School Schools Should Not Be Banned Essay examples

School Schools Should Not Be Banned Essay examples

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Many kids that go from kindergarten to twelfth grade in Catholic schools hope to escape it one day, hope that their parents will transfer them to the local public school. For some it happens, for others it does not. For those that it never happens for, it was probably for the better, at least in the eyes of the parents and maybe one day in the child’s as well. As the years go on, there are more and more announcements of schools closing, especially Catholic elementary and high schools. It is not just the schools closing but it’s more like a culture is slowly dying out. Why is this? Is it because of the tuition prices or maybe the drop in attendance? Or could it possibly be the result of problems from the archdioceses in each state? Catholic schools will not go extinct like the dinosaurs, but they may be put on the endangered species list in the next few decades. There are so many families that would hate for this to happen because they strive for the background and morals that these schools give. Also, it keeps that faith in the community so the Archdioceses-one archbishop looks over a whole area or district which is usually a state- would not allow for all of these schools to disappear because that would mean their influence was also disappearing. Not only that but a child seen coming from a private school in some instances has a better chance at getting into certain colleges than those that did not attend such schools, two students could have exactly the same college application but where the child graduates from does impact because some schools have better ratings than others and a lot of times private schools have better ones than public. Such occurrences are not always the case though. The Archdioceses, parish communities, g...

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...of the school just being extremely unsafe because of location or other factors. Dr. H. P. Bianchi explains that for his family to be able to send their one child to their parish school it would mean cutting certain things out of their lives such as the “ money budgeted for cable TV, going out to eat, and vacations to get us halfway there.” But they have another child that they would like to send to the school as well when he comes of age so what can be done then when cutting things like that out of the budget only covers half of what is needed? Bianchi’s brother-in-law puts six children though Catholic elementary and high school which costs him over $50,000 a year in tuition. Very few families can do that which is why many either send all of their kids to public or maybe one or two to private while the rest go to public because it could not be feasible to send all.

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