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History of Computing

- History of Computing 1 General principles 1 2 Etymology (Where the word is from) 2 3 The exponential progress of computer development 2 4 Classification of computers 2 4.1 Classification by intended use 2 4.2 Classification by implementation technology 3 4.3 Classification by design features 3 4.3.1 Digital versus analog 3 4.3.2 Binary versus decimal 4 4.3.3 Programmability 4 4.3.4 Storage 4 4.4 Classification by capability 4 4.4.1 General-purpose computers 4 4.4.2 Special-purpose computers 6 4.4.3 Single-purpose computers 6 4.5 Classification by type of operation...   [tags: Computers Technology Software Essays]

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Measurement and Scaling Concepts

- In research, measurement is the series of actions or methods researchers use to observe and record the information collected as part of a study. Therefore, in order to understand measurement the researcher much understand the basic ideas entailed in measuring, such as the stages of measurement that help the researcher decide how to make sense of data from particular variables in a study as well as the reliability of the measurement. An understanding of the different types of measurement is important in any research endeavor (Research methods knowledge base, 2006)....   [tags: Research Methodology ]

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Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA)

- ... When this happens, the outcome is an inflammation characterized by heat, swelling, pain and redness that is JRA. The exact reason why the immune system commits that mistake is still unknown but the process apparently has two steps, as believed by researchers. The first step points that something in the genetic makeup of an individual influences JRA’s development. The next is a trigger for JRA’s development, usually an environmental factor like a virus or bacteria. Difference of Adult Rheumatoid Arthritis (Adult RA) from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis The biggest difference of JRA from Adult RA is that people who suffer from JRA can actually outgrow the disease whereas lifelong symptoms ar...   [tags: autoimmune disease, juvenile idiopathic arthritis]

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Gender Equality and the Law

- Gender Equality and the Law One of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s primary goals of the Women’s Rights Project’s litigation was to prove that stereotypical treatment of gender under the law was unconstitutional. It was Ginsburg’s goal to make the Court realize that “the law’s differential treatment of men and women, rationalized as reflecting “natural” differences between the sexes, historically had tended to contribute to women’s subordination” (Ginsburg 11). Ginsburg carefully selected cases which she felt would produce the greatest results....   [tags: Feminism Equality Social Issues Essays]

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Non-negative Patch Alignment Framework

- Abstract Dimension reduction algorithms have widely applied in practice, but the learned bases are inconsistent with the psychological intuition of combining parts to form a whole, and thus they cannot perform robustly on noised data. Although non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) and its variants can yield parts-based representation, different algorithms are developed based on different intuitions to target specific applications. In this paper, we present a non-negative patch alignment framework (NPAF) to unify these NMF based dimension reduction algorithms....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Real Estate Investment Trusts

- Real Estate has evolved as the most profitable business over the years for those who can invest heavily in land or property and wait for their increase in value. However, the property may fetch instant cash in exceptional times like the sudden increase in value due to market reasons such as experienced just before the global financial credit crunch or due to the property’s unique location. This is classified under the short term type of real estate investment. The classification is based on the relative time spent to consolidate worth....   [tags: Finance Essays]

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Galaxies in Our Universe

- Introduction The Universe is a collection of millions of galaxies and extends beyond human imagination. After the big bang, the universe was found to be composed of radiation and subatomic particles. Information following big bang is arguable on how galaxies formed, that is whether small particles merged to form clusters and eventually galaxies or whether the universe systematized as immense clumps of matter that later fragmented into galaxies (Nasa World book, 2013). A galaxy is a massive area of empty space full of dust, gases (mainly 75% Hydrogen and 25%Helium), atoms, about 100-200 billion stars, interstellar clouds and planets, attracted to the center by gravitational force of attracti...   [tags: astronomy, big bang, particles]

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Realism and Constructivism

- The creation of the study of international relations in the early 20th century has allowed multiple political theories to be compared, contrasted, debated, and argued against one another for the past century. These theories were created based on certain understandings of human principles or social nature and project these concepts onto the international system. They examine the international political structure and thrive to predict or explain how states will react under certain situations, pressures, and threats....   [tags: education, international relations, realism]

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Abnormal Behavior

- Abnormal Behavior       A known psychological disorder is abnormal behavior. Abnormal behavior is classified into four different categories. The characteristics of these categories consist of statistical deviance, cultural deviance, emotional distress, and dysfunction. Each behavior has specific characteristics as reasons for their classifications. Statistical deviance is sometimes wrongly classified such as being extremely intelligent or being a very good athlete. According to statistical deviance, as the textbook explains, a behavior is abnormal if it occurs infrequently among members of a population....   [tags: Psychology]

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Buying Diamonds

- Nature’s pure artistry is most apparent in the bounty it produces from deep within its core. The raw power and beauty of diamonds that are recovered from the deepest crevices of earth are stunning to behold. In their simplest form, diamonds are a picture of rough beauty and only give the slightest hint of what they can become when polished and perfected. These rare nuggets of beauty are symbolic of love and eternal commitment. Perfected by natural forces over thousands of years, the diamond is a testament that strength and beauty are indeed are a truly divine combination....   [tags: Heart, Knowledge, Birth]

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Death Comes for the Archbishop

- Death Comes for the Archbishop: A Narrative or a Novel. Is it a narrative or a novel. Few questions have caused me this much trouble. It became apparent to me that Willa Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop would not be an easy piece of literature to classify. Within just a few pages, it became apparent that this piece of literature is more than either category will allow. While reading the pages of this story I get the feeling that I am not reading a novel, rather it is a series of short stories....   [tags: Death Comes for the Archbishop]

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Cultural Materialism

- The notion that environment can and does determine the way in which people navigate through the ecosystem in which they pursuing optimization of survival by adapting to the specifics of the environment in which they live is the principle thought of cultural materialism. Leading anthropologist Marvin Harris believing that theses actions are then turned into cultural thought, the thought is then solidified by attaching a religious ideology. Culture is the way in which humans adapt to an environment....   [tags: Marvin Harris]

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The Motivation of Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Speech The American Scholar

- The Motivation of Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Speech The American Scholar Nearly two hundred years ago Ralph Waldo Emerson delivered a speech to a group of Scholars, it was his intention to motivate and inspire. He expressed his beliefs in a way that was objectionable to some and encouraging to others. Each man was given a chance to examine his life and the life's of their predecessors. Emerson shaped his speech, and bent the words around in a beautiful collage; he quickly established a mood that was felt throughout the room....   [tags: Papers]

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I am Not Bi-Racial, I am a Human Being

- I am Not Bi-Racial, I am a Human Being At the end of my first semester at the University, I had the experience of filling out forms to rate the professor of each course that I was enrolled in at the time. Each standard evaluation given by the University was alike in almost all respects. I have been taking standardized tests as early as second grade, and it seemed quite familiar to fill in the informational circles with a number two pencil. The informational circles were nothing new to me: full name, sex, social security number, and race, yet each time I reach the section of race, I am unable to come up with a good solution to a problem that exists....   [tags: Sociology Racism Prejudice Essays]

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Humans and Nature: Treatment of Pollution with Technology

- Humans and Nature: Treatment of Pollution with Technology Humans are unable to live independent of nature. Human beings are forced to live by Mother Nature's rules. By destroying nature we are only destroying ourselves. But pollution does just that: it severely damages our natural environment, sometimes beyond recovery. The treatment of pollution is a complex science that has evolved greatly in the 20th century mostly due to the industrial environment we live in today. From the basic classification of today's pollution to developing a supplement to our ever so damaging fossil fuel, advances in technology have helped the human race protect the natural environment around us....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Medical Purposes?

- Should Marijuana be Legalized for Medical Purposes. Marijuana has been used extensively as a medical remedy for more than five thousand years. In the early 1900s, medical usage of marijuana began to decline with the advent of alternative drugs. Injectable opiates and synthetic drugs such as aspirin and barbiturates began to replace marijuana as the physician's drug of choice in the twentieth-century, as their results proved to be more consistent than the sometimes erratic effects of the hard-to-dose potencies of marijuana (Grinspoon)....   [tags: Weed Drugs Marijuana Essays]

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Organization and Administration of Higher Education

- Organization and Administration of Higher Education General Objectives: The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the administration of institutions of higher education. The course is concerned with providing basic information about major administrative units in institutions of higher education, philosophical and theoretical foundations of administration, and current issues faced by administrators. An important feature of this course is to explore issues of leadership and accountability in post secondary education....   [tags: Education Essays]

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Facial Image Processing

- Abstract Various applications have been proposed in the field of facial image processing throughout the last forty years or so, among which are face recognition, face detection, gender/age classification, facial expression, etc. However, no application related to the identification of similarity between family members has been introduced yet. This paper is the first experience, which considers this phenomenon and proposes a framework for clustering similar family members. Three features include: “The Whole Face,” “The Facial Feature Perimeters” and “The Ratio between Facial Features” have been used....   [tags: Medical Science]

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Health Information Management

- Health Information Management Health information management involves the practice of maintaining and taking care of health records in hospitals, health insurance companies and other health institutions, by the use of electronic means (McWay 176). Storage of medical information is carried out by health information management and HIT professionals using information systems that suit the needs of these institutions. This paper answers four major questions concerning health information systems. AHIMA's Data Quality Management Model The American Health Information Management Association is a body of health information professionals that majorly concerns itself with the improvement of the qualit...   [tags: Management Information Systems]

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Class Vs Race

- When asking the question, “Race versus Social class: Which really matters?” there are several important concepts that must first be addressed in order to approach this very complex query sufficiently. First, what do the terms “social class” and “race” signify. Also, in determining which really matters, the context of this question is crucial, in other words, to WHO or to WHAT or WHEN or WHERE or HOW each of these terms matters. All of these more specific questions are directly relevant to the answer and each may produce a contextually different explanation....   [tags: social class, status, presitge, prejudice]

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Evolution VS. Creationism

- ... Or in words the first part of evolution deals directly with its definition that all “organisms change through time” while, the second part deals with how these changes occur (Shermer 11). This of course means that the primary function of evolution is to describe how organisms change over time and not just the “survival of the fittest”. The change organisms go through is called natural selection which is a process of “organisms struggling to survive and reproduce, with the result of propagating their genes into the next generation” (Shermer 11)....   [tags: supernatural power, universe, organisms]

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Land Cover Types

- In order to determine the band combination for maximum contrast between land-cover types depends on which land cover type is of interest. There are a number of different band combinations that are commonly used to highlight different features in a remotely sensed image. On the website of U.S. Geological Survey provides a brief explanation to the details of each band of the Landsat Thematic mapper, identifying the properties of each band and suggest the type of land cover that is the interest of study....   [tags: Band Combination, Maximum Contrast, Cover]

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Toadstool- Amanita Muscaria

- Everyone knows toadstools to be the mushrooms that the smurfs use to live up under and they also appear in Mario World the video games in the early part of their childhood. It is not exactly known who discorded the toadstool, but it is said that six different scientist discovered them. The actual fact is that toadstools are poisonous mushrooms to both human and animals. These mushrooms are associated with the work evil spirits such as witches and elves. After been oddly associated with evil things, toadstools are known for being harmful to the body eating away out muscle tissue....   [tags: Mushrooms, Smurfs, Mario Kart, Deadly]

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Word-Based Information Retrieval

- Searching documents using keywords is a very common practice. This practice of word-based information retrieval is affected by two complimentary problems. First is, we may get some relevant as well as some irrelevant search results if we use the keyword along with some possible meaning of the same for the search. Second is, if only the title keyword is used then some relevant text may miss out as some times the text related to that keyword doesn’t contain that rather contains some context of that....   [tags: keywords, word sense disambiguation]

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Biometrics: Iris Recognition

- Iris recognition is one of commonly employed biometric for personal recognition. In this paper, Single Value Decomposition (SVD), Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Automatic Feature Extraction (AFE) and Independent Component Analysis (ICA) are employed to extract the iris feature from a pattern named IrisPattern based on the iris image. The IrisPatterns are classified using a Feedforward Backpropagation Neural Network (BPNN) and Support Vector Machines (SVM) with Radial Basis Function (RBF) kernel with different dimensions and a comparative study is carried out....   [tags: identification, segmentation, biometrics]

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Right or Wrong

- Right or Wrong Introduction: Violence is not generally accepted in our society. There are different levels of violence and some violence can be categorised as not so violent while other violence is extreme. There are guidelines which are set so young people are protected from extreme violence. The Office of Film and Literature Classification places different classifications on the different forms of media. A recent example of this is the banning of GTA San Andreas for its high level of violence and low classification....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Types of Crimes

- Types of Crimes A crime is an act against the public good, punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both. There are two major classifications of crime. The first classification of crime is a felony. A felony is a major crime punishable by imprisonment or death. Murder, manslaughter, burglary, robbery, and arson are examples of felonies. The second major classification of a crime is a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is a less serious crime with a less severe penalty. Misdemeanors that aren’t as serious are known as petty offenses....   [tags: Crime Violence Felony Misdemeanor Laws Essays]

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Investigating the Existence of CBS

- Investigating the Existence of CBS The primary aim for International Classification of Disorder is to be objective and universal so that it can be used with all countries. According to ICD culture bound syndrome does not exist, rather it is a local variation of universal disorders. ICD do not have a definition for culture bound syndrome, whereas the DSM has a definition for culture bound syndrome. So, those who are absolutist favour this by saying, all culture bound syndrome’s takes form in different cultures, and that the underlying disorder is the same....   [tags: Papers]

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Mexican Free-Tailed Bats

- Mexican free-tailed bats, Tadarida brasiliensis, residing in the Molossidae family, are minute creatures. Also commonly known as Brazilian free-tailed bats, Mexican free-tails inhabit regions from desert communities, such as Yuma and Mexico to the pinion-juniper woodland and pine-oak forests of Oregon and Nevada, they can live in elevations at sea level and above. The largest U.S. populations of free-tailed bats live in the West. They are mostly found in Texas where they form childbearing colonies numbering upwards in the millions....   [tags: tadira brasiliensis, molossidae family]

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Astro - Star's Life

- Introduction Stars make up the majority of what we see in the night sky. For all practical purposes the universe contains almost an infinite number of stars (billions upon billions….). Stars have been studied for as long as humans looked up at them. They are classified, categorized, and we have seen images of both the beginning and ends of stars. This paper will discuss the nature of the birth to the end-of-life cycles of stars. Electromagnetic Waves The universe is an expanding amalgam of gases, particles, dust, heat, cold and everything that is around us....   [tags: Science Space Star Formation Research]

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A Unified Theory of Names

- A Unified Theory of Names ABSTRACT: Theoreticians of names are currently split into two camps: Fregean and Millian. Fregean theorists hold that names have referent-determining senses that account for such facts as the change of content with the substitution of co-referential names and the meaningfulness of names without bearers. Their enduring problem has been to state these senses. Millian theorists deny that names have senses and take courage from Kripke's arguments that names are rigid designators....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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Physics of Snow

- The most basic form of an ice crystal is a hexagonal prism. This form occurs because certain surfaces of the crystal, the growth facets, grow very slowly. The reason these facets exist derives from the molecular structure of water, and how water molecules arrange themselves into a crystalline lattice. The hexagonal prism includes two hexagonal "basal" faces and six rectangular "prism" faces. Note that the hexagonal prism can be "plate-like" or "column-like", if the length along the c-axis is short or long compared to the length along the a-axes....   [tags: physics snow]

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Drug Abuse

- Drug abuse is a widespread problem that makes individual drug users the prime victims. But drugs also affect all of us, wherever we live and whatever we do. Drug abuse can cause serious physical and mental deterioration. The problem can tear apart the family structure and make it hard for learning. Difficulties on the job due to drug abuse make it hard for employers to run their businesses. Stealing form employers or from individuals to get money from for drugs causes pain and economic loss to the victims....   [tags: Illegal Drugs Addiction]

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Nineteenth Century Insane Asylums

- Nineteenth Century Insane Asylums No matter where they were, mad houses, or insane asylums, have the same basic features and functions. The views of asylum life changed drastically over the course of the nineteenth century. The growth of the number of mad houses during the nineteenth century is quite remarkable. Before 1810, only a few states had insane asylums. By 1850, most of the Northeastern and Midwestern states' legislatures supported having asylums. As early as 1860, 23 of the 33 existing states had some sort of public institution for the insane....   [tags: Exploratory Research]

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Korean Dog Eating Tradition

- Korean Dog Eating Tradition The Korean practice of eating dog meat has always been considered a peculiar tradition by foreigners. In recent years, this tradition has come under increasing pressure from animal rights activists, including Bridget Bardot, who wish to see the practice outlawed altogether by the South Korean government. This controversy came to a head in 2002, when activists convinced FIFA to put pressure on South Korea, the co-host of the World Cup, to ban dog meat. William Saletan discusses this controversy in his article ?Wok the Dog,....   [tags: Wok Dog Saletan Essays]

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Discrimination Against The Elderly

- Discrimination against the Elderly American society has been described as maintaining a stereotypic and often negative perception of older adults. This negative and/or stereotypic perception of aging and aged individuals is apparent in such areas as language, media, and humor. For example, such commonly used phrases as over the hill and an old fart denote old age as a period of impotency and incompetence. The term used to describe this stereotypic and often negative bias against older adults is ageism....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Knowledge Discovery in Databases

- Knowledge Discovery in Databases Abstract Knowledge Discovery in Databases is the process of searching for hidden knowledge in the massive amounts of data that we are technically capable of generating and storing. Data, in its raw form, is simply a collection of elements, from which little knowledge can be gleaned. With the development of data discovery techniques the value of the data is significantly improved. A variety of methods are available to assist in extracting patterns that when interpreted provide valuable, possibly previously unknown, insight into the stored data....   [tags: Technology Computer]

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Data Quality

- Data quality is defined as “an inexact science in terms of assessments and benchmarks” [93]. Similarly high quality data can be described as “data that is fit for use by data consumers” [94]. 11.2. Origin of Bad Data There may be different sources from where erroneous data is originated. Data may become dirty if it is mistakenly entered, received from invalid external data source, or when good data is combined with outdated data and there is no way to distinguish between the two. 11.3. Categories and Dimensions of Data Quality Since before data was the most valuable asset of an organization and data was rarely shared....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Nutritional Analysis

- Interpretation of results. Nutritional assessment: Objectives: Understand the multiple causes of the nutrition problem and the effects of population level poor nutrition. Analyze the characteristics of a good indicator of nutritional status and determine the correlation of different types of indicators. Develop skills in the use of methods, techniques and measurement tools for obtaining these anthropometric data. Recognize the different biochemical tests to assess nutritional status. Identify clinical signs associated with major nutritional problems....   [tags: Nutrition ]

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Vascular Epiphytes of Far North Queensland

- Vascular Epiphytes of Far North Queensland There are several definitions of epiphytic plants, each with a subtle difference. Heywood (1993) states that an epiphyte is, "A plant that grows on the surface of another, without deriving food from its host". Raven (1992) states that an epiphyte is, "a plant that grows on another plant, but is not parasitic on it." Basically, a plant that derives its physical support from another plant (host = phorophyte (Luttge 1989)) is an epiphyte. Epiphytes fill important ecological niches in variety of habitats....   [tags: Botany Plants Nature Essays]

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Prokaryotic Microbes

- Introduction The purpose of this lab was to determine the size of prokaryotic microbes in comparison to eukaryotic cells. Students used oil immersion microscopy to magnify the microbes and compare their size to that of a eukaryotic cheek cell. The results of this lab allowed students to compare and contrast eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell size, which is a necessary skill when working with microbiology based labs. Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms, also known as microbes. Microorganisms include bacteria, fungi, protists, and autotrophic organisms....   [tags: bacteria, cells]

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Categories Associated with Poverty in the United States

- Categories Associated with Poverty in the United States Poverty is a major problem in the United States today. This mind map includes the categories of individual behavior, social factors, economic factors, political factors, and cultural factors are all contributing forces that causes poverty. For economic factors, low wages would be the variable that would lead to poverty. Families that receive low wages would barely support their living expenses. Thus they would not have enough money for programs that would aid their children's education....   [tags: Papers]

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Appropriate Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

- Appropriate Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Education Political correctness and the constant fear of impending litigation from any number of sources has forced society to find other means through which they can control their children. Though other avenues for treatment exist, recent developments in educational and familial systems have produced a situation where children are over prescribed stimulant medications to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for educational purposes....   [tags: Teaching Education Research Papers]

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Nuclear Power - What's missing from the debate?

- Nuclear Power - What's missing from the debate. It is not generally a great idea to apologize for one's paper at the beginning, but the majority of this essay is going to include something which Swatties (or at least, I) have a great tendency to do - through attempting to think critically about issues, end up tearing apart the reasoning/argument of the author we don't think has thought everything through, or with whose opinion we do not agree (which, as some of us were informed by a professor of ours, is not very nice)....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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The Ineffectiveness of the Film Ratings System

- John Small, a fourteen year old boy in Uptown St. Paul, proceeds into the Suburban World Cinema, anxious to see Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant. He is equipped with a parental note, replete with the phone number where his parents can be reached to verify that they did indeed author the note should its authenticity be questioned. John pushes seven crumpled-up dollar bills and the folded note into the metal dugout under the box office window, only to be met with a tinny, disinterested voice booming through the round silver speaker mounted on the window: "No children under seventeen allowed....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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Icon or Symbol: A Teacher's Moral Dilemma

- Icon or Symbol: A Teacher's Moral Dilemma Works Cited Missing It all happened so quickly. One moment I was at my blackboard, the next moment I was between two juvenile males who were trying to prove a "pride point" with their fists. I had, without a conscious thought about it, drawn a crown on the board. Next I heard chairs hitting the floor and screams of profanity. I was called a not-so-nice name by one of my students, followed by his strange comment: "We know who your favorites in this class are." Another student from across the room overturned his chair and, breath coming fast, managed to get out the words "Don't get on her, man....   [tags: Education Teaching Papers]

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Viruses: Complex Molecules Or Simple Life Forms?

- Viruses: Complex Molecules or Simple Life Forms. Viruses have been defined as "entities whose genomes are elements of nucleic acid that replicate inside living cells using the cellular synthetic machinery, and cause the synthesis of specialised elements that can transfer the genome to other cells." They are stationaryand are unable to grow. Because of all these factors, it is debatable whether viruses are the most complex of molecules or the simplest life forms. While the definition of living organisms must be adapted, the majority of evidence leads to the classification of viruses as living organisms....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Taxonomy A species is a genetically distinct group of organisms, which can interbreed and produce fertile, viable offsprings. External similarity is the common basis for identifying individuals as being members of the same species. Yet a bulldog, a terrier, and a golden retriever are very different in appearance, but they are all dogs because they can interbreed. People can also interbreed with one another, and so can cats, but people cannot interbreed with dogs or cats, nor can these with each other....   [tags: Papers]

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Adolphus Huxley's Hyperion to a Satyr

- Adolphus Huxley's "Hyperion to a Satyr" Throughout the ages, there have been many ways to identify a person's social standing. Possessions such as homes, cars, and others, help to establish a person's place insociety. There are other ways also. Education, and a person's speech patternsare other ways to do this. But in "Hyperion to a Satyr," Adolphus Huxleypresents his view that hygiene also played an integral part. Clearly, thisdoesn't hold as true in these times, but perhaps in an earlier era thiswas an accurate measurement of wealth....   [tags: Adolphus Huxley Hyperion Satyr Essays]

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Who are the People rating movies?

- Who are the People rating movies. Parents can determine if they want to allow their children to watch certain movies by using the film rating system. The film rating system went into effect on November 1, 1968. Even though the decision of whether or not to use the film rating system is voluntary, the vast majority of theaters in The United States enforce the Classification and Rating Administration’s guidelines. This was a voluntary system sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Draconian Internet Laws in Australia

-    The Internet is a revolutionary new medium that has provided people the world round a new medium of communication.  In "cyberspace" as the Internet has been nicknamed, everyone can have a voice and it is relatively easy for one person to reach a very large audience.  In addition to revolutionizing the way messages are broadcasted, cyberspace has also revolutionized peer-to-peer communication.  E-mail and instant messaging have become a very convenient method of communication for many people, oftentimes replacing the use of telephones and conventional postal mail.  However, the new methods of communication emerging on the Internet have also created a new communication medium for criminal...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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David Merrill’s Component Display Theory

- David Merrill’s Component Display Theory Introduction David Merrill’s Component Display Theory is based primarily on the same assumptions as Robert Gagne’s Events of Instruction. They both agree that different types of learning require different types of procedures for teaching as well as different types of assessment means. However, the component display theory is primarily concerned with teaching individual concepts and arranges instruction to provide learner control (Braxton, Bronico, and Looms, 1)....   [tags: Teaching Education Essays]

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The Process of Natural Selection

- Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection explains the general laws by which any given species transforms into other varieties and species. Darwin extends the application of his theory to the entire hierarchy of classification and states that all forms of life have descended from one incredibly remote ancestor. The process of natural selection entails the divergence of character of specific varieties and the subsequent classification of once-related living forms as distinct entities on one or many levels of classification....   [tags: Natural Selection, Evolution Essays]

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Intelligence and Solving Problems

- Intelligence and Solving Problems When one is asked to consider the question "What makes a person intelligent?," the most common responses will often note a person's ability to solve problems, utilize logic, and think critically. These typical traits of intelligence are sometimes lumped together under the label of "raw intelligence." A person's intelligence is contained in his or her general intellect - in otherwords, how each and every one of us comprehend, examine, and respond to outside stimuli, whether it be to solve a math problem correctly or to anticipate an opponent's next move in a game of tennis....   [tags: Papers]

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What Makes Me Black

- What Makes Me Black I've pondered the thought of what makes me black, and what makes others what they are. I spent a day evaluating my surroundings, and racking my brain. But I still have not come to the conclusion of what makes me black. Is it the box on applications that I check, is it my membership to predominately "Black" sorority, or is it how my hair kinks up when it is wet. Is it the way I am followed in a department store, or is it because of the vaulger names I have been called....   [tags: Papers]

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Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz

- Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz (1807-1873) Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz was born in Motier, Switzerland on May 28, 1807. Born the son of a Protestant pastor, Louis Agassiz was raised in a religious environment but clearly possessed a deep interest in natural history and science. “I spent most of the time I could spare…in hunting the neighboring woods and meadows for birds, insects, and land and fresh water shells” (Lurie 9). Throughout his childhood and adolescence, his curiosities about nature and its origins drove him to become a prominent figure in natural history, zoology, and ichthyology....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Piaget and Cognitive Development

- Piaget and Cognitive Development Piaget saw cognitive development as an adaptive process. They gradually learn more about their environment and adapt. Children go through four stages. The preoperational stage is the second stage, and children go through this stage between the ages of two to seven. Children's representational thought grows in this stage, but they have problems with logic. The concrete operational stage is the third stage, and children go through this stage between the ages of seven to 11....   [tags: Papers]

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Disparate Treatment

- Disparate treatment is a form of discrimination that is forbidden by laws in which all employers must comply, including fire and emergency services. Disparate treatment in the workplace is applicable to many functions of the workplace including, discipline, promotions, hiring, firing, benefits, layoffs, and testing (Varone, 2012). The claim of disparate treatment arises when a person or group, “is treated differently because of a prohibited classification” (Varone, 2012, p. 439). In the 2010 case, Lewis v....   [tags: discrimination, the supreme court]

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Model Minority

- In the beginning when Asians came to America, they had started out with nothing, no foundation, and no help. All they could do was work hard to create a better life with their own hands, someday, in hope that they will succeed. Back in the 1800’s, during the gold rush days, Americans were displeased with the amount of Asian immigrants who came and took their jobs. Since then, Asians were able to survive and to achieve a great amount of success in the US. In order to catch up along with the rest of the world, the government created an example for their own people, known as the model minority....   [tags: asian americans, race, discrimination]

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Handling the Brain

- Handling the Brain The initial premise of this web search was to determine what differences, if any, were known to exist in the brain of the ambidextrous individual. An actual classification of "ambidexterity" seems to have been all but eliminated, while the explanation of the term, "handedness", has become increasingly muddled. Beyond superstitions and mysticism, in its earliest history an individuals favoritism of the left or right hand proved significant mainly to those clinicians who utilized this physical clue of handedness as an indicator of brain lateralization (2)....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Fundamentalist Islam

- The key issue in the Middle East, increasingly, has less to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict and more to do with fundamentalist Islam. What is fundamentalist Islam. On the one hand, it manifests itself as a new religious conviction, reaffirming faith in an awe-inspiring God. On the other hand, it appears as a militant ideology, demanding political action now. One day its spokesmen call for a jihad (sacred war) against the West, evoking the deepest historic resentments. Another day, its leaders appeal for reconciliation with the West, emphasizing shared values....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Oncologist paper

- Classification of cancer determines appropriate treatment and helps determine the prognosis. Cancer develops progressively from an alteration in a cell’s genetic structure due to mutations, to cells with uncontrolled growth patterns. Classification is m e according to the site of origin, histology (or cell analysis; called grading), and the extent of the disease (called staging). Site of Origin This classification describes the type of tissue in which the cancer cells begin to develop. Here are some common examples of site of origin classification: Adenocarcinoma – originates in glandular tissue Blastoma – originates in embryonic tissue of organs Carcinoma – originates in epithelial t...   [tags: treating cancer]

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- To discover how advertisements are constructed, we first must discover what they mean. According to Dyer (1982) and Leiss (2005) there are many different elements of ads, and many ways to classify ads. These include the approaches to study of texts, classifications of ads into categories, and according to the themes that they possess the use of Panofsky’s three levels of meaning, approaches to form and content, forms of verbal and non verbal communication. There is also the use of Millum’s four categories of relationships in ads, and the use of props and settings....   [tags: Non-Verbal Communication, Visual Perception]

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Building Codes

- Methods and Materials of Construction I Building codes are rules for the contractors, architects, and for the owner. Basically the codes are for to protect public safety, health, and welfare in construction and buildings. The building is a law that is amendments to the builders. With out the building codes we won’t be protected in buildings. Here are some of the buildings codes. Frost line is underground water in soil is expected to freeze. The depth is mostly depends on the location of the weather conditions in the area....   [tags: Construction]

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Database Report

- Database Report Introduction A database contains a collection of information organised in such a way that a computer program can quickly select pieces of data. You can think of a database as an electronic filing system. A field is a single piece of information; a record is one complete set of fields; and a file is a collection of records. For example, a telephone book is analogous to a file. It contains a list of records, each of which To access information from a database, you need a database management system....   [tags: Papers]

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Evolutionary Psychology

- Compare two different methods that have been used by evolutionary psychologists. Evolutionary psychology in seeking to increase understanding of contemporary behaviour and abilities looks not to the causal explanations of the immediate cause, but to the far reaching functional explanation of assumed evolutionary cause – then asks how and why we are as we are. These ideas are informed by many disciplines from anthropology to ethology and archaeology, what follows is a comparison of 2 methods illustrated by examples and different research methods....   [tags: Contemporary Behavior]

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Natural Disasters

- Natural Disasters This being my senior project I wanted to look at a topic that I found interesting. Even though I find most topics in the fields interesting, none catch my attention better than natural disasters. I have always found disasters intriguing and have wanted to know more about them. The disaster that I found most interesting were Hurricanes. The thought of those storms with their power gives me the chills. Ever since I was in the middle of Hurricane Bob when I was vacationing with my family off the coast of Virginia and we were asked by the state police to evacuate our house, I wanted to learn more about hurricanes....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Wetlands A clear and widely accepted definition of a wetland has yet to be established. Wetlands are of various types and function, and occur in diverse locations, and climates which in part make them difficult to define. Many definitions of a wetland have been posed by different groups and individuals, some of the definitions include: “An area of land that has hydric soil and hydrophytic vegetation, typically flooded for part of the year, and forming a transition zone between aquatic and terrestrial systems (Brady and Weil, 1999).” A wetland is an ecosystem that depends on constant or recurrent, shallow inundation or saturation at or near the surface of the substrate (soil)....   [tags: Nature Wildlife Essays]

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Plato Republic

- The Republic of Plato explores the meaning of Justice from both an individual and societal point of view. It also looks into the incorporation of Justice into human society, in other words, how to create an ideal state of social order in a society. This is carried out through the various dialogues and arguments between Socrates and other individuals. During this process, Socrates gave a detailed analysis of the formation, structure and the organization of an ideal State, and through this, vindicate the intrinsic value of being a Just person in a society and the virtues that each individual must possess....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Inclusive Herbaria

- Inclusive Herbaria IN the earliest days of Systematics more attention was paid to cultivated plants and weeds than to wild species. The great herbals of the sixteenth century were largely given over to field and garden crops and everyday weeds. Until well after the time of Linnaeus, taxonomists included both cultivated plants and wild species in their botanical gardens, in their herbaria and in their writings. Only by slow degrees was there general recognition that the methods which are so effective for the bulk of the world's flora do not yield results of comparable efficiency when applied to cultivated plants and weeds....   [tags: Botany]

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Business Ethics

- Running Head: Business Ethics Business Ethics name school The modern theory of the firm, which is central to finance and corporate law, views the corporation as a of contracts among the various corporate constituencies. Upon this foundation, finance theory and corporate law postulate shareholder wealth as the objective of the firm. Research in business ethics has largely ignored this contracts theory of the firm except to reject the financial-legal model as normatively inadequate....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Geomorphic Agents

- University of Arizona “Wildcats” Geomorphic Agents Rank from low to high in order is glacier is low, wind is medium and waves/current is high. In Nome Alaska, the current importance processes is glacial processes. In Los Angeles, the current important process is coastal process. In Fargo, the current importance processes is aeolian processes. In Nome, glacier has begun created since 18000 years ago. Biomes Biome is a large terrestrial ecosystem characterized by specific plant communities and formations, usually named after the predominant vegetation in the region....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Classifying Rocks

- Classifying Rocks      Rocks are classified to make it easier on people to identify them in the future. This can be done by a numerous amount of ways. Each rock type has their own specific ways, but there are two distinct characteristics that apply to all. These are texture and composition. These two, along with many others helps to classify igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.      Igneous rocks are classified first by texture. This is broken down mainly into grain size. First there are intrusive, or plutonic igneous rocks....   [tags: Geology Geological Rock Essays Papers]

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Dichotomous Key

- Dichotomous Key Prior to evolutionary theory, scientists relied on similarity of physical characteristics to classify organisms. An 18th century naturalist, Carolus Linneas, developed a taxonomic classification system. This hierarchical system divides organisms into 5 kingdoms. Organisms visible to the unaided human eye fall into the plant, animal, or fungi kingdom. Kingdoms are then divided into phylum. This division is based body type and skeletal organization. Phylum are then divided into subphylum....   [tags: Papers]

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- TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction …………………………………………………………………………2 Router Architecture …………………………….……….…………………………3 Basic Building Blocks ……………………………………………………………………………………………..3 Physical Components………………………………………………………………………………………………5 Router Architecture Classification …………………………………………7 First Generation……………………………………………………………………………………………………..7 Second Generation …….…………………………………………………………………………………………..8 Third Generation……..……………………………………………………………………………………………..9 Switching Architecture …………………………………………………………11 Output Queuing……………………………………………………………………………………………………..12 Input Queuing ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….12...   [tags: computer technology, data transmission]

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- Zoology The study of zoology can be viewed as a series of efforts to analyse and classify animals. Attempts at classification as early as 400 BC are known from documents in the Hippocratic Collection. Aristotle, however, was the first to devise a system of classifying animals that recognized a basic unity of plan among diverse organisms; he arranged groups of animals according to mode of reproduction and habitat. Observing the development of such animals as the dogfish, chick, and octopus, he noted that general structures appear before specialized ones, and he also distinguished between asexual and sexual reproduction....   [tags: Papers]

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- Strategies For College Writing: Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays Second Edition Jeanette Harris, Texas Christian University Ann Moseley, Texas A&M-Commerce Appropriate Courses Designed for courses in Developmental Writing and Basic Writing. Summary Strategies for College Writing offers full coverage of the basics of writing essays, paragraphs, and sentences with a focus on preparing students for academic writing and reading assignments. The book starts with detailed attention to the writing process at a pace that is comfortable for the developmental student....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Biology is the science of living systems. It is inherently interdisciplinary, requiring knowledge of the physical sciences and mathematics, although specialities may be oriented toward a group of organisms or a level of organization. BOTANY is concerned with plant life, ZOOLOGY with animal life, algology with ALGAE, MYCOLOGY with fungi, MICROBIOLOGY with microorganisms such as protozoa and bacteria, CYTOLOGY with CELLS, and so on. All biological specialties, however, are concerned with life and its characteristics....   [tags: Biology]

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- Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a hard mental disorder. It reflects of numerous mental functions, thinking process, perception, emotions, motivation and motoric functions. It is better to look at schizophrenia like a syndrome, i.e. complex of symptoms and signs, because there is no agreement about the causes of this disease. There are a lot of hypothesis about the causes of schizophrenia. One stands that the unhealthy family atmosphere causes disorder; others stand on the biochemical conceptions of the disease which springs from derangements in the brain metabolism and leads to hallucinations....   [tags: Papers]

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- The Test of Time: The Power of the Photograph What is a photograph. The simplicity of taking a photograph leads many to ponder its artistic value. Yet, it is undeniable that there are some photos that cause an emotional reaction deeper than simply observing a recorded point in time. Surely, there are photographs that cause more reaction than some modern art pieces. There seems to be two types of photographs. The first classification is the ‘time capture’ photo – an image with the sole purpose of recording a particular event or point in time....   [tags: Art Artwork Photograph]

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