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Given a chance to get a job and an education, people can get out of poverty, to turn around the economy to improve their living conditions and to increase the wealth of a country. Over the past twenty years is common to listen about sweatshops and its role exploiting people and destroying economies. People are wrong, they are blind for they desire for a better world, free of poverty and injustice. Unfortunately, good intentions alone won’t change the world and sweatshops have taken the first step to change the world.
Sweatshops have been marked as unethical and unfair, but on the contrary sweatshops are sources of opportunities where the poor have the chance to get a job and education. Places like Vietnam are examples of how sweatshops improve
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We know sweatshops do not eradicate world poverty but at least try to improve it. It is better to try to do something than doing nothing to end the global poverty. Africa is the continent with the lowest rates of development and quality life but with the help of sweatshops Africa would stop its poverty. According to Nicholas Kristof “Africa desperately needs western help in the form of schools, clinics and sweatshops” (Kristof, N. 2006). Africa is not a poor country but either a prosperous country, due its socialist government where everything belongs to the state. Thus is impossible to open the doors to multinational responsible to build sweatshops and give to the poor a better job. “In fact, recent studies show that factories in the third world as sweatshops can improve working conditions in developing countries, and offer a higher salary than they would be available in your absence” (Zwolinski, M.…show more content…
As Africa, Taiwan was a poor country, but in 1949 when the communism fell was implanted a new economic model known as capitalism, which opened the door to multinational companies who years later built factories as sweatshops. The first generation of sweatshops has its origins in Taipei capital of Taiwan, 64 years ago when sweatshops used to exploit workers to work long shift hours in grim conditions to produce products for western countries. Initially the panorama of sweatshops was bad due the quantity of accidents, poor working conditions and the use of cheap labor, but at that time sweatshops just could afford low wages and benefits. Taiwan is a rich country who stepped up from selling toys, skateboards, and bicycles into exporting electronics with a high price in the market. If sweatshops had not arrived to Taiwan probably Taiwan would still be trapped in poverty. Truly, the first generation of sweatshops used to exploit thousands of citizens with low wages and benefits, but it was just a step of Taiwan to the riches. As some sweatshops were triumphing, more and more sweatshops increased and were added to the market, producing a competition for workers, generating an increase in wages and benefits, resulting to an increased economy of

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