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The Poverty and Obesity Epidemic

- In the United States, as of 2001, 34% of the population was overweight. (Townsend) Overweight and obesity would seem to be problems associated with the United State’s wealth and more than sufficient food supply. Much attention in recent years has been paid to people becoming more physically fit and changing their diets to become healthier. Gastric bypass surgery has become a popular choice for people trying to overcome extreme obesity. The operation limits “food intake by creating a narrow passage from the upper part of the stomach into the larger lower part, reducing the amount of food the stomach can hold and slowing the passage of food through the stomach.” (NIDDK) The presence of this em...   [tags: Poor, Obesity]

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Voting Rates of the American Poor

- In The Working Poor, David Shipler reports that in the 2000 presidential election only 38 percent of Americans with incomes less than $10,000 voted compared to 75 percent of those with incomes over $75,000. (278) These sorts of statistics are not limited to 2000. In the six elections from 1980 to 2000, the average voter turnout of people in the bottom fifth of the income quintiles was 53 percent, while the top fifth averaged over 80 percent (“Election Results”). For the bottom fifth, the average household income was under $11,500 during each election year....   [tags: Politics]

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`` Lifeboat Ethics `` : The Case Against Helping The Poor

- There are several thought processes on the responsibility of the individual in relation to his station in society. One might advocate survival of the fittest while another takes the yoke of burden his brother carries as his own weighted responsibility. This timeless debate has been the focus of essays, books and heated arguments. Two authors, Garret Hardin and Nobel prize winner Muhammed Yunus, show juxtapositions on the subject and merit the examination of their opposing view points. Hardin makes a strong case against helping the poor in his essay entitled “Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor.” Yunus has a completely different viewpoint in his writings and shows the merits o...   [tags: Poverty, Sociology, Third World, Wealth]

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The Handicapped Poor in America

- In The Working Poor, David Shipler relates the plight of the invisible poor in America, sharing the stories of laborers across the nation who work but cannot get a firm grip on the slippery surface of the American dream. Shipler also touches on, but does not fully explore, the even thornier path of the disabled, impoverished individual in America. Although a relatively large segment of the population (10-20 percent of the United States population is disabled), the disabled poor encounter setbacks in their struggle to succeed in a world where one’s worth is often judged by one’s economic and educational attainment....   [tags: Disabled Poverty]

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Do Lotteries Benefit The Poor?

- Do Lotteries Benefit the Poor. Lotteries take advantage of the poor in several ways. The lottery entices the poor to waste their money on lottery tickets, rather than everyday necessities, such as food, clothing and shelter. The main way that lottery promoters succeed in attracting the poor is through the persuasive use of advertisements. Other members of anti-lottery groups believe lottery advertisements are deceitful and attract poor people to its promises. Flashy slogans and pictures of large amounts of money are more than enough to pull the needy closer....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Empowering the Poor Through PNPM Rural in Sidayu Village

- Although the data informs that there is no improvement of the welfare of poor people in Sidayu village, but in fact PNPM Rural contributes directly to escalate the welfare of the poor by providing incentive the poor households who involve in the project construction as workers and giving money through micro-credit programs. Up to 2010, there are 142 poor households who stand as project workers paid with 35,000 rupiahs per day by TPK. While in micro-credit program, TPK had distributed 29,000,000 rupiah of loans for 29 the poor women....   [tags: International Government ]

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Gap Between Rich And Poor

- “America the beautiful, Who are you beautiful for?” America, the land of opportunity, but is it really. America is made up of people of many different cultural and social backgrounds. The constitution of the people reads that as Americans, these people are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights were designed in part to attain a sense of equality within the individual so that a sense of unity would exist. Because of the structures within society that influence a person’s character such as the educational, corporate and governmental structures there are many differences in the social, economic, and political sense amongst the individuals....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Government Providing for the Poor

- Government Providing for the Poor "In the Middle Ages men were united by custom and prescription into associations, ranks, guilds, and communities of various kinds. These ties endured as long as life lasted. Consequently, society was dependant, throughout all its details, on status, and the tie, or bond, was sentimental. In out modern state, and in the United States more than anywhere else, the social structure is based on contract, and status is of the least importance." This quote by William Graham Sumner in his 1883 speech "What Social Classes Owe to Each Other" illustrates my main focus of this week's proposed question, "Does American Government have an obligation to provide for the po...   [tags: American America History]

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The Poor Standard of Education in Nigerian Public Schools

- Nigeria is a country blessed with a lot of mineral resources in abundance. In addition, it is one of the richest nations in the world. Notwithstanding, a visit to a handful of some public schools in both rural and urban areas surely leaves many questions in your mind. One would ponder: are these really schools or abandoned historical ruins. The level of infrastructural dilapidation is so appalling, the quality of learning is pitiable, and of course, the standard of education offered is disgraceful....   [tags: Education ]

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The Inequality And Discrimination Between Rich And Poor, Powerful And Weak

- Since the era human societies began shaping up, stratification of the society based on the individual talents had an important impact in establishing the system of modern nations and cultures. Undoubtedly, this layering between the social classes led to the germination of the seeds of superiority among the better families, and also among more powerful individuals. Although present day society is more tolerant and impartial than ever before, there are still some facets of the society in which inequality and discrimination prevails, or I should say plays the most important role in one’s life....   [tags: Sociology, Discrimination, India]

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Victorian Times Were Hard If You Were Poor

- Life in the Victorian Times were hard if you were poor. “After the passing of the Great Reform Bill, the liberal Whig leadership struck a snag. Several years of depression put the conservative Tories back in power in 1841. Wages and living conditions grew steadily worse as the industrial revolution permitted the rise of great fortunes for owners and employers along with starvation and poverty for great numbers of the working classes.” (Earl Davis, The Flint and the Flame, Page 115) Scrooge is a great example of the wealthy, who never gave to the poor and would rarely put money into charities....   [tags: Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol]

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America 's Working Class During The Nineteenth Century

- In the early nineteenth century, America’s working class suffered greatly by working in sweatshop conditions for unlivable wages on a seventy hour work week. The work place was dangerous and labor laws were unregulated. Instead of going to school, children were running heavy machinery where they could possibly lose a limb or lose a life. The elderly would work right up until they dropped dead on the factory floor. The relentless hours left many sleep deprived and starving. If workers could not keep up with the high demands, they would be fired and then easily replaced....   [tags: Trade union, Employment, Strike action]

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Working-Class Representation

- Literature, as a crucial part of culture, functions as the reflection of reality. According to Marx, “the mode of production in material life determines the general character of the social, political and spiritual processes of life” (Williams 266). Superstructure, as the product of men’s spiritual processes, containing various ideological forms one of which is literature, is not determined by “the consciousness of men”, but by “the social existence” (266). Concerning working-class literature, it follows this rule as well—“the whole class produces and shapes these out of its material foundation and out of the corresponding social conditions” (267)....   [tags: Literature, Ideology, Society]

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Working In Wal-Mart Case

- Problem statements A Wal-Mart photo lab associate, Claude is facing a difficulty concerning attending his father’s major birthday dinner.( Brotheridge, C. 2005) Claude comes from a tight family, and he didn’t want to miss the celebration. However, there is a conflict between his working schedule and the dinner plan. Owing to the inflexibility of the auto scheduler program and his manager’s non-negotiable management style, he was sure that his manager wouldn’t give him the time off. Additionally, he didn’t want to call a sick day, not wanting to bend the truth....   [tags: Business Case Study]

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Changing Attitudes Toward the Poor in Britain

- Changing Attitudes Toward the Poor in Britain Paternalism underpinned the Old Poor Law, the perception that those in power should take responsibility for their workers. The Old Poor Law provided 'out-relief' for those in poverty as an addition to their weekly wage. By 1832, however, the industrial revolution had begun and capitalism was the leading system. A new approach of 'self-help' marked the demise of paternalism. This new attitude was the belief that poverty was the fault of the poor....   [tags: Papers]

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Mother Teresa's Lifetime of Dedication to the Poor

- Mother Teresa's Lifetime of Dedication to the Poor Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, more commonly known as Mother Teresa, was born on August 27, 1910 in a small town called Skopje, which is in current day Yugoslavia. Tragically when Agnes was 9 her father died. Despite the extra responsibility this put on her mother, she still found time to school Agnes and her other 2 children, as well as help members of her community with alcoholism. Thusly, starting at a very young age Agnes was taught to help those in need....   [tags: Papers]

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Improving Healthcare For The Elderly And The Poor

- The other intervention to help improve healthcare to the elderly and the poor in Sacramento County is the Senior Care Services Sacramento. Some of the services that Senior Care Services Sacramento offers are elderly transportation Sacramento, eye care, house cleaning, home repairs, advocate and other legal aid, and arthritis and Alzheimer’s care, at low to no cost. Aspects of the Population Health Concern Not Addressed Despite the efforts to increase healthcare inequality towards the poor and the aged, there exists a correlation between income inequality and health....   [tags: Health economics, Medicine, Health care, Health]

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Poor Management in the Hospitals of Limpopo

- 1) Research Problem: The problem evident in the article, “Nurse was managing Limpopo Hospital (1),” is that due to the fact that there is poor management in the clinics and hospitals is causing problems in the health of the patients. This is due to the fact that poorly managed hospitals are leading to doctors as well as other staff being absent from work or being late. Another problem is that due to poor management the treatment is not appropriate when patients are very ill. It is evident that this is causing problems in the health of patients, as there have been four infant deaths....   [tags: South African health policy]

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The Gap Between The Rich And Poor

- As someone who has lived in America their whole life, I remember when I was a child and how naïve to the world I was. As far as I was concerned everyone was equal, but as I got older, I began to realize the fractured structure that has plagued not only me, but also a mass majority of America’s population. America has struggled to fill the wage gaps between the rich and the poor for as long as anyone can remember. However, before we can fix the wage gap between those who are more fortunate and those who work endless hours, we need to fix the widening gap between our culturally diverse people....   [tags: Economic inequality, Distribution of wealth]

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Gentrification As A Displacement Of The Poor Population

- Gentrification is defined as the influx of wealthy people in an existing urban location. This inflow of wealthier people is associated with rise in rental price, property values and changes in culture. Study reveals that gentrification is viewed negatively as a displacement of the poor population by the rich but the impact varies from place to place. Sociologists attempts to explain the this huge influx of middle class people to urban cities and its neighborhoods and the associated displacement of lower class working rsidents,the rise in the property values and the upward push of rental prices....   [tags: Sociology, Middle class, Social class]

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The Effects Of A Poor Diet On The Foods

- “The great majority of US secondary schools sell items a la carte in the cafeteria and through vending machines ....commonly referred to as junk food’’ (Pediatrics). Because of evidence that children and teenagers have become more and more obese over the years and that they are not receiving the proper nutrients, certain countries and/or states (provinces) have considered placing restrictions on the foods served at their schools. The government should impose restrictions on the foods served in school cafeterias because the food currently served does not meet certain nutritional standards, the sugars and unhealthy substances can cause temporary or permanent illnesses, and obesity rates in chi...   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Hypertension]

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Analysis of Poor Bird and The Butterfly

- Both poems of Margaret Avison and P.K Page are common to the point of cliché in literary criticism to safely state that both were metafictional to a certain extent. The beauty and vividness of the language and patterning of lexical items employed and deployed make it imperative to acknowledge the rightfulness of both poets to fame and renown. Romance is different from religion. The use of diction by Margaret Avison implies that the poet is writing a powerful prayer in pursuit of illumination and, absurdly, all the energy of the language is devoted to self-denial in an effort to touch base and come closer to the sun of knowledge....   [tags: compare, contrast, Margaret Avison, P.K Page]

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Dorothy Day: An Advocate for The Poor

- In a society of protagonist superheroes within books and televisions all across the world, what makes a real hero. Is it leadership, determination, courage, dedication, or conviction. To all, Dorothy Day is all of the above. To many, she is a saint; a woman of true selflessness, who compassionately put the lives of the broken before her own. She is the icon of the kind of leader that everyone else, anyone else, can be, not by changing other people but by changing themselves (Chittister). Throughout her life, Dorothy Day was a herald to the church, a leader to the state, and an advocate for the poor....   [tags: Biography]

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The Poor Cannot Afford to Be Unemployed

- ... To make matters worse it is alarming to find out that our problem does not only lie on those unemployed but also on the employed Filipinos as well. People technically have jobs, but in the prevailing social standards our country holds it is not a sign of Filipinos being better-off; instead, it shows how desperate they are to grasp any opportunity out there no matter how low-standard it is, all for the sake of feeding their families. This further enhances our view that most of the unemployed people are those who can afford to be one, so it reveals that our country is not only burdened with high unemployment but also from dire conditions faced by those who are already employed....   [tags: philippines, economy, government]

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Poor Education is a Cyclical Trap

- ... Individual growth through education and desirable employment strengthens our national economy. Social issues within our country also contribute to the problem of poor education. As released in an October 2013 study, the “Southern Education Foundation” reported “poverty rising in every state since 2000” which now affects “nearly half of all American public school students”. (Sparks, par. 1, 2) There are pockets of poverty across this nation, both rural and urban. Some of these areas are filled with criminal organizations and violent gangs....   [tags: poverty, children, communities]

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The Poor Response Of Hurricane Katrina

- Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating tragedies to ever hit North America. It claimed the lives of over 900 people from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Unfortunately, that is not why a majority of people in America remember. As many know, these three states in the heart of the Deep South represent some of the poorest in the country. After the storm, the government was disgracefully slow to respond to the cause. Health care was in an overwhelming shortage. Depending on where people lived, determined their chances for survival....   [tags: Poverty in the United States, Poverty]

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Effective Schools For The Urban Poor

- By the end of the 20th century democratic principles of education began to take hold in the United States public schools. Indeed, Brown (2011) argues that the new responsibility of principals was to challenge the two dominant themes of racial and class discrimination prominent during the 20th century history of schooling. Groups that had been largely marginalized in schools—people of color and of low-SES—began to seek equity and inclusion of voice in our school systems (Tyack & Hansot, 1986). One method for principals to restructure schools was through their responsibility as instructional leaders....   [tags: Leadership, Education, School, Teacher]

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Effects Of Gambling On The Poor

- Gambling 's Effect on the Poor Many things in this world have to do with numbers. Certain numbers have specific meanings. For instance the number “12” is thought of as a dozen. A dozen could relate to a dozen eggs in a carton or the number of kids in the classic movie Cheaper by the Dozen. What about the number 92 billion. Does that number mean anything specifically. Well, it should, considering it is the amount of money that American’s lost on gambling in 2007 (Nance-Nash). Nance-Nash an author for the “Dailyfinance” website puts this amount of money into more relatable terms: “This is almost ten times more than what moviegoers in the U.S....   [tags: Lottery, Lotteries in the United States]

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Loving the Poor as Yourself

- God has given us the greatest commandment of all, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. However, the reality is we fall short of following through. We have a tendency to close our eyes and walk away, from people less fortunate then ourselves. God gave us this law to follow, then we should be able to do so, but the sad thing is we are not living up to his commandment. Our lack of knowledge or ignorance may be the cause of our self-centeredness. Majorities of people in society today look down and walk away from the poor....   [tags: religion, poverty, ]

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Socioeconomic Status Of A Poor Neighborhood

- Socioeconomic status, family life, social circumstances, and living conditions also contribute to the risks of suicide. McAnarney (1979) recounted that “in societies where family ties are close, suicidal rates are low, and conversely, where families are not close, suicidal rates are high”; likewise, “parents of suicidal adolescents were about twice as likely to use methods such as ‘criticizing,’ ‘nagging,’ ‘yelling,’ ‘withholding approval’ or ‘whipping and spanking’” (Jacobs, 1971). Additionally, as discussed earlier, family systems have influence over adolescents and suicide....   [tags: Suicide, Parasuicide, Bipolar disorder]

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Are the Poor Politically Free?

- I will advance the thesis that under both, the positive and negative, notions of freedom, the state of poverty does not obstruct or lessen political freedom. By saying that the poor are politically free, I mean that although the poor may lack certain goods, they do not lack any aspect of their political freedom. First, I will define political freedom in the negative notion of the word, as “free to the degree that no man or body of men interfere with an agent’s activity (Berlin 1969, p. 4)”, then, in the positive notion of the word, as “every man is their own master and they are moved by reasons, by conscious purposes, which are their own, not by causes which affect them, as it were, from out...   [tags: political freedom vs poverty]

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Poor Kids : A Documentary

- 1. Poor Kids is a documentary that highlights a major issue the United States is suffering from. This issue is known as poverty, more specifically, childhood poverty. This documentary views the world through the eyes of children that are subjected to lives of poverty due to the poor financial state that their parents are in. Life is very rough for these children and they must live their everyday lives with little to none of the luxuries most people take for granted. Poor Kids sheds light on the painful fact that there are children that starve every day in the United States....   [tags: Social class, Poverty]

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The Poor by Choice Phenomenon

- Wealth, fortune, financial stability – these words possess undeniable, unilateral appeal. Intrinsic to our human nature, wealth has become an assumed goal in societal life. Thus, mothers do not wish their children to grow into destitute adults, immigrants do not voyage to new nations for the chance of a poverty stricken life, and universities do not offer higher education for the purposes of financial foundering. Yet, throughout history, groups of individuals in pockets of the globe have defied human nature and chosen lives of lack....   [tags: Religion]

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The Poor Need Your Help

- The poor need your help. Living in poverty is a difficult process that is hard to get out of. Housing, transportation, food, etc. prices have risen dramatically. If the cost of basic necessities are increasing it makes even more difficult for individuals to live in poverty and even to escape. However increasing prices of basic necessities does not only affect the impoverished. For working class families these prices will hurt their incomes and make it harder for them to get by. One solution to help out the poor is to improve the housing system so that housing is more affordable and accessible....   [tags: Poverty, United States]

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The Homeless Are Poor People

- Homeless The homeless are poor people, who have no home and literally live in the street. I am a person who loves to help others when they deserve it. Around 6000,000 people in the United States are homeless, and the majority of them have an effect on our community as well in our economy. A large amount of the homeless are Americans, of course, people who were born in the US and speak English, but they did not want to go to school and have a better future. They decide to do drugs, be prostitutes, live from the government’s money or from the money they ask in the streets, in other words the easy way....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Begging]

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What the Social Classes Owe Each Other an Article by William Graham Sumner

- ... She was able to prove that welfare is a necessary part of the government and most people cannot get by without it. Not everyone starts out on the same playing field. Without a college degree, it is very difficult to get a financially stable job. To get a college degree you need some sort of income to pay for your schooling. She did not have a degree and ended up working for 7 dollars an hour or less. The work was both stressful and degrading. Similar to Ehrenreich, a professor named Frances Fox Piven wrote a book titled “The Nature of Disruptive Power”....   [tags: poor, rich, middle class]

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Poor Medical Health Care

- Semester 1 Advanced-Writing Problem Solution Essay Name: ID: Poor Medical health care is something prevalent in many countries. Every family all over the world has suffered deaths due to poor medical healthcare and insurance. The decreasing in the quality of health services provided to the individuals and patients is Poor medical healthcare. Poor Medical Health care is a critical problem that has to end, as studies about it showed that adults in the United States receive half of the needed health care services (EA & RH, 2001), and not only adults but also all types of citizens including children, if this problem did not end deaths of people will significantly increase (Ce...   [tags: healthcare, health insurance, health care system]

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The Growing Inequality in America

- America was the place to go with the life to be made. As the colonies grew and a new era began, the lines were drawn. Even in the 1700's, Americans took the time to diminish. Fine line between the rich and poor in society creating a rough perspective on who is who in the ever changing world that we have the audacity to slum in. Americans have grow to see there social class as where they will make it in America. Upper, middle and lower. These three words are what make you or break you in the world....   [tags: rich, poor, middle class]

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Dealing with Poor Parenting

- As a teacher in a high-need school, I expect to encounter many various challenges ranging from lack of supplies to administration blunders and difficult coworkers. Of all the trying situations a teacher is faced with in his or her career, most challenging would be poor parenting. Parents have the greatest influence in a child’s development. They have the greatest impact on their children in most if not all aspects of the child’s personality and outlook on life. Parents, as caregivers and guides, have a responsibility to push their children into the world and to encourage their children to work hard towards their goals....   [tags: Parenting, schools, ]

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Children 's Poverty At Home Is Not A Warrant For Poor Learning Environment

- From the figure above in 2007-2011 there were 359,047 male children out of school higher than 1997-2000 with only 60,267 boys out of school. Female children out of school were higher for 2007-20011 comprising 289,874 in total than 76, 866 in 1997-2000 (World Bank, 2011). This reminds us a need for quality and attractive learning environment, able to transform students’ surrounding from what they learn and see in schools. Children’s poverty at home is not a warrant for poor learning environment in schools....   [tags: Education, School, Poverty, Teacher]

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The Importance Of Employee Motivation, Leadership Style, Poor Performance, Quality, And Management

- This diagnosis paper will examine the time when I worked in the team of about 25 employees including managers to produce important travel document, which many Australians use to travel around the world. The production section which I happen to be part of was having about 20,000 to 25,000 backlog of documents in the print queue that needs to be printed within a tight deadline to ensure that our customers did receive their documents in due time as stated in the application pack. This diagnosis paper will also discuss the various reasons like; lack of value for employee, motivation, leadership style, poor performance, poor work health and safety procedures and what the manager should have done...   [tags: Employment, Management, Motivation, Job]

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Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell

- Through attention to detail, repeated comparison, shifting tone, and dialogue that gives the characters an opportunity to voice their feelings, Elizabeth Gaskell creates a divide between the poor working class and the rich higher class in Mary Barton. Gaskell places emphasis on the differences that separate both classes by describing the lavish, comfortable, and extravagant life that the wealthy enjoy and compares it to the impoverished and miserable life that the poor have to survive through. Though Gaskell displays the inequality that is present between both social classes, she also shows that there are similarities between them....   [tags: social classes, rich, poor]

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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

- “Great Expectations”, perhaps one of Charles Dickens most well renowned and regarded works, illustrates a very biased social class structure throughout the confines of the story. There are the poor, who have nothing but what they earn, “barely enough to survive” by working hard labor jobs for the majority of their life. Then there are the middle class or the “Gentlemen” who do not want but rather, have decent income and are sustained in their desires. As in modern day society, the transcendence from poor “working class” to one of a higher class is usually accompanied by the amount of wealth which one has procured....   [tags: bias social class, poor]

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Understanding The Informal Economy And Being Poor, Is Stronger For Women Than For Men

- The link between working in the informal economy and being poor, is stronger for women than for men. A higher percentage of women than men worldwide work in the informal economy. Moreover, there is a gender gap in incomes and wages in the informal economy. This is because women worldwide are under-represented in higher income employment statuses in the informal economy (employer and self-employed) and over- represented in the lower income statuses (casual wage worker and industrial outworker). For instance, relatively fewer women are employers who hire others, and conversely, relatively fewer men are industrial outworkers....   [tags: Employment, Minimum wage, Wage, Labour economics]

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Why I Was Working At The Agency

- When I first begin working at the agency I did not understand why I was working there because I wanted to ultimately work with children. But instead of continuing with that way of thinking I opened my mind and my heart to this experience and it has honestly changed me. Through my course knowledge I have learned about different types of families. Also about different types of belief systems that each family may have. Every person in each family plays a unique part in the family household, some big or some small but they play a part....   [tags: Family, Household, Knowledge, Mind]

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The World Working Together - is it Impossible?

- The World Working Together – is it Impossible. The world is today at a very peculiar balance, a balance at which it has never been before. Statistics reveal that the richest fifth of the population use up over 80% of the world’s resources. This makes an important question and a very central topic for debates worldwide. In contemporary times, as the richest countries have so much wealth, it is general consensus that some should be given to poorer countries, as a form of assistance, to help them build a well-functioning society and to improve the quality of life in poorer areas....   [tags: wealth, conflict, corruption]

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Benefits of Working as a Freelance Writer

- The ever-changing technology has led to the expansion of freelance markets. From continent to continent, country to country, city to city and village to village, you will come across many remote workers who have partially or fully dedicated their time to writing articles. The emergence and rapid spread of the internet to rural areas has been alluded as the main reason behind the rapid development of extensive and active online communities of freelance writers and other potential clients. The rapid increase in the number of people signing up for the increased freelance jobs has called for the need to study the benefits and risks associated with this profession....   [tags: Career Research ]

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How Flexible Working Is The Label

- Flexible working is the label given to a number of practices that allows employees to schedule their work around personal lives whilst ensuring their responsibilities to the business are completed (Department for BIS, 2011). A more detailed definition from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development extends the degree of flexibility to how long, where, when and what times employees are required to work (CIPD, 2015). In relation to the business context, flexibility is the ability to react quickly and cheaply to changes in the labour market (Price, 2007)....   [tags: Employment, Labour market flexibility]

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Working With Children With Special Needs

- IncludeNYC has been around for 32 years. The organization was originally known as Resources for Children with Special Needs. The organization remained under this name for the first 31 years of their services, before changing the name to IncludeNYC approximately 18 months ago. During those first 31 years the organization had a history of primarily working with families who had children with special needs. The average age range the organization catered to was from birth to the age of 26. IncludeNYC started as a para-training and information center....   [tags: Individualized Education Program]

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Working On Projects With My Peers

- The summer before I entered the sixth grade, my parents decided to pull my older sister and I out of conventional schooling and place us into a private homeschooling program for high school students. My sister was having trouble keep her grades up in junior high and they believed that the staff was not assisting her and that was the reason behind her poor performance. They also believed that should I continue on in public school, I would have the same issues, however, I had always performed well in school, my grades were an a-b average and I was rarely in trouble....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, College, Grade]

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Progressive Era and Working Conditions

- Cities grew in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As specialized industries like steel and meat packing improved, jobs also increased in the cities. These factories work lured former farmers, immigrants, and American workers moved into the cities. These people lived in tenements and ghettos and were unable to earn an authentic living due to unreasonable wage cut. Progressivism is an umbrella label for a wide range of economic, political, social, and moral reforms. The early twentieth century acted as the Progressive Era, when Americans find solutions to resolve problems that were engendered by industrialization....   [tags: Child Labor,Suffrage]

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Benefits Of Working A Job

- At the age of 18 Nicole got her license to do hair in an R.O.P. class at her high school, after graduation she was working hard to support herself and pay for her college tuition. Exhausted and stressed, it occurred to Nicole she was over working herself to go to school to do a job she didn’t want because people told her she needed to get a ‘real job.’ Nicole was a very successful business women and who was able to support herself and her two daughters with her ‘unrealistic job.’ She still loves being a hairstylist and remains to be successful, but what would happen if she listen to those negative people....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Arts, Employment]

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Working With A Professional Setting

- Working in a professional setting you will most likely be working around many different people. Working with many different people means you will be dealing with different attitudes and personalities. With that, you will need to know how to cope and deal with these different people and their attitudes in the most professional way possible. Not only cope, but socialize and interact within and around the people you are working with. These “people” are not just regular people. In the workplace you will be interacting with your co-workers, supervisors, and peers....   [tags: Employment, Communication, Need, Want]

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Discrimination Against A Race Working

- Discrimination Against a Race Working to Better Itself In a society where a racial divide is growing more and more prominent everyday, black lives are being put into the spotlight. White people have always had the upper hand in America, but exactly how much of an upper hand do they have. It has always been apparent, since the first developed human society, that with power comes opportunity. With the lack of power and opportunity in their own right, people of color miss out on options for betterment and equality....   [tags: Racism, Race, African American, Race]

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I Am Working With Grace

- I am currently working with Grace (name withheld). Even though we are both from Africa, we are from different countries, and so have different values and cultures. While I am from Nigeria, Grace is from Cameroon, both of us working in the United States. Family Background: Grace is from a family of seven (7). She has four siblings; a brother and three sisters, and she is the oldest. Apart from her brother and sisters, she still has her mother and father. She has told me this times without number, when I ask why she always run out of money before the next pay day....   [tags: Family, Marriage, College, Associate's degree]

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Managers Working At The Bmw

- Line managers working at the BMW are increasingly becoming involved in personnel management (Dodgson, et al. 2008). Bach and Edwards (2013) note that despite line managers’ functional specialism and industry, they are expected to engage in personnel management activities that the very least in order to cover performance management function like performing engagement appraisal and administering poor performance. To some extent line managers at the BMW posses delegated power of recruiting or firing workers as the deem fit depending on their capacity (Qadeer, et al....   [tags: Management, Human resource management, Leadership]

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Welfare Is The Modern Day Robin Hood, Robbing The Rich And Middle Working Class

- Welfare is the modern day Robin Hood, robbing the rich and middle working class to support the poor. Our current welfare system has reached a record level of over 109,000,000 means tested recipients. (U.S. Census) Means tested is a process in which the government analyzes your ability to take care of your family without their assistance through subsidized aid. Some of the more popular government aid programs include Women, Infants and Children (WIC), Medicaid, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)....   [tags: Drug addiction, Welfare, Illegal drug trade]

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This American (Working) Life

- What is your average workweek. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development over sixty six percent of women and eighty-eight percent of men in America work over 40 hours each week (4). Yet not everyone receives overtime pay. Executives, teachers, managers and others are not required by law to receive overtime pay (U.S. Cong. Federal Labor). These and other professions are labeled exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. An exempt profession, when put on a salary, is not protected by the FLSA and can work as many hours as required with no extra compensation....   [tags: Labor]

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Christian Appy's Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers and Vietnam

- ... History. The author sums up all his points and gives us the conclusion that Vietnam War is basically a war in which powerless, working-class teenagers were sent to fight an undeclared war (Appy 27). Many working-class men enlisted because they have no better alternatives. The author proves his point by giving several examples of the before, during and after war experiences of the Vietnam Veterans. In the third and forth section, the author tries to prove how the basic training is harsher on the men from the middle class background....   [tags: book analysis]

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The Implact of Working 8 vs. 12 Hour Shifts on Fatigue Among Nurses

- 1.2. Literature Review 1.2.1. The impact of working hours (12 vs. 8) Nurse’s fatigue and job performance A considerable amount of literature has been published on the impact of working hours (8 vs. 12 hour shifts) on fatigue among the nurses. These studies revealed that twelve-hour shifts increase the risk of fatigue, reduce the level of alertness and performance, and therefore reduce the safety aspect compared to eight-hour shifts (Mitchell and Williamson, 1997; Dorrian et al., 2006; Dembe et al., 2009; Tasto et al., 1978)....   [tags: Nursing]

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The Poor Law Amendment Act and Tackling Poverty

- The Poor Law Amendment Act and Tackling Poverty The Poor Law of 1601 was the first to codify the idea of the state to provide for the welfare of its citizens. It distinguished between the 'deserving' and the 'undeserving' poor; relief was local and community controlled.1 The 1834 Poor Law Act Amendment Act was an amendment to the Act for the relief of The English Poor Law of 1601. The Speenhamland System The Speenhamland System first saw light of day in 1795. It was introduced by the magistrates in the Berkshire village of Speenhamland in an effort to relieve the extreme poverty, which existed and was adopted widely....   [tags: Papers]

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The Forces That Lead to the Social Exclusion of the Poor

- ... For example, David Cameron, came from a rich upper class family, received private and high standard education, graduated from Brasenose College, Oxford, and went on to become the prime minister of the United Kingdom. Like Cameron, several people from wealthy backgrounds have grown to achieve remarkable status and power. On one hand, this essay agrees with Weber on his theory because as mentioned earlier in the essay, the forces of social exclusion are often working side by side and for a person to be truly successful in the social society, he needs to possess the three forces....   [tags: poverty, economic, social class]

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Poor Communication Habbits

- Peterson uses inventive mental imagery to explain poor communication habits and also the relative pathology that happens after we fail to pay attention to one another. Petersen uses the term "flat brain theory” to expounds on what happens after we permit our emotions to have an effect on our thinking that in turns affects the way we relate to others. Emotions are usually felt within the abdomen space. After we are frightened, we feel that sensation in the pits of our stomachs. We frequently describe excitement as the felling of butterflies fluttering inside of us....   [tags: psychology, emotions, concentration]

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The Poor Christ of Bomba by Mongo Beti

- ... Contrasting to the women in the Sixa who follow the teachings, there are the Tala villagers in the forest. The Tala villagers accepting Christianity as minimally as possible, because they realize that the European faith has provided access to what the Talas believe the true power of colonialism: money. This becomes apparent as the “converted” Talas leave their villages for communities like Bomba, that are scattered along the new colonial roads. They do staff the missions for the cash rather than motivation of their faith....   [tags: drumont struggles, denis]

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Poor Education For The Rural Areas Of Nigeria

- Poor education in the rural areas of Nigeria are a major problem. “Forty percent of Nigerian children aged six to eleven do not attend any primary school with the Northern region recording the lowest school attendance rate in the country, particularly for girls. Despite a significant increase in net enrollment rates in recent years, it is estimated that about 4.7 million children of primary school age are still not in school.” (Jaulmes) Some children are not even fortunate enough to go to school in the west African country of Nigeria....   [tags: School, Education, Primary education, Teacher]

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The Difference in Society among Rich and Poor

- The world is changing at an extremely rapid pace, and technology is evolving constantly. Additionally, new technology is being invented every day, and people always chase after new technology, which costs a considerable amount of money. However, there are some people who all they think about is how to provide enough food for their families. This shows that there are two groups of people in society: the rich and the poor. Even though there is a separation in society, these two groups of people have one major thing in common, which is they both need money in order to get what they want....   [tags: money, work, job, control]

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Education Gap Between Rich And Poor

- Social inequality is a concept that is growing in today’s 21st century. It can be seen at work but as well in education. Recently social inequality has become popular in education. In the article "What’s Causing the Gap?" written in the Los Angeles Times, explains the causes for the achievement gaps in low income communities and high income communities, but as well as deciding whether it is worth trying to close the achievement gap. Another article, "Education Gap between Rich and Poor Is Growing Wider," by Eduardo Porter written in the New York Times, illustrates the idea of why there is a gap in education giving many examples like the neighborhoods they live to the pre-kindergarten they at...   [tags: High school, Teacher, Education, School]

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Negative Effects of Poor Market Research

- Due to an overlooking on market research, many small business owners lack key components when it comes to a successfully operated business. Many people tend to view market research as a “necessarily complex business made up of computers, models, and statistical gymnastics” (D’Amico 41). Small businesses are prone to lose revenue/profit as a result of poor market research. The ability to provide apply such research to a small business can improve upon many key components that make up a healthy business....   [tags: businesses, expense, data ]

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The World Remaining Absolute Poor Monarchy

- Sandile Innocent Dlamini Mr Asante African Studies 13 November 2014 The world remaining absolute poor monarchy of the world. Swaziland is one the last remaining absolute monarchies of the world. A landlocked mountainous country, found between South Africa and Mozambique. A country with a meagre population of 1.2 million (UN, 2012). It is a country that is well known of its richness in culture and tradition - that attracts thousands of people across the globe to have a taste of its cultural beauty....   [tags: South Africa, Economics, Economic development]

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Ivan Pavlov, A Poor Russian Psychologist

- since the 1800 's many questioned why we act and behave the way that we do. How do we learn. Why do we generalize actions and behavior as positive or negative. What determines failure and success. Psychologists like Ivan Pavlov, John Watson, and B.F Skinner performed various experiments to investigate these many questions and more. Ivan Pavlov was a poor Russian psychologist. He originally had the notion to study the digestive system and determine if the digestive system was somehow linked to the nervous system....   [tags: Behaviorism, Operant conditioning]

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Wage Theft And Poor Health Conditions

- Since a long time ago immigrant families have been coming to the U.S. to seek a better life. The idea of the American Dream becomes shattered once they start dealing with all the obstacles to get to the United States from South or Central America. People start facing discrimination and are taken advantage of. Since their journey starts, immigrants face discrimination from everywhere they go; the people who help them cross over to the U.S. charge high amounts of money to help them come over. Once they get to the United States immigrants continue in the same pattern of being abused, and taken advantage of....   [tags: Human rights, Employment, Human migration]

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Temporary Working

- Temporary employment is becoming increasingly popular within the UK, allowing organisations to manage when they encounter staff shortages, and external and competitive pressures. Temporary workers are individuals who are employed by organisations to fulfil job roles when they are in demand. Temporary employees may work full-time or part-time, for one week or several, depending on whether or not the organisation requires their labour. Temporary working contributes to the labour problem of low productivity and low performance, this essay will considered this employment form from a number of perspectives and discover solutions to this problem....   [tags: Business, Temporary Employees]

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Working Women

- For centuries women have been viewed as the caretakers of the family. However, as more women are either earning higher salaries than their spouses or taking on the role as the “breadwinner” of the household, that view gets a little more complicated. According to an analysis by the Pew Research Center, 40% of all households with children under the age of 18 include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income for the family – this number greatly increased from the 11% in 1960. These mothers who are the primary financial supporters of the family are divided into two groups: 37% are married and have a higher salary than their husbands while 63% are single mothers (“Breadwinner Mo...   [tags: Career Women Essays]

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Wood Working

- Woodworking has been around for millennia or more. People have used wood for building shelter, tools, and other useful things. There are many different kinds of woodworking. The most common today are marquetry and parquetry, which are both forms of veneering and caring. There are many different styles of woodworking all of which are a very impressive art form. Wood working has been used by man since the beginning of time. Adam was the first known wood worker. Some of the oldest examples of wood working date back to the ancient Egyptian and ancient Chinese civilizations....   [tags: Art ]

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To What Extent Does Difference in Gender, Ethnicity and Class Influence Health Inequalities?

- Health is a large cause of one of the most important social divisions in society, with a divide existing between those whom are healthy and those who are not. Your health largely impacts the quality of life which you can lead, meaning there is those who are healthy and can lead a good quality of life, and those whose quality of life is impaired by illness and the potential illness surrounding their lives. The divisions which create health inequalities affect many aspects of everyday life. Though this division is sometimes just down to pure chance, there are structural factors which mean that those who face ill health often come from particular groups....   [tags: social class, the priviledged vs the poor]

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Wealth in Fitzgerald´s The Great Gatsby

- ... The use of colors in the scene shows the relation between the rich and the working class. Nick describes the men as “ash grey … [and] crumbling through the powdery air” (Fitzgerald, 23). The working class people are described as grey, in contrast to the bright colors that are used to describe the life of the rich. In addition, by using clouds of ash, Fitzgerald illustrates the masking that the rich are doing, “stir[ing] up and impenetrable cloud, which screens” the working class from the view of the rich so they can instead focus on what they view as important (23)....   [tags: classes, rich, poor, songs, ticket]

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The First Child Named Benjamin Franklin

- Born and raised by a Puritan soap maker who had seventeen children, the tenth child named Benjamin Franklin would become one of the most famous scientists, writers, inventors and hold a very important role in the American Revolution. He was the youngest son therefor he had no inheritance, however, he had the willpower to succeed and lived out the tale of rags to riches. Franklin started working at the age of 12 as an apprentice for his brother, but discontent with his job as an apprentice he ran away at the age of 17....   [tags: Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack]

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The Effects of Living in Poverty

- The term poverty originates form the meaning that one family or person is too poor to afford basic necessities to sustain a natural way of life. Poverty comes in many forms in this day and age.The world that we live in today is plagued with a substantial amount of lower class families that are torn and plagued by the ever increasing negatives such as drugs, violence and lack of nominal income to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This creates a portal for the next generation to bear and come out. How does poverty affect not only the individual but the families and the children of that individual....   [tags: too poor to afford basic necessities]

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Analysis Of The Case For Working With Your Hands

- In life, no matter who you are, everyone strives to find a job that makes enough money. In addition, to also make you happy and to feel important. People that fail to do this often lose ambition and the confidence they need to succeed. There are multiple outlets to purse including college, a trades union or construction, and also the military. Unless you are able to get lucky, these are the three most common paths to take in life. Matthew Crawford is a perfect example of this, who is also the author of “The Case for Working with Your Hands.” Crawford got a prestigious degree but ultimately decided that he would be better off working in a motor cycle garage....   [tags: Employment, Minimum wage, Wage, Trade union]

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Working Conditions During The Industrial Revolution

- Working conditions in the Industrial Revolution were very harsh. It was a time when people wanted mass amounts of production and were not concerned about how things got done as long as they got done. Chadwick and Sadler both took initiative to try to change and protect workers’ rights. As worker’s health became more public, people began to realize how bad they were suffering, the Parliament knew they had to make changes. The Parliament put in many acts and laws that would limit work hours and give workers more rights and better health....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Factory, United Kingdom]

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