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A New Era of Terrorism

- Since September 11th, when the Twin and Pentagon towers were hit by planes, controlled by Middle Eastern Muslim terrorists. The perception toward Muslims being violent has been spread throughout the world. Innocent people who have never been involved in any crime act are being limited in practicing their religious duties. To be more exact, Freeman vs. Florida case ruled that Freeman has to take her veil off when taking a photo for a state driver’s license. The State argued that it had a compelling interest in the full-face photograph requirement because promotes safety and security, combats crime, and protects interstate commerce....   [tags: Terrorism ]

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Marine Engineers and Military Workers

- ... You must be able to give clear instructions and explain difficult concepts when leading teams of professionals on projects. ME’s and NA’s must employ ops analysis to create a design that will perform the ship’s functions and then be able to employ skills of critical thinking to expect and fix any mistakes before the ship is built or set to sea. ME’s and NA’s must also be able to meet with clients to discuss their needs for ship systems. Engineers must also be able to discuss progression with clients to keep redesign options open before the project gets too far for them to fix it....   [tags: career choices and opportunities]

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Little Punishment for Cyber Crimes

- Most of the times cyber-crimes are never reported to law enforcement agencies; such offenses constitute a very significant and important component of criminal court cases. Sentences for these types of criminals are getting every day tougher and tougher. The most common prosecuted offenses by the court include card fraud, identity theft and transmission of child pornography. These are serious offenses that can get someone in jail for some period of time. Many people things they will get away with just a fine....   [tags: identity theft, child pornography, victims]

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The Issue Of Concealed Carry

- The 2nd Amendment, what does that mean to you. Many people have several different views of the true meaning of this Amendment. Thousands of people also have many diverse ideas of new laws, and wish news ones would be enacted. However, some wish that laws should be taken away, or that no new further laws should be enacted. One of the most popular controversial issue is the disagreement about concealed carry. Concealed carry is when a person would obtain a legal license to carry a firearm concealed on themselves....   [tags: Firearm, Concealed carry in the United States]

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We Must Keep Your Future

- There is a strange transitional period from being bottle fed by your parents or guardians, to being your own independent person and someone who makes their own decisions.The age in which this transformation occurs is different for every individual. When we are growing up, we don 't have a many freedoms as adults do. In turn, we also don 't have as many responsibilities as kids. Some freedoms we gain as we grow up. Growing up you gain liberties and responsibilities, but these opportunities, steps toward brightening your future, largely overweigh the obligations that a young adult incurs....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Eating, Taste]

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The Rental House Inspection Ordinance

- Over the last 20 years, San Luis Obispo, Ca market for houses have become more of rental homes. About 65% of the homes available are rental homes compared to a nationwide average of 42% (Census, 2010). Some of these rentals homes have become substandard housing, especially for college students who attend Cal Poly and Cuesta College. These substandard housings have created health and safety issues as a result of the overcrowding. These overcrowding houses have decrease the property value due to garages turned into bedrooms, and safety hazards present....   [tags: Renting, Property, Real estate, Landlord]

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The Right And Bear Arms

- The memorable Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” The right to bear arms is a right given to us by our founding fathers in the second amendment of our Bill of Rights. With acts of terrorism threatening nations worldwide, security becomes a factor of essence in the laws of a country. Some people call for the restriction of guns and gun-related products in order to promote security by disarming the people. Others have called for quite the opposite, arm your people by giving them the liberty to protect themselves so they can help first before the government can....   [tags: Firearm, Gun]

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The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

- To put it plainly, death is inevitable. However, fatalities among car crashes is among the most preventable situations we encounter today. Contrary to what many believe, texting and driving is not the only hazard among the road. Believe it or not, the elderly have posed as a serious threat among fellow drivers. To keep dangerously incapable folks off the road, the Texas Department of Public Safety, should lower the age from 79 to 65 to require people to personally visit the facility for a vision test and also mandate a driving test triennially under all circumstances for people over the age of 65....   [tags: Old age, Death, Gerontology, Driving]

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Car Industry Analysis

- Car Industry Analysis Since the beginning of the car there has been history of used car sales and since World War II boom in auto sales there has been an increasingly large amount of used autos being sold. Immediately following World War II, there were roughly nine buyers for every new car produced. Sales personnel merely had to find out who could afford a new car. "Afford" was defined as paying cash. This condition existed until the early 1950s when supply began to discover that some new terms were creeping into the retail salesperson's vocabulary....   [tags: Business Auto Industry cars]

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Media Regulations and Media Industry Growth

- In such a small country like Singapore, there are more than 37 media regulations and 11 licenses in our media industry. Due to media regulations, mass media is being controlled by or is under the guidance of the government and other bodies. These regulations and licenses have many goals, such as protecting “public interests” and encouraging the media industry growth. However, in 2009, our media industry has contributed to less than 4.4% of Singapore’s GDP ( Media regulations set by the Media Development Authority (MDA) in Singapore do not promote media industry growth as the regulations reduces the number of audience reached, restrict the freedom of speech and restrict the expres...   [tags: Free-To-Air t.v., internet]

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The Developmental Disabilities Association : A Non Profit, Charitable Society

- The Developmental Disabilities Association was established in 1952 by twelve parents of children with developmental disabilities seeking to have their children enrolled in public school. Since then it has evolved into a large multi-service Society, serving 1,600 individuals and their families in fifty community based programs. Programs include infant development, pre-schools and childcare, vocational, recreational and life skills programs and supported group homes. The goal of the Developmental Disabilities Association is to enable people with developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential through new opportunities, personal choice and community involvement....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Childhood]

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The Misconception about Illegal Immigrants

- Americans believe that illegal immigrants are freeloaders they come to the United States to use our Social Services. Let’s define Social Services, “organized welfare efforts carried on under professional auspices by trained personnel (, 2011, para.1).” Examples of Social Services are Housing which is Government subsidized and public housing, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Food Stamps/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid and Medicare, and Social Security Payments for the elderly, disabled, qualifying children of the deceased, etc....   [tags: illegal immigration, undocumented immigrants]

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Web Server ad Internet Market

- Web servers are important in today’s internet market, they implement the Hyper Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and it can be run by any computer. It could be used in a local network as well on a wide diversity web site around the globe, enabling user to read information from various resources. A web server enables users to move from one site to another by links call Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). This hyperlinks are the responsible of setting fonts, emending related files (e.g. graphics), and setting fonts in web pages....   [tags: Hyper Transfer Protocol, HTTP, Internet]

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The Problem With Gun Control

- Being a young african American in the United states, I have witnessed many problems. We have homeless people who are forced to scrape at the bottom because they can 't find work, the financial market is getting tougher due to rising inflation rates, and an unbalanced government budget, but an issue I think is hurting us the most is the problem with guns in america. I am concerned about being the victim of a random shooting. Guns affect every one of us every day. They can be used to fill us with fear or make us feel protected....   [tags: Gun politics in the United States, Firearm]

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California And Hawaiian Sugar Company

- California and Hawaiian Sugar Company v Sun Ship, Inc. California and Hawaiian Sugar Company contracted Sun ship to build a vessel. The contract gave Sun Ship almost two years to complete the work. The contract contained a liquidated clause that required Sun Ship to pay 17,000 dollars per day for ever day that the ship was not delivered after the agreed date. The ship was delivered after eight and a half months after the agreed delivery date. During the period, the ship had not been delivered, California and Hawaiian Sugar Company suffered actual losses of 368,000 dollar....   [tags: Contract, Contract law, Force majeure]

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Caveat Emptor: Rights of Home Buyers in the State of Missouri

- The State of Missouri requires professionals to obtain a license before providing services to the public, in many careers. Misconceptions hold that issuance of licenses is just something that is needed in order to charge money for services. Licenses are issued however, because the public puts their trust in professionals who are more knowledgeable than they are. Many people today want to avoid the hassles and risks associated with the transfer of land, so they put their trust in licensed real estate professionals....   [tags: Real Estate]

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How To Budget For Enterprise Software

- "So, how much is it really going to cost?" That's one of the first questions most executives ask when they are considering a new software purchase, especially those who are planning a major financial/enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources/payroll, customer relationship management (CRM), or other enterprise software selection and implementation. The problem, as most financial executives have learned from experience, is that buying software isn't like buying a tangible product such as office equipment or a machine....   [tags: Business Fiscal Management]

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Gun Control Will Not Reduce Crime

- Introduction The implementation of gun control in the United states is a large problem as it will take away the 2nd Amendment rights and would also stop the ability of law abiding citizens to protect themselves from criminals who obtain guns illegally. The right to bear arms is promised to citizens of the United States, and to put gun control into effect is to take away their Constitutional rights. Crime is very high in cities that have few gun control laws. However, the problem will not be solved by taking guns away from people who are registered and licensed to carry them....   [tags: Anti Gun Control Essays]

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Sample Resume : My Pye Contract

- In my PYE contract, I included the following provisions, offer, acceptance, consideration, modifications, covenant, notice, non-compete, exculpatory, third party beneficiaries, breach of contract, exculpatory clause, and condition precedent The following provision offer is needed in my PYE contract. The term offer is a promise in exchange for performance by another party. It is needed in my contract because it sets the guidelines of what is happening between the two companies. In this case the offer is that PYE is going to license their name and designs to other companies and the other companies are going to manufacture the products for them and give them a percentage of the profit that is...   [tags: Contract law, Contract, Breach of contract]

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Teenage Drunk Driving

- What is the number one cause of teenage deaths in the United States. In this country a teenager dies due to alcohol related car accidents every twenty-two seconds. Drunk driving accidents are the number one killer of adolescents (Teenagers and peer pressures. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from). Mixing drinking while driving can be deadly. Teenage drunk driving accidents not only affect the person drinking while driving, but it also can kill or harm others (Alcohol problems and solutions....   [tags: Accidents, Consequences, Death]

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No Second Chances

- There have been many cases in Fresno, CA where people are dying because of a driving under intoxicated (DUI) accident. People who drive drunk not only put their own lives in danger; they also put other drivers including passengers and pedestrian in danger as well. Lawmakers must not allow any DUI cases a second chance at all. Every citizen could save more lives by avoiding any dangerous and deadly accidents that a DUI defendant can cause. By making the law much more strict maybe people will think twice before they drink and drive....   [tags: Driving, Intoxication, Alcohol, Drugs, DUI]

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The Government's Effect on Everyday Life

- The Government's Effect on Everyday Life Government effects my life everyday in a vast variety of ways. From the quality of the milk that I drink in the morning, to the license and Insurance I need to drive my vehicle to school and work. Government also effects the taxes that are deducted from my salary. The government uses this money to protect consumers and provide services for the public amongst many other things. The first thing that I noticed government effects in my day is the milk that I drink....   [tags: Papers]

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Uniform Commercial Code

- A new law will probably be introduced into state legislatures which will govern all contracts for the development, sale, licensing, and support of computer software. This law, which has been in development for about ten years, will be an amendment to the Uniform Commercial Code. The amendment is called Article 2B (Law of Licensing) and is loosely based on UCC Article 2 (Law of Sales), which governs sales of goods in all 50 states. A joint committee of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) and the American Law Institute is drafting the changes to the UCC....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Issue Of Concealed Weapons

- Concealed weapons permits, could be one of the biggest conflicts going on right now. The world is as not a dangerous place, it’s only as dangerous as you make it. Just like guns, guns are not dangerous nor do they make people dangerous; people make guns dangerous. Their major controversy over people carrying guns on their make cause an increase in crime. Along with and increase crime critics also are saying carrying a concealed weapon does not mean a dangerous person will get their hands on one....   [tags: Concealed carry in the United States, Firearm]

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Alcoholism - No Easy Solution

- Alcoholism - No Easy Solution Mike Brake’s “Needed: A License to Drink” is a well-written essay that covers the serious issue of alcoholism and goes on to offer a creative proposal to solve the situation. Brake addresses alcoholism as a “primary public health-problem” which holds merit, considering Brake sites alcohol is the cause of 19,000 auto fatalities each year. To remedy these preventable fatalities, Brake proposes to institute a national system of licensing with appropriate penalties for violators....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Bessie Coleman, Brave Bessie

- Bessie Coleman, the child of a southern, African American family, had become one of the most widely know women and African Americans in history. "Brave Bessie", as she had become known for, encountered the double hardship of racial and gender prejudice in early 20th-century but, she conquered many challenges and became the first African American woman to acquire a pilot's license. She not only enthused crowds with her talents as a barnstormer, but she has become a great inspiration for the women and African Americans....   [tags: Biography, Segregation]

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The Shortage of Columbaria

- Because of the limited land supply, finding affordable housing is an enormous challenge for most of the Hong Kong people and even for the dead. To make matter worse, the ageing population rises the number of death and the demand for cremation and columbaria. According to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department’s statistic (2013), “the number of cremations is expected to increase from 38000 in 2010 to 47300 in 2020” (p.1). As a result, it leads to an acute shortage of columbaria. In order to satisfy the public demand for columbaria, it is vital for the Hong Kong government to increase the supply of columbarium facilities and promote the sustainable way of handling cremains....   [tags: Hong Kong, Cremains, Solutions]

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Thailand Financial Institutions

- 1. Introduction Thailand is an emerging Southeast Asian financial market, comprising an increasingly perfecting network of markets and institutions, which provide a relatively wide range of financial products and services towards domestic and international investors. Thailand financial system, since established in 1940 [1], has experienced the cautious and pragmatic management period in 1960-1970s, the financial liberalization period in late 1980s and early 1990s [2] and the restructuring period after1997 Asia Financial Crisis [3]....   [tags: banking system, financial system]

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Too Old to Drive

- Too Old to Drive With the aging of the baby boomers, a large segment of the American population is reaching senior citizen status. Modern technology, combined with the large numbers of the post WW II babies, has led us to expect that the number of Americans over the age of 65 will steadily increase in the next few years. These citizens will be functioning in communities all over America. Senior Americans will be driving to visit friends, shop, and dine out, and even running car pools. Our highways will have an increased number of senior drivers....   [tags: essays papers]

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Principles of Open Source

- “Open source as a development model promotes: a) Universal access via free license to a products design or blueprint, and b) universal redistribution of that design or blueprint, including subsequent improvements to it by anyone” (Gerber, Molefe, and van der Merwe 2010) In the past fifteen years, the principles ‘Open Source’ have exploded into the software industry. (Open Source Initiative 2012; Weber 2004) Open software now rivals the market share and quality of closed, commercial products. (Spinellis 2008) Following the success of open software, the same principles are being applied to other forms of product development....   [tags: software, digital era, architecture]

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Preparing for Registered Nursing

- RNs are prepared in three forms of education programs: baccalaureate programs (generally four years), associate degree programs (generally three years), and hospital diploma programs without formal higher education credit (generally three years).2 RNs provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members. The professional nurse licensing exam is the same for graduates of these three types of RN programs.3 A different licensing exam is administered to LPNs....   [tags: education, regulations, standards]

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Satire of Mike Tyson's Biting the Ear of Evander Holyfield

- SATIRE      When we think of boxing, we usually think of the gloves, the mouthpiece, the ring. When we think of past boxers, we can think of boxers like Muhammad Ali or George Foreman. There are present boxers like “Bite” Tyson and his colleague Evander “Holyears”. Boxing has been considered by many as a brutal sport, a sport for beasts, as many non- boxing fans would say. Mike Tyson has given credit to all this talk by boxing with his mouth and not with his hands. With Mike Tyson’s cannibalism and his boxing license being in jeopardy, his next opponent can be an alligator or a paraná fish....   [tags: Sports Boxing Mike Tyson]

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Legalizing Medical Marijuana

- Medical marijuana is concerned with the use and possession. People who suffer from of sicknesses, like epilepsy and cancer may ask for medicinal marijuana, which legitimizes use and growth of marijuana as recommendations of the doctors’. The regulating medical laws, marijuana varies from one state to another and changes from time to time changes to meet the medical, legal and proper needs revolving around the use and marijuana possession. Sixteen states in America have legalized medical marijuana; so, clearing any doctor who recommend the use of marijuana and any patient who uses marijuana from any criminal offense as long as the act within the provision of the state laws In addition, peopl...   [tags: marijuana possession, law]

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Gun Control: Should the Second Amendment of the Constitution be Updated?

- According to the F.B.I., 14,369 murders involving firearms took place in the year 2013 within the United States. We as Americans have the right to “bear arms,” however there can be some changes to at least try to minimize these casualties. The 2nd Amendment states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This may be outdated now that we have a strong military (that is our “well regulated Militia,”) to protect our security, but can a right be scratched off the Constitution because of someone’s interpretation....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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Open Source

- INTRODUCTION TO OPEN-SOURCE Generally computer software sources (the human readable version of the software) are of two kinds; closed and open. Open-source programming has been prominently growing through the past ten years. In this model, programmers share their codes freely in order to be modified and used by others. They are allowed to alter and change the original software as much as they like. This in turn will produce higher quality software with improved features. For the open-source programs to be reliable, some sort of licenses has been approved by Open Source Initiative (OSI) which is a “non-profit corporation dedicated to managing and promoting the open-source definition for the...   [tags: Computer Information Technology]

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Exploring Cosmetology

- Have you ever thought about becoming a cosmetologist. Are you familiar with what a cosmetologist does. Do you think you have the skill and patience it takes to become a cosmetologist. The basics of becoming a cosmetologist and why it is so common in today’s world will be explained in the following paragraphs. “A cosmetologist is a beauty specialist who is educated in treating the hair, skin, and nails” (McKay). Some of the services that are required of a cosmetologist include but are not limited to: shampooing, hair, treating disorders, haircuts or trims, and styling hair (Chronicle Guidance Publications)....   [tags: Career Research ]

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Preventing Drunk Driving

- Approximately one million people are injured in alcohol-related traffic crashes every year and young people, ages 16 to 24 are involved in 28% of those alcohol-related driving accidents, although they make up only 14% of the U.S. population. On any given weekend evening, one in 10 drivers on America's roads has been drinking and according to the latest statistics, in a family of five the prospect of you or someone in your family being involved in an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident in their lifetime, is an astounding 200 percent....   [tags: Alcohol, drunk driving, MADD, SADD, DUI]

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Elderly Driving Tests

- I believe that people over the age of 75 should not be allowed to drive without taking an agility test. Those who do not pass this test have their driver’s license taken away from them. Initially all beginning drivers are required to take an agility test along with an eye exam before we are issued a driver’s license. As we age our vision and agility skills may diminish. Therefore all elderly drivers should be have to take an agility test in order to keep this license. In most cases old age is a time of “review, retirement, and adjustment to new social roles involving decreasing strength and health (Berk, L....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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How to Become a Veterinarian

- Becoming a veterinarian is not an easy task. It requires years of study, countless hours learning, and large amounts of money to pay for school tuition and licensing. However, the rewards of being a veterinarian are worth the sacrifices if it is a profession that you love. Undergraduates must complete the preliminary work required to enter one of the twenty-seven accredited institutions that deal with veterinary medicine. Undergraduate students must complete very specific coursework, maintain a minimum grade point average, and pass an entrance exam if they are to continue their pursuits in the field of veterinary medicine....   [tags: Informative, Career]

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Drill-Bit Manufacturing Company, Inc

- Drill-Bit Manufacturing company, Inc. wants to license its product out to Mexico. Dill-Bit should take certain steps to protect its IPR. Within the Mexico licensing agreement, Drill- Bit manufacturing should lay out what its expectations are and how they should be met. Drill-Bits success largely depends on the quality of its products. This has been apparent in both the home market and over seas. Its German manufacturer has kept the same standards as in the U.S. which has lead to a licensing agreement that has been completely satisfactory....   [tags: Case Study Solution]

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Managing Fishery Resources

- Managing Fishery Resources Types of management- 1. Input controls- "limiting the capacity of fishermen to remove fish from the stock" Types of Input controls: Ø Limited entry licensing- # of vessels Ø Vessel size/power restrictions- problem- works as a challenge- not a barrier Ø Gear restriction: create specifications with the goal of protecting certain size/ species or habitats Ø Days at sea: controls effort and distributes Ø Close times: protect during essential times, such as spawning, also as with the scallop and lobster fishery, limits conflict of gear between two important industries....   [tags: Papers]

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Selling Liquor in Dry Towns

- Summery Paper In September 15, 2002 an article was printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The artical was about giving liquor licenses to three “dry” towns. Jake Wageman wrote the article titled “Giving liquor sales a shot in 3 towns, an effort to boost the economy is on the way or on the ballot”. The article contained several opinons, on the topic. The idea was, wether or not, to give these towns a licenses to sell liquor and boost the towns economy. The people want a place to go to have a drink with family or friends, but they don’t want to go to a bar....   [tags: essays research papers]

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It’s Time to Toughen the Laws on Teen Drivers

- It’s Time to Toughen the Laws on Teen Drivers        Turning sixteen years old in teenagers' lives is an exciting event. It allows them to get a drivers license and is a big step towards adulthood.  With this, it gives them freedom and control over something they have never experienced before.  In most cases, people stress about gangs, drugs, and violence in our communities as a big result of teenage deaths, but the leading causes of accidents today are teenage drivers, especially sixteen and seventeen year olds.  Maria Purdy, an author for "Teen Magazine", writes about statistics with young teenage drivers.  She sites that, "To equal the number of youths killed in motor vehicle crashes i...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Comparing Tribal and State Hunting Laws

- Introduction In the following essay I will be talking about the differences and similarities between state and tribal hunting laws such as general provisions, the Game and Fish Department, licenses and permits, regulations, etc. I will also mention how they enforce penalties to the people who break the rules of the state and tribal Game and Fish Department. State Hunting Laws State hunting laws are what hunters like me follow. If there were no laws for hunting I think the animal population would decrease and some animals could possibly become extinct....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Investigating Drugs

- Investigating Drugs What is a drug . A drug is any substance that can be used to treat an illness, relieve a symptom, or modify a chemical process or processes in the body. The word "drug" is etymologically derived from the Dutch/Low German word "droog", which means "dry", since in the past, most drugs were dried plant parts. Name 2 useful drugs. * Quinacrine (no evidence of its action in vivo) * Amphotericin B Five harmful drugs. * Alcohol * Nicotine * Heroin * Weed * tobacco....   [tags: Papers]

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Open Source Software vs. Microsoft Empire

- Open Source Software vs. Microsoft Empire Introduction “I think that to try to own knowledge, to try to control whether people are allowed to use it, or to try to stop other people from sharing it, is sabotage. It is an activity that benefits the person that does it at the cost of impoverishing all of society. One person gains one dollars by destroying two dollars’ worth of wealth. I think a person with a conscience wouldn’t do that sort of thing except perhaps if he would otherwise die.” -- Richard Stallman[1] Richard Stallman, the best-known figure of free software movement professes an absolute refusal of any notion of commercial software....   [tags: Computers Software Technology Essays]

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Influential Essay

- Influential Essay A lot of people take their driver’s license for granted, and believe me I use to take it for granted too. But ever since I lost my license, I will never take it for granted again. There are many ways to lose your license, but this is the way I lost mine. After I got done listening to music at the Concert Café, my friends and I went out to eat. When we were done eating, I told them I was going to head back home. They told me that they were going to stay in town for awhile....   [tags: essays papers]

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Teenage Drunk Driving

- "People need to be aware that what happened to me can happen to you. I had never thought about impaired driving as an issue in my youth, it wasn't a debate. Now I know. Life really is about choices." This quote was from Tom Boyle who killed Brian Colgan in a drunk driving accident in 1995. Tom Boyle states that life is about choices. This brings up the issue with Massachusetts wanting to place a "scarlet letter" (mark of shame) on the licenses of convicted drunk drivers. Placing the "scarlet letter" on the licenses of convicted drunk drivers is a senseable consequence....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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National Identification Card Won’t Work

- National Identification Card Won’t Work The debate on National Identification card has restarted since the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. The issue of introducing the National Identification Card came into people’s view after a long time hoping that it would reduce the danger of terrorism in the future. United States is not the only one country who is introducing the National Identification Card. There are other hundreds of countries that have already had National Identification Card in use in order to improve security in the country, assist law enforcement and make a delivery of services more efficiently to all the citizens of the nation....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Databases And A Personal Wallet

- Databases and a Personal Wallet As the world becomes more connected through technology, individuals are quickly losing their privacy. Personal and private information about individuals is contained all over the place. The everyday contents of a personal wallet such as credit cards, driver’s license, membership cards, vehicle registration, and other cards are all associated with various different databases. Many databases exist in today’s society that contain and manage information which affect many areas in one’s personal life....   [tags: Technology]

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Oregon Driving Laws

- Oregon Driving Laws There are about one million teenagers at the age of sixteen in the state of Oregon who will be getting their license very soon, or if not already. Now as of March 1, 2000 a teenager that applies for their license after this date is enforced to abide by certain ridiculous restrictions. These new driving laws in the state of Oregon should be eliminated. Admittedly, these laws will be good for teenagers with nothing else to do, except for the fact that it could lead to breaking the law, which means more of the young population in trouble....   [tags: Papers]

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Android Incorporation

- Android Incorporation, which was founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White in the year 2003, is acquired by Google in the year of 2005 [3]. Android Incorporation is based in Palo Alto, California. After acquisition, it is operated as a subsidiary of Google and the founders (Andy Rubin, Rich Miner and Chris White) continue staying with the company [59]. Andy Rubin has become the leader of the Android project at Google. The Open Handset Alliance (OHA) which comprised of chip makers, handset manufacturers (Samsung, Motorola, LG and so on), software developers, and service providers (T-Mobile) was formed by Google in November 2007 [3], [60]....   [tags: Technology, Google ]

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Software Piracy

- Software Piracy It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage a company without being involved with decisions concerning software. In our current North American society, nearly every firm uses some form of specialized software whether in the payroll department where the Chief Financial Officer most certainly employs specialized financial software to make financial projections, or through the use of computer interaction with the company bank. Manufacturing firms for example, rely heavily on specialized software for inventory control, billing, shipping and other critical functions....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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The Commercial Use of Mobile Telephones

- The Commercial Use of Mobile Telephones Around the 1980’s mobile telephones started showing up for commercial use. They were analog style, cumbersome and expensive to purchase. In the 1990’s digital technology was born and mobile phones became readily available to everyone and less expensive than the previous ten years. By 1998 over 30% of the world population within the areas of Europe, Asia, and North America had mobile telephones. With this type of usage of mobile telephones, Mobile Telephone Network plc (MTN) was born in 1993 attempting to earn their share in the South Africa market for mobile telephones....   [tags: Telephones Communication Technology Essays]

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Age-Related Vision Loss and Driver Safety Issues

- Age-Related Vision Loss and Driver Safety Issues With dramatic increases in the number of motor vehicles on public roadways in this century, driving safety is an issue that affects every one of us. Most Americans rely on the use of personal motor vehicles as their primary means of transportation, and must put themselves at risk every day. The risk of a motor vehicle accident increases when our perceptive skills are degraded in any way. Such is the case with alcoholic intoxication, impairment from the use of narcotics, and loss of perceptual accuracy due to any biological reason....   [tags: Optometry Vision Sight Driving Essays]

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Good Things About Oregons New Driving Law

- Oregon’s new driving law is going to make a major difference The new law changes the ages of becoming a fully licensed driver. The new program goes in three steps instead of two like the current program. It works like this: When a potential driver is 15, he can get his learners permit. He must have a licensed adult with him at all times while driving. When he turns 16, he can get a license that only allows him to drive during the day and never with any other teenagers in the car when by himself....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Controversial Aspects of Decommissioning the Edwards Dam

- Controversial Aspects of Decommissioning the Edwards Dam In 1991 the Edwards Manufacturing Company, owner of the Edwards Dam on the Kennebec River in Augusta, ME, applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a renewal of their license to operate a privately owned hydroelectric dam. Their application was denied; Edwards Manufacturing Company was required to come up with a plan for the enacting and financing of decommissioning the dam, as well as the restoration of the river....   [tags: Papers]

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- SCO vs. IBM Abstract On March 6, 2003, The SCO Group filed a $1 billion lawsuit [1] against IBM. The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that IBM has violated contractual obligations it has with SCO by incorporating parts of AIX (IBM’s UNIX derived operating system) into Linux – the open source version of UNIX. The lawsuit has not gone to court and, when it finally does, may take upwards of a year to settle. Nevertheless, a preliminary look is worthwhile. Since the time of the initial filing, the rhetoric has escalated and it has become clear that the ramifications of the suit are much broader than just IBM vs....   [tags: Businesses Microsoft Essays]

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Guide to Spybot Search and Destroy

- Missing Figures Getting Rid of Spyware: A Guide to Spybot Search and Destroy Preface According to CloudEight Security Tips, Spyware and adware are the number one threat to computer users (“Say” 1). Computer users whose computer system or internet connection is slower than normal are a victim of this threat. According to Wikipedia, spyware is any piece of software that aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge (Spyware 1). They have also defined malware, a piece of software intended to do harm to a computer, as a classification of spyware....   [tags: Spyware Adware Software]

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Marketing Disney Consumer Products in the Middle East

- Marketing Disney Consumer Products in the Middle East 1. Disney Consumer Products Middle East was interested in Lebanon, which has only one million children and teenagers and not Egypt, which has a much larger population, due to the following reasons; a. The literacy rate in Lebanon was much higher than the literacy rate of the populations of other Arab states in the Middle East at that time. b. The population of Lebanon was more familiar with western products, which included the Disney products....   [tags: Business Management Studies]

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Radio Goes Sky-High At Xm Satellite Radio

- In 1988, American Mobile Satellite Corporation (AMSC) was formed with the intention of providing a satellite telephone, fax and data network. It was ruled by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that sufficient bandwidth existed for only one license to be issued for such broadcasting, which forced the competing firms to form the joint venture. It was the above named American Mobile Satellite Corporation (AMSC) who was granted the license. In 1992, CD Radio, who later changed their name to Sirius Satellite Radio, successfully petitioned the FCC and Congress to examine the creation of a new digital audio radio service in the United States (Uhle, 1998)....   [tags: XM Radio Satellite]

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Fishing – The Best Hobby

- Fishing – The Best Hobby Work—just the word is enough to make me nauseous sometimes. Look at the definition of the word: work—effort exerted to do or make something; labor, toil. It isn’t exactly the definition of fun. Okay, granted work isn’t always awful. There are plenty of people who like their jobs, and work can even be fun. But for the most part, we all know that we’d rather be doing just about anything other than working. Luckily for us, we don’t work all the time. No, we sleep, eat, drink, and have fun....   [tags: Essays Papers Sports Recreation ]

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Odgen v Gibbons (1824)

- During the eighteen hundreds how did the simple transportation device of steamboats affect the political makeup in the United States government. Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the use of steamboats grew heavily throughout the nation of the United States, as well as world wide. During this time the United States was in desperate need of a new sufficient source of transportation, the steamboat allowed a large expansion of the growing nation, through its many natural waterways, as well as man made canals that were soon constructed....   [tags: Law Case Studies]

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The Formation and Development of BBC Radio

- The Formation and Development of BBC Radio Text Box: The BBC was established as a private corporation in October 1922, funded through a broadcast receiving licence fee plus ten per cent of the revenue generated from the sale of radio receivers. The service was an immediate success, with over a million licences sold by the Post Office before regular daily transmissions began. Within three years around 85 per cent of the population was able to receive the broadcasts, which consisted of a variety of entertainment for all ages as prescribed in the broadcasting licence....   [tags: Papers]

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Privacy In Demand

- Like most countries and especially the United States their inhabitants enjoy a certain level of privacy. People don’t generally want intimate information to be accessible to the public eye. In fact many people go to great lengths to hide everything about themselves. What exactly is the definition of privacy. Well, privacy is the expectation that confidential personal information disclosed in a private place will not be disclosed to third parties, when that disclosure would cause either embarassment or emotional distress to a person of reasonable sensitivities....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Malpractice Issues

- “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion”. Abraham Lincoln once said this and he said this in the sense that everyone is vulnerable to doing wrong by accident or on purpose. Doctor is considered as great people who are able to use their skills to care for patients; nonetheless, they can deviate from the good and become bad as well. In response to this malpractice, laws are there to protect patients from being harmed by the practice of a doctor. Giving the advantage of suing the doctor for malpractice creates a functioning barrier that affects the performance of a doctor....   [tags: Medicine]

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We Need Electronic Surveillance

- Our society would not survive in the 21st century without the help of electronic surveillance. Safety is one of the main purposes of electronic surveillance. Safety is the state of being secure and free from danger of any sort. Today, many would rather give up their privacy for safety (Smithsimon). In fact, surveillance gadgets such as cameras, radio tracking chips and house alarms are used in many places to ensure safety. For instance, a parent can easily place a hidden camera in a stuffed animal in order to see how the babysitter handles his or her child (Public Places Have Eyes)....   [tags: Privacy vs Electronic Surveillance]

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Elderly Drivers

- “An eighty-six year old man killed ten people and injured more than seventy when he drove his Buick into a crowded farmers market in California. In Florida, an eighty-four year old woman drove her car through a window of a Sears and into a cash register and employee” (Murphy). Sadly enough, instances like these are becoming more and more prevalent and require immediate action. It is imperative that a more comprehensive approach be taken when deciding the competence of elderly drivers. Laws must be put into action to mandate and administer testing and re-examining of the skills and eligibility of this group....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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Zen Tradition

- Zen Tradition The forefather of Madhyamika Buddhism was Nagarjuna. T.P. Kasulis writes in his book, Zen Action, Zen Person that Nagarjuna was a predecessor to the development of Zen Buddhism. Nagarjuna is regarded though as a patriarch of the Zen tradition. He was the affecting principle to demonstrate logically the "emptiness", or rather sunyata of philosophical distinctions. Kasulis also explores Nagarjuna's "Logic of Emptiness." The Buddhist claimed that "to be concerned with speculative questions is like being concerned with the origin of a poisoned arrow while it is still in one's flesh, contaminating the bloodstream." Kasulis writes that a conflicting group supposed that nothi...   [tags: Papers]

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Software Piracy

- Software Piracy Software piracy has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. In no other medium or industry is the theft of intellectual property more rampant. According to the book, A Gift Of Fire, “Billions of dollars of software is copied illegally worldwide every year.” Being relatively new technologies, the software and internet industries have yet to create a good foundation for the deterrence of theft. But as the courts see more and more cases involving piracy and theft of software, we are happily seeing a trend towards the judicial intolerance of such crimes....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Markets for Technology

- Licensing tends to be chosen in a distant market, when the market share of the licensor is small and when the downstream market is significantly competitive. Market for technology provokes effective internal management and organization of companies’ intellectual property. On the other hand, for small firms, markets for technology increase the usefulness of strategies based on specialization of such firms in technology development. They do not need to incur expensive and shaky investments in downstream assets and can profit from their research even if they lack the complementary assets....   [tags: Marketing]

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My Beautiful Gun

- If you really want to stop a conversation dead in its tracks, tell people you own a gun. Depending on where you are located, people often don't know how to process the idea that a young woman is a proud, capable, unapologetic gun owner. Men aren't sure if you're a rabid, man-hating feminist arming yourself against the patriarchy. Women are a little more curious and might ask questions — why did you get a gun, what does it look like — but many of them would never consider handling a gun, much less owning one....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Harvey Wallbanger Popcorn

- Introduction: Harvey Wallbanger, president of Harvey Wallbanger Popcorn, entered the popcorn market in 1972. He is considered to be the person most responsible for creating a gourmet popcorn market in the United States. His claim to fame is that his corn is lighter, fluffier, “tenderer”, and bigger than ordinary popcorn. He also boasts that his popcorn has fewer hard, unpopped kernels than competitive products. Harvey’s company sells popcorn to several markets in the United States: 1. Unpopped corn sold to food stores for the consumer to take home....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Risk Management

- Risk Management The primary risk for lawsuits in my company revolve around trademark infringement, and unauthorized distribution of licensed product. The company is in litigation constantly. Typical scenarios that have resulted in lawsuits are as follows: · The company buys $500,000 worth of Tommy Hilfiger inventory from a manufacturer, no longer licensed to make the product. It is surplus inventory. Because the manufacturer no longer has a license from Hilfiger (probably because he sells to people like us) the product is considered unofficial and illegal....   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework]

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- The library and information centres have undertaken collection management of printed books and now challenges in developing collection of electronic resources (e-resources) are waiting. Electronic books (e-books) consist of printed books being digitized or born digitally, the starting rise of new electronic formats. The increase number of e-books especially in UK also brings challenges to the publishers and aggregators, the importance in managing and promoting “e-books as the new electronic medium” (Armstrong and Lonsdale 2005)....   [tags: Library Science, Myilibrary, Netlibrary]

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- One of the greatest things that teenagers look forward to is getting their driver¡¦s licence and getting the freedom to do whatever they want. Ever since graduated licensing began five years ago, on April 1,1994, many people have made good and bad comments about it. The government has recently said that ever since graduated licensing started, there have been fewer accidents involving young drivers. Looking at it another way, it costs consumers less money, beacause fewer cars need to be repair....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Software Piracy

- Software Piracy Nowadays, software became part of our everyday life, running everything in the digital world from our PCs to the internet. It is definitely the most valuable technology of the Information age. Software is also the victim of a big problem that exists in homes, schools, businesses and government: Piracy. Copyright laws protect the intellectual property software developers, but unfortunately, not only did new technologies enhanced ways to access and distribute copyrighted work legally but also illegally....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Software Piracy

- Software Piracy Software piracy is the illegal reproduction and distribution of software applications, whether it is for personal use or business. In society today, Internet users are obtaining millions of dollars in software illegally. Piracy includes the illegal copying of programs, counterfeiting and distributing software, and even sharing a program with a friend. Software has become such an important productivity tool, the illegal copying and distribution of software piracy persists globally....   [tags: Illegal Computer Software Program Distribution]

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- Filesharing is the act of sharing files over the internet with another person. This can be done directly between two computers or by two computers connecting to a mediating server. These files can be anything: music, videos, books, blueprints, or other documents, many different types of software and programs including video games. Filesharing is also incredibly easy. Free software like bittorrent makes it simple for anyone to fileshare. With the simplicity of filesharing and the huge amount of information available for download it is easy to see how filesharing can be used illegally....   [tags: Technology/Copyright]

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- Radio Radio becomes Americas second national mass medium after magazines - 99% of American’s homes have radios - 95% of American’s cars have radios - 40% of Americans listen to the radio between 6 am and midnight - 7% of Americas bathrooms have radios in them Radio: A technological Leap 1835 Samuel F. B. Morse demonstrates his electromagnetic telegraph system March 10, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell sent a message to his associate Thomas Watson with the aid of his new invention, the telephone Heinrich Hertz experiments with radio waves that become known as Hertzian waves and leads to the development of radio broadcasting Guglielmo Marconi used Morse, Bell, and Hertz ideas to tra...   [tags: essays research papers]

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