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To the Editor

- To the Editor There is [I1] no proof of weapons of weapons of mass destruction, and little substantial evidence that Saddam Hussein Supported Al Qaeda. For the last year and one half, George W. Bush and his administration have told us about Iraq’s vast production of biological weapons and how Iraq was supporting Al Qaeda, but where’s the proof. [I2] The two main reasons the United States invaded Iraq were because, of stock piles of weapons and Saddam Hussein's link to Al Qaeda . Let’s start with the weapons of mass destruction....   [tags: Weapons Mass Destruction War Essays]

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A Career as an Editor In Chief

- Being an editor isn’t like most jobs. The days are long, the work is overwhelming, and at sometimes it can be the hardest thing in your life to deal with, or so people say. With the job as an editor comes great responsibility, the need for a special skill set, and the drive to do what you love, whatever it may be. Since the beginning of time, there has always been that one guy who always seems to have his eye on you, it’s because he does. His job is to assist, correct, and at the end of the day, pick up the slack that was left behind by his fellow workers and staff(“Role and Responsibilities of an Editor”)....   [tags: Career Essays]

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The Likelihood of Becoming a Film Editor

- ... The reason this debt occurred was because people were consistently splurging on items because the economy was doing so well but in the end failed to pay off their debt. So now as a result of that people tend to live within their means in order to stay out of debt. My career choice After much deliberation I have decided to pursue a career in film editing. A film editor is a mechanic who removes the unneeded and fits pieces of film together to make a finished movie. They work with cinematographers and sound editors to bring sight and sound together within a movie....   [tags: career, economy, money, recession]

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The Likelihood of Becoming a Film Editor

- Have you ever thought of what career path you would like to follow when you grow older. Everyday young people inch closer and closer to the time of decision for the career they would like to pursue for the rest of their life. This one decision can often be influenced by the current economy condition, your career of choice, amount of money and likelihood of actually being successful in your career choice, and the choices you may need to make to pursue you career path. The Recession and its’ effects In 2008 many people were changing and choosing to take a different career path due to unstable economic condition....   [tags: career, success, economy, recession]

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Experiment With The Vi Editor Commands

- The purpose of Lab 4 was to experiment with the vi editor commands. In the lab, the “garden” file was edited in many different ways. Many commands were explored in this lab including the ab, U, yy, dd, w, set number, set showmode, and paging commands. Step 1: Boot up the computer by pressing the power button. Step 2: Select Oracle Virtualbox using the mouse. Step 3: Open Fedora by using the Virtualbox Machine and click start when Fedora is selected. Step 4: With the vi editor in command mode, type in, “:ab Nathaniel NH” to set the abbreviation for Nathaniel....   [tags: Graphical user interface, User interface]

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Editorial Board : An Editor

- Editorial Board Acquisitions Editor Locations: Anywhere At REV 21, we are dedicated to produce quality work that is both informative and enjoyable for our readers. Without our editors, REV 21 loses a key component to our team in making sure that our articles are as polished as can be. Being selected for our internship as an editor at REV 21 allows one to further develop your presence within the professional writing world, all while having a dedicated team to build you up. As an editor, you work with writers assigned to you to provide not only grammatical corrections, but constructive criticism and tips to further embellish the article at hand....   [tags: Writing, Communication, Style guide, Writer]

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I Am An Editor For Students

- Good morning. Glad to write to you. I 'm an editor for Shanghai Students ' Post and you may call me by my English name "Owlet (Wu)." I 'm responsible for the front pages of the paper, and from now on, I will write to you from time to time (about once a week when the semester begins) about topics on which you are expected to write something for high school students. So here comes the first possible topic for the next semester. It 's not urgent, but you are expected to give me the essay if you can finish it by July 23, as for the first time, we may need more time to together make some improvement on the essay....   [tags: High school, Writing, Shanghai, Essay]

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What Makes A Good Editor?

- How To Be A Good Editor, According to an Editor The article, “How to be a Good Director, according to an editor,” was written by a professional editor, who goes by the name Julien Chichignoud. Chichignoud created the article on January 27 of 2015. I chose this article personally because I’ve always been interested in the concept of making my imagination become a reality by writing it and playing it out on a screen for millions to be entertained by. Creating scripts, making movies and directing has always been my dream....   [tags: Film, Film director, Editing, Director]

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Letter to the Editor

- Draft 1- Letter to the Editor paper U.S. History 4th hour Nov. 10 1665 65th Street Chicago, Illinois 49408 Chicago Tribune 1864 Rutherford Street Chicago, Illinois November 10, 1900 To Whom It May Concern I am a concerned resident of the great city of Chicago who would like to express a few ideas on the following subject. For many years, the meat packing industry of this town has provided many jobs and generated great amounts of commerce....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Letter to the Editor

- Dear Editor, I was disgusted to read the letter from Mr I Amok, and the points he made on poverty. Where he said, “poverty isn’t that bad, only a few people are really poor”. I think that he hasn’t studied countries enough because countries in Africa have people that can’t even afford food, clean water and clothing as it is stated in the booklet where it said, "our water hole dried up"....   [tags: Comment on World Poverty]

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The Video Editor: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

- It comes with little surprise that technology in recent years has shifted very rapidly and unpredictably. In the last thirty years the world has seen technological advances in almost every aspect of living—a trend likely to continue into the foreseeable future. This rapid growth has spawned new industries, such as the internet and consequentially created many new jobs (i.e. a web designer). Jobs, however, have not risen in all areas. Certain specialties, such as radio announcing, have declined considerably....   [tags: Media]

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Business And Technology Editor For The Behrend Beacon

- This semester I had two opportunities to experience what it is like to work in journalism. In January, I became the business & technology editor for The Behrend Beacon. At the same time, I also started an internship at The Corry Journal. Both opportunities taught me many things about working in the newspaper business. I’ve been working at my internship in Corry every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout this semester. My typical work day is from 8:30 a.m. until about 4:00 p.m. At the paper, I have many responsibilities....   [tags: Newspaper, Journalism, Editing, Writing]

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Letter to the Editor of the Port Orchard Independent

- To the Editor of the Port Orchard Independent: The safety of students is very important in modern society, but freedom is just as important. The principal of my school has instituted random backpack and locker checks to search for weapons, such as guns or knives. If a student is in possesion of any of these items, they will be suspended on the spot. My principal says that these random checks will keep the students safe by guarding against illegal weapons at school, a safe place. I firmly believe that if these checks are allowed to go on, they will be more of a problem than a solution....   [tags: on the safety of students]

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John Clare and the Ubiquitous Editor

- John Clare and the Ubiquitous Editor Editors have always played an important and powerful role in the works of John Clare, from Clare’s own time until the present. An Invite to Eternity presents a model of that relationship between text and editor in microcosm, from its composition inside the walls of a mental institution to its transcription by an asylum attendant, to its early publication and its modern re-presentation today. Written in the 1840s, no extant manuscript of the poem exists in Clare’s own hand and each version of the poem is inflected by its editor in different but always significant ways....   [tags: Clare Poet Poem Poetic Essays]

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Evaluating the Use of a Text Editor

- Evaluating the Use of a Text Editor When creating a website with HTML, using Microsoft word is often easier than HTML typing as you don’t have to key in all of the page formats in HTML such as the size and colour of the writing and the positioning of objects on the page. Instead, you can simply drag objects around the screen and use the toolbar at the top of the screen on Word to format the text and change the objects. This is very unlike typing the HTML, when you would have to type in formats for text and objects, for example if you wanted the size of the font to be “6” then you would need to type in manually; “<font size=“6”>”, and then to end this format...   [tags: Papers]

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Editorial - Letter to the Editor

- Dear Editor, C. S. explains in his article “The Daily We,” the experiences that bring closeness in people that share a common identity. An experience that brings the knowledge of this is the recent freshman orientation that happened this past weekend. This brought closeness with all of the incoming students and warmth to be welcomed into the Dayton community. “The Daily We,” applies to this experience as a tool to understand the past weekend as complete fun. Throughout, the beautiful sunny day of August 28, upperclassmen helped new students put away their belongings....   [tags: Editorial Newspaper Article Letter]

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Max Perkins: Editor of Genius

- Max Perkins: Editor of Genius Max Perkins once wrote to Thomas Wolfe that "[t]here could be nothing so important as a book can be." Perkins lived and died believing this, as A. Scott Berg attests with his book, Max Perkins: Editor of Genius. Berg's book begins by describing a rainy evening in mid-Manhattan where a class of budding editors and publishers awaits the infamous Maxwell Perkins for a discussion on editing. Here Berg reveals Perkins as "unlikely for his profession: he was a terrible speller, his punctuation was idiosyncratic," and he was an awfully slow reader by his own admission (4)....   [tags: Papers]

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Letter Of The Shorthorn Editor : What Is Beauty Is Defined, And Not By You.

- Letter to the Shorthorn Editor: What is beauty to you. Is it having perfect teeth, amazing hair, and the hourglass figure; or is beauty what makes the person they are today. Everyone has a different opinion on beauty. Raina Kelley makes an argument over beauty in an article called “Beauty Is Defined, and Not By You.” Although she makes a somewhat valid argument, I find that there is much more to this topic. Yes, body image is becoming more of an issue in today’s world, especially within young girls and women....   [tags: Logic, Critical thinking, Soundness, Rhetoric]

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How Does A Fashion Editor And An Immigrant Girl Connect?

- How does a fashion editor and an immigrant girl connect to each other. That is what I will discuss throughout this paper as I break down these two different story. Even though these two stories may have similarities, I will also analysis what makes them stand on their own. What makes them different. I also will state the advantages and disadvantages of using a film versus a print when it comes to narrative storytelling. When comparing and contrasting the two stories, Anna Wintour and Cynthia’s story share common structures and character development, however, Anna Wintour’s documentary is more credible....   [tags: Vogue, Anna Wintour, The September Issue]

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Miranda Priestly, The Editor Of The Fictitious Runway Magazine

- The Devil Wears Prada movie showcases an autocratic leadership style in Miranda Priestly, the Editor of the fictitious Runway magazine. The movie begins with the hopeful and naive graduate student interviewing for a much coveted position as Miranda Priestley’s 2nd Assistant. This highly regarded position was within a fast paced and competitive organization and unfortunately, before our main character, Andrea, could be selected for the job she needed to run the obstacle course of the self-serving and somewhat indifferent leadership style of the 1st Assistant, Emily....   [tags: Leadership, Motivation, Employment]

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Letter to a Newspaper Editor Concerning the Taliban

- Letter to a Newspaper Editor Concerning the Taliban To the Editor, As the Taliban has been driven out of Kabul after the September 11 crisis, life over there has been better, but it is still very poor. After being bombed the Afghan people have been forced to leave there family, friends, home and even society. Who determines what people are worth being in a country like Australia. These people are coming to Australia illegally because they can't afford to get here properly....   [tags: Papers]

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Letter To The Editor About the Industrial Revolution

- To the Editor: Working conditions today are usually good and pretty safe, right. That’s what we know, is that all factories are safe, that all of the laws are followed, and that everything is great. Look at what you are wearing today, maybe a jacket mad in the U.S., a t-shirt made in Malaysia, jeans made in Mexico, and socks made in China. To stay competitive, large companies contract out to manufacturers all over the world to buy at the lowest possible costs. This often ends in horrible working conditions for factory workers who make our clothing, both in other countries, and right here in the United States....   [tags: essays research papers]

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letter from john foulcher to editor

- Dear Editor My name is John Foulcher, renowned Australian poet. I have recently been surfing the World Wide Web and by accident I come up with your site, “Online Anthology of Australian Poets”. The subject matter of poetry attracted me to wonder around your website. I believe my poetry should be included in your collection for I have lived and breathed Australian culture for just over 50 years now, I have recorded my way of life in my poems, and in particular I have a specific poem to refer to you, that is of my own and two others (also of my own work) that I think are you should seriously consider having in your collection....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Advocates For Youth By Sue Alford, The Editor And Director Of Public Information Services For Advocates

- Alford, Sue. Advocates for Youth. Advocates for Youth, 2001. Web. 22 July 2016. . This is a website page edited by Sue Alford, the Editor and Director of Public Information Services for Advocates of Youth, a nonprofit organization in Washington D.C. This advocacy group promotes efficient sexual education and is dedicated towards STI and HIV/AIDS prevention. Alford contrasts comprehensive and abstinence-only education through a descriptive table that lists how they differ in curriculum, methods of teaching, and attitudes towards sexual activity in adolescents....   [tags: Sex education, Sexual abstinence]

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Harriet Jacob 's Article, And L. Maria Child 's `` Introduction By The Editor

- 1. What do we learn about Jacobs’s intended audience from her “Preface by the Author” and L. Maria Child’s “Introduction by the Editor”. Harriet Jacob intended to reach white women, women of the north and make them understand the suffering and the pathetic life that women of the south or black women were living in during the slavery. She wasn 't interesting to share her story to get attention, in fact she preferred to remain silent and keep her suffering for herself. But after all, she wanted to help black women like her....   [tags: Slavery, Black people, British Empire]

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Letter from Jean-Jacques Rousseau

- Letter to the Editor Assignment Letter From Jean-Jacques Rousseau After reading an article written in The Globe and Mail describing Toronto’s current Mayor, Rob Ford’s latest scandal, there were various statements that caught my attention. It shocks me that such behaviour is tolerated by the community after receiving what I believe to be a disingenuous apology. I believe that Mayor Ford encapsulates everything that is wrong with our political system. His actions prove that he believes to be above the will of the people, taking advantage of his freedom when he should be putting the needs of the community first....   [tags: letter to the editor assignment]

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How to Build a Web Page

-   HTML & CSS To build a webpage you are going to need a few things • A text editor such as programs called Notepad++, Sublime text, Microsoft’s Visual Studio or ever just the notepad program that comes in Windows • A web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer For this tutorial you do not need any experience in HTML, CSS or any other web development experience. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-Up and is a scripting language used to make webpages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and works alongside HTML to style the website, I will talk about CSS later on in this tutorial....   [tags: text editor, web browser, html]

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Journalist or Terrorist: Julian Assange

- Journalist or Terrorist Julian Assange an Australian editor, activist, journalist and publisher launched the WikiLeaks website in the year 2006. From that moment, the site spiraled rapidly into the limelight all over the world. It then came to be known as the most powerful whistle-blowing and also the most scandalous “media” in the online world. WikiLeaks profanes and violates the right of privacy, right of accountability and confidentiality among Information and data sharing also it has a negative impact on governments, private sectors or businesses and also individuals, there is also a big question of accountability....   [tags: Australian editor, activist, journalist, wikileaks]

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Harry Forster Chapin: Musician, Song Writer, Film Editor and Political Activist

- In the short thirty-nine years of the life of Harry Forster Chapin (1942-1981), he managed to distinguish himself as a creative genius in multiple fields, ultimately leaving a distinct mark on this world, though he received only moderate public recognition. Professionally, he was a musical performer and songwriter, a film editor, and a political activist and lobbyist, able to reach remarkable heights in all three fields. In the field of music, Chapin rose to stardom as a rock and roll performer and songwriter during the 1970's, introducing the world to a new style of music he created and popularized, the story-song....   [tags: Biography]

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A Tan to Die For by Claire Oliver

- “A tan to die for” written by Claire Oliver is a letter to the editor that shows that the use of solariums can greatly increase the potential for life-threatening melanoma. Claire Oliver’s tone shows a composed, collected and complacent frame of mind at her imminent death, stating that “[she is] at peace”. Her composed tone when discussing the certainty of her impending death appeals to a sense of rationality, and writes optimistically about the remainder of her life. This optimism, and personal responsibility, comes from her wish of helping those who do not know of the health risks involved in the beauty young teens crave to acquire....   [tags: Letter to Editor Melanoma Tanning Solarium]

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Corrupted Media in Egypt

- ... The media sure was corrupted to serve such a group. Example number three, which is current time after the head of the Egyptian military made a major coup on the Muslim Brotherhood. So the military used the media just like everybody before. The military decided to shut down all the opposite opinioned media, who said it is a coup and not a revolution. Nonetheless the ironic and humorous issue is that the media on the side of the military decided to fight both the revolutionaries, whom are against the idea of having a coup, and against the Muslim Brotherhoods well, which proves the idea of Egyptians are moving not in straight line, not in a misshaped line, but they move in a circle, which...   [tags: muslim brotherhood, photoshop, movie editor]

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Carl Sandburg: American Writer, Poet and Editor

- ... Where they stayed until they died. (Bildir) Carl wrote many poems throughout his college experience that many people did not know about. One person that really influenced and helped him was Prophesier Philip Green Wright. Prophesier Wright was a literature teacher at Lombard College. He paid for the publication of Carl’s first book of poetry “Reckless Ecstasy” (Buehrmann). This book contained many of Carl’s poems he had written and had five of his most popular poems. One being “Mary Lincoln, Wife and Widow” he wrote in 1932....   [tags: Pulizer prize winners, Joy]

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Letter to the Editor on the Fox Hunting Debate

- Dear Sir, Re: Fox hunting debate. Over the years, we have listened to the hunters' spurious claims about job losses, civil liberties, numbers of hounds that will have to be shot - arguments that distract from the real issue, which is that hunting with dogs is a barbaric practice, and the majority of people in Britain want to see it banned. Fun is a good thing, agreed, and great if you are having it... so long as it is NOT at the expense of others. You seem to think that Foxes (animals in general) are just feeling less objects that are there for people to abuse in however way they desire, and that they should not be given rights, supposedly only because they are...   [tags: Essays on Fox Hunting]

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Lawmakers who Skipped Trip to Manhattan Insulted Constituents

- Lawmakers who Skipped Trip to Manhattan Insulted Constituents The visit to K-State by the Kansas Legislature last Thursday quite uplifting in a way, knowing that even though legislators face perhaps the toughest year of their careers, they still take time to get out of the chambers and listen to the people of Kansas. And then I read the article in Friday’s paper. Hopefully our elected officials have read the article I am referring to, and may they also take notice of this response. For readers who are unfamiliar with the story, although many of the leaders actually traveled to Manhattan to hear presentations about proposed research facilities, approximately 60 legislators chose not to...   [tags: Letter to the Editor Essays]

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The Anglican Church ( Editors )

- However, before Swift published any famous works, he made a significant personal decision about how he would live the rest of his days. Swift chose to apply for priesthood in the Anglican Church ( Editors) in 1694. After writing a short letter, he successfully obtained the role in October that year (Damrosch, 71-72). Despite this, Swift could not find any pathways to advance higher up into the church ranks. Instead of being lazy or slothful, Swift spent the years of 1696 to 1698 self-educating himself over history, literature, and languages....   [tags: Jonathan Swift, Satire, Gulliver's Travels]

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A Brief Note On The Editors Of Encyclopedia Britannica

- Eratosthenes Eratosthenes (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica) was born in 276 B.C. in Cyrene, South Africa and died in Alexandria, Egypt in 194 B.C at the age of 82. It was said he starved himself because he was going blind and could not world anymore. He was most known for his work in science, astronomy, mathematics, and literature. He is known for many things such as the Sieve of Eratosthenes which was and still is used to find Primary Numbers, making the first known map of the world using only parallel and meridian lines, and he invented Geography....   [tags: Sun, Astronomical unit, Eratosthenes, Latitude]

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Learning the Writing Business from Book Agents and Editors

- Learning the Writing Business from Book Agents and Editors So, you just wrote your first science fiction novel. Your friend read it and told you that you were the next Ray Bradbury or Gene Roddenberry. Your fertile mind fantasizes your name up there on a Borders’ wall poster right next to images of Isaac Azimov and Jules Verne. Before going off the deep end and equating yourself with Hemingway and Steinbeck, give your ego a stiff reality check. Few of us mortals are literary Mozarts that can plop down in front of a computer screen and author a perfect manuscript the first time around.....   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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Why should medical editors CARE about case reports?

- „Always note and record the unusual…Publish it.“ (1) -William Osler While contemplating the evolution of medical publishing, one might be tempted to think of it under terms of the Recapitulation theory. Namely, as ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, similarly it might be conjectured that both evolution of medical publishing, at least in its forms, and the stages of scientific production in a clinicians` career follow similar progression of evolutionary stages. In other words, a modern „evidence-based“ clinician, trough his publications, climbs the steep „Level-of-evidence“ pyramid, recapitulating much the growth of the pyramid itself; during his first clinical steps, he writes case report...   [tags: Record Keeping, Medical Novelty]

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Editing the World One Magazine at a Time

- “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” once said Coco Chanel, one of the greatest fashion designers. Style is being able to convey one’s self through the use of fashion, i.e. taking what is offered and making it something that coordinates with your attitude. I would like to spread style throughout the world and inspire others to create their own sense of style. I aspire to become the editor of a major fashion magazine similar to Elle or Vogue. Throughout this essay, I discuss the various ways and requirements to one day editing my own fashion magazine....   [tags: career, style. fashion]

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Web Content Management System

- To ensure that web design projects completed using the WordPress Content Management System are correctly updated and maintained, it is imperative that this guide is closely reviewed and followed. Definitions • Content Management System (CMS) - a computer program that allows for publishing, editing, and modifying content of a web site. The primary advantages of a CMS are a streamlined content creation processes and opportunities for customization and collaboration, all from a central online location....   [tags: world press, modifying content, web site]

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A Video Editing Career

- There are hundreds of different jobs in the television and film industry that exist today. Many people are needed to create a film or video, some people have very small parts in making the film while others have very large and important parts. Video editors hold a very important job in creating a finished a film or video. By sorting through footage, picking effective scenes, and sequencing the scenes in an effective manner; the video editor helps to create a well done final product. JOB DESCRIPTION Anywhere from websites, commercials, television shows, to Hollywood movies; video editors, who are also called film editors, are needed....   [tags: filming, television]

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The Process of Film Making

- ensuring the editor can seamlessly cut from one shot to another without continuity errors. A continuity error consists of any detail that unintentionally differs from one shot to another within the same scene. If an actor reads a line from one angle, they will need to recite that line exactly the same, using the same exact gestures, with the same exact tone, only from a different angle. If not, then the slightest overlooked detail can potentially negate an entire shot. A director will often utilize the help of a script supervisor to ensure continuity throughout the scene....   [tags: footage, editing, scenes]

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And then God Created Jupiter

- The sun is the center of the solar system, the great star in the sky, created by God to show His beauty and His power. Everything revolves around the sun, everything from the planets to people’s everyday lives. Some of the greatest planets God created are Earth and Jupiter; they are both key planets in the solar system but are both quite different. Jupiter is the planet of disproportions and storms that would rip Earth in pieces. On Jupiter there are hurricanes bigger than planet Earth itself, moons that could be called planets if they were not in Jupiter’s orbit, and a size so big it can swallow comets whole with only ripples in the planets clouds....   [tags: religious astronomy]

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The Instructional Objective With Learner Outcome

- Step A: Align the instructional objective with the learner outcome: Specific learner outcome (SLO): In this lesson plan, the overarching objective is to “enhance and improve [student’s] clarity and artistry of their writing” (p. 21). Although the program of studies lists a number of areas to consider in relationship to communication from this angle, this particular lesson plan will specifically focus on the writing and oral component. Alberta Learning program of study states the following criteria, Appraise own and others’ work • Share draft oral, print and other media texts in a way that will elicit useful feedback • Evaluate how particular content features contribute to, or detract...   [tags: Writing, Education, Creative writing, Learning]

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Fiction in Magazines

- Fiction in Magazines In developing a discussion on magazine fiction, it is first necessary to develop strong reasoning as to why this is a relevant topic at all. If one is to discuss fiction in books, which many people have, why does the subject of magazine fiction even have to be brought up. Aren't the two of them one and the same. The answer to this is no. It is true that magazine fiction and book fiction have much in common, but they have many differences as well. For instance, the medium itself is cause for much difference....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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A Career in Film and Video Production

- It wouldn’t be a surprise if I were to start this essay by telling you that as a child, I spent most of my time drawing and loving it. It’s something that most of us start loving when we’re little, our appreciation for art starts out when we’re most curious and ignorant about our surroundings. As a little kid, I spent most of my time drawing cartoon characters and abnormal shapes that just seemed funny and original to me. As time progress, only a few of us maintain this type of appreciation for art and for some of us, it diverse into something else....   [tags: Career Essays]

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John Greenleaf Whittier: A Poet and Activist

- ... The year after, Whittier attended Haverhill Academy, studying there for two years while supporting his economy working as a shoemaker and schoolteacher. By the time Whittier turned twenty years old, he had published enough verse and poems to give himself the attention of several editors and readers in the antislavery movement – being a Quaker, Whittier devoted himself to social causes, working passionately as an editor for several abolitionist newspapers and magazines such as the American Manufacturer and Essex Gazette in Boston, later becoming the editor of the New England Weekly Review....   [tags: Slavery, Abolition, Author]

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Dr. Cecil R. Reynolds

- After a drastic end to his sports career, Dr. Cecil R. Reynolds started out his achievements as being a well-known professional in the field of School Psychology. After graduating high school in 1969, Reynolds was drafted by the New York Mets and played numerous minor league teams. His career in baseball ended when he suffered an injury in 1974. Continuing his education, Reynolds earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1975 at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. After his undergraduate degree, he attained three degrees at the University of Georgia....   [tags: Clinical psychology, Psychology]

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The Importance of Editing in Films

- “ ”. Discuss Film editing by definition is part of the creative postproduction process of filmmaking. In today’s modern world, film has made use of advanced digital technology to help with the editing. The editor or editors are usually given a complete compilation of all the footage. These various separate shots that can be regarded as ‘ raw’ footage. Their task is to create a finished motion picture through combining and selecting shots and putting them into a coherent sequence of events. Whenever we are viewing a film it is extremely difficult to consciously perceive all the editing that has been undertaken....   [tags: postproduction, filmmaking]

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Understanding Cultural, Ethnic, And National Differences Through Reading Literature

- 2. Essay: Consider these two-course objectives, found in the course syllabus. The student will: Understand cultural, ethnic, and national differences through reading literature Understand cultural, ethnic, and national similarities through reading literature I’m convinced that much learning has occurred in this course, both on your part and on mine. So I’m most interested in your telling me what you have learned, rather than asking questions on this exam that require you to demonstrate your learning....   [tags: Fairy tale, Brothers Grimm, Audience, Writing]

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Biography of Piers Morgan

- Piers Morgan, Journalist, Editor, Author, and Television personality, is one of the most known journalists of this century. Also known as “Piers Moron” for his controversial, and outspoken yet influential news reporting. He has made a name for himself in both America and Britain. Starting off as a local reporter, Piers has journeyed through multiple journalistic media outlets, finally landing a spot in the big leagues of television. After taking over the night – time television spot, previously owned by Larry King, Piers currently graces our TV screens with his brutal opinions and raw news coverage....   [tags: Journalist, Talk Show Host]

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Comparing The Birds, Persepolis And Nosferatu

- Different forms of literature work apply different styles to communicate its message to the intended people. In most cases, novels and films pass their messages to their audience through expressing particular themes. For a theme to be created, specific techniques are applied by the author of a book or director of a given film. To be precise, this essay discusses the themes displayed by three movies, The birds, Persepolis and Nosferatu. Each film will be considered separately and the comparisons made will be analyzed....   [tags: Horror film, Film, Alfred Hitchcock, Film score]

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Front Page News

- Every story that makes the front page a paper has to go through a “test” where the editor of that newspaper company decides whether the story is good enough for the front page. The editor makes the decision of whether or not the story is news worthy. The editor uses various different values to help him/her in their decision of what actually goes on the front page. Sometimes this judgment by the editor can be based solely on whether or not the story is going to grasp a lot of readers’ attention which would then boost newspaper sales....   [tags: Newspaper]

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A Interview On Digital Media And Communities

- LSU Email I am writing to request the opportunity to interview with you at the AEJMC conference. My research focuses on digital media and communities created on websites. One of the issues involving these communities often revolves around legal implications of online news and social media. While I do not consider myself a traditional, historical legal scholar legal issues relating to digital media are part of my research plan. Part of the survey being conducted with my dissertation considers legal concerns amongst community news editors about online publication of user-generated content....   [tags: Newspaper, Journalism, Mass media, Social media]

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Process Overview : Internal Communications

- Process Overview: Internal Communications Pieces The purpose of this document is to outline the process for developing internal communications pieces. Internal communications pieces include newsletters, formal email announcements, and targeted emails to Official Family, Extended Family, elected and appointed volunteers, alumnae association officers and chapter officers. Please note the process for the development of internal communications campaigns differs. For Formal Email Announcements and Targeted Emails: Please note: You should allow at least two weeks to complete the review and proofing steps....   [tags: Public relations, Communication, Style guide]

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Analysis Of The Interview I Used The Same Artist, Corinne Moeller

- For second part of the interview I used the same artist, Corinne Moeller. The medium was still photography, but now switched to the process of editing pictures that she has taken. She showed me the edits of the photographs she took on November 7, 2015, and told me all the diverse things you can do with an image after you have taken it. Another thing she discussed was a little more in depth perspective of the experience of how she developed her style of taking pictures and how to take pictures to come back in the editing process and make something more prominent....   [tags: Photography, Image, Editing, IMAGE]

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Gutter Press

- Gutter Press This poem is about a sleazy tabloid newspaper. The writer is trying to get his point across about how ruthless the news editor Is, he does this by adding humour, some slight exaggeration and also with another character The cameraman, he has a totally different personality and also work ethic, In this essay I will use Dehns humour to demonstrate the scandal and sensationalism of the Editor. Almost all of the editors words are headlines:" Nun drinks whiskey...Mayor binds wife With chain...Baby found burnt in cot", these are all short snappy lines, which speed up The poem and are like real headlines, they're very quick and last very...   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Journal Review of Tourism Management

- Journal Review of Tourism Management Editors and their Backgrounds Tourism Management: Editor: Chris Ryan, Department of tourism Management, University of Waikato, Management School, New Zealand Associate Editor: Stephen Page, Scottish Enterprise Forth Valley Chair in Tourism, Department of Marketing, University of Stirling, Scotland North American Editor: Alastair Morri...   [tags: Article Magazine Review Analysis]

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Cinematography : The Invisible Art Of Film And Without Editing

- One of the most under appreciated aspects in filmmaking is editing. Editing is the invisible art of film and without editing there would be no story. The writer, director, and editor use the five W’s in film to create the story. Who is the character, what is his goal, when is this taking place, where is it taking place, and why is this happening. All these things come to together for one purpose and that is to tell a story that is relatable to an audience. Everything that goes into a film has a purpose and everything you see onscreen has a motivation....   [tags: Film, Film editing, Editing, Sound]

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Walt Whitman: A Strong Minded and Anxious American Author

- ... Walt had an older brother, but he was in the army, so they couldn’t talk as much. He attended a public school in Brooklyn, with that being said, he didn’t have time to let anyone break his focus. Walt’s guardians often took him to see plays by William Shakespeare, because he always talked about being an editor or poet. William Shakespeare was a great influence on Walt, he learned that it took patience, respect, integrity, and being out and away from home very often. Whitman took in everything that he learned except the fact that he didn’t get away from the house a lot, he just stayed and wrote about his life, his parents, and the world he grew up in....   [tags: influential writers]

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Dr. R. Reynolds

- After a drastic end to his sports carrier, Dr. Cecile R. Reynolds started out his achievements as being a well-known professional in the field of School Psychology. After graduating high school in 1969, Reynolds was drafted by the New York Mets and played numerous minor league teams. His career in baseball ended when he suffered an injury in 1974. Continuing his education, Reynolds earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1975 at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. After his undergraduate degree he attained three degrees at the University of Georgia....   [tags: Clinical psychology, Psychology]

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The Satirical Theme of The Princess Bride, by William Goldman

- Satire with a funny twist. In the novel The Princess Bride, William Goldman satirizes both fairy tales and the standard literary process through his characters and their actions. Westley, a poor farmer, falls in love with the far from perfect maiden, Buttercup, but has to sail away in order to find his fortunes. Years later, Buttercup, thinking that Westley abandoned her, is forcibly engaged to Prince Humperdinck, a cruel and calculating man. Vizzini, Fezzik, and Inigo, three mysterious kidnappers, abduct the princess in hopes of causing war between the great nations of Guilder and Florin....   [tags: The Princess Bride, William Goldman]

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Changes in Politics and Ideologies Throughout Time

- Politics and Ideologies In the beginning politics was a way to discussion situations and shape the path of the country. Think of the Pilgrims and the founding fathers, their use of politics started this country on a course not taken by many other nations. The understanding and realization that politics can be more than just a bill or law to establish order led many to intermingle ideological perceptions with politics. This change in politics can be both a positive and a negative change. Holding ideological perspectives, while important to have, can cause a hindrance in the political process....   [tags: pilgrims, constitution]

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Critical Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

- Annotated Bibliography Lombardo, Crystal. "7 Critical Pros and Cons of School Uniforms |" NLCATPorg. NLCTP, 18 Dec. 2014. Web. 8 Sept. 2015. . This article is one of the many articles published by NLCATP. The Chief Editor focused mainly on the pros and cons of wearing a school uniform from a parent’s standpoint and also the student. The article brings up valid points that we all seem to bypass, such as if students should have a say in whether or not they choose to wear a uniform....   [tags: Dress code, Uniform, Education, School uniform]

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The Difference between Weather and Climate

- According to (Gutro, 2005) “Weather is basically the way the atmosphere is behaving, mainly with respect to its effect upon life and human activities.” Climate is different from weather it consists of the short term changes in the atmosphere, while climate is the weather over a long period of time. Weather is made up of sunshine, rain, cloud cover, winds, hail, snow, sleet, freezing rain, flood, blizzards, ice storms, and thunderstorms, steady rains from a cold front, excessive heat, heat wave and more (Gutro, 2005)....   [tags: atmospheric conditions over time]

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Organic Food And Non Organic Foods

- I am working on the bulleted claim that organic food is more healthful than typical store bought food. I picked this claim because I wanted to find out if there was a big difference between organic food and non-organic. In order to confirm the claim, we first need to take into consideration what “healthy” means. Does it mean no or little pesticides, food grown from non-chemical fertilizers, no antibiotics or growth hormones, or which holds the most nutrients. Perhaps, “healthy” is a combination of all the above....   [tags: Nutrition, Medicine, Organic food, Health]

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Free College Admissions Essays: Emerson

- Emerson When I received the criteria for this essay I knew that writing this would be a personal challenge to myself. My motivation and interest in being a journalist is so vast that I knew that I would have trouble squeezing it all into a mere 500 word essay. In addition, I would have to list my experience in journalism. During my high school years I have accumulated so much experience due to the responsibilities bestowed on me, that it would be hard to describe them all. As I entered my sophomore year of high school, our school district had just completed both the new high schools....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Happiness Is From The Internal

-   Fashion, success, reputation, and material goods are what drive the men and women of the fashion industries. They will do anything to make their success. In the movie The Devil Wears Prada, the protagonist, Andrea, landed in New York City as an assistant for the chief editor of Runway, a fashion magazine. Andrea demonstrated a full process from rags to riches. As she got more and more into her job, she found out that this was not what she really wanted. People may pursue power, reputation, and material goods; however, if people have to give up their souls, their lives, their dreams, and their loved ones in return, choosing to be ordinary may improve their lives....   [tags: the devil wears Prada]

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Nature in the Works of Emily Dickinson

- Nature is the most beautiful places for anyone to enjoy peace and stability in the human minds. Emily Dickinson is a naturalist poet that she wants the world to know that peace does exist in the human world and she wants to tell the world. Dickinson's poems are mostly written by "nature", "love", and "death" according to Anna Dunlap in her analysis. Dickinson's sister, Lavinia, is the one who published Dickinson's work, on her first attempt the editor that was responsible was taking her sweet time....   [tags: literary analysis, Emily Dickinson]

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Run Lola Run

- "Every second of every day you are faced with a decision that can change your life. The difference between life or death can be decided in a split second" (IMDb). Run Lola Run is an excellent 80-minute German film written/directed by Tom Tykwer and edited by Mathilde Bonnefoy that has a four part "What if" style genre. The movie just throbs with kinetic energy mixed with a case of Monster Energy Drinks. It is so fast-paced that it is like a roller coaster that is unstable with each twist and turn....   [tags: Film Review]

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The New York Times and Jayson Blair (A) “All the News That’s Fit to Print”?

- The New York Times built its legacy around characteristics that did not represent the status quo nor did it follow the traditional steps in reporting news to the public. Instead of putting emphasis on reporting corruption, scandal, and extreme political views, it put importance in reporting the factual representation of events and limited both personal views and expressions (Smeraglinolo, Wehmer, & O’Rourke, 2007). The New York Times set guidelines to ensure its readers were getting the accurate details of its reporting....   [tags: Business Management]

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A Brief Note On Information Sources For A Graduate Level Course

- Comparison of Information Sources In a graduate level course, not all sources are equally respected. Often an ill-informed reader may make the mistake of using the wrong source in the wrong situation, and find themselves with are poorly written research document, due to picking the wrong reference. It is extremely important for a graduate student what source that they are using, and the proper time to use them. Popular Articles Popular articles truly stands behind its name, they are easily obtainable and geared towards a general audience....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Graduate school]

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Joseph Stalin : A Communist Leader Of The Soviet Union

- Joseph Stalin is known for being a ruthless, communist leader of the Soviet Union. But many people are unaware about aspects of his life, other than being a dictator. Joseph Stalin actually chose to become a Bolshevik revolutionary after coming across Vladimir Lenin’s writings, when he was in a theological seminary. In addition to partaking in crimes, he also was an editor. Being the first editor of the Bolshevik daily, Lenin started to admire Stalin’s editing. One Soviet historian came across edited copy, made by Stalin, of the manuscript on Otto von Bismarck, at the time Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were allies....   [tags: Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin]

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Blazing a Trail in International Speech Education

- Blazing a Trail in International Speech Education Gladys Borchers successfully added to the conversation on quality of education in high school and college classroom, but she did not stop there with the articles that she put into The Speech Teacher during her time as editor. Borchers introduced two new concepts to the journal, international speech education and influential individuals in the field of speech communication education. Borchers tied in at least one article per issue of the journal to international speech education....   [tags: Gladys Borchers, teachers, communication]

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The Legacy And Leadership Of Benedict Arnold

- Evaluate the leadership and legacy of a chosen hero and/or villian The legacy and leadership of Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) is subjective and based on on perspective, context and audience. Arnold is “one of the most infamous traitors in U.S. history” ( 2009) and is universally remembered as despicable villian in history (Weeks 2011) However the general public have barely acknowledged Arnold’s heroic achievements as an early American hero of the Revolutionary War (1775-83)....   [tags: American Revolutionary War, Continental Army]

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The Story Of The Bintl Brief Letters By Isaac Metzker

- This past semester I had the opportunity to grasp a better idea of Jewish literature. I cannot begin to fathom how much I have learned or felt as I read each story. Through each story we saw the challenges, drastic changes that the Jewish people had to endure. One common theme that each story brought up was the theme of doubt and uncertainty. There were three stories that not only show this theme, but they also resonated within me and left a mark. The story of the Bintl Brief letters by Isaac Metzker which are a series of letters that were written in Yiddish to an editor of a magazine expressing their concerns as they were migrating to another country....   [tags: Judaism, Jews, Jewish population, Zionism]

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My Senior Year, I Will Never Forgive Taking Writing Seminar

- Throughout the first half of my senior year, I will never forgive taking writing seminar. In the beginning of this year, I never thought of how easy it really is to write an essay. If the writer knows enough information and knows how to communicate that information, it will make for an amazing essay. Even if the writer did not know enough information on the subject he or she is going to write about, they can study the subject and find many interesting things related to what they are talking about....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Essays]

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The Influence of Edgar Allan Poe on Other Writers

- Thesis: Edgar Allen Poe was an American poet, writer, editor, critic shorty story writer, thrill seeker and he influenced many great writers and poets, some have made award winning movies off of the stories they have written and continue to do just that. Introduction: Edgar spent many years writing and learning about American literature. He loved to just write that’s why he did so many different things in the writing profession. He influenced many famous writers etc. so he’s a very influential man and his name lives on as a legend Biography: Paragraph 1: Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts (January 19, 1809-October 7, 1849) He had a sister (Rosalie) and a brother (Henry)...   [tags: research paper outline]

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The Power of One: Edgar Allan Poe

- How does one person change the world. Is it through politics, social media, or philosophy. How about literature. Literature is essential to the understanding of basic ideas, concepts, and universal themes. Its influence on the world is tremendous. Literature has the power of moving people to do things to change the world. The authors behind these writings have the same effect. American poet and author, Edgar Allan Poe, changed the world through literature. His riveting classics have had a huge impact on American and international literature....   [tags: influential British authors and poets]

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Integration Of Technology And Project Based Learning

- I would like to say that integration of technology and project based learning is helping to prepare my students to work at Google. But, in reality, my yearbook class is actually doing a better job than my English class. According to Thomas L. Freeman in “How to Get a Job at Google,” the five hiring attributes at Google are: cognitive ability, emergent leadership, humility, ownership, and expertise (2014). The students on my yearbook staff develop these skills as they work together to publish San Pasqual Academy’s yearbook....   [tags: Psychology, Cognition, Design, Help desk]

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