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Licensed Clinical Social Workers For Individuals, Families And Groups

- LICENSED CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKERS A social worker is specially trained to provide many different types of services for individuals, families and groups. There is a wide range of social workers who are employed in various areas of social work specializations. In the mental health field, there are what is commonly referred to as psychiatric social workers or licensed clinical social workers. Their job can be both therapeutic and diagnostic, meaning the worker strives to identify the root of the client’s problem, and assists them in learning to cope with day to day aspects of their life....   [tags: Social work, Sociology, Social justice]

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List The State Where S And He Is Licensed

- Does the website have to list the state where s/he is licensed to practice. The issue that arises when creating a website is the fact that anyone from anywhere can view the website. People that have never had to look for any representation may not understand that in order to represent someone in their home state the lawyer needs to be recognized by that states bar to do so. According to the ABA’s Rule 5.5 a lawyer can’t practice law where their jurisdiction does not exist. It also says that they “shall not hold out to the public or otherwise represent that the lawyer is admitted to practice law in this jurisdiction.” (American Bar Association, 2010.) A lawyer is not allowed to withhold the s...   [tags: Lawyer, Law, Bar association, Barrister]

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Ethical Principles Of Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors

- Licensed chemical dependency counselors ought to display ethical behaviors to maintain integrity and maintain the respect for the human dignity of the clients and their decisions. Majority of the ethical principles that clinical health professional abide or adhere to are deontological, meaning most ethics are concerned with the duties and responsibilities of the clinical health professionals, in this case, the licensed chemical dependency counselor. However, much of deontological ethics concerns the basis for utilitarianism, which means that professionals would make ethical decisions regarding the best outcomes, or consequences that are good or bad, for everyone, which in this case, are the...   [tags: Heroin, Addiction, Ethics, Drug addiction]

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Abortion Is Defined As An Intervention Performed By A Licensed Clinician

- Abortion is defined as an intervention performed by a licensed clinician (e.g., a physician, nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant) that is intended to terminate an ongoing pregnancy (Center for Disease Control, 2014). According to the Center for Disease Control (2014) in 2011, 730,322 legal induced abortions were reported from 49 reporting areas. The abortion rate was 13.9 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years and the abortion ratio was 219 abortions per 1,000 live births....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Pro-choice, Roe v. Wade]

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Healthcare Administration ( Licensed Nursing Home Administrator )

- Healthcare Administration is an occupation where one would plan, direct, or coordinate medical and health services. These tasks take place in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health agencies, or similar organizations. This occupation works more with documents, with little patient interaction. You do not commonly become certified to draw blood, and one does not require an internship for this career. This occupation does require a background check. Many careers require specific types of certification....   [tags: Problem solving, Need, Academic degree, Medicine]

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Starting Your Own Business

- Despite who you are, starting up a business of your own will be challenging, time consuming, and make you just want to pull your hair out. It doesn’t take much to start a business as far as jumping through hoops and requirements, but those few hoops are on fire over a pool of sharks and after taking a bath in gasoline and seal blood, you realize that it’s going to take some serious finesse to pull it off. Realistically, it does take a lot of effort to get a business going and most fail within the first few years, but it is not impossible....   [tags: entrepreneur, permits, licence]

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Jonas Salk Licensed The First Polio Vaccine

- Jonas Salk licensed the first polio vaccine in 1955, to the relief of a nation. A nation that had been through two world wars, a great depression, a president stricken with Polio and thousands of deaths from the disease. Beginning with the first outbreak of polio in 1916 the public’s, and scientist’s ideas on polio were limited. From 1916 until the creation of a working vaccine in the 1950s the stigma that went along with the polio disease grew and changed a number of times. This public perception made polio the major disease in the U.S....   [tags: Polio vaccine, Poliomyelitis, Jonas Salk, Polio]

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Family Therapist Or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

- There is a wide variety of factors that have helped contribute to the person I am today along with my decision to eventually becoming a Marriage Family Therapist or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. My genetic makeup plays a small role although my upbringing and life experiences have major influences. It all started September 13, 1984. I am my mother’s first and only child and the first of seventeen children from my father. However, I spent the majority of my life surrounded with love from my mother’s side of the family and a stepfather who treated me as if I was his natural born child....   [tags: High school, Family, Developmental psychology]

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Medical Assistant vs Licensed Practical Nurse

- The medical field is one of the fastest occupations in the world. Medical Assistants and LPNs have different roles and responsibilities. You will get a better understanding about each occupation position in the medical field. Understand the difference between the two is not as difficult as it seems. The difference between the two is Medical Assistants handles basic clinical tasks. They are responsible for medical records, book-keeping, and answering call. Most Medical Assistants help Doctors examine and treat patients....   [tags: Medicine, Medical Professions, Compare and Contras]

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My Best Job: Licensed Practical Nurse for a Rehabilitation Facility

- The best job I ever had happens to be my current one, which is a Licensed Practical Nurse, for a sub-acute rehabilitation facility. There are so many lives I have been fortunate enough to touch. The gratitude my patient’s demonstrate for my devotion towards their plan of care is the most rewarding. Now I would be somewhat dishonest if I said every day was a good day, however it seems as though the good days outweigh the bad days. I want to stay true to my first love of nursing, or more specifically, the gratification I feel when a patient reaches goals that were set due to my divisive implementation....   [tags: Nursing]

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Being A College Student, My Mother, And A Licensed Nursing Assistant

- Christine Hughes is a 63-year-old, single mother, and a Licensed Nursing Assistant. Christine is my mother’s daughter which makes her my grandmother. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I saw friends and family, but I made it my mission to sit down and talk to my grandmother. Being a college student, I am only fortunate enough to see her over my breaks and I make sure I never miss out on an opportunity to visit her. During our talk, we discussed her hobbies as a child, her favorite thanksgiving memory, and a stressful moment within her life....   [tags: Family, Future, Anxiety, Sibling]

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Licence To Kill

- 1. The three qualities that I felt James Bond most possessed throughout the story were determination, bravery, and intelligence. In the next several paragraphs I will explain how incidents in the story revealed each quality portrayed by James Bond. Determination In the beginning of the story a drug lord named, Frans Sanchez, severely injures James Bond’s partner, Felix Leiter, and kills his wife Della Leiter after escaping an attempted arrest by Felix. After this incident Bond becomes determined to capture Sanchez, bring his drug empire down, and avenge what he had done to his partner and close friend Felix Leiter....   [tags: essays research papers]

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My Experience At My Mother 's Residential Facility For Mentally Disabled Women

- When I was 18, I took a job at my Mother’s residential facility for mentally disabled women. It was there that I was exposed to a new world of possibilities that I could imagine myself spending my life doing. I loved thinking of new ways to help these women with their improve their skills, and learn to be more independent; while working with their treatment plans. I also loved being able to advocate for them in any way I could, whether it would be to help them rekindle contact with family, or to help them receive the medical care they needed that their insurance did not cover....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse]

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Professional Issues That Affect Clinical Mental Health Counselors

- Professional Issues that Affect Clinical Mental Health Counselors One of the biggest issues if the desire is to practice with any kind of medical scope, Medicare will pay a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in many cases, more than they will pay any Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and in some cases they will not pay an LPC at all. Many LPC’s are able to practice under the umbrella of community mental health agencies and in that aspect, they are able to take Medicaid for payment. However, once licensure is complete, many states will not bill for mental health services to a private LPC practitioner under Medicaid services (Sturm and Gibson, 2012)....   [tags: Licensed Professional Counselor]

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Mitigating the True Cost of Disasters: The Loss of Human Life

- Mitigating the True Cost of Disasters: The Loss of Human Life Introduction “In order to safeguard the life, health, property and welfare of the public and the state of Ohio, to maintain integrity and high standards of skills and practice in the professions of engineering, I shall: Act with complete integrity as a faithful agent, be honest and impartial, and serve the public, client and employer with devotion. Protect the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of professional duties.” (SEAoO 2011) I submit that a licensed professional engineer has a responsibility to work in areas where the safety of the public is most threatened due to a lack of engineering profession...   [tags: responsibility of a licensed professional engineer]

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Montgomery County Consists Of The Blacksburg And Christiansburg Areas

- Montgomery County consists of the Blacksburg and Christiansburg areas. Upon examination of the mental health service providers for children and adolescence it became a challenge to contact someone who would speak with or return inquiries about their practice. Three practices were willing to speak and give information about the services they provided. The first was Cindy Blevins, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Ms. Blevins practices at Life in Balance Counseling and Wellness Center, 125 Akers Farm Road, Suite D in Christiansburg....   [tags: Licensed Professional Counselor]

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Why I Want For A Nurse

- Why I want to be a nurse. I have asked myself this question numerous times, and have come up with a variety of answers. I think that being a nurse just embodies the characteristics that I have innately had and characterizes the person I am now. Nursing is more than a profession to me; it encompasses my life in every aspect. Nursing challenges me, nothing is ever exactly the same each day. There are so many opportunities in nursing and so many ways to challenge myself and learn new things. I have been a licensed practical nurse for about 19 years and becoming a registered nurse has always been a plan for my future....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse]

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Hunting: Principles, Family and How to Obtain a Licence

- If you are interested in hunting, there are procedures you have to follow to become a legal hunter. The first thing you need to do is take a hunting safety course. You can find them online. Some places offer them for free, others you have to pay for. You then pick a place, sign up and time to take the course. The class that I took was for a couple a nights a week and one full Saturday. After you have completed the class, you need to pass a test. During the class you will learn the 10 commandments of hunting....   [tags: procedures, policies, safety course]

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Comparison Certified Nursing Assistants versus Licensed Practical Nurses

- Comparison Why would anyone be in the healthcare field. First, there are different types of positions available. Second, this is a very rewarding career for those who enjoy caring for others. Although, most people think there are a lot of differences between certified nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses, they share the same type of work, working conditions and job outlook. The nature of the work is very similar for the C.N.A. and L.P.N. A C.N.A. work includes performing routine tasks under the supervision of nursing staff....   [tags: Compare Contrast Careers Nurse]

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The Challenge of Finding Quality Childcare

- The challenge of finding a quality childcare facility and program for a 6 month old child can be very challenging. This task will require the analysis of multiple facilities and learning programs to find the right fit. In order to choose a quality childcare facility, it’s important to consider and analyze such factors as the quality of the facility, the professionalism of staff, the learning program practiced or offered and the safety and security of the facility. To find quality childcare it may be necessarily for parents to compare two to four different facilities and ask lots of questions in order to find the right match for your child....   [tags: developmental needs, safey, licensed facility]

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Personal Statement For Palliative Clients

- Interventions that I would provide for palliative clients would include but not limited to providing opportunities for the clients and family to share their feelings. If the family needs to assist in finding a support system or group that they can get assistance. I communicate with my palliative clients in a calm soothing voice. Enquire if they have any spiritual leader, custom/ritual that needs to be addressed. Provide time for meditation and prayer. I assist family by providing privacy and intimate accommodation if possible....   [tags: Nursing, Pain, Licensed practical nurse]

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Case Study : Skilled Nursing And Rehabilitation Facilities

- Avante, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, has many locations in North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. The skilled nursing and rehabilitation center that I chose for this case study is Avante at Boca Raton, in Boca Raton, Florida. With it’s detailed website, finding its numerous service was done so with ease. Avante’s mission is “to improve quality of life for our esteemed residents, our colleagues and our communities, by exceeding expectations… one individual at a time.” Avante at Boca Raton’s strengths include its website, how well it reaches out to its target market, and the different services they offer....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse, Nursing home]

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My Dream Of Becoming A Doctor

- Many of us grew up with the dream of becoming a Doctor, Scientist or even the next President of the United States. It was difficult growing up in a low-income, Hispanic family. My future and my dreams of being a first generation college student, suddenly became wishful thinking. In the following story, I will be reviewing a few memories in my life that have made me who I am today. Growing up as a child, I always remembered my mother, a single mother of 4 kids. Struggling day in and out, to try and make ends meet, working 2 jobs, sometimes even 3 jobs....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse, Family, Mother]

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Increasing the Age of Licensure

- On June 2011, three teenage boys were killed in a car accident near Raleigh, North Carolina. Sixteen-year-old Austin Flowers was driving along with his friends Lane Meyer, sixteen-year-old and Matt Speight, seventeen-year-old after a church event Sunday night. WBTV News reported that the driver, Austin Flowers was driving 129 mph. Austin lost control over the speed and crashed into a tree. All three boys attended Wake Forest-Rolesville High School. Matt Speight was set to graduate and would have turned eighteen that week....   [tags: teenagers and driver's licence]

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The Ever-Important Privateers

- Privateers, or “legally licensed pirates” (Boorstin 62), were men who received written permission from their mother country to raid and capture enemy ships in times of war. They owed no loyalty to anyone except the country they served and for about four hundred years, actions like those of the privateers have shaped history as we know it. They are a perfect example of the politics during the time period and were ultimately loyal subjects to their country. Privateering is said to be "almost as old as civilization itself" with the Japanese and Chinese practicing it as early as 1200 B.C (Massachusetts Society)....   [tags: Legally Licensed Pirates, Enemy Ships, War]

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The History, Duties, and Employment Opportunites of the Federal Aviation Administration

- HISTORY The agency was created in May 21, 1958 by Senator A.S Mike Monroney. He introduced a bill to create an independent Federal Aviation Agency that will provide for the safety and efficient use of national airspace. In August 23, 1958 the Federal Aviation Act was signed by the President. This act transferred the Civil Aeronautics Authority’s function to a new independent Federal Aviation Agency which is responsible for civil aviation safety. The first appointed director was retired Air Force General Elwood Quesada and operations began on December 1, 1958....   [tags: safety, licenses, pilot]

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Professional Behavior With Learners And The Interprofessional Care Team

- Physical resources in client care is effective and make work easier. The vital sign monitor is very efficient and cuts down on time to complete task. Physical resources that help to alleviate DVT or embolism like the Intermittent Pneumatic Compression is very effective. Hydro lift and other mechanical lifts makes it much safer for client and workers alike if used properly. The use of computer is excellent in gathering information and data. If physical resources are used correctly and are properly maintained nurses will be even more efficient in providing care....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse]

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Sarah 's Plan For The Medical Surgical Unit

- 1. What should be included in Sarah’s plan to orient the LPN to the medical-surgical unit. Sarah should first assess what type of tasks the LPN has experience doing, is comfortable doing, and her normal routine on the postpartum unit. She should explain to the LPN the normal routine or pace on the med-surg floor and determine if the LPN has any questions regarding the flow. Sarah and the LPN should both meet with the nursing assistant so they may become acquainted and encouraged to work as a team....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse]

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My Personal Philosophy On Nursing

- A Philosophy is when someone contemplates, or wonders, about something that serves as the guide that incorporates each individual’s value and belief. Every nurse should have developed a personal philosophy at one point because it explains not only to others but also to ourselves why we do what we do. Nobody goes into nursing expecting it to be easy, it is a tough job that requires a lot of dedication which is why it is important to remember just why it is that we are doing it. Since I was fourteen I wanted to become a nurse, I have always had an overwhelming desire to help people, it is what makes me feel fulfilled, and this is the reason I decided to follow this career path....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse]

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Ethical Issues Within Multicultural Counseling

- Ethical Issues in Multicultural Counseling are very prevalent today. Counselors may or may not know how to counsel people of different race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity socioeconomic status, disability, age or spirituality. Due to their lack of knowledge in that area, ethical issues may arise. In order for a counselor to gain knowledge of Multicultural Counseling, the counselor must begin to gain an understanding of their clients past and culture. It is also important that the counselor does not categorize the client based his/her race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity socioeconomic status, disability, age and spirituality....   [tags: Ethics, Licensed Professional Counselor]

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Personal And Professional Lives For Counselors

- In personal and professional lives for counselors, they will decide upon moral decisions when situations arise. According to Sheperis, Young, and Daniels (2017), theses typical situations in which counselors may experiences throughout their professional career. Especially, the researchers state, how counselors are sure to their clients in the counseling process and being certain they are using the correct methods which is effective in the measure of research such as questionnaires, surveys, interviews, est (Sheperis, Young, Daniels, 2017, p....   [tags: Ethics, Research, Licensed Professional Counselor]

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The Southern California Counseling Center

- The Southern California Counseling Center (SCCC) is a great resource to have available in a your classroom resource binder. Starting in 1966, it has been their mission to help strengthen our community by being able to provide counseling to people in need at a very affordable rate. The Southern California Counseling Center has a sliding fee counseling service because they highly believe that mental heath care should be a right and not a privilege, and that is why they really try to help low income families....   [tags: School counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor]

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My Personal Mental Health

- My personal mental health is a critical role in why counseling is important to me. I have struggled with Major Depression and Anxiety since I was fifteen years old. I have been in counseling for ten years and only recently decided to combine psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. I cannot imagine my life without my support system. I want to be that support system for others when they have no one to turn to, since I know how it feels. I have a need to help others and give back to the community. Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling Related to My Ethical Autobiography Confidentiality is when a professional protects their clients by securing client information....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Licensed Professional Counselor]

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International Logistics : Global Logistics

- Global Logistics Name Institution Global Logistics The process of exporting or importing goods in the United States is not straightforward as others may think. There are regulations set out by the federal government to guide this sector (Christopher, 2010). It is therefore deemed necessary for experts in global logistics to understand the regulations controlling this sector to increase compliance as well as the procedures and tax/programs that may be of benefit to the exporter....   [tags: Export, International trade, EXPORT, Trade]

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South Carolina State Board of Accountancy Violation Cases of 2008

- South Carolina State Board of Accountancy Violation Cases of 2008 In order to become a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) one must take and pass the CPA exam issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In order to receive licensing, one must follow the guidelines of their respective state in order to obtain a license from that state’s Board of Accountancy to get into practice. With any practice there are rules and guidelines that a person must follow. The Code for CPAs is in place in order to ensure that licensees practice accounting without any problems or discrepancies....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, CPA Exam]

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Gun Laws In The State of Georgia

- Georgia has many gun laws, which help protect the state and the people in the state. The laws range from having a permit to carry a hand gun, where you cannot carry a handgun, what kind of guns you can carry without having a firearm permit, what age someone can buy a gun. The second amendment gives us the right to bear arms not just in the state of Georgia but it gives us the right everywhere. Georgia also has a law about the possession of people with guns who was involved in a crime, minors with the possession of handguns, and possession of dangerous weapons and the possession of a firearm under the influence in the state....   [tags: Gun Control Essays]

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Quanta vs LG Electronics Case

- Purpose Based on the guidance from the previous management meeting, this group asked our management team to prepare and present this briefing. In the development, we have a identified with a two folded purpose: to present an overview of the Quanta v LG Electronics case and present recent industry findings that relate to how our organization deals with similar issues pertinent to Quanta v LG Electronics. To accomplish this our management team reviewed the specifics of the Quanta v LG Electronics case....   [tags: Business Meeting Discussion]

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The Debate Of 2nd Amendment Rights

- The question of 2nd amendment rights are always under fire, always argued, and to date, always upheld. The Open Carry Law in Texas was put to the test last July when a sniper opened fire on police during a peaceful but crowded protest in downtown Dallas. Do Texans still believe the law is a good idea. The open carry of handguns in Texas, or House Bill 910, was opposed by most Democrats, fiercely opposed by police officials and activist groups, and yet it took only six months to pass the house and senate to reach the Governor’s pen....   [tags: Firearm, Concealed carry in the United States]

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High School Shootings And Its Effect On School Campus

- The idea of college can easily tie into many risks, such as the prevalence of drugs and alcohol, rape, suicide, and now mass shootings. Recently, the rate of mass school shootings has drastically increased throughout the U.S. which sparked the national discussion on how officials should protect their colleges. This raised a main concern: how to respond. Some have suggested improving the psychological health of troubled students and practicing drills for these types of emergencies. Despite these procedures, the most debated response is the authorization of the students’ concealed carrying license for guns on school campus....   [tags: Firearm, Concealed carry in the United States]

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1008 words | (2.9 pages) | Preview An e-commerce support system

- The website is a portal for the Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services in the State of Florida. In the websites portal is an information system that supports insurance professionals in applying, in maintaining and in updating their FL licenses. For instance, the portal will provide the requirements to obtain an insurance license for the state. Secondly, the state uses the system to store specific agent and agency service information that is important in the industry. In addition, the websites link to “MyProfile”, which enables all state licensed insurance professionals access to their detailed membership information....   [tags: insurance services]

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The Pros and Cons of Open Source

- Open Source: Good and Bad Introduction: In the following paper I will be discussing the use of open source software as part of a larger project. Example uses of this include incorporating existing publicly available source code within another piece of software. Because the term open source has such broad implications, I will attempt to explain it within the context of this paper. Open source code comes with many different licenses such as GPL, BSD, and MIT. I will describe the most popular licensing options and how they differ....   [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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The State Board Of Nursing

- The Missouri State Board of Nursing had several violation and disciplinary actions set for a hearing to review. The violation against one nurse was a second offense. A disciplinary action is for a first-time offense. Each action taken by the board is done with a group discussion and later deliberated to come to a final decision. The violators are then notified by mail. The two I chose are a violation and then a disciplinary action. The violation was due to the failure to abide by the probation set forth during her first disciplinary action....   [tags: Nursing, Registered nurse, Nurse]

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Drunk Drivers : Drunk Driving

- For many years, drunk driving casualties have been viewed differently. Many believe that drunk driving laws are strict while others believe that it is too lenient. In this generations, where alcohol is cheap and very accessible many tends to abuse it. This people who abuse alcohol is known as drunk drivers because after taking three or four drinks they still believe that they are not drunk and goes back to the wheel of their vehicle without thinking of what will happen next. This drunk drivers are willing to risk their lives and the lives of others because they are ashamed or too big to call a family member or a designated drivers to take them home....   [tags: Drunk driving, Alcohol law]

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The Ethics Of The Georgia Law Enforcement

- In the past few years there has been people getting pulled over for drinking under the influence. It is really dangerous for anyone to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Anyone who does this could endanger his or her life including others. There are so many people who has lost their lives because people want to make a mistake by driving under the influence not thinking twice about what could happened to them or other people. People don’t know that if they get caught driving for DUI then it stays on their record forever....   [tags: Blood alcohol content, Alcohol]

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A Career in Accounting

- Requirements and Job Opportunities in the Accounting Field Accounting is something I have wanted to do since I was a sophomore in high school. It requires a lot of education. One will have to take a CPA just to get his license. Lastly, an accountant’s job has a lot of varieties. Accounting is a great career that needs a good amount of education, a license, and has a vast amount of possibilities and temptations. An accountant’s education depends on which state he or she is trying to become an Certified Public Accountant in....   [tags: job oppportunities, public accountancy]

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Analysis of the Business Environment of the Telecommunication Industry in India

- India is the second largest telecommunications market in the world with around 900 Million subscribers at present. Since its liberalization in 1994, the industry has seen considerable growth with enactment of different regimes and entry of new players. However, in the last few years, the industry has been affected by the constant regulatory disputes and intense business environment leading to price war. The objective of this study is to analyse the impact of New Economic Policy, 1991 on the Telecommunication (Voice) industry....   [tags: Policy, Market]

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Behind the Wheel at Fourteen

- You are considered to be a teenager when you turn thirteen, correct. Most are. Teens these days are gaining more responsibilities, with that said, teens should be able to get the driver license at the age of fourteen. Not mandatory, but if your teen is ready that is an option. It is understood that there are teens at the age of thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, or even seventeen are not ready for their driver’s license. If you think your teen is responsible and mature enough for a license then make your teen take classes....   [tags: Teens, Responsibilities, Driving]

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Copyright Law And Standards For Ensuring Compliance With Legal Obligations With Copyright Holders

- Both McCormick and the PPMI identify that staff and learners need education about copyright law and standards to ensure compliance with legal obligations and to protect copyright holders. Understanding the law enables users to make risk management decisions, as well as minimizing the impact they have on lawful activity. In my own setting, I believe that a number of ‘Landsdowne Road Agreement’ hours could be allocated to facilitate professional development courses for school employees regarding copyright legislation....   [tags: Copyright infringement, Copyright, Anti-copyright]

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The Oppression of the Lower Class by the California Department of Motor Vehicles

- The Oppression of the Lower Class by the California Department of Motor Vehicles High traffic fees and fines quite often cause financial difficulties for the lower class. Transportation has become a necessity over the past one hundred years. Unfortunately with the constant improvements in vehicle technologies the cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle has constantly increased. Going hand in hand with these vehicle improvements the California Vehicle Code (CVC) has become extensive, covering every possible driving mistake with a traffic infraction....   [tags: Papers]

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Driving at 16 is a Rite but Not a Safe Passage

- ... This is especially true of males. (1) Each year, more than 5000 teenagers die in motor vehicle accidents. The rate of motor vehicle accidents, both nonfatal and fatal for 16 year olds is almost 10 times higher then drivers 30 to 59 according to the National Highway Safety Administration.(3) The risk of a car crash at 16 is higher than any other age. A 16 year old is three times more likely to die in a fatal crash than someone 20 years old. In 2010, males were two times more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident than females....   [tags: crash, fatal, safe]

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The Life And Legacy Of Mary Cassatt

- The Life and Legacy of Mary Cassatt Mary Cassatt was most widely known for her impressionist pieces that depicted mother (or nanny) and child. She was faced with many struggles throughout her life and received much criticism, even after her death in 1926. She found it difficult to receive appropriate recognition for her pieces during her early career. Many were unaccepted by the Salon. Cassatt lived for many years in France after her successful career, which ended abruptly when she went blind. Her talent placed her pieces in many famous museums throughout the world and landed her name among the famous artists of her time....   [tags: Impressionism, Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas]

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The Newest Technology in Law Enforcement

- The license plate reader, LPR is a mobile plate hunter that comprises of a camera(s) placed on the outside of a squad car that is then connected to a computer database inside the squad car. The plate hunter has the capacity to recognize the character on a number plate and rapidly relay the information to the database computer that would verify of the owner or the automobile has any record or if the vehicle has been reported stolen/missing. This ability is even possible when the squad car is moving at 75 mph and can check up to 3, 000 number plates within an hour....   [tags: Law Enforcement ]

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The Battle Between Commercial Software and Open-Source Software

- ... The history of FOSS has a strong connection with the ‘hackers’ in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These hackers in 1970s created something ARPANET (known today as the internet). There were discussions to sell it commercially however the university and its hackers were strongly opposed to such an idea for they had worked with the ideology that sharing information is a virtue and they had a moral duty to provide knowledge to the world. These early hackers stayed true to this ideology and made their software completely free with the source code completely accessible....   [tags: connection, hackers, economic]

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The Open Source Communities

- 1. INTRODUCTION: As the title describes, it is a movement for the freedom to use, modify or reuse others` codes without the violation of the license. This movement began in late 90`s which lead to a totally new generation of technology in field of computers and software specifically. We all know the initial computer was “Abacus” and its decedents were basically used for single purpose i.e. Calculation. If any other task was to be performed, overall setup was to be changed to. Changing the requirements every now and then wasn`t considered the most feasible approach....   [tags: use, modify, reuse other´s code]

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Missouri State Board Of Nursing

- Missouri State Board of Nursing On November 19th I attended a clinical rotation in Jefferson City to observe hearings against nurses by the Missouri state board of nursing for violating their licenses. Of the cases we were there to see many did not show, and we actually only got to witness two cases in which the nurse appeared. These two cases where violations made by the nurses on their already open settlement agreements with the Missouri state board of nursing. In the first case we witnessed an RN who violated her settlement terms from July of 2015....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Drug test, Nursing shortage]

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Why Do We Have A Nurse Practice Act?

- The practice of nursing is a right granted by a state to protect those who need nursing care with safe and competent nurses. The nursing practice is grounded in the guidelines of the state nurse practice act (NPA) and its rules in all 50 states. Every state has their own NPA, however, the ground rules are very similar. I am a registered nurse in the state of West Virginia and I am legally bound to follow the West Virginia NPA for my patient’s safety as well as to keep my license active. Why do we have a Nurse Practice Act....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Health care, Nurse]

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Deciding between a Child Day Care or a Home Based Atmosphere

- In today’s society more parents must return back to work after having children. The need for daycare is more in demand now than it has ever been before. Parents have the option to have their children attend a child care center or a home based atmosphere. It’s a personal preference and parents should review the pros and cons of each before making their final decision. There are certain benefits to sending your child to a home based daycare provider, rather than a center. One of the main differences in many cases would be the number of other children that attend....   [tags: infant care for the working parents]

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Legal Advice - Aqua Sciences, Inc.

- Aqua Sciences Inc. is a Miami-Beach based company that develops innovative water technologies and brings the water everywhere “that human beings live.” This company creates new technologies that extract water from the moisture in the air. Thus, the water can be found everywhere, even in low humidity conditions. The newest technology equipment already includes Emergency Water Plant – mobile enclosed self-sustaining unit that can produce 2,600 gallons of water per day without additional power (Aqua, 2012)....   [tags: Business Law ]

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House Bill 60 : The Safe Carry Protection Act

- In House Bill 60, also known as the Safe Carry Protection Act, there are twenty-nine pages that detail the change in the law regarding the use of firearms. Some of these changes are minor; they clarify older laws and make them easier to understand. Other changes made in House Bill 60 are not as simple and significantly change the law. For the purposes of this paper I will be focusing mainly on the major changes that came from House Bill 60. The major changes that are addressed in House Bill 60 were the new legal ability to carry a gun into a place of worship, if the place of worship allowed it, “bars” or places that primarily serve alcohol were stricken from (taken off of) the list of place...   [tags: Firearm, Gun politics, Open carry, Law]

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Best Day of my Life

- Throughout life I have had many memorable events. The memorable times in my life vary from being the worst times in my life and some being the best, either way they have become milestones that will be remembered forever. The best day of my life was definitely the day that I received my drivers’ license. This day is one of the most memorable because of the feelings I had when I received it, the opportunities that were opened up for me and the long lasting benefits that I received from it that still exist today....   [tags: essays research papers personal narrative]

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Is Online Poker Bouncing Back?

- Article 17 – Is online poker bouncing back. Ask an online casino industry analyst what they think of online poker and odds are you will get a diatribe about how the industry is dying. Problems had become rife in the United States, with three of the world’s biggest names being raided and subsequently shut down on the other side of the Atlantic. Profits headed south and membership levels justly did the same. Many had written off the industry entirely, with poker being labeled as more as a novelty within an online casino rather than a necessity....   [tags: Casino, Gambling, Poker, Online casino]

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Sport Education and Deliverance in Brazil

- Education in sport Brazil sports teams are very successful due to the fact that they have some of the best coaches in the world. But the federations/institutions do not just hire anyone to coach, they want the best and require certain levels of education, licenses, and trainings; which adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Education. Becoming a coach of a sports team in Brazil has many requirements, but most importantly ever coach in Brazil must obtain a coaching license under their respective sport institution or federation....   [tags: Sport Education Essays]

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Proposed Repercussions for Driving Under the Influence

- A few years ago my grandmother was on her way home from her cabin late in the afternoon. A drunk driver failed to stay in his lane on the road and hit her car head on. The intoxicated driver fled on foot but was found hiding in a corn field by a police officer shortly after the accident. After spending several days in the hospital and several months recovering, my grandmother later found out that this driver fled the scene of the accident because he did not have a valid driver’s license. It had been revoked previously due to a DUI offense; however, this was not his first offense....   [tags: Effects and Overview]

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The Hospitality Industry Is A Broad Industry Enjoyed By Many Members Of The Public

- The hospitality industry is a broad industry enjoyed by many members of the public. it holds a lot of diversity ranging from the services of a 5 star hotel to a small cafe on the corner of a street. Although the hospitality industry is so big and diverse all of the businesses in it have one thing in common, They are looking for returning customers. To gain more returning customers businesses are always looking for new content to make them the next best thing. Australians are regarded as people who are always looking for a good time....   [tags: Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol, Ethanol]

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Use Of The Powerful Divine Image Of Pegasus

- Although some may argue that the poem inherently creates rules that undermine its message to defy rules, Pope’s “Essay On Criticism” explicitly endorses writers who, in their pursuit of the ideal form of writing, claim poetic license along with artistic risks to separate themselves from their peers. The text 's use of the powerful divine image of Pegasus to signify the ideal the writer strives for, along with several reminders that not everyone can achieve the ideal, urges writers to acknowledge the mediocrity that surrounds them and combat it with unique and creative writing, thus reducing the quantity of average writing in the world....   [tags: Literature, Poetry, Aesthetics, Art]

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Family Is Something That Most People Have?

- Family is something that most people have. Even people with no biological family have someone or multiple people that are close enough and care enough to be considered family. My parents divorced when I was one year-old, right after my little brother was born. I don’t remember a time when they were married to each other. Both my parents had been married once before, and my mom had a child from a previous marriage. Three years after the divorce, both of my parents remarried. My mom had another daughter with her husband, and my dad had another son with his wife....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Love, Wife]

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Ohio Professional Licensure Code of Conduct

- The Ohio Professional Licensure code of conduct is a list of eight principles laying out how educator should act on school property and within in the community. The reason is that as educator we are to sever as positive role models for the students that we teach and supervisor over. The State of Ohio has set up these principle to make sure that we as educator are providing the highest quality of education possible to ours student so that they can excel in education with the best educators Ohio has to offer....   [tags: Principles, Educator Behavior]

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Different Gun Laws Around the World

- ... Canadians have somewhat of a limited admittance to firearms, although they are still able to purchase them with ease. Licensing provisions of the Firearms Act aim to ensure proper training and safe storage. Members must possess a license, called a "possession and acquisition license". A firearms safety class must be passed before applying for a license. A non-resident can have a "non-resident firearms declaration" confirmed by a customs officer, which provides that person a temporary 60-day pass to carry a firearm in Canada....   [tags: firearm laws, policies, gun control]

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Teenagers Driving Today

- Throughout the United States, it is common knowledge that teenangers and those in early adulthood are viewed to be negligent and inferior drivers in comparison to those who are older than them. Amy Best points out how young drivers receive far more, if not virtually all, of the media attention in the allocation of blame about car accidents (Best 660). While teenagers driving dangerously is a concern, recent studies have shown that teenagers in general are obtaining their licenses later and driving less than in previous times....   [tags: Young Adults, Drivers, Accidents, Car Safety]

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Beijing Air Pollution At Beijing

- According to the book Ten Letters (Saslow, 2011) in Chapter 7, the environment of Mexico has been endangered many years because of the poured oil, a video clip shows that “a geyser of black oil spewing from a pipe on the ocean floor, building into a cloud, and then mixing with the clear water until it painted the entire video screen grey” (p. 169). Therefore, protecting our environment is becoming more and more important. Beijing, the capital of China, also faced the environment problem---air pollution....   [tags: Automobile, Pollution, Air pollution]

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The Risk of Senior Citizen Drivers

- 16 Years of age in New York is a very special time for a teenager they wait and wait for the chance to take the road test and have the freedom to drive independently. In order for these teenagers to earn their license they must pass not only a written exam and a skills exam but also for their vision. If these skills begin to deteriorate with age, should elderly drivers’ licenses be revoked. When these elderly drives enter onto the road way with impaired senses they pose a giant threat to not only to themselves but other drivers and pedestrians as well....   [tags: Social issues, senior citizens]

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Government Failure and Free to Air TV Licensing

- ... And all members’ appointment is decided by the Chief Executive. c. Method for selecting Legislative Council members The only way for ordinary citizens to express their preference is through the Legislative Council Election. There are 70 Legislative Council members with 35 members returned by geographical constituencies through direct election, and 35 members by functional constituencies. Regarding functional constituency, it represents some professionals or special interest and only eligible voters have the right to vote in the functional constituency election....   [tags: take home exam]

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Airline Pilot : Executive Pilot

- Airline Pilot Gage Barney Airline Pilot Have you ever wondered what it 's like to have your office 30,000 feet above the ground?Aviation is a career for those interested in working with computers and the airplane.whether working on the ground preparing for a flight or in the air transporting people to their destinations pilots are always busy traveling around the world. Pilot don 't only transport people around the world but also cargo. Although being an Airline pilot is a thrilling career it takes many years of learning, experience, and licensing all in which factor into a wide variety of different work atmospheres....   [tags: Aircraft, Airline, Regional airline]

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The Change of Hands: Ownership in the 21st Century

- an given means is capable of both the most horrific crimes and greatest accomplishments. The means today is technology. But, what is technology. Technology is the application of knowledge. Technology extends beyond the cellphone and microchip. Everything from how we harvest crops to the strategies we use to wage war, are technologies. In recent years, knowledge and technology have experienced exponential growth. Such growth has been rapid and at times, careless. For example, the industrial revolution saw an explosion of technologies but at the expense of the working conditions, quality of life and the environment....   [tags: Technology]

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The Criminal Court System : Process Of Dui Laws Of California

- This document will discuss the criminal court system legisative process of DUI laws of California. the process of a driving under the influence impacts of laws in the courtroom. A description of the legislation and how it is created into state law. How it affect the court system. The history of driving under the influence laws and penalties for each. The state laws of prosecuting DUI cases in penalty for DUI laws and changes made. Legislative Court Process California legislative process begins after an crime has been committed and they are arrested for the act....   [tags: Jury, Crime, Law, Bench trial]

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An Analysis Of Carl And Elaine Miles

- Facts: Carl and Elaine Miles, hereinafter known as the Plaintiffs, are unemployed married couple living in Augusta Georgia. The Plaintiff’ have a talking cat, whose name is Blackie. The couple rely on Blackie’s ability as a talking feline to earn donations; these “donations” are then used by the couple to pay their assorted bills. The Plaintiff’s had openly solicited donations from passerby’s on major thoroughfares and streets located within the area of downtown Augusta. This occurred from approximate dates, May 15, 1981 – June 22nd, 1981....   [tags: United States Constitution]

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Champion National Security : Security Services

- Champion National Security has been providing contractual security services since the company was founded in 1980, by Jim Carrol and Robert Merino. For the past 35 years the company has grown to over 1500 employees in over 10 states including New Jersey (Champion National Security, 2015). Champion National Security provides services to commercial, industrial, medical, hospitality, and residential industries, in which all services are tailored to the client to include traditional security services, 24/7 surveillance and monitoring, loss prevention, luxury brand and protection, crisis management, parking lot and vehicle security, response and emergency response services, uniformed security, an...   [tags: Security guard, Security, Security police]

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Should the Driving Age be Raised to 21?

- How old is old enough to drive. Most would argue the legal driving age of sixteen seems appropriate for someone to begin taking the wheel, while others say that twenty-one is a more sufficient age. Even though raising or maintaining the driving age at sixteen contain both pros and cons, major facts need to come to consideration if the driving age ever increases. As a teenager driving, I believe that people wanting to raise the driving age do not realize the negative effect that that would cause....   [tags: teaching responsability and independence]

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Budget Plan For New York City Department Of Consumer Affairs

- A budget is a plan of action set by resources required to implement the plan. Simply, budget plans are put in place to help fix most of the fiscal damages that a company and or an agency would face. A recent study by Walther and Skousen (2009, pg. 10) indicated that, “A budget is a detailed financial plan that quantifies future expectations and actions relative to acquiring and using resources. Budgets don 't guarantee success, but they certainly help to avoid failure”. Although, there is no promise of success, a budget plan tends to predict the spending and can show the fiscal path of an entity....   [tags: Federal government of the United States]

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What is Open Source Licensing

- ... A conclusion that came out was that the open-source licensing regimes are no longer confined to idealistic or academic programmers but have led to the creation of diverse licenses that provide for different possibilities and accordingly are more or less compatible with copyright protection. In chapter five the most important legal controversies around open source software licenses from a contractual point of view were put under scrutiny. This analysis estimated that the uncertainty around the contractual nature of open source licenses should be considered minor due to the fact that the courts, after a period of skepticism, have shown a positiveness to apply and enforce any license of sof...   [tags: software, intellectual property rights]

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