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Peter Singer's Argument in Famine, Affluence and Morality

- This paper explores Peter Singer’s argument, in Famine, Affluence, and Morality, that we have morally required obligations to those in need. The explanation of his argument and conclusion, if accepted, would dictate changes to our lifestyle as well as our conceptions of duty and charity, and would be particularly demanding of the affluent. In response to the central case presented by Singer, John Kekes offers his version, which he labels the and points out some objections. Revisions of the principle provide some response to the objections, but raise additional problems....   [tags: morally required obligations to those in need]

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Argument Against the Death Penalty

- Argument Against the Death Penalty Life is sacred. This is an ideal that the majority of people can agree upon to a certain extent. For this reason taking the life of another has always been considered the most deplorable of crimes, one worthy of the harshest available punishment. Thus arises one of the great moral dilemmas of our time. Should taking the life of one who has taken the life of others be considered an available punishment. Is a murderer's life any less sacred than the victim's is....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Capital Punishment]

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Examining Pascal's Argument for God

- There have been many responses to Pascal’s proposition. British humorist Terry Pratchett cleverly summed it up in one of his books with a story of a philosopher who said, “Possibly the gods exist, and possibly they do not. So why not believe in them in any case. If it's all true you'll go to a lovely place when you die, and if it isn't then you've lost nothing, right. (Pratchett 51)” To the average person, it seems as though there are two choices of religion; to believe in God or not to believe in God....   [tags: Religion Pascal]

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The Best Argument against Gay Marriage: Glen Lavy's

- The Best Argument against Gay marriage: Glen Lavy’s “Gay marriage and the ‘slippery slope’ ” Proponents to the legalization of same sex marriage came up with a lot of reasons as why gay marriage should be legal. The major ones are that not allowing same sex people to get married prevents them from getting legal benefits like hospital visitation, health insurance, family leave and more. They also argued that they are fighting for their rights the same way African Americans were fighting back in the day, and that gay marriage will not threaten our society....   [tags: Gay Marriage and the Slippery Slope, ]

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An Argument For Sustainable Agriculture

- An Argument For Sustainable Agriculture Introduction Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines stewardship as "the careful and responsible management of something entrusted in one's care" (Merriam-Webster, 2015). Sustainable agriculture is a method that does not deplete soil, water, air, wildlife or human community resources ("Community Alliance with," 1997). These two principles describe a type of farming that practices responsible management of the land in a way that does not deplete natural resources or the human community....   [tags: Farming Agricultural Argumentative Essays]

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An Argument Against Gun Control

- Argument Against Gun Control An Argument Against Gun Control As long ago as 1789, the creators of the Constitution realized the importance of guns in American society. The Second Amendment states,"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." No loopholes, or legal caches exist in this statement. The Founding Fathers allow for no restriction of the private ownership of firearms....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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An Argument For Animal Research

- An Argument For Animal Research Medicine has come a very long way since the days when men used to puncture holes into the skull to release tension or evil spirits. In the last one hundred years, for the sake of humanity, numerous vaccinations have been developed, disease and disorders of all types have been prevented, surgical techniques have been advanced, drugs have been developed to cure ailments and the list continues endlessly. The progress that has been achieved in knowledge as well as safety in medical practice is correlated directly to animal research....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Exploring a Weak Political Argument

- In the article "A Paramedic for Governor", published in October 2003 issue of Emergency Medical Services, Norm Rooker fails to argue why James H. Green should be governor of California. First of all, Rooker dose not provide enough evidence to support his argument. Additionally, his tone is not appropriate for this article. Finally, there is not clear reasoning in the article. Because of these defects in this article Norm fails to convince the reader why paramedic Green should be governor. First, Norm Rooker is lacking in evidence in the article "A Paramedic for Governor." In the beginning of the article Rooker quotes Green in saying "I don't think I have a snowball's chance in you-know-whe...   [tags: Politics]

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Rogerian Argument for Marijuana Legalization

- Rogerian Argument for Marijuana Legalization      The cannabis plant has been the topic of much debate throughout the history of this country. Many people don't know that it was not the effect of cannabis that originally spurred its banning. It was actually originally the work of the cotton industry who put big money behind illegalization for the plant's mind altering effects. The cotton industry was afraid that hemp, a product of the cannabis plant, would soon overpower the strong hold of cotton since it was a more durable textile that required less work, less ground depletion, and could be grown almost anywhere....   [tags: Cannabis Legalization Argumentative Essays]

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One Argument for God's Existence

- Throughout time, the question has always arose concerning the existence of God or some type of supernatural being who created the Universe. There are many arguments and explanations that explain if God truly does exist. One such explanation is the Teleological Argument, which bases its explanation of the existence of God on the design and purpose of known things. For instance, we know that there are trees and plants, and that they need sunlight and water in order to grow. Those trees and plants grow from the ground, which is part of the earth....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Presuppositional Apologetics: The Moral Argument for the Existence of God

- A Christian apologetic method is a verbal defense of the biblical worldview. A proof is giving a reason for why we believe. This paper will address the philosophical question of God’s existence from the moral argument. The presuppositional apologetic method of Reformed thinkers Cornelius Van Til and John Frame will be the framework. Topics covered here could undoubtedly be developed in more depth, but that would be getting ahead, here is the big picture. Apologetics comes from the Greek word, ‘apologia’ meaning verbal defense....   [tags: Theology ]

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Aristotle's Argument for People's Actions

- Aristotle's Argument for People's Actions Aristotle argues things people do aims at some end or end. The highest end to all of these things is attaining happiness. I maintain that it is impossible for a human being to be happy according to Aristotle's definition due to the fact that he sets strict conditions of perfect virtue thus happiness. Aristotle suggests that happiness is not a state, but rather we count happiness as an activity. He argues that happiness is an activity of the soul in accordance with perfect virtue....   [tags: Papers]

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The Argument of Death Penalty

- The Argument of Death Penalty "Works Cited Missing" Last week America executed their 1000th person. Should we view this as a momentous occasion or a travesty in American history. The bible states “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” but surely murder is not the answer in the 21st Century. The death penalty is barbaric, primitive and inhumane. When the word death penalty is used, it makes yelling and screaming from both sides of extremist. One side may say deterrence and the other side may say, but you can execute an innocent man....   [tags: Papers]

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CS Lewis's Moral Argument and the Existence of a God

- ... Objective moralities are those which disagree with universally accepted human preferences. If a person agrees with both of the premises, then they reach the given conclusion. But, for a person who is not a theist, they can maintain their nonbelief through disagreement with one or both of the premises in Lewis’s syllogism. So, in conclusion, Lewis argues that a moral law exists, and God is the creator of that law and without this law, people would have no moral standard. Since CS Lewis’s first claim suggests that there must be a God in order for moral value to exist, the implication is also made that those who do not believe in God do not have moral value....   [tags: notorious English writers]

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Descartes' Argument that the Mind is Better than the Body

- Descartes’ argue that mind is better known than body by first claiming humans as fundamentally rational, meaning “a thing that doubts, understands, affirms, denies, is willing, is unwilling,” ( Descartes, 19) he therefore argues that humans have the ability to know their proper minds clearly and distinctly. He proposes the conception of the mind where the imagination and the senses are also inherent capabilities of the body (faculties), specifically powers of the mind. But in order to further clarify this "thing that thinks,” he admits that there is always the possibility that he may be dreaming or deceived by an evil demon, since he is something that also imagines and senses seen....   [tags: humans, wax, philosophy]

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Analysis of Lisa Brock's Argument Against Abortion

- When working to make an effective argument, the writer must analyze many aspects. For example, who the audience is, what their viewpoint is on the issue, and how to get them to believe the argument. On the topic of abortion, most writers can incorporate an ethical, logical, and emotional appeal to get the point across. However, Lisa Brock, the author of the article, "Life Challenges" does not effectively make her argument because she only develops an appeal to the emotions of the reader....   [tags: Life Challenges, Lisa Brock]

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Buckland´s Argument on Information and The Importance of The Search for Knowledge

- Everyday millions of people get online and surf the internet, before that people went to libraries and checked out books, and before any of that was possible, empires wrote on wet clay tablets filled with writings that they stored in private rooms, palaces, and temples. These soon became known as private libraries, and soon other empires joined in. What was important was that they were storing and sharing information, each innovation of sharing information has one main goal, to search and obtain knowledge....   [tags: opinion writing, sharing of information]

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The Evaluation Argument in Popluation 485 by Michael Perry

- Population 485 describes Michael Perry’s life as he searches for his niche in his community. There are three criteria that build an evaluation argument, which consist of ethical, practical, and aesthetic criteria. Throughout the book Perry provides multiple detailed stories that use two of the three criteria quite often. The practical criterion focuses on practical considerations and appears more throughout his book than the aesthetic criterion, which is based off of how engaging the story is to the reader, and the picture the story paints in the readers’ heads....   [tags: community, niche, ethical, practical]

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Use of Persuasive Argument in 12 Angry Men

- The movie “12 Angry Men” examines the dynamics at play in a United States jury room in the 1950’s. It revolves around the opinions and mindsets of twelve diverse characters that are tasked with pronouncing the guilt or innocence of a young man accused of patricide. The extraordinary element is that their finding will determine his life or death. This play was made into a movie in 1957, produced by Henry Fonda who played the lead role, Juror #8, and Reginald Rose who wrote the original screenplay....   [tags: 12 Angry Men Essays]

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Argument and Discussion Against Smoking Mind over Matter

-   Argument against Smoking Mind over Matter “Nicotine patches and gum are common -- and often ineffective -- ways of fighting cigarette cravings, as most smokers have discovered. Now a new study from the American Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) shows why they're ineffective, and may provide the basis for more successful psychologically based smoking cessation programs” (American Friends, 2010). With smoking some feel that willpower can help people to overcome their weakness, but for some there needs to be more....   [tags: Health ]

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The Utility of Robert Gilpin’s Realist Argument

- With the formation of formal International Organisations (such as the United Nations), informal Organisations (such as the G20) and other organisations (such as the NGO`s) in the 20th century, global governance has become significantly important for the societies and countries in the world. Nation states have set-up and involved in these organisations in order to cooperate, make and implement international laws and policies and consent in international agreements (Diehl & Frederking 2010 p.30). They have also worked together to cooperate and tackle certain global issues and challenges such as wars, health, human rights and the environment....   [tags: problems of compliance, global government]

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Stopping the Clock: An Argument for the End of Age and Trash Discrimination

- Trash and aging go hand in hand. Take for example a pair of shoes. When a person uses a pair of shoes consistently, the soles will begin to wear down and holes begin to form. A person may repair the sole and patch up the holes, but eventually there comes a time when the well-worn shoe is beyond repair and it is time to chuck them in the trash bin. Trash is made up of things that have aged to the point of uselessness; things that have become undesired and worthless. A person can easily tell when an item is no longer of use to them, but controversy ensues when a person attempts to determine when a human being begins to lose their usefulness....   [tags: aging, trash, relationships, elderly]

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The Argument For Legalizing Same Sex Marriage To Further Equality

- Same-sex marriage has been a widely argued topic for many years, causing tons of controversy across the globe. The two sides pertaining to this debate are legalizing same-sex marriage, or applying a constitutional ban. The largest point of disagreement is whether or not allowing same-sex marriage promotes equality, and not allowing it promotes discrimination. As Americans, we value equality, liberty, and tolerance. Merriam-Webster defines equality as the “quality or state of having the same rights, social status, etc.” This value is one that is societal, meaning it is followed relating to society....   [tags: Discrimination, Sexual Habit]

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Spirituality Through Nature: Analyzing Hurston's Argument for Pantheism

- In Dust Tracks on a Road, Zora Neale Hurston explains her religious ideology: “It is futile for me to seek the face of, and fear, an accusing God withdrawn somewhere beyond the stars in space” (Dust Tracks on a Road 323), further explaining, “the springing of the yellow line of morning out of the misty deep of dawn is glory enough for me” (279). Hurston’s confidence in nature’s spirituality borders on pantheism, especially regarding her separation from organized religion. A cultural anthropologist in the Harlem Renaissance period, Hurston studied cultures in the Caribbean and the American south....   [tags: Literature]

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Ineffective Grading Policies: An Argument Against Giving Zeros

- Ineffective Grading Policies An Argument Against Giving Zero’s   The basis of my argumentative paper will be to take an in-depth look at ineffective grading practices and the use of zeros as a form of punishment. Since this is something I have personally been faced with, I argue that giving students a zero for missed work, whether it be for missing due to illness or being suspended from school, is ineffective, unfair, and a detriment to students drive, determination, and self-esteem. Grading practices have been a controversial issue for years among educators....   [tags: punishment, consequence, humilliation]

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Nietzsche’s Argument of Justice: The Debtor/Creditor Relationship

- The system of justice that Nietzsche employs although somewhat cynical has a substantial amount of merit as a form of justice, which is present in our society. This is demonstrated through the depiction of the creditor/debtor relationship that exists in our democratic societies, and the equalization process that occurs, and furthermore that Nietzsche is correct to assess justice as such a principle. The issue is most obvious in the penal system; however it is also prevalent in personal day-to-day relationships as well as political structures....   [tags: philosophy]

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Why God Doesn't Exist: An Atheist's Argument

- The belief in Gods has always existed throughout human’s recored history. Whether it be the Greek Gods: Apollo, and Zeus, or the Judeo-Christian God, believed by Christians in modern day society. The belief of God has always existed among humans, however, assuming God does not exist, what explains the cultural evolution of such a false belief, namely religion. I shall argue that the reason this false belief is successful is because it manipulates human nature better than any other belief by these three points: an avoidance of death (the soul), a sense of worth (knowledge), and a sense, or need of belief (faith)....   [tags: atheism, ontology, religion, god is dead]

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The Argument of the Legality and Morality of Euthanasia

- Euthanasia is the act of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering. The House of Lords Select Committee on Medical Ethics of England defines euthanasia as a deliberate intervention undertaken with the intention of ending a life, to relieve suffering(Harris, NM. 2001)., in the Netherlands euthanasia is defined as the termination of life by a doctor at the request of a patient(BBC,2011). The right to die debate posses a great number of legal, moral and ethical issues. Proponents and supporters of euthanasia had presented valid arguments: people have the right of self-determination and that is why they should be allowed to choose their own fate; is a better choice to assist an i...   [tags: Autonomy, Right to Die]

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St. Anselm's Ontological Argument

- It is important to show why the topic you are discussing is important, especially if there are other topics that could be studied in place of the one you are discussing. In this case, the discussion is on Saint Anselm and his Ontological Argument. There have been other arguments made before Saint Anselm on God's existence, and the first paragraph will show why it is important to study this particular argument. Then the argument itself is given and discussed. And just like most arguments in the field of philosophy, the Ontological Argument has an objection....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Argument-based Homicide In Ame

- Argument-based Homicide in America Feeling alienated by fellow classmates, two students at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO who referred to themselves as the Trench Coat Mafia went on a rampant killing spree which took the lives of themselves, twelve other students and one teacher (Obmascik 1). This incident caused an immediate plea for more socially responsible communities, assuming that greater moral values would curb the likelihood of these argument-related homicides. This relies on the notion that greater social organization will lead to a decrease in the rate of crime....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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An Argument Against Abortion

- Abortion in America is a controversial issue in which both sides have valid arguments at face value. The pro-choice side has many arguments to support it belief in keeping abortion legal. Many of these are faulty, and argue points irrelevant to the issue as I will attempt to illustrate, thereby eliminating the main pro-choice arguments. The pro-life position has somewhat different ideas. The most popular of these is: The unborn entity is fully human from the moment of conception. Abortion results in the intentional death of the unborn entity....   [tags: Pro Life Pro-life essays research papers]

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Richard Swinburne's Teleological Argument

- Richard Swinburne's Teleological Argument Although explicated on many occasions and by many different authors, the teleological argument for the existence of God provides the best springboard from which to launch contemporary convictions of faith. In the revised edition of his earlier The Existence of God, Richard Swinburne constructs a solid outline that reveals the exact structure of the teleological argument. He presents both forms of the teleological argument , holds each under the light of skeptical review and then provides insight and defense that allows for careful philosophical review....   [tags: Papers]

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BonJour's 'Basic Antifoundationalist Argument'

- BonJour's 'Basic Antifoundationalist Argument' ABSTRACT: BonJour argues that there can be no basic empirical beliefs. But premises three and four jointly entail ‘BonJour’s Rule’ — one’s belief that p is justified only if one justifiably believes the premises of an argument that makes p highly likely — which, given human psychology, entails global skepticism. His responses to the charge of skepticism, restricting premise three to basic beliefs and noting that the Rule does not require ‘explicit’ belief, fail....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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Descartes' Meditations Ontological Argument

- Descartes' Meditations Ontological Argument Descartes's fifth Meditation argument for God's existence relies on an untenable notion that existence is a perfection and that it can be predicated of God. I shall first explain what Descartes's argument for God's existence is, and then present his argument in propositional form. I will then attempt to support the argument that existence is neither a perfection nor a predicate of God. In our thoughts we apprehend ideas of things. These ideas may reside entirely within our thoughts or they may exist independent of our considerations of them (Descartes 143)....   [tags: Philosophy Religion Essays]

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Descartes’ Argument from Divisibility

- Descartes’ Argument from Divisibility Works Cited Missing Reneì Descartes’ treatise on dualism, his Meditations on First Philosophy, is a seminal work in Western intellectual history, outlining his theory of the mind and its relation to the rest of the world. The main argument running through the Meditations leads from his universal methodic doubt through his famous cogito, to proofs of dualism, God, and the world. The Cartesian dualism is one of the most influential ideas to come out of the work; the style of the Meditations, however, is one of personal rumination, following what appears to be Descartes’ stream of consciousness , and it allows for mild tangential discussions....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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Argument From Religious Experience

- The Argument from Religious Experience The argument from religious experience is the argument that personal religious experiences can prove God’s existence to those that have them. One can only perceive that which exists, and so God must exist because there are those that have experienced him. While religious experiences themselves can only constitute direct evidence of God’s existence for those fortunate enough to have them, the fact that there are many people who testify to having had such experiences constitutes indirect evidence of God’s existence even to those who have not had such experiences themselves....   [tags: Religion Research Experience Existence]

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The Human Function Argument

- The Human Function Argument Aristotle argues that the human function is activity of the soul that expresses or requires reason. This argument is found in Nicomachean Ethics approximately between Bekker lines 1097b24 and 1098a9. 1. Humans must have a function, or else they would be idle, which is absurd. Aristotle directly asks the reader if humans might have no important overall function other than a chosen occupation in society but suggests that this would not be expected of nature. Terence Irwin used the word idle in his 1985 translation when phrasing this disjunct of Aristotle?s question....   [tags: Philosophy Aristotle]

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An Argument Against Cloning

- An Argument Against Cloning Increase in genetic knowledge has created challenges in our society. Daniel Callahan focuses on these challenges and expresses his worry about the society (soil) on which this genetic knowledge is growing. Callahan asks the question of what kind of society (soil) is most likely be hazardous and introduces three patterns: 1) societies that demonize death and illness; 2) those societies that want to find biological solutions to social problems; and 3) societies with postmodern theory that there is no common social good, only a plurality of individual goods....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Jonathans Swifts Real Argument

- Jonathan's Swift's Real Argument God only knows from whence came Freud's theory of penis envy, but one of his more tame theories, that of "reverse psychology", may have its roots in the satire of the late Jonathan Swift. I do not mean to assert that Swift employed or was at all familiar with that style of persuasion, but his style is certainly comparable. Reverse psychology (as I chose to define it for this paper) means taking arguments that affirm an issue to such a degree that they seem absurd, and thus oppose the issue....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Socrates' Argument with Crito

- Socrates' Argument with Crito Socrates has presented a period of questions and answers through dialogue with Crito to examine if he going into exile will damage his reputation. Socrates questions and answers with Crito establishes that a person must decide whether the society he or she lives has a just reasoning behind it's own standards of right and wrong and that a person must have pride in the life that he or she leads. By confirming these two concepts through questions, Socrates attempted to prove to his companion Crito, that the choice that he has made is just: "I am the kind of man who listens only to the argument that on reflection seems best to me....   [tags: Papers]

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Argument for Animal Rights

- Argument for Animal Rights The argument for animal rights assumes that animals posses their own lives and deserve to be assigned rights in order to protect their wellbeing. This view insists that animals are not merely goods utilised only to benefit mankind and they should be allowed to choose how they want to live their lives, free from the constraints of man. But if animals are given absolute rights, then surely they shouldn’t be allowed to kill each other, as this would be a violation of these rights....   [tags: Papers]

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Abortion: A Pro-life Argument

- Abortion: A Pro-life Argument Ellen Willis’s “Putting Women Back into the Abortion Debate” (2005) is an argument that supports women’s rights and feminism in terms of allowing all abortions to occur. She discusses abortion with the perspective that women’s rights are the issue, not human life. This argument is not accurate. Abortion is almost completely about the rights of every human being. People who are for abortion need to know a fertilized egg is just as important as someone already living, that an unborn child cannot control its need for someone to rely on for survival, and that they must accept the gender they were given without thinking it eliminates rights....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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Argument for Stopping Animal Abuse

- Executive Summary Every 60 seconds an animal is abused. Dogs, cats, horses, and many other types of animals are being neglected and tortured everyday, yet resulting in few and minor consequences for the perpetrators. Animal abuse is prevalent in the United States and has been an ongoing issue since the 1970's, and prior to. Society as a whole has chosen to avoid the facts and arguments about animal cruelty, because to some it is seen as acceptable and typical. It becomes much more frowned upon when people actually see the results of the cruelty, especially in the media....   [tags: Animal Treatment, Animal Rights]

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An Argument Against Abortion

- An Argument Against Abortion Abortion is a serious topic that people have been debating about for years. Everywhere you turn the topic of abortion presents itself, on TV, in the newspapers, in books and magazines. It already has, and will continue to cause, controversy for years to come. As long as abortion remains legal, pro-life advocates will continue to protest what they believe to be these horrible acts of murder. Dating all the way back to the 1800’s, abortions have been taking place all over the world....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Argument for Capital Punishment

- Argument for Capital Punishment Since the 1970's, almost all capital sentences in the United States have been imposed for homicide. There has been intense debate among Americans regarding the constitutionality of capital punishment. Critics charge that executions are violations of the “cruel and unusual punishment” provision of the Eighth Amendment; while supporters of the death penalty counter that this clause was not intended to prohibit legal executions. In the 1972 court case of Furman vs....   [tags: Capital Punishment Death Essays]

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The Death Penalty Argument

- The Death Penalty Argument "A young girl by the name of Faith Hathaway had been kidnapped in Mandeville. Two boys - - we later found out their names to be Robert L. Willie and Joseph Vaccaro - - kidnapped the girl outside of a local lounge there. And brought her up here. They raped her up the hill here. We're at Frickie's cave in Washington Parish outside of Franklinton. And then they blindfolded her and they beat her up there. They blindfolded her, made her walk down the hill....   [tags: Papers]

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Argument Against Standardized Testing

- Argument Against Standardized Testing President Bush is promoting annual standardized testing for all students in grades three through eight. This bill is currently being considered in Congress, and has garnered much support. As of right now, 15 states test students in those grades, and more than 20 have high school exit exams, which look only at the test score of a student, not at his or her academic achievements. Standardized testing is an unfair and inaccurate form of judging a person’s intellect....   [tags: Standardized Testing Essays]

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Legalization of Drugs Argument

- Legalization of Drugs Argument Man, as a creature, is inherently bored. Since the dawn of time, it has been the natural instinct of man to find alternative methods to enhance his being. The many means by which man has turned to include sex, gambling, and the consumption of substances beyond the requirements of nutrition. The consumption of substances can be further broken down into legal and illegal substances. The question then becomes, who are we to place labels on certain substances by deeming them legal and prohibit others by creating penalties for their use....   [tags: Drug Prohibition Regulation Legal Argumentative]

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Argument for Capital Punishment

- Argument for Capital Punishment If it were up to me, every murderer in this country would be put behind bars on death row and have their life taken from them just as they took the life of another. The guidelines of " an eye for an eye" go back thousands of years. Many countries still hold true to these guidelines. Although America doesn't follow the same as these countries, I believe when it comes to murder, they should. Putting people to death for committing murder makes other potential murderers think twice about killing someone....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Capital Punishment ]

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Research Proposal Argument Paper

- Kill them; kill them all sounds harsh doesn’t it. But if you think about it, which are the way most murders, rapist, and serial killers fell about us. So why not return the favors kill them, kill them all. Like I said this is how they feel about us (criminals). You hear about it in the daily news reasons behind the crimes that criminals comment. They say it’s because of their childhood or they were just born that way (evil). And we as society accept that reasoning and say, well we need to help these criminals....   [tags: Capital Punishment]

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Argument Against Capital Punishment

- Welcome to America, the land of the free, of the prosperous, of the opulent. America the Beautiful, one of the only places in the world where all citizens regardless of race, background, or social class are constitutionally guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—that is unless you're on death row. In modern day America we are still faced with the antiquated ritual of capital punishment, a practice that interferes directly with the law of the land. The same forms of punishment used during the middle ages are still in effect today, the same ideas that should have been abolished had the U.S....   [tags: Anti Death Penalty Essays]

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Ontological Argument

- Most people have not witnessed or experienced God and therefore are confused about its existence. In Western theology, three theories have emerged to demonstrate the existence of God. These theories are the ontological argument, the cosmological argument, and the teleological argument. St. Anselm of eleventh century, and Descartes of seventeenth century, have used the ontological argument for proving the existence of God. The God, for them, is supreme, "needing nothing outside himself, but needful for the being and well-being of all things." (Pg....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Argument Communities

- Argument Communities Arguments can be made anywhere we want them to be made. We can look at some of these arguments that we are making by examining the communities we use to make them in. Perceived in terms of context, argument is discussed in terms of the “audience” to whom it is addressed or in terms of the “community,” “field” or “sphere” in which it takes place. (McKerrow, p.27) By looking at a professional sports event I will address the audience and the community to explain the argument that is taking place....   [tags: Papers]

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Argument Evaluation

- By reading the articles, the debate questions addressed by both arguments are about the poly changes in national securities or homeland securities after the terrorist attack on Sept 11, 2001. The tragedy made all Americans afraid of their safety in flying an airplane and made them felt miserable when their friends had died on the attacked. It is very important that the US need to take measures to improve homeland securities to eliminate any possibilities from terrorist attack (terrorist threat) again....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Euthanasia Argument

- Euthanasia Argument Across the world there are many different laws dealing with the taking of another human's life. For instance powerful nations like America, China and Turkey all frequently impose the death penalty. The later two countries are condemned for this. No western governments speak out against America because of the U.S economic influence on us in Europe. Citizens of these countries tend to agree with these laws although their faiths are against it. The Christian churches worldwide teach that it is never acceptable to take another person's life in the following essay I will try to argue both points of view....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Crito's Argument

- The purpose of &quot;Crito&quot; seems intended to exhibit the character of Socrates in one light only, not as the philosopher, fulfilling a divine mission and trusting in the will of Heaven, but simply as the good citizen, who, having been unjustly condemned is willing to give up his life in obedience to the laws of the State. The main argument that seems to entail the discussion between Crito and Socrates is the opinion of the majority on Socrates’ fate. In the &quot;Crito&quot; Socrates states, &quot;Why should we care so much for what the majority think?&quot; (Plato 45) Socrates believes that we should not care what the majority thinks because those who are rea...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Researched Argument

- Researched Argument It seems that from the beginning of time, music has been an important part of people’s lives. However, today, it seems that the number of people who advocate the everlasting presence of music is dwindling, and the number of people only concerned with economic stability and the core curriculum in schools is rising. Budgets in schools are being cut, and the music programs are usually at the beginning of the list when a particular area is to be disbanded. Action is being taken against the loss of music education in schools, and the people fighting to save and rejuvenate this precious resource have established many strong arguments....   [tags: Papers]

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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

- Strength of Argument: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos bell hooks’s essay, "Keeping Close to Home", uses three important components of argument (ethos, pathos, and logos) to support her claim. hooks develops her essay by establishing credibility with her audience, appealing to the reader’s logic, and stirring their emotions. She questions the role a university should play in the life of a nation, claiming that higher education should not tear a student away from his roots, but help him to build an education upon his background....   [tags: Argument]

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The Ontological Argument Presented by Descartes and the Cosmological Argument Presented by Aquinas

- The Ontological Argument Presented by Descartes and the Cosmological Argument Presented by Aquinas Descartes, often called the father of modern philosophy, developed Anselm’s argument, in attempting to prove God’s existence from simply the meaning of the word ‘God’. The ontological argument is a priori argument, such arguments use logic to prove an initial definition to be correct. The basis of these arguments depends upon one’s understanding of the nature of God. Anselm’s definition of God being “a supremely perfect being”, is the basis of his argument....   [tags: Papers]

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Process Essay - How to Win an Argument

- Process Essay - How to Win an Argument To win an argument one must keep in mind the following factors: Is the argument worth fighting. Do you have the proper background to win the argument. Who is your opponent. And finally, do I have the proper argumentative behavior. Before getting involved in an argument, you must decide whether or not it is even worth fighting. Does the subject at hand have any interest to you, does it make a difference if you win or lose. An argument about Jackie Gleson's weight at death, or the amount of torque output in a 1976 Ford Pinto, probably doesn't make much difference to anyone and isn't very interesting....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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Vaid’s Liberal Argument

- Vaid’s Liberal Argument Andrew Sullivan and Urvashi Vaid are two of the most prolific advocates of homosexual equality. Urvashi Vaid's book, Virtual Equality, argues that homosexuals are living as if they are equal to heterosexuals when in fact homosexuals are still treated unfairly and need to seek true liberation. Sullivan's book, Virtually Normal, examines several different political groups and their differing beliefs concerning how society should deal with homosexuality. The arguments expressed in Vaid's book suggest that Sullivan would categorize her into chapter four of Virtually Normal, entitled, “The Liberals.” It becomes evident that Vaid is neither a Prohibitionist, Liberationist,...   [tags: Research Papers]

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McTaggart's Argument Evaluation

- McTaggart's Argument Evaluation McTaggart takes a bold step in trying to disprove the existence of a phenomenon as taken for granted and unquestioned as breathing when he tackles the issue of time. If for no other reason, this quest is extremely daring in its scope, because he chooses to question an entity whose reality has probably never crossed most people’s minds.      McTaggart’s goal in his paper is, on a large scale, to prove that time does not exist. We will, however, be tackling the aspect of time known as the A-Series in this essay....   [tags: McTaggart Time Existence Essays]

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An Argument for Abortion

- Pro-Abortion over Pro-life An unborn child doesn’t have a soul A sixteen year old walks down a nameless back alley on the mainland, one of only a million others, and she carries with her an unborn child of 4 months. She had tried to hide it but the signs were finally showing, “Who was the father” were the cries and pleas of those whom she loved. She was raped a year ago by her ex-boyfriend and now carries their unwanted child. Should she be forced to carry and care for the child she hadn’t planned for....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Strength of the Teological Argument due to Science

- The Strength of the Teological Argument due to Science Science does give us more and more information about the universe, but it doesn’t believe in God or god as the designer of the universe as there is no scientific evidence for the existent of God. But learning more about the universe does show us that there is an order in the universe, which strengthens the teological argument. The Design argument is a theory based on the idea that everything in the Universe is ordered. It is also known as the Teological argument, derived from the Greek word "telos" meaning "end" or "purpose." The basic and fundamental proposal of the design argument is that because of the appa...   [tags: Papers]

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Anselms Ontological Argument

- As a theologian and philosopher, Saint Anselm strove to prove the existence of God in reality. The bulk of his argument is found in Chapter II of Proslogium. Anselm begins by defining God as &#8220;a being than which nothing greater can be conceived';. He continues by stating that &#8220;even a fool'; has the capacity to understand this definition of God and that whatever is understood exists in the understanding. Anselm now draws his first intermediate inference based on these initial premises; God must exist in the understanding, and is therefore a possible being....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Capital Punishment Argument

- Capital Punishment Argument In this philosophical study of applied ethics the concept of punishment will be argued using philosophers such as Mill, Bentham and Kant. And the case of John Martin Scripps ‘The tourist from hell’ will be used. The concept of capital punishment as a form of punishment brings about questions such as ‘is there any crime so bad that it permits the state to kill. Does anyone deserve to die for his or her crime. Is the execution a sign that society has failed its responsibilities to all its citizens....   [tags: Papers]

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Descartes' Wax Argument

- The purpose of the wax argument is designed to provide a clear and distinct knowledge of “I”, which is the mind, while corporeal things, “whose images are framed by thought, and which the senses themselves imagine are much more distinctly known than this mysterious ‘I’ which does not fall within the imagination” (66). Through the wax argument, Descartes’ demonstrates that corporeal things are perceived neither through our senses nor imagination, but through our intellect alone. In this argument, you will see that there is cause to doubt Descartes’ analysis of the wax and his method of philosophical reasoning....   [tags: Descartes Meditations]

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The Argument Essay: Just Don't Do It!

- The Argument Paper: Just Don't Do It.   English 101 is incredibly challenging and overwhelming to the typical college student. A narrative reflective essay, an expository essay, a novel, and the Nelson-Denny Reading Comprehension test are all crammed into ten weeks of backbreaking work. However, the most intolerable assignment of all has not even been mentioned yet: the argument paper. Students run around shrieking and cursing when they are handed the assignment. Most of them are enveloped by insanity during the writing process....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Kant's Categorical Argument

- Kant's Categorical Argument Emanuel Kant was a German Philosopher who lived in the late 18th century and was arguably one of the greatest thinkers of all time. He came up with a guide to morals in direct opposition to the ontological theory. Many people use his ethics as a guide to living a moral life. The topic I shall be discussing is Kant's categorical imperative and the utilitarian's greatest happiness idea. There are significant problems with both ideas. It is apparent however, that alternatives to these two conflicting schools of thought have been offered....   [tags: Papers]

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Erin's Causal Argument

- Erin's Causal Argument "Nothing meant more to people who went West in the 1840's and 1850's than mail from home." - National Park Service Pony Express Historic Trail Brochure People moved West for many reasons: the prospect of a new beginning, free land, even Gold. Leaving family behind was a hardship that many settlers dealt with. And at this time, the only way to communicate with those left behind was to write letters. Moving was, and still is, a very traumatic process. Picking up and moving everything you own and leaving behind everything familiar – it was a very trying experience....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Gun Control Argument

- Gun Control Argument I would consider myself to be a conservative, although I do share a few liberal beliefs. I am a very firm believer in a free market economy. Where the invisible hand of competition keeps business in check. I believe that this type of business benefits the consumer by keeping prices low and quality high. I also think that some monopolies are beneficial to us. Microsoft for example, has a superior product in which consumers have chosen make it a monopoly. The government should not be able to break up this company, unless it is proven that they are mistreating the consumer....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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René Descartes' Argument on the Existence of God

- René Descartes' Argument on the Existence of God The problem with René Descartes' argument about the existence of God has to do with his rationalist deductive reasoning. Descartes deduces that truth about the existence of God lies within his idea of a perfect God and God's essence (as a perfect being who must exist in order to be perfect). A rationalist philosopher, Descartes discounts human knowledge as a product of our sensory data (our senses) but supports the epistemological stance that our knowledge is obtained through the reasoning processes of our own minds....   [tags: Philosophy God Existence Religion Essays]

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Descartes' Trademark Argument for God's Existence

- Descartes' Trademark Argument for God's Existence The trademark argument (also known as the causal argument) tries to prove Gods existence through the fact that we have an idea of him. This argument rests on Descartes' definition of cause and effect, which he considers a priori. This idea, that God is an infinite being, he reasons is innate left on our brain as his stamp or trademark much like a potter leaves on his pots. "God, at my creation, implanted this idea in me, that it might serve, as it were, for the mark of the workman impressed on his work" This idea of infinity must be innate because a finite thing like a human cannot come up with the idea of something...   [tags: Papers]

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The Argument Against the National Minimum Wage

- The national minimum wage was introduced in the UK in April 1999 by the Labour government. Essentially it formed a major part of their manifesto as it convinced the average population that Labour were beneficial for everybody. However, they would argue against classical economics and suggest there are wide spread benefits to be gained. The main argument is that the NMW would alleviate poverty across the country. This is an equity issue that has constantly concerned society and would go some way to redistribution of income....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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The Argument on the Legalization of Same Sex Marriages

- The Argument on the Legalization of Same Sex Marriages The argument over the legalization of same sex marriages is rapidly becoming one of the most vigorously advocated reform subjects in recent law review. Being gay and loving someone is not illegal, but uniting that couple in a legal marriage is rejected by most of society in this country. Each state has had to deal with legal issues concerning same sex marriages to some extent. Most supporters of the ban on gay marriages believe that it would be a strong cause of immorality and corruption of the American family....   [tags: Papers Persuasive Gay Marriage Essays]

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Argument of Alfarabi’s Book of Religion

- Argument of Alfarabi’s Book of Religion For this paper I reviewed four works by the philosopher Abu Nasr al-Farabi (864-933d ce). These were the Enumeration of the Sciences, the Book of Religion, Selected Aphorisms, andthe Attainment of Happiness. Three of these were new translations by Ch. E. Butterworth, the fourth Attainment of Happiness: is from the anthology Medieval Political Philosophy edited by Ralph Lerner and Muhsin Mahdi, the latter being the translator of the piece. The assignment calls for an analysis of one of the above works....   [tags: ]

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Gaia: Argument over a single word

- Gaia: Argument over a single word THESIS: Life on earth has been considered by some as a purposeful interaction tending toward ecological stability. However, when the scientific community led by James Lovelock tried to match this concept with science, it was (and continues to be) a dilemma. Introduction Whenever one hears the word Gaia, he or she will also hear life, goddess, purpose, ecology, and undoubtedly controversy. Not many topics have provoked more controversy among the scientific community than the idea that the atmosphere, biosphere, and its living organisms behave as a single system, striving to maintain a stability that is conducive to the existence of life—the so-called Gaia...   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Argument Against a National Identification System

- Argument Against a National Identification System The concept of a national ID card has been debated in the United States for over three decades. In the past, the opposition as well as its allies has been strong. As a result of the September 11th terrorist attacks there has been new interest in the concept of national ID cards. While this idea is not all a new, it is closer to becoming more of a reality than ever, gaining the approval by the key members of congress. Currently the Bush Administration objects this renewed idea, however due to the intense emotion from the recent terrorist attacks the nation is closer to the idea than ever before....   [tags: ID Identification Argumentative Essays]

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Argument for Making Hemp Growth Legal

- Argument for Making Hemp Growth Legal There is vast history of hemp as an agricultural crop in the United States. The crop was grown extensively until its ban in 1937. Prior to the ban on hemp the plant was one of the biggest cash crops of the Southern United States. For instance in Kentucky hemp was the biggest cash crop up until 1915. In these southern states hemp was used as a rotation crop between tobacco crops as well as other crops. Thomas Jefferson even wrote in his own writings that, “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.” Jefferson's theories can offer thought on the hemp ban being lifted during World War II because the crop was needed f...   [tags: Argumentative Persusaive Hemp Essays Papers]

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John Searle's Chinese Room Argument

- John Searle's Chinese Room Argument The purpose of this paper is to present John Searle’s Chinese room argument in which it challenges the notions of the computational paradigm, specifically the ability of intentionality. Then I will outline two of the commentaries following, the first by Bruce Bridgeman, which is in opposition to Searle and uses the super robot to exemplify his point. Then I will discuss John Eccles’ response, which entails a general agreement with Searle with a few objections to definitions and comparisons....   [tags: Papers]

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