Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney

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Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney Looking first at the poem written by Seamus Heaney it portrays a very powerful and clear message. I guess that it is set in Ireland, he gives clues of this throughout the poem and as he is originally from Ireland I think that it is a safe presumption to make. Mid-Term break an incredibly sad poem. In Mid term break Seamus Heaney's tells of the tragic death of his younger brother, who was sadly killed. Seamus Heaney describes in the poem of what he did that day when he's younger brother was killed. The stanza begins with the "morning" in line one, but it is two o'clock in line three, showing that hour have passed in waiting. The second stanza begins with the image of Heaney's father "crying". Heaney's father appears to be a strong man of few words, so having him crying causes a powerful emotion in the reader. The effect that his father crying has on Heaney is also written, he says how his father had 'Always taken funerals in his stride' this gives the clear message that this funeral is different, devastating for even the seemingly stronger members of Heaney's family. Heaney skilfully takes the reader with him as he enters the house through the porch as we meet his father; "Big Jim Evans"; the baby in its pram; the old men gathered in the room; and finally Heaney's mother coughing out "angry tearless sighs", which show that she was hiding her true emotions. When Heaney writes of "Big Jim Evans" it has an almost hidden meaning. There seems to be and invisible emphasis on the word, 'Big' making it stick out in your mind. I think that Heaney does this on purpose; the word 'Big' brings the image of a str... ... middle of paper ... ...and Jonson's usually satirical and biting comic voice. All these poems explore the relationships between loved ones. Whether it be between two brothers, mother and daughter of father and son they are all powerful in how they write and describe the different bonds between them. 'Mid-Term Break' and 'On my first Sonne' perhaps have more in common than they do with Catrin. They talk deeply about the confusion of mixed emotions of blame, anger, guilt and relief felt suffered at the death of a loved one. The author of 'Catrin' however writes about losing a loved one by other means. She writes on how she feels her daughter slowly drifting away as age 'tightens' the 'red rope of love' that ties them together. All of the discussed poems are emotional and touching and in them all the poets feelings are clear and strong.
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