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And The Band Played On: Mercy During the AIDS Epidemic

- …“With liberty and justice to all”, though this was not the case when the AIDS epidemic first jumped off. I believe that the only reason justice, mercy, and veracity were not served in the beginning of this battle is simply because of majority and minority. AIDS, at first, was only found to be attacking the gay population (minority), but the people that could do something about it, or controlled the money that could help with the situation were not being affected, and didn’t feel threatened by it (majority)....   [tags: Mercy, AIDS Epidemic, AIDS, homosexuals, homosexua]

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The Spanish Influenza Epidemic

- The Spanish Influenza Epidemic Los Angeles, October 28--The effects of the Spanish influenza outbreak from its date of original contamination, September 13(1), to now have been widespread and horrific. With more than 4500 new cases being reported today, the total for California is now above 60,000.(7) Not even two days prior to this printing, San Francisco witnessed its worst day, with over 2000 new cases reported accompanied by 96 deaths.(6) The once thought of "army epidemic" now has a firm grip on civilian life....   [tags: Journalism Epidemics Health Essays]

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Silent Epidemic

- “I wish I’d die right then” this was “Laetitia” reaction when she found out she was infected with HIV. (Breaking 36) Imagine living in a home in Africa, with 10 other people including yourself, then finding out that two of them live with one of the worst epidemics ever AIDS. What can the residents of Africa do to stop it. Is there a possibility that it could be stopped. Scientist have a number of theories about this epidemic, but recent news show that AIDS is not as silent as predicted. Where does the virus come from....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Epidemic of Aids

- AIDS was first discovered in the United States in 1981. Since then, this epidemic has affected approximately 40 million people worldwide. AIDS is a life threatening illness that is caused by the HIV infection. When the HIV virus enters the body it begins to destroy the immune system impairing its ability to fight off certain infections and diseases. About a month after being infected, a person develops a viral infection. The viral infection is similar to the flu and causes fever, fatigue, weight loss, and swollen glands....   [tags: Health]

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Aids Epidemic

- HIV/Aids Epidemic HIV/AIDs is a huge epidemic still plaguing society today. The lack of knowledge and technical advances has caused an increasing number of cases. It has made its way around the world since the 1940s, causing countries to join together in the fight against AIDs. With all the campaigning that has been done the numbers of cases continue to rise. Countries have separated the disease into three patterns to make it easier to distinguish the effects that AIDs has on different regions of the world....   [tags: Free AIDS Essays]

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An American Epidemic

- An American Epidemic In modern times, nobody who reads the newspapers or watches television can avoid the chilling fate that our country faces. School violence is a rapidly growing trend in America, and it seems to be there is nothing we can do to stop it. The offenders are from all races and social classes. They range from the high school hero to the high school dropout. It often seems the only thing they have in common is an utter disregard for their own life and the lives of others. In the following accounts, taken straight from American headlines, harrowing events fit for blockbuster fiction prove that our country is becoming victim to a new criminal: youthful rage....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Game Epidemic

- Andrew, Chuck, and Kevin played all night and skipped class the next day. They, along with thousands of others across the country, purchased Halo 2 at midnight the day the much-anticipated game was released in stores. Students and company employees called in sick that next day claiming the Halo 2 flu as their reasoning. Halo 2 is only one of a multitude of games distributed for use on Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s Playstation 2, and Nintendo’s Gamecube. American society is experiencing an epidemic as a result of many young people spending hours upon hours playing video games....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Comparing the AIDS Epidemic and The Plague

- Comparing the AIDS Epidemic and The Plague The destruction and devastation caused by the 'Black Death' of the Middle Ages was a phenomenon left to wonder at in text books of historical Europe. An unstoppable plague swept the continent taking as much as eighty percent of the European population along with it (Forsyth). Today the world is plagued with a similar deadly disease. The AIDS epidemic continues to be incurable. In an essay written by David Herlihy, entitled 'Bubonic Plague: Historical Epidemiology and the Medical Problems,' the historic bubonic plague is compared with the current AIDS epidemic of today....   [tags: Compare Contrast Disease Health Essays]

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AIDS Epidemic in Africa

- As recently as 1990, there were some regions of the world that had remained relatively unscathed by AIDS. Today, however, there is not a single country around the world which has wholly escaped the AIDS epidemic. As the epidemic has matured, some of the developed nations which were hard hit by the epidemic in the 1980s such as the United States have reported a slowing in the rate of new infections and a stabilization among existing cases with lower mortality rates and an extension of post-diagnosis lifespan....   [tags: Free AIDS Essays]

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Spanish Influenza Epidemic

- Spanish Influenza Epidemic There is a sudden outbreak of the Spanish influenza here in the States. This sudden outbreak is said to be caused by vaccinations given to the soldiers over in Europe. In fact there is newly released fact that an estimated amount of 43,000 American soldiers over in Europe. This flu started in Spain, then spread like wild fire across Europe, the Mideast, and Asia.      There are many symptoms to the Spanish influenza, it starts with a cough. Then the victim gets increasing pain behind the ears and eyes....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Aids: Epidemic Of The Century

- INTRODUCTION There is no doubt that AIDS is indeed the epidemic of the century. Not only are there many supporting facts and data, visiting urban cities and third world countries prove this point. Furthermore, AIDS is not only highly infectious, it is also the first major incurable epidemic throughout this biomedical revolution that mankind is going through. This epidemic might actually be the one that will completely wipeout the third world. Scientists, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to find a cure to this epidemic but in the mean time we have to find a way to deal with it, if possible....   [tags: AIDS Essays]

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War and Influenza Epidemic

- A View from the Chelsea Naval Hospital BOSTON, September 12, 1918 Dear Journal, The Great War rages on. An influenza epidemic claims the lives of several Americans. But, the Boston Red Sox have done it again. Last night, in a 2-1 victory over the Chicago Cubs at Fenway Park (thanks to Carl Mays' three-hitter), the Boston Red Sox won their fifth World Series championship--amid death and disease, a reason to live ... Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox. If I die today, at least I lived to see the Sox win the championship....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Experiencing The Polio Epidemic

- Experiencing The Polio Epidemic It was in the middle of September; the height of summer and the temperature was somewhere in the high eighties, and under normal circumstances there would be a long line of people, especially kids waiting to dive into the huge indoor pool at the Mission Beach Plunge. However, these were not ordinary times, the only people anywhere near the pool were there to forlornly gaze at the crystal clear water and wonder what deadly monster might be lurking in its depth. It was in the middle of the summer of 1952, and it was in the middle of the polio epidemic that would strike more than 60,000 people and kill more than 3,000 of them in the United States alone.1 As a...   [tags: Disease History Historical Essays]

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Rates of Epidemic Infection Drops

- Rates of Epidemic Infection Drops Breaking news today as the New York Times reports a drop in the rate of infection of what is now being called Spanish Influenza. More than 900 fewer cases in the past 24 hrs were reported by the New York Times today, with a total decrease in 91 deaths. This 20 percent drop resulted in only 3,362 reported cases of influenza as of October 21. As New Yorkers breathe a quick sigh of relief, the rest of the nation shudders on what has become an epidemic spread of the grippe, normally common this time of year but never before so deadly....   [tags: Spanish Influenza Journalism Media Essays]

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A Developing Epidemic in Argentina

- A Developing Epidemic in Argentina BUENOS AIRES, Argentina--December is one of the loveliest times of year in the southern hemisphere of South America. On a typical summer day on a warm, Sunday afternoon, residents of Buenos Aires enjoy a relaxing jaunt along the Avenida de Mayo where one can browse the numerous shops of rare antiquities or simply retire to drinking tea in front of one of the many cafes along the avenue. Families with boisterous children picnic within the many public parks and gardens and bask in the warm sun....   [tags: Buenos Aires Journalism Influenza Health Essays]

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The Obesity Epidemic in America

- Imagine a world where a school aged child can step out of their school and walk into a McDonalds. A world where soda companies make millions of dollars a year by placing soda machines in schools. A world where 30.5 percent of adults are considered obese. A world where obesity is killing more people than smoking. What if I told you this world is not in your imagination but is the world we live in today. Where would you turn to seek help for this epidemic. Some say the government should take charge of the situation like in the cases of seatbelt and smoking laws....   [tags: Obesity in the United States]

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The Devastating Epidemic of the Bubonic Plague

- Overview The bubonic plague – also known as the Black Death – is one of the most devastating epidemics that mankind has ever faced. Sweeping through Asia and Europe during the middle part of the 1300’s, it was directly responsible for the deaths of an approximately one third of the population (75 to 200 million people). Although there has never been an outbreak on the same scale as the one that gripped the world during the 1300’s, the bubonic plague is still around today, with an outbreak occurring in late 2013 in a remote village in Madagascar that resulted in the death of 100 people....   [tags: madagascar, death, rodents]

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Ethics and the Cheating Epidemic

- Ethics and the Current Cheating Epidemic There is an epidemic of cheating in American universities. Students are finding easier and more efficient ways to cheat. Morals and morality are changing. Students, members of the younger generation, and teachers, members of the older generation, differ on what is cheating. Morality even differs amongst students. Some students still adhere to the traditional sense of morality, and find what other students do an abhorration of morality. This essay is a mostly a pathos and ethos argument that attempts to appeal to the reader’s sense of right and wrong by using so-called “authorities.” The first section is filled with pathos arguments designed to m...   [tags: Critical Thinking Essays]

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Computer Hacking Epidemic

- Computer hackers could arguably be the next epidemic in America and as the world becomes more and more reliant on computers the computer hacking industry is greatly rising to dangerous levels. With such hackers as Kevin Mitnick, who is known as a computer terrorist, computerized information isn't safe any more. Kevin is known as the most high-profiled computer criminal and responsible for reaping the most havoc in the computer world today. He considered this an easy and fun task. He finally got caught and was thrown into prison, but once he got out nothing changed....   [tags: Technology Computer Hackers]

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An Epidemic

- HIV/AIDS: Conquering an Epidemic Through Community Outreach Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a pandemic disease that has gained worldwide attention over the past few decades affecting populations both in the United States and internationally. Diseases such as these are the very reasons epidemiology evolved into a medical science. HIV/AIDS is part of the era of eco-epidemiology where both local and global health patterns are analyzed (Allender, Rector, & Warner, 2010, pp....   [tags: Health, Diseases, HIV/AIDS]

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The Invisible Epidemic

- The Invisible Epidemic The rise of asthma in urban communities is beginning to reach epic proportions. It is a disease that is not limited to the United States, but is endemic to all developed nations and is especially prevalent in urban communities. The drastic rise in asthma and related pulmonary illnesses is surprising because benchmark studies have resulted in an as yet unknown understanding of the disease. All scientists agree, however, that this is a pathology whose etiology can be traced as an overt effect of a modern Western culture....   [tags: Papers]

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The Obesity Epidemic in America

- An obesity epidemic is sweeping the country and the numbers are astronomical. Approximately 31% of all adults and 15% of children, ages 6-19 are obese. Obesity is also severe in a variety of ethnic groups. For example, 50% of non-Hispanic black women are obese. Many researchers believe that the trend in obesity has a lot to do with cultural, economic, and environmental factors. Simply stated I think it can be attributed to genetics, portion size as well as food available and cost, and laziness....   [tags: Overweight Obese Health Fat Essays]

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The Obesity Epidemic in the United States

- The terms overweight and obesity identify ranges of weight that have been shown to increase the likelihood for certain diseases and other health problems. Obesity has developed into a significant global epidemic over the past various decades. In the United States, obesity is a public health concern. Obesity among U.S adults has increased in recent years. Just about 500 million people were overweight worldwide by 2002. The rates of obesity have doubled since 1970 to over 30 percent in the United States, now more than two-thirds of Americans are overweight....   [tags: health issues, disease risks]

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Animal Abuse: The Quiet Epidemic

- The Quiet Epidemic Animal abuse is a quiet epidemic that is spreading throughout the world. The amount of animal abuse is growing and we must do something to stop it. Animal abuse is not putting a choke collar on a dog to keep it from biting an individual; it is not killing an animal for food. Animal abuse is the knowing or intentional "(1) tortures or serious overworks [of] an animal"; the "(2) failing unreasonably to provide necessary food, care, or shelter for an animal in his custody; kills, injures, or administers poison to an animal; [or] (6) causes one animal to fight with another" (Title 3)....   [tags: Sociology]

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Cosmetic Surgery is a Worldwide Epidemic

- Everywhere you look; from billboards to TV the effects of plastic surgery have left its mark. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, a famous music icon passed, and for a whole week all the media did was talk about the plastic surgery done to his face. These days’ people are having rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tucks, face lifts, and most commonly breast augmentation. Science is making it easier to change the appearance of ones self. This brings me to believe, cosmetic surgery is an epidemic that has affected the whole world....   [tags: Plastic Surgery Essays]

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The Epidemic of Poverty and World Hunger

- Remember those days when you come home when your mom is not home and you are hungry but there is nothing to eat. Or just when you are just plain out starving. Well imagine having that feeling everyday of your life, this is how people who live in poverty feel everyday. Think how you would feel if you saw a loved one die right before your eyes and you know there is nothing you can do to help them, maybe this happened to a child whose mother had to watch. It would always be in her memories haunting her for the rest of her life....   [tags: starvation, food, children]

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The Epidemic of Bullying in U.S. Schools

- The act of bullying in schools has risen to alarming numbers across the nation. It is infiltrating itself into the educational environment all over the United States. Bullying has become such an epidemic and the consequences are staggering. Children are afraid in the halls of what supposed to be a safe haven. It affects they confidence and self-esteem which then results in poor work and lack of focus in school. Some of the dire circumstances that have become popular as late with heavy consequences such as suicide....   [tags: suicide, victims, consequences]

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Epidemic of Violence in the USA

- Violence, one of the biggest problem in the world right now, especially in America, where the gun control law are barely enforced, every citizen is at constant risk, considering the amount of people in this country that own guns. Crime and violence are rapidly becoming the prime epidemic in the U.S today, but what can we do to ensure our future generation’s safety. Gun violence is a big problem everywhere, in poor rural neighborhoods to prosperous urban cities like Malibu, it can happen anywhere at any time....   [tags: violence, gun control]

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Obesity: A Media Created Epidemic

- "What. Me worry?" - - Alfred E. Neuman Is obesity really a serious health concern or is the “epidemic” merely a result of highly fabricated, misleading ideas of politicians and the media. The article, Obesity: An Overblown Epidemic. By W. Wayt Gibbs featured in the May 23, 2005 edition of Scientific America, raises this question. Most health experts and average people believe that obesity is one of the most prevalent health concerns today, resulting in increased risk for other major health issues; such as; heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer, and the chance for early loss of life....   [tags: Poltical Epidemic]

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The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in China

- China is known as a conservative country where homosexuality, drug use, and premarital sex are not acknowledged as common practices and are not considered problems. However, China is going through a period of rapid social transformation where these practices are becoming visible and being acknowledged by the Chinese. Recently, Chinese officials have recognized and admitted that the country is experiencing a widespread outbreak of HIV/AIDS. Previously, China adopted the position that there was little to no HIV/AIDS in the country, but now officials are admitting that they do in fact have a large population of citizens with HIV/AIDS....   [tags: Epidemics]

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An Outbreak Of An Epidemic

- Knowing the impact that an outbreak of an epidemic would have on the community in general, the SFDPH have constantly kept abreast with public health issues – through the use of research SFDPH investigates innovative ways to improve upon services rendered in the city. SFDPH also uses another method known as outreach to communicate and safeguard San Franciscans. We would like to discuss some research conducted by SFDPH in partnership with the community and its other partners. The first research was conducted to investigate the HIV transmittal rate among lesbians and bisexual women in San Francisco and Berkeley....   [tags: Health care, Public health, Prostitution]

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The Epidemic Of The Plague

- According to historic records, a horrific disease began in China around 1347 spreading in Italy through routes of trade, human contact, and animals occupying heavily populated areas (Enclyclopædia Britannica, 2015). Merchant vessels unintentionally emitted the infected rats onto the shores of Messina in Sicily while unloading cargo. Thus, causing the disease to spread amongst Northern Europe. More properly known as the Bubonic plague, it was carried by infected rats who were bitten by plaque-ridden fleas....   [tags: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis]

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Obesity Epidemic : The United States

- The United States is facing an obesity epidemic, with rates being at the highest in recent U.S. History. Along with the rising rates of obesity, the diseases associated with obesity, such as: heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, gallbladder disease and gallstones, have all seen increases as well. Mainly affecting those in low-income areas, where they simply do not have the financial means to support healthy eating habits. However, given that they are low-income earners, their children are most likely enrolled in their school’s free and/ or reduced lunch program; where the food quality may turn out to be even unhealthier than that of what their surrounding food...   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Health, Food]

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The Epidemic Of Child Obesity

- Introduction HIV/Aids have been a one of the most well-known epidemics we constantly hear about, as well as the more recent Ebola epidemic. Child obesity lives in the shadow of those sudden epidemics that later died down but has evolved tremendously all over the world, not just in America. It has become a growing epidemic. For example, the epidemic of child obesity in America is a very “complex problem that likely has physiology, environmental, and cultural dimensions, demands attention to both medicine and culture from any scholar who aims to provide a deep understanding of how the disease at the heart of the epidemic has come to be defined and treated” (517)....   [tags: Obesity, Hypertension, Childhood obesity]

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Childhood Obesity : A Recent Epidemic

- Childhood obesity is a recent epidemic that has overcome the American culture and is growing at alarming rates. There are many contributors to this unhealthy lifestyle, many of them being environmental aspects. Environment play a big role in the nutrition children receive. Adolescent obesity is the direct product of a child 's environment both geographical and their home settings. Schools have done a substantial amount of work on creating a healthy environment for students, but there is more that can be done....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Health, Childhood]

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Obesity : A Growing Epidemic

- Obesity has become a growing epidemic in the United States of America. Federal agencies, authors of diet books, and others have offered advice on how to lose weight but none seem to work since the epidemic is still on the rise. In the article “The Feds’ Fib about Low-Fat,” Michael Fumento argues that the low-fat myth government agencies have inadvertently promoted can be deceiving and not healthy for the individual. This article is a syndicated column that has appeared in newspapers around the country, therefore allowing for a diversified audience....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Weight loss, Dieting]

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The Issue Of Obesity Epidemic

- As obesity epidemic is in the rise, it is important to understand and concur the role of collaborative work between government, food industries and citizens. It is a global issue that was provoked not only by the obese individual alone, but also by external indicators. In this paper, I will discuss the vital role of government and my role as an individual. The simultaneous increases in obesity in almost all countries seem to be driven mainly by changes in the global food system, which is producing more processed, affordable, and effectively marketed food than ever before....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Epidemiology, Food]

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Childhood Obesity : A Growing Epidemic

- In America, the childhood obesity rate has nearly tripled in the past fifteen years and only 2% of children in America have a healthy diet (“Childhood”). Childhood obesity has not simply become an issue, but an epidemic. Parents, as well as schools, are lacking the education needed to teach the children about nutrition and physical exercise. Fast food chain restaurants, such as McDonalds, often at time lure the children to eat large amounts of unhealthy food by giving away toys with their purchased meal....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Health, Overweight]

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Is Marijuana A Solution For The Opioid Epidemic?

- Is Marijuana a Solution to the Opioid Epidemic?: A Review and Analysis An Opioid Epidemic in the United States The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently published an analysis that showed drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States – surpassing even that of automobile accidents (“Opioid Addiction”). A majority of these deaths are related to prescription opiates and heroin use. Opiates are drugs commonly prescribed as pain relievers, including oxycodone, codeine, morphine, and fentanyl....   [tags: Morphine, Opioid, Heroin, Drug addiction]

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Medicine Hurts : The Silent Epidemic

- It 's a fact of life: people checking into the hospital face risks. Expecting to get better, some actually end up getting worse. Everyone has heard the stories of risks that are taken. There is the danger of medical complications such as bleeding or infection. Then there is human error, like getting the wrong drug or dosage. These complications are slowly rising, and becoming known as a “silent epidemic.” This "silent epidemic" can appear in a variety of situations – when a person is prescribed the wrong medication for his or her medical condition or age, the right medication in the wrong dose, or two or more medications that interact with dangerous, unintended side effects ("When Medicine...   [tags: Pharmacology, Prescription drug, Drugs]

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Adult Obesity : A Great Epidemic

- Adult obesity has become a great epidemic in America. More than one third of U.S. adults are obese. That is approximately 78.6 million people. It affects some people more than others. Extreme obesity continues to occur more often in women than men. For women, obesity is more common among Hispanic and African Americans. For men, obesity is more common among Hispanic men than African American and Caucasian men. Obesity occurs most commonly when people’s age increases. In America, the obesity rate is much higher in the south and the mid-west....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Hypertension, Health]

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The Obesity Epidemic Among America

- America is statistically known to be the fattest nation because of the drastic increase in the obesity epidemic amongst young individuals. The most prominent cause of this increase involves unhealthy eating habits that then lead to young individuals being diagnosed with illnesses that originally began at a much older age. The lives of Americans in comparison to the past has drastically changed and has had a negative impact on the health of Americans now. The fast food restaurants developed over the years attract young adults because of it being cheap and convenient to those who have busy lives....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Junk food, Healthy diet]

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Obesity : An Epidemic Of Obesity

- The growing number of obese people in America has become a major health concern in the United States today. In 1990, obese adults made up less than fifteen percent of the population in most U.S. states, according to "An Epidemic of Obesity: U.S. Obesity Trends". Fast forward twenty-five years later and that number has more than doubled in size. Americans are literally living large with no sign of slimming down any time soon. So, who is to blame for the increased number of obese people in the United States....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, United States, Food]

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The Heroin Epidemic Of The United States

- Sooner rather than later, the heroin epidemic that is currently sweeping through the United States may directly or indirectly affect all of us. Over the past 10-15 years, the number of reported heroin abuse cases has risen exponentially, and this trend still appears to be on an upward trajectory with unimaginable limits. According to a poll, about 40% of those surveyed know someone who is battling heroin addiction, with a large proportion of that group pointing out that a family member is the victim of addiction....   [tags: Drug addiction, Morphine, Addiction, Opioid]

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The Hiv / Aids Epidemic

- The HIV/AIDS epidemic has a very complex and exasperating history in the African-American community. In order to have a hope of improving the prevalence of the virus in the African-American community, it is important to identify the sources that keep the virus so active in the Black community. According to the American Journal of Public Health, African-Americans have a higher prevalence of HIV and STD’s compared to other racial/ethnic groups, and, furthermore, are more likely to engage in sexual and injecting relationships with other African-American individuals, who have risk factors equal or greater than they do....   [tags: HIV, Sexual intercourse, AIDS, African American]

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The Epidemic Of Childhood Obesity

- The Child Obesity Epidemic The epidemic of childhood obesity is fierce. The problem is scattered all around the nation from the east coast to the west. Hispanics, Åfrican Americans, Whites, males, females, are all prone to obesity. For the past few years this issue has caught more attention to people around the country. Nearly 18% of children in America are obese (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The number of overweight or obese children continues to grow throughout the country. Lance Armstrong stated “If we don 't somehow stem the tide of childhood obesity, we 're going to have a huge problem.” The youth is experiencing concerning health problems, a lack of physical activity,...   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Childhood obesity, Overweight]

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Obesity : The Newest Epidemic

- When one hears the word epidemic what is the first word to come to mind. AIDS. Maybe even poverty. However, the truth is, experts are calling obesity “the newest epidemic.” The AACAP states that “unhealthy weight gain…and lack of exercise is responsible for over 300,000 deaths each year” (“Obesity in Children,” 1). For years obesity has been an epidemic in the United States and now it is not only adults who are suffering from the disease, but also children. In the past couple of decades, Americans have become lazy....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Hypertension, Body shape]

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Hiv / Aids : A Global Epidemic

- HIV/AIDS has been named a global epidemic which has not only affected many developing countries but specifically has had a tremendous impact on South Africa. It has been a major cause of death and continues as a public health concern which needs to be controlled. To understand the efforts being made by two campaigns, the Treatment Action Campaign and loveLife, an understanding of what the country is facing is essential. Statistics show that about seven million people are living with HIV and just in 2015, there were 380,000 new HIV infections and 180,000 AIDS-related deaths....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Antiretroviral drug, South Africa]

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The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity

- There is an epidemic so fierce, it is impacting families from California to Maine. It is not the Ebola epidemic. It is childhood obesity. An estimated 1 in 7 children between the ages of 6 to 17 are overweight and/or obese. That is a staggering 14 percent. Compared to 5 percent almost 20 years ago. Hispanics, African-Americans, and American Indians, females to males are more prone to this devastating medical condition. So many divided on an issue that everyone can see; the health and welfare of children....   [tags: Obesity in Children]

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Obesity : The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

- Too Much Cushion for The Pushin: The childhood Obesity Epidemic Childhood obesity is one of society’s current epidemics. This problem doesn’t only affect children during their adolescent years, but will negatively impact the child in their adulthood, creating problems such as heart disease and a lower quality of life. In recent studies there is a correlation between the decrease in physical education budgets and the increase in obesity in public schools indicating the direct relationship between physical education and activity in schools and obesity rates....   [tags: High school, Obesity, Nutrition, Hypertension]

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Obesity Is A Growing Epidemic

- Kids like Cake Visit any public park or any school playground and you are sure to find young children that are above the national recommended weight for their ages. These children range from being overweight to being obese. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health and is defined by body mass index (BMI). In the United States, the rate of childhood obesity has been on a high rise over the past few decades. Obesity is a growing epidemic that has lasting, economical strain, psychological effects, contributes to major health issues because of, a lack of physical activities and education....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Hypertension]

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Childhood Obesity is an Epidemic

- Today, approximately 25 percent of children and teenagers are obese and the number is on the rise. Since the 1960’s childhood obesity has increased by 54 percent in children ages six to eleven. In children twelve to seventeen it has increased by 39 percent. (Silberstein, 1) Childhood obesity is so prevalent among these age groups that it has reached epidemic proportions. One cause of childhood obesity is genetics. Children who have parents or siblings who are overweight have an increased risk of becoming obese themselves....   [tags: Obesity in Children]

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The Epidemic Of Dengue Fever

- Introduction What is dengue fever. Dengue fever is caused from a transfer of misquotes bite to human that contains the Aedes aegypti virus. The disease affects people that live in countries such as South Asia Pacific, Caribbean and South America. There has been a major outbreak in India due to large demand to live urban area. One major problem these countries have is their drainage system when rain falls. When it rains, it leave a large body of water that become unclean which is a target site for misquotes to start to breed....   [tags: Mosquito, Dengue fever, Aedes, Aedes aegypti]

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The Epidemic Of America Obesity

- An Epidemic An epidemic can be defined as “a sudden, widespread occurrence of a particular undesirable phenomenon”(Oxford). That definition perfectly describes what obesity has become throughout America. It’s not hard to tell that America as a whole has been getting more and more obese over the last 30 years, you can see it nearly everyday as you walk down the street. A person is declared medically obese when their body mass index is over 30, with the body mass index compare your height to your weight....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Physical exercise]

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Obesity Is Becoming A Worldwide Epidemic

- During the Middle Ages adults who were obese in society were seen as having high status in the community. People who were hefty in those day were considered wealthy and healthy. They had the power and money to buy any goods most people who were poor desired and needed. Wealth affected the wealthy to consume excesses amount of food and that indicated them to be healthy than the rest of the people who were low income or did not have any money. Being obsess was the sign of wealth and health, however, throughout the years the label has changed into a negative form....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Physical exercise, Overweight]

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The Epidemic Of Childhood Obesity

- The epidemic of childhood obesity is fierce. The problem is scattered all around the nation from the east coast to the west. Hispanics, Åfrican Americans, Whites, males, females, are all prone to obesity. For the past few years this issue has caught more attention to people around the country. Nearly 18% of children in America are obese (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The number of overweight or obese children continues to grow throughout the country. Lance Armstrong stated “If we don 't somehow stem the tide of childhood obesity, we 're going to have a huge problem.” The youth is experiencing concerning health problems, a lack of physical activity, major health care costs, dep...   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Overweight, Hypertension]

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Obesity Is A National Epidemic

- At least three papes, APA format. Answer the following three questions: For years, Americans have blamed those who are overweight on poor decision making, claiming that if they ate more nutritious foods and exercised more often than they could live healthier lives. What many people do not understand is that there are certain factors that we cannot control that impact our health. Weight of the Nation exemplifies how impactful our genetics, our DNA, our environment, what is marketed to us, what is put in the food we are buying are in influencing our health each day....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Food, Physical exercise]

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Childhood Obesity : A Major Epidemic

- Childhood Obesity has become a major epidemic in the United States because of the lack of responsibility taken by parents when feeding their children unhealthy foods. The percent of obese and overweight children in the U.S. is increasing at an alarming rate, and has no chance of slowing down unless awareness is brought and action is taken. The percentage of “children age 6-12 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012” (Center of Disease Control and Prevention)....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Weight loss, Hypertension]

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Is Obesity A Silent Epidemic?

- According to the United States Census Bureau that average life expectancy of an American is seventy-eight, which has increased over the last couple of years. Even though the life expectancy of an American has risen, there are still many health risks that Americans have to endure every year. Whether its genetic inheritance from parent to child or addictions that can trigger cancers or other illness. There is a silent epidemic that is consuming all Americans and that is obesity. And in recent studies done by the World Health Organization (WHO) obesity has increased since the 1980s, and in 2014 thirty-nine percent of the population was overweight, that is 1.9 billion adults....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Dieting, Life expectancy]

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Aids : An Important Epidemic

- Bill Gates once said “AIDS itself is subject to incredible stigma” (Brainy Quotes). It is only understandable why people would feel such disgrace being diagnosed with AIDS, including a girl named Eve. “I feel like my life was totally ruined the moment and day I found out, sometimes I think it might have been better to have gone on not knowing.” Eve’s life was changed completely when she was diagnosed with AIDS three years ago. She continues to feel the same as she did when she found out, dirty and ashamed....   [tags: AIDS, HIV, Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa]

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The Obesity Epidemic Sweeping America

- From the time we can remember we are always told, "not till your 18", to make our own choices. In America that is the moment where someone is considered a full grown adult. The moment where you are considered responsible for your actions in all the decisions you make. Now it seems things have changes, no longer does that hold true. There is the obesity epidemic sweeping America. What we put in our mouths and whether it is a personal responsibility is up in the air. In one corner you have those like myself who believe it is your responsibility to be concision of what you eat....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, United States, Health]

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The Epidemic Of Homelessness Today America

- The Epidemic of Homelessness in America Imagine the limitations of providing adequate housing for you, and your family while living paycheck to paycheck. Where a sick day, or the cut back of hours at work could leave you with the inability to pay rent. Unfortunately, this is a hardship that millions of Americans who live below the poverty line have to face. Now, imagine someone suffering with mental illness, or drug addiction on their own, who are obviously in desperate need for the resources that could enable them to become functional in society....   [tags: Poverty, Homelessness, Unemployment]

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Obesity : The Obesity Epidemic

- In recent years, an increasing amount of attention has been placed on what has been called America 's obesity epidemic. As such, pressure has been placed on restaurants (fast food chains, in particular) to stop targeting children, prepare healthier options and to be more transparent with the nutritional facts of their menu items. Likewise, video game companies have found ways to get children up and moving while playing games by introducing motion sensors for their consoles (i.e. X-Box Kinect, Playstation Move and Nintendo Wii)....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Weight loss]

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The Issue Of The Obesity Epidemic

- In discussions of the obesity epidemic, one controversial issue has been increasing regulations on junk food. On the one hand, supporters of the idea argue that it is the U.S. government 's responsibility to protect its citizens from diseases like obesity, and that extra regulations would do just that. On the other hand, detractors contend that more government regulations would limit consumer choice and infringe on human rights. Others even maintain that junk food should be illegal. My own view is that fast food corporations are mostly responsible for the obesity epidemic and should be further regulated....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Health, Health care]

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Influenza Virus And The Pandemic Epidemic

- A high public health threat across the globe affecting thousands of people is the influenza virus and the different strains that recently evolved. Influenza viruses are said to be pathogenic and can be highly contagious when not properly treated immediately (Pfleiderer et al, 2014). This deadly virus has affected countless regions or areas throughout the earth for hundreds of years. Over the span of years, researchers have been studying and reproducing various new influenza vaccines due to the high rates of mortality and disease caused by this prevalent virus....   [tags: Influenza, Influenza vaccine, Pandemic]

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The Epidemic Of Fast Food Restaurants

- Obesity was considered an epidemic once people started to realize it was the second biggest cause of death in America. Since obesity was considered an epidemic many started to consider if banning fast food restaurants or making fast food restaurants illegal, would help decrease the obesity rate. An unhealthy lifestyle can cause obesity, health problems, and death. Opening fast food restaurants in southern California should be illegal because it can cause obesity. Fast food comes high in calories, high in fat, high in sugars, and high in saturated and trans fat....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Hypertension]

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The End Of The Obesity Epidemic

- The End of the Obesity Epidemic. Abby Hogan, 12/15/2016 Gard, Michael. The End of the Obesity Epidemic. London: Routledge, 2011. Print. This book focused on how obesity includes a variety of variable factors that can influence the chance of obesity being a problem. As clinicians we can’t just give someone the most popular diet plan and expect it to work for them. We have to be willing to consider all aspects of their well-being and other factors that might have an influence on their ability to lose weight or if there is a better way to just manage their current weight....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Weight loss, Want]

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Credit Card Epidemic

- The silent epidemic sweeping the nation today is credit card abuse. As prices of goods increase faster than average wages, American families slide deeper into debt. In the meantime, the banks are flourishing from their desire to buy now and pay later. It is amazing how a small piece of plastic can be so dangerous. Society today almost requires people to carry credit cards. In my opinion, credit cards are one of America’s family’s most underrated problems.      One could assume the banks encourage spending on impulse in order to secure their future....   [tags: Credit Card Abuse Debt]

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Affluenza: An American Epidemic

- Affluenza is an epidemic which effects millions of people in the United States. “Until this century [20th], to consume was considered a bad thing” says Jeremy Rifkin an expert on affluenza ( Gross ). The victims of affluenza are consumers who work long hours at a job they hate so they can buy things which they don’t need ( Fight Club ). Like AIDS, affluenza has spread quickly throughout the United States showing no prejudice of race, sex or color. However, unlike AIDS, affluenza is a compulsive addiction to shopping, which can be cured by spending less time consuming and more time enjoying life....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Stabilizing the Foreclosure Epidemic

- Let me first state that in order to solve this crisis we must not only think outside the box ( an overused cliche that makes no sense) but outside Washington D.C.. With all of the lobbyist and special interest groups who fight against any type of change that would not fill up their wallets, this will be an extremely arduous task. But it can be done, should be done, and will be done ...The American people have already bailed out Wall Street. We now have to bail out the people on "Main street". The people that built this country and made this country great....   [tags: Economics]

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The Obesity Epidemic in Canada

- Obesity is a growing concern in Canada and due to the increased time spent in one’s place of employment, there is an augmented importance placed on healthy living in the workplace. In 2004, approximately 6.8 million Canadian adults between the ages of 20 and 64 were overweight, and an additional 4.5 million were obese as recorded by the Canadian Policy Research Networks (Pierre, N., Pollack, N., & Fafard, P. 2007), further emphasizing the need to reduce obesity rates and to improve overall health....   [tags: Health Policy Paper]

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Overview and Nature of the Obesity Epidemic

- It is common to crave the many delicious foods that are found in today’s markets and restaurants. Some may enjoy them more than others and create an unhealthy eating behavior. For this reason it is not surprising that many Americans face an obesity epidemic. The great debate is whether obesity should be labeled as a disease or simply an individual choice due to a person’s lifestyle. The obesity epidemic, recently labeled a disease, continues to rise in America. However, alternative solutions and preventative measures show that obesity is not a disease....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Overeating]

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The United States' Poverty Epidemic

- Compared to the rest of the world the United States is economically prosperous however, many citizens are plagued with poverty and destitution. Poverty has become such a problem that one in six Americans are living below the poverty line (Yen). Despite the significant number of Americans living in poverty, most Americans are unaware of its vast scope and scale. The public’s apathy towards poverty has caused it to become an invisible epidemic. The middle -class’s flight from the cities has created de facto segregation between the impoverished and the financially comfortable....   [tags: visible economic and social issues]

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Childhood Obesity: A Nationwide Epidemic

- There is a saying, “you are what you eat” which certainly appears to be true. Childhood obesity has become a nationwide epidemic. Canada has seen a massive increase in the number of unhealthy and obese children in the past twenty years. But who is to blame for this problem. People tend to blame socioeconomic factors and the mass media for their children’s weight problems. However, unhealthy family eating habits and a lack of family involvement in physical activity are major reasons for obesity in young children today....   [tags: unhealthy habits, overeating, underexercising]

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Damages from the Smoking Epidemic

- “Smoking isn’t just suicide. It’s murder.” A worldwide epidemic has threatened to change the course of our lives. A rise in deaths from cancer have shaken the world and something must be done. In April of 2008, this image was used in the Public Health and Safety Campaign called, “Smoking is Murder”. Paulino Caffarena, the illustrator, partnered with a non-profit health organization called the Chilean Corporation Against Cancer, otherwise known as CONAC, to sponsor the campaign. This image was used to raise awareness of the effects of second hand smoking....   [tags: cancer, secondhand, moral]

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The Fight The Heroin Epidemic

- I am a student at Western Wisconsin Technical College and a grateful recovering drug addict. I think it is safe to say that the current “war on drugs,” is being lost. I do however believe that winning this war is not an impossible task, and with the right approach taken it can be won. With such a large increase in the number of people struggling with substance abuse issues, it’s no wonder we are seeing such a dramatic increase in the crime rate nationwide; therefor overcrowding of jail/prisons. The method of incarcerating drug addicts, for drug offenses or low level crimes, has proven to be ineffective....   [tags: Drug addiction, Heroin, Addiction, Substance abuse]

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The Epidemic Of The Smallpox Vaccine

- Vaccines have been used to prevent diseases for centuries, and have saved countless lives of children and adults. The smallpox vaccine was invented as early as 1796, and since then the use of vaccines has continued to protect us from countless life threatening diseases such as polio, measles, and pertussis. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2010) assures us that vaccines are extensively tested by scientists to make sure they are effective and safe, and must receive the approval of the Food and Drug Administration before being used....   [tags: Vaccine, Vaccination, Smallpox, Infectious disease]

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An Epidemic Of Empathy And Healthcare

- An Epidemic of Empathy in Healthcare: How to Deliver Compassionate Connected Patient Care that Creates a Competitive Advantage was the book I chose to read for this assignment. I chose this book because in reading the reviews of the book and the summary, I found it to be a topic of current discussion among my associates and colleagues. The title of this book stood out to me and, after further inquiry, I realized it gave insight to one of the major problems in the delivery of healthcare today. Healthcare has become like an assembly line; the patient goes in, gets a diagnosis, and receives a similar treatment to the next person with that same diagnosis....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Health care provider, Patient]

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Hiv Is A Global Epidemic

- Introduction Colin Powell (2001) once said, “No war on the face of the earth is more destructive than the AIDS epidemic”. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, also known as HIV, is a global epidemic that has traditionally been linked to individuals who partake in risky behaviors; however in today’s society, HIV has no face. It does not discriminate against race, gender, age, sexual preference, or socioeconomic status. According to (2014), “HIV is a virus that only affects humans and weakens the immune system by destroying important cells that fight disease and infection”....   [tags: HIV, AIDS, Immune system, Immunodeficiency]

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Obesity And The Global Obesity Epidemic

- In the modern, busy 21st century, individuals are looking towards effortless ways to save money and time. In this case, nutrition and food preparation have been affected. As more and more packaged products and perishables are being mass produces, individuals are utilizing easy alternatives for a family’s nutrition. As preservatives are added into these products, the negative impacts towards consumers are rising. The positive correlations between the negative impacts and rise to the usage of these products have results to the global obesity epidemic....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Adipose tissue]

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