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I Am A Driver 's License

- ... The driving instructors don’t like it when you brake too hard. Don’t hit the curb. That’s a sure way to fail the test. Keep your eyes on the road. Look out for any signs--” My anxious thoughts were rudely interrupted by a car horn and my mother’s frantic yelling. “Rayna. What are you doing?. You didn’t have the right of way. You didn’t yield on green for the left turn!” My worst nightmare had just occurred. I almost made a fatal mistake. I pulled into a gas station on the side of the road and stared into my mother’s eyes....   [tags: Driving, Automobile, Test, Driver's license]

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Should Teenagers Be Allowed For Their Driver 's License

- ... Teenagers should be able to receive their driver’s license at sixteen because it gives them independence. According to one social media response, “Getting a driver’s license is very important for teenagers as it gives them a sense of independence. It gives them the freedom to go wherever they want and whenever they want without having to rely on their parents or someone else to get them there,” (“Why Driving License Is an Important Event in Life of Teenagers”). This person agrees that teenagers gain independence from receiving their license because they do not have to rely on their parents for transportation anymore....   [tags: Driver's license, Driver's education, Driving]

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The Microsoft Public License and How It May Be Utilized

- The Microsoft Public License and How it May Be Utilized Table of Contents About the License 3 Description 4 Legal and Ethical Analysis 5 Compatibility 6 Legal Aspects 7 Future Implications 9 Current Programs 9 Comparing to Other Licenses 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 About the License The Microsoft Public License (MS-PL) is a type of license solution that has been endorsed by the Open Source Initiative for many open source projects. This license was designed with the intention of allowing users to handle programs that are linked to this license option with free access to the source code for a program....   [tags: OSI, program, ethics, Reciprocal license, system]

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Should the Age for Getting a License be Higher Than 16?

- Throughout the past decade, the rate of teenage automobile crashes has risen. Teens have become more and more careless with their driving over the years. It may be the teens lack of experience or that they are just too young to have the responsibility of driving a car. As the years have gone by, teens have become more distracted while driving. With their cell phones buzzing uncontrollably, the music blaring, and their friends yelling in the back seat; teens are having a hard time focusing on the other drivers around them....   [tags: driving age, teen driver, driver's license]

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Indiana Graduated Drivers License

- “Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for American teenagers, accounting for about a third of all deaths in that age group” (Crisp). In actual numbers, motor vehicle crashes kill more than 5,000 teenagers every year (Gregory). These statistics are frightening and have led more than 50 percent of adults to support higher required ages for drivers’ licenses (Gregory). Teenagers, though, say this would be unfair and would make their lives difficult. Meeting the needs of Indiana teenagers while still keeping them and other drivers safe can be accomplished by a more restrictive graduated licensing law....   [tags: accidents, driver, lincense, teenagers]

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The Raising of the Age You Can Get Your Driver's License

- Should the age to receive a driver's license be raised and, if not, should graduated licensing be instituted. This is a growing question across America as well as other countries around our globe. The percentage of teenage accidents involving automobiles is on a constant rise. Whether caused by the lack of experience or under the influence of alcohol, death has become all too common among teen motorists. This problem is not going to go away by itself; action needs to be taken. The state must raise the age requirement to receive a license or institute graduated licensing because teens are not mature enough to handle the dangerous responsibilities of driving....   [tags: Drivers License Papers]

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The Creative Commons License a Copyleft License

- Since the beginning of the eighteenth century authors in England have had the exclusive rights to their own immaterial works (Bernitz, Gleisner, n.d.). However this was only at a primitive level with the act called the Statue of Anne, and the exclusive rights were only given to a small range of people and types of works (”Copyright Timeline[…]”, n.d.). Since these early copyright laws were written, they’ve been changed a lot and become more restrict, in addition to a wider range of works and with a worldwide use....   [tags: effects, digitalized, copyrights]

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A License Should Be Required To Be A Parent

- From everyday experiences to recent news stories, I have come across many issues that large families face in America. Poverty and child abuse are top issues in the United States. For this reason, I believe the government should start regulating the number of children people can have based on financial stability, place of residence, criminal history, and other qualifications. The ideal American family image is one that provides parents that gracefully accommodate and nurture their children with open arms, financial cohesion, warm meals, and a roof over their heads....   [tags: social issues, poverty]

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What Kinds Of Licenses Are Required For These Deals?

- ... Field of use: Bigwig Songs may wish to list out fixed channels of advertising, and limited it to these channels unless further notice and approval, while Finetooth may wish to keep the field of use to all media channels to maintain flexibility. Bigwig Songs may also limit the use of the song to be promoting Finetooth 's men’s hair care products only, and not other line of products, and make sure that the song is used on the certain line of singing comb only. Exclusivity: Bigwig Songs may want to do a non-exclusive license to maintain the flexibility for licensing the song for other licensees, while Finetooth may wish the public to directly link the famous song to their product therefore...   [tags: License, Royalties, Licenses, Licensure]

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The Airline Transport License Challenge

- “This license is required to act as pilot-in-command of an airliner and reflects your skill and knowledge as a pilot. The Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License is the pinnacle of the pilot license structure.” ("Airline Transport Pilot License."). This is basically the same as going to school for years in order to gain the doctorate. Both of my parents have flown planes in their lives. My father making a living out of flying and my mother haven taken the courses needed to get an Airline Transport License....   [tags: Aviation ]

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Driver's License for the Unodumented

- The United States has found that there is approximately 13 million illegal immigrants residing within its borders and that number is predicted to rise with the years to come. Although there is no definite number; there is a great chance that more than half of these 13 million illegal immigrants drive illegally in the United States. This means that there are more than six million drivers on the roads who are not educated on American traffic laws, who are not registered on the government database, and who have no insurance to cover their accidents....   [tags: illegal immigration, licensing aliens]

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Abortion: A License to Kill

- Since the dawn of time, we have had to continue to reproduce and spawn to spread our kind to every corner of the Earth. We did a pretty bang up job, and for that we should all feel proud. There is a point that we should feel content and throw in the towel and pat ourselves on the back. Some countries recognize this and have implemented restrictions to how large a family can be (Hesketh 1171). Is this so wrong. Are they really 'tyrants' for trying to distribute the nations wealth amongst its people evenly....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Persuasive Essay]

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Multi-State License for Nurses

- Massachusetts nurses have been regulated by the state since the beginning of the 20th century. Nursing has changed. With the use of technology in healthcare and the growth of multi-state healthcare corporations, the need for nurses to practice in multiple states has increased. In response to this change in nursing, multiple states have adopted the Nurse Licensure Compact. The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) allows for nurses to practice across state lines in states that have adopted the NLC....   [tags: The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) ]

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Creative Commons License

- Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that aims to widen the publication of works that can be reused and shared by others. The organization has produced several public copyright authorizations known as Creative Commons License. These licenses allow the licensor to permit his or her work to be re-copied and distributed to others, but the majority of his or her rights are protected. Creative Commons License can be applied to various types of work, particularly in the form of a work of art, literature, and music....   [tags: public copyright authorizations]

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Microsoft and our License to License: Version 2

- Microsoft and our License to License: Version 2 Out in the depths of the internet, there is a community of interconnected minds whose work has been vital, nearly the backbone to the spirit of software creation everywhere. Where it not for Open Source programmers such as those who created Debian/Linux, for instance, there would be much less competition for OS’s like Microsoft’s Windows, and perhaps Windows wouldn’t even exist because of it’s command line and Linux-like roots. This group of talented software inventors exists as those who program open source software, whether for the benefit of companies, for other individuals, or simply for themselves....   [tags: Software Computers Essays]

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Needed: A License to Drink

- Needed: A License to Drink Mike Brake is a writer for the communication department at the Oklahoma State Department of Education he wrote an article, “Needed: A License to Drink,” proposing a national system of licensing on drinking, with appropriate penalties. This means in order to drink one beer a person would have to obtain a license. The article is from Newsweek (March 14, 1994). Underage drinking is everywhere; high school, parties, and at college. How do they get the alcohol. The answer is simple get into the right crowd and alcohol will be as easy to get as juice....   [tags: Drinking Alcohol Essays]

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Defining and Describing the GNU Public License and Its Role

- ... The first version of the license was the version 1 its goal was to let this license to be used for any kind of projects and to make those projects possible to share a code. The next version released was the second version or the version 2 in 1991. The second version of the license was aiming to grant some rights for the users to copy the unmodified source code of a program and be able to distribute it, as what had been stated at section 1. Users can also be able to modify a source code of a program and be able to distribute the modified source too, according to section 2....   [tags: computer opeating systems]

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Divorce Prevention: Traditional Marriage and Covenant Marriage License

- Divorces between married couples has adapted to the American lifestyle. Americans debate every year on the best way to lower divorce rates, but instead of reaching a level ground more disputes occur. Divorce rates have reached an extreme high in America through the current times. Divorce harms the family’s mental being, not just the couple, but also the children that are being separated. While, successful marriages have extremely excellent benefits for the couples and also the children. Law reforms in the marriage system are essential to lower the extremely high divorce rates in America....   [tags: louisiana, american lifstyle, divorce rates]

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Rebuttal Essay on Needed: A License to Drink

- Rebuttal Essay on “Needed: A License to Drink” “Needed: A License to Drink” is an essay written by Mike Brake. In this essay, Brake explains why he thinks people need a license to drink. He has had family members die from alcohol related events and believes they might still be alive if a license was required to drink. Alcohol is related to many deaths and alcoholism is a disease that affects many people. “It causes more than 19,000 auto fatalities each year, it is responsible for more than a third of deaths from drowning and fire” (Brake135)....   [tags: Alcohol Drinking Essays]

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Mandatory Professional License for Software Designers

- Mandatory Professional License for Software Designers        Abstract:  Given the wide impact and real-time safety concerns of some software applications, it seems reasonable to regulate who will be doing the writing of this critical software.  A number of other professions dealing with human safety require their practitioners to be either licensed.  At present software professionals are not licensed.  However, because software does have far-reaching and potentially disastrous effects, all software designers should also be professionally licensed in some manner....   [tags: Technology Essays]

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Compulsory License to Green Technolgoy in India

- The law relating to intellectual property is a carefully crafted bargain that rewards the creator by granting them certain time-limited rights to control the use made of those productions in lieu of their contribution towards the society. In 1995 when TRIPS Agreement came into effect it introduced certain minimum standards of protection to be provided by each WTO member. Besides allowing the inventor to claim patent on both product and process, in all fields of technology , the TRIPS also restricted the rights of patentee by allowing member countries to enact provisions, inter alia, for granting compulsory licence to prevent the abuse of patent right ....   [tags: patent, climate, TRIP]

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License to Build: Optional Yet Fundamental Requirement for Civil Engineers

- Personal moralities oftentimes become mistaken with professional ethics. On one hand, morality deals with the personal beliefs of virtuous conduct regardless of community custom or the governing society. On the other hand, ethics consisted of a system of principles of rightness and goodness. Civil engineers main obligation and responsibility to the society is to exercise the engineering ethics. One system to guarantee this responsibility is to form a professional group of engineers with regulations and exams to assure quality....   [tags: Engineering]

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Gun Control vs the Rights of Concealed Carry License Holders

- “More guns equal less crime” is a statement coined by John Lott. It means that if more law-abiding citizens are able to carry concealed weapons, these actions will lower violent crimes. Forty-two states have “Shall-Issue” laws where any private citizen can receive a Concealed Weapon Permit as long as they meet the prerequisites. The prerequisites are age, no prior felonies, and no recent mental health issues. The other eight states have “May-Issue” laws where the state officials take judgement on whether or not the private citizen should receive the Concealed Weapon Permit....   [tags: Gun Control Essays]

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The Importance Of Becoming A Licensed Driver Changed My Life

- ... I just felt comfortable, like I was meant to drive. Studying for my permit wasn’t as easy as I hoped. There are so many rules, signs, and responsibilities to learn. Some things were a bit confusing, but once I felt I understood what this book was teaching me, I went to take the test and passed. Now the important decision came from who was going to teach me. My dad has years of experience, but not a lot of extra time between overtime, doctor appointments or just being tired. My mom didn’t get her permit until she was forty so she only had ten years of experience but more time to help with teaching me how to drive....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Learning, Driving test]

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License and Allowance of Hemp Production in New Jersey: A Benefit to All

- It is my belief that the state of New Jersey should license and allow the cultivation of industrial hemp. Further, I believe that the state legislature should join the fight to lift the federal ban on hemp production in the United States. For the state and US economy, hemp could be a tremendously valuable cash crop, and have a very positive effect on the environment. First and foremost, hemp production would result in instant job creation; after all, any crop must be grown, harvested, transported and processed before it even comes close to being available to the consumer....   [tags: industrial hemp, cash crop, federal law]

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Registering a Business in Tenessee and Missiouri

- Registering a new business in DeKalb County, according to Mr. Mike Clayborn, County Clerk, is "very simple and inexpensive to do" (Clayborn). A business license application should be filled out at the County Court Clerk's office with a small fee of $15. The form includes such information as business name, owner, address, and type of business. According to Mr. Clayborn, "a business license is not legally required if gross income does not exceed $3000" (Clayborn). Also, a sole proprietor does not have to be registered with the state of Tennessee....   [tags: License, Taxes]

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Americans Will Never Accept a License to Drink Law

- Americans Will Never Accept a License to Drink Law Mike Brake’s “Needed: A License to Drink” has many claims, but the thesis is anything but qualified. In my opinion, this is a story that explains the desperation of a man who had family members close to him pass away due to alcoholism. The author believes everyone must take a course and a final test to see whether they should be allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages or not, with a certain alcohol license issued when they pass the course. Even if this so-called drinking license were to become a law, the truth still remains that people will always find ways to get alcohol....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Artisitc License: Color Vision and Color Theory

- Artisitc License: Color Vision and Color Theory Imagine yourself in an art museum. You wander slowly from cold room to cold room, analyzing colored canvases on stark white walls. When you reach a particular work, do you prefer to stand back and take everything in at once. Or do you move so close to the painting that the individual brushstrokes become apparent. Several different sensory processes occur in your brain during this trip to the art museum; the majority of them involve visual inputs....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Gun Control in America

- ... The survey showed more Americans wanted to keep their rights to own a handgun in 2011 than in 1991. Guns offer to some, protection and a way to cope with the dangers of the outside world. In 2008, there were over 16,000 murders in the United States, of those murders 67 percent were firearm related. Firearms are the number one factor in over half of the murders in the United States in 2008. When talking about murders involving firearms one must not forget to analyze events such as school shootings....   [tags: license, backgroundcheck]

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New California Law Gives Legal Immigrants the Right to Obtain Driver’s License

- Previously unlicensed immigrants were unable to drive legally in California, but a new law Assembly Bill 60, authorized by Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Salinas, will change that. Now unlicensed drivers in California have the opportunity to obtain a license with either a Social Security number, if here illegally they will need an identification document from their country of origin. On Oct. 10, 2013, Gov. Brown D-California, held two separate signings of the new law which had stalled for over ten years and had been vetoed at least three times....   [tags: unlivrndrf immigrants, bill 60, driving ]

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Do You Really Want to Wait Until You are 18 to Get your Driver´s License?

- ... Driving at age 16 gives teens more experience before adulthood. Teenagers need more time to drive by themselves before they are on their own at 18. If they don't have experience before they are on their own at 16 they may be lost on how to drive, and won’t have their parents there to help them. On the other hand why shouldn't the driving age be raised. Other people think that you should not drive until your 18. One of the reasons for having the driving age raised would be to have a lot more experience before you actually can drive alone....   [tags: experience, driving age]

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Personal Narrative: When I got my driver's license

- Can you remember when you got your driver?s license. From what I can remember getting my license was one of the most exciting things in my life. Having your license means having more freedom. If I didn?t have my license my life would be very different. To get your license you need to take the class, pass the written test, take behind the wheel, and finally take your driving test. When I took driver?s ed. I was a little scared, but very excited at the same time. It was nice for me because they provided the class right at the school, therefore I didn?t have to pay for it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Nurse Compact Licensure Disciplinary Risks

- Compact Licensure Disciplinary Risks The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) enables nurses to practice in other states besides the one in which they reside. There are currently 24 states included in the NLC, which includes Tennessee and neighboring Missouri, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Eligibility for a multistate license requires that a nurse legally reside in a compact state (National Council of State Boards of Nursing, 2014). There are no additional applications required to apply for a compact license....   [tags: multistate license, disciplinary actions]

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Paths to Becoming a Neonatal Nurse

- ... Registered nurses are also required to do clinical experiences. Nurses work in different departments in the hospitals such as critical care, emergency services, acute care medical and surgical pediatric, NICU, and hematology-oncology and perioperative services. They will spend one week in each department interning with the registered nurses. Before any registered nurse gets a job at a hospital they have to obtain a nursing license and a background check. The nursing license is called the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN)....   [tags: degree, license, education]

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The Benefits of Strict Gun Laws

- ... A license for a handgun may be granted to an applicant who is of good character, who is over twenty-one, and to whom no good cause exists for the denial of the license. This license is required to carry the license on his person at all times when carrying a handgun. Assault weapons must now be registered with the state police. Any person lawfully in possession of a firearm who suffers the loss or theft of said weapon must report the facts and circumstances to a police department within twenty-four hours of the discovery of the loss of theft....   [tags: violence, safety, license]

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Opening a Nightclub for the Over 21 Crowd

- Introduction The purpose of this project was to determine the feasibility of opening up a nightclub that caters to people over 21 years old. This nightclub is of interest to the author because she is very passionate about it and this type of business had always been the author’s dream. This chapter will discuss the relevant literature related to a) Customer service, b) License for restaurants and bars, and c) Types of entertainment. Review of Literature Customer service The author knows that a business will not succeed if the employees do not give the customers a quality customer service....   [tags: customer service, license, bar]

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A Career as a Nail Technician

- ... Almost every website saids that a woman needs to be seventeen years old(age matters). Also a nail technician may need hours to complete the courts(“A nail technician needs 300 hours to be able to get a license(nail)”. Occurrent to another website need from 300 to 600 hours of training to qualify for a license. One of the requirements is the hours you to put to acting what as been learn to be able to see if it can be perform. Where the business is located is a big thing “Different states requires different training hours(state)”.A lot of website that said that different state required different training hours....   [tags: license, job opportunities]

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The Highly Appreciated Profession of Teaching

- ... This means that teaching must learn all important information in order to be able to connect and teach the student properly. The second profession standard for teaching is that to obtain an official certificate to teach a teacher must pass all state and national exams such as PRAXIS. Not all states require PRAXIS but each state does have their own individual examination that teachers must pass. Another standard that makes the career of teaching a profession is that teachers must practice under supervision in order to achieve a teaching license, this means a mentoring teacher or an administrator must supervise you for a period of time to gain full license to teach....   [tags: exam, standards, license]

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Teenage Driving: A Fatal Mistake

- A young woman driving the SUV that crashed into a pond Sunday in Ohio, leaving six teens dead, did not have a driver's license, reports AP and based on accounts from the two male survivors; police say Alexis Cayson was driving way too fast on a curvy road with a 35mph limit. In fact, the survivors say she sped up as she approached a turn known as Dead Man's Curve and lost control. Meanwhile, nine more teens have been killed in two more accidents, reports NBC News. In rural Will County, Illinois, four high school students ages 15 to 17 were pulled from their vehicle this morning after it ended up overturned in a creek last night, reports the Chicago Tribune....   [tags: experience, prevention, driver's license]

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District of Columbia v. Heller: The Use and Permit of Handguns

- With many recent incidents that involve guns between 2012 and 2013, gun control laws have become a hot topic in America. On one hand, after the horrific incident like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting at Newtown in 2012, most people wanting to limit guns from getting into the wrong by setting up a rigorous system that control who can and cannot obtain a gun. On the other hand, we have the people who believe that with such rigorous system in place is violated the individual rights that granted and protected by the United States Constitution....   [tags: Gun control, License]

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Thre Three Main Factor for Professionalism

- The 3 Main Factor for Professionalism The Qualities You Need to Search When Hiring a General Contractor Ever since we started providing our roofing services, our main goal has always been to be a trustworthy company. That is why, we are happy to welcome you to our blog. Here, you will find interesting tips and useful information about our services. In our first article, we will explain the qualities that distinguish a reliable general contractor from an amateur one. However, since there are many characteristics, we will write only about the three most common ones....   [tags: contractor, license, experience]

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The Popularity of Linus Operating System

- • Linux is an open source operating system which was invented in 1990s as a combination of Unix and Minix by Linus Torvalds. It is licensed under GNU public license and thus, Linux offered an affordable option for the pricey UNIX operating system. Due to its affordability, Linux turned to be very popular and its distributors were generated. • Linux was created with networking in mind and thus, it gives file sharing provision. It can work with a number of computers since it does what it is instructed and works effectively as a workstation or server....   [tags: license, distribution, network]

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The Dangers Of The Automobile Accidents

- ... Psychologist Romeo Vitelli, Ph.D states that “those who take risks are more likely to take even more”. This means that the same person who ran the red light would be the same person to go 45 MPH in a 35 MPH, or take a corner at travel speed, when it suggests a slower speed. Teens are also more likely to take a risk with other passengers in the car either by peer pressure or the urge to show off. Teenagers have a difficult time making risk versus reward decisions, and they tend to make senseless decisions, whether alone or with their friends, even when the reward is not so great....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Automobile]

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My Personal Note On Driving

- ... My light turned green and I proceeded to make a left turn. Well, I turned so wide that I almost hit a car in the next lane. My husband almost jumped in my lap while trying to steer the wheel for me. I had to pull over and catch my composure. My husband started laughing and said “let’s try this again”. The trees and sidewalk seemed so close it looked as if I was going to run in to them. Good thing my mom only stayed three lights up from where we were. I was driving like 30 miles an hour and all I heard was cars honking their horn and people yelling from their driver’s window....   [tags: Driving, Automobile, Driver's license]

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The Path to Registered Nursing

- Among the popular health care professions in the United States, nursing is unique for the reason that it has a variety of scholastic pathways in which one can obtain an entry-level license to practice. Nursing students have several options as to how they want to become registered nurses: the diploma in nursing, associate’s degree in nursing, or the bachelor’s of science in nursing. The health care system is constantly changing, requiring health care professionals to be well-educated; “…care needs to be linked to identified patient outcomes; that practice be evidence base; and that providers be accountable for the care provided....   [tags: education, health, license]

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High School And Ries Driving School

- ... They show everything in class from street signs to videos that demonstrate safe driving. Under Wisconsin law, it is required that every citizen has to complete 30 hours of classroom work. The student can receive there temporary license on completion of the class work. The second step is getting your temporary license, and getting some behind the wheel experience. First the student must stop by the DMV to get a photo taken and receive the license. Getting behind the wheel for the first time is always a little bit scary....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Automobile, Sign]

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License to Kill: A Case Against Abortion

- Abortion has a history that goes far back into ancient times. The first known recording is in 1550 BC in Egypt where they would use mercury to poison the baby. History shows that Hippocrates himself was known to induce an abortion on his patients. Plato believed that a woman had the right to an abortion. According to the National Abortion Federation, “It was legal in United States from the time the earliest settlers arrived. At the time the Constitution was adopted, abortions before ‘quickening’ were openly advertised and performed.” (NAF) Abortion was legal until the late 1800’s when abortion started to become illegal, and only because the methods were too harmful for the woman....   [tags: Roe v Wade, termination of pregnancy]

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How Haley Was An Incompetent Driver Under Alabama Common Law

- ... Howard, 36 So. 2d 323, 325 (1948). The mere nonpossession of a valid driver’s license is not evidence of incompetence; finding incompetence on the basis of suspended license, the suspension should be more than administrative in nature. Halford v. Alamo Rent-A-Car, LLC, 921 So. 2d 409, 409-14 (Ala. 2005) (holding that evidence of the suspension of one 's driver 's license for failure to discharge a citation for a nonmoving violation is not substantial evidence, standing alone, of incompetence to operate a vehicle); Britt v....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Traffic law]

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My Personal Emotions At The Aabc Team

- ... That said, I would like to bring up a concern I have about her progress from Lesson 1 to Lesson 2 that, I fear, may interfere with her goal of obtaining a driver license soon if not addressed. I had noted that for some reason, Amanda had great difficulty operating the steering wheel for turning processes. This is a decline in her skills since my last lesson with her. Most of out time together in Lesson 2 was spend finding a process and strategy that fit her to properly control the steering wheel while making turns....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Driver's education]

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What´s Intellectual Propterty?

- ... For an invention to be patentable, it must satisfy three criteria in general. Firstly, it must not be publicly known to the world. Secondly, must be something that represents an improvement over any existing product or process that is already available. However, the improvement must subtle to someone with technical skills or knowledge in the invention’s particular field. Lastly, the invention must be useful and have some form of practical application. It should be capable of being made or used in some form of industry....   [tags: laws, singapure, license, pioneers]

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Driver Education Is The Leading Cause Of Death For Teenagers Across The United States

- ... I have noticed from most families in my area, are not fortunate enough to pay the expensive Segment 1 prices that Driver Ed offers. Now as the teens wait until they’re 18, what experience do they actually have. Do teens actually take their time to study how to drive or wait until they are taking the actual test to study. I believe it can save a lot of teen’s lives, it could all be so simple. The government was so concerned about the finance that they were not even thinking about how many accidents they could help prevent if they had Driver’s Education in schools today....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, Driver's education]

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Gun Control in the United States

- The second amendment gives people the right to own a firearm. The founding fathers might have thought a gun was the best form of protection but many years have past since then and humans have evolved. Times are different and society is different. Technology has a big impact on people and how we think and all those variables can affect people with how they react in stressful situations. We have to consider the mental stability of those in possession of the weapons, it is important to keep the weapon away from loved ones or other people, and is the law protecting those in possession of the weapons or putting lives in more danger....   [tags: second amendment,firearm, weapon license]

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The Number One Cause Deaths Among Teens

- ... Also, until their eighteenth birthday they are not allowed to drive between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless it is necessary for a job, school, religious obligations, or medical reasons. One can argue that there are teenagers who are just as mature as an eighteen-year-old, sometimes even more so, that it isn’t fair to the drivers who are responsible. This is true, just as though a younger child can be more developed physically than someone older but for the few that are more mature are outnumbered by the masses who are less so....   [tags: Driving, Adolescence, Automobile, Driver's license]

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New Legislation Regarding Drunk Driving

- New legislation regarding drunk driving is constantly being drawn up, debated, and passed in the United States. Many states are working to make the penalties for drunk driving much harsher, especially for repeat offenders (Xavier). Currently, in every state, the minimum punishment for convicted drunk drivers involves the automatic loss of their licenses for a period of time determined by the state (Xavier). An offender’s driver’s license should be automatically suspended or revoked after a drunk driving conviction and subsequently do away with the possibility of an implied consent hearing....   [tags: alcohol, drugs, penalties, driver's license]

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My Car Is A Car

- ... In less than two months I spent about one thousand-eight hundred dollars on my old car. I had to change the battery, the transmission of the car, and buy new sets of tires for the car. The car battery gave out and I had to purchase a new one at “Auto Zone” for eighty dollars. There were better batteries available, but I did not buy them because I was saving money for my school tuition and spending almost two-hundred dollars on a battery did not seem like a good idea especially because I had an old car....   [tags: Automobile, Driving, Driver's license, Battery]

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The Legal Driving Age Should Be Raised

- ... There are many distractions in this world, it is almost as if it’s what we live for. Everyone is always looking for a distraction from work, school, and sometimes even just from life. Although most distractions are fun, there is always a time and place for everything. As a sixteen year old the distractions are endless, from boys and girls to shoes and dogs. A sixteen year old behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is just asking for trouble. Some of the main distractions for licensed sixteen year olds are, cellphones, music, food, friends, and freedom....   [tags: Driver's license, Driver's education, Mobile phone]

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My Time Spent On Driving

- ... The fence weaved in between rocks and vines. Getting to the fence was the trouble, not so much fixing the issue. I grabbed my little bucket that was made special for my little self. The buckets we carried were full of fencing supplies. Granpa, took off leading the way with my little boots squashing in the mud behind. I asked questions about every bug that fluttered by and every color Indian Paintbrush growing in the weeds on the knoll. The issue that faced us was very simple. The journey getting there was the struggle....   [tags: Driving, Driver's license, 2007 singles, Backup]

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I Have Been Bow Hunting

- ... Take the time before hunting season to read up on all of the hunting regulations and which hours or days hunting is permitted. To name a few, hunter orange and a hunting license are usually mandatory in most states while hunting. There is a lot that goes into the regulations for hunting and can change both by state and by your county. Gear Our next part in preparation for bow season is having the proper gear. During early season hunts you are going to get sweaty and hot; there’s no way around it....   [tags: Hunting, Deer, Hunting license, White-tailed deer]

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Same-Sex Marriage

- In the United States District Court, D. Utah, Central Division case, the debate was on whether or not the new Sections (Section 30-1-2 and Section 30-1-4.1) put in Amendment 3 were legal. After a long debate, a conclusion was reached: these Sections put into Amendment 3 were illegal because of the Due Process and Equal Protection Clause under the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution (Shelby, 53). The court viewed many different cases that pertained to this case, including the following: United States v....   [tags: civil rights, marriage license]

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Who is Packin’ Heat?

- Six million people today in the united states have a conceal and carry license (Vieira). There are 313.9 million people in the united states as of 2012. Conceal and carry is the act of concealing a firearm and carrying it on your person around in public. Forty eight out of fifty states in the United States allow for their citizens to carry a concealed firearm and it is up to the states not the federal government. So the question is to arm citizens or not to arm citizens. Does arming citizens prevent crime or does it create a problem....   [tags: Conceal and Carry License, Firearms, Gun Control]

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Medical Assistance or License to Kill: Uncovering the Controversy of Physician Assisted Suicide

- Controversy is a state of prolonged public dispute or debate, usually concerning a matter with opposing opinions or different point of views. Environmental protections, animal rights, medical marijuana, and gay marriage are all controversial issues that are well known throughout the media today. There are a few controversial matters that are not a top priority, and are pushed to the back of the media until need be. Physician assisted suicide is one these matters. Just as the name says, physician assisted suicide is the aiding in a patients wish to move along the process of death through suicide where the assistant is a physician....   [tags: ethical issues, euthanasia]

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The Thread of Weapons in Our Society

- Nobody can deny the rise on the number of murders at a highly increasing rate day by day. A weapon has become a common gadget just like mobiles. It does not matter if it is legalised in the country or not. The question is however, should owning a concealed weapon be allowed. Having the power to kill anyone, should it be acceptable. Civilians, no matter their socio-economic status should not be granted the right to own such a hazardous object in their hands. Universally, from first-world to third-world countries, the armed forces and police are the ones who own weapons ranging from all types, designs and specialties....   [tags: second amendment, gun owners, weapon license]

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Teen Driving

- Teen Driving Getting the License      Many of today’s teens can’t wait to get that piece of paper with the cheap plastic on top, saying they are newly licensed drivers. But in New Jersey that’s going to be a little harder, since January 1, 2001 NJ has put into affect the new Graduated Driver License Program (GDL).      The GDL is a program that teens and first-time drivers must complete to get their unrestricted license. This program was designed to lower the number of driving fatalities among teens and first-time drivers in NJ....   [tags: New Jersey Driving License Essays]

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How Redbook Cross An Ethical Line

- ... I see their duty for news story to be that they should not alter the image at all unless there is a need to do so in order to prevent offensive or sensitive material from circulating. In that case of exceptions, the magazine should have a clear disclaimer about how the news photograph has been manipulated. Even features are still a form of reporting and providing news. With that being the case, a similar duty applies. They should maintain the truthful integrity of the photo. If the photograph is manipulated while maintaining integrity, the use of digital manipulation should be noted....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, License, Royalties]

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Licenses in The Networked Information Economy

- Free and open source software has become an integral part of the modern internet age. As a result of the threat posed by copyright laws sponsored by proprietary software companies, the free software community has developed many software licenses to combat copyright and protect the developer. Many open source licenses have ben used by developers to release their programs to the community. Some of the most popular licenses are the Apache License, the GNU General Public License (GPL), and the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)....   [tags: Computing]

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Distractions When Utilizing a Cellular Phone

- Distractions when utilizing a cellular telephone is becoming extremely prevalent in present day. A cell phone is a telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area without a physical connection to a network. In 1843, Michael Faraday, studied to see if space could conduct electricity. In the year of 1865, Dr. Mahlon Loomis was the first person to communicate through wireless atmosphere. He came up with the idea of transmitting and receiving messages through atmosphere as a conductor....   [tags: personal communication, texting, drivers license]

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Types Of Licenses, Certifications, And Accreditations

- ... (Nurse Salary) There are many different rules and procedures that nurses have to follow in the nursing program. A nurse has to have a good attitude and enjoy their work when they are careful a patience. They cannot be sad or being hateful toward the patience because they can lose their job or they get a couple of days off. Next, nurse can’t be taking the medicine from the patient or the hospital, making many mistakes, not being able to manage correctly and not keeping your license or certification....   [tags: Nursing, Hospital, Occupational safety and health]

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The Field Of Licensed Practical Nursing

- ... In these programs, potential LPNs study topics like nursing, biology, pharmacology, anatomy & physiology, and complete clinical training. After successful completing the accredited program, a student must pass the National Council Licensure Examination, NCLEX-PN to become a licensed practical nurse. Once certified, a LPN should understand their duties and responsibilities as well as their scope of practice. While each LPN will have a variety of duties for their specific work environment, all LPNs typically are responsible for completing similar duties....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse]

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Parents May Not Be Licensed

- ... In other words, LaFollette does not explicitly establish what comprises exactly the minimum amount of harm that makes the activity potentially harmful or very harmful. Instead, LaFollette only offers two scenarios in which children are harmed—abused or neglected—by their parents (184). In this paragraph, I shall argue that, without a precise definition of harm, either or both of these two scenarios may not actually be harmful to children, under certain circumstances. Although parental abuse is usually considered as being harmful to children, sometimes parents do abuse children unintentially for children’s good....   [tags: La Follete essay, Licencing Parents]

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The Importance Of Professionalism For Becoming A Licensed Professional Counselor

- ... Throughout my life I’ve been faced with adversity. In regards to my education, I am the first person in my family to receive my Bachelor’s degree. Since no one else in my family understands the struggle of being in college it is often difficult to get advice from them on a level that they would understand my struggles. Another way I show resilience towards furthering my education is by working three jobs to pay my college tuition bill in order to take out the least amount possible for my loans....   [tags: Licensed Professional Counselor]

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Career Opportunities: A Licensed Practical Nurse

- ... <h3> Find LPN jobs</h3> One of the best thing about being an LPN is that not only are your job prospects very good, but you are entering a field that is expected to <a href="">grow by more than 25%</a> over the next ten years. However, your first job, without experience in the field, will still require a diligent search and some networking. The following are a list of sites designed to help you begin your search: <a href="">Health Career Web</a> is a free service that focuses on health care job openings and has specialized search just for LPN's....   [tags: health services, healthcare, education]

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Requirements for a Career as Licensed Funeral Director

- ... Before becoming a licensed funeral director, there are numerous requirements that need to be fulfilled. One must be at least twenty-one years of age and study mortuary science and embalming for a minimum of two years. Along with this, they are obligated to apprentice or intern for at least one year and pass a national board exam. They must also attain a state license in order to practice what they have studied (Education Portal. 2014.). Internships are not always paid so one must really love what they are instructed to do in order to pursue their goals of becoming a mortician....   [tags: mortician, casket, embalmer]

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Licensed Drinking Is Wrong Choice

- Licensed Drinking Is Wrong Choice On October 27, 2004, I will finally cross the bridge from my teenage years to adulthood. Along with the celebration of my 21st birthday, new rights, and responsibilities will shape my life. One of the biggest milestones in young adulthood is the freedom to purchase, and drink alcohol. There are few rules attached to this freedom, except for drinking and driving, which is of course illegal. With new drinking privileges comes an implication that I must take on personal responsibility for how much alcohol I chose to consume at any given period....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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Copyleft and Cory Doctorow

- I value people that aren't afraid to fall on their face. I look up to those who take smart, legendary risks and that is why Cory Doctorow is my hero (see picture in appendix). He hasn't saved lives, discovered anything special or overcame anything, it is because he did something radically different with his writing talent. He is a science fiction writer and avid blogger. According to his web site, Doctorow has written five novels and won many awards. His young adult story, Little Brother was nominated for the 2008 Hugo, Nebula, Sunburst and Locus Awards....   [tags: Content Licenses]

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Business Strategies for a Licensed Hair Dresser

- Business Strategies for a Licensed Hair Dresser Introduction This paper is designed to help every classification of worker in the beauty industry go to the next level of professionalism, legitimacy, and excellence. It is not enough to sharpen your craft and become the best in haircutting, coloring, or nail artistry, and cannot make any money. Due to, not being able to attract customers. The vocational and technical schools for cosmetology, skincare, and makeup are designed to teach the fundamentals of the various trades and prepare us for the state board licensing exams....   [tags: Business Management Strategy]

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Creative Commons - America Needs Fair Use Licenses

- Creative Commons - America Needs Fair Use Licenses It’s likely happened to you before, you turn on your radio, or favorite music video network and begin listening to a song by some hot new pop starlet, hip-hop superstar, or aging rocker. The beat is catchy, inviting, and oddly familiar, almost too familiar in fact. You may think, “Didn’t David Bowie, or, hmm, wasn’t it that guy from Queen that played this riff in like ten years ago. Who is this Vanilla Ice guy and why is he rapping over it?” If you were old enough to remember Under Pressure and subsequently were listening Ice Ice Baby in 1990 (likely while cruising in your Mustang 5.0 convertible on your way to a Milli Vanilli...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Gun Control - Let’s Put an End to Gun Licenses

- Let’s Put an End to Gun Licenses Automobiles must only be licensed for use upon public roads, and licenses are not required for the purchase of cars. There are no waiting periods or background checks on the purchase of cars. People who misuse their cars are punished for their own actions, and particular types of cars aren't banned or taken away from those who use them safely. Unlike driving on public roads, which is a privilege, owning a gun is a right explicitly protected by the U.S....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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The Goal For Crc Health Group

- Professional Orientation Amber K Davis Mississippi State University Phase I As a new graduate from Mississippi State University, I have received my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have planned to relocate to the state, Louisiana, to start my career as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor once I receive my LPC. There are many positions available that I have met the right requirements for in the state of Louisiana that offers a lot of benefits....   [tags: Licensed Professional Counselor]

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An Evaluation Of The Field Of Nursing

- ... This is an example that one doesn’t need tights or a cape to be a hero. Never the less, there are many reasons one may want to become nurse. Some of those reasons may be for personal gain or the greater good. However, before becoming a nurse needs to be educated about educational requirements, licenses and certifications, projected salaries, and the projected job outlook for the next five – ten years for nursing. Becoming a nurse requires various types of higher education. The type of education varies based on the type nurse one pursues to become....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse]

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The Business Software Alliance

- The business care for taking control of your computer's software licenses The Business Software alliance's (Bsa) claim that 90% of all audit letters sent in 2012 resulted from whistle-blower's tip- offs should be a wakeup call to cios. It chiefs may well ponder how to progress when the boss refuses to budget for the right number of legitimate software licenses and needs to consider the possibility that disgruntled its staff or contractors are tipping off suppliers or the Bsa, rather than speaking directly to senior its management about their software licensing concerns....   [tags: software licenses, whistle blowers, bsa ]

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