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The Goals of Summer

- When May comes for most kids only one thing is on their mind. Summer break. As they finish up their school the kids prepare for long lazy afternoons, swimming, and just being kids. They don’t need to worry about a paper that needs to be done or math homework. Instead they can just sit back and relax. I like many other kids however think of experience and worthwhile experiences when it comes to my summer break. While I certainly don’t want to leave out relaxing besides the beach, a summer break can give me experiences I couldn’t otherwise have such as practicing a new skill....   [tags: summer vacation, summer break]

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The Negative Impact of Spring Break on the Local Residents of Popular Tourist Destinations

- Tourism has a profound ripple effect on the local residents’ incomes and daily routines at a popular tourist destination by directly or indirectly influencing their everyday quality of life. (Wall & Mathieson, 2006, p.227). Local economies transform to fit the demands of tourists rather than the demands of the locals. The local economy may benefit from tourism with the increase of employment and trade opportunities, financial investments, as well as improvement in infrastructure. On the other hand, tourism can give the local economy a black eye with increases in crime, prostitution and illegal drug activity....   [tags: Tourism Development Essays]

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Attempting to Break the Cycle of Youth Delinquency Through Art Programs

- Teaching is a difficult profession, not only because of the many demands put on us by districts and states regarding testing and standards, but mostly because we are dealing with the day to day realities of diverse people. Our students have experiences, emotions, abilities and restrictions that play into their performance levels in the classroom. Many of these students are considered at-risk. They might be considered at-risk because they are impoverished, have a disability, are emotionally unstable, have many negative influences in their lives or just are overwhelmed with the poor deck of cards life has handed them....   [tags: at-risk, teaching, youth arts, services]

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Why Does the Public Love Television Show, Prison Break?

- Since the premiere of the television drama Prison Break, the show was instantly popular, and continues to be popular 9 years after the first episode aired. It gained a significant fan base from the opening episode all the way to the final one. Not until recently did I see the first episode of this show and I instantly became an avid fan. After watching a couple of episodes I started to wonder, what made this show so popular, and why has it continued to be popular almost a decade after the first episode aired....   [tags: cliffhangers, episode, dramatic]

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Does Fiction Build the Morality of Individuals and Societies, or Does It Break It Down?

- ... Now however psychologists and literary analysts have succeeded in being able to recognize and support such assumptions. This research consistently proves that fiction is in fact able to mold and influence the reader. Fiction even proved to be more effective at altering beliefs and mind sets than non-fiction, which differs by aiming to persuade and inform through arguments and evidence. Research shows that when reading non-fiction, we read with our guard up. We are disparaging and dubious. When we become engrossed in a good novel however, we drop all forms of intellectual and emotional guards....   [tags: psychological analysis]

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Beowulf as a Hero

- The poem, Beowulf, by Seamus Heaney, depicts Beowulf as a perfect hero. Beowulf is the mythical son of Edgetho and later becomes the king of the Geats. In the poem, Beowulf's shows heroism in two different phases of his life, youth and old age. Throughout the poem, Beowulf faces three difficult conflicts with Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the dragon. Throughout the novel Beowulf is a noted and respected warrior from Geatland. During Beowulf's youth, he is considered to be a great warrior, portrayed by his strength, courage, and bravery....   [tags: Seamus Heaney]

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Seamus Heaney's Blackberry-Picking and Death of a Naturalist

- Seamus Heaney's Blackberry-Picking and Death of a Naturalist Blackberry Picking gives a lucid description of basically, picking blackberries. However it is really about hope and disappointment and how things never quite live up to expectations. ‘Blackberry picking’ becomes a metaphor for other experiences such as the lack of optimism already being realised at an early age and the sense of naivety looked upon from an adult analysing his childhood; “Each year I hoped they’d keep, knew they would not”, consequently a sense of regret....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing the Work of Arundhati Roy and Seamus Heaney

- Comparing the Work of Arundhati Roy and Seamus Heaney Arundhati Roy writes a provocative story of growing up in India in his book entitled, The God of Small Things. The novel is placed in two different time periods about 23 years apart and moves smoothly from one time period to another. Roy’s predominate story is of Estha and Rahel who are “two-egg twins…born from separate but simultaneously fertilized eggs” (Roy 4), but along with their story are several other stories that spotlight members of immediate Ipe family members and persons living nearby....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Comparing Tennyson's Ulysses and Heaney's Hercules and Antaeus

-       Among the best known and most popular works of literature are those       dealing with the mythologies of ancient cultures. From classical sources       like Homer's Iliad and Ovid's Metamorphosis, to modern adaptations like       Alfred, Lord Tennyson's "Ulysses" and Seamus Heaney's "Hercules and       Antaeus," mythology has shaped the body of western literature. There       exists a marked difference, though, between the purposes of the classical       mythologies and their modern counterparts....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Congress And The Change In Term Limits

- Congress and The Change in Term Limits In 1994, for the first time in 40 years, Congress was drastically changed. The Democratic majority was uprooted and new, lively, freshmen were instated with a job to undertake. As part of the Republican=s AContract with America,@ these new Republicans had to revise the current Congressional term limit status. In undertaking this task, these men and women ran into a seemingly stone road-block. This roadblock consisted of long-term, carreerists who were unwilling to change....   [tags: Politics Political]

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Identity in the Works of Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney

- Identity in the Works of Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney Many times poetry is reflective of the author’s past as well as their personal struggles. One struggle that poets write about is of identity and the creation, as well as loss, of individual identities. Using a passage from the essay Lava Cameo by Eavan Boland, I will show how two poets use their craft to describe their struggle with identity. Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney both write poems which express an internal struggle with roles of identity and how they recreate their roles to fit their needs....   [tags: Lava Cameo]

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A Reasoned Definition of the Term Globalisation

- A Reasoned Definition of the Term Globalisation Globalisation is an abstract concept. It does not refer to a concrete object, but to (an interpretation of) a societal process. Therefore the concept cannot be defined easily. For some, globalisation refers to Americanisation, for others it is about the growing importance of the world market, yet others use it to describe a cultural or an ideological reality: globalisation as the victory of 'market plus democracy'. For most authors, globalisation is a complex concept that involves political, economic and social-cultural changes....   [tags: Papers]

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The Long Term Effects of Marijuana

- The Long Term Effects of Marijuana Marijuana is a drug that divides people. Some people claim it as the wonder drug of the '90s, capable of relieving the symptoms of many serious illnesses. Others curse the day the cannabis plant was ever discovered. From pain relief to stimulating the appetites of patients on chemotherapy, marijuana seems to have plenty going for it as a medicine. The legalization of marijuana is a large controversy in many parts of the world today, but the obvious negative effects that the drug induces has kept it from being legalized....   [tags: social issues]

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The Meaning of the Term Customer Service

- The Meaning of the Term Customer Service Customer service means providing customers with what they want. Without good customer service, customers will not return. To provide excellent customer service you should do the following * Put yourself into the place of the customer (think how you would like to be treated) * Customers needs should be put first * Come up with ideas of how you can improve Customer Service This may involve direct contact, such as when you are dealing with a customer face to face, or indirect contact for example dealing with a letter of complaint....   [tags: Papers]

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The Long Term Effects of Stress

- The Long Term Effects of Stress The long term effects of stress on the human body are generally negative. Stress can be a positive, as it enables us to respond to danger quickly, but continued stress places stress on the body causing diseases such as cardio-vascular problems, ulcers, problems with digestion and illness. The most common problem caused by stress is heart disease, more specifically cardiovascular problems. One very common effect when you develop cardiovascular problems is high blood pressure....   [tags: Papers]

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Natural Hazards and Droughts

- When people think about droughts they think about the short term effects that are playing roles on the economy, however, many people don’t think of the long term affects that droughts can have on the economy. Droughts are dangerous, they don’t only affect one area or thing but can disable or damage an entire food chain, which in the end can cause serious problems for people all over the U.S. over an extended amount of time. The focal point of this paper will be about the drought of 2012 and how it affected the U.S....   [tags: Short Term Effects, Roles, Economy]

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Explanation of the Term Cabinet Government

- Explanation of the Term Cabinet Government The book ‘British Politics: Ideas and Concepts by Keith Pye and Richard Yates is an understandable guide to politics. It is split in to three sections- Concepts, Theory and Institutions. The chapter of interest to us is ‘The Executive’ which can be found in the Institutions section. This chapter goes over the basic principles associated with the Executive, discusses the make up and foundations of the same, and outlines the powers of the Prime Minister....   [tags: Papers]

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The Meaning of the Term Totalitarianism

- The Meaning of the Term Totalitarianism Totalitarianism was a one-party political system that was based on dictatorship. It first started in Europe in the 1920s and 30s. It was an absolutism that emphasized the importance of the state at the expense of individual liberties. It displays the following features: One-party dictatorship and one-man rule were emphasized in a totalitarian state. Only one party ruled in a totalitarian state, for example, the Fascist Part in Italy, the Nazi Party in Germany and the Communist Party in the Soviet Union....   [tags: Papers]

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The Meaning of the Term Goods

- The Meaning of the Term Goods People now days have become more demanding and their needs have multiplied and become more complicated . This is one of the reasons why new products, new goods are being introduced into the market every single day, in order to satisfy the costumer’s wants or needs . What can be defined as a good and what as a need or a want. A want, a need is the unpleasant feeling of insufficiency that a person has and is accompanied by the effort to neutralize it....   [tags: Papers]

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A Comparison of Death of a Naturalist and Digging by Seamus Heaney

- A Comparison of Death of a Naturalist and Digging by Seamus Heaney The poems 'Death of a Naturalist' and 'Digging' have many similarities, and contrasts. Some of the reoccurring themes in the two poems include memories of childhood and changes in the life of the writer. There are contrasts too, in 'Death of a Naturalist'; the writer is concentrating on himself and his own experiences in life, rather than the experiences of others. In 'Digging', the opposite is true, as the writer concentrates mainly on the events in other people's lives, namely his father and grandfather....   [tags: Papers]

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Dissociative Amnesia- Memory Loss

- Introduction: The main Character is Lenard; he is an average looking male in his mid to early thirties. At first look one would never think that there is anything wrong with him, he speaks clearly and intelligently, id s polite individual and well-mannered when interacting with others. Lenard does the typical things and daily activities that a normal person does. On sight one can’t tell that, but Lenard has a condition where he cannot recall anything that happens to him within a matter of minutes, things such as people he meets, the conversations he had and places he’s been become distant after a few minutes....   [tags: short term memory, American Psyhocolgy]

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How Short and Long Term Memory Work

- ... What Does Your Short- Term Memory Do. When a memory is processed and sent to the “short-term” place in your brain, it is only preserved for a limited time. It can be accessed and used at any point in time when still available and fresh in your mind. There are limitations to it, of course. George Miller, PhD, tested and figured that people can generally not remember something over seven digits long (while it is in short-term memory). These remembrances can be sent long-term after increased repetition and recall....   [tags: recall, storage, brain]

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Unfair Term in a Contract

- Unfair Term in a Contract After the Treaty of Maastricht, the European Community made a directive on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts 1993. This instructed member states to pass domestic legislation to provide consumer protection. As a result, the UK Government made the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1994 which have now been replaced by the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. The main aim of the new regulations is for UK Law to be drafted more closely to the wording of the European Legislation, to help prevent discrepancies between the two....   [tags: Papers]

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Encoding in Short Term Memory

- Encoding in Short Term Memory Aim: To make participants rely on their short-term memory by using visual intakes/coding of six from the consonants B, C, F, M, N, P, S, T, V and X, because the rate was to fast for the participants to keep them they had to rely on their memory. Procedure: participants were shown random sequences of six letters taken from the consonants B, C, F, M, N, P, S, T, V and X. Six letters were shown in rapid succession in a screen and participants were required to write them down as they appeared....   [tags: Papers]

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Long-term Care: A Closer Look at Hospice

- Long-term care is a result of people having terminal conditions, disabilities, illnesses, injuries, or being elderly. The purpose of long-term care is to provide services to people and to aid people at a time in their lives when they cannot depend on themselves to maintain daily activities. There are many variations of long-term care available – such as home care, adult day care, and independent and assisted living, personal care facilities, nursing homes, and hospice. More and more people will need care in old age, and if they are disabled....   [tags: Healthcare]

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The Control Processes of Short and Long Term Memory

- On a day-to-day basis humans are processing different information constantly. Have you ever wondered how this is possible. Have you ever wondered why you are able to obtain new information, store it, and then recall it for later usage. For example, how is it possible that we can study for a test one day, and then the next day we are able to retrieve that very information to use to take and pass a test. Because memory is an important cognitive process it helps us to record the past, so we are able to refer back to it at a later date....   [tags: human memory, cognitive process]

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The Adoption of the Term Substance Abuse Disorder in the DSM-5

- Before the DSM-5 was introduced, in May, 2013, by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, different arguments and debates surfaced to the roof related to the definition of addiction and implications. Because the DSM appears to have played with the idea of bringing back the term addiction as a replacement for the term dependence, one of the vast changes to the DSM-5 is the elimination of dependence and the adoption of the new term “substance abuse disorder.” Although the APA and O’Brien (2011) supported the adoption of ‘substance abuse disorder’ as a term because it provided a clear differentiation between the compulsive drug-seeking behaviors of addiction and how people us...   [tags: addiction, diagnosis, treatment]

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Explanation of the Term Miracle

- Explanation of the Term Miracle The term 'miracle' is defined in the Oxford dictionary as 1 "a remarkable and welcome event that seems impossible to explain by the means of the known laws of nature and which is therefore attributed to a supernatural agency".2 "a remarkable example or specimen, it's a miracle of ingenuity". The first meaning defines a miracle as being something great that happens, which goes against the laws of nature. The second meaning defines a miracle as being something that happens which was not expected, but people are grateful it has happened; for example, people would say that someone who recovered from a terminal illness would be a miracle...   [tags: Papers]

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Market Forces Affecting The Long-Term Care Industry

- Recent changes in the health care marketplace are causing many Minnesota long-term care providers to become more aware of the markets in which they operate and to re-evaluate their marketing strategies. Demographic shifts, sociological phenomena, medical advances, new government influences and competition are impacting the manner in which care is provided to the elderly and subsequently creating changes in consumer expectations and demands for long-term care services. As with any industry in a period of transition, changes will create new business opportunities for those who understand and capitalize on changing market conditions....   [tags: Healthcare]

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Critique: “No Long Term: New Work and the Corrosion of Character”

- In reading this passage “No Long Term: New Work and the Corrosion of Character” by Sociologist Richard Sennett which first appeared in The Personal Consequences of work in the New Capitalism(1998); he begins by claiming that today’s work ethics are so different from past generations. Sennett finds that in past generations things were long-term and today things are short-term resulting in a conflict between character and experience. In reading it has broadened my opinion of how much change that has happened in such a short period of time concerning work ethic....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Antioxidant Potency in Apples during Long Term Storage

- Antioxidant Potency in Apples during Long Term Storage Introduction Apples are known to have many beneficial agents that may help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases (5). This is due to an important component in an apple called antioxidants. Antioxidants stabilize free radicals from damaging our healthy cells, protecting our DNA, and other genetic material. Antioxidants are not only present in apples but in foods such as; spices and herbs, certain beverages, legumes, chocolates, fruits, and vegetables....   [tags: cardiovascular disease, nutrition ]

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Understanding the Term American Ideology

- Understanding the Term American Ideology Ideology is a set of core beliefs, formulate answers to political questions and problems, the freedom to be whatever you want to be. In a broad sense American Ideology is considered be the freedom to be whatever you want to be, to be different, to have diversity in the greatest sense, to be free from political and religious persecution. In this essay I will look in depth into the fundamental aspects exist in the American Ideology. I will then look at aspects across US History to determine how, if at all, the Ideology has changed, focusing primarily on Black Civil Rights from the Post Civil War era to the Civil Rights period...   [tags: Papers]

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French Politics: Should The Presidencial Term Be Reduced?

- Since 1962 when the referendum on the Direct Election of the President of the French Republic took place, the President was to be chosen by the people through universal suffrage instead of by the electoral college like it has been before. But the changes in French politics were far from over. During September 2000, the French voters had to make a very important decision that would forever change the nature of French politics. They were to decide if a constitutional amendment should be considered in order to reduce the presidential term from seven years to five....   [tags: direct election, universal suffrage]

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Government’s Role in Long-Term Healthcare Delivery

- The history of long-term health care is just one part of HealthCare. “The Past Present and Future of Managed Long Term Care" website entails a view that has gained acceptance in the country and the states have a responsibility for making sure certain primary social goods are present. Political parts of health care are quality, cost, expenditures, and access to care economic security for the elderly, and that it is available to all. In the past, public policy and public opinion indicate the Federal government - 1 - [no notes on this page] GOVERNMENT’S ROLE IN LONG –TERM HEALTHCARE DELIVERY 2 needs to take responsible for ensuring that societies obligation is to make sure these goods are avail...   [tags: public policy, public opinion]

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The Long Term Effects of Using Natural Resources

- The Long Term Effects of Using Natural Resources Did you know that oil may no longer be available by 2050. This is due to over consumption over hundreds of years. How much oil do you think you use in a year’s time. The average American household uses 3-4 gallons of oil a day, that’s 1,277 gallons of oil a year. The long term effects of using natural resources are global warming, polluted water ways and also the depletion of oil. Global warming can lead to the end of life as we know it....   [tags: global warming, environmental issues]

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Should the NFL Be Responsible to Long Term Injuries to Players?

- The National Football League was developed to let players exhibit their talents on a high level. Giving the opportunity to play in the NFL is truly a blessing. These players receive millions of dollars and endorsements for what they can do on the football field. Sometimes there many injuries throughout the season and the players are able to return. Injuries like concussions can lead to long term brain damage and even death after a player’s career. Many feel that the NFL should be responsible for the long term illnesses associated with playing the sport....   [tags: concussion, helmet, rules]

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Short-term Memory Affects Color Perception in Context

- ... The observers task was to select the stimulus that appeared “bluer”. They were to choose from blue, gray, green, etc. stimulus hues. The data was then gathered, pooled, and blocked to calculate the probability at each trial of choosing the test stimuli as “bluer” than the reference. Now all of these scholarly words I'm using may sound a bit long and confusing right now, but by the end, you'll understand what I'm talking about. Okay, now on to the basics. This whole experiment raised the broad question of whether perception is affected by context change and short-term memory....   [tags: memory studies, vision, accuracy]

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Long Term Negative Effects of Deforestation in the Amazon

- What would happen if one day the Amazon rainforest disappeared. The Amazon rainforest will disappear is not an assumption. It absolutely will be happen if people keep on deforesting the Amazon rainforest for many different demands. Huge amounts of area in Amazon were deforested because of agricultural pursuits. Also, the deforestation rate has increased in other ways, such as obtain more land for living and excessive uses of wood. Therefore, a large amount of trees were cut down and led to forest destruction....   [tags: Deforestation Essays]

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Short and Long Term Regulation of “Leptin” Through Feeding

- One of a substance that product by the fat cell in our body is called Leptin, if we have more fat cells, we are able to produce more leptin, and it plays a key role in regulating energy intake and expenditure, including appetite, hunger, metabolism, and behavior. When the levels of Leptin are high, animals act as if they have plenty of nutrition, they will eat less and become more active, and increase the activity of their immune system. On the other hand, the levels of Leptin are low; animals will eat more, and rest more because they have to conserve energy that affords to devote energy to their immune system....   [tags: starving, appetite, motivation]

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Washington’s Second Term: The Election of 1792

- In 1789, George Washington was unanimously elected by all 69 members of congress, to be the very first president of the United States of America. This unanimous vote was the result of Washington’s background. He was very well known in the thirteen states for being the leader of the great Continental Army, one that defeated the British in several key battles that ensured freedom and independence to the United States. Washington was also one of the people that helped found the Constitution, and he was well known, loved, and greatly respected by all the citizens and leaders of the United States....   [tags: United States History, first president]

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Is Prison Privatization Really a Long Term Fix?

- Prison Privatization is a term used for which local, state and federal correction facilities hire companies from the private sector to run prisons and provide prison-related services. Some private companies are contracted only to provide things such as medical care, counseling, food services, and maintenance within publicly owned jails and prisons. Today, more and more private companies are being contracted to not only design and build, but also to operate new jails and prisons on both the state and federal level....   [tags: Prison Reform, criminal justice, informative]

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Fall Prevention in Long Term Care Facilities

- At Diversicare Rehabilitation, DVCR, between the months of May and July, there were fifty-two falls. Of these falls, twenty-two resulted in major injuries and were reportable to state. All the reportable falls resulted in a form of injury. The injuries noted were ten hip fractures, five femur, three shoulder and four elbow fractures. Out of all the falls, twelve falls with major injuries occurred to residents who had suffered a fall within the past week. Two falls were reportable to the coroner but they were both ruled non-related....   [tags: Multidisciplinary Team, Healthcare Costs]

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Trends in Long-Term Care and Associated Implications

- ... Informal caregivers provide the majority of long-term care services without any form of payment. This significantly impacts the caregiver in a multitude of ways, which include reduced household income and the accruing of costs associated with the provision of care (Calmus, 2013). Approximately 80% of total spending for LTC services focuses on elderly and as the percentage of population 65 years and older begin to increase, the amount of federal dollars spend on this population will account for an unsustainable share of the federal budget and economic resources (Shi L....   [tags: clinical and social services]

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Short and Long Term Psychological Effects on American Soldiers

- In the 1940’s a heinous act of genocide was committed by the Nazi party against several groups of “undesirables”, at the end of the destruction 14 million were dead (Byers 12). The bulk of these killings were conducted at concentration camps and at the height of the tragedy “death camps”. The discovery of the camps and the events that followed left many lasting psychological effects on American soldiers. Before the liberation of Buchenwald on April 11, 1945 few in the United States really knew or even understood the extreme actions the Nazi party had underwent to remove their nations undesirables (Wallenberg)....   [tags: post traumatic stress disorder]

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Investigating the Long-Term Effects of Physical Child Abuse

- Everyday there are children being abused by someone who is supposed to protect them. An estimated 905,000 children were victims of child abuse or neglect in 2006(Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2008). In 1996, more than three million victims of suspected abuse were reported to child protective services agencies in the United States (Baker, 2002). The numbers have changed and still many cases of abuse go unreported. The number of incidences of child abuse rises when the family is under stress, such as being in our economy....   [tags: Violence Against Children]

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Simulations: A Consumer Advocate, A First Term President

- Title You Are A Consumer Advocate Results I did very well in this simulation considering I knew very little about what a consumer advocate did on a daily basis going into the simulation. Even though I did very well, I still did the worst on this simulation. Many times the answer would have been much easier if I had known what a consumer advocate did before starting the simulation. My results were five out six challenges correct. The only challenge I was incorrect on was the first. I believe the reason I missed the first one was because I was unfamiliar with what consumer advocate's do....   [tags: challenges, chief politician, crisis management]

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What is The Best Long-term Treatment for Depression?

- Imagine for a moment, that while participating in something that previously provided pleasure, one feels nothing but empty and hopeless. In fact, so much sorrow is felt that it is now a chore to even get out of bed. We have all experienced episodes of disinterest, but what happens when the feeling lingers for long periods of time. Often we simply pass off our behavior as normal in an attempt to convince ourselves that nothing is wrong. Melancholy and attention deficit are common, however, when the behaviors begin to control our lives we must determine the severity of our emotions....   [tags: mood, physical health, treatment]

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Long Term Effects of Chemotherapy and Cognitive Impairment

- Chemotherapy induced cognitive impairment, otherwise known in colloquial terms chemo brain or chemo fog, is now a widely researched topic stemming from the increased utilization of chemotherapy in patients suffering from cancer. While it is known that certain types of cancers are treated with specific types of chemotherapy drugs or an array of drugs, no two cancers are alike. For example, someone that has been diagnosed with a glandular type of cancer would receive drug X, but another patient with the same type of cancer could receive drug Y....   [tags: cancer, patients, drugs]

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Long Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

- Children have resilience unlike any other group of people. They have the ability to heal quicker than someone does that has a better understanding of what it is to heal. Yet, when a child is sexual abused, something happens to that resilience. It isn’t as easy to pull through. That healing doesn’t come as easy and the damage that is caused by sexual abuse to a child is long-term. Effects of childhood sexual abuse are extensive. This extensive damage can lead to a number of different outlets. These outlets tend to be destructive....   [tags: STI, sexuality, resilience of minors]

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The Long Term Effects of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

- Long Term Effects of War Even though , many people have been effected by the Iraq and Afghanistan war because the number of displaced Iraqis internally and externally are estimated to be between 3.5 million and 5 million people (Iraq: The Human Cost , 2014). According to the Iraq Body Count website, there have been 186 thousand deaths due to violence in the war. Violence Deliberate killings, human bombs, dozens of vicious groups, and a growing sense of insecurity trouble Iraq (Tirman). Cluster bombs and landmines’ have caused many deaths to innocent civilians....   [tags: casualties, displacement, violence]

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Establishing a Long Term Relationship between DHS and LGAD

- ... We didn’t give them the chance to believe that we are honestly understand them. Even if we had some great solutions to suggest, those solutions were unvalued in this emotional period. So, penciled in two impotent insights from this play to the final exercise: timing – to wait to the right time to discuss the solution; and assumption – to avoid of making wrong assumptions as being sure that the other team is happy. Regarding LGAD's BATNA, as discussed, any disagreement will lead both sided to discussion in court....   [tags: negotiation skills]

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The Medium Term Development Framework Plan Provision

- 4. Plan Provision The Medium Term Development Framework, MTDF 2005-10, proposes a paradigm shift based upon adaptation and diffusion of knowledge and technology applied across the entire spectrum of institutional excellence. In this context, the key issue of quality in all its various manifestations needs to be addressed if the basic building blocks of a just and prosperous society, or the ability of the state to provide an efficient and friendly system, are to be put in place. Technology is now an intrinsic part of the economic system and has become the major factor of production in leading economies....   [tags: Technology ]

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Pregnant Women's Temporary Satisfaction and Long Term Consequences

- ... Stated by the court, the three girls may reach out to their birth mother once they become a legal adult at the age of eighteen. Pregnant women, who need help in escaping their addictions, fear the consequences and punishments that could be given ("Punishing Women"). Knowing that when reaching out for help and guidance through their recovery they could put their life at risk, women hesitate. Realizing that their life could change for the better or the worst, taking the chance wouldn’t be worth the risk....   [tags: drug and alcohol abuse during pregnancy]

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Long-Term Care: Aging Concepts and Controversies

- When a member of someone’s family goes ill or is no longer able to live on their own and take care of themselves; it is up to the family members to decide the best course of action for them to get the best care that they can. There several different options that need to be considered when looking at long-term care facilities for older adults. In this paper, I will briefly discuss two of the most common options that people choose between when looking at long-term care options. One option is home care and the other is assisted and/or independent living facilities....   [tags: ill-derly and the well-derly, healthcare]

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Stroke a Leading Cause of Long-Term Disability

- Stroke it’s one of the leading causes of serious long-term disability, and on average the cause of an Americans death every 4 minutes as well as the cause of “1 out of every 19 deaths” overall. (CDC stroke info) About “610,000” of the more than “795,000” strokes in the U.S. are first time occurrences while nearly “one of four” being previous strokes with 87% of all of them being ischemic strokes. (CDC stroke info) Stroke occurrences are increasing more frequent in developed and developing countries with roughly “15 MILLION people worldwide experience stroke annually” with “five million” being left “permanently disabled”....   [tags: post-strokes, screening]

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Robert Ressler Coined the Term Serial Killer

- ... Finally, but most importantly, most serial killers exhibit the Macdonald triad when they are infants. This triad is highly correlated with later violent tendencies, including serial killing. The triad includes fire-setting, animal cruelty, and enuresis (bed-wetting). A highly debate issue around serial killers is the reason behind their actions. Although many theories exist about the reason why serial killers act the way they do, the most common theory is that they are searching for some type of psychological satisfaction....   [tags: fbi, mental disease]

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Long-Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

- Introduction This paper outlines the consequences of child sexual abuse (CSA) based on the examination of results from multiple researches previously fulfilled concerning the psychological and physical impact of this crime, information of statistics, warning signs detected, victims’ performances, and emotional state. Sexual abuse causes severe trauma on child victims that will last for the course of their lives, therefore it is critical to identify and improve the therapeutic methods utilized to treat CSA survivors....   [tags: Child Trauma, Theurapetic Treatment]

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Long Term Effects of Parkinson’s Disease

- Long Term Effects of Parkinson’s Disease and how to Incorporate Daily Living with Health Care Regimen Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder in the community resulting in significant disability. This global problem has consumed the lives of many. “Approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease each year, and this number does not reflect the thousands of cases that go undetected” (Statistics on Parkinson’s, 2014). Once this unbiased disease has begun to affect the patient it is a lifelong battle....   [tags: neurodegerative disorder, treatment]

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Long-term Care Utilizing Nurse Practitioners

- Long term care (LTC) settings provide a vast variety of services that range from convalescent care, respite stays and skilled rehabilitation services which includes: skilled nursing, physical, occupational or speech therapy. LTC includes a broad spectrum of services that are designed to meet the varying needs of geriatric individuals and other adults with functional restrictions. The services rendered in this setting are designed to support individual needs from assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, cognitive and behavioral health support and limitations secondary to acute to chronic medical conditions....   [tags: convalescent care, respite]

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Fixed-Term Contract

- 1.0 INTRODUCTION Employment under fixed-term contract has gained popularity among the employers and displaced the standard form of employment in recent years. It is a category of employment where the relationship between the employer and the employee would last for a specific period of time or until a certain task has been completed. This chapter concern with the introduction of the research title which is ‘Legal Review on the Fixed-term Contract Worker: Comparative Analyses between Malaysia and United Kingdom’....   [tags: employement, worker, laws]

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Term Limits For Legislators

- Term Limits For Legislators When the Constitution of the United States was adopted in 1789, it was without direction regarding term limits for legislators. At the time, professional politicians were unheard of, and the idea of someone serving for more than one or two terms was unlikely. So the Constitution did not formally address the issue of term limits, although it was understood that officeholders would limit themselves to one or two terms and then return to private life (1). With the advent of the modern state, however, came the making of Congress as a career, and thus the voluntary removal of oneself from office, as envisioned by the founders, is no longer regularly undertaken in th...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Short-Term Aid

- Something that not many people know is that not all aid is good aid. The aid that is being given may actually be hurting more than it is helping. In taking this course, it has shown me that aid is something that is very situation dependent. All aid is very different based on the area the aid is being given and the people the aid is being given to. There are certain kinds of aid that are ethical, and there are other kinds of aid that are not. Based on extensive research done in this course, it has really been eye opening on what kinds of aid work and what kinds of aid do not....   [tags: Effects, Ethics, Disadvantages]

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term limits in congress

- THESIS: Term limits for Congress will disrupt the balance and can make the taxpayers very unhappy. SUPPORTING DETAILS: 1) Too many new, inexperienced members can hurt voters, as rookie legislators find it hard to navigate the bureaucracy. 2) Term limits will force out well respected politicians. 3) It will take away the voters’ right to choose their politicians. 4) Long term politicians will have “good behavior” in order to ensure their reelection. 5) The more experienced the politician, the better they will handle the peoples’ affairs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Forgetting in Short-term Memory

- Forgetting in Short-term Memory Forgetting can be a useful way in clearing out the un-wanted clutter from our memories. We do not need to remember things like what we wore last Thursday. Displacement We must remember that according to Miller, the capacity of S.T.M is limited to about seven items (+ or - two.) Material that is circulating in our S.T.M that has not been sufficiently processed by our L.T.M. can be pushed out or displaced by new incoming information. Waugh and Norman (1965) used a technique known as the serial probe technique to investigate this idea....   [tags: Papers]

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Explaining the Term Miracle

- Explaining the Term Miracle The word 'miracle' comes from the Latin 'miraculum', which means, 'to marvel at, to wonder.' A miracle therefore is a happening which amazes us and arouses wonder. When we say 'miracle' we mean an event which is so mysterious that cannot be explained by scientific methods; something that we believe cannot occur naturally. A miracle involves a breach or violation of the laws of nature. Usually miracles are thought of as something that has a religious significance....   [tags: Papers]

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Explaining the Term Urbanisation

- Explaining the Term Urbanisation Urbanisation is the process in which the number of people living in cities increases compared with the number of people living in rural areas. A country is considered to be urbanised when over 50% of its population lives in urban places. In the UK the movement of people from rural to urban areas followed the industrial revolution as people were needed to work in the factories in the CBD. It took place throughout the 19th and Early 20th Centuries in Europe and North America....   [tags: Papers]

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Short-term Effects of Alcohol

- Short-term Effects of Alcohol While expectations can help shape ones reaction to drinking it is clear that alcohol has its own direct effects. It is a powerful drug, capable of affecting body and behavior. The determining factor is how much ethanol is in the blood stream, because it is via the blood that alcohol is carried to the brain, nervous system, and bodily organs and systems where its direct actions take place. Alcoholic beverages differ in the concentration of ethanol they contain: beers average 4.5%, wines about 12%, and straight distilled spirits (hard liquor) approximately 40%....   [tags: Papers]

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College Admissions Essay: I Shall Break Free

- I Shall Break Free   If words could say all they mean then life would be easy. I try to speak, but nothing ever comes from my mouth. Mind full of thoughts with no way to get them out. Expressions come but do not mean what they say. Each try brings a blundering mess of a jumble of words, no meaning to anyone in what they say. Try and speak only to be ignored by empty space. Each thought whole in my head, not even a fragment in my mouth. No matter what I try, my mind still flows free with no way to express it....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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The Break up of Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

- In one week, the summer of 1991, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, became history. The forces of reform unleashed by President Mikhail Gorbachev in the mid 1980&#8217;s generated a democratic movement. &#8220;Mr. Gorbachev may be revered for the democratic forces he unleashed- his policies of perestroika, or reconstructing, and glasnost, or openness. However, his failure to put food on Soviet tables and his reluctance to move boldly on economic reforms doomed him to be a failure'; (Sieff)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Effect of Temperature on an Enzyme's Ability to Break Down Fat

- The Effect of Temperature on an Enzyme's Ability to Break Down Fat Aim: To investigate the effect of temperature on an enzyme’s (lipase) ability to break down fat. Hypothesis: The graph below shows the rate increasing as the enzymes get closer to their optimum temperature (around 35 degrees Celsius) from room temperature. The enzyme particles are moving quicker because the temperature increases so more collisions and reactions occur between the enzymes and the substrate molecules....   [tags: Papers]

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Explain the formation and the break down of the First Triumvirate

- Explain the formation and the break down of the First Triumvirate The formation of the First Triumvirate took place because of the political motives and the personal motives of the three ruthlessly ambitious power brokers in Rome. These men required the co-operation of the other two in order to further their political careers. During the time of the First Triumvirate many extraordinary powers where obtained and in some cases these where unprecedented. There are some key factors that have to be considered towards the break down of the Triumvirate....   [tags: Ancient Rome Roman History]

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Mathew and his Amazing Journey to Break my Heart

- Mathew and his Amazing Journey to Break my Heart “Look at how his hair curls down on his forehead. Isn’t that so cute?” I whispered to my best friend Jenny who was seated next to me. Jenny and I have known each other since we were in diapers with teething rings. I could predict what she would do or say; it was even found that I could tell what she would be wearing that day, without her even telling me. We were both exactly alike also; in love with Mathew Jackson, in love with NSYNC, in love with the color pink, and the list went on....   [tags: essays papers]

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Martin Luther King, Jr., ?A Time to Break Silence?

- Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of the most influential people of this century. People remember King for his humanity, leadership and his love of his fellow man regardless of their skin color. Through reading King’s writings and speeches, that changed the world, one can learn that his values of integrity, love, truth, fairness, caring, non-violence, and peace were what motivated him to greatness. One of his less known speeches is “A Time to Break the Silence”, this speech was different than most of King’s speeches; the theme of this speech is not civil rights movement, but Vietnam....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Break Free From the Product Life Cycle

- Kotler, P. (2003). Positioning and Differentiating Break Free From the Product Life Cycle Youngme Moon Harvard Business Review Summary A company must differentiate itself from others during the product life cycle by creating an image that demands attention and fosters unique brand awareness. Louis Vuitton is a company that continuously rejuvenates itself and has maintained a highly coveted brand for 150 years. A $1,000 monogrammed Louis Vuitton handbag is in such demand that it has spawned a multi-million dollar market of counterfeit products, most commonly referred to as “knock-offs.” The demand is so high for these knock-off products that LVMH Moet Hennessy...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Emotional Break-down in Susan Glaspell's Trifles

- Emotional Break-down in Trifles Trifles is an interesting story about the emotional break-down of a country woman. It is obvious by certain descriptions within the text that she did have an emotional trauma. However, it is never made clear if she killed her husband or did he commit suicide. The emotional trauma can be scene in the beginning of the story by her attitude towards Mr. Hale. Ms. Wright is in a state of shock her constant rocking; pleating of her skirt; her "queer" look and her dead pan response to how Mr....   [tags: Trifles Essays]

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Man’s Everlasting Battle against Nature

- Nature can be interpreted in many different ways. Some choose to view nature as a mother, giver of life as we depend on its food but sometimes we can’t trust nature as there are expectations that nature will betray us causing man to fight back to prevent this, forming an everlasting battle. In this area of study I will present this theme through the poems: Death of a Naturalist by Seamus Heaney, At a Potato Digging also by Seamus Heaney and Soil by R.S. Thomas. Seamus Heaney is one of many Irish poets that depict the betrayal of nature in many of his poems mainly through the use of autobiographical poetry that gives us a deeper insight into the meaning....   [tags: poetry, potato digging, seamus heaney, r.s. thomas]

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The Veracity of Memory

- When we try and remember ideas events or facts, we are actually remembering our version of events. If you think about what you ate for dinner on Thanksgiving five years ago you most likely would say the generic idea of a thanksgiving dinner, such as turkey, ham, sweet potatoes ect. You would not be able to recall and explain specific details that require attention and focus. Since memory is unique to the individual, is what we remember a realistic recollection of events and facts. From Larry R. Squire’s book, Memory and Brain, we can classify Memory into three different stages: Immediate, Short Term, and Long Term....   [tags: neuroscience, lopng-term, short-term]

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term insurance

- Why buy life insurance. Many financial experts consider life insurance to be the cornerstone of sound financial planning. It is generally a cost-effective way to provide for your loved ones after you are gone. It can be an important tool in the following ways: Income replacement For most people, their key economic asset is their ability to earn a living. If you have dependents, then you need to consider what would happen to them if they no longer have your income to rely on. Proceeds from a life insurance policy can help supplement retirement income....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Term Limits

- Term Limits There is a movement sweeping the United States that state legislatures, by virtue of the Tenth Amendment, have the constitutional power to establish a new qualification for federal office, specifically, a restriction on the number of terms their congressional delegations may serve in Washington. The legal battleground covers two sections of the Constitution. Proponents of term limits will highlight Article I, Section 4, which they say gives each state the authority to prescribe the "time, place and manner" of congressional elections, therefore delegating to the local level the rules of who gets to run....   [tags: Papers]

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How Islamic Architecture in Spain Changed from the Seventh Century to the Mid-sixteenth Century

- The Great Mosque of Córdoba was built in Córdoba, Andalucía, southern Spain: the capital at which Muslims exist. The great Mosque of Córdoba went under massive changes over centuries. These changes occurred because the Mosque was conquered by groups of people following different religions, including Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Each religion marked its conception through changing or adding a unique artwork that symbolized its essence. The Great Mosque of Córdoba was built by Arab architects in the eighth century and then a cathedral was added by Christian conquers in the sixteenth century ....   [tags: Architecture, Islam, Spain]

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