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Self Evaluation on Group Discussion

- The group discussion has just passed, and it was really a hard work and challenging. There were many precious lessons I got, and, hopefully, so did with my friends. Our group was consisting of four students. As a quantity, reasonably, we had had enough power to do a better work and gained a satisfying result. As I flashed back to the group discussion, it was enriching my memories. Some were in high spirit, remarkable and enjoyable. Opposite to it, few were disappointing. I still remembered that when we directed for the first meeting everyone was very enthusiastic and really keened to do it sooner....   [tags: Self Evaluations, Group Discussions, ]

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Conclusions and Discussion

- 5. Conclusions and Discussion Our survey results indicate that the good pace of AMT adoption in India continues with slight increase in pace in a comparable way. The grand average of adoption for all the 25 technology in 2010 is 2.125 (1-not implemented, 2-implementation in progress, 3-fully implemented) which was 2.002 in 2001. With respect to future plans for adoption the average for all technologies is 1.954 currently which was 1.867 (1-no plans, 2-considering plans, 3-have plans) in 2001. Similarly, the 2010 and 2001 values respectively for plans requiring investment are 0.505 and 0.620 (0-no, 1-yes)....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Descartes Two Meditations

- This paper seeks to discuss the first question. It will have its basis on the first two meditations of Descartes, representing Rationalism, as well as draw from empiricists’ points of view for contrasting views and discussion. I will draw on the curriculum for references, namely “Think, Simon Blackburn, 1999” as well as “The Philosophy Gym, Stephen Law, 2003”. Furthermore, references to the slide from the “Knowledge”-seminar will be used. In the first meditation by Descartes, he argues that everything he perceives as reality might as well be the work of an all-powerful evil demon whose only objective is to deceive him....   [tags: philosophical discussion]

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Inconsistencies in Discussion Board Administration

- Literature Review Introduction - The importance of discussion in an online environment The majority of authors of current literature agree that in an online class environment, discussion is a powerful learning experience (Bye, Smith et al. 2009). Discussion is especially useful and productive from the Constructivist view point(Bye, Smith et al. 2009). It allows for the learner to develop knowledge by sharing experiences through continued discussion with other learners. As discussed in the literature, many shy or withdrawn learners require time for reflection on a discussion and may not respond until they have completely formulated an idea or concept to their satisfaction....   [tags: Educational Technology ]

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Feminism : The Beauty Standards Discussion

- All good things must come to an end at some point in time. I am extremely saddened that my time in Women Studies is now over. At the beginning of this course I considered myself feminist based on the knowledge that I had acquired prior to this course. I can say, with extreme confidence, that I am a true feminist and it is my duty to uphold feminist efforts. The engaging and informative class discussions and movies has reinforced my attitude toward feminism. Three main topics this semester influenced my desire to be a feminist heavily: the beauty standards discussion, the women & violence discussion and videos, and the discussion about contraceptives women take to avoid pregnancy taught me th...   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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A Brief Discussion Of The Ideal Of Equality

- A Brief Discussion of the the ideal of equality. No one is born a slave. Slaves are made by people declaring to own others. How can one truly own another’s life though. Surely all men are created equal; the United States’ Declaration of Independence, written by a Thomas Jefferson, even says “ We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” Declaration of Independence (US 1776). Yet Mr. Jefferson owned many slaves, how could a man who fought for equality with his words, show the exact opposite idea with his actions....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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Christ as A Master in Discussion of the Dao

- Christ as A Master in Discussion of the Dao As intelligent beings, we spend much of our adult lives wondering if the life we lead is truly how we should live. The Dao De Jing teaches that we should live a life in which we have reduced our ego to the point of minimizing if not, eliminating its role in our actions and thoughts. By maintaining the smallest ego possible, we are more able to respond to situations with our true hearts, not with the interest of ourselves in mind. By reacting to events and happenings in our life through natural tendencies, we respond through our true self instead of our ego making decisions that maintain our personal interests, or at least keep our personal intere...   [tags: Philosophy]

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The Moral Model And The Class Discussion

- Reflect on this week’s case study (Erin’s Dilemma) and the class discussion. Think about the MORAL model. After reviewing your peers’ comments, has your thinking about the issue changed. Why or why not. There are no sources in the current document. During week 4, we became familiar with the application of ethics in the nursing practice settings. We learned about ethical theories and principles, which are crucial when practicing in any clinical settings during ethical decision-making and while facing one or multiple ethical dilemmas....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Nursing, Pregnancy]

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The Discussion of Homosexuality in Comic Books

- The discussion of homosexuality in comic books has a long history, reaching back to 1954, when German-American psychiatrist Frederick Wertham published Seduction of the Innocent, a book that warned about the negative effect of popular literature. The book was a minor bestseller and was taken seriously at the time, creating alarm in parents with the claim that reading the crime-, superhero- and horror comics that contain descriptions of violence, sex, drug use and other adult themes, children will be encouraged to similar behavior (Wikipedia)....   [tags: homosexuality, comic books]

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A Discussion on the Culture of the Performer

- A Discussion on the Culture of the Performer Culture is one of the most difficult things to define. Trying to fit all of the subtle nuances and colloquialisms of a people group into a ridged form often requires drastic simplification. However, for the purpose of enlightening others in regards to one’s own culture, there is no other alternative. Culture in short, as defined by the Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute, is “the following ways of life, including but not limited to: Language, Arts and Sciences, Thought, Spirituality, Social Activity, and Interaction.” To that end, the culture of the performer may be defined as the aforementioned ways of life in regards to the people group known...   [tags: Culture ]

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A Discussion of the Problems in Classics Cabinets

- Classics Cabinets Pty Ltd is a company that designs and manufactures custom-built kitchen cabinetry, was founded in Springvale, Melbourne in 2001, and the two owners are siblings Chinh and Anh Chu. Chinh is a high skilled cabinetmaker, and now his role in the company is as the production and operations manager. Anh, on the other side, is an interior designer with qualification, and because she had found an interest in the financial and overall management of the enterprise, she is the de factor general manager....   [tags: Kitchen Cabinets, Designs]

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A Discussion on Vocabulary Teaching and Learning

- A Discussion on Vocabulary Teaching and Learning 1. Introduction Vocabulary has always been regarded as a key component of language teaching and learning in EFL settings. However, compared with grammar instruction, vocabulary teaching seems to receive little attention and interest. It is not until 1990s that increasing efforts have been made towards the study of vocabulary as an important element of effective communication in second language learning. Wilkins points out ‘without grammar very little can be conveyed, but without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed’ (1972, p....   [tags: English as a foreign language]

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An Discussion Questions On Crime And Crime

- Tincen Vithayathil CRJU 306.WB1 Assignment #2: Theoretical Discussion Questions Chapter 1 (#1): “Crime” and “criminality” are two terms that are one in one with each other. One of the concepts focuses on the act or actions, which would be the “crime.” The other concept focuses on behaviors and influences, which would be the “criminality” aspect. Crime can be defined as an act forbidden by law that can be punished by imprisonment, fines, or both. Crime can come in many ways from violent actions like aggravated assault and murder to less violent actions like petty theft and embezzlement....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Criminal justice, Theft]

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Justice Is The Major Issue Of Discussion

- Jeremiah W. McCarthy Prof. Hernandez POSI 3332-002 October 20, 2015 Nicomachean Ethics Justice is the major issue of discussion in Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle. Justice according to Aristotle means fairness or lawfulness. Laws help people behave virtuously. As a result, a just person who is defined as lawful by law is virtuous. However, virtue and justice are not the same. While virtue deals with a person’s moral state, justice deals with a person’s relation to other people. Justice can be divided into universal and particular justice....   [tags: Law, Justice, Plato, Natural law]

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Results And Discussion Of The Class Results

- Results and Discussion The class results that were obtained are located in Table 1 below. The data from my group has been highlighted. Additionally, the data that will be used for calculations has been bolded. Only data from groups 2 through 5 was utilized to determine statistics, because group 1 and group 6 did not report plaque counts between 30 and 300. Their results were likely due to technical errors, such as loose fitting micropipette tips or expelling liquid above the broth rather than inside of the broth....   [tags: Standard deviation, Statistics, Arithmetic mean]

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A Discussion On Religion And Religion

- There are several pet peeves that aggravate me when it comes to religion. They are: religion when it comes to “open” discussion, Religion when it comes to argumental debate and Religion when it comes to the modern media. Religion has always been a touchy subject when it comes to open discussion. It does not matter whether you set ground rules for discussion or not. When the conversations start there is always issues that will arise which could cause someone to get ether offended or to shut themselves off from the conversation because of a difference in opinion or disagreement....   [tags: Debate, Argumentation theory, Debates, Debating]

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A Discussion Of Hotel Rwanda

- It may be asking a little much to think that a movie can change the world, but perhaps what it can do is simply open a viewer 's mind to an experience outside his or her own, set the viewer on a path toward a broader understanding (Olsen, 2015). The decades following Rwanda 's independence from Belgium in 1962 saw growing ethnic tensions and periodic violent attacks and reprisals between Rwanda 's Hutu majority and its Tutsi minority (“Ethics on Film: Discussion of Hotel Rwanda,” n.d.). Thousands of Tutsis fled into exile in neighboring countries and in 1990 a failed invasion by a Tutsi rebel exile group sparked a civil war (“Ethics on Film: Discussion of Hotel Rwanda,” n.d.)....   [tags: Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda, Sierra Leone]

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A Discussion to Compare Moral Theories

- ... For the ethical relativist, there are no universal moral standards -- standards that can be applied to all peoples at all times. Culture and personal morals cause a person to make certain moral decisions. Personally, my beliefs align with ethical relativism, as I do not believe that all morality adhere to universal laws or the fear of a spiritual deity. I feel that the way we treat each other as human beings, the lessons taught by my culture and my own internal feelings of right and wrong guide me....   [tags: ethical, abolutism, relativism]

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A Discussion On Capitalism And Communism

- Who’s in Control. (A discussion on capitalism and communism in your personal life) Clean your room. Do the dishes. Finish your homework. All these commands have been barked at kids since they were little. At a young age, there was no question where the authority lay in the household; the parent obviously had the say so on what went on. However, as the adolescents in the home began to grow up, the line between authority holder and the individual respecting that authority begins to blur. For example, if you’re eighteen and technically an adult, but still live in your parents’ house, do you have a say in what goes on....   [tags: Karl Marx, Communism, Marxism, Capitalism]

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Observations And Discussion Of The Classroom

- Observations and Discussion All the students come from the same neighborhood area except for one student. That student came to Bakerfield Elementary because they were being bullied at their old school. The neighborhood is very diverse; between culture, ethnicity, and income. Due to low income the school provides each student with breakfast each morning. I was placed in a 5th grade classroom. The school is quite small, with only two 5th grade teachers. The classroom is filled with colors and posters surrounding the whole room....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Lesson plan, School]

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A Discussion Of Engagement And Disengagement

- While looking over the clip, I will say that the majority of my students are “engaged” due to their body language and behaviorism. This clip returns to the question that I often find myself asking, “What does engagement look like?” For kindergarten, I believe that engagement appears “physical” to the observing eye, meaning students who appear engaged are sitting quiet, “criss-cross apple sauce” on their bottoms, hands in the lap, and facing forward to whoever is speaking. Having this physical presence may often help to better focus and participation towards the activity because the student is not being distracted....   [tags: Education, Sociology, Nonverbal communication]

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Discussion on Brain Development in India

- Introduction: The present generation, by far the most critical morale demonstration rather too light, bright, and shy; they want popularity and vivacity if consistent usage of social networks. Feelings, impulses, wishes, and fantasies are the dominant dynamic content of adult world. My discussion of brain development in India is clustered around basic individual’s reciprocity with social environment, where immediate members of family are the critical counter players. It is complicated and ambivalent relationship to pleasure, which we spend most of time and resources pursuing....   [tags: social networks, intrinsic, extrinsic]

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Discussion over the Existence of God

- The discussion over the existence of God remains one of the finest pursuits of the human mind to break out of the world and surpass the practical or extraordinary realm of experience. Without a doubt, the question of God's existence is one of the most significant questions of human philosophy. It alters the whole meaning of human life, and it challenges if man is really the Supreme Being in the universe or if man has a greater being that he must love and obey, or possibly defy. So the question is; does God exist....   [tags: religion, philosophy, supreme being]

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Love And Marriage : A Discussion

- Love and Marriage – A discussion Love and marriage have been intertwined throughout history, sometimes in the most basic ways and some other times in the most bizarre and outright ridiculous. We focus on the effects of globalization so acutely, that the changing faces of love and marriage are sometimes not observed. Though the change is subtle, it is certainly present. Coontz (2005) describes traditional marriage to be as vital as getting a job. In retrospect, it is hard to comprehend that those who did not marry were considered sinners....   [tags: Love, Marriage, English-language films]

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The Discussion And Interpretation Of Warfare

- The discussion and interpretation of warfare in theology is not a new controversy. A purely Old Testament inspired interpretation would suggest that violence can be, and often is a widely accepted practice in the eyes of God. “The Book of Joshua”, is a particularly good example of the war theology found throughout the Old Testament as it is an account of the Israelites conquests at the behest of God. The God described in ”The Book of Joshua” is ruthless, absolute in his perception of peoples being ether righteous or wicked, and champions the total destruction of the Cainites....   [tags: God, Bible, Old Testament, New Testament]

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A Discussion Of Beowulf 's Motivations

- A Discussion of Beowulf’s Motivations “It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle,” Norman Schwarzkopf. In the epic poem, Beowulf, an epic hero from Geats travels far out of his way to help the Danes with their fight against the nasty Grendel. However, in the story Beowulf encounters three monsters that he takes into his own hands and defeats them all. In doing so, Beowulf is rewarded greatly and becomes king and is looked up to by all....   [tags: Beowulf, Epic poetry, Grendel, Homer]

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Discussion And Scientific Explanation Of Results

- Discussion and Scientific Explanation of Results The results of the anion test suggest the presence of a chloride anion in unknown sample 3 (Table 1). When the unknown solution was mixed with nitric acid and silver nitrate, a white precipitate formed. The entire test tube turned a milky white color that was most concentrated at the top of the tube. The milky white test tube also resembled the solid state more than the liquid state. According to Cooper7 in the laboratory manual, this result indicates that a chloride ion is a component of the unknown ionic compound....   [tags: Sodium chloride, Chlorine, Ion, Sodium]

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The Discussion Of Physician Assisted Suicide

- In the discussion of physician assisted suicide, one controversial issue has been whether or not it should become legal across the United States. On one hand, some oppose that it is not right for individuals to take their own life, with a physician 's help. On the other hand, if you are terminally ill and in a lot of pain, you should have the right to end your life with the help of a physician or someone else 's help. My view of the topic is that I am for allowing those people who are terminally ill to end their life to quit their suffering....   [tags: Death, Suicide, Medical ethics, Law]

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The Reoccurring Discussion Of Health Care

- The reoccurring discussion for health care in the United States seems to be a push for universal health care, just as other developed countries have, because it is best for the people of a nation. So, what happens when the population of a nation is four times larger than any other. Can that country adequately be utilized or compared to as a model for universal health care systems of another country when population sizes and dominant cultural characteristics are so different. Britain and Indonesia are both island nations that have universal health care systems....   [tags: Medicine, Health economics, Universal health care]

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The Ethical Discussion Of Donating Organs

- The Ethical Discussion of Donating Organs Since the first successful organ transplant was performed, the life-changing procedure that has saved thousands of lives has become a much desired route for those in need of a new organ. The unfortunate scenario in most cases is that someone needs to die in order for another to live. With voluntary organ donors now growing in numbers upon their own death, there is still a high demand for organs that is not being met to the satisfaction of many patients who are on waiting lists....   [tags: Organ donation, Organ transplant, Donation]

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The Discussion Of Nature Versus Nurture

- The discussion of nature versus nurture is always highly debated. However, it is not that simple of it being one or the other. Rather that nature and nurture go hand and hand. So much of what makes up a person is not done consciously but lies in the unconscious. How a person views themselves is dependent on what that person does in their life. The negative outlook can form a negative self -view that will hinder a person’s achievements. A person develops and matures over time with life experiences shaping who they end up becoming....   [tags: Big Five personality traits]

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A Week Discussion : Bug Affairs

- Fourth week discussion: Bug Affairs 1. I believe Pennington is trying to convey a message as to how American culture has evolved and how we are much to blame for the recent bedbugs grow that now we plan to eradicate. Moreover, such bugs are deemed as “harmless” by the author. 2. The description of a bedbugs feeding process allows the reader to get a clear picture of how disgusting this bugs are, and it also helps the reader understand the behavior of the bug. 3. The resurgence of bedbugs in major U.S cities is a testament of the increase in international travel and increase sale of second-hand furniture which highlights the progress we have made in moving from one place...   [tags: Antibiotic resistance, Bacteria, The Reader]

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A Lecture Discussion On Hip Hop

- Overall, there was not very much from the lecture discussion that I can relate to statistics, however, the lecturer did use percentages throughout her presentation. For example, she said that eighty percent of hip hop CDs are bought by white teenagers showing that white people are also listening to the genre of hip hop. Additionally, Professor Gloria Ladson-Billings showed graphs which had percentages of what race voted for what political party. It was the use of percentages and graphs that helped give me a visual idea of how racial idea is still very much of an issue in present day....   [tags: Race, White people, Race, Black people]

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Discussion : Pieces Of A Puzzle

- Discussion: Pieces of a Puzzle “How Corrosive Is College to Religious Faith and Practice?” and the survey I sent to my class argue on the defense of public colleges. Education isn’t the source of pressure according to the survey, and the article claims young adults in general have a hard time with their faith. This would mean that if students felt judged in college, it’s no different from the real world and not important. If a college shows that their identity besides the popular categories aren’t as important, students will leave college thinking they aren’t as important as well....   [tags: Religion, Faith, Belief, Life]

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The Future Discussion : My Reaction

- The Future Discussion My Reaction: When taking this class, I was often surprised at the way women were treated, simply because they were inferior to men in many aspects of the religion. I have never have taken a class that examined how the disparities a women experiences. There was also a lot of stereotypes I had about religions that were proven to be misconceptions. I was overall intrigued to learning about other religions besides Christianity. My Analysis: Myself- I found it very difficult to find understand the matter in this class at first....   [tags: Religion, Islam, Christianity]

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A Discussion On The Protestant Reformation

- So Indulgent. (A discussion on the Protestant Reformation) The Roman Catholic Church was a vastly important component to European history, as well as being an extremely important and influential part of almost everyone 's lives. It gave the everyman something to strive for, something to make their lives better or make themselves better people. When a person was just so surrounded by The Church, it becomes a very important part of their life. Whether or not it was actually making the person better or not, the individual thought it was....   [tags: Protestant Reformation, Catholic Church]

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Classroom Discussion During The Classroom

- Both IRE/F and WAIT can be used seamlessly throughout the classroom discussion times if you understand when to use one and also to extend the learning with the other. I see IRE/F as the most common way to communicate with students, as seen in Transcript 3, Mr. Weber initiates a response from a student, he may dip into analysis, but evaluates and continues with the circle of IRE/F. In the article by Lawerence and Crespo (2016) they state, “…we noticed how this pedagogical routine could discourage or restrict student involvement in … conversations” (5)....   [tags: Thought, Education, Mind, Question]

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Cultural Competence For Class Discussion

- Cultural Competence I choose Chapter 4 Cultural Competence for the class discussion, and I addressed the following two points from the chapter. The first one was about Your Ethical Responsibility while working in the Human Service profession and the second was about Important Points to be Remember in Cross -Culture Interactions. Let’s begin with what is the Culture. It is defined as “the shared knowledge and schemes created by a set of people for perceiving, interpreting, expressing, and responding to the social realities around them" Lederach, J.P....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Interpersonal relationship]

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- DISCUSSION ON THE PROPOSED DESIGN In this design, quad wan SSL VPN firewall will be used and placed at the main office as a perimeter firewall, the firewall will be connected to two layer 3 switches, which will act as a distribution point of the network, another three layer 2 manageable switches will replace the existing switches as the access layer. All the servers will be positioned at a single access switch forming the sever-farm, there will be redundant connections linking both the distribution switches and the servers; this option is selected in order to unify the servers’ connectivity, as well as to eliminate the number of hops connecting workstations and servers, while offering redund...   [tags: Information Technology ]

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A Discussion of Qualitative Research

- Qualitative Research This will be a discussion of qualitative research. It will define qualitative research, as well as look at the similarities and differences in the quantitative and qualitative research paradigms. Furthermore, this discussion will look into qualitative case study research and phenomenological research, with further contemplation of purposes, methods, and limitations for these two methods. Qualitative research is concerned with understanding people’s many layers of envisioned reality....   [tags: versus quantitative research]

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Financial Theory Discussion and Analysis

- ... Generally investors cannot borrow and lend at risk free rate as risk premium is charged by banks depending upon their credit worthiness. Thereby this assumption is one of the fundamental disadvantages followed by perfect capital theory which does not hold true. The advantages are as follows: It considers only the systematic risk thereby quantifying market risk element separately and in very scientific and simplistic way. The relationship established between return and systematic risk has become a standard model for modern researchers to extend and add more variable to the theory....   [tags: computing risk, market, capital]

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Elie 's Discussion Of Nationalism

- Elie Kedourie’s discussion of nationalism, its causes and its relationship to modernization, and its overall evolution is grounded in historiographical evaluation of ideas emanating from a Kantian notion of human beings as having a sense of autonomous tendencies. Elie goes on to describe certain concepts such as nationalism, patriotism, the primordial basis for these concepts and nationalism as whole. Kedourie believes the overarching and unifying factor for nationalism to flourish is a set of ideas that cause homogenization among a group....   [tags: Nation, Nationalism, Ethnic group, Race]

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Discussion On Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Discussion Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, is becoming more and more prevalent in recent years. According to the Autism Science Foundation (2016), 1 in 68 children in the United States has autism. This statistic has remained the same since 2014, but the rate has grown over the past three decades. Unfortunately, the statistics for the previous years are difficult to report due to updates on the diagnosis criteria itself, which has been recently clarified in the DSM V. With so many U.S. students struggling with the disorder, it is important to consider challenges that these youth may encounter in the typical classroom....   [tags: Autism, Autism spectrum, Asperger syndrome]

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Mountaintop Removal: A Public Discussion

- About 60 people gathered at the Winter Sun Hall on Thursday evening for a presentation and public discussion on the environmental impact and health effects of mountaintop removal mining. Following a potluck on the Dogtown Roadhouse porch, local organizer Theresa Gigante greeted attendees and thanked local businesses who made donations in support of the event. Seven guest panelists representing citizen action groups, including Mountain Justice, Climate Ground Zero, and The Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards explained the practice of strip mining, a technique that began in the 1970’s that uses explosives and large earth moving machinery to extract coal from the ground....   [tags: Local Government]

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Discussion Of The Statistical Analysis

- Discussion of the Statistical Analysis From a large cohort of mid-high SES women who were screened for antenatal depression, a statistically significant association was found between the interactions of elevated depression by short cervix and the outcomes of PTB and LBW. The same association was not found for the outcome of SGA. Depression alone was significant in the initial main effects models for PTB and LBW, but the introduction of interaction terms reduced the effect. The change was less substantial for LBW, where odds ratios and their respective 95% confidence intervals were only marginally insignificant....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Obstetrics, Statistics]

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Questions For The Discussion Board

- Questions for the discussion board How much of a romance is this book, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 is the equivalent of Gone with the Wind or Romeo and Juliet). After all, the book begins with a kiss. There is certainly a romantic element to this book, however, it wasn’t the main plot. The most important storyline that this book addressed was Liyana’s gradual acceptance of a new way of life in a new country. The kiss at the beginning of the story was meant to emphasize Liyana’s age when the family moved from St....   [tags: Islam, Qur'an, Muslim, Muhammad]

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A Discussion About Suicidal Tendencies

- This paper will have discussion about suicidal tendencies. People may have suicidal tendencies for a variety of reasons in which this paper will explain. For example people can find that there are challenges in life that may arise, and seem difficult to deal with. As in the stages of adolescence life there is great complexity during which several risk behaviors may emerge, among them suicidal tendencies, suicidal ideation, and self harming (Ferrer & Kircher, 2015). This paper will also describe the common precipitation and cultural factors in suicide....   [tags: Suicide, Sociology, Parasuicide, Bipolar disorder]

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Discussion Of Shakespeare 's Macbeth

- Discussion of Macbeth Significance of Tomorrow Soliloquy In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, there are many instances in which a character in the play gives a soliloquy or and aside. The most significant one, and actually one of Shakespeare’s most famous passages, is Macbeth’s Tomorrow soliloquy. This passage takes a lot of deep thinking and analyzing to understand Shakespeare’s full meaning. “A sensitive modern reader seems to feel very acutely indeed that this passage is a consummate expression of the very essence of despair and disillusionment, doubt and pessimism, the irrevocable hopelessness and solitude of man, which Renaissance individualism opposed to medieval optimism; but for most read...   [tags: Macbeth, William Shakespeare, The Play, Reality]

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A Discussion On Intercultural Communication

- POD DISCUSSION 5: Intercultural communication is type of communication which people from different cultures and groups share information. The occasion where significant basically cultural differences made effective intercultural communication a challenge between me and my friend here in America was about bride price. In my culture bride price is paid by groom to the family of the girl who is going to marry. The bride price symbolizes as a promise to always love and protect. It serves as reassurance to the bride’s parents that the daughter they love with all their heart will be in good hands....   [tags: Culture, Sociology, Intercultural competence]

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A Discussion On Domain C

- Discussion on Domain C Domain C consists of different components such as making content accessible (TPE 4), Student Engagement (TPE 5), Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Practices (TPE 6), and Teaching English Learners (TPE 7). These TPEs have the different components. First, teacher connects students’ prior knowledge, life experiences, and interests with learning goals. For this purpose, the student understands the lesson way better if teacher relates the student’s background information to the topic....   [tags: Education, Teacher]

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A Discussion On Firm Performance

- Discussion Firm performance Although different firms have different structures, the measures of performances are relative to the location and production. The firm’s management identifies nature of the structures that fits their production and hence essential standard measurement. The relationships of the firm’s position are measured through the sales growth and dominance in market. The industries have different production line therefore calling to a relative measure depending on productivity through the profit generated....   [tags: Management, Organization, Structure]

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A Discussion On Intentional Teaching

- Discussion 1 Intentional teaching is an approach where teacher’s actions and decisions are deliberate and thought out to ensure specific goals are created to reach specific outcomes in a child’s learning and development (Epstein, 2014). This then means teachers are taking on a more active role in children’s teaching and learning. Epstein (2014) carries on to say, if a teacher desires to practice this approach then it requires the teacher has knowledge on subject areas, the different way so of how children learn and develop and most effective ways to engage their exploration and investigation around their interests, skills and strengths REF Sociocultural theories are found to underpin inten...   [tags: Education, Developmental psychology, Teacher]

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The Discussion Of Child Obesity

- In the discussion of child obesity, one controversial predicament has been that, whether parents are being responsible enough, and are the ones to be blamed for their child’s health, and most important of all, their nutrition. In which they need to be held accountable for their decision making, towards their child’s healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, supporters, and those in favor of this specific idea, suggest that parents, and the newly parenting, has is it that, it must be mandatory that they must have the knowledge, and be aware of expert advice that’s available to them, and going out seeking for that type of professional help....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Hypertension, Medicine]

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Questions On A Discussion Boards

- Discussion Boards 1. Discuss two decisions you have made, one with a good outcome, one with a poor outcome. What are the differences. Can you dissect your mistakes. What cues were you reading correctly and which incorrectly. One good decision, I made was when I purchased my first home. At the time, I was a single and I purchased it from a neighborhood housing program. Therefore, it was a no interest loan for 30 years. I read the contract of the agency, and due to the housing bubble I was able to use the information in the contract to my advantage....   [tags: Money, Credit card, Interest, Debt]

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My Discussion On Emily Dickinson

- My discussion post will focus on Emily Dickinson. While Emily was alive, eight of her poems got published. Four years after she passed away, her work (Poems by Emily Dickinson (1890)) became accessible to the public to read for the very first time. Some readers and reviewers said Emily’s work did not have enough rhymes, had bad grammar, and the metaphors did not make sense. On the other hand, other people commented that her poems were suggestive. Emily became a famous and gifted poet when her work (The Poems of Emily Dickinson (1955)) became published....   [tags: Writing, Linguistics, Poetry, Emily Dickinson]

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What is Online Discussion?

- Many benefits of online discussion have been recorded in the literature. For example, participation in an asynchronous online discussion is time and place independent (Morse, 2003: Williams etal., 2001). Participants who involved online discussion can contribute whenever they have a useful input and wherever they are as long as they have access to a network based computer. Williams (2002, p. 266) explained the freedom from temporal and geographical constraints international students have “flexibility in the time, place and pace of communication” with others....   [tags: Technology, Communication]

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Inquiry Based Discussion Strategies

- Discussions in the elementary science classroom are crucial to understanding scientific concepts. Unfortunately, the term discussions may lead us to imagine the whole group reading, followed by questions generated by the teacher, students restating what was previously read, and finally the teacher evaluating the students’ statements for correctness. This method of discussion is commonly known as initiation-response-feedback or IRF (Willington, 2011). This unfortunate scenario can be replaced by a more meaningful exchange known as inquiry based discussions....   [tags: education, teaching science]

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Week Three Discussion Forum

- Week Three Discussion Forum This week, I have two discussion forum questions for your response. Please post your response to each question separately: 1. The federal government had extensive control over the development of hydroelectric power, encouraged the development of this energy source by public entities, and FDR used this public development as an opportunity to provide work relief to the unemployed during the Great Depression. Since that time, there has been little support for government control of any industry to that extent....   [tags: Energy]

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Discussion, Conclusions, And Recommendations

- Discussion, Conclusions, and Recommendations Recent data provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations indicates that there were an estimated, 1,165,383 violent crimes committed nationwide in 2014 (FBI, 2015). According to the average statistics presented early on in this research, 25-45 percent of those offenders are likely to have claimed amnesia for their crime. Based on those percentages, between 290,000 and 524,000 violent offenders attempted to exploit the inexplicit protocols, and classifications forensic psychologists’ have left undetermined for genuine versus simulated amnesia....   [tags: Crime, Violent crime, Memory, Criminology]

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The Five Stages of the Negotiation Process in Diplomacy

- Diplomacy has a variety of definitions which depending on the user perspectives on the term “diplomacy”. In the context of international relations, diplomacy is the negotiator’s ability in conducting negotiations between the representatives of nation states in a peaceful manner. The essential of negotiation is to resolve a conflict without offending others. According to Iragorri (2003), an effective negotiation is being able to achieve mutual agreement by peaceful means. The process of a negotiation in diplomacy goes through five important stages that is preparation, discussion, proposing, bargaining and settling process (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1)....   [tags: preparation, discussion, proposing]

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Warriors Don´t Cry by Melba Patillo Beals

- Martin Luther King once said, "we must live together as brothers or perish as fools." This statement illuminates the importance of the features of concern, compassion, and knowledge. The color of a person’s skin tone would result in harsh and unfair treatment. Even though they would be alienated by their peers and others, many African Americans chose to stand up for their rights. These truths were revealed when the famous little rock nine took their courageous stand regardless of their odds. In the novel, Warriors don't Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals and a Roundtable discussion facilitated by NBC news, the disturbing truths behind the struggles of integration are brought to life....   [tags: roundtable discussion, story analysis]

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The Tripartite of the Soul that Socrates Discussed in Plato's Republic

- ... In Aristotle discussion On the Soul he talks about the kinds of souls possessed by different living things such as plants, animals and, beings. Aristotle then goes on describing the substance that makes up the soul, the first is matter which is not this in its own right, the second is form which makes matter this and the third form is the compound of matter and form. Every living body is a substance and the soul is the actuality of the body. The soul is not some sort of activity but the ability to engage in some sort of activity....   [tags: philosophical discussion and analysis]

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Why I Think Understanding One's Potential Is an Essential Aspect

- In this paper I will be primarily focusing on why I think understanding ones potential is an essential aspect through a discussion of my personal experience. The experience that I will be sharing in this paper is during my internship with Blackberry and these memories are very close to my heart and I respect each and every bit of it. Blackberry showed me my potential and motivated me towards hard work. “Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.” – Vernon Sanders Law....   [tags: discussion of my personal experience]

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The Role of Consensus in Business

- Understanding consensus and its role in a business As mentioned earlier in the introduction, consensus is a general agreement that is made within different groups. Consensus is another word for consent, which means to give permission. It is part of the process of decision-making where everyone within the group has a say and agrees to support a decision in the best interest of the business as a whole. Consensus builds a relationship within the workforce and this helps them find a solution that meets the needs of the group and work together to strategically make the best decision suited for the company....   [tags: decision-making, discussion]

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Weakness in Sigmound Freud’s Theories

- This essay will attempt to highlight and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the three main theories of counselling within the module covered this term. The three approaches in discussion are psychodynamics, cognitive behavioural and humanistic. The psychodynamic theory originated from Sigmund Freud, a medical doctor and philosopher (1856 - 1939) founded in the 1900s. Freud developed his ideas whilst working as a psychiatrist in Vienna, collecting information from his patients such as feelings, thoughts and early childhood experiences....   [tags: Freud's Theory, Discussion]

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Quanta vs LG Electronics Case

- Purpose Based on the guidance from the previous management meeting, this group asked our management team to prepare and present this briefing. In the development, we have a identified with a two folded purpose: to present an overview of the Quanta v LG Electronics case and present recent industry findings that relate to how our organization deals with similar issues pertinent to Quanta v LG Electronics. To accomplish this our management team reviewed the specifics of the Quanta v LG Electronics case....   [tags: Business Meeting Discussion]

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Large Granular Lymphocytic (LGL) Leukemia

- Large granular lymphocytic (LGL) leukemia is an uncommon disease, characterized by a clonal proliferation of mature, post-thymic T-cells, typically CD3+, CD4-, CD8+, CD16+, CD57+ phenotype, representing constitutively active T-cells Less commonly, LGL leukemia is derived from CD3-, CD56+ natural killer (NK) cells. Clonal T-LGLs escape apoptosis by failure to respond to the Fas/Fas ligand (FasL) pathway. Activating mutations in the STAT3gene occur frequently in LGL leukemia, and may play a role in pathogenesis....   [tags: patients, results, discussion]

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A Discussion of Vivisection

- A Discussion of Vivisection Most people believe that vivisection is cruel, disgusting and completely un-necessary. Vivisection is were humans experiment on living animals, which is not needed. Fewer than 2% (1.16%) of human illnesses are ever seen in animals. It is proven every 4seconds an animal dies in a British laboratory. Do you really want this to happen for no reason. There is much discussion about whether should be band, but there are never enough people against this or never enough time to sort this out....   [tags: Papers]

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Euthanasia Discussion

- Whose responsibility is it to decide when, where, and under what conditions a person is to die. This question inevitably brings up discussion of spirituality, beliefs, and legislation. Euthanasia is an idea that has been around for decades yet as we progress in technology and medical competency the discussion screams to be addressed formally by passing legislature. Euthanasia must be taken out of the hands of lawmakers and put into the hands of the thousands fatally ill patients trapped in their own bodies and/or minds....   [tags: Spirituality, Beliefs, Legislation]

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A Discussion on Racism

- A Discussion on Racism Could you image having to enter a public bus through the rear door and only be allowed to sit in the back of the bus. Could you image having to drink from a specified water fountain designated for your race. How about facing the fear of hate groups against your race, or being falsely accused of a crime and found guilty by a jury consisting of people of another race. This is what people had to do half a century ago. This all ‘stopped’ in the last fifty years since the adoption in 1948 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights....   [tags: Papers]

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Walmart Discussion

-   Wal-Mart Supercenter is a very large chain of stores that is located in several countries. As Wal-Mart expanded its business locations, various distribution centers for the sales were placed in several locations in the world. The Wal-Mart owner appears to have chosen its locations based on the zoning of the given area and based on the ability to hire labor for the facility. Their locations were chosen because the company wanted to minimize the costs of imported products, national brands, and generic products....   [tags: Company, Profits, Growth]

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A Discussion of Legality

- Case 1 The issues began when Ravi told Alice that he would be willing to sell her his house, which she rented from him as a student, upon graduation. An interesting question is if what Ravi said constitutes a genuine offer or not. Was his “willingness” to sell to be taken as a definite, or as an offer to do business at a specified time, such as an invitation to treat. Another possible issue is that Ravi communicated his willingness to sell the house to her 4 months before her graduation and Alice gave her “acceptance” by mail approximately 4 months after her graduation....   [tags: Law]

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Coaching Sessions Discussion

- Session 3: What did the other person discuss. Alisha discussed he increased stress levels which are a product of nervousness, sleep deprivation and her partner being absent. What did she say. How did you respond. Using which verbal skills. Alisha told me about her increased stress levels over the last few months, she’s found that starting her Bachelor has resulted in her nervousness. I encouraged her to tell me more about that, and she mentioned that she was so nervous that she ended up attending student consultations to discuss her stress....   [tags: social science, stress]

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Collective Discussion: An Exhibit of the Civilization that was Catalhoyuk

- Representing the vast neolithic civilization that was Catalhoyuk in a single exhibit is a difficult task that requires an incorporation of three specific things: tangible artifacts taken from the site of Catalhoyuk, visual aides explaining the archaeological data regarding the artifacts, and live archaeologists to explain the data to exhibit visitors. My exhibit will include all of these. Laid out in a circular room, with 3 possible entrances--one between each section of the exhibit--my exhibit will include three separate sections that present figurines, food practices, and cultural findings, directly derived from the excavation at the Catalhoyuk site....   [tags: Archaeology]

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Discussion Questions On Racism And The Civil War

- Discussion 7 Racism, the topic that really bothers me, and will continue to always bother me. Initially I was very confused to the video, “Birth of a Nation” where there were 101 blacks against, 23 white, and how the Negro party had control of the House of Representatives. At this point in time, I always thought that black people did not even have rights to be even elected a congress member, but the video taught me wrong. At the same time, the video can show extreme exaggeration, so still confused on that part....   [tags: United States, Pacific Ocean, Ku Klux Klan]

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Research Analysis: A Discussion of the Four Worldviews

- Introduction This paper will provide a hypothetical discussion of how each of the four “worldviews” (post-positivism, constructivism, advocacy/participatory, and pragmatism) might apply to the proposed study. It will refer to the topic paper developed during the class RSH9101B (Research Topic, Problem, Purpose, and Questions) with the assistance of Dr. Kenneth Gossett, class mentor. The portion of the Topic Paper to be used will be the problem statement, which will provide the foundation for this discussion and completion of this assignment....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Discussion Of The Variables Age And Age Group

- Discussion of the variables age and age group Within this research study, the concept of age can be described with the following two ‘age’ and ‘age group’. The sample size for this study consisted of a total of 50 participants with ages ranging from 21 years onwards. Within this sample, the largest amount of participants was in group 2. This group consisted of ages 46 to 65, as a result, the average age for the sample population was 57.62 as shown in table 1.2. It is also important to mention the sample consists of 2 participants within the age group 4 that consists of age 81 or greater....   [tags: Nursing, Hypertension]

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The Impracticality of Kant's Discussion of Will: Consequences of Actions

- In this paper, I will argue that Kant’s discussion of the will is not always practical because it is the consequences that actually matter, especially in certain situations. The main reason in support of this claim is that everyone is eventually caught in a situation where they have to choose between the lesser of two evils, which means that people should carefully think about all possible outcomes before making decisions. I. Kant and the Categorical Imperative: It is generally understood that society would tear itself apart if people suddenly stopped following a few fundamental laws; such as, arson, theft, and murder....   [tags: Categorical Imperative, Analytical Evaluation]

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An Discussion With Gibbs And Mcintyre 's Paper

- Sukanya Panja started the first discussion with Gibbs and McIntyre’s paper, where she summarized the paper, Methods for comparing sequences of Amino Acids in the different protein. Where the paper basically describes the possible similarities between the sequences. While summarizing the paper she explained the run index and diagonal index. Here run index is when we are considering every consecutive diagonal and principal index is when we are taking only the principal diagonal. While explaining the examples many questions has been arousing, David and Jafar make a quite discussion over Table 1 and Figure 1, a question arose why this paper is comparing with these another cytochrome (while compa...   [tags: Amino acid, Protein, DNA, Acid]

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Student And Student 's Cross Discussion

- Teaching that focuses on all students by rejecting ability grouping and use language that expresses a value of all students: Informal groups talk and cross-discussion sometimes considered not a ground-breaking strategy in teaching and learning. Arguably, implementing effective teacher and student’s cross-discussion does not come easily (Cazden, 1988). This issue also found by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (2015) in educational documentary series called Revolution School in an Australian school....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Learning]

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