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The Works Of Paulo Freire And John Berger

- ... By asking questions, students have the ability to learn new things outside of the censorship of authority. With increased learning, comes an increase in knowledge. However, an increase in knowledge as a positive or negative depends on a person’s values. How do people want to live. Is ignorance bliss. Do they believe people should “stay woke”. Living without thinking critically allows people to live simply. It can be easier to not question anything. Knowledge can have negative effects and lead to problems with anxiety and stress....   [tags: Idea, Thought, John Berger, Knowledge]

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Ways of Seeing by John Berger

- The second visual essay in John Berger's “Ways of Seeing” is a showcase of images that depict the wealth and values of the upper class, and the productions of oil painting in the 16th,17th, and 18th century. The images in the second visual essay suggest that the subject matter of the paintings is dictated by the patron, and the values of the dominating upper class . I will investigate the following images more specifically in relation to this argument: “Still Life (The Butchers Counter) by Francisco Goya (18th Century)” , “Love Seducing Innocence, Pleasure Leading Her On, and Remorse Following” by Pierre Paul Prud'han (18th Century), and “Emmanuel Filbert of Savoy by Anthony Van Dyck (17th...   [tags: upper class, oil paintings, ]

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Ways of Seeing by John Berger

- In the book “Ways of Seeing,” John Berger explains several essential aspects of art through influence of the Marxism and art history that relates to social history and the sense of sight. Berger examines the dominance of ideologies in the history of traditional art and reflects on the history, class, and ideology as a field of cultural discourse, cultural consumption and cultural practice. Berger argues, “Realism is a powerful link to ownership and money through the dominance of power.”(p.90)[1] The aesthetics of art and present historical methodology lack focus in comparison to the pictorial essay....   [tags: social history, marxism]

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Contagious By Jonah Berger

- ... Throughout the contagious book, Berger combines many groundbreaking researches with powerful stories to persuasive the readers. For instance, he uses the example of Barclay Prime’s one-hundred-dollar cheesesteak to show that we catch on special things faster than other ordinary ones. Like the Crif Dogs, which is a hot dog restaurant, the manager could turn it into the most popular restaurant in the New York City because they know about the importance of social currency works in business. As a result, Crif Dog has won a variety of awards....   [tags: Marketing, Emotion, Avianca, Airline]

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From Ways Of Seeing By John Berger

- The piece, “From Ways of Seeing” by John Berger, describes how a man’s actions are perceived and always focused on showing power. However a woman’s presence is opposite and that everything she does determines how people see her. Her choices and actions are what we go by to determine who the woman is. Whereas men want to be seen but women just want to be accepted (4). Aaron H. Devor in, “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender” argues that men and women both strive to obtain power (112)....   [tags: Gender, Man, Transgender, Gender role]

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How We Learn in John Berger's Ways of Seeing

- When a young toddler begins to speak, naming things they see around them, it is because they saw their parents do it. As they grow into a teenagers, they give names to things based on what they have heard from their friends and social media. This pattern carries into adulthood. The way we identify things reflects the progression of understanding art featuring woman, as explored in John Berger’s Ways of Seeing. He presents the idea in chapter three that woman were portrayed in art since the beginning and how it transcends to modern times....   [tags: self-importance, image, bible]

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Response To: Hiroshma By Berger

- In his essay "Hiroshima," John Berger examines the bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. As he flips through the pages of the book Unforgettable Fire, he begins to relay his own views on the dropping of the A-bomb. Berger suggests his belief that it was an act of terrorism on the Japanese. While viewing the drawings, paintings, and descriptions the victimes of the A-bomb created, Berger starts forming his opinion on the tragedy. He eventually concludes that Japan was a victim of terrorism....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Invitation to Sociology by Peter Berger

- In Peter Berger's "Invitation to Sociology", the sociological perspective was introduced. Berger asserts that it is important to examine new or emotionally or morally challenging situations from a sociological perspective in order to gain a clearer understanding of their true meanings. This perspective requires a person to observe a situation through objective eyes. It is important to "look beyond" the stereotypical establishments of a society and focus on their true, hidden meanings. Consideration of all the hidden meanings of social customs, norms, deviations and taboos, allow one to establish an objective image about the truth behind it....   [tags: Sociology Essays]

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Analysis Of John Berger 's ' The White Bird '

- ... That warmth in your chest. That’s the aesthetic emotion. It is hope for a brighter future and, as the villagers who hang the white birds in their kitchens and chapels during long and cold winters; it is a reminder of summer and brighter days ahead. If Berger finds the “aesthetic emotion” in nature, then Mark Morrisroe finds it in human interaction. As a gay man who lived and died during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s, Morrisroe’s photography captures a moment of beauty and happiness during a time of pain and turmoil....   [tags: Love, Emotion, Feeling, Nature]

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Outlook on Paintings and Art in John Berger's Ways of Seeing

- Ways of Seeing by John Berger was originally a television series on BBC that later was made into a book of the same name. It focuses on how we view and interpret art. More specifically, in the first episode, it focuses on paintings and how different one can interpret the specific painting based on many circumstances. The way our outlook on paintings and art changes depending on many things; one of them being where and how we look and see a reproduction of a specific painting. With the invention of the camera, reproductions of art are made freely and paintings “can be seen in a million different places at the same time”....   [tags: Television Series]

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Comparing Peter Berger and C. Wright Mills

- On reading the excerpts by Peter Berger and C. Wright Mills, it is obvious that these two sociologists have very different methods as to how the practice of sociology should be conducted. While these two authors may differ in their various methods, they both have an underlying point that they are trying to make which can be made applicable in any person’s daily life. The main point behind Peter Berger’s work Introduction to Sociology is that in order to find out the truth about a person or perhaps a situation, one must take a deeper look than just looking at the deceptive superficial surface....   [tags: Sociology Essays]

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An Analysis Of John Berger

- Pictures Don’t Always Paint a Thousand Words John Berger makes a bold statement in saying “ No other relic or text from the past can offer such a direct testimony about the world which surrounded other people at other times. In this respect images are more precise and richer than literature,'; (Ways of Reading, 106). This statement is very untrue. Literature has been the focal point of all modern learning.. Literature lets the reader feel what the author is thinking, not just see it as you would in a painting....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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John Berger's Ways of Knowing

- In his first essay of Ways of Seeing, John Berger claims that all power, authority, and meaning that was once held by an original work of art has been lost through the mass reproduction of these works that has occurred in recent years. He writes of an entirely bogus religiosity (116-117) that surrounds these art objects and that the meaning of the original work no longer lies in what it uniquely says but in what it uniquely is (117). He claims that because of reproduction, the art of the past no longer exists as it once did (127)....   [tags: Ways of Knowing Essays]

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Analysis Of Peter Berger 's ' The Sociological Imagination '

- 1.What did Peter Berger mean when he said the sociological perspective is "seeing the general in the particular"?  Why, in individualistic North America, can the sociological perspective be described as "seeing the strange in the familiar". The meaning to P. Berger, “seeing the general in the particular”, to see the world sociologically by realizing how the general categories into which we fall shape our particular life experiences. Due to the views of the the individualistic North American, what is common in their society (i.e....   [tags: Sociology, C. Wright Mills, Social class]

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Berger And Luckmann 's Social Construction Theory

- ... These institutions being the NCAA and the colleges they attend. As easy as it is to forget about America’s past treatment of African Americans, it is necessary to glimpse back into the past as the memory is omnipresent in the minds of these men and has shaped them over time. After analyzing the past of African Americans, we must look at the upbringing of these athletes to continue developing a hypothesis. Vast amounts of African American football plauers come from inner city, poverty-ridden neighborhoods where the only acceptable options for income are illicit activities or sports....   [tags: National Football League, American football]

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John Berger's Another Way of Telling

- In John Berger’s essay “Another Way of Telling,” Berger argues that photographs contain a “third meaning.” Berger claims that the third meaning is personal and relies almost completely on the individual viewer. As a result, no photograph can convey the same message to any two people and no two photographs can convey the same message to any one person. Here, the validity of Berger’s assumption crumbles. All photographs communicate one absolute truth. Berger states, “All subjectivity is treated as private” (100)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Arthur Asa Berger's Analysis of Cheers

- "Cheers" - A Semiotic Analysis by Berger      In Arthur Asa Berger’s essay, he conducts a semiotic analysis of the comedy television show "Cheers." In his analysis of the show he points out many characteristics that refer to semiotics. Even though one could not agree with all of his findings, many of them are reasonable. One discrepancy someone might have with his ideas is that he applies his analysis to simply one episode rather than the entire series. Berger could have been able to conduct a more thorough examination if he used the whole series as a basis for his semiotic analysis....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Critique of Berger's Uncertainty Reduction Theory

- A Critique of Berger's Uncertainty Reduction Theory How do people get to know each other. Bugs Bunny likes to open up every conversation with the question, "What's up Doc. Why does he do this. Is Bugs Bunny "uncertain". Let's explore this idea of uncertainty. Shifting focus now to college students. As many other college students at Ohio University, I am put into situations that make me uncertain of my surroundings almost every time I go to a class for the first time, a group meeting, or social event on the weekend....   [tags: Psychology Culture Essays]

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Ordinary people by Judith Guest Advocaes for Therapist Dr. Berger

- In the book Ordinary people by Judith Guest it shows how the book advocates for the therapist by Dr. Berger helping Conrad and his dad, Dr. Berger is there for him at all times, and Dr. Berger stays calm at all times. Dr. Berger helped Conrad and Calvin in many ways, Conrad and Calvin were going through a hard time and Dr. Berger really helped there problems. Dr. Berger was one of the main reasons why Conrad got better and without Dr. Berger helping him he maybe wouldn’t have gotten better. The first way Dr....   [tags: grieving, suicide, calm]

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Religious America? Secular Europe? by Peter Berger, David Grace and Effie Fokas

- Religion has been an essential aspect of civilizations worldwide, however, its role and importance in the lives of human beings varies across the globe. As a direct consequence of globalization, people continue to inquire about the shifting role of religion in the modern world as well as the widespread claim suggesting that Europeans are less religious than Americans. Some have come to the conclusion that there is a strong likelihood that Americans overstate their religiousness, while Europeans embellish their secularity....   [tags: religion, catholicism, globalization]

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Henriad by Shakespeare

- Falstaff is often left out of the conversation or treated as an object when people discuss Shakespeare’s “Henriad.” The conversation has grown to include Falstaffian supporters and those who continue to objectify him. On the one hand, critics like Harry Berger, author of “The Prince’s Dog: Falstaff and the Perils of Speech-Prefixity,” argues that Falstaff’s concealed motives are only brought to light through the characters speech. On the other hand, critics like Robert Bell, author of “The Anatomy of Folly in Shakespeare’s “Henriad,” believes Falstaff to be a fool, but he believes him to be one of Shakespeare’s “Greatest Fools.” I find these critics to be in direct conversation with one ano...   [tags: Harry Berger, falstaff]

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Phenomenological Sociologists Study

- Phenomenology is a more recent theory which is still rejected by many in the field of Sociology. Phenomenological sociologists study how people define their social situations once they have learned cultural notions. The idea behind this theory is that everyday reality is a socially constructed set of ideas that have accumulated over time and is often taken for granted by the members of the group. The history of phenomenological sociology is the work of German philosopher Edmund Husserl, in which he describes this theory as interest in things that can be taken in by one’s senses; thus, “we can never know more about things than what we experience directly through our senses” (Wallace & Wolf 20...   [tags: reality, Edmund Husserl, Peter Berger]

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Way of Seeing, by John Berger and Susan Bordo’s Beauty (Re)discover The Male Body

- People tend to views an image based on how society say it should be they tend to interpret the image on those assumption, but never their own assumptions. Susan Bordo and John Berger writes’ an argumentative essay in relation to how viewing images have an effect on the way we interpret images. Moreover, these arguments come into union to show what society plants into our minds acts itself out when viewing pictures. Both Susan Bordo and John Berger shows that based on assumptions this is what causes us to perceive an image in a certain way....   [tags: argumentative, writers]

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Gender Identity Disorder And Children : Let 's Think This Through By Kathleen Stassen Berger

- ... Even with socialized medicine, many large insurance companies in the United States specifically exclude “any treatment of gender identity disorders,” which leads to have financial burdens on the families if the intent is to help their child function as a transgender and receive surgery (237). Although written under the DSM as a psychiatric diagnosis, GD is not currently included under the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) (238). In fact, they are specifically excluded from the ADA which leads to no legal obligation to any adaptations regarding bathrooms/locker rooms at school....   [tags: Gender, Gender identity, Transgender]

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Analysis Of The Book ' By David Bergen

- ... The placement of the last paragraph is crucial because, an imperative miscommunication occurs between the boy and the girl. This miscommunication is perhaps the reason the young boy kills the girl. As the girl prays to Jesus to help the boy become “whole” and “loved” (55), the boy instead “watch[es] her as she [speaks]” (55). The boy focuses his attention on the girl instead of the prayer, because he is enamoured by her. He believes that in this instant, while she prays, they are having a moment that could begin a loving relationship....   [tags: Love, Boy, Short story, The Final]

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The Other Side Of Desire By Daniel Bergner

- ... Personally, I would avoid all open toe shoes and sandals. Another concern would be the initial sessions with the patient and enabling him to feel comfortable to confide in me, and my focus would be on his perception of his fetish and lifting the shame. A patient also has their interpretation of what normal and abnormal sexual desires and behaviors are such as in the case of the Baroness. The Baroness feels no guilt even though she inflicts pain on others. From her perspective, there is a consensual contract between her and her submissive allowing the intense, dangerous sexual behavior....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality]

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Edouard Manets Bar at the Folies Bergere

- Edouard Manets Bar at the Folies Bergere Edouard Manet’s Bar at the Folies Bergere was completed in 1882. This was to be the last major work Manet would complete before his death. The painting was intended for the Salon, and because of his recently awarded Legion of Honor, Manet could be sure this piece would be accepted. This painting would be considered from the impressionistic style. That Manet’s Bar is a masterpiece can hardly be argued, but the intent of the piece however is the source of much debate....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Bergen-Belsen Camp

- In this paper, we will explore the camp that is Bergen-Belsen and its workers, campy system, liberation and trial. The notorious detention camp, Bergen-Belsen, was constructed in 1940 and “was near Hanover in northwest Germany, located between the villages Bergen and Belsen” (, hence the name. Originally, the “camp was designed to hold 10,000 prisoners” ( but, Bergen-Belsen rapidly grew. “In the first eighteen months of existence, there were already five satellite camps.” (   [tags: workers, system, liberation, trial]

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A Year of Lesser and Miriam Toews’ A Complicated Kindness by David Bergen

- Through David Bergen’s A Year of Lesser and Miriam Toews’ A Complicated Kindness, one can learn what salvation means to Mennonites. Protagonists Johnny Fehr and Nomi Nickel struggle with the concept of salvation through the novels and eventually, the question of salvation remains ambiguous. It is unclear at the conclusion of both novels whether the characters have achieved salvation and whether salvation itself is the key to a happy, fulfilled life. Authors Toews and Bergen are keenly and self-consciously aware of the complex notion of salvation and address it through complex characters who are not sure exactly what salvation is themselves....   [tags: Mennonite Writing, salvation, pacifism]

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The Murder of Lorraine Kelly and Mary Pryor

- The murder of Lorraine Kelly and Mary Pryor still haunts the town of North Bergen because their disappearance was strange and rapid. This case has been closed due to the lack of evidence but was reopened again after forty years for the purpose of acquiring justice and answers to the death of both teenage girls. The last person to have seen and spoken to Mary Pryor was her sister Nancy Pryor when she was told by her sister that she would be back by eight o’ clock the latest. For the purpose of hiding her and her families’ identity, after the murder occurred she moved out of Hudson County and didn’t divulge her married name or current locality of residence because of the frantic fear that the...   [tags: North Bergen, disappearance]

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History And Evolution Of Morocco

- ... Weddings take numerous days, and contain extravagant parties with food and dancing. Every wife is expected to have children. Circumcision of males is mandatory by Islam. In Morocco, this is typically done when the boy is young. When people die they are buried within twenty-four hours. Relatives and neighbors congregate for three days to mourn and narrate from the Quran. On the fourth day, they congregate again to mourn and have a feast, known as sadaq. Communication The Moroccan Arabic is the official state language and the most common language spoken in Morocco....   [tags: Morocco, Mediterranean Sea, Berber languages]

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The Site of Mina Perdida (Lurín Valley)

- In the Article “A sacred effigy from Mina Perdida and the unseen ceremonies of the Peruvian Formative,” the authors discussed their investigations at the site of Mina Perdida. They discussed its similarities to other sites as well as the significance and characteristics of the sacred effigy which was discovered at the main structure’s back terrace. According to the authors Richard L. Burger and Lucy Salazar-Burger, Mina Perdida is one of six U-shaped complexes which has been identified in the lower Lurín Valley and is by far the largest at 30 hectares....   [tags: Religious images, Effigy, Peru]

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The Impact Of Ordinary People

- ... This demonstrated that Karen was unwilling to receive help; since she had no one to lean on she decided to end her life. Conrad did not give up like Karen did because he got the social support he needed to cope with his grief. The decision Conrad made of continuing to see Dr. Berger was a very smart step because a lot of people like Karen give up, but he kept trying. This helped him avoid extreme measures and was a sign that he was starting to find his identity. Equally important, when Conrad went to Dr....   [tags: Judith Guest, novel analysis]

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The Legal System Of The United States

- ... This system controls everything from emotions and memory to the production of hormones. (Berger 2014) One result from an immature limbic systemic is a weak impulse control. Impulse control is the ability to postpone or deny the immediate response to an idea or behavior. (Berger 2014 p223). Until the brain has developed fully children, especially children under six, will lack patients and judgment in any situation (Chapter 8 notes). If the three children who commited the crimes had a developed limbic system and had control over there impulsive then there’s a strong possibility they wouldn’t have commit crimes....   [tags: Emotion, Developmental psychology, Psychology]

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The Black Market Should Be Legal

- An example of someone who is in favor of selling organs would be a twenty one year old named Alexander Berger. Alexander Berger bravely decided to donate one of his organs, his kidney, to an individual he has never met before. While Alexander Berger went through this process, he claims that he spent a total of three days in the hospital and took a couple weeks off from his work to recover. This example of Alexander Berger is very essential to this topic because it gives the viewpoint of the donor and why this black market should be legal....   [tags: Organ transplant, Organ donation, Organ, Ethics]

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My Childhood : Middle Childhood

- ... Erikson calls the psychosocial development of middle childhood, an industry versus inferiority crisis, in which “children attempt to master many skills, developing a sense of themselves as either…competent or incompetent” (Berger 284). According to Sokol, “the child eventually loses interest in merely adopting roles and personality attributes of parents or significant others; it is at this point that the process of identity formation is set in motion”, which means while children learn what area more they competent in they start to form their identity (p....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Erik Erikson]

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Emotions And Emotions On Emotions

- ... Trying not to forget the aftermath that follow “included long, lingering deaths, radiation sickness, many fatal illness which developed later as a result of exposure to the bomb, and tragic genetical effects on generations yet to be born.”(Berger 244) because these consequences became numbers and nothing else. Forgotten are the emotions, replaced by numbers and statics losing it originally meaning because the whole story isn’t there anymore, so how can we see the reasoning behind the event. However this action justified by the USA in the name to end the war or in other word for the greater good....   [tags: Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki]

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The Positivist Post-Positivist Paradigm: Understanding the Social World of the Indigenous People

- The positivist-post-positivist paradigm is the most appropriate paradigm for research regarding the subject matter of Northern Frontier, Northern Homeland by Thomas Berger (1988). This paradigm states that social science research pushes towards western cultures causing other regions to adapt to western ideas. According to Travers (2010), “[t]he physical and the social sciences are products of western culture in a specific historical moment. [s]cience is a modern phenomenon, emerging in step with capitalism, industrialism, global expansion, and a liberal philosophy” (p....   [tags: Social Science]

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Hegemonic Masculinity Is Criticized For Being Framed Within Hetero Normative Conception Of Gender

- ... This necessarily means that her view of the concept hegemonic masculinity does not follow the traditional view among gender roles, but rather applies to different roles in sexuality. Berger and Wenger conceptualize that virginity loss is solemnly through penile-vaginal intercourse and basically uses hetero-normative sexual behavior to describe this, while Carpenter states that it can occur in many different forms of “having sex” (Carpenter, 2001 ; Berger and Wegner, 1973). With Berger and Wenger’s analysis of their research, they rationalize that even though they found the results to be differently supported, separately they were equally supported (Berger and Wenger, 1973)....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality]

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Goffman’s account of modification of the “self” through performance

- Berger and Luckmann’s The Social Construction of Reality and Irving Goffman’s The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life analyze human interaction in the context of actions we perform and the meanings that such actions take in social environments. I will analyze Goffman’s account of modification of the “self” through performance within the context of Berger and Luckmann’s hypothesis. The theatrical performance metaphor looks at how socialization and experience affect the use of fronts, expressions, and expressions given off....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Effects Of Electronic Media On Children

- ... This type of play allows children to explore social roles, practice emotional regulation, and develop self-concept. David Elkind, author of Technology’s Impact on Child Growth and Development, fears that technologies such as video games are not able to provide the same developmental benefits as the aforementioned types of play. Elkind (2003) believes that play “allows children to use their imaginations, make and break rules, and socialize with each other to a greater extent than when they play digital games” and that “digital children have fewer opportunities to nurture their autonomy and originality than those engaged in free play.” Unfortunately, “in the past two decades alone, acco...   [tags: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology]

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The Evolution of Religion

- INTRODUCTION In The Wizard of Oz (1939), Dorothy and her friends journey to the Emerald City in seek of Oz – the great and powerful wizard. Upon finally reaching him, Dorothy’s dog opens a curtain to reveal that the Wizard is merely an ordinary man speaking into a microphone while using various knobs and levers to create a smoke-and-mirrors effect. In many ways this story is similar to the creation and interpretation of religion by individuals within society. In the following pages I will discuss this metaphor, as well as Rudolf Otto and his theories on the creation of religion, Peter L....   [tags: Understanding Theories, Creation]

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War Is A Form Of Murder

- ... As Berger declared, “I refrain from giving the statistics: how many hundreds of thousands of dead, how many injured, how many deformed children” (Berger 11). Therefore, Berger is implying that facts are not only thing that should be mentioned, it is the eyewitness tragic sufferings that should be brought to our attention. Lakoff and Berger’s compositions indirectly present the concept of social conditioning from different perspectives. For instance, Lakoff acknowledged, “In wartime, language must be created to enable combatants and noncombatants alike see each the other side as killable, to overcome the innate queasiness over the taking of human life” (Lakoff 15)....   [tags: World War II]

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The Relationship Connecting the Sociology of Religion and World-Building

- ... Objectivation stipulates not only that social reality is “there,” but that social reality is “there for everyone” (10) Culture is “taken-for-granted” as natural, imposing “itself back upon the reluctance of individuals” as a brute fact (11). By the process of internalization, the socially constructed world that is regarded as “there” and “there for everyone” becomes “there in me.” In Berger's words, “the objective facticity of the world becomes a subjective facticity as well” (17). Objectivated reality imposes itself on the individual, compelling him/her to act in particular ways leading to “the absorption into consciousness of the (socially constructed) objectivated world (society) in s...   [tags: meaning, values, diversity]

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Controversial Subjects And Debates Within The Field Of Paleoanthropology

- ... However, some scientists claim the bones do not indicate a new species, but rather a known hominid species, Homo erectus. According to White, “Berger’s findings are probably South African representatives of Homo erectus " (Martin). Other specialists concur and support the notion of Homo naledi being an unknown species. The scientists whom agree with the idea of Homo naledi base their assumptions upon their analysis of the remains. Hawks, Wisconsin-Madison paleoanthropologist states, “Overall, Homo naledi looks like one of the most primitive members of our genus, but it also has some surprisingly human-like features, enough to warrant placing it in the genus Homo." Paleoanthropologist bas...   [tags: Human evolution, Human, Africa, Paleoanthropology]

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Geographic Expansion and Profits of Financial Institutions

- Geographic diversification is a necessity for any financial institution interested in growing and expanding. As financial institutions grow geographically, numerous issues may arise. Before any expansion planning can be done, financial institution managers must make a determination on the type of geographic expansion that best fits the financial institution and its goals. Making the correct decision to further expand operations domestically or internationally is imperative to ensure success of the expansion....   [tags: banking industry, competitive advantage]

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The Constructivist-Interpretative Paradigm

- The constructivist-interpretative paradigm states that reality is constructed through interactions between a researcher and the research subject. According to Smith (2008), “[s]cientific knowledge can be created by virtual experience and conversations” (p. 102). Berger directly went into the Northern communities and spoke to many people about the Pipeline project. The indigenous people interviewed stated to Berger, how the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline would personally affect them; this is an example of a micro level of analysis, which is the ontology of this paradigm....   [tags: Social Science]

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The Impact Of Shawna 's Parents ' Relationship

- ... They will use this social and financial support system after the birth of their second daughter, too. These facts lead to various implications on the development of their offspring. The fact that both parents worked and received free childcare affected their socioeconomic status, or SES, which developmentalists believe is a powerful indicator of early development in infants. Berger (2011) writes, “in infancy, poverty may mean inferior medical care and malnutrition, stunting the brain” (p. 13)....   [tags: Infant, Breastfeeding, Pregnancy, Childbirth]

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Women The Object Of Your Eye

- Women-The Object of Your Eye In 1972, John Berger, author of The Ways of Seeing, constructed the idea that men were objectifying women in a majority of old European oil paintings. According to Berger, when men started observing women like this, so did the women. Berger states that “men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at. This determines not only most relations between man and woman but also the relation of women to themselves” (47). This means that even though men objectify women, most women also objectify themselves....   [tags: Female, Man, Gender, Male]

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Behavior Changes in Older Adults

- Many people are able to maintain their mind and healthy behavior; however, as they grow older, sometimes their behavior start to change in many different ways such as being spoiled, selfish, depressed, regretful, guilt, and many more as they grow older into their senior age. This research will be informing how adult’s behavior changes as they grow older. As adult ages, their behavior changes from mature behavior to gradually decreased responsiveness to incapacitation while it is impossible to stop one from aging, there are ways to keep a mind healthy and stable and help one keep their memories longer....   [tags: disturbed sleep, depression, stress]

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Durkheim Is Dead! Macro vs. Micro Beliefs

- I have grouped the sociologists in Durkheim is Dead into three groups: macro to micro, micro and macro, and micro to macro. I did not place any one of the individuals into just the macro or just the micro categories. Each one fell into a group that I considered to be in-between. In the macro to micro category, each sociological theory concentrated on one major problem of society and then went on to explain what would have to be done within individuals in order to achieve social progress. Durkheim's focus was upon the division of labor being the primary cause of social problems (Berger 123)....   [tags: Sociology]

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Invitation to Sociology: A Classic Overview

- 1. What kind of a person should a sociologist be. A sociologist should be able to observe and understand the realities of human behavior and the social settings in which it happens without being influenced emotionally or personally. What does Berger mean when he refers to sociologists as "Professional Peeping Toms?" When Berger refers to sociologists as "Professional Peeping Toms", he means to "unmask the pretensions and the propaganda by which men cloak their actions with each other." An example would be: observing how a family really interacts with each other, responds to their environment, etc., behind closed doors without them knowing so that they cannot fake the way they reall...   [tags: Sociology Essays]

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Examining the Social and Cultural Models of Disability

- In this paper, the determination is to examine the social and cultural models of disability that have been critiqued in recent disability studies scholarship because the social model omits disabled people and the cultural model disabled people do not need their own identity and they need to be included like the rest of us. By understanding why and how the social model and cultural model is being offered, why do people critique it and what are the negatives of it. The social model of disability excludes disabled people....   [tags: discrimination, unmet needs]

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Physical, Mental, And Psychosocial Development Through My Lifespan

- ... I was in the 90th percentile for height and 95th percentile for weight compared with others my age. I was bottle feed because there were complications with trying to breastfeed me. The real reason why I could not breastfeed was not understood until later in my life. My family and I were never told that I was born Tongue-tied, in which “the band of tissue that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth, restricts tongue movement” (Genna, 2007). This restriction has been linked to breastfeeding complications as well as palate formation....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget]

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Human Development Shaped by Biology and Experience

- HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SHAPED BY BIOLOGY AND EXPERIENCE The first core concept suggested by From Neurons to Neighborhoods depicts human development forming from the interplay of an individual’s biology and experience. Early scientists in this particular field created testable hypotheses to understand the dynamic interaction between the nature-nurture phenomenon. For example, some scientists such as Arnold Gesell considered emerging skills to be the product of an individual’s genetic make-up, while others, such as John B....   [tags: nature, nurture, behaviorism, Vygotsky, mentor]

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Art Shows the Viewpoint of the Artist

- ... In one way she can be very mothering and nurturing, and on the other she seems very seductive and mysterious. While analyzing the painting, the viewer may notice that the reproduction benefits and suffers some values to Da Vinci’s work. The mass spread of reproduction increased the popularity of the Mona Lisa, allowed it to become one of the most famous painting of the world. In addition, the great amount of copies enables the original to increase dramatically in is market value. On the other hand, it restricts the distinctive meaning of the original work....   [tags: painting, reproduction, pixal]

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The Effects of Low Birthweight

- At birth, the average newborn weighs approximately seven pounds; meanwhile, a low birth weight baby weighs less than five and a half pounds (March of Dimes Foundation, 2011). Today, low birthweight typically occurs in newborns born before thirty-seven weeks gestation or in full-term deliveries where the baby is underweight, also known as intrauterine growth restriction (March of Dimes Foundation, 2011). Complications associated with a low birthweight may include vision, hearing, and learning disabilities....   [tags: Causes, Conditions, Intake]

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The Sociological Imagination

- My personal condensed definition of “the sociological imagination” is that it is the idea one should be aware of the societal structures around themselves, and how those structures can influence a person and vice-versa. In addition, I think that having a “sociological imagination” also involves a deep appreciation for the importance of society and culture. Consequently, for a person that has completed a basic introduction to sociology college course and actually paid attention, I would hope that they have been exposed to some basic taste of the sociological imagination....   [tags: Sociology Essays]

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Feminist Epistemology

- The feminist epistemology has three approaches: feminist empiricist, feminist standpoint and feminist postmodern. Feminist empiricism feel that the traditional ways of obtaining knowledge through social science is still valid; however, gender biases need to be removed in order to fully gain a true knowledge (Travers, 2010, p. 26). Feminist empiricists feel that women are the best tools to obtain objectivity. According to Travers (2010), “women (or feminist, whether men or women) as a group are more likely to produce unbiased and objective results than are men (or nonfeminist) as a group” (p....   [tags: Social Science]

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The Way We See Images in the Land of Plenty

- Every day, we are bombarded with millions of images produced to sell us things. Advertising is no longer confined to traditional mediums like television, radio and print. It has broken out of those confinements, surrounding us everywhere we go. Its in billboards, bus stops, taxicabs, weaved into the plots of movies, inside our emails and social networks. We are bombarded with Advertising images a multitude of times during our day and our responses to them are having an increased influence on our lifestyles....   [tags: advertising, marketing, enterteinment]

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Sociology Of Economic Organizations And Different Aspects Of A Network

- Throughout the course of sociology of economic organizations while learning about the various types of organizations and institutions and the different aspects of a network through the work of multiple sociologists and philosophers, there have been multiple over lapping themes. The more apparent themes that seemed to reoccur throughout a few of the studies were the ideas of rationality, legitimacy, institutionalization and networks. The studies by Max Weber, Herbert Simon, Meyer and Rowan, and Berger and Luckmann were the handful that stood out to me the most throughout this course....   [tags: Sociology, Max Weber, Authority]

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The Social Construction of Reality through Mythmaking and Legitimating

- The Social Construction of Reality through Mythmaking and Legitimating Social discourse between different groups in societies lead to the formation of new concepts and mental representations. When societies adopted these new concepts or mental representations they then became institutionalized and intrinsic to the functioning of those societies. Russell T. McCutcheon asserted ‘(1) that myths “are not special (or ‘sacred’) but ordinary humans means of fashioning and authorizing their lived-in and believed-in worlds,’ (2), that myths as an ordinary rhetorical device in social construction and maintenance makes this rather than that social identity possible in the first place and (3) that a...   [tags: Sociology]

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Holding True to Convictions in a World of Differences

- INTRODUCTION We live in a world full of people who hold different beliefs and convictions. Many of them may even be different from our own. For example John Haught, in his book God and the New Atheism shares his belief that, “Science alone can tell us what religion is really all about, and it can provide better answers than theology to every important question people ask” (x). Berger and Zijderveld, on the other hand, argue in In Praise of Doubt that, “Whether God does or does not exist in cosmic reality is another question....   [tags: Religion]

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Grand Theft Auto Iv And Issues Of Gender Representation

- ... 231) asserts that the ‘fundamental concepts that governed female portraiture... can be found in various areas of the mass media today.’ Like other forms of media and entertainment, the representation of male and female bodies within video games reveals ideals regarding gender and sexuality. Henry Jenkins in his investigation of the cultural geography of videogames discusses gender-specific children’s literature of the nineteenth century; ‘the earliest children’s book writers were “girl books” in everything but name’ and were ‘domestic in setting.’ (1999 pp....   [tags: Gender, Male, Female, Woman]

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Descriptive Essay : My Grandpa Had Terminal Cancer

- ... In fact, many families ignore the inevitability of death. People think of death as something that is a long way off, and therefore it doesn’t have to be dealt with in the current moment. My family was just hit with the reality of the closeness of death. This is never something that I expected to happen in my family. The bleak news continued to worsen as we were told that it was very advanced, leaving him with only two to four more months to live. Days passed and the idea of losing my grandpa continued to loom, creating an atmosphere of gloom....   [tags: Emotion, Family, Health care, Palliative care]

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F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

- F. Scott Fitzgerald was one of the most compelling twentieth century writers, (Curnutt, 2004). The year 1925 marks the year of the publication of Fitzgerald’s most credited novel, The Great Gatsby (Bruccoli, 1985). With its critiques of materialism, love and the American Dream (Berman, 1996), this dramatic idyllic novel, (Harvey, 1957), although poorly received at first, is now highly regarded as Fitzgerald’s finest work (Rohrkemper, 1985) and is his publisher, Scribner 's most popular title, (Donahue, 2013)....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby]

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Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: Fact or Fiction?

- While the United States has seen an apparent epidemic of pediatric bipolar disorder cases over the past two decades, other countries’ numbers have remained flat. Experts in the field are sharply divided on the existence of this epidemic. There are books and studies, as well as documented cases which tend to support the notion of an epidemic. There are also books, research studies, documented cases of misdiagnoses, and even malpractice suits which question the validity of this epidemic. Kathleen Stassen Berger touched on the subject in her text, Developing Person through Childhood and Adolescence....   [tags: misdiagnosis, malpractice lawsuits]

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The Horror of Alcoholism

- The Horror of Alcoholism Alcoholism is a baffling and powerful disease. It affects all people from all walks of life. It has been medically proven and recognized by most of society as a disease. However, for some people who either have not been affected or just do not have any knowledge of the disease, it is considered more as a weakness of character. Alcoholism has many effects, on the alcoholic them self, towards their family and friends, and on their health, on their spouse and children, mentally and physically, but the good thing is there is help out there for all of these people....   [tags: Alcohol Drinking Alcoholic Essays]

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Censorship in Public Schools

- because he thinks they might contain "obscenities or offensive sexual references" (Berger 59). -A Vermont high school librarian is forced to resign because she fought the school board's decision to remove Richard Price's The Wanderers, and to "restrict" the use of Stephen King's Carrie and Patrick Mann's Dog Day Afternoon (Jones 33). -An Indiana school board takes action that leads to the burning of many copies of a textbook that deals with drugs and the sexual behavior of teenagers (Berger 61)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Resilience and Vulnerability Among Children

- Vulnerability and resilience among children continues to be a popular topic in research of developmental psychology. The two definitions are closely tied together as they are considered both sides to the spectrum. Schaffer (2006) defines vulnerability and resilience “as the susceptibility to develop malfunctioning following exposure to stressful life events, as opposed to the capacity to maintain competent functioning stress”. If stressful life events are the trigger here, why is it that some children are far more vulnerable, yet others are more resilient....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Benefits of Becoming Green

- ... Green energy industries could use alternate, and natural sources of energy that would be safer for the environment, as well as more cost effective. “In 2000, the Worldwatch Institute...found that the paper, chemical, and metal industries accounted for 64 percent of all toxins released into the environment and 79 percent of all energy used” (Griswold). Green energy would reduce pollution levels, and although the same amount of energy would be used in industries, the energy would safe and sustainable....   [tags: green jobs, clean energy sources, clean fuels]

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The Controversy Behind Life Support

- ... Ken Berger believes that Life Support for elderly patient isn’t benefiting them and is actually causing more harm to them. According to the “Dying on life support: is it fair. Article The Author Dr. Berger states in most cases when the end is near should doctors prolong life artificially. Dr. Berger the medical doctor at the Bellevue Hospital in New York City states how patients that are on life support in the intensive care unit are not showing signs of likelihood of surviving. A very well-known patients of Dr....   [tags: Physician, Patient, Health care]

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The Oil and Gas Industry

- The oil and natural gas industry is a part of an oligopolistic market structure with an undeniable competitive fringe. It is very clear to society that the oil and natural gas industry's past, present, and future production is somewhat controlled and relied upon by OPEC "cartel" decisions. There are few countries that dominate global oil and natural gas production that are outside of the OPEC organization. OPEC, The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries believes that their mission "is to coordinate and unify the petroleum policies of its Member Countries and ensure the stabilization of oil markets in order to secure an efficient, economic and regular supply of petroleum to cons...   [tags: oligopolistic market, opec]

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Graphene: The Wonder Material

- October 22, 2004 wasn’t a particularly special day for Andre Geim and his colleague Kostyz Novoselov. Previously, a student had tried to separate graphite into ten or even one hundred layers but only succeeded in obtaining a specimen of one thousand layers. Then Geim had the brilliant idea of using Scotch tape to peel off individual layers of graphite. Geim and Kostyz took pieces of tape and manually separated the graphite until one layer remained (Lucibella 2). After hours of work and several pieces of tape with thin pieces of graphite on them, the final step was ready (Fuente)....   [tags: electrical and medical applications]

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Business or Comercial Law

- ... Under the city’s authority, the director of the center issued rules in the year 2002 to address concerns of safety and also other matters. Amongst other issues, the street performers were required to obtain permits and also wear badges. Later, after the public filed many complaints of frightening behavior by street performer and balloon artist Michael Berger, Seattle Center staff cited Berger for violation of several rules. Michael Berger filed a suit in a federal district court. The violation was against the people in the city and other areas, alleging partly that the rules violated his free speech rights under Amendment that is laid first to the Constitution of U.S....   [tags: firms, partnerships, quality market]

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Analysis of an Image Taken from a Calvin Klein Advertisement

- In this essay I will describe an image taken from an advert and use visual methodological approach to analyse and depict the different set of meanings produced by this image. In order to explicate my ideas I will provide a brief outline of the picture. Then, I will describe a number of coded and non coded meanings and how the advert is employing a range of signifiers to communicate messages to the consumer and reinforce the brand identity. (Barthes 1972) For the purpose of this argument I will explore the image in the context using Barthes methodology in its “signs” (Barthes 1972) produced and deconstruct the image in basic building blocks....   [tags: advertising, marketing]

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How Physical Fitness Improves The Quality Of Your Life

- ... Programs emphasizing some type of physical activity will be implemented for every student. Physical education (PE)classes will be available to all students, allowing exemptions for those with disabilities. Not all students are sports oriented, but educating them on how to be active without playing a sport is essential to a lifetime of wellness (Jones, Brener, & McManus, 2003). IHS will have many PE options to fulfill requirements, other than a typical gym class. PE options would include dance, speed-walking, yoga, tai chi, and aerobics....   [tags: Exercise, Education, Physical education, Health]

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Form and Galant Schemata in Mozart’s Symphonic Minuets

- My undergraduate dissertation, “Form and „galant schemata‟ in Mozart‟s symphonic minuets,” comprised an investigation into the conventionality of Mozart‟s uses of punctuation form in this body of work, focused specifically on how his uses of what Robert Gjerdingen has termed “galant schemata” function in formal manipulations. I had three main research objectives. First, I wanted to uncover how Mozart‟s use of punctuation form compares with conventional practice at the time, focusing particularly on the techniques he uses in manipulating the “rules” governing it....   [tags: mozart, galant schemata, symphonies]

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The Effects Of Physical Punishment On Children

- “As they watched me pick, sweep, and mop [spilled orange juice and broken glass shards], I understood how parents could hit their kids” (Berger, 2014). In a heated moment of frustration or all out anger, parents often forget, or perhaps have never considered, the developmental impact words and actions have on their children. Physical punishment such as spanking is a quick action to temporarily cease whatever unfavorable behavior a child is displaying. Psychological control serves to recruit a child’s emotions, both positive and negative, to render a favorable behavioral outcome....   [tags: Corporal punishment, Spanking]

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How We Can Make Effective Interpersonal Relationships

- ... Even though we were spread out over many bases and numerous countries sometimes we met again (it is a small world). Making those connections knowing that these relationships could possibly be seen again was vital. It also fed into the incentive vale, many times these connections made it easier to get things accomplished. It is no surprise that friends will do things for you quicker than most strangers will. However, how to we get there. How are those relationships built. Luckily we are given some axioms to help with this theory....   [tags: Communication, Communication theory]

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