Essay on School Is Bad For Children

Essay on School Is Bad For Children

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School is Bad for Children
In “School is Bad for Children”, John Holt discusses the faults and failures of the education system. According to Holt traditional schooling stifles children’s curiosity and learning, causing them to be ill-equipped as adults. He believes children are smarter before they enter school, having already mastered what he says is the most important thing, language. Holt goes on to describe how children no longer learn for themselves in school. Their learning has become a passive process. Children then come to realize teachers are not there to satisfy their curiosity, and in turn, grow ashamed and accept what they think teachers wants them to believe. School also becomes a place where uncertainty and incorrect answers are forbidden. The students learn how to cheat and pretend to work when the teacher is looking. As a result, they only use a small portion of their brain, and soon they grow bored. Holt suggests this boredom shuts off their brain and is the reason why many students turn to drugs. Drugs he says is the only way many young people can find awareness in the world they once had when they were little. Children John Holt says, are very fascinated about their peers. It is one of the only things a child may find fascinating in school, yet classmate interaction is avoided.
The solution according to Holt, is to abolish mandatory school attendance, have children experience the real world firsthand, have children work together, also grade themselves. Finally, Holt believes the best thing for children is to eliminate school curriculum altogether. In my opinion, many schools have incorporated many of Holt’s solutions into their curriculum. However, Holt’s illustration of what he believes is a real student is in...

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...rime, improved public health, and greater political and civic engagement. A population that is better educated also has less unemployment, reduces poverty, and decreases dependence on public assistance. According to U.S. Census Bureau, there were about 12 million single parent families in 2015, more than 80% were headed by single mothers. About two-thirds of single mothers’ work outside the home, bringing in a median income of about $26,000. Nearly half (45%) live below the poverty line.
If forced to choose between providing a meal and educating a child, most families would choose to eat. With that being said, what becomes of a child left in the hands of the public school system? John Holt believes it will ruin the child’s curiosity, thus creating inadequate adults. Yet this type of formal education has helped innumerable people and society is as prosperous as ever.

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