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Zero Tolerance Policies in American Schools

- In all grades of education, from kindergarten to college, there is a form of discipline known as a zero tolerance policy. While the exact wording is different from school to school, basically a zero tolerance policy means that a student is immediately suspended, asked to attend an alternative school, or expelled if they are suspected or caught doing certain things. These policies are in place to hopefully deter students from doing drugs or being violent, but the ethics behind them are questionable....   [tags: zero tolerance, drug policy, school rules]

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Analysis Of Zero Tolerance And Its Effects On Our Society

- ... He contends that because of the drug use and violence within our society; it is important for school officials to be giving the ability to correct these serious conduct behavior issues quickly and effectively. Moreover, he argues that “close supervision of schoolchildren, as well as enforcement of rule against conduct would be perfectly permissible if undertaken by an adult (303).” In this line of argument, he concurs that within our society it is completely okay for adult behavior concerning weapons, drugs, and violence to be regulated....   [tags: Drug addiction, High school, Zero tolerance]

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The Impact of Zero Tolerance Policies

- The zero tolerance policies that date back to the mid-1990’s originally targeted issues such as drugs and weapons. Over time, schools have broadened their list of punishable offenses, creating more disciplinary issues. These policies in public schools enforce punishment, in the form of expulsion or suspension, on students in response to certain rule violations. The goal of these policies is to promote the safety of all students and staff. If rules are broken, students are punished without exceptions....   [tags: lack or leniency and rationalization, punishment]

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Drawbacks of the Zero Tolerance Policy

- Your phone rings while you are at work and you see that it is your child’s school. You answer the phone and the school’s principal tells you that your child has been suspended for one month for bringing a plastic knife in his/her lunch box. You are scheduled for hearings that have no meaning because the decision is irreversible. These are some of the effects of a zero-tolerance policy. Zero tolerance policies should be eliminated because they disproportionately affect African-American and urban youth, continue to feed the cradle to prison pipeline, create a prison culture in urban communities, and provide a devastating long-term outcome for youth....   [tags: violence in school, inflexible policy]

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Zero Tolerance in Schools

- Contemporary Issue Paper Zero tolerance has become the latest contemporary educational issue for the Christian school leader. Zero tolerance policies mandate predetermined consequences for specific offenses. According to a government study, more than three quarters of all U.S. schools reported having zero tolerance policies (Holloway, 2002). Systematic guidelines of enforcing zero tolerance require educational leaders to impose a predetermined punishment, regardless of individual culpability or extenuating circumstances (Gorman & Pauken, 2003)....   [tags: Education]

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Death Penalty: Zero Tolerance

- Just the very mentioning of the “death penalty” can bring out a fury in most people. Those for the death penalty argue that it creates deterrence, punishment, and justice. While those that oppose the death penalty argue about the risk of executing an innocent person or life in prison is a worst punishment. Crime is an obvious element of society and something needs to deter people from committing criminal acts. The question lies in the methods and actions in which to deal with each crime. As a nation, we must have zero tolerance for horrific crimes such as murder and we must have a just punishment for a crime to insure some control over criminals....   [tags: capital punishment, death penalty]

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Zero Tolerance on Bullying

- ... Although bulling is known to cause physical and emotional pain to their victims and many tragedies have taken place because of it, there are many, that argue, that bullying is just a part of growing up, and it is something that children just have to experience or learn to deal with on their own, or they will never learn to deal with future problems without having someone come to their aid. Many students that witness the bulling do not intervene out of fear that they will be bullied themselves....   [tags: society, emotion, cyber, victims]

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Zero Tolerance

- Schools need to maintain a disciplined and safe learning environment. There are many disciplinary actions that are in use today and although some can disagree about the amount of discipline that is best for maturing children, it is reasonable to be in agreement that a positive learning environment begins with physical and emotional safety. School safety includes a broad range of matters, including, fighting, bullying, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and etc. Many schools use varying methods in an effort to maintain school safety....   [tags: Education]

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Zero Tolerance Policies

- Zero tolerance policies, dating back to the mid-1990’s originally targeted issues such as drugs and weapons. Over time, schools have broadened their list of conflicts, punishing more children. These policies in public schools enforce punishment in the form of expulsion or suspension on students in response to certain rule violations. The goal of these policies is to promote the safety of all students and staff, therefore if rules are broken, students are punished without exceptions. I oppose the zero tolerance policy in public schools because of the lack of leniency and rationalization....   [tags: issues, consequences, alternatives, injustices]

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Is the Vision of Zero Tolerance In or Out of Focus?

- Trust and shared vision unify the facets of interpersonal resources leaders, direct or guide as employees, navigate through the structured network of relationships that encompasses the cooperative relationship of shared vision, shared values, and mutual goals (Frisina & Frisina, 2011; Li, 2005; McLeod & Young, 2005; Rodríguez-Campos, 2007). Faithfulness and dependability of purpose, move the organization forward from an expected ideal state or big picture whereas the behavior of the leadership becomes the forecaster of organizational performance (Frisina & Frisina, 2011; McLeod & Young, 2005; Rodríguez-Campos, 2007)....   [tags: CSR, strategic vision, leadership behavior]

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The Zero Tolerance Policy: Justified or Unreasonable?

- The zero tolerance policy has become a national controversy in regards to the solid proven facts that it criminalizes children and seems to catch kids who have no intention of doing harm. Although, there has been substantial evidence to prove that the policies enforced in many schools have gone far beyond the extreme to convict children of their wrongdoing. The punishments for the act of misconduct have reached a devastating high, and have pointed students in the wrong direction. Despite the opinions of administrators and parents, as well as evidence that zero tolerance policies have deterred violence in many public and private schools, the rules of conviction and punishment are unreasonable...   [tags: Behavior Management ]

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Use and Application of the Zero Tolerance Policy in American Schools

- In an effort to maintain peace, safety and a disciplined environment conducive to effective teaching and learning, many schools have adopted the zero tolerance policy. This philosophy was originally created in the 1990’s as an approach towards drug enforcement to address the rampant use, possession and sales of drugs in schools (Jones, 2013). Today, this policy is used to mandate the application of pre-determined consequences of violation of stated rules. These rules may pertain to a number of issues; drugs, bullying, theft, and corporal punishment....   [tags: education, school policy]

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Zero Tolerance

- This week I picked up some code from a colleague for review. To me, part and parcel of the review process is rebuilding the code - I want to check that I get the same hex (i.e., output) file as has been checked in to our version control system for release. And sure enough, this time I did. But I also got 16 warning messages. The compiler spat out a variety of messages, including warnings of integer truncation, and what looked like notes the developer had written to himself - "This could be done faster with pointers" and the like....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Zero Tolerance

- Zero Tolerance      There are many disciplinary actions that have been used and are still in use in order to deal with problems in the school system today. However, it seems that zero tolerance is now the most widely used and most controversial policy that has came into effect. Zero tolerance means absolutely no mercy for students when accused of doing something wrong. This policy leaves no room at all for error. These cases are not judged for their individual qualities. They are all treated the same regardless of the circumstances....   [tags: School System Education Discipline Essays]

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Zero Tolerance

- Zero Tolerance: Doubtful Indeed Many schools around the country have been faced with violence and even actual deaths. Take the incident at Columbine, for example. Many schools for this very reason have proposed and in some cases even imposed a policy called, The Zero Tolerance Policy. The article, ”Taking Zero Tolerance to the Limit” by Jesse Katz, is about the absolute ban of drugs and weapons in schools. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because it punishes everyone for the problems of few, it’s too extreme and there is still no clear line between what is a drug and what is a weapon....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Zero Tolerance Policy of Education in America

- Zero Tolerance Policy of Education in America In Bedford, Texas, a 16-year-old honor student was expelled after a security guard noticed a kitchen knife on the floor of the student's car. The knife apparently had fallen unnoticed as the student carted some of his grandmother's possessions to Goodwill. He was ordered to spend a year in a juvenile-justice education program and banished from district property and school-sponsored activities....   [tags: Papers]

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Should They Stay or Should They Go?: A Look at Zero-Tolerance Policies in Schools

- Who hasn’t heard of the Columbine shooting, where in the spring of 1999 in Littleton, Colorado over a dozen people where killed and many others were wounded at the hands of two students. Or even more recently, who does not know about the Virginia Tech massacre where a single student killed thirty-two people and wounded over twenty more. University of Texas, California State University, San Diego State University, the list of school violence is long and heart-breaking. Students and teachers have lost their lives by the dozens to gunmen that carried a grudge for some reason or another....   [tags: Violence ]

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Criminalization at School: Zero-Tolerance Discipline Policies Might Be Damaging to Students

- ... Research has confirmed that fewer attention and resources to students yield poor educational achievement and poor behavioral outcomes. The inadequacies of failing schools such as a lack of experienced teachers and guidance counselors, advanced instruction, early intervention programs, extracurricular activities, and safe, well equipped facilities. Moreover, the overuse of suspensions, expulsions and arrests is itself a reflection of this lack of resources. Ultimately, under-resourced schools force many of its students into second-class educational environments that neglect their needs and make them feel disengaged from their schools (NAACP, 2005)....   [tags: suspension, dropout, and incarceration]

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Putting an End to School Violence – Is Zero Tolerance the Solution?

- Putting an End to School Violence – Is a Zero Tolerance Policy the Solution. There are very few people today who are unaware of the violence in schools. As college students we live in a world that is desperate to find prevention methods against violence. That makes this issue important to today's college students, considering the fact that we are the generation that could have been involved and directly effected by a school shooting like Columbine. Is this how we want our school systems to be when our children enroll....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Issues Evolved from Illegal Immigration and Their History

- America as a whole has come to be defined by a single phrase, “Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” written by young immigrant from Portugal, Emma Lazarus, and engraved on the Statue of Liberty. With more and more people entering the country, the United States quickly evolved into the ultimate melting pot that it is today. As time has moved on America remains welcoming to the millions of immigrants. However, entry into the United States has become much more complicated....   [tags: zero tolerance policies]

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The LGBT Community and Bullying at School

- Many schools have zero tolerance bullying policies, but lack the educational aspect to help prevent bullying. As I started to create my intervention for LGBT bullying in schools I focused on an educational program that aims to educate youth on LGBT bullying. The Program I created is a program that will be nationwide and focus on educating youth on LGBT bullying. I will make sure to clarify even though this program is designed for LGBT students it can apply to all student that are bullied. I think having a program designed around LGBT bullying is important, because this population is growing every day and there have been a lot of issues in the news and all around the world concerning the LGB...   [tags: education, zero tolerance policy]

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Schools Should Eliminate the Use of Zero-Tolerance Policies

- The public schools of the United States, despite their proud past, are currently experiencing many difficulties. They seem to be under constant scrutiny and pressure to produce higher academic achievement and at the same time are being criticized by large segments of society. It is no secret that the environment which students experience in the public schools has changed greatly over the past twenty to thirty years, but there are many possible reasons for this; most of these explanations do not place the blame squarely on the schools themselves....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Devastating Consequences of Zero Tolerance and School Discipline Policies

- Over the course of creating a critical reflective journal there is one experience that stands out. It was a visit to George Washington Community School, an urban school in Indianapolis Indiana, to observe the role of teacher preparation. During this visit my intent was to observe the concept of formal, common, and frozen registry for communication between teachers, students, staff, and community. During this exposure I was able to see discipline in a school setting in new and revealing way. I would like to present this experience and the interplay of registers of communication regarding discipline of students during a school day....   [tags: students, schools, students]

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Culture affects Domestic Violence

- Domestic violence is the act of violence or abuse against a person living in one’s household, especially a member of one’s immediate family ( I believe that domestic violence is affected by culture. In many communities, domestic violence is not a big topic, but to many women in different cultures; it is an event many women deal with everyday. Domestic violence is more common in other cultures and culture can affect women’s rights. Throughout many cultures around the world, domestic violence is present among their communities, and even the domestic violence rate in America is higher than other cultures that have respect for women’s rights, such as Spain....   [tags: Zero Tolerance, Abuse]

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The Broken Windows Theory Set The Standards of Law Enforcement

- Introduction: Many experts look at experts’ looks at data and research. Great experts find out and test their research. Traditional old concepts of police work caused many to venture and test anything. George Kelling and James Q. Wilson analyzed and tested their hypothesis. I will break down their “Broken Windows Theory” and how this has changed law enforcement today. Topic I. The Broken Windows set the standards for law enforcement. A. Early Beginnings of the Broken Windows theory. B. Specific arguments regarding the Broken Windows theory....   [tags: zero tolerance, crime, police job]

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Bullying: A Problem Legislation Cannot Solve

- The years students spend within the school environment can be some of the most exciting, enjoyable, rewarding, and memorable years of their lives; making new friends, attending dances, having parities, joining clubs. These years can also be memorable for another reason; bullying. No doubt the time spent in the educational environment can have a significant impact on not only the present quality of students’ lives but also on their future; into young adulthood and beyond. It is with this understanding that parents and educators wish to do what is within their power in order to prevent bullying, and assure a positive present and future for every student....   [tags: zero tolerance, educational environment, bullying]

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Problems in the Educational System for Boys

- In the past decade there has been a decline of boy graduating from high school. In fact by 2004, 54% of the youth dropping out of high school were boys. 23% in 2005 were Hispanic, 11% were African Americans and 6 % White (Services, 2008). A decline of boys entering college; of those that do enter college they drop out or it takes them longer to finish. Questions have arisen to what is going on, why this is happening and ideas on how to fix the problems. It is suggested that one of the reasons that boys are having problems is in the classroom curriculum....   [tags: Zero Tolerance, Corporal Punishment]

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The The First Actual Drunk Driving Arrest Happened in 1897 in London by George Smith

- Drunk driving began long before automobiles were even invented. Drinking played a large part in seafaring as well. Alcohol played an important part in many civilizations for a simple reason. A constant source of clean water is harder to come by than you might think. Without modern materials and methods, stored water quickly stagnates.The first actual drunk driving arrest happened in 1897 in London by George Smith. They've also made an amendment to the U.S constitution in 1920, it had also been a law that was called Volstead act.In 1910, New York became the first state to adopt drunk and driving laws was New York....   [tags: DUI, zero tolerance, volstead act]

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If I had it my way, I would tone down the zero tolerance act. It

- If I had it my way, I would tone down the zero tolerance act. It just punishes too harshly for some things. I think that it needs to distinguish the difference between minor problems, like playing with a toy gun, and major problems, like having drugs. Zero Tolerance The zero tolerance policies call for students to receive automatic suspensions or expulsions as punishment for certain offenses, primarily those involving weapons, threats, or drugs. I agree that safety is an important concern in schools, but sometimes the zero tolerance policy is taken too far....   [tags: Economics]

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No Tolerance

- The issue of school safety is a concern shared between teachers, students, parents, administration and the community. Providing a safe and proactive school action plan is essential to an effective and excelling education for every student. This plan must include alternatives to the zero tolerance policies set forth by the adoption of the Gun Free Schools Act of 1994. Through the effective use of this policy the Union Colony Charter School will create a better foundation of trust between all stakeholders....   [tags: School Safety Policy, Behavioral Support]

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Religious Tolerance and Humanism

- Introduction An old history teacher of mine once said that people are incapable of seeing the endless things they share when these common aspects of life stand in the shadow of their few differences. The differences of which he spoke promote unwarranted bias and prevent the advancement of all of humanity and even promote acts of war. Chief among those differences is religious belief. People treat people with a different religion with such great intolerance. They will either discriminate or commit hate crimes just to get their point across....   [tags: religion, intolerance, religious beliefs]

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The Illegal Steroid Use in The Major League Baseball

- The purpose in constructing this report is to take a look and study the illegal steroid use in Major League Baseball, and possible ways it can be exempt from the game forever. Use of performance enhancing drugs is cheating and causes inequalities, in which new repercussions should be implemented. These new rules should include a zero tolerance level, records stripped and not being rewarded of their accomplishments; which is to include banishment from an admittance into the Hall of Fame. Furthermore, it causes major health concerns and could end a player’s career, along with mitigating health problems down the road....   [tags: testosterone, hormone, tolerance]

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Teacher and Student Rights

- Teacher and Student rights have been evolving ever since the 60’s and 70’s. Prior to this, teachers substituted as the students’ parents while they at school, “en loco parentis”. Now, teachers have been restricted from laying a single hand on students or even saying anything that may offend them. In addition to strict regulations for teachers, they also implemented more limitations on students. Although I don’t think that teachers or students should be allowed to say and do whatever they please, there are some laws that need to be changed....   [tags: regulation, tolerance, speech]

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Preventing Bullying in School

- Now more than ever, bullying has become more common among students in schools. “It can be as direct as teasing, hitting, or threatening, or as indirect as exclusions, rumors or manipulation (Garrett, 2003).” However, it is defined, bullying cannot be dismissed as child’s play. It can be a humiliating or terrifying experience, and at its worst can lead to retaliation or suicide. For instance, Tyler Long, 17, was a fun loving student that enjoyed the normal kid things such as: karate, playing video games, and even inspired to go to college in the future....   [tags: classmates, tolerance, evidence, teacher]

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The Community Tolerance Test

- When an indecent or obscene act takes place being tolerant to it doesn’t exactly mean you are not being put at risk with these acts. The Community Tolerance Test (CSTT) is designed to look at what the society can tolerant compared to what they do or do not prefer. The Harm-based Test is made to charge any act of indecency that is harmful or has any risk of harm towards an individual or society. This is why between the CSTT and the Harm Test, It is best to use the Harm Test when determining the obscene and the indecent acts in Canada as it looks more towards the safety of individuals and society in general....   [tags: Inaappropriate Content, Society, Tolerance]

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Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

- Captivity in Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi, is a strongly emphasized theme. Fideaus the protagonist is constantly constrained and surveilled within the realms of the Egyptian society subsequently being emotionally, and twice literally, captive. The significance of captivity in Woman at Point Zero is not only for plot or dramatic effect. In the writing of Woman At Point Zero Nawal El Saadawi wishes to inform the reader about the captivity felt by some women in suppressive countries. In this way, she means the protagonist Firdaus to not only represent one woman but many....   [tags: Woman at Point Zero]

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Tolerance, Liberalism, and Community

- Tolerance, Liberalism, and Community ABSTRACT: The liberal principle of tolerance limits the use of coercion by a commitment to the broadest possible toleration of rival religious and moral conceptions of the worthy way of life. While accepting the communitarian insight that moral thought is necessarily rooted in a social self with conceptions of the good, I argue that this does not undermine liberal tolerance. There is no thickly detailed way of life so embedded in our self-conceptions that liberal neutrality is blocked at the level of reflection....   [tags: Tolerance Liberal Community Essays]

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Deism and Changes in Religious Tolerance in America

- Deism and Changes in Religious Tolerance in America       Religious conscience in America has evolved considerably since the first settlers emigrated here from Europe. Primary settlements were established by Puritans and Pilgrims who believed "their errand into the wilderness [America] was above all else a religious errand, and all institutions - town meeting, school, church, family, law-must faithfully reflect that fact" (Gaustad 61). However, as colonies grew, dissenters emerged to challenge Puritan authority; indeed, many of them left the church to join untraditional religious sects such as "the Ranters, the Seekers, the Quakers, the Antinomians, and the Familists" (Westbrook 26)....   [tags: Deism Religious Tolerance]

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The Effect Of Temperature On The Temperature Of Degrees And At Which All Particle Motion Stops ( Absolute Zero )

- ... Assemble a hot bath, add 4-5 coins to the glass beaker. Add about 400 mL of tap water and put your thermometer in the beaker. Put the rubber stopper into an EMPTY, dry test tube. Gently (low) heat water on the stove top to a simmer (gentle boil). Allow the temperature to equalize for at least 5 minutes. Record the temperature of the hot water bath (T1). Using your tongs quickly flip the test over into the ice water bath. Turn the burner off. Wait about 5 minutes. Equalize the level of water in the test tube with the level of water in the container, and place finger over the rubber stopper in the test tube to keep the water in when you invert the test tube....   [tags: Temperature, Celsius, Absolute zero, Fahrenheit]

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Culture, Resistance, Tolerance, And Tolerance

- ... He had his entire future in front of him yet this was taken away because of an unreasonable choice. Once inside Shawshank the detainees really put down wagers that he would not last the night without separating. This was a direct result of how great his life was on the outside and what they thought he was acclimated as well. Did Andy make due in prison as well as he confronted each snag and could overcome them in the long run. Despite the fact that Andy was detained he could give satisfaction and a protected spot for the detainees and that was the library that he battled for and committed to his standardized companion Brooks....   [tags: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Prison]

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The Contemplation of Zero

- Prompt: Tell us about zero. Zero, zilch, zip, nada, naught, nil - frequent expressions used to express nothing or a lack of something. It is a concept often not thought about today. However, some of the greatest thinkers of the past spent a lot of time contemplating nothing. It was these thoughts that allowed the Arabic numeral system to gain prevalence in the western world, spreading over continents through the transportation of goods and the waging of wars. Today, many modern concepts and technologies rely entirely on the existence of zero....   [tags: mathematics, numeral, algebra]

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The History of the Number Zero

- Zero is where it all begins. The use of zero is well known today. But where did it come from. Everything is created, it does not just show up. The use of zero predates the twenty-first century. It is one of the largest controversies of all time. Present day math and even ancient math would not have been the same without it. Zero was conspicuously absent from most early number systems and all earlier civilizations. So where did it come from. No one knows exactly where and when it was invented, nor who invented it....   [tags: mathematics, place value]

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Origin of the Number Zero

- As ancient numerical systems came to be and evolved over time, so did the number zero. Zero did not seem to be an obvious start to the natural numbers to the mathematicians who pioneered the different number systems of the past. Having a symbol that meant basically “nothing” appeared in a few cultures but usually long after the initial creation of the culture’s number system and sometimes was a controversial idea. (Textbook) The delay in adding zero to the number systems was most likely because in most cultures the earliest number systems were additive....   [tags: systems, number, cultures, symbols]

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A Need for Religious Tolerance

- It is possible for us to compromise in many fields including religion. Many religious figures and scientists agreed that it is actually the paradoxical nature that the world itself makes compromise condition of human living. However, we cannot deny that in our lives there are two kinds of excess, fanaticism and consumerism. On one hand we face the extreme of violence, but on the other hand we face consumerism. To avoid many unnecessary conflicts coming from the two extremes tolerance is essential....   [tags: conflict, non-judgmental, beliefs]

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Candide, The Enlightenment And The Birth Of Tolerance

- ... Concluding that this is still the best outcome in the universe, so we should just accept it as part of the world we live in and move on. Voltaire did not accept this philosophy because it allowed for people to accept suffering as in the case of James. Voltaire wants the reader to go out and look at the world and learn though empirical reasoning the cause behind events. As we transition into the event following James falling from the ship. Now one would expect someone (Candide or Pangloss) to save James, but Pangloss demonstrated to Candide that the Lisbon Bay was formed just for James to drown in....   [tags: Age of Enlightenment, Voltaire, Candide, Logic]

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Looking for Tolerance in a Postmodern World

- ... We are not to walk away from sin we are to run. God makes it clear. Sin is not a bargaining tool that we allow certain sins to be more deadly than others are. Sin is sin. The first century morality was not unlike our twenty-first century morality. Premarital and extra-marital affairs exist in both. Prostitution is common in both centuries. The speed in which sexual perverseness can occur in today’s society can occur at a much more rapid rate due to the Internet, however, with the same outcome as it was then, the defiling of one’s body, a body that belongs to God....   [tags: christian, sin, morality]

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Woman At Point Zero and The Metamorphosis

- Thesis Statement: The absence of mother in the protagonist’s life in Woman At Point Zero and The Metamorphosis contributes greatly to their alienation. ‘All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my Mother’ -Abraham Lincoln.’1 Alienation: a withdrawing or separation of a person, or a person’s affections from an object or position of former attachment4. Alienation is a key theme present in Woman at Point Zero2 and The Metamorphosis3 by Nawaal El Saadawi and Franz Kafka respectively which is approached in different ways....   [tags: compare, contrast, comparison]

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Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero by

- In the 12 years since the terrorist attacks on the world trade towers in New York city, thousands of hours of research and interviews has been conducted, scores of books have been written, and countless documentaries and films have been produced in an effort to help us understand how and why terrorists were able to carry out the massacre of nearly 3500 people. Despite the plethora of religious and nonreligious beliefs represented by the friends and family of those who died, one universal belief binds them all: the belief that an unspeakable act of cruelty has changed our nation and our people for all time....   [tags: Helen Whitney, transcendentalism]

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Tolerance of Multiculturalism and Multiethnicity

- When a person says Tolerance what do you think of. If you don’t know the definition do you just think about the last time the word tolerant or tolerance was used. For example, I can’t tolerate you blacks or I can’t tolerate you whites. I assume that a person is saying that they can’t stand white people or black people. Tolerance is respect; it’s the ability or willingness to tolerate something or someone. In the world there are a lot of intolerant people and intolerant events that go on. I don’t think one person could cover all the intolerance things that go on and that’s needed to be addressed....   [tags: racism, ignorance, discrimination]

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The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

- ... As well as a reduced dye, AH2, which yields an oxidised product, A, can be measured spectrophotometrically5: H2O2 + AH2 > 2H2O + A Aims The aims of Practical 2 were to use the two patients’ blood plasma samples provided, to help calculate the concentration of glucose and determine their diabetic state. This was done by using a standard curve, absorbance values and a set of standards to compare against, all prepared during the laboratory session. We were to familiarise ourselves with the importance of glucose tolerance testing for the assessment of diabetes mellitus and prediabetes and to understand the basis of the commonly used glucose oxidase method for measuring glucose in blood p...   [tags: Blood sugar, Diabetes mellitus]

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Howard Gardner and Project Zero

- Howard Gardner is the “John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Adjunct Professor of Neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine, and Senior Director of Harvard Project Zero” (Gardner bio, Multiple Intelligences and Education, MI Theory, and Project Zero). As director of Project Zero, it provided and environment that Gardner could begin the exploration of human cognition (Multiple Intelligences and Education). Project Zero colleagues have been designing assessment and the use of multiple intelligences (MI) to realize more personalized curriculum, instruction, and teaching methods; and the quality of crossing...   [tags: Cognitive Science]

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Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality

- Calling for a Re-Write Homosexuality has been a controversial topic for hundreds of years now and has grown in awareness and acceptance over time. Past mentions of the subject can even be seen in older works of literature and art although it was not easily found because of the lack of understanding or “Androgynous” context, according to author, John Boswell author of, Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality. It was not until the past 50 or so years that same sex marriage and gay rights began to make a huge up rise and today is seen as common and for the most part socially acceptable....   [tags: John Boswell, Homosexuality]

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Just Teaching And Preaching Tolerance

- ... This tendency is dictated by the users perception of the “imagined audience.” By conceptualizing an “invisible audience”, the user becomes more conscious of what they post due to a fear of rejection from their imagined audience, which then dictates the outcome of their tweets (Boyd, 2010). To evade the potential for rejection, users will aim to post tweets that possess a sense of communing affiliation. This is exemplified by the frequent mention of Tony Abbott during the debate on Australia’s drinking culture, this tweet being one of many that refer to the Prime Minister: Nothing washes down a onion like a beer #qanda The user here has utilized their knowledge of recent events surroun...   [tags: Twitter, Social media, Web 2.0, Mass media]

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The Escape of Subject Zero

- “I hate this,” I mutter. I sat on my flat, steel bed, imagining what it must feel like to be a normal teenager. Being an average guy meant getting girls. Being average meant having friends, and being average meant having fun. But I’m not average, and I don’t have any of those things. For as long as I can remember, David’s Laboratory has been both my home and my prison. According to Nelly, it isn’t safe outside the glass; but I know better. Why else would the scientists be so eager to leave the lab at nine o’clock sharp....   [tags: personal narrarive]

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Woman At Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

- Firdaus sheds her last grain of virtue. In doing so, she realizes the truth of her society. Seeing what a woman is and does in Egypt, her home, she sees the only way out of the situation. Firdaus, through her desire to be become a human being who was not looked upon with discontent; she finds that a successful prostitute was better than a misled saint. Throughout her life, Firdaus had incurred the abuse that her society inflicted on women. Firstly, her father treating her not wrongly, but the way that daughters had always been treated....   [tags: Nawal El Saadawi Point Zero]

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Drugs: Tolerance and Withdrawal

- Drugs cause an indescribable high, causing the imprisoned individual to be set free from their reality; however, that’s not only what drugs cause. About 200 million people around the world are drug users causing 250,000 deaths each year. Dependency on a drug then leads to a tolerance to the drug, and before the user knows it, they are addicted. Drugs are like a black hole that vacuums the user into a state of addiction which makes it even more difficult to escape and quit. However, addiction can also take place with any civilized human being....   [tags: drug addiction, anxiety, restlessness]

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Wayfinding in Zero Visibility

- Wayfinding in Zero Visibility Every day, firefighters across the United States place themselves in the IDLH atmosphere of structure fires. These incidents are among the most dangerous to firefighters, and therefore should be the incidents we are most prepared for. On structure fires, we have three main priorities. In order they are life safety, fire control, and property conservation. With life safety being our top priority, we place all our efforts in ensuring that task is achieved. This means that firefighters are constantly working to improve technology and methods for life safety....   [tags: fires, incidents]

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Companies Implementing Zero Waste

- Companies Implementing Zero Waste Walmart is a company that has started implementing the Zero Waste program. Walmart’s goal is to one day no longer have dumpsters behind their stores and clubs, and to reach that goal Walmart is motivating their associates and suppliers around the world to find a solutions to excess food and develop ways to turn waste into revenue. On Walmart’s website they stated, “In 2011, Walmart has reduced waste in our U.S. operations by more than 80 percent, returning more than $231 million to the business last year....   [tags: materials economy, business strategies]

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Ground Zero, Sacred Territory

- Ground Zero, Sacred Territory This is a comparison paper on modern day sacred secular places versus mythological secular places in history. This report will summarize what elements mythical secular sites have in common. The report will explain how Ground Zero qualifies as a modern day secular site. The significance and functions of the twin towers before the attack will be addressed. Ground zero will be compared with the Areca Tree, noting differences in meaning, function, and common elements. Our modern day secular site is Ground Zero....   [tags: Mythology]

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Hinduism, Tolerance, and Individuality

- Hinduism is often viewed as a particularly tolerant religion. The lack of a single omniscient God, absence of a prophet, and the open worship of what may look like many Gods may tell a tale of open worship, individuality within religion, and a peaceful, tolerant way of life. Without further examining what Hinduism entails, this may seem like the perfect religion. When the impression of superiority is looked at with a little skepticism, the pretty picture is marred by the deep scratches of discrimination, sexism, and elitism....   [tags: Hinduism]

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The Museum of Tolerance

- The Museum of Tolerance The Museum of Tolerance focuses on two central themes: The history of racism and prejudice in the American experience and the Holocaust- man’s inhumanity to man. The issues of human rights, racism, and responsibility are discussed. The responsibility of each individual person is to speak up in opposition of extermination of another race and stop another Holocaust. World War II and Hitler, the German leader was intent on conquests and war, but he needed a scapegoat to blame and the Jews were headed for genocide....   [tags: Papers]

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Chasing Zero

- Chasing Zero is a documentary which was meant to both educate the viewer on the prevalence of medical harm as well as to enlighten both the public and health care providers on the preventability of these events (Discovery, 2010). The documentary expounded on the fact each year more people die each year from a preventable medical error than die due to breast cancer, motor vehicle accidents or AIDS (Institute of Medicine, 1999). Medical harm can result from adverse drug events, surgical injuries, wrong-site surgery, suicides, restraint-related injuries, falls, burns, pressure ulcers and mistaken patient identities (Institute of Medicine, 1999)....   [tags: Health, Preventable Medical Error]

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Feeling Love and Affection vs Tolerance

- Late one afternoon, a couple sat quietly in the sofa of their matrimonial home. The wife was an active blogger, so her tablet was in hand; however, her husband worked during the day, at a downtown office, so his hands were pretty much empty. She thought to herself, he must really not want me blogging tonight, because he has been poking me for the last half an hour and telling me to look at him. Of course, he was being annoying, but she didn’t say that either. The husband, seeing the look on her face, said he was sorry for annoying her with his friendship; hence, retreating to the most ridiculous statement that required an “I’m listening” answer, all instead of just telling him to stop....   [tags: Emotions, Affection]

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Religious Tolerance Increases Global Interactions

- In the 1400, Europe was dominantly Christian, but also served as a home to many Muslims and Jews that inhabited the surrounding areas. Europe; however, was the site of the first major religious conflict. For more than 300 years countless religious crusades were waged by European Christians and Muslims. This conflict was termed at the “holy war.” Inevitably this war converted into conquest as each conflicting religion tried to prove superior. America was discovered in the year 1492 by Christopher Columbus....   [tags: social acceptance, global unity]

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The Ground Zero Mosque: An Insult to America

- September 11, 2001, one of the most infamous and controversial dates in the history of the United States will be engraved in the minds of millions forever and is once more a resurfacing issue. On this horrendous date in time, Islamic terrorists hijacked a pair of commercial airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers, murdering thousands and causing millions in damage. Nearly a decade later, an Islamic religious group named the Cordoba Initiative is stirring up more trouble and is planning to construct a mosque within only blocks away from ground zero itself....   [tags: argumentative essay]

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Drug Tolerance And Its Effects On The Body

- Drug tolerance occurs when an individual is consistently exposed to a substance and over time the body adapts to the drug (Frances, Miller and Mack, 2005). The lack of response to a certain level of drug is the brain’s method of obtaining homeostasis due to the changes and irregularities occurring as a result of the substances. As a result of this occurrence in order to experience an effect, the individual must increase the intake of the substance into their body. According to Ghezzi et al. (2013), if a person who has developed a drug tolerance is unable to maintain a genetically determined level of dosage within the body, withdrawal symptomology will occur; which is the physical manifestati...   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Physical dependence]

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Woman At Point Zero And Pillars Of Salt

- The female body is simply a vessel that a patriarchal society makes use of or suppresses for their own agenda in the race to obtaining power. Unlike a man, a woman occupies her appropriate place in a patriarchal society with the predetermined notion that her sexual services are appropriately reserved in obedience to the patriarchal prerogative. Her virtue lies in what she does and does not do. In the two novels, Woman at Point Zero and Pillars of Salt, the female characters seek to expose and condemn the ideological trappings which pacify patriarchal societies....   [tags: Sociology, Gender, Patriarchy, Gender role]

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Candide, The Enlightenment Period And The Birth Of Tolerance

- In chapter 5 of book Candide, the Enlightenment period and the birth of tolerance were on full display. In Candide, the Enlightenment thinkers’ view of the optimum world is challenged through satiric examples of the Lisbon Bay and Lisbon Earthquake. Voltaire continues to use ironically tragic events to test Pangloss’s contention with the phenomenon of evil. The use of grotesque and naive behavior between individuals in this chapter makes you really question their irrational thinking with the cause and effects of the events that just transpired....   [tags: Age of Enlightenment, Voltaire, Logic, Candide]

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No Tolerance for Intolerance: The Westboro Baptist Church

- No Tolerance for Intolerance The Westboro Baptist Church has caused a lot of controversy in recent years by exercising its right to freedom of speech to the fullest extent during various protests. However, the controversy does not come from the right to freedom of speech, but, is coming from what they are saying verbally and in writing on their signage at protests. This church has been referred to as a hate group rather than a religious organization, especially because of the fact that the WBC is not actually affiliated with any larger church denomination (Burke)....   [tags: controversy, freedom, ku klux klan]

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Humanity Is Considered Synonymous With Compassion And Tolerance

- ... This initial request demonstrates Hamlet’s morality because he only seeks revenge at the ghost’s request. It can be speculated that had the ghost never revealed the truth or requested it, Hamlet would have never sought justice because of the Christian belief of not harming or killing living things. Then, Hamlet insists on confirming Claudius’ guilt before committing to revenge, which he still approaches hesitantly. This is because he worries about his own damnation as a consequence of murder in his Christian faith....   [tags: Characters in Hamlet, Hamlet, Prince Hamlet]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Woman At Point Zero '

- ... Firdaus’ description of her interaction with Ibrahim creates a strong sense of déjà vu as Saadawi writes out the event as an almost direct copy of Firdaus’ earlier interaction with her teacher. Many of Firdaus’ thoughts are repeated throughout this passage, such as how her “heat faltered, overcome by its frightened, almost frenzied beating because of something I had just lost ,or was on the point of losing for ever” (pg. 107) and how she could see as “the white seemed to grow even whiter, and the black to become even blacker, as though light flowed through them from some unknown, mysterious source…” (pg....   [tags: Free will, Determinism, Middle East, Woman]

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Analysis Of ' Zero ' By Roger Von Oeches

- If you fail and succeed afterwards does it really mean that you achieved what you strived for. In both of the stories “Zero” by Paul Logan and “Too err is wrong” by Roger von Oeches, in which both authors focused on the concept of failure and success going hand in hand with one another. In life sometimes you have to climb a mountain, and face the obstacles that might be preventing you from achieving your goals. In my opinion Logan narrative does represent von Oeches concept to certain degree that failure can lead to success....   [tags: Failure, Success, Boston Red Sox, High school]

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XXI Century Despotism and Human Tolerance

- Although the base of equity, liberty and peace in the world is constituted on the recognition of the importance of the decorum and dignity that all the members of human race have. Although is fundamental for all the human beings to feel free to expose their opinion, thoughts and points of views in an opportune way without the terror of their own fellow citizens well as the government and jurisdictions themselves. Although the non observance and the indifference for human rights in a recent enough past collapsed in atrocious acts which compromised the integrity of mankind's freedom in a century in which humans should be respected as such and although the very first article of Universal Declar...   [tags: liberty, china, human rights]

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Why "Glee" Promotes Social Tolerance

- Why "Glee" Promotes Social Tolerance "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need." This song lyric sang by the "show choir" featured in Glee represents a theme that is carried throughout the shows storyline. The theme is one that can be applied to the idea of social tolerance and acceptance. A high school atmosphere is often wrought with prejudice and stereotyping, which results in many kids never even having the chance to fit in....   [tags: TV Review]

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Religious Censorship Fuels Inequality and Otherness

- Tolerance is accepted as an essential part of developing a harmonious community, but tolerance and censorship are not entirely the same thing. While tolerance is defined by the OED as "the disposition to be patient with or indulgent to the opinions or practices of others; freedom from bigotry or undue severity in judging the conduct of others," and implies a personal decision to accept the differences of others, censorship is defined as "official supervision; control" by the OED which revokes personal responsiblity and places it on another entity than the self....   [tags: Tolerence]

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Prison And Foster Care For Prison Pipelines

- ... School push out is defined as multiple of formal and informal methods that work to get rid of a problem child from school. The informal methods include informing a student that they cannot return to school with proper paperwork, an opportunity transfer, or forcing a parent, or mental health professional to attend the school with the student. An opportunity transfer is defined as schools not formally expelling a student from its school; however, they will offer or grant an opportunity to transfer to the family of the student....   [tags: High school, Crime]

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Compassion and Tolerance in To Kill A Mockingbird

- Do you not believe we need more compassion and tolerance in the world. Why can we not be like Atticus, Jem or Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. These characters show great compassion and tolerance throughout the novel despite the society they live in. They have the courage to stand up for what they believe in. Atticus shows great compassion and tolerance when he stands up for the Negroes. He stands up and represents Tom Robinson because he believes that everyone should be treated equally in the court of law....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays]

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A Notion of Zero in the Philosophy of Aristotle

- A Notion of Zero in the Philosophy of Aristotle ABSTRACT: This article shows that Aristotle created the first notion of a zero in the history of human thought. Since this notion stood in evident contradiction to the basic principles of his metaphysics and logic, he rejected it. The origin and development of mathematical symbols was closely connected with the development of mathematics itself and development of philosophy. It resulted from the fact that philosophy provided the motivation for investigations and creation of adequate and good mathematical symbols....   [tags: Philosophical Math Essays]

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The Axiological Dimension of Tolerance

- The Axiological Dimension of Tolerance ABSTRACT: I contend that tolerance is not the expression of a simple attitude, but constitutes a moral value which penetrates all spheres of social life. My argument assumes that globalization is a fundamental tendency of the contemporary world and that the ideal of such a world cannot be enacted without tolerance. After identifying the constituent elements of this value and its conditions of functioning, we conclude that any reconstruction of human society from the globalization point of view presumes tolerance as a fundamental factor....   [tags: Psychological Social Papers]

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Sexual Tolerance of Gays in the Military

- Sexual Tolerance of Gays in the Military In 1999, more than 1,000 men and women were discharged from military service due to their sexuality. That number has actually decreased compared to recent years. (Suro NP) Homosexuals were purged from federal employment in 1950, with Bill Clinton updating that policy in 1993 by adding the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Pursue” policy. (Deicher 176) This policy doesn’t work and needs to either be updated again or the ban against homosexuals lifted. Gays should be allowed to fight for the military for employment reasons, the right to fight for one’s country, and because they are no different from anyone else....   [tags: Papers]

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