Zero Tolerance

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Zero Tolerance There are many disciplinary actions that have been used and are still in use in order to deal with problems in the school system today. However, it seems that zero tolerance is now the most widely used and most controversial policy that has came into effect. Zero tolerance means absolutely no mercy for students when accused of doing something wrong. This policy leaves no room at all for error. These cases are not judged for their individual qualities. They are all treated the same regardless of the circumstances. When zero tolerance is thought of, it seems like a very practical way of dealing with the problems that we face everyday in the school system. However, we then have to ask ourselves if it is fair to give all “offenders” of a crime the same punishment without looking at the circumstances of each case. There have been many cases of zero tolerance use that shows just how unfair this policy is. An example of the misuse of zero tolerance is this; a student was kicked out of school for writing a paper that involved guns. This paper said nothing about harming anyone but the student was still kicked out. Is this to say that by having the word “gun” in my paper that I will be kicked out of school too? Zero Tolerance has a very good literal appeal. Parents and some students alike are happy to have this disciplinary action. However, zero tolerance would not have stopped the school shootings that have recently plagued the country. A recent po...
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