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Communication And A Multi Cultural Team

- I learned how to manage virtual teams effectively, how to communicate and build relationships in a cross-cultural environment in addition, I learned communications and virtual team development skills. I took this course to develop my critical thinking skills about cross-cultural virtual teams, so I can evaluate and develop business problems solutions and strategies. • To be successful in business administration • To find the best of myself with business knowledge and intelligence • To achieve a CEO position • To open my own business • Shared team culture • Respect different values and beliefs • Communicative and respectful relationships • Goal focused and achievement driven work • Continuou...   [tags: Critical thinking, Management, Skill, Learning]

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The Differences Of Multi Cultural Counseling

- The differences observed in society can be seen in almost every aspect of life and can separate every human from another through choice and perception. Considering a simplistic example where one driver in the United States drives on the right side of the road, compared to a European driver that drives on the left side of the road. Each may perceive that the other is incapable of driving when sharing the same environment. Yet both individuals are perfectly capable of operating a vehicle safely and successfully....   [tags: Multiculturalism, Sociology, Self-awareness]

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Opportunities For A Multi Cultural Experience

- In today’s global society, there are many opportunities for a multi-cultural experience in business. Many times, those in management are required to travel internationally to perform their jobs in the company. When a manager travels to a country for the first time, there can be fear, anxiety, and a sense of culture shock if the countries societal norms are vastly different from the homeland of the manager. For example, in my hometown of Maryville, Tennessee, there is a Denso Manufacturing plant....   [tags: Management, Sociology, Middle East, Saudi Arabia]

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Integrating A Multi Cultural Team

- In today’s competitive world it 's a very big challenge to create a successful team in an organization, but after adding people with the multi-cultural backgrounds it becomes the quite challenging for most of the organizations and managers to handle the team efficiently. The need of multi-cultural team in any organization is increasing day by day as when the managers bring together these people with the different diversities, the outcome can be innovative, satisfactory and more concentrated results can be achieved....   [tags: Management, Culture, Multiculturalism]

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Multi-cultural Work Environment

- North American and Middle Eastern Arab communities have potential research professionals within Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and other Arab countries who are hired by various multinational companies from the western part of the world. These professionals only get their chance to develop and excel in innovating products; let it be computer science or other researches, when they are recruited to United States or Europe. At the same time it is very relevant to focus on the upcoming trends in global research and development arena....   [tags: multicultural teams, arab communities]

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Knowledge Sharing in a Multi-cultural Setting

- In recent decades, the importance of knowledge management to an organization has been recognized by the society, and leaders are more likely to introduce it into the management systems of their organizations, yet Wang and Noe (2010) claimed that the success of knowledge management initially depended on knowledge sharing, which was the fundamental of communication between employees. Hence, these questions will be aroused that what can influence knowledge sharing and how it can be influenced. This paper will have a comparative review of two published studies, which are Knowledge sharing in a multi-cultural setting: a case study (Ford & Chan, 2003) and Knowledge sharing and team trustworthiness...   [tags: Comparative, Knowledge Management]

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A Multi Cultural London From The Suburbs As A Young Adult

- When my older brother used to meet me from school, the teachers would occasionally ask him to leave. They mistook him for my boyfriend instead of my sibling; it was the lack of resemblance. Him: lanky, blond, blue-eyed. Me: petite, dark, brown-eyed. It rarely happened, but I mention it as the only memory I can find that satisfies any question of distinction. Growing up was never a racial disparity. Adopted yes, different, no. Feelings of emptiness and a lost connection were not my storylines either, despite the assumptions that can surround transracial adoptees....   [tags: Iran, Iranian peoples, Question, Persian people]

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Cultural Intelligence in the Workspace

- Cultural intelligence (CQ) is defined as an individual’s capability to adapt and function in situations that involves new cultural setting. CQ is regarded a useful tool as it can allow an individual to work in effectively multi-cultural settings. An individual can develop CQ competencies through personal experiences such as travelling/studying abroad, working in a firm that is established from a culture different from their own and also studying the many ways people of different cultures function....   [tags: multi-cultural settings, human resource analysis]

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Identity Vs Identification: The Naqib and Women's Access to Public Services

- As a multi-cultural society, Canada by definition must embrace attitudes and beliefs that are difficult to integrate into public society and/or held by a minority of the population. Our nation's laws and services are beholden to no particular belief system, and when religious doctrine runs counter to those policies every effort should be made to accommodate. However, if such accommodation is not possible, it is the dogma which must give way, and the Islamic custom of the niqab - which covers all of a woman's face but for her eyes - is no exception....   [tags: Canada's multi-cultural society]

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Personal Academic Accomplishments

- I have been fortunate to have lived in different countries; my multi-cultural background has given me insight into different perspectives and opportunities to learn several languages. I have grown up in Malta and spent many long summer breaks with my family based in the UK and visiting US. Finally, my holidays in Libya have exposed me to yet another cultural milieu which has enriched me as a person. These experiences have not only given me a wider appreciation of different cultures and political systems, but has spurred me on to explore higher education in the UK to study business and management....   [tags: multi-cultural, business, volunteer]

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Administrators and Special School Personnel

- Introduction Growing diversity in the United States has the public school system striving to set goals and practices to effectively deliver a multicultural program that shows the commitment of each school personnel to reflect the cultural diversity of its student body. When establishing these goals and standards, it is important to remember that a successful multicultural education program takes more than just dedication from classroom teachers. In fact, a responsive multicultural education program requires participation and dedication from a diverse group including administrators, general and special educators, media specialists, counselors, and specialists....   [tags: diversity, multi cultural programs]

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To Date or Not to Date a Multicultural Girl

- To date or not to date a multicultural girl. That is the question. Nowadays, one of the hardest things to do in our lives is to find the right girl for us. We all know that we live in a ethnic country, that racism doesn’t have a meaning anymore. Junot Diaz is a Dominican-American writer who wrote “How to date a brown girl, black girl, white girl, or a halfie”, which the textual analysis of its contain a Multicultural. In this story we can point out to so many different parts, which he talks about how to date a multicultural girl....   [tags: Ethnicities, Racism, Multi Cultural]

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Cape Town, South Africa

- Introduction Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa, was well-known as a multi-cultural and multi-racial port city. With the complexity in races, there has been a long history of racial segregation starting from the 19th century. Provided with a colonial history started by the Dutch from 1652 and ended with the British in 1910, the urban form of this ex-colonial city deserves careful analysis. In the following essay, the urban form of Cape Town will be analyzed starting from different perspectives....   [tags: muti-cultural, multi-rcial city]

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Drug Cartels Are A Complex, Multi Layered Problem Developed Through Decades Of Cultural, Economic And Governmental Issues

- Drug cartels are a complex, multi-layered problem developed through decades of cultural, economic and governmental issues. There’s no absolute answer on how to end the reign of these individuals. However, there are possible solutions that could better aid in alleviate this problem. Such ideas include: decriminalization of drugs, stronger national law-enforcement agency through communities, harmonization of drug strategies, better military relations and resources between Mexico and the U.S. and admittance of Mexico into the The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)....   [tags: Mexican Drug War, Illegal drug trade, Drug cartel]

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Development Of A Multi Generational Workforce

- Introduction In the next decade, the challenge to every manager will be attracting and retaining skilled workforce especially with the tightening of the labor market. The evolution and advancement in technology has played an important role in the intensity and the management of the workforce. The modern organizations face four key generational workforces that includes traditionalists (born between 1925 and 1946), Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964), generation X (born between 1965 and 1980), and generation Ys (born after 1980) (Hahn, 2011)....   [tags: Generation Y, Demographics, Cultural generations]

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Cultural Observations From A Somalian-American

- Did you ever know that every country has different cultural values and norms that may cause misunderstanding among cultures around the globe. Of course, I didn’t really know that till I migrated from my country to the USA. A long time ago, I believed that the world was filled with homogenous societies which are based upon one culture only and that culture must be my own culture which I must follow as the ethnocentric standard to all other nations in the world. But later, I had experienced living in multi cultural communities and different continents around the globe, such as Africa and Asia, where getting involved in other people’s lives is very common....   [tags: Cultural Issues]

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The Need for Cross-Cultural Communication and Respect in Australia

- Australia is a country made up of a diverse and multi-cultural population derived from different backgrounds and beliefs. In Australia there are issues of cross-cultural conflict in everyday lives, as well as in working environments. Issues of cross-cultural conflict include communication, cultures, religion and non-verbal behaviours. Without an understanding of conflicts, misunderstandings in the wider community can occur. Language can cause a cross cultural conflict in the workplace among workers as they may not understand what instructions have been given and as a result miscommunication issues arise....   [tags: cross cultural conflict ]

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Eating Disorders : A Multi Determined Disorder

- 1. Eating disorders in our present society can be viewed as a multi-determined disorder for various reasons. The current definition of a multi-determined disorder is when there is more than one factor with a wide range of causes that creates the disorder to form. Negative influences from family members, friends, the western culture, or even a specific cultural may harshly impact a person and influence how he or she should live their life. Anorexia and Bulimia are both to be considered as a multi-determined disorder that is influenced greatly by socio-cultural, biological and psychological factors....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Dieting, Eating disorders]

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Why Is Cultural Identity Important? Us As People From Different Races And Ethnical Background?

- Why is cultural identity important to us as people from different race and ethnical background. Identity is one of the most baffling, unpredictable, problematic, survival instincts of individual life in any society around the world. CulturalIdentity is that is aspect of individual that creates a distinguish characteristics and unique differences from one person to another. It can be looked upon in the different angles and spectrum depending on what the case may be. Identity can be analyzed in terms of way of life of people in a geographical setting.Culture is the back born of every identity, and then we can look into some subcultures like, music, language, and communication and perception....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Cultural identity]

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Cultural Studies At The University Of Birmingham

- At the peak of its popularity, cultural studies experiences a great international resonance (Nelson, Treichler, & Grossberg, 2011, p.2). This innovative academic discipline penetrates various social and political layers, addressing numerous challenges of the today’s reality. Originated in the second part of the twentieth century, British cultural studies stands apart the diverse cultural theories, establishing its own approaches and standards. British Cultural Studies emerged from the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at The University of Birmingham (founded in 1964 by Richard Hoggart)....   [tags: Cultural studies, Culture, Anthropology]

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Pros and Cons of Living in a Multi-Ethnic Society

- A multi-ethnic society is a society which includes people from a variety of different races, religions, cultures, backgrounds etc. Multi-ethnic societies can have many negative and positive effects which I am going to explain in the following paragraphs. The benefits of living in a multi-ethnic society are that you get to meet new people and learn interesting things about them. People get a chance to understand others and realise they’re equal to us. It makes people less ignorant and alters stereotypical views they may have had beforehand from media influence or friends/relatives....   [tags: culture, diversity]

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A Brief Note On The Cross Cultural Communication

- Cross-Cultural Communication Global leadership is more effective when organizations have a clear understanding of cultural differences. The differences in the culture create a different work environment and that is true all over the world. Moreover, the study of cultural differences helps organizations to better understand and prepared to take on the challenges of a diverse workforce, foreign and domestic (Hofstede, G., Hofstede, G.J., & Minkov, 2010). Every culture and every country will most likely have their own means of achieving success in global management; identifying what drives a culture to succeed, then, is paramount....   [tags: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Sociology]

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Cultural Self Awareness And Cultural Intelligence

- With radical changes in business climate, globalisation and workforce diversity, the world has become more closely inter-weaved to another. At the same time, there is an awareness of the culture to comprehend our own cultural self, which is essential for the development of cultural intelligence. It is then only the beginning of establishing the insight towards to a variety cultures in contemporary society. This essay will examine my own cultural self by presenting the relationship between knowledge, experience and behaviour....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Sociology, Understanding]

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A Multicultural And Multi Religious Nation

- Acknowledgement of Country I reside in Bendigo and the post code for this region is 3550. The traditional custodians of this land are clans of the Dja Dja Wurrung language group which are also known as Jaara people (Peter Martin, 2015, pg. 194). They are known as the direct descendants of the First People of this land who have the authority in relation to the culture whilst protecting, preserving and managing it. The Jaara people comprised of 16 individual clans each with their own slightly varied form of the tribal language of Dja Dja Wurrung (Wurrung Council, G....   [tags: Medicine, Culture, Dja Dja Wurrung]

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A Balanced Multi Modal Strategy

- In regards to this social issue which mainly focuses on health concerns associated with long term consumption of these products, ecological sustainability remains an important aspect of the company’s mission. Again, in the compliance phase financial and technology factors dominate business strategies while compliance with environmental laws in order to avoid potential liabilities which may have adverse effects on the environment are of lesser importance (Berns, Townend, Khayat, Balagopal, Reeves, Hopkins & Kruschwitz, 2009)....   [tags: Sustainability, Strategic management]

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May: A Multi-Faceted Monster

- Childhood is the foundation of stable mental bases. If not provided adequate amounts of nourishment, the disruption of sanity can be inevitable. The effects of this malnourishment are clearly highlighted by the character May, in Lucky McKee’s aptly named movie May. May is the tragic story of a girl ostracized as a child and left friendless and socially crippled. This movie illustrates a multi-faceted monster. It shows a monster created out of difference, a monster of homicidal proportions, and focused mainly on the true monster of isolation....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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The Multi Domestic Approach ( E Business )

- Companies contending on a global basis have to deal with choosing in terms of resource distribution, the equilibrium of power among the main headquarters and business elements, and the extent that products and services are modified with the purpose of accommodating likes and preferences of local markets (E-Business Juncture, 2015). When using a global approach, the objective is to unite the principles of international and multidomestic approaches. The International approach consists of a high level of focus on assets and competences at the main office and centralization of power with the intent of exploiting possible balance and culture economies....   [tags: Business, Management, Corporation]

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Television : A Multi Sensory Communication Device

- The Television is a multi-sensory communication device that has led to form part of almost if not every family home (who can afford one) around the globe. It has the power to shape the way we think, to increase our knowledge and to allow us to have a break and to step away for a moment from our daily life. Regardless, to watch TV may bring a variety of advantages as well as disadvantages which can be observed particularly in the news, the comedy shows and action/adventure shows that requires discretion to use them appropriately so that it may not become counterproductive....   [tags: Television, Family, Morality, Vacuum tube]

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Cultural Competence Of Nursing Care

- Cultural competence in nursing care Introduction Baccalaureate-prepared nurses should demonstrate cultural awareness and competence in their practice in order to provide quality care to diverse populations in the society (Kersey-Matusiak, 2012). The US health care system faces disparities in the health status of different cultural groups such as the racial and ethnic minorities, the economically disadvantaged groups and rural populations (Jeffreys, 2006). Cultural competence refers to the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that are necessary for providing care in diverse populations and I believe that I have acquired personal cultural awareness and competence (Weber & Kelly, 2009)....   [tags: Culture, Health care, Minority group, Nursing]

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The Sociological Theory Of Cultural Variation

- Through the sociological theory of cultural variation, the differences in social behaviors that prevail within cultures reflect the differences in one 's perception of the ideals in terms of family and gender roles.What one may consider a ‘normal’ functioning family system may be at odds with another cultural family systems. Different cultures have different perceptions of family; for example, polygamous familial structures are common in Siberia in comparison to Western cultures where the nuclear family structure is common....   [tags: Family, Sociology, Gender role, Culture]

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Cultural Diversity : An Ethical Issue

- Cultural Diversity: An Ethical Issue Donna M. Dufford Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 504 Leadership and Nursing Practice: Role Development Summer B, 2014   Cultural Diversity: An Ethical Issue Understanding if not embracing cultural diversity is a common ethical issue facing nurses in the twenty first century. Nurses often find themselves attempting to navigate multi-cultural world in daily practice. Patients from multiple religious and cultural backgrounds live longer and have multiple health problems requiring complex interventions eventually become hospitalized for care....   [tags: Nursing, Ethics, Patient, Morality]

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The Fuel Of Cultural Variation

- The Fuel of Cultural Variation “French fries” are typically classified as an American food, even though the name itself clearly has some sort of underlying cultural convergence. That being said, one of our world’s most interesting phenomenon are not the similarities that bring people together, but rather the meshing of cultural differences that ignite cultural change, also referred to as cultural globalization. Cultural globalization is all around us, and literally occurring every second around the world....   [tags: Culture, Globalization, Western culture, Sociology]

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Cultural Safety in Clinical Practice

- In the perspective of cultural safety, culture is broadly defined to include ethnicity, customs, tradition, beliefs and values as well as socioeconomic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious and spiritual beliefs, ethnic/immigration status, values and disabilities (NCNZ, 2011). Culture is about ways of doing things and it can be learned and changed (Jarvis, 2012). Ethnicity on the other hand a is a form of identification or belonging to a social group bonded by common history and cultural tradition hence, people of the same ethnicity may share a common language, religion, food, dress, and have a common sense of identity....   [tags: nursing, healthcare professionals]

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Cross Cultural Misunderstandings Between Chinese Mnc 's And Local Human Resource Development Sub Saharan Africa

- COURSE WORK 4 RESEARCH METHODS THE IMPACT EXTERNALISATION HAS MADE TO REDUCE CROSS-CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDINGS BETWEEN CHINESE MNC`s AND LOCAL HUMAN RESOURCE IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA. QN What role has externalization by Chinese MNCs played in limiting cross-cultural misunderstandings in sub-Saharan Africa. Abstract According to the IMF China has the world`s largest purchasing power parity and as by 2015, it was the world’s second largest economy with growth rates averaging about 10% annually. This environment has generated the development of multinational companies which are keen to maximize their economies of scale and economies of scope through expansion and setting up in new countries....   [tags: Cross-cultural communication, Geert Hofstede]

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Interactive Atmosphere : Metaphor And Multi Sensory Experiences

- INTERACTIVE ATMOSPHERE: METAPHOR AND MULTI-SENSORY EXPERIENCES Every experience of architecture is rooted in multi-sensory and embodied interaction with surroundings. Neuroscience studies show that all sensory modalities as well as linguistic paradigms are integrated in the sensory motor cortex of brain where mirror neurons are originated therein. Architectural metaphors, moreover, are contextually grounded and deeply rooted in existential experiences and embodied interactions with the built environment....   [tags: Perception, Sense, Sensory system, Architecture]

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Lack Of A Long Term, Multi Dimensional And Pan Canadian

- Current policies The current issue of inadequacy of social inclusion of recent elderly immigrants in Canadian is directly related to the lack of a long-term, multi-dimensional and pan-Canadian vision of the settlement process. The settlement journey for immigrants is one that lasts a lifetime and extends into the second generation, and our public policy response must accept this fundamental reality. The Canadian Citizenship and Immigration has put in place some services for the newcomers to Canada like Newcomer Children and Youth in the Schools....   [tags: Sociology, Unemployment, Policy analysis, Policy]

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Ukraine : A Democratic Republic With A Multi Party System

- The Ukraine is a Semi presidential, representative democratic republic with a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Legislative power is vested in the parliament (Verkhovna Rada). The Ukraine’s government is fairly new. Ukraine has only been independent for twenty-four years, the constitution is under twenty years old parts of it still haven’t been fully implemented and has been amended and overturned. The Ukraine government format is slightly different than most western democracies....   [tags: Prime minister, Presidential system]

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Globalization Is A Multi Disciplinary, Systematic Process Of Cooperation And Competition

- Globalization is a multi-disciplinary, systematic process of cooperation and competition. It is an important concept for leaders to consider how their actions can unintentionally affect others in the system. A discussion of migrants & refugees and sovereign debt & default will follow with an explanation as to why the first issue poses the greater challenge to US interests as stated in the NSS 2015. In a globalized context, the issues of migrants & refugees and sovereign debt & default can have various impacts....   [tags: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear proliferation, Security]

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Video Games : A Multi Billion Dollar Industry

- Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. Playing into both the cost and profit circulating within the industry is the advertising content disseminated to consumers. Like other entertainment media, advertising derives from the content itself—film trailers tout some of the best moments of the picture, for instance. However, the content of video games is uniquely tied to the industry’s advertising goals and whom the industry deems to be part of its target audience. In essence, AAA games—those developed by large production companies—are made and advertised based on the target audience....   [tags: Video game, Video game industry, Gender]

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Transracial Adoption: It's Multi-Categorical Controversies in Society

- Transracial Adoption: It's Multi-Categorical Controversies in Society There are many people in this world who have been adopted and there has always been controversy as to the ethnicity of the family adopting and the adoptee and what exactly should be done about the process of picking out a family for the young child. Many people argue that as long as the child is being adopted into a loving, caring, nurturing home that ethnicity should have no contributing factor while choosing families. However, I believe the exact opposite....   [tags: sociology, psychology]

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American Cultural Values

- Do you ever know that every country has different cultural values and norms that may cause misunderstanding among cultures of around the globe. Of course, I didn’t know that unless I migrated from my country to the USA. Before long time ago, I believed that the world wide is homogenous societies which based upon one culture only and that culture must be my culture as ethnocentrism to all other nations. After I had experienced living in multi cultural communities and different continents around the globe, such as Africa and Asia, where getting involved in other people live are a very common....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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Islam as a Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong

- Islam Culture Islam culture has not been very popular in Hong Kong. It has been always viewed by the public as an ethnic minorities’ religion and separated from our society. However, people have been ignoring the fact that this culture have established in Hong Kong for a long time. Back to the early 19th century, South Asian sailors and merchants were brought to Hong Kong by Europeans and they have started to promote this religion to people here (O'Connor, 2012).Since then, the Muslims have becoming part of our society and the Islam culture have been laying its roots under Hong Kong’s ground....   [tags: Ethnic Minorities Religion, Islam Culture]

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Conducting Land Based Cultural Retreats

- Conducting land-based retreat Land-based cultural retreats are multi-day excursions out on the land (Kanentakeron, 2006). These retreats can vary based on the season, geographical location and each community’s culture and traditions. However, common among all land-based cultural retreats is that they aim to connect people with their culture, facilitate healing and promote wholistic wellness (Iseke, 2013). We expect to conduct four land-based retreats over the course of the funding cycle, with one retreat being conducted every four months....   [tags: Indigenous peoples, Culture, Circle]

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Cultural Diversity And Its Presence Among Us

- As we have gone through this course the themes of what can define cultural diversity had continued to make its presence among us. Before we can define what multi-culturalism is we have to first start with what culture is in itself. During our time of taking this course, these themes, such as social organizations, traditions, languages, religions, and styles of government, have all been a part of what culture is as a whole. In this manner culture is able to encompass all of the themes listed prior, leading up to what multi-culturalism is: the practice or idea that someone or somewhere contains the basic yet continuous understandings and necessities of the knowledge, influence, and acceptance...   [tags: Education, Culture, School, Sociology of culture]

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The Social and Cultural Changes in the Sixties

- The Social and Cultural Changes in the Sixties There was undoubtedly a significant social and cultural change in the sixties. The 60’s represents a year of social and cultural liberation from the old ways of the 40’s and the 50’s because there was more affluence, consumer goods i.e. televisions and radios, increase in education i.e. 22 more universities were established and saw the emergence of comprehensive schools, sexual liberation, immigration and women’s rights....   [tags: Papers]

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Cultural Diversity and Defining Abnormality

- Cultural Diversity and Defining Abnormality All ways of defining of abnormality are limited to a certain extent by cultural variations. This makes it difficult for psychologists to be sure that their definition technique would be effective and accurate in diagnosing all cases of abnormality. The main issue for psychologists regarding cultural diversity is that what may be considered normal in one place may be abnormal in another and therefore psychologist must consider this fact before making a diagnosis....   [tags: Papers]

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Intercultural Communication For A Multi Million Dollar Business Deal Overseas

- Whether it be talking to your foreign neighbour, or trying to strike a multi-million dollar business deal overseas, the ability to share information across different cultures is imperative to our everyday life. However, while intercultural communication can assist people of two different cultures understanding each other, it does not necessarily mean this communication will be effective due to an array of limiting factors (Swarthout, 2016). The purpose of this essay will be to assess the potentials and limitations that the application of intercultural communication can have in the current day....   [tags: Culture, Indigenous Australians]

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Cultural Values And Beliefs About What Is Right, And Wrong

- Gung Ho Commentary 1) Based on this movie, how would you describe the culture—values and beliefs about what is “right” and “wrong”—in Japanese companies. Based on the movie, Japanese society has a high degree of Power Distance Index (PDI). Therefore, they take a hierarchical order as right in their companies. In Japanese companies, every employee has a particular position which is unquestionable and unjustifiable. The Japanese culture finds it right to adopt collectivism and work as a tightly-connected community where people are loyal and accountable to their families or some group to watch over them....   [tags: Leadership, Culture, Management]

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How Cultural Background Affects The Nursing Care

- Globalization and immigration are two major forces increasing cultural diversity around the world. Technological advancements, increasing international travel, and ethnic strife in countries such as Syria are some of the factors contributing to this trend. As a result, most individuals live in a multi-cultural society and are trying to preserve their identity while interacting with people from varying backgrounds. The health care industry is not immune to increasing diversity and to adapt, organizations and employees must learn how to provide culturally congruent care (Emami & Safipour, 2013)....   [tags: Nursing, Health care, Health, Patient]

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Memories and Christian Boltanski

- Christian Boltanski, as an artist, has placed an importance on the theme of memories and how they can be used to suppress the idea of despair. Memories are seen as a powerful tool in order to diffuse these ideas of despair and disillusionment in a modern world. A large portion of humanity has learned to base most of their individual identities on collective experiences as a whole. Much of Boltanski’s work explores how some of that individualism gets lost within shared experiences through the concept of memory....   [tags: artist, multi-media, records, reality]

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Learning Disabilities as a Cultural Construct

- While perceptions of learning disabilities (LD) may vary according to country, culture, and teachers, it is often necessary to diagnose students in order to receive funding for services. It can be helpful to recognize those learning disabilities that students may have in order to provide extra assistance when necessary. It would be advantageous, too, if wide recognition of LD could take away the stigma that is often present. However, since LD is a multi-faceted topic, labeling often carries a negative connotation and can lead to ostracizing of students....   [tags: Education]

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Hip Hop : A Cultural Movement

- Hip-Hop is in todays times is considered to be a cultural movement in todays generation. The five elements of Hip-Hop starting off with the beat boxer, Deejay, next is the Master of ceremonies also known as the MC or Rapper, break dancing, graffiti, and knowledge and style. Recognizing myself as an African American male growing up in the suburbs I was always a sight for sore eyes, not in a sense for being ugly or due to my pigment of skin it was do to the pigment of my skin but how I dressed compared to the other kids growing up....   [tags: Hip hop music, Rapping, Rakim]

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Cultural Diversity Within The Workplace

- What is Cultural Diversity. Cultural Diversity is when different cultures, race, religion, nationally, language, and sexually are represented within the community. People consider communities that include different groups diverse. Diversity makes are country richer some may say, by bringing language skills, new ways of thinking, solution’s to some problems, and negotiating skills, people also say it makes are country stronger and more interesting place to live in. This paper will recognize the Trends in Cultural and Social Diversity in the Work Place....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, Multiculturalism]

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Understanding Communication And Intercultural Adjustment Anxiety And Uncertainty

- E. Managing Uncertainty Uncertainty is defined as “a cognitive response and refers to the inability to predict or explain the behavior of others.” [J2] Personality of team members like degree of empathy, emotional reaction and interest towards other cultures influence how they manage uncertainty. The level of uncertainty avoidance varies between different cultures. American culture is low on uncertainty avoidance compared to Russian culture. According to [J1], when people have a high level of uncertainty, their ability to understand another person’s message is decreased and they face a hindrance to predict the other person’s behavior perfectly....   [tags: Culture, Cross-cultural communication]

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Cultural Awareness : Iranian Culture

- Cultural Awareness: Iranian Culture Individuals from various cultures can easily distinguish differences in traits by making comparisons to their own. These differences make up the fundamentals of a society’s way of life. The rules that most individuals abide by comprise the framework of a culture. Culture is the shared beliefs and social norms of a country or area that are different from other places. In the country of Iran, an abundance of diversity defines their culture. Using the United States Army’s operations variables, this paper will define the culture of Iran by analyzing the environmental, political, religious, and military operational variables, as well as their military con...   [tags: Iran, Ruhollah Khomeini, Ali Khamenei]

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Alvin Ailey And Cultural Storytelling

- Alvin Ailey played a large role in the diversification and cultural storytelling that can be seen in modern dance today. With the founding of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, his dance company stands strong as one of the most respected and prosperous dance companies because of its artistic representation of the beauty that is otherwise known as the African culture. His work absolutely changed the atmosphere of modern dance because he was able to provide the modern dance community with a wider variety of content that had otherwise not been popularized before....   [tags: Modern dance, Alvin Ailey]

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Papuan's Cultural Tourism Potential

- THE DEVELOPMENT OF PAPUAN’S CULTURAL TOURISM POTENTIAL Papua is one of Province located in the eastern of Indonesia. This eastern country has a unique variety which different among all regions. Diverse of ethnicities, cultures, race, languages, handicrafts, and nature, is a treasure of this “Heaven Land” which is still unknown to many people around the world. Why should we develop Papuan’s cultural tourism potential?, As an indigenous people that is our responsible to protect, develop, and introduce our cultural potential....   [tags: tourist, travel, indonesia]

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The Chaos of the Melting Pot: Multiculturalism in Bharati Mukherjee’s Fiction

- Bharati Mukherjee has distinguished herself among the ground-breaking novelists in the genre of diasporic Indian literature. Her account of the experience of the diaspora and its effect upon women provide the readers with an insight into the lives of South-Asians who currently reside in the United States. This paper aims to study how Bharati Mukherjee has captured the chaos of the Melting Pot about the Indian immigrant experiences in America in her short stories and novels. The longing for the security of home and comfort of their own culture creates a conflict known only to those born in the third world, burdened with the choice of living in the West....   [tags: cultural diversity, ethnic societies]

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Bread Talk

- ... Applying this to the research case, by committing to more CSR initiatives, this in return attracts employees of same beliefs and values to BreadTalk which then increases organization commitment and improves organization behaviour. The strong emphasis on CSR in BreadTalk allows individuals to develop self-concept; it is an underlying force that motivates employee’s behaviour to align with BreadTalk’s values. This creates a multiplier effect, resulting employees to feel belonged and this increases the willingness to put in work effort....   [tags: cultural differences, sustainable business]

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International Journal Of Business And Management

- Introduction A critical Review of Okoro, Ephraim, "Cross-Cultural Etiquette and Communication in Global Business: Toward a Strategic Framework for Managing Corporate Expansion." International Journal of Business and Management 7.16 (2012): 130-8. ProQuest. Web. 19 Mar. 2015. Using Hofstede’s renowned cultural dimensions, Okoro (130-8) explores the effect of culture on globalization. The author starts by taking note of the increasingly growing trend towards globalization alongside the manner in which it has affected modern business operations....   [tags: Cross-cultural communication]

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Cameron's Crusade by Daniel Hannan

- The context of today's society is one of increased pressure to bow to culturally diverse traditions and principles. Although this movement has had a positive effect in its admonishment of bigotry and racism, it has presented a conundrum regarding the best way to manage issues that stem from a clash of cultures. On February 5, 2011, British Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech at the Munich Security Conference, drawing attention to failure of “state multi-culturalism.” His speech has prompted debate world-wide and inspired numerous articles both defending and denouncing the Prime Minister's views....   [tags: Cultural Diversity, Society]

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Cross Cultural Business Experience In Middle East

- 1. Introduction Almost everyone in business these days is working in some type of multi-cultural environment - at the office or with customers & colleagues around the world. Dealing in a multi-cultural environment requires proper understanding of basic etiquette at work, communication processes and behavioral aspects. All communication is cultural. It draws on ways we have learned to speak and give nonverbal messages. We do not always communicate the same way from day to day, since factors like context, individual personality, and mood interact with the variety of cultural influences we have internalized that influence our choices....   [tags: International Business Globalization]

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The Making of the Multi-Ethnic American City from the 1880s to the 1920s

- The Making of the Multi-Ethnic American City from the 1880s to the 1920s The United States has always been a nation made up of many nationalities. In little more than two hundred years of its existence, it has taken more than 55 million people, from nearly every corner of the world. People of different countries have brought varied ideas about religion, politics, tradition, and custom to American shores. At the beginning of the twentieth century a Jew immigrant from England, Israel Zangwill, wrote a play entitled "The Melting Pot"....   [tags: Papers]

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The Importance of Cultural Diversity Within Organizations

- When discussion is raised in relation to diversity, society talks about the group who possess individual qualities that are diverse from other individual’s traits. Diversity is the uniqueness, which every employee brings to the workplace in an organization or establishment. Examples of differences include nationality, belief, disabilities, physical appearance, race, gender, age, educational background, sexual orientation, and work experience, social and family status. At the workplace, valuing diversity means creating a work environment that respects and includes various individuals, by maximizing the potential of all employees or in which every employee feels integrated within the organizat...   [tags: Multicultural Structure]

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Cultural Diversity in New York City

- “Our cultural diversity has most certainly shaped our national character,” affirmed Julie Bishop. From my perception, New York City is one of the most densely inhabited metropolitan collection of cultural diversity in the world in which structures our temperament. New York City applies an imperative influence upon trade, economics, mass communication, skill, style, and education. Frequently it is known that New York City is a crucial core for global politics and has been depicted as the ethnic headquarters of the globe....   [tags: melting pot of cultures]

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Diversity : Diversity And Cultural Sensitivity Awareness

- Introduction As the organizations are becoming increasingly global and diverse in nature, leaders must create environment in the organization, which allows cultural mindset to thrive among diverse employees (Smith & Victorson, 2012). Hiring diverse employees is becoming a norm for today’s human resource departments of various organizations for getting the competitive edge in the global market. Diverse employee bring different perspectives and cultural mindset into the workplace. To reap the maximum potential of all of the employees’ knowledge, leaders must create an inclusive culture to integrate varied perspectives (Vora, 2004)....   [tags: Culture, Mergers and acquisitions, Sociology]

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Cultural Development During The Ottoman Empire

- This verse from the Ottoman poet Ederunulu Fazil Bey, though intended to describe the pavilion of Nestabad, inadvertently encapsulates the nature of 19th century Ottoman society. The 18th century was a time of cultural, societal, and political development within the Ottoman Empire, resulting from increased foreign (mainly European) influence. This development was manifested in 18th century Ottoman architecture, 19th century municipal reforms, and the Hatt-i Serif Gulhane-- all of which hold distinct parallels in their development....   [tags: Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, Ottoman Dynasty, Egypt]

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Cultural Knowledge On The Human Service Sector

- Cultural Knowledge Cultural knowledge touches on the importance of understanding client’s culture, during the interaction process, and not continuingly reinforcing stereotypes. Just like science, culture is constantly evolving one generation after another. What some conceptions about a certain culture were ten years ago might not be the same in today’s society. Furthermore, there are also subcultures within cultures and every family unit creates their own culture. The macro practice that I have observed throughout my internships and work in the human service sector is that stereotypes continue to be subtly reinforced....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Family, Latin America]

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Psychological, Cultural, Social, And Economic Issues

- Psychological, cultural, social, and economic issues are serve as obstacles to social change. Within each category there are specific roles that society contributes to which make the obstacle even more difficult. For example, psychological, some people in society don 't see a need for change or do not think the foreseen change will actually happen. Some women do not seek an education because they rely on men to be the income of the household, vice versa. This leads to cultural obstacles. There are some religious groups and organizations that value their beliefs among any other thing, in some instances even above the actual government....   [tags: Sociology, Unemployment, The Advantage]

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Cultural Competency Required For Multiple Factors

- Cultural competency requires a substantial amount of knowledge in the transgender culture in order to provide appropriate services with consideration for multiple factors such as identity, roles, and beliefs. The name “transgender” goes beyond the name. Transgender consists of a multitude of individuals which may possibly fall under this category: transsexuals, transvestites, cross-dressers, genderqueer, non-binary, and much more. As previously mentioned, the term transgender is to describe someone who does not associate their gender role and identity with their biological sex....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Human voice, Larynx]

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Cultural Analysis : Casa San Ysidro

- Casa San Ysidro is visited primarily by young children and older adults in the nearby community. Children are bussed in on school trips and make up the largest group of visitors. The museum partners with the Magic Bus Program to get young students out to Corrales for guided tours and education sessions. These trips are scheduled well in advance and drive most of the museum’s yearly visits. The second group is made up of nearby residents. This older group visits the site regularly for pop-in visits and for events, some volunteer their time as docents....   [tags: Population density, Population, Demography]

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Building Cross Cultural Leadership Competence

- The selected article Building Cross-Cultural Leadership Competence is an interview of multiculturalism and diversification attributes holder leader, known as Carlos Ghosn. In the article, the Arthur, Gunter & Mary, (2013, p.495) refers to the leadership attributes and qualities which were discussed through the reflected personality of Mr. Ghosn, and his perceptions and practice experiences that define the significance of being a leader or becoming a leader, specifically in multi-culturist and diversified globalization of business industries....   [tags: Leadership, Situational leadership theory]

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Grief from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

- Grief is a multi-faceted response to loss. Although primarily focused on the emotional reaction to loss, it also carries a physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, and philosophical connotation. Doctor Elisabeth Kübler-Ross introduced the idea of the stages of grief in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying. Although it has received much criticism since then, the Kübler-Ross model remains to be the most widely accepted model of grief today. However, as most psychological research conducted in the 20th century was based on people living in the North America and Western Europe, the Kübler-Ross model could be culturally biased....   [tags: On Death and Dying, Mourning, Loss, Islam]

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Relationship Between Blues and the Working Class in Ishmael Reed's Blues City

- Ishmael Reed, in ‘Blues City’ gives an account of the realms of ethnic diversity, cultural rivalries, the capitalism philosophy, and the interrelationship between blues and the working class. Oakland, often viewed as a sister to San Francisco across the Bay, is one of the most unique cities in the America. It is the home to dozens of artists, blue-collar workers, the Black Panther community, and a vibrant rustic and yet industrial town. Due to Oakland's bad reputation, Reeds in 1979 expressed his reservations when his shallow pockets forced him and his wife to find a house in Oakland....   [tags: cultural diversity, black panthers, oakland]

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Equality for Non-English Speaking Students

- Living in California comes with a social-cultural belief that the only approved and acceptable language to be spoken is English. Looking at our schools and diversely multi-cultural society it’s quite the opposite. From an education perspective we see the influx of languages and students either born or migrating to America. Most non-English speaking children today are now born within the United States. Our civil rights state that we are equal in human rights to receive the same treatment even in educational programs....   [tags: Cultural Beliefs, English, Primary Language]

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Social, Cultural and Ethical Issues Relevant to Tesco Plc's Operation

- Social, Cultural and Ethical Issues Relevant to Tesco Plc's Operation There are many different factors which affect the way companies operate and the policies they adopt. This essay will investigate and outline some of the different social, cultural and ethical issues which are relevant to Tesco Plc’s operation. This essay will begin by investigating into social attitudes of the customers and also the social trends of customers which affect the company’s social policies....   [tags: Business Management Ethics Culture]

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The Cultural Politics of Pokemon Capitalism

- The Cultural Politics of Pokemon Capitalism It is fall 1999 and a jet from Japan has just pulled up to its berth at LAX airport in Los Angeles. Immediately a crowd of kids excitedly gathers by the window to view what appears to be a huge flying Pikachu: the yellowy cute, electrically charged mouse-type pocket monster of what was then the biggest kid’s craze of the decade, Pokemon. Even parents recognize this iconic figure, familiar as they are with the basics of the phenomenon. Starting out as a gameboy game in Japan in 1996, it grew quickly to a multi-stranded empire: comic books, cartoon, movies, trading cards, toy figures, video games, tie-in merchandise....   [tags: Entertainment Games Collectors Papers]

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The Transcendence of Cultural Barriers Through The History of Sports

- Even though not every person likes sports, sports transcend all cultural boundaries because the history of sport dates back to the dawn of humanity. The ideology of sports transcending cultural barriers exists in the world today. As evident in the Olympics and several other sporting games across the world which unite a diverse culture range we can look at the empirical evidence as proof of such ideas. The impact of sports reaches much further than serving as entertainment or recreation. Some people argue the notion of cultural imperialism over cultural transcendence in relation to the history of sports....   [tags: Sports ]

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District 9: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing

- Lights, cameras, action; is all in which a movie is processed when viewed my others through millions of pixels of film. The critical evaluation of the movie is only seen through the eyes of those who think deep within the overall picture. District 9 is the perfect movie to correlate to the readings that is comprised to be read in American Cultural Studies. There are readings throughout the assigned book Rereading America that will relate to scenes in the film District 9. It will inform, as printed on the cover, how the readings and scenes provide a substance for cultural contexts for critical thinking and writing....   [tags: race, social classes, gender, culture]

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The Economic And Cultural Modernity From The American Indians

- Historically, ancestral knowledge, traditional and popular knowledge have been victims of the colonization. This is a reality along resistance to colonization has been discussed in various areas of thought and action in the American Indians. While it is true that the American Indians, generally occupy the lower strata of the socioeconomic scale, the fact remains that that position is not exclusive to them, but they share a large segment of the American population, around half of the population of the region....   [tags: Ethnic group, Race, Indigenous peoples, Sociology]

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