Private Schools vs. Public Schools

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Choosing between a public or a private school for one’s education is as important as deciding where to invest one’s hard-earned money—the consequences influence one’s life forever. In the United States, it is the law for every child to be educated. However, the decision as to where to go for one’s education is up to each individual. There is a great deal of debate as to which is the better option: for-profit private schools or one’s local public school. Ultimately, the decision is made regarding the individual student’s needs and capabilities; but if the opportunity is available, attending a private school is more beneficial. Private schools provide a better quality of education than public schools. Notable alumni and current pupils, specialized curriculum, as well as dedicated teachers and school pride make this possible. One of the most important attributes of any school is the people, both students and faculty members, that are apart of it, and this is one of the leading factors in support of private schools. Students from any community can attend private, for-profit schools. These academies do not restrict pupils to a certain town or district like public schools. Because of this, students get to meet many new peers who they wouldn’t have met otherwise, and therefore see new perspectives. The best way to learn about something is to listen to those who have already experienced it. Many alumni who have graduated from various private schools went on to become successful. A scholar who studied the topic stated, “It is no coincidence that politicians, athletes, journalists, and judges are drawn from private schools” (GIC Database 1). In order to become such influential people, they first had to receive a high quality e...

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...chools outperform others. Successful and influential people often come from private schools. Private schools have specialized curriculum. Private schools are selective so there’s a lot of school pride and dedicated teachers. Schooling affects what university a person applies for and goes to, and their career and hobbies. It has the power to make them the wealthiest or happiest person in the world. It can lift them to great heights. It has the power to make them the wealthiest or happiest person in the world. It can lift them to great heights.

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