultural differences]

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Understanding The Somali Culture

- Somali people have encountered many challenges in the past into the present. These challenges have made them grow as a culture and become stronger as individuals and as a whole. It is important to analyze the culture, the gender roles, and the family roles when working with the Somali community. To understand the Somali culture it is crucial to know what has happened to them in the past. According to Castel and Kurata throughout history the Somali people have been subjected to harsh oppression by dictators (2004)....   [tags: cultural differences, discrimination]

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Parenting Styles Across Cultures

- Introduction Parenting styles have been widely defined by Baumrind into three categories, authoritative, authoritarian and permissive. Parenting styles can be defined as a pattern of attitudes in how parents choose to express and communicate with their children. These styles are categorized based on the level of nurturance, parental control and level of responsiveness (Dwairy, 2004). Authoritative style exhibits high levels of demand, responsiveness and nurturance; authoritarian style exhibits high levels of demand but low levels of responsiveness, permissive style exhibits low levels of demand but high in responsiveness and nurturance (Dwairy, 2004)....   [tags: Cultural Differences in Parenting Practices]

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Defining Abnormality With Consideration of Cultural Differences

- Defining Abnormality With Consideration of Cultural Differences Cultural differences are always a problem when defining abnormality. What one would consider completely normal in one culture would be considered abnormal in another, for example the island of Java often set fire to a ball soaked in petrol and then play football with it. Here that would be considered wrong and abnormal but is an everyday occurrence for the people of Java. This concept doesn't only apply to eastern cultures; the English could be defined as abnormal by other cultures definitions, even by other western societies e.g....   [tags: Papers]

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An Interview With a Korean-American on Cultural Differences

- An Interview With a Korean-American on Cultural Differences In this interview Ben Bagley asks Theresa Han about the difference between Korean and American culture. Theresa is a teenager who recently moved to the United States so she has an excellent perspective for understanding the differences and similarities between these countries. [BAGLEY] This is Ben Bagley, and I'm going to interview Theresa Han about Korea. Could you introduce yourself. [HAN] My name is Theresa Han, I'm from South Korea, I'm 18 years old, and I'm a freshman in College....   [tags: Interview Essays Culture Korea]

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An Overview of Aging and Existing Cultural Differences

- An Overview of Aging and Existing Cultural Differences Society predetermines a specific life course for each person of their community. Missing any stage of this course is detrimental to the development of the human life. But not all societies have these stages of life; ergo different cultures define stages differently. The stages of the life course are childhood, adolescence, adulthood, young adulthood and middle adulthood, old age and death. Society thinks of childhood as the first twelve years of life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Cultural Differences in Child Development Expectations

- Cultural Differences in Child Development Expectations ABSTRACT -------- A small research has been carried in order to find out how different cultural backgrounds can influence a child’s developmental expectations in adults and the consequences of these expectations. The design of the method was a replication of Hess et al., 1980, study, applied into two mothers with early age daughters, coming from two different cultural backgrounds, English and Spanish. They answered at what age they thought different statements about child development would be reached by their children and being these statements about grouped into 6 main developmental areas the averages w...   [tags: Papers]

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The Differences Of Multi Cultural Counseling

- The differences observed in society can be seen in almost every aspect of life and can separate every human from another through choice and perception. Considering a simplistic example where one driver in the United States drives on the right side of the road, compared to a European driver that drives on the left side of the road. Each may perceive that the other is incapable of driving when sharing the same environment. Yet both individuals are perfectly capable of operating a vehicle safely and successfully....   [tags: Multiculturalism, Sociology, Self-awareness]

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Cross Cultural Differences Of The Political Economy Of Human Happiness

- Cross Cultural Comparison of Ex-Yugoslavian Countries: Why do Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia Have Different Levels of Happiness. Introduction Thousands of years have passed since philosophers first started pondering on the question of happiness. What is happiness. How can we attain it. Can we even attain it. Is happiness a universal goal that can be reached by everyone equally, or is it only reserved for comparatively few individuals. In 1970’s John Rawls published A Theory of Justice that gave an alternative to the utilitarian view on happiness, thus expanding and directing the field of study towards a more egalitarian view on society....   [tags: John Rawls, A Theory of Justice]

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The Cultural Differences Between South Korea And Morocco

- One East Asian country and North African country are compared using Hofstede’s six dimensions of cultures to find similar results in four of six behaviors but an extreme difference in how each society keeps a link with the past while maintaining the present and future. The cultural difference between South Korea and Morocco are most obvious in the dimension of Long Term Orientation, and each approach business in the most opposite way. Analyzing the comparison of these two countries gives a further look into their particular culture and the impact it has on business choices....   [tags: South Korea, Korea, Korean language, East Asia]

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Cultural Differences and Cognition Explaining Human Behavior

- In another case, Na et al. (2013) conducted a study to test whether individuals would favor those who reasoned in a culturally representative way over those who did not. They found interesting results between Koreans and Americans. The first study demonstrated that in Korea holistic thinkers were favored more compared to Americans who favored analytical thinkers. In the second study, they found that Koreans preferred to seek advice regarding their social problems from those who held a holistic perspective and considered them to be wiser, while Americans sought advice from analytical thinkers because they considered them to think more rationally....   [tags: causal attribution,holistic and analytical thinker]

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Understanding Cross Cultural Differences Requires An Integral Part Of Today Business World

- Communicating a Vision Understanding cross-cultural differences requires an extensive and dedicated effort. Not only does diversity contain how people see others, but also how they perceive themselves (Greenberg, n.d.). Since Japan has been a great business partner with the US, it is crucial to recognize the differences between the two countries in order to improve business outcomes by bridging the cultural and communication gap (Martin, Schelb, Snyder, & Sparling, 1992). For one thing, diversity is an integral part of today business world that every organization needs to be aware of....   [tags: Communication, Culture, Management]

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Hofstede 's Six Dimensions Of Cultural Differences Impact Work Relationships

- Professor Geert Hofstede led an extensive comprehensive study of values in the workforce and how they are influenced by culture. His research spanned over 70 countries during 1937 and 1973, and many different types of workers in several levels of the workforce Hofstede, G. (2001). Based on his research, he developed a model of six dimensions of national culture. The six dimensions are labeled as: Power distance index, individualism versus collectivism, masculinity versus femininity, uncertainty avoidance index, long term orientation versus short term normative orientation and indulgence versus restraint....   [tags: Culture, Geert Hofstede]

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Diversity Management and Interlacing Cultural Differences into a Company's Core Values

- “Rapid internationalization and globalization has enhanced the significance of workforce diversity”. (source) There is now a growing need for diversity management and interlacing cultural differences into the company’s core values. Within the last couple of decades human resource management has tied in diversity management with compliance to the EEOC and affirmative action. Going forward into the future, companies need to start looking at diversity in the workplace as an individual focus to utilize....   [tags: results of internationalization and globalization]

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Global Strategic Alliences

- Many MNEs in response to globalization are becoming increasingly engaged in international business beyond their countries boundaries to achieve and maintain competitive advantages over competitors. This entry into international market is facilitated by foreign firms working together in joint venture relationships referred to as Global Strategic Alliances (GSAs). GSAs are formed by firms to gain new technology, gain access to specific markets, reduce financial risks, reduce political risks, to ensure or achieve competitive advantages (Wheelen and Hungar, 2000 as cited by Elmuti and Kathawala, 2001)....   [tags: Cultural Differences, Countries]

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The Cultural Differences Of Aboriginal Australia By Paul Memmott And Stephen Long

- Place theory and place maintenance in Indigenous Australia by Paul Memmott and Stephen long explores the way the Indigenous Australians have and continue to use the land of Australia. It explores the key themes of the cultural differences of the Indigenous Australians to the people of Australia and the way their cultural beliefs have been downtrodden over the years. The fact that the Aboriginal Australians have had their cultural beliefs belittled is a common understanding of the Australian community of today, including myself, this can be seen by the many condolences for the numerous barbaric acts which were undergone including the removal demolition of the places of which held great import...   [tags: Indigenous Australians, Australia, Culture]

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Discrimination And Its Effects On Ethnic Belonging And Cultural Differences Continues

- Criminalization is a process by which behaviours are transformed into a crime, through treating certain actions that are more likely to be committed by a specific ethnicity or class as a criminal act, and the individuals performing the acts, as lawbreakers (Michalowski 6).In Ontario, for example the Safe Street Act imposed in 1999, determines acts that are most likely to be committed by homeless or poor as criminal behavior. Canada became a self-declared multicultural nation in 1972, with United States (US) following shortly after....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Poverty, United States]

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A Closer Look to Home, West Side Story and Rent

- Home is not always a place of comfort and security. In the film adaptations of Broadway musicals West Side Story (dir. Robbins, Jerome & Wise, Robert. 1961) and Rent (dir. Columbus, Chris. 2005), the experience of home is wrought through struggle, alienation, and suffering. West Side Story takes place in the New York City’s Upper West Side in the 1950s, and Rent in the Lower East Side in 1989-90. West Side Story, based loosely on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, explores themes of immigration and cultural difference, and subsequent matter of resistance....   [tags: alienation, suffering, cultural differences, race]

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Cultural Differences and Similarities Between Mexico and Venezuela

- Culture’s Celebrations The Hispanic culture is filled with feasts, religion and family, but each Hispanic country’s culture has different set of customs and beliefs. These Hispanic countries can be found in South America and Central America. I first noticed the differences in Hispanic culture when my neighbor moved in about three years ago. My family withholds the culture of Mexico while my neighbor withholds a Venezuelan culture. We celebrate many of the same holidays but our traditions are not the same at all....   [tags: parties, belief, hispanic countries]

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Constrasting American and Japanese Living Customs

- Are we really that different. America and Japan look very different on the surface. We talk differently, we educate our young differently, and we have completely different customs. There are some obvious contrasts between the east and west hemisphere, yes, but what about this concept of happiness and wellbeing. Through thoughtful consideration of the evidence outlined in, “What Makes Life Worth Living. How Japanese and Americans Make Sense of Their Worlds.” by Gordon Mathews it should be easy to see that the differences between the two cultures are simply superficial ones....   [tags: cultural differences and similarities]

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How Cultural And Gender Differences Can Affect Communication

- I came to understand myself and others better. I better understand prejudice and its causes as well as how widespread prejudice is and how it is reflected in our media and language. I learned how to communicate better, identify conflicts, and resolve conflicts.I learned how cultural and gender differences can affect communication and sometimes hinder it. I found out the cause of Xenophobia and the effect of the oppression related to Xenophobia. I can now better understand the experience of people of color in the US....   [tags: Racism, Discrimination]

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Cultural Differences in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

- Who knew that the most opposite of people could become one in the same. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini shows a capacious amount of love, betrayal, and friendship towards two completely different people. Amir, the son of a wealthy man in Kabul, Afghanistan, develops a friendship with his servant, Hassan. Amir and Hassan have a rather complicated relationship for two personalities that are originally very different. Hassan has strong feelings for Amir, but Amir never admits to their friendship because of their difference in social standing....   [tags: love, betrayal, and friendship]

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Cultural Differences in the College Experience

- "Where do I belong?" aimlessly day dreaming about my future I disregarded my U.S history teacher as she began taking attendance. Should I attend Morgan State University, Tuskegee University, Howard University, Bowie University, or Jackson State University. These historically black colleges or universities (HBCU) all received applications for admissions from me early in my senior year of high school. Should I attend the University of Illinois in Urbana Campaign, Marquette University, or Northern Illinois University....   [tags: higher education, university, culture]

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Cultural Differences Between Native Americans and the American Colonists

- When the colonists came to America, they classified the Native Americans as complete brutal savages. But was that a correct assumption. The Native Americans lived a life that was a complete opposite from the way that the Europeans were accustomed to. The Native Americans believed that the land was shared by everyone and not one person could own it. The Native Americans also had a polytheistic religion which completely went against the beliefs of the colonists. The colonists viewed the Native Americans as savages and barbarians because their ways of living were different....   [tags: american history, American Indians, Colonial Ameri]

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