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Spiritual Murder in Buchner's Woyzeck

- Spiritual Murder in Georg Buchner's Woyzeck Throughout dramatic history, tragedies have depicted a hero's humanity being stripped from him. Usually, as in Shakespeare's classic paradigms, we see the hero, whether King Lear or Othello, reduced from his original noble stature to nothingness and death. Yet Georg Buchner's fragmentary play Woyzeck shows us a protagonist already stripped of humanity, transformed into and treated as an animal. Indeed, Woyzeck, far from being a simple tale of a village murder, shows us the systematic debasement, even intellectual and spiritual "murder," of the protagonist and all his class....   [tags: Buchner Woyzeck Essays]

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Psychology in Modern Drama and Buchner's Woyzeck

- Psychology in Modern Drama and Buchner's Woyzeck When reading the play Woyzeck by Georg Buchner, one must be willing to delve deep into the surreal as well as the confusing and even uncomfortable. The play hinges upon psychology and the fact (one of the few facts found in the play, even) that the main character of the play (Woyzeck) has obvious psychological problems that none of the other characters seem to pay attention to. Psychology is a constant theme in modern drama, and Buchner seems to bring that to the forefront in Woyzeck, especially....   [tags: Psychology Buchner Woyzeck Essays]

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Woyzeck, by Georg Buchner

- The lights dim, as you cross your legs with anticipation of the show. You've had this ticket pre-ordered for two months. As the actors troop onstage to deliver the famed prologue to Henry V each passes your seat and you can see each miniscule detail. You notice the ruffle of cuff on the prince of France, you inhale the soft fragrance of the princess, you notice the gentle glint of reflected light bouncing of the false jewel embedded on Henry's crown. And when they stop in a loose semicircle, if you hadn't been taught better, you could have reached out and touched the hem of the actors cloak standing not four feet in front of you....   [tags: Power of Proximity, Play Review]

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The Powerlessness of the Lower Class

- In Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck, the protagonist is caught in his class position, which brings hopelessness and despair. We see a similar class struggle in Waiting for Lefty. How do both playwrights portray the lower class and their struggle with their daily life. Both plays were written in fragments, and it is not necessary for the fragments to go in a certain predetermined order to understand the plays. Büchner did not finish Woyzeck, since he passed away before he could finish it at the young age of twenty-three....   [tags: Georg Buchner's, Woyzeck, analaysis]

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Scene 1 Of His Opera Wozzeck

- In Act III, scene 1 of his opera Wozzeck, Alban Berg employs his take on a theme and variations. When one hears that a piece of music is classified as an “invention on a theme,” they immediately associate the style with early composers from the Baroque era, a time when classical conventions truly started to take their form. By employing methods of long term tonicization, bending the classical expectations of form and harmony, and accentuating Marie’s sense of wandering conscious and morality, Berg is able to give the audience a profound insight into Marie’s relationship with Wozzeck, her child, and herself....   [tags: Key signature, Relative key, Minor chord, Chord]

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The Tragic Hero Of The Duchess Of Malfi

- Tragic figures are characters that aim for a goal but never reach it. They suffer throughout their story and are most likely to die before the play ends. The tragic hero is the most commonly known of these figures, but tragic villains also exist. An example of the tragic hero is Franz Woyzeck, of Georg Büchner’s working-class tragedy ‘Woyzeck’. Compared and contrasted to Woyzeck is the tragic villain, Ferdinand, of John Webster’s tragedy ‘The Duchess of Malfi’. Both characters fail to gain what they desire because they suffer of a mental illness....   [tags: Tragic hero, Tragedy, The Duchess of Malfi]

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what is a man

- Title of essay: “What is a man?”: an investigation of this question by Levi and Buchner. Works compared: If This Is a Man and Woyzeck. Introduction In the introduction to my essay, I will mention that Primo says a man is someone who kills, creates or suffers injustice, and that it is not the model of thinking man to wait for his neighbour to die in order to take his piece of bread. I. It is man who kills Examples will include the passage from If This Is a Man in which a prisoner is killed in front of all the other prisoners in the camp because he took part in a revolt (this occurs in Chapter 16, page 155)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Critical Examination of Brooks' The Formalist Critics

- Brooks starts his essay by listing “articles of faith I could subscribe to” (Brooks 19) and pointing out statements about literary criticism that might go with a formalist criticism. Yet, he questions that list its end, and seems to complain that his that his writings have been largely misunderstood. What his statements have to do with faith in connection with literature is up to the reader, since in one of his articles he specifically mentions, “literature is not a surrogate for religion” (Brooks 19)....   [tags: literature, writer, faith]

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The Formalist Critics, by Cleanth Brooks

- Cleanth Brooks writes in his essay “The Formalist Critics” from 1951 about criticism that formalist critics encounter and tries to show these arguments from his point of view and even indicates common ground with other literary critics. Cleanth Brooks argues that we lose the intrinsically obvious points of works of literature if we view the work through the different lenses of literary theory, however we are always viewing the literary work through a subjective lens, since the author and the critic cannot subjectively separate themselves from themselves and in making these points he contradicts himself....   [tags: the formalist critics, cleanth brooks]

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Watching But Not Reading: Limitations of First-Person Narrative in Film Adaptations of Jane Eyre

- Film adaptations of literature tend to have a bad reputation. As Brian McFarlane observes in “It Wasn't Like That in the Book...”, viewers are more likely to come out of a theater after viewing an adaptation griping about what was different or better in the book than by commenting about the film in its own right (McFarlane 6). It is rare for such films to be judged as films in their own right, and often viewers aren't looking for an adaptation inspired by the novel, but rather a completely faithful representation of the original work, in film form....   [tags: ]

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Interactive Theatre As Immersive Theater

- The word ‘immerse’ is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary “to make (yourself) fully involved in some activity or interest”. “A literary bestiary” was marketed as a site-responsive, immersive show. The curator and founder of the project insisted on using the term ‘show’ and in all prior communications with the media and the general public, the labels ‘immersive’ and ‘site-responsive’ was not only attached, but highlighted as a selling point. As a co-producer, I found it difficult to defend the choice of the label immersive when the production was, in my opinion, a literary event with small bursts of theatricality that could be argued to have similarities of promenade theatre....   [tags: Theatre, Performance, Audience, Stage]

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Five Compositional Trends Observed During Music History After 1900

- Name five compositional trends observed in music history after 1900. Define each and cite important composers and representative compositions. Neoclassicism –a trend that reached its hight in the early to mid-1900s, but elements of this trend remained through much of the 20th century. Composers in this trend were focused on a return to conventional form and balance that was commonplace during the classical era as well as counterpoint that was paramount in the Baroque era. They took the genres such as the suite, sonata, concerto, and classic symphony along with the traditional forms such as sonata form, rondo, and theme and variations and infuse modern ideas of melody, harmony, rhythm, tonali...   [tags: Music, Rhythm, Folk music, Steve Reich]

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Twentienth Century Musical Pieces

- Music during the twentieth century and beyond all found their basis and roots in music produced during the areas preceding it. Wozzeck, Pavanne, and Concerto Grosso by Alban Berg, Bill Evans, and Ellen Taaffe Zwilich prove to be no different. All three pieces draw on the inspirations left by their predecessors in order to create truly unique and memorable works. Though the pieces are from the same time period, they sound inherently different. This all stems from the fact that each composer drew from dissimilar musical eras and put their own type of improvisation or flares on the work....   [tags: Music Styling Devices, Music Comparisons]

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Operatic Modernism

- Operatic Modernism The profound modernist ruptures of the 20th Century questioned, displaced, and reconfigured the way humanity regards itself. Within the fine arts, literature, architecture, and music, artistic revolutions occurred at an unprecedented rate and, within the rubric of modernism, deliberately broke with the bases of Western art, culture and society. While working within the operatic institution, Strauss' Salome, Weill's Die Dreigroschenoper, and Berg's Wozzeck profoundly challenge the generic conventions of the operatic tradition....   [tags: Opera Modernism Music Essays]

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Toward a Definition of Modernism

- Toward a Definition of Modernism Lawrence B. Gamache’s article “Toward a Definition of Modernism” encapsulates in its title the challenges critics meet in their attempts to formulate a coherent theoretical modernist model, though the quintessential modernist works –even at the time of this 1987 article – are over sixty years old. Indeed, the sheer number of scholarly books and articles that discuss or contribute to the debate surrounding the definition of modernism indicates the extent to which modernism is a term whose only non-contentious consensus is that it its meaning is fraught with ambiguity....   [tags: Modernism Opera Literature Essays]

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Greta Kraus' Contribution To Canadian Music

- In Canada, Greta Kraus is the uncontested doyenne of the early-music revival in general, and harpsichord playing in particular, but her accomplishments go far beyond the baroque repertoire. She has coached Canadian singers not only in baroque oratorios but in romantic German opera and lieder, and twentieth-century works. The composer R. Murray Schafer studied with her, and so did the keyboard artists Douglas Bodle, Elizabeth Keenan, Patrick Wedd, and Valerie Weeks and the singers Elizabeth Benson Guy, Mary Morrison, Gary Relyea, Roxolana Roslak, and Teresa Stratas....   [tags: Biography]

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The 20th Century

- In the twentieth century, musicians were very open to change. Many new styles and genres were made. In a way, they got rid of all of the rules and created new ones. Composers, trying new things, created ragtime, jazz. Some of the new approaches towards tonality were atonality, polytonality, neotonality and the twelve-tonal methods. Different styles were impressionism, expressionism, neoclassicism, primitivism and minimalism. Composers trying to create completely new sounds produced experimental music, spatial music, and electronic music....   [tags: atonality, music, expressionism]

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Modernist Opera

- Modernist Opera Modernism, a major artistic movement of the first half of the twentieth century, is traditionally a classification of the visual arts, including such schools as Abstraction, Impressionism, and Expressionism. In architecture, too, was Modernism recognized, in the work of people like Frank Lloyd Wright. Even in literature, with the increasing use of symbolism, Modernism was an influence. Modernists in all of these art forms are consciously engaged in the expansion of the boundaries of their art, and in asking their audiences to reject the status quo, both of the art and of some aspect of society or culture the art form addresses....   [tags: Modernism Music Art Opera Essays]

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