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The Environment Of An Ecosystem

- ... Provisioning services provide the food for themselves; this includes the production of food and water. Provisioning services are the products obtained from ecosystems such as food, raw materials, genetic materials, water, minerals, medicinal resources, energy and ornamental resources (Ecological Society of America). The second services are the regulating services that regulate and sustain the climate, which also includes the control of pests and disease. The regulating services are benefits obtained from the regulation of ecosystem processes....   [tags: Water, Human, Water quality, Water supply]

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The Is The Deteriorating Environment

- Have a Heart Sometimes I walk home from school. Usually, my only company is rows of houses. Often, I wonder whether that person appreciates the roof above his or her head. My guess is that the person did not think to consider the fact that he or she has a place to call home. I know, because I do not. The truth is, we think that homes are permanent, but homes are fickle. Think of this concept in broader terms. We are all residents of planet Earth. As far as we know, Earth is the only planet that can sustain life....   [tags: Climate change, Global warming, Earth, Climate]

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Environment: What’s really going on?

- What’s really going on. For the past few many people have wonder, or become more aware of our planet’s changes and the way it has been affecting us all along. Some people take this very serious, but others are not taking the warnings that our Earth, our home, has given us. There has been a lot of research over the past couple of decades to determine the effect of the many unusual patterns of some natural “disasters”. There has been a lot of confusion based on the results of the many scientists that have tried to work out this ongoing process....   [tags: Environment, Global Warming, Climate Change]

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Pollution and the Environment

- Pollution and the Environment Pollution occurs when harmful substances or products are introduced into the environment. It is a major problem in America, as well as the rest of the world. Pollution damages the environment and does harm to humans and other animals. It creates many problems, from lung cancer to the greenhouse effect. Oblivious to the damage they cause, rednecks continue to throw trash out of the window instead of walking two feet to a garbage can. The laziness of these types of people creates problems for the entire planet....   [tags: Environmental]

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Evolution on the Environment

- Presently, the Earth that we are living in now has evolved though the past billons of years and is yet on the process of changing for the future. Each single step and decision we make plays a part on the upcoming organisms/generations living on this planet. Evolution plays a role on how the Earth never remains constant. Evolution is “a theory that the differences between modern plants and animals are because of changes that happened by a natural process over a very long time” (Merriam Webster)....   [tags: mutation, human, vertebrates]

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Education of the Environment

- According to CQ Researcher, over the past 25 years a glacier found in the Peruvian Andes, that took around 1,600 years to form, has completely melted. Numerous studies have been run researching climate change and the affects of those changes are becoming increasing evident as time passes. These changes are being observed in every aspect of the environment whether that includes water sources, farmland, or even human lives itself. The issues related with a changing climate are continually becoming more important within the everyday life of Americans, but with that also comes the critics that are under the assumption that it is all a hoax and that the changes experienced are all a part of a cyc...   [tags: Peruvian Andes, glacier, nature]

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Consumption and the Environment

- Consumption of products and services can affect the environment in a number of different ways. It’s important to realize that every product at some point in its life cycle, whether directly or indirectly, contributes to environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, and resource depletion. Not only does the production, processing, and consumption of products require extracting and using natural resources; factories need to be built and run using more of these resources. These factories in turn emit greenhouse gases and create pollution and waste which all contribute to climate change (Shah)....   [tags: ethics, pollution, climate change]

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The, Social And Environment

- ... For contributing factors such as social and environmental to obesity I will be referring to Bronfenbrenner’s’ Ecological system as both aspects are so closely linked. Within this theory there are factors surrounding the child according to Boonpleng et al., (2013) and they are the Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macrosystem and Chronosystem, there will be talk of 3 of these systems that are relevant to the points made. Boonpleng et al., (2013) states how to Microsystem is the people or group of people the individual is in direct contact with....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Overweight]

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Mangroves and the Environment

- ... The purpose of the overall report will then be outlined and conclusions will be drawn, summing up the ultimate optimisations regarding the conservation of the mangroves and reduction in any potentially negative repercussions. Globally, mangroves are and have been predominately effected by human activity and interference. This is apparent in conducted research, showing that mangrove forestation is declining at an accelerated rate of 1 -2% per year (DasGubta & Shaw, 2013). This has many ramifications upon the ecosystem, resulting in the altering of the biological structure and functioning....   [tags: microorganism, biodiversity, aquatic organisms ]

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The Pesticidesin The Environment

- Agriculture and growing livestock have been central to human life since early history. Agriculture and agricultural trades continue to be vital for food security, economies and societies of many countries (Mfat.govt,nz, 2014). New Zealand is a core example of an economy that relies heavily on agriculture exports. The dairy sector in New Zealand amounts to 2.8% of GDP annually, which is approximately 5 billion dollars. However, unavoidable risk factors have been introduced or become evident in farm produce, threatening agriculture in New Zealand....   [tags: agriculture, new zealand, soil]

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Christians and the Environment

- Christian theology states that God created the earth and gave it as a gift to humans to be shared with all other living creatures. This belief is known as the “Creation-centered approach to the natural environment” (Massaro, p.163). This approach emphasizes the value of nature by recognizing humans as being an equal part of God’s creation under which all “species deserve protection” (Massaro, p.163). With such publicly known cases of pollution like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or Bethlehem Steel’s pollution of Lake Erie decades ago, it is evident that humans have been using the environment in accordance with the Stewardship or even the Dominion model, both of which...   [tags: Informative Essay]

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Energy and the Environment

- Energy and the Environment As I read books and magazines to prepare for this essay, I have become much more familiar with energy and the environment. I was always aware of my surroundings, but studying the issues further has allowed me to see how my life is involved with this area and how it actually impacts it. I think it was first made clear to me when I looked at the actual energy processes that take place every single moment of every day, and how very little disturbances can change environmental processes substantially....   [tags: Environmental Pollution Science]

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Globalization and the Environment

- Economy is not a separate thing from production, consumption and exchange. Economics pays no attention to goods and services provided by nature, air, water, soil and sunlight that produce everything we need for survival and all the riches we are able to accumulate. What is the cost of globalization to the environment. Does globalization have the same goals for a healthy planet and justice for people. Timothy Taylor writes, “Moreover, large multinational companies typically do not perceive it to be in their self-interest to seek out locations where they can pollute most heavily.” He goes on to explain that these companies have a design in place with pollution-control that meets the standards...   [tags: Environmental Ecology Pollution Essays]

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Politics and the Environment

- The July 9, 2002 release of the World Wildlife Fund’s third “Living Planet” report - which asserts that the human race is currently consuming resources at a rate 20% percent greater than the Earth’s ability to regenerate - coincided unsurprisingly with the simultaneous release of two counter-dispatches by the Cato Institute. In conjunction with an additional counter-argument published in the Institute’s August 26 edition of “Policy Analysis,” these two dispatches serve as a fairly accurate example of Conservative/Libertarian criticisms of the environmentalist movement or at least as examples prominent enough to merit scrutiny....   [tags: Environmental Climate Change]

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Experimental Evidence that Paternal Environment Affects Offspring Environments

- This research was tested to see if the offspring survived relatively better when their environment matched their father´s, assuming the possibility that fathers can adaptively influence the phenotype of their offspring according to local conditions. Adaptive paternal effects refer to the change in a phenotype that a male´s sperm can have in response to their own environment in order to increase their offspring robustness according to local conditions. Normally, paternal effects have been assumed to be absent or slight, but this assumption has been challenged by recent studies showing that transgenerational epigenetic effects transferred down the male line, and transmission of compounds in th...   [tags: Sperm, Embryo]

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The Environment and Socioeconomic Issues: A Common Thread

- The physically of the environmental problems facing Nepal, Korea, and the Russian Fareast are overwhelmingly evident and unfortunately, impossible to ignore. They are factual burdens on these countries’ socioeconomic welfare. Nevertheless, a candid comparison to the Australian and the American experience insinuates a prevailing conflict in values towards the “political importance” of environment problems in lure of necessary social development. According to Elson Strahan’s (2000) article Comparative Environmental Policy: Australia and the U.S., he questions what set of values that will ultimately drive policymakers in these two countries, and thus “…environmental policies must be considere...   [tags: Environmental/Social]

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Environment Texas Organization

- Environment Texas is a citizen based environmental advocacy organization based here in Texas focussed on protecting Texas’ air, water and open spaces from pollution or destruction. The state of Texas ranks among the top for producing toxic air pollutants and also is one of the most anti-regulatory states in the nation. As an advocacy group, Environment Texas seeks to pursue public policy goals on behalf of its members by influencing the government in its decision making policy on where to disburse tax dollars through public spending programs and creating legislation favourable to its members....   [tags: Environmental Advocacy Organization]

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The Negative Effects of Urbanization on People and their Environment

- The Negative Effects of Urbanization on People and their Environment As our world becomes increasingly globalized, numerous people travel to urban areas in search of economic prosperity. As a consequence of this cities in periphery countries expand at rates of 4 to 7 percent annually. Many cities offer entrepreneurs the potential for resources, labor, and resources. With prosperity cities also allow the freedom to of a diversity of way of life and manners (Knox & Marston, 2012). However, in the quest to be prosperous, increasing burdens are placed on our health and the condition of our environment....   [tags: Environmental Management, Urbanization]

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Effectiveness of US Biotech Environmental Regulation

- Effectiveness of US Biotech Environmental Regulation: As the multi-billion dollar American biotech industry grows, the public is becoming increasingly weary of the environmental risks associated with biotechnology. As a result, there has been increasing scrutiny and distrust of the government and its regulatory practices. A 2010 poll conducted by the New York Times found that 91% of those polled considered the US government’s regulation of the biotech industry as “insufficient” and expressed significant doubt in its testing standards (Bittman)....   [tags: Environment ]

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Environmental Problems Created by Plastic Bags

- A plastic shopping bag, the most known used product discovered by man. Data released by the United States Environmental Protection Agency shows that somewhere between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year (National Geographic News, 2006). As the number of usage increases, the rate of plastic pollution grows eventually to be an immeasurable environmental obstacle that is difficult to control. This essay will unfold the case of plastic bags to identify the outcomes and impacts that are caused, and justify clarifications to this dilemma....   [tags: Environment ]

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The Effect of Environmental Sustainability

- Although it is widely known that the earth experiences cyclical climate change, there has been much evidence that human activities are negatively affecting the environment, and hence, the finite resources of the earth. Many people have become preoccupied with how the activities of developing nations, as well as those of developed nations, continue to pose a threat to our planet and its finite resource base. This in turn affects human wellbeing, as exploitative and polluting activities will in another manner negatively affect humankind globally, but especially the less developed nations....   [tags: Environment]

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Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation Measures on the Chilterns AONB

- 1. Introduction: Background High Speed 2 (HS2) is a proposed high speed train between London and the west Midlands. The project was established in January 2009 by a company set up by the government to consider the construction of a high speed railway in UK. This train will be able to travel up to 400 kph by year 2020. High speed trains have been successfully introduced in countries like Germany, France and Spain (hs2, 2011). The construction of the high-speed railway would reduce journey times from London to Birmingham to 49 minutes and from London to Manchester and Leeds to 80 minutes....   [tags: Environment ]

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Environmental Apathy in Young Adults

- Before I start my speech, I want you guys to do something for me. I want you to picture your favorite place outdoors. It can be anywhere. A place you visit frequently, or even a place that you’ve been once, or even just seen in a picture that left a memory, or an imprint in your mind. I want you to picture the animals, the greenery, the fresh air that fills this place. Imagine how many people, and organisms that this one area has affected, and how many of these organisms depend on this place to survive....   [tags: Environment]

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The Consequences of Destructive Environmental Behavior Expressed in Clive Ponting's Article "The Shadow of the Past"

- In this article, “The Shadow of the Past” Clive Ponting, proclaims the vital importance for our modern global civilization and offers a provocative and illuminating view of human history and its relationship to the environment. Ponting points out that as our species increased in population, it had a direct effect on our environment and our ecosystems could not support our increasing number. He argues that human beings have repeatedly built societies that have grown and prospered by exploiting the Earth’s resources, only to expand to the point where these resources can no longer sustain the society’s population and subsequently collapsed....   [tags: environment]

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Energy and Environment

- Imagine a life without lights, televisions, computers, trains, washing machine, refrigerators and microwaves. Imagine a planet so polluted that smog is in the air so bad that one cannot see very far, lakes and streams are poisoned, and land so badly scarred from people trying to find more energy sources. This may become reality in nearly future as a result of abuse of our energy resources. That reveals that energy is most important in our life, while a planet where we live is important too, a planet which effected by both generate the energy to meet our demands, and our use of energy....   [tags: Conservation]

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A Green Environment

- FACT IDEA LEARNING OUTCOME ACTION 1. Recycle and Organic Clothing symbolize the Green Marketing 1. Recycled and Organic clothing can help to boost us the economic growth while introduce a healthy lifestyle towards society. 2. Clothing also can be produce by using organic element especially for the consumers that seeking eco-friendly products. 3. Recycle activity also can be use to be a business example the marketers can recycle and reuse the bottle plastic to be vase, window frames and seed trays....   [tags: organic, recyle, products]

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The Learning Environment

- The Learning Environment We now live in a knowledge-based society. 21st century living is a more globalized and changing environment, and consequently, is in a constant state of flux. The new world order places a premium on individuals who have the ability to use information by analyzing, evaluating, designing, and creating new solutions and products. Therefore, it is my firm belief that we need to develop learners (regardless of age, sex, race, gender identity, religion, social or economic status) in higher-order thinking and performance skills that will make them problem solvers, critical thinkers, innovators, troubleshooters or entrepreneurs – productive and involved citizens who are glo...   [tags: Student Engagement, Technological Innovation]

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The Social Environment

- ... The public space is bolstering with men in coffee shops, theatres, and other public places. Women, if in a public place, tend to be scurrying to the next location. Helgeson noted, “The distinct role of men and women are not questioned in Morocco”( Helgeson, V. S. 2012). The men’s role is the leader of the household who works outside the homestead to provide a living. The women’s role is the educator and caregiver to the children. Women were not concerned with equality. The gender inequality is firmly rooted in the culture....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Transgender, Gender studies]

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The Plastisphere Environment

- Have you ever tripped on a discarded and worn-out Happy Meal toy while walking along the beach shore. Has it ever dawned on you that this piece of garbage can be a habitat for different microbes that have created their own community. For the past 60 years, humans have been unconsciously creating a new ecosystem in the oceans. This ecosystem is made up of different things—from toys and shoes to orange juice containers and toothpaste tubes. Labeled as the plastisphere, scientists are now concerned about this new ecosystem’s environmental impact not only to marine animals, but also to humans....   [tags: garbage, microbes, oceans, debris]

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Environmental Psychology Article Analysis

- Environmental Psychology Article Analysis Environmental psychology is concern with real problems that occurs from the environment that affects the quality of human’s and other living species life. Research applies that the environment and human’s are unite as one and both depends on one another to stabilize the earth. The environment influences the individual’s behavior, mood, emotions, motivation, or psychological processes to either adapt or adjust to environmental changes. One variable in the environment that is responsible for mood changing that affects the individual’s behavior is light....   [tags: Environment ]

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Learning Environments Report On Children 's Laboratory School

- ... There was also a listening center, library, and music center. One of my favorites was the math/puzzle center that had large floor puzzles, tangrams, and an abacus. I also saw an art table, sensory table, and a science center. The science center also had interesting materials that included oil and water bottles, touch and feel box, and sorting activities. I have included a sketch of the classroom and the interest areas within the classroom. I really liked the spacing of the centers. It was just the right amount of spacing where everything isn’t too crowded, but not too far apart for the children to run around....   [tags: Sensory system, Sense, Automobile, Environment]

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General Environment : A Firm 's External Environment

- General environment: Our book says: “A firm’s external environment consists of all the forces that can affect its potential to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. (Rothearmi, 2013) Analyzing the general environment, we can mitigate threats and leverage opportunities. With current healthcare system under government’s scrutiny to lower healthcare costs, pharmaceutical industry is also greatly affected. Political forces have a major effect on this industry in ways of price control, incentives for competition, introduction of parallel trade, etc....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry]

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Monitoring The External Environment Of A Company 's Internal Environment

- ... Many small and big players got into the areas of business areas of Sears which caused Sears to realize that it is too late to take corrective actions. Imitability is another important concept related to how easily someone can imitate a feature. Tacit knowledge is more valuable and more likely to lead to a sustainable competitive advantage than is explicit knowledge, because it is much harder for competitors to imitate. Tacit knowledge, in contrast, is a knowledge that is not easily communicated because it is deeply rooted in employee experience or in a corporation’s culture....   [tags: Strategic management, Corporation, Management]

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Problem Of Environmental Degradation And The Environment

- Suresh Shrestha 1 Suresh Shrestha Prof. Remington Eng-1302 Solution to Environmental Problem "Save our planet", "Go Green", "Think Green" these and other slogans are well known for everyone. But not a single one of us want to spend a second to think about them. Environmental problem has been the number one problem in this 21st century and also has been the most discussed topic globally all over the world....   [tags: Fossil fuel, Greenhouse gas, Earth, Carbon dioxide]

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Environmental Impacts Of Pollution On The Environment

- ... Leftover food can be turned into compost and liquid fertilizer to be used for growing organic fruits and vegetables. “…Process scraps and leftovers into compost and liquid fertilizer… the waste is turned into organic soil for growing fruit and vegetables and clear, odorless washing liquid” (“Caring for Our Mother Nature”). Using recycled water and other forms of water can help to reduce the amount of clean water used every day which saves money and water consumption. “It is best to hand-wash instead of using washing machines; this saves consumption of energy and water” (“Recycling Efforts”)....   [tags: Recycling, Environmentalism]

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Environment Essay: Global Warming

- The atmosphere is something that is around us everyday, but do we really think about the changes that occur in it. It isn't that we just aren't paying attention, but more of the fact that it is hard to notice slight changes over long periods of time. Everyday gases are released into the air by all living material. The gases in the air are used for many important things. For example, hydrogen is released by volcanoes, which can give energy to the cell; photosynthesis has evolved to take the gas carbon dioxide and create food and release oxygen; nitrogen is a gas used in our air, oceans, and solid earth, as an essential part of living things....   [tags: Environment Environmental Pollution Essay]

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Environment Essay: Is the War on Terrorism also a War on the Environment?

- As the U.S. prepares to respond to the ghastly terrorist attacks of September 11, the hard task will be to choose among effective options while minimizing the costs. Environmental concerns might seem trivial and even unpatriotic at a time like this, but the environmental effects of military action pose long-term dangers that we would be foolish to ignore. Thinking in environmental terms at this moment should not be surprising. We must be alert to the likelihood that aggression toward the United States may increasingly take the form of environmental terrorism, including biological and chemical warfare....   [tags: Environmental Pollution Essay]

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Environment Essay: Environment Plus Chemicals Equals Cancer

- According many scientific researchers, our entire population has been dowsed with chemicals. There are several aspects of this dowsing that should concern us. First, and foremost, many of these chemicals are suspected to have damaging health effects on humans, as well as, other life forms. Second, most of these chemicals have only recently been produced so the environment is clearly changing and being challenged by these newcomers. Third, almost all of these chemicals exist in the forms and amounts that they do because of human practices-including agricultural, industrial, and many domestic activities as well....   [tags: Environmental Pollution Essay]

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Conflict With Mining Enterprises in Northern Wisonsin: Environment vs. Economy

- Imagine having a backyard where one had prime cross country skiing slopes, trickling streams and waterfalls, natural caves to go swimming and spelunking in, wetlands to go wild-ricing, fly fishing for trout, and mountains and valleys to take 5-day canoe portages and hiking adventures throughout, all near one’s own house. With the cool breeze and the abundant snowfall the often accumulates up near the Upper Peninsula, due to the lake effects of Lake Superior, there would never be a dull moment with the weather, either....   [tags: environment, lake superior]

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Environmental Impact On The Environment

- Introduction Over the past few years, climate change, plastic pollution, acid rain, and the interlinked nature of these challenges have brought much concern of many researchers and environmentalists. In a post-modern society, we have created a lot of environmental issues with global impacts because our environment has begun to be treated as an unlimited field full of abundant resources for groups and organizations with the power and skills to acquire them. Though many news and social media often underline the consequences of disturbing ecosystem and the significances of respecting the environment, but as more people cluster together in large metropolitan areas today, there are fewer oppor...   [tags: Sustainability, Education, Sustainable development]

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Environment Essay: We Can Stop The Extinction of Endangered Species

- What is a species. What exactly is an endangered species. What is an extinct species. How have these species come to the point of becoming endangered or extinct. What can we do to save the endangered species that are near extinction. Can we actually do anything to save these species, or is it a lost cause. Why should I care. The answer to many of these questions is not know by most people. As much attention as this subject gets from environmental groups and agencies, it gets just as much ignoring by the general public....   [tags: Environment Environmental Pollution Essay]

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Energy and The Environment: The Future of Oil

- There are many environmental issues today that present global controversy. The only way for these problems to come to a resolution is for people around the world to learn about the problems and try to figure out the best solution. In today’s society there are multiple ways to get information. Weeding through these sources and finding the correct information is very difficult. A goal for our nation and world is to become environmentally sustainable. To reach this goal there are a lot of things that need to happen....   [tags: sustainability, environmental issues]

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The Right to a Healthy Environment

- The topic of environmental racism was first introduced to me during an Ethnic Lecture Series at UW-Parkside in 2013. Environmental racism is the placement of low-income or minority communities that are affected by hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, people of color are more likely to reside in areas with increased exposure to air, water, and land pollution, hazardous waste treatment facilities, pesticide and chemical exposure, and geographic or residential isolation. I found it very troubling how often this is occurring in the United States....   [tags: environmental racism, residential segregation]

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Negative Effects of Overpopulation on the Environment

- Jacques-Yves Cousteau once said, “Overconsumption and overpopulation underlie every environmental problem we face today” (“Population,” Internet). With the current statistics, Jacques could not be more accurate. Every second, 4.2 people are born and 1.8 people die, which would be a net gain of 2.4 people per second (“Population,” Internet). At this steady rate, the environmental health is spiraling downwards, and it is safe to assume humans are responsible for this. As the population increases, harmful effects on the land, water, and air also do....   [tags: environmental health, megacities, overpopulation]

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The Impact of Construction on the Environment

- The Impact of Construction on the Environment Introduction The construction industry impacts on the environment in a number of ways, both directly and indirectly. The assignment will cover a number of issues that are associated with the construction projects and will identify a number of environmental components that require protection. We will look at problems on a national and international scale. Identifying the need for global co-operation in the protection of our planet. This is of utmost importance to our survival and can only be achieved unilaterally....   [tags: Environmental]

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The Impact of the Environment on Health

- Environmental health is the science that studies how the environment influences the human disease and health. Environment means things that are natural to us in the environment, for instance air, water, and soil. However, it also covers the physical, chemical, biological, and social features that surround us every day. The physical environment is the man-made or built structures that include our living, work, and even schools. Included in the community systems such as the roads and our transportations, and waste management....   [tags: Health]

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Impact of Tourism Industry to the Environment

- The government has clearly made efforts with regards to sustaining our country’s natural reserve. Through the policies they’ve implemented to every region in the Philippines, the sustainability of the environment in a certain place can be easily achieved. Our country's wildlife and natural reserve is now experiencing threats because of the ever growing population of our country. It is also threatened because of the continuous hunting of the said animals whether for commercial or for subsistence use and exploitation of the resources which the environment has....   [tags: Philippines, natural reserve, ecosystem]

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The Physical Environment And Student Performance

- The Physical Environment and Student Performance Introduction This action research is to determine how manipulating the physical environment (color, lighting, arrangement, and furniture selection) of a classroom can impact student academic performance. I have chosen to analyze a high school special education class at a Charter Middle and High School (242 students enrolled). I will focus on my class of 12 students, six females and six males, grades nine – twelve, ages 14 – 19. This class provides support in all core academic classes, organization and study skills....   [tags: Special education, Education, Psychology, Behavior]

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The Effects Of Pollution On The Environment

- ... are lost each year” (Bradford). This is causing major deforestation. People are also cutting down forests and trees to make room for buildings and factories, which only makes it worse. Another issue is the excessive use of water. There has been an increase in the amount of water being used. There are a lot of places that are in droughts. In some areas people have been told to limit their use of water, and get in trouble if they use too much water. Some people are unaware of what they are doing....   [tags: Recycling, Pollution, Human, Water resources]

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Modernism And Its Impact On The Environment

- ... As long as there are people given the opportunity to innovate, some will focus on and ultimately solve the concern of climate change. The issue of climate change would be dealt with by a technological solution such as pumping dust particles into the atmosphere to simulate the spraying of volcanic ash. This was an idea though of by an engineer because it is known that following these episodes the suns ray are blocked more and thus, the earth is cooled considerably. Another piece of the solution is the engineering of new renewable “green” energy sources such as solar panels, windmills, and geothermal energy....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Human]

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Environmental Issues Q&A

- Question 1 In what ways has distributive approach to achieving environmental justice been problematic in western nations. In the 1980’s, emerging environmental justice movements brought with them the promise of a better environmental future for all; unfortunately there were major flaws in their distribution approach to achieving justice. The notion of environmental distribution was created to equally distribute the environments goods and harms of society and to distribute ones chances of living near a hazardous area, equally....   [tags: Environment]

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The Preservation And Restoration Of Our Environment

- ... The other 55% of the trash (estimated as 250 million tons of trash a year.) are buried in landfills throughout the United States. (What is recycling 7 reasons why we should, 2008) Recycling and reusing doesn’t just decrease the garbage that goes into the landfills that makes our landfills bigger and bigger, but because of the landfills getting so big, they can spread into our farming areas, forestry, and water sources, where we get the items we need to live on. ((What is recycling 7 reasons why we should, 2008) All of our resources are in jeopardy of being effected and contaminated with the chemicals from the garbage running into them....   [tags: Recycling, Waste management, Composting, Landfill]

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The Power of the American Perspective on the Environment

- In a brief article written for the Sierra Club, Jake Abrahamson describes a personal experience “soaking up isolation” in the Whistler Mountains. As he details his skiing journey in the wilderness, the author emphasizes his feelings of seclusion in the forest only an hour away from an upscale lodge. The differing perspectives of the environmental historians John Muir, Charles Mann, and William Cronon regarding the exploitation of nature and American cultural influences on wilderness would elicit different responses to Abrahamson’s story about the wild nature of the skiable forest....   [tags: american culture, wilderness, nature]

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The Effect of Economic Progress on the Environment

- The environmental situation of the world is degrading day by day and it is an “open secret” now- “open” because almost every human being knows it and “secret” because most of the people, who are somehow responsible for this, are indifferent to this fact and after knowing the aftermath of this change. Warmth of the earth has been increasing; the characteristics of the main aspects of our environment-water, earth, air etc have greatly changed. Ecological system also has been disturbed in some ways....   [tags: pollution, deforestation, animals]

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The Environment Of The Water Cycle

- ... It pollutes the air and gets greenhouse gasses trapped in the atmosphere which is a contributor to climate change and global warming. Oil spills happen, and companies take up large areas of land to do their digging. Those things are bad, but we have learned of other ways of producing energy that is sustainable. We use renewable resources like wind power, hydropower, geothermal, biofuels, solar power, nuclear energy and a few others. We strive to produce our power naturally with limited harm to the environment....   [tags: Earth, Global warming, Pollution, Climate change]

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Globalization's Impact on the Environment and Viceversa

- “Globalization is not a monolithic force but an evolving set of consequences-some good, some bad, and some unintended. It is the new reality.” (John B. Larson). Globalization has been the inevitable and definite influence ending the 20th century and sparking the new era of interaction between people, economies, and nations. It is the relentless process of global integration that embodies culture, technology, politics, trade, economic and social relations, and information. Though it may be hard not to picture globalization as an unstoppable plague, open-mindedness is key to understanding globalization....   [tags: resource consumption, ]

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The Effects Of Government Policies On The Environment

- ... Moreover, when discussing the future Tanaka (2007) “stated that waste generated from the municipal and industrial activities is predicted to be twice as much as today in 2050.” That means that the already insurmountable landfills and waste depositories will only continue to grow. Examining from the utilitarian perspective and basing off Mill stating that “Human well-being is the only good.” (2008), then the highest attainable level of human well-being would come from the government regulations being implemented in order to sustain the planet 's well-being and make it inhabitable for generations to come....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Ethics, Morality, Utilitarianism]

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Global Environmental Issues

- In what ways has the distributive approach to achieving environmental justice been problematic in western nations. Environmentalism first arose in the early 20th century with its main focal point aimed at wildlife preservation and wilderness protection. These goals were originally based on the original enthusiasts, who were usually made up of privileged whites who wished to spend their leisure time enjoying the outdoors (Bullard, 1992). However, in achieving environmental justice many minorities and working class people felt secluded and negatively affected....   [tags: Environment]

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Implementing An Ipad On The Learning Environment

- ... These technological advances that are being made are very astonishing. They require knowledge and skill based upon applicable job requirements. Why not implement technology into our learning environments to better suit the students of today’s futuristic times. The iPad is the effective solution to spark phenomenal student engagement in today’s classrooms. It’s the answer, many are searching for in making the learning environment fun yet sufficient. The iPad is a small electronic device capable of internet access, taking photos or video, and combining the features of a notebook and iPod touch into one product....   [tags: Education, Technology, Traditional education]

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The Effectiveness of Composting in Protecting the Environment

- As of recently, there has been an ever-growing buzz regarding the environment and being sustainable, and we need to embrace this movement. As the population grows, our demands on Earth’s resources grow, and this current rate is not sustainable. Barring any change, we will not have enough freshwater and natural resources to support our society in the near future. Each day, we incur more and more damage through the demands of consumerism, and this must come to an end. We must, as a society, take it upon ourselves to make individual changes which will potentially be the start of a global shift to a sustainable lifestyle....   [tags: Environmentalism]

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The Future of Our Precious Environment

- ... In The Fight for Conservation, Gifford Pinchot wrote, “The central thing for which conservation stands is to make this country the best possible place to live in, both for us and for our descendants” (79). His notion of conservation, which is a balance between society and the environment, is an efficacious way of allowing for the advancement of humanity and satisfying the needs of underdeveloped countries. Gifford Pinchot also knew if natural resources were made public, people would feel more responsible in maintaining their environment....   [tags: pollution, change, perservation]

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The Built Environment Factors and Elements

- Physical inactivity is an important international public health issue as the population is becoming increasingly sedentary. Physical activity is any bodily movement that is produced by the skeletal muscles and requires energy expenditure. It is important in everyday life as it is essential for growth and development. Physical activity produces progressive health benefits since avoiding a sedentary life will decrease the chances of obesity and sedentary death syndrome. Furthermore, daily physical activity will lead one to become physically fit which will allow them the freedom to do everyday tasks without a problem....   [tags: urban design,physical inactivity,transportation]

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Conservation of the Environment in A.S. Farm Company

- Conservation of the environment has been recognized as a national priority and wide range of policies, laws & regulations are available for this purpose. It is a prerequisite to pay special attention to environmental issues and comprehensives environmental impact assessment study with regard to major industrial/commercial developments. This phase includes an assessment of likely impacts to ensure that any development undertaken is environmentally safe and complies with requirements of the community and requirements of rural land holders....   [tags: land, developments. safe, requirements]

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The ICU as an Effective Learning Environment

- Learning is the lifelong process of transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes. It may occur as part of education, personal development or training. According to Hinchliff (1999), there are many factors that can give and affect the quality of learning such as students, teachers and the environment. Meanwhile, learning environment itself is the physical or virtual setting in which learning takes place. Hannafin, Land & Oliver (1999) described learning environment as a typically constructivist in nature, engaging learners in “sense-making” or reasoning about extensive resource set, including four components which are enabling context, resources, a...   [tags: Nursing Reflective Practice]

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How The Environment Plays A Role

- How the Environment Plays a Role in Learning How much impact does environment have on learning. This discussion has been an ongoing dilemma for parents all over the world. Parents want the best for their children no matter what it takes. Therefore, the question remains. How does the environment play a role in learning. Public, private, and home schools all have their advantages and disadvantages. No one can dispute that. It is up to the parent to figure this out. These days everyone one has an opinion on the matter....   [tags: Education, Teacher, High school, Private school]

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The Impact of Population Growth on the Environment

- Our world is too small for our ever rapidly growing population. One day resources will run dry and vanish, which will bring death and loss to all nations on this planet. Many researchers and scientists have confirmed that the population will reach 10 billion by the end of the century and will continue to stream upward. There are many different ways in trying to decrease population to contain global warming and assist our environmental changes. The only way to steadily succeeding, families must be the regulators of their fertility and future....   [tags: population integrity, birth contro]

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Effects of Road Salt to the Environment

- The first American use of road salt was in New Hampshire in 1938. By 1942, 5,000 tons of salt was used nationwide (Kelly, Today, it is estimated that 15,000,000 tons of salt are used on roads in the winter; a 300,000-percent increase (Kelly, Road salt is leaving a detrimental effect on the environment and discontinuation is vital to keeping plants, animals, and humans safe and healthy. Road salt is a key component to staying safe in the winter, but it is not safe for the environment....   [tags: Winter, Sodium]

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The Environment, British Colonialism, and Guyana

- Introduction When you type in to any search box on any reference website such as Google or Bing on the country Guyana , the only information that is in the search results are about the Jonestown Massacre. That is not what Guyana is all about. The nation of Guyana is located in South America. A former colony of Great Britain, it was called British Guiana. Guyana gained its independence on May 26th , 1966 and it became known as the Co-Operative Republic of Guyana. It is a sovereign state that is located on the northern coast of South America....   [tags: Forestry, Essequibo Cyanide Spill]

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The Effects Of Solar Energy On The Environment

- ... Much like a magnetic field, which occurs due to opposite poles, an electric field occurs when opposite charges are separated. To get this field, manufacturers ‘dope’ silicon with other materials, giving each slice of the sandwich a positive or negative electrical charge,” Dhar explains. “A couple of other components of the cell turn these electrons into usable power. Metal conductive plates on the sides of the cell collect the electrons and transfer them to wires. At that point, the electrons can flow like any other source of electricity,” Dhar describes....   [tags: Fossil fuel, Photovoltaics, Solar cell, Wind power]

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The Issue of Transportation and the Environment

- Transport- The issue of transportation and the environment is somewhat of a paradox. Transportation conveys certain socioeconomic benefits, but transportation is also effecting environmental systems. Positively, transportation supports the increasing need of mobility for passengers and freight, while negatively, transport is tied to motorizations, congestion on transport lines, and the growing lists of environmental externalities. Since the Industrial Age, humans have been rapidly changing their modes of travel, and as this evolution continues, we use more and more of the resources around us....   [tags: socioeconomic benefits, energy sources]

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The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Environment

- Air pollution is a very big problem in our environment today, and the reason why is because of the cars, buses, planes, boats, and any factory plants that are producing smoke which causes a lot of radiation; many people that live near those industrial areas are in big risk of having cancer and the air they breathing is just affecting their health even more, many electric powered cars, which many companies says they are environmentally friendly has a battery made in a plant that affects the environment, and also the hybrid cars do have gasoline powered engines which will also affect the environment since they have mufflers on the back of the cars throwing out carbon monoxide putting many peop...   [tags: Air pollution]

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The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

- As many people know the presence of man on the planet Earth for hundreds of years has greatly affected the atmosphere and climate of the planet, and usually for the worst. Climate change and pollution has plagued the human race for years. Scientists have confirmed that the climate is indeed getting warmer every year; this is a phenomena known as global warming and it has negative effects on the environment. Pollution which is also increasing because of the demanding needs of humans also has negatively affected the environment....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Greenhouse gas]

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The Effect Of Catalytic Converters On The Environment

- ... “Pollutant gases are made of harmful molecules, but those molecules are made from relatively harmless atoms” (Woodsford). A catalytic converter splits the molecules, so that the products are not detrimental. This occurs right before the molecules reach the air and after they leave the engine. “The catalytic converter sits between the engine and the tailpipe” (Woodford). They vary in that an engine with a catalytic converter helps remove pollution while an engine without one is constantly adding pollution to the atmosphere and creating toxic substances....   [tags: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen]

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Social Structure and The Environment of Disease

- Disease has always been a very dynamic unpredictable character. Every time we humans think we have solved the mystery behind disease a new problem always arises. Before we can fully understand disease, we must first ask ourselves what makes disease so dynamic. The answer to that question is very simple; it’s us. Since the beginning of time we have evolved as a species becoming better and more genetically suited to our environments. While we busy becoming all that we can be, disease has been doing the same....   [tags: Diseases/Disorders]

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The Effects Of Pollution On The Environment

- The planet that all of us are living on nowadays is not really feeling well .If we compare it to the human body can say our planet “Earth” has a fever now, and this could be a warning for Mankind. Everything was well until humans started doing something to have a better life, and improve their standard of living. At the same time people started to produce various technologies for a greater standard of living, any pollution started to increase until now one of our huge problems in life is various forms of pollution like air pollution, water pollution and soil degradation....   [tags: Oxygen, Pollution, Waste, Water]

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Character is Equally Genetics and Environment

- Sperm donors do not make fathers, nor does an egg donor a mother make. There has always been a large controversy over whether inherited genes or environmental influences affect our personality, development, behavior, intelligence and ability. This controversy is commonly referred to as the nature verses nurture conflict or as I like to refer to it as genetics or environment. Some people like my ex-husband believe that it is strictly genes that affect our ways of life, others like me believe that environmental factors affect us, and some people like my husband believe that both factors influence who we are....   [tags: nature vs nurture]

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Making the Environment Friendly for Society

- Imagine living in a world where everything around you is covered in waste. We are responsible for the conditions of the environment and some people do not take the time to take action. There are multiple materials, resources, and carbons polluting today’s environment. These forms of pollution are caused by careless individuals in today’s society. With the help and cooperation of environmental organizations, we are able to take a step towards being an environmental friendly society. One of the many reasons that I view littering as morally wrong is because of the affects that it has on wildlife....   [tags: polluting, littering, waste, bottles, filters]

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The Role of Environment on ADHD Treatment

- ADHD (attention Deficit Hyperactivty Disorder) has been widely sudied, for this behavioral disorder is usually diagnosed in childhood or adolescene. It is estimated that between 4 and 6 percent of people in United States have ADHD, and doctors are increasingly diagnosing more with this disorder and about half of of those diagnosed with ADHD still have the symptoms when they become adults (Bornstein, et al., 2002). The symptoms includes inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. These symptoms can affect a person’s life in many ways; poor academic achievements, difficulty in making friends, problems with self-esteem, and emotional problems.This disorder may not enable people diagnosed with...   [tags: stattera, psychotherapy, behavioral disorder]

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Life On Our Planet And The Environment

- We live on a very beautiful planet -- Earth. Our planet is exceptionally rich in resources. We have the bright blue sky, fresh, crystal-clear lake water, luscious green vegetation along the mountain slopes, wildflowers, picturesque views – all of which fill us with both relaxation and admiration. Ecology is derived from the Greek words oikos meaning home and logos meaning knowledge. In 1866, German biologist Ernst Haeckel defined Ecology as, "the comprehensive science of the relationship of the organism to the environment” (Wikipedia)....   [tags: World population, Overpopulation, Pollution]

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Biomass Fuels an Answer to the Environment

- Today, people are trying to cut down and save the environment, but the only problem is they don’t know how. The solution is renewable resources. What are renewable resources you might ask. They are any natural resource that can be replenished naturally with the passage of time. Renewable resources differ from nonrenewable resources because nonrenewable resources won’t replenish in the essential amount of time. These resources, both renewable and nonrenewable, are used to generate electricity and power thing to make our lives easier than it already is....   [tags: resources, renewable, power, wind, solar]

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