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Blogging and Politics

- Blogging and Politics It was a dark and stormy Tuesday night, but thank God my electricity was not out for if it were, I would be banned from my only happiness: the BLOG RING. I signed on to the internet with trepidation yet excitement. After going through the usual hoops to gain access to my haven and signing in passwords and usernames here and there, I finally reached the world of internet communication and sharing of ideas: free speech at its most liberal....   [tags: Internet Web Blogging]

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Avoid These Blogging Mistakes for Success

- Avoid these Blogging Mistakes to achieve success,blogging is a fire of ambition inside you of getting famous and making money from it, and this twenty mistakes will extinguish that desire. This post is largely devoted to newbie bloggers that are merely active in dreaming about becoming millionaire overnight. Before beginning to dream about making money online, and getting a decent income from your blog, you should recognize the blogging mistakes what you are doing and should troubleshoot them. I remember on thought here "mistakes would be the landmarks to success", I try to find my mistakes and correct them to achieve success in reaching my target....   [tags: online, money, knowledge, design]

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Blogging On Betting Controversy On Gambling

- Blogging on Betting Controversy Apparently, betting has grown to heights of professional levels where individuals have invested their time and resources to hit jackpot on betting. This happened to form a basis on which I felt urged to enlighten the people about how betting is draining people’s financial stability. (Haas, 2013). Additionally, I felt touched with students who ventured into this gambling activity hoping to move from rugs to riches within a day or two. In the eventual end, I never expected this writing moment to change the way I relay my messages through writing....   [tags: Writing, Literacy, Communication, Sociology]

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Blogging as the New Autobiography

- The presentation of the story of Jane's childhood through a modernized diary in the form of a personal micro-blog-- a blog with relatively short entries and smaller files than traditional blog-- helps to tell it in a manner that is not only more realistic, being presented as the present through the eyes of a child, but also more accessible and engaging to the modern reader by being moved from its Victorian setting to modern times. The creation of such a blog provides the character of Jane with the psychological benefits of social interaction and self-disclosure, or the revealing of personal elements of oneself such as thoughts or emotions, while at the same time providing a virtual for fans...   [tags: modernized diaries using technology]

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The Power of Blogging

- The Power of Blogging Hey guys, Working on my essay for my writing class. I can't think of what to write. Any ideas. Please comment with some (appropriate!) suggestions. Sunday, October 03, 2004 Still don't have any good ideas for that essay. Btw, all your suggestions sucked; you guys really let me down...j/k =)... Anyway, I think I might write about diaries. But it seems to boring. Whatever, I will try it out and see how it goes. Monday, October 04, 2004 Essay on dairies is not going very well....   [tags: Blogs Internet Technology Essays]

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The Impact of Blogging on Middle Eastern Society

- Although millions of people around the world depend on a free press to convey them the news of the day via newspapers, television, and the Internet, many countries in the developing world lack the climate of openness that contributes to a credible press. It is a chicken and egg problem (which came first, the free press or the democratic government?), but it is clear that a democratic government contributes to a free press as much as the converse. Through the fog of decades of war, the Middle East has had particular difficulty sorting out fact from fiction, propaganda from proper news....   [tags: Arabs, Blogs, Internet]

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Reasons for Blogging

- Reasons for Blogging When people blog, it has many different effects on their lives. What kind of effects, and why people blog is the question I am trying to uncover. Blogging can be classified as an online journal, notebook, virtual community, or a dream world for people wanting to be somebody else. Blogging can also be described as a rendezvous point for relationship seekers. For people without hobbies, they find resolve in blogging. Blogging is like building a model, or painting a picture, either way, every blog has it’s own characteristics....   [tags: Blogs]

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Video-Blogging Industry: Online Video

- Video-Blogging Industry Video-blogging is a relatively new form of internet communication that dates back to the year 2000 (and specifically, to the start of the longest-running video blog in history by Adam Kontras) ( Nowadays online video is a very promising way of making people aware of one’s brand and company. According to YouTube statistics, each month more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube and over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month there (i.e., almost an hour for every person on Earth)....   [tags: search engine, videos, tutorials]

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Blogging And Social Networking...The New World Order?

- Is giving people what they want making happiness or argument in the end. Using the internet has started becoming a popular way of getting information and staying in contact with friends and family, but is blogging and social networking a way to stay in touch or a “way to BE the news.” Blogging is becoming so popular some are worried that it is widening the gray area between right and wrong/ fact and fiction. On the pro blogger side some say they do not publish anything that would get them sued or that they did not research thoroughly....   [tags: Sociology/Technology]

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A Report On Blogging On Regular Basis And Modify The Existing Content

- Blogosphere is like a rotation, we need to update our blogs on regular basis and modify the existing content. It 's not an easy task for anyone, it requires time and attention. Blogging isn 't a game of kids, and we cannot become a blogger with an article or two. A blogger has to go through many dark sides, like in the beginning, there will be no visitors, because of this low or no traffic at all gifts us with zero comments. Sharing is much far tooic in the beginning. With hardwork and commitment, one can earn all of those in the blogosphere....   [tags: Blog, Blogger, Pyra Labs, Blog software]

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Your search returned over 400 essays for "blogging"
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