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The Importance of Motivation and Volition in Teaching

- Teachers experience a tremendous amount of stress, with almost one-third stating that teaching is a ‘very or extremely stressful’ profession (Borg & Riding, 1991; Kyriacou, 2001). Work stress is often cited as a key reason for teachers leaving the profession after only three years (Ingersoll & Smith, 2003). Contributors to work stress include a variety of factors, including role overload, disruptive students, over-demanding parents, lack of support from the school management, poor relationships with colleagues and high-stakes student testing (Kyriacou, 2001; Manthei, Gilmore, Tuck, & Adnair, 1996; Montgomery & Rupp, 2005)....   [tags: Teacher Work Stress]

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Research on Theories of Expert Teaching

- “What does it take to be good at something in which failure is so easy, so effortless?” Atul Gawande (2007) said this in his book Better referring to the medical field, but that question can be used in the context of many fields, specifically education. The question of what it means to be an expert at teaching has taken on some urgency in the effort to reform public education (Sternberg and Hovarth, 1995). Theories of expert teaching vary throughout the educational community (Shulman, 1987; Sternberg and Hovath, 1995)....   [tags: Education]

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Q & A on Communicative Teaching

- ... (Long 1998:93). Language surrounding is as important as the language itself. To elaborate the issue, for example we know the level of a person through his or her language therefore, language is a representation for its users, culture , place and many more. Tarone proposed two questions: 1-Remove the L2 learner from the social setting: Does the IL grammar change. 2- Change the social setting altogether: Will the way the learner acquires L2 change much. Social context will have its effect on language learners, From pidgin and Creole lecture, the language of African were describe as being lower class language because it was for White but from a lower class community....   [tags: learning a language]

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Teaching is a Profession of Passion

- After working in the childcare profession for over ten years, teaching preschoolers, I was presented with the opportunity to go to work at a local elementary school. The class I was assigned to was for children with mild to moderate disabilities, assisting them with the academics and the social support needed to function in a general education setting. This was a life changing opportunity for me. As I sat in awe for the first few weeks, watching my new co-workers help these children with love, patents, and respect, I realized this is what I wanted to do....   [tags: elementary school, special education,teachers]

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Reflecting on Creative Teaching and Learning.

- Introduction This paper will attempt, within its restricted parameters, to reflect all the learning that has taken place during the university sessions on the Creative and Effective Curriculum and synthesise this with my individual practice experience in school. First we will explore the contextual background to the focus on creativity in schools today. Where did the idea of creativity in education stem from. We will travel rapidly through the twentieth century research before coming to more recent developments and initiatives....   [tags: Critical Analysis, Theory,Practice, Education]

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The Rewards and Challenges of Teaching

- ... Teaching is a learning experience that not only contributes to society, but also reaps emotional and intellectual rewards that increase teacher-efficacy and personal development. Lastly, and most importantly, society perceives educators as positive role models for future generations and, for a teacher, making a positive impact is an immense reward. In regards to reaching young students “there is no substitute” (Kauchak & Eggen, 2014, p.14). Being a positive influence in a diverse environment not only represents a heroic model, but also promotes an educator’s competence and elation....   [tags: education, children]

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The Effects of Poverty on Teaching and Learning

- ... Teachers cannot be out of touch with students. Teachers must make sure that they understand the challenges that students are facing. According to the Department of Education, There are 4.8 million teachers. In addition, among both males and females, 83 percent of public school teachers are White, 7 percent each are Black or Hispanic (only 2 percent are African American males), 1 percent each were Asian or of two or more races, and less than one percent each were Pacific Islander or American Indian/Alaska Native in 2007–08....   [tags: education, at-risk, students]

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The Effective Teaching and Learning of Writing

- Writing is an important skill that allows participation in society, and ability to express oneself meaningfully. In saying this, there are various ways to teach writing, and they all have their place. It is important to teach children to learn how to write as it covers all areas of the curriculum, and enables them to express themselves and be assessed in various ways. Learning how to write involves expressing ideas through various textual means, attention to editing, and attention to text structure (Seely Flint, Kitson, Lowe, & Shaw, 2014)....   [tags: behaviourism, teacher-centred, skills]

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A Discussion on Vocabulary Teaching and Learning

- A Discussion on Vocabulary Teaching and Learning 1. Introduction Vocabulary has always been regarded as a key component of language teaching and learning in EFL settings. However, compared with grammar instruction, vocabulary teaching seems to receive little attention and interest. It is not until 1990s that increasing efforts have been made towards the study of vocabulary as an important element of effective communication in second language learning. Wilkins points out ‘without grammar very little can be conveyed, but without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed’ (1972, p....   [tags: English as a foreign language]

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History and Methods of What Is Teaching

- There are many resources one can come across to be informed on the history of education and many different methods that will help teachers with their planning and their strategies during their teaching time. School and Society: Historical Contemporary Perspectives gives us information from different scholars who focused on methods, and wanted to change things within the school systems. Experience & Education also brings information about parts and history, and events about school and the program....   [tags: schooling, concepts, education]

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An Exploration of Constructivist Teaching Methods

- Introduction Constructivist Learning theory suggests that learning is achieved through the active engagement of the learner through the senses. A learner constructs his or her own knowledge through the application of background knowledge and both new and past experience. Constructivist approaches to learning are aligned with what research suggests are the most effective practices for promoting student learning and engagement; they are learner rather than teacher centered and they promote self directed learning practices among students by engaging them in dialog and problem solving strategies that are relevant to real world experiences....   [tags: Constructivist Learning theory ]

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The Use of Primary Sources in Teaching

- Primary sources are materials that come directly from the person or event of record. Such sources could include journals, documents, letter, diaries, memoirs or artifacts. Teaching is made easier with primary sources because students are able to relate to the topic through original visual and audio cues. Primary sources are used to teach virtually any subject from history to science, and even mathematics. It is simple to find and use primary sources online. Many universities, museums and government agencies have digital databases that can be accessed for educational purposes....   [tags: Education, teachers]

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Views on Choosing Teaching Methods

- Views on Choosing Teaching Methods When confronted with the methodological diversity, some teachers feel comfortable to adopt one particular method consonant with their own beliefs, experiences and fundamental views about teaching and learning. They may get well trained in the method for teaching their subjects, and this particular method could also be well documented with plenty of research evidence supporting it. This is the view of one method being the best. There is another group of teachers....   [tags: Education, learning styles, teachers]

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Discussing the Ohio Standards for Teaching

- A typical definition for teacher is one who passes on knowledge, but the job of teacher entails so much more than simply imparting knowledge to students. Or, rather, the job is not so simple. In order to pass on the information and understanding necessary for a student to become proficient enough to become a contributing member of society, there are many things at which a teacher must be competent. The Ohio Department of Education has created a list of standards for teachers as a guideline to achieve or improve in the competencies they need in order to be considered highly qualified at their profession....   [tags: Education, teachers]

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The Teaching Philosophy of Exceptional Children

- The teaching philosophy of exceptional children: My teaching career has been spent learning how to provide appropriate support, guidance, patience, & understanding, as well as to enhance academic growth & success, for all students. My purpose as a teacher is to enrich and inspire the lives of young students with moderate/intensive needs by providing access to information instead of functioning as the primary source of information for students to flourish. My teaching methods will be to create an environment ripe with opportunities for discovery and exploration which will allow all students to learn at their own pace, generate questions and construct knowledge, while providing hands-on prac...   [tags: learning differences and disabilities]

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Principles of Teaching in Technical Education

- I. MODULE 1 & 2: Importantly, we discover in this module many reasons as a teacher we need to focus on the purpose for technical education's federal legislation prior to 1960. These reasons are deeply unveiled in comparing the purposes of the historical and present federal legislation regarding society, economics, and technological innovations. Accordingly, federal Workforce Legislation such as the Smith-Hughes Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and the Perkins Act are just a few that have impacted our society and its workforce....   [tags: reflection instructions]

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Introduction to Teaching: What is a Curriculum?

- Reflection 1: What is curriculum. According to Marsh (2010) curriculum is “An interrelated set of plans and experiences which students complete under the guidance of the school or early childhood settings.”(p. 93). The curriculum is many things, it is a document containing a set of expected performance outcomes and content to guide teachers. Curriculum can also be the delivery of objectives and personal experiences to accelerate student learning (A. Smith, personal communication, April 10, 2014)....   [tags: syllabus, standardised testings]

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Principles of Communicative Language Teaching

- I. Introduction Today English is the most popular international language in the world. Many countries chose English as a second language; and Vietnam is one of them. After Vietnam was approved as a World Trade Organization member since 2006, writing and speaking English are required skills to access higher education or to find a job. Many foreign companies have invested in our country. Therefore, English plays a very important role in our society and is an important subject as a mandatory course in Vietnamese education system....   [tags: english language, vietnam]

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Christian Teaching on Wealth and Poverty

- Coursework (a) (i) Outline Christian teaching on wealth and poverty. Christians do not think money is a bad thing. However, they believe the way money is earned and used is the issue. Most Christians believe that wealth is a gift from God to benefit others. Christians believe that all money belongs to God and he gives them stewardship of his money to use wisely. The Bible teaches, “You cannot serve both God and money.” (Matthew 6:24). For Christians this means that they must be careful not to replace their love for God with the love of money....   [tags: World Development, Christianity, Poverty]

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Aquinas: My Career of Teaching

- As a young child growing up in Jamaica, I often hear people refer to what they do as vocation. It was always jobs that require no formal education such as plumbing or farming and these work were greatly enjoyed by these people. Carpentry for instance was a field that a person chose to do because of the love for it. Nevertheless, these people earned their living through these vocations. My father was a carpenter and yes he did support us by doing what he loved and that was building houses. Was my father fortunate to have found a skill that he liked and got paid for it....   [tags: career, ]

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Education and Related Services: Teaching

- ... Concern and quality of the teachers has been getting attention since the 1990s. Compared to earlier times, teachers are required to give proof of lesson plans and videos of their teachings. It’s evident that teaching requirements and everything else having to do with teaching itself did. In the 1970s, professions such as bilingual teachers, computer teachers, childbirth educators, etc. were rare, but today they are greatly relied upon. "Wanted Immediately: A Sober diligent Schoolmaster capable of teaching READING, WRITING, ARITHMETICK, and the Latin TONGUE......   [tags: significant jobs, childhood educators]

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Important Aspects of Teaching Mathematics

- Teaching mathematics has evolved from the traditional instrumentalist view where the focus is on knowledge mathematical facts, rules and methods as independent concepts, to the more contemporary constructivist approach which focuses on building on prior knowledge and experiences incorporating mathematical facts, rules and methods to problem solve and investigate new mathematical concepts. This will in turn, enable students to apply concepts in real life situations. Teaching thematically is an approach which allows concepts to be applied to real life situations....   [tags: math Education, math, teachers]

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Measuring Efficiency in Teaching Methods

- Becoming a rational citizen and an intellectually built up individual needs many integral parts to contribute in that creation. Without a doubt, the most essential part is education. This process involves a series of lessons which are there to guide every person to create strong foundations for self-judgment and reasoning. Therefore, it is very important to find the right way to transmit this essential information to the students in order to promote creativity and efficiency for the new generations which are considered the drive to innovation, social and economical growth (V....   [tags: Traditional, Modern, Convenience]

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Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum Statement

- TL-III Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum Statement In order to facilitate technology-enhanced experiences that maximize student learning, I look to current research in educational technology in order to design methods and strategies for teaching content standards and student technology standards simultaneously. The 2007 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Education Technology Standards for Students and Performance Indicators for Students (NETS*S) provide my current student-centered road map....   [tags: Education, educational technology, technology]

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Teaching Social Skills in the Classroom

- The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of the Cool Kids social skills program. Fister, Conrad and Kemp (1998) created this program as a way to teach students basic and specific social skills that would enable them to succeed academically as well as socially. Entering into a school social environment is a significant and foundational experience for children. Elementary age students must successfully transition from well-established, comfortable social interactions with caregivers to explicit and implicit social rules and interactions in a school environment....   [tags: Behavior Management ]

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Teaching Strategies for Students with Disabilities

- In my years of learning to be an educator, and specifically a music educator, I have struggled with how to teach to students with special needs. Despite taking several special education classes, I struggle with how I am going to apply these strategies I have learned into my music education classroom. With this in mind, I have noticed that several students in my observations of local music classes have disabilities, but are excelling. I did not notice any strategies being implemented by the teacher....   [tags: Special Needs essays]

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Teaching Grammar to the Grammatically Oblivious

- Cries of, “But when will we ever use this in real life?” resound through classrooms, debilitating teachers in their pursuit of student excellence. Once a staple in schools, grammar has become anathema to the standard course of English instruction. With the advent of the impending pertinence of the "real world," the tediousness and technicality of the study of grammar has undergone microscopic scrutiny. The real world forces people to face technical and tedious situations sometimes, however. Thus, the technical construct of grammar should not be grounds for its immediate dismissal....   [tags: debilitating teachers, students excellence]

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Teaching - Reflections, Questions, Desicions

- Introduction What is teaching. What do we mean by quality education. What is the best way to motivate a child to reach their full potential. These are some of the questions that the effective teacher may ask themselves. In fact, much of the role of the modern teacher can be defined in the statement; Teaching – reflections, questions, decisions. These aspects are interwoven and iterative. Teachers need to reflect upon various policies, concepts and strategies. They need to ask the right questions and make the right decisions....   [tags: Education, Quality Education]

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Teaching: Reflections, Questions, and Decisions

- Introduction I went to primary school in the early 1980’s; I had a very typical education, for the time, Maths, English, Science, with hefty doses of fear in the form of the threat of corporal punishment. We sat in rows, no talking, no sharing of ideas just copying from the black board into our books. I actually did very well at school, but I know that some of my classmates, the ones who didn’t quiet fit the norm, had a very lonely, isolated experience that frightened them off learning forever....   [tags: Education]

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Teaching Project on Childhood Obesity

- Introduction This day and age people are living longer with respect to various factors, for example, technology and evidence based practice which guide practices, in order to deliver safe and effective health care. However, many young adults are developing diseases that were once confined to adults. The prevalence of childhood obesity is rising and so is the steady incline of comorbidities in young adults. Education is perhaps one of the best options that can either control or prevent the rising rates of childhood obesity....   [tags: Childhood Obesity]

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Teaching Styles in Physical Education

- In the world today, having qualified professionals in the physical education field is often overlooked. People do not give enough credit to these professionals when in reality they play one of the most important roles in a child’s life. Everyone who partakes in a physical education class as a student is able to look back at their personal experience, and form a conclusion as to if they thoroughly enjoyed it or not. This may be subconscious or discussed openly, but it does happen at some point or another in one’s lifetime....   [tags: physical activity, healthy lifestyle]

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Teaching Strategies for Inclusive Education

- Policies and legislation have set the standard for an inclusive education system that values all students, regardless of difference. As a preservice teacher about to enter into the teaching profession it will be my responsibility to cultivate optimum teaching and learning experiences that will support all students’ social, emotional and academic development. Whilst this task does seem daunting and challenging, it is also exciting to be one of the many pioneers who will contribute to an educational reform, resulting in the ideal of inclusive education....   [tags: Special Education, mainstreaming, inclusion]

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The Basics of Teaching Writing

- Introduction Writing in an educational setting is essential. Writing in a real world setting is also essential. So why is the emphasis of teaching basic writing skills going away. As a teacher in a sixth grade classroom in Utah, I see students who cannot form a complete sentence let alone a solid paragraph. Many students do not capitalize the beginnings of their sentences or end them with proper punctuation marks. Forming a complete thought seems to be a skill beyond many of these students grasp....   [tags: Education, writing skills]

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Computer Technology and Teaching Principles

- Computer technology is one the most innovative advancements in modern-day education. Technology has made its way into the world of teaching practice and principle by expanding the way we approach instruction in the classroom. We are no longer confined to pencil and paper, but have the ability to project and present knowledge in an enhanced way to capture the minds of a generation of students whose society is built around ever expanding world of computer technology. As facilitators of learning, our classrooms are filled with students who are comprised of generation X’ers and Millenial’s....   [tags: modern-day education, curriculum]

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Concept Checking in Language Teaching

- Concept checking is a useful technique for teachers in language teaching as it helps teachers find out whether their students have understood a new language point they have taught. Using concept checking, teachers can easily approach to communicative goals of the lesson instead of using traditional methods such as translation or explanation. This technique is especially valuable in the context of Vietnam, where language teachers are constantly searching for new and effective techniques which can assist their teaching....   [tags: education, communicative methods]

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Effective Discharge Teaching for Nurses

- One must understand that patients who are prescribed warfarin are at a high risk of bleeding. According to Sanderson et al. (2009) “many patients were unable to link known risk factors as contributing” to DVT to their therapist (p. 25). Although patients are admitted for major lower extremity surgeries, some of these patients also have chronic diseases, such as cerebral vascular accident (CVA), coronary artery disease, diabetes, cardiac, renal disease, and obesity and might take a complex medication regimen....   [tags: healthcare professionals]

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Instructional Methods for Teaching Science

- Science is regarded by many educators as a complex subject to teach, as it requires lengthy preparation and planning. Firstly, teachers need to know the abilities of their students well before embarking on drawing lessons plans for science subjects. Some of the main aspects that teachers need to find out include attention spans, interest and ability levels, prior learning knowledge and experiences, and special needs among others. Such information enables tutors to identify the most suitable content and materials to include in lesson plans (Hassard & Dias, 2013)....   [tags: teachers, abilities, plans, attention, levels]

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My Career Goals in Teaching

- I plan to actively engage students, community members, policy makers, and other educational stakeholders. I have a passion for teaching whether it be in a formal classroom or informally, one-on-one with students or other advisees. I believe that the educational experiences of university students should be intellectually stimulating and rigorous, but also professionally constructive. I intend my own teaching to focus on substantive subject material, but as importantly to offer opportunities for students to advance their professional experiences....   [tags: education, policy, development]

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Teaching and Learning Activity Assessment

- Introduction One of key element in teaching and learning activity is assessment. There are several types of assessment. However, in the context of Aceh, most of teachers still use traditional forms of assessment, specifically summative assessment. There is critique on traditional assessment, “The critique has been based on the assumption that these forms of assessment do not support high quality of leaning associated with ‘deep’ learning, critical thinking, sustainable knowledge and lifelong learning” (Havnes & McDowell 2008)....   [tags: Education, Evaluation ]

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Teaching English in South Korea

- Teaching English in South Korea Korea is a Country where people speak one ethic language the Korean. Because of that fact teaching English is a business which is booming in the country. In fast changing business environment, the Koreans are forced to interact with other people from different countries. Other macro environmental factors like globalization have influenced the behavior and perceptions of the Koreans. It is in this light that they have embraced the idea of learning other languages to be in a better position to fully take advantage of the global trends and business ideas....   [tags: Education, ESL, communication, language]

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Technology in Teaching and Learning

- Educational technologies are being utilized in every way shape and form, from inline gaming to numeracy, literacy and painting by numbers. From learning to leisure we have embraced the internet, in online chat rooms we communicate, interact and move into future learning through educational programmes and technology that lets us live and learn virtually. Instruction and directions are sent across cyberspace which change perceptions and give us an insight into different cultures far away across the other side of the world .The enigma that is cyberspace has the capacity to change our way of thinking, learning and teaching, and it is this teaching aspect hat most interests me....   [tags: Education ]

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Teaching Styles and Learning Styles

- Generally speaking, Mullock’s research paper is easy to follow and understand. At the very first stage of reading the article, I found quite confused with the way which the writer presented her points. Yet, the more I read the article, the clearer and more logical her points became. She studied an issue that has been perennial topic of discussion in any educational context, so the title drew attention at the first time of reading. The interest was heightened as reading through the article. As obviously showed on the paper, there was a change in today students’ perceptions of what constitutes a good language teacher compared to those of students in the past....   [tags: language, education tsol]

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Society's View on Teaching Professionals

- “Those who can not do, teach,” Now this may be a line from a Woody Allen movie, but one must truly believe that the American society has taken this idiom and ran with it, if you will. In this day in age, people believe that teachers are “washed up” or “took the easy route,” and that no one ever decided when they were a child they wanted to grow up and become a teacher. But instead that teachers were people who had given up on their dreams and decided to do teach instead. When looking at the views of society on teachers, people never respect their choice of career....   [tags: the nobility in the education profession]

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The Teaching of Saint Gregory

- A. “The Teaching of Saint Gregory” contains many theologically concepts as God and Creation, Christology, human Sin and salvation, eschatology and resurrection. Owing to the limited space, I will only explore some key elements which I think are worthy to be discussed. First, Gregory depicts the God’s attributes – it begins with the faith of Trinity- God created the world and humankind, the Son saved humankind and the Spirit sustained the world (259, 263, 362). There is no one before God and there is no creator (259)....   [tags: Christology, God, Creation]

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Paradox in Teaching and Learning

- Palmer’s third chapter speaks about paradox in teaching and learning. He describes paradox, overall, as the inner tension experienced in the heart of every teacher, competing and pulling between laughter and pain, joy and sadness, engagement and apathy. He embraces the soul of the teacher pungently: “teaching...can only be expressed as paradoxes”. Push them yet coddle them, inspire them yet give them thinking time, challenge them yet celebrate their established riches. Parker’s description brings into light the true tension in the hearts of teachers, balancing forces of emotion, identity, intellect, and truth....   [tags: Education]

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A New Way of Teaching

- There are three different stages in education. Primary Education starts in Preschool and goes all the way up to 6th grade. Teachers in the Elementary School teach students the basic subjects that will prepare them for the next stage. The second stage and probably the most important stage is Secondary Education that starts in 7th grade and goes all the way up to 12th grade. Throughout these grades students start to learn more advanced subjects, most of which they need so that they can get an idea of what they want to do for a future career after they graduate....   [tags: Education, teachers]

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Teaching Games For Understanding Model

- Teaching Games For Understanding Model is the topic that I researched. This teaching model was created by Rod Thorpe and David Bunker from Loughborough University. The abbreviation for Teaching Games For Understanding Model is TGFU. This model was made for students to help educate them about the games they play in Physical Education. This learning model does not reflect on the performance from the student. It focuses on teaching student’s skills and key concepts in the classroom. There are six stages in TGFU that specifically target an important skill or concept that the student needs....   [tags: Rod Thorpe, David Bunker ]

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The Teaching and Learning Process

- Introduction Teaching and learning are complicated processes. The literature is full of research describing how people learn. Two well-known models characterize learners by age: pedagogy and andragogy. Pedagogy focuses on the teacher-child learner relationship and andragogy focuses on the teacher-adult learner relationship. While pedagogy is a longstanding theory that can be traced back to the monastic schools of Europe in the 7th century, Malcolm Knowles brought recognition to the concept of andragogy in the 20th century (Merriam, Caffarella, & Baumgartner, 2007; Knowles, 1973)....   [tags: pedagogy and andragogy]

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Teaching in the 21st Century

- Teaching in the 21st Century has come about due to the realisation that the current education system has fallen behind the modern world, become outdated and ineffectual. We are over a decade into a Century which has brought forth an information age with limitless resources and instant access to information. Collaboration has turned global, with people all over the world communicating, sharing ideas and solving common issues through and with technology. The issue has become more so how to teach rather than what....   [tags: Current Education System, Schooling]

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Teaching Real Sex in Highschool

- Teaching sex education is like telling a kid not to go in a cookie jar. A child usually asks for a cookie and the parent replies, “No.” “Don’t go into the cookie jar.” Then that child will climb or do whatever it can to get that cookie from the jar. As you can picture, parents say no without sharing the reason behind it or how to do what’s being asked. That is the problem not only with children, but also with teenagers. Parents, teachers, and mentors use the abstinence- only approach, which means they only teach high school students not to have sex and that it’s bad, but not all the facts behind it (Crooks 2014)....   [tags: abstinence, safe choices, teenagers]

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Paradox in Teaching and Learning

- Palmer’s third chapter speaks about paradox in teaching and learning. He describes paradox, overall, as the inner tension experienced in the heart of every teacher, competing and pulling between laughter and pain, joy and sadness, engagement and apathy. He embraces the soul of the strongly : “teaching...can only be expressed as paradoxes”. Push them yet coddle them, inspire them yet give them thinking time, challenge them yet celebrate their established riches. Parker’s description brings into light the true tension in the hearts of teachers, balancing forces of emotion, identity, intellect, and truth....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Theories of Teaching and Learning

- There are many theories that are relevant to classroom teaching today. Marsh (2008, p. 17) states that “each theory is nothing more than a set of reasonable suggestions”. A teacher should look at the information available to them and take what is necessary to achieve a positive learning environment in their classroom. This may mean taking a little part of one theory and combining in with another part of a different theory, there is no singular theory or theorist that encompasses everything that is required in a modern classroom....   [tags: motivation, constructivism, behaviourism]

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Teaching Curriculum of Science Classes

- Teaching students the theory of Evolution has been going on in classrooms for about a hundred years. The war between Evolution and Creationism has been going on for almost just as long (Bailey 63). Although Evolution is accepted by the majority of Americans, in recent years more people are beginning to accept the theory of Intelligent Design, a form of Creationism, due to a small number of scholars like Michael Behe and William Dembski who are trying to disprove the theory of Evolution, while also trying to prove Intelligent Design as a legitimate scientific theory (Bailey 64)....   [tags: Evolution, Intelligent Design]

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Personal Philosophy: Child Development and Teaching

- Personal Philosophy Introduction Child development is divided into four areas of development; social / emotional, physical (motor), cognitive, and language. Typically children develop in a sequence of stages in each area. Although development normally follows the same series of stages, there are individual differences in what age each stage occurs. Development in part depends on the experiences a child encounters. According to Wardle (2004), young children learn from their total experience in a program....   [tags: Teaching Philosophy Education papers]

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Information About Teaching Styles

- Teaching style is about how materials are delivered, rather than what is delivered. Teachings also refer to the process deliver knowledge and skill from the teacher to the students. It include the activities of educating or instructing. Each person has his or her own teaching style, and aware of their preferences when delivering the instruction. It can be defined as: a set of attitudes and actions that open a formal and informal world of learning to the student. It is a subtle force that influences access to learning and teaching by establishing perimeters around acceptable learning procedures, processes and products....   [tags: lecturing, demostrating, educating]

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The Benefits of Co-Teaching

- Collaboration in the world of education has become an increasingly popular method of addressing a variety of school issues, such as curriculum design, behavioral plans, professional development and management of resources. One of the areas in which collaboration is becoming more popular is co-teaching in special education, where special education teachers and general education teachers share the planning and instruction responsibilities for inclusion classrooms (Friend & Cook, 2010). As academic standards for the education of students with disabilities are held to the same standards as their typical peers due to the No Child Left Behind Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act...   [tags: Education ]

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Teaching Plan for Nurses

- Nurses have both learning and teaching responsibilities. Continuing education for nurses is very important in order to maintain their knowledge and skills among the health care development. If it is true, that the ability of teaching is a complex process, one fundamental part of this process is the ability of the learner to receive information, process the information and carry out in practice. Learning, is a change in human ability or capability of willing to learn and act on the learning (Blais, Hayes, Kozier, & Erb, 2006); is a transformation of behaviors, existing knowledge, ability and values to change an area of need to become better as individual....   [tags: Interview, Study, Exam]

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Vocabulary Teaching in ESL

- This report was assigned for us to learn understand language teaching and how it is practiced more. My assigned area is vocabulary learning and teaching. For this I have thought about what my thoughts and believes on the subject of learning and teaching vocabulary were and how they changed after interviewing a teacher of English as a second language and a learner of English as a second language. In this report I will discuss my beliefs before and after doing the interviews and further research; the believes of a teacher with the help of a concept map; the thoughts of a learner by doing a small interview and what the experts think by discussing extra material I have read and analysed especial...   [tags: Beliefs, Context, Relatability]

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Teaching: A life goal

- Teaching is a profession that takes years to master. Aside from having at least a Bachelor’s Degree in teaching, a student teaching job, and a few other courses; you have to have the passion, the skills, and abilities to understand a student. A lot of things go in to teaching but these are the most important aside from the knowledge itself. SKILLS- In most schools you will work for eight or nine hour days for ten months with two months off for summer. You also may end up working in a school that doesn’t have updated books or the same technology as other places....   [tags: teachers, students, education, learning]

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Teaching English in Libya

- In the past and present day in Libya, learning English has been free to all students at all levels. Students start learning English as one of the main subjects from the age of 12 until the university stage. Libyan teachers followed the old traditional system, which was the grammar translation method. This method was based on analysing the grammar rules followed by translating of sentences and texts into the students’ target language and memorizing large amount of vocabulary, which was selected from the reading texts....   [tags: Language]

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Teaching Information Literacy Skills

- Last week, one of the teachers with whom I work came to me with a dilemma. In a few months, his fourth-graders will participate in their annual State Night. To prepare for this event, students choose a state to learn more about. Their findings form the basis of a presentation given in front of an audience of peers, teachers, parents, and other members of our school community. My fellow teacher expressed a desire to expand the resources that his students use for research from encyclopedias and reference books to websites and informational databases available through our school library....   [tags: Information Literacy Essays]

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Teaching Techniques Over Time

- “You learn something new everyday if you pay attention” said by Ray LeBlond. It is true, inside and outside of the classroom people are always learning something. It is the way people learn it that is interesting, from a book, other people, hands on experience or trial and error. When it comes to learning everyone is different. This is why strategies in reading and language arts in education are changing. History Early education was not common in the 1800’s. Rarely did kids go to school because the miles of walking to the one room school houses....   [tags: education, ray leblond]

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Teaching Students with Disabilities

- Teaching Students with Disabilities Education is a profession which requires a teacher to be able to communicate with a multitude of students on a variety of levels. There is not a class, or student for that matter, that is identical. Therefore, teachers must be able to identify and help educate students from all different types of backgrounds and at different levels. Teaching a singular subject presents difficulties, but teaching students with disabilities should not be one. There are three main teaching areas that need to be focused on when teaching a student with a learning disability....   [tags: individualization in education]

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Issues in Teaching Writing

- Writing proves daily to be a tool one can use in their own way to express themselves. Many teachers have their own approaches to teaching writing and not to say that they are not effective I just feel that if some people change their approach some of the problems I myself see can be changed by a change in the approach to teaching and assessing writing. Some issues I see are students not being exposed to different styles of writing, their writing assignments challenge their knowledge and remembrance instead of their analytical and critical thinking skills, and the way teachers assess writing....   [tags: tool, english class, writing styles]

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Teaching the Engineering Mindset

- I believe electrical engineering students should be thought how to think like an engineer. They should be able to consider practical limitations in solving real life problems. Whenever they face a new problem they should be able to split that problem into smaller parts that are manageable. For each sub-problem, they should have the ability to choose a suitable model that considers the physical, computational, safety and time constraints. Completing an engineering project is not possible without successful collaboration with other groups that work on the same project....   [tags: Electrical Engineering Curriculum]

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My Practice Teaching Experience

- Early on in my Block A experience I realised that a major contributing factor to the success, or otherwise, of my lessons was the pace. This is an area that I have looking at improving over the course of my Block A placement. The advice given by Gererd Dixon (2011: Online) is that; ‘One of the hardest things for new teachers is to inject pace and purpose into lessons while recognizing the needs of slower learners in the class.’ Working out the correct pace for my classes did prove to be a struggle as it does require the teacher to understand the needs of different learners in the room....   [tags: Education, teacher]

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Teaching Games for Understanding

- Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) is seen throughout physical education curriculums and helps students gain an understanding of the rules and concepts of certain activities. The goal of TGfU is to help the students understand what they do and why they are doing it. Also, students can be taught by using a modified form of the activity that the teacher wants them to do. TGfU is not judged on how good or bad a student will perform. Although the model is used mostly in physical education, we see it now being used by coaches....   [tags: Student Progress, Curriculums]

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Different Methods of Teaching

- No longer is there only one standard method of teaching (*). Some teachers are now trying a new method that is slowly gaining popularity called the flipped classroom (Goodwin and Miller 78). The flipped classroom is one form of differentiated instruction. Differentiated instruction individualizes education for each student (Bolin and Garcia). The flipped classroom model was created to accommodate the busy lives of students (Bergmann and Sams 2). The flipped classroom does not look the same in every classroom, but it is essentially the flipping of notes and homework (13)....   [tags: students, flipped classroom, education system]

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Teaching Strategies for Autism

- Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of many developmental disabilities that affect students learning. In fact, in the United States, Autism is the fastest-growing severe developmental disorder (“What is Autism,” n.d.). Also, the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder is 1 in 68 children and the prevalence in boys is 1 in 42 children (“What is Autism,” n.d.). Furthermore, Autism Spectrum Disorders also affects the way a child learns and over the years, several teaching strategies have been developed to help teachers to effectively educate students with Autism....   [tags: spectrum disorder, social awkwardness]

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Strategies for Science Teaching

- The field of education has been becoming quite diverse and expanding with students, technology, and teaching techniques. In Secondary Education, there are content areas such as English, Science, and Social Studies, and an educator that teaches any of these content areas and more, must be able to utilize varied techniques or practices in order to meet students’ needs and learning styles. In regards to Science teaching in particular, not only does the teacher must be able to know and teach the concepts of the content area effectively, but he/she must be able to convey to the students the applications and vocabulary with those scientific concepts....   [tags: Education, Diversity, Effectiveness]

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Teaching Yoga in Schools

- Teaching Yoga in Schools Yoga seems to be growing in popularity amongst people who are trying to exercise and get in shape. It is a relaxing way to become more flexible and gain strength. According to an article in Huffington Post, yoga practitioners have increased “nearly 30 percent in the last four years.” It seems like yoga would be accepted by the majority of people, seeing it as a good form of exercise. But when the school district in Encinitas, California received a 533,000 dollar grant to practice yoga in their schools, some parents protested, claiming that it was the school district’s attempt to teach Hinduism to the children....   [tags: hindus, raja yoga, ]

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Teaching as a Profession

- Teaching as a Profession Winston Churchill once said “Kites rise highest against the wind (1942).” Teachers must find enough determination to overcome the adversity, stress, and other factors that might be sending them the message to leave their job, and stick with it. A teaching profession has some positive benefits, but the negative aspects are enough to push people away from a career in this field. Looking in from the outside, a job as a teacher seems ideal. In what other profession do you have every weekend, holiday, and the whole summer off....   [tags: essays papers]

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Effective Teaching

- Effective Teachers According to your reading, what are the characteristics of effective teachers. What qualities do effective teachers possess. In the book Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional, Kauchak and Eggen (2014) defined effective teaching as, “instruction that maximizes learning by actively involving students in meaningful learning activities” (p. 511). To be an effective teacher one must care about and involve each and every individual student. An effective teacher not only succeeds at helping all students learn, but increases learning for all students as well....   [tags: education techniques]

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Teaching Philosophy

- Teaching Philosophy Stephen Brookfield (2006) defines a teaching philosophy as “…a set of values, beliefs, insights, and convictions about the essential forms and fundamental purposes of teaching” (p. 255). A teaching philosophy should serve to support a teacher and guide his or her actions so that the students’ best interests are always of primary focus. It should also come from within and be an extension of the teacher’s identity. When we consider the difficult environment and circumstances that students face today, the authenticity and actionability of a teaching philosophy is paramount....   [tags: Education, Higher Education]

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Teaching as a Profession

- Teaching as a Profession Individuals who enter the field of education reply to the question why teach with various answers. There is beauty, joy, and fulfillment in this profession, and these spirit-lifting emotions are the result of watching annually as a new group of children enter to learn and leave with the knowledge to achieve. Richard Dufour (2000), author of Why Teach expressed his views on the profession first by stating that teaching is not the career for everyone. He goes on to say, that the education profession has the ability to present the “unique opportunity” for individuals to cast a positive influence upon others (Why Teach, 2000, p.1)....   [tags: essays papers]

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Teaching Goals

- There are several reasons that I would chose to teach in New Orleans. The first would be that I have family in New Orleans and it would be nice to get closer to them while at the same time doing something that would make a difference. I feel that the New Orleans schools are a place where I could make a difference. My goal in becoming a teacher has been to make a difference in the life of at least one teenager and hopefully many more. I want to do what my high school history teacher did. I want to make the past real to students....   [tags: Career Ambition]

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The Philosophy of Teaching

- My Philosophy of Teaching Philisophical teaching stratigies include the following disciplines, essentialism, existentialism, and many others. Of these stratigies the philisophicla approaches each include a distinct direction in the style and type of learning taking place. Lessons should include these philisophical teaching stratigies within there designed properties. Although all of the stratigies may be able to incorporate all learning disciplines and learning styles a lesson does not need to contain the entire array of philisophical stratigies....   [tags: Education Teachers School Essays]

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The Journey to Teaching

- The Journey to Teaching My philosophy on education In taking this course there is one overwhelming fact that has become clear to me- Teaching is an ongoing process in which I will be te Student,as much as I am the Educator. My philosophy on education has greatly expanded from doing all that I can to help children learn, to a string of many ideas, and thoughts, which will shape my classroom. These are what i will discuss in this reflection. Lisa Delpit and her book Other People's Children, was influential to helping shape my educational philosophy....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Inclussive Teaching

- Introduction Problem background Many children face big challenges because of the inclusive education, with a greater number from poorer countries failing to attend schools while the others from rich countries attending classes but ends up leaving unworthy qualifications (Ainscow, 2). Disabled students have the right to good education and feel free to interact with others in classrooms which help them to get rid of loneliness and therefore reducing the stresses. Research question From the research question, the argument is about the children with special needs having different teaching strategies from those of other students....   [tags: Education]

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Teaching Mathematics

- When teaching mathematics to children the teacher’s enthusiasm can determine whether or not the child's math experience is negative or positive. For instance if you do not like math chances are, it will show up in the activities that you prepare for the child, as well as the way you go about a question because the children will sense your frustration that you have for math. If a teacher likes math on the other hand the activities will be well thought out, and the children will be able to ask questions without having the feeling that the teacher is frustrated because they are giving off a positive attitude....   [tags: Math Education, teacher]

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