The School District Calls Tracking System From The View Of Others Essay

The School District Calls Tracking System From The View Of Others Essay

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I come from schools where they have no shame on hiding the tracking system from the view of others. The school district calls tracking in two ways, the gifted and talented or on the other hand low achieving. I have been able to be on both sides of the tracking system, when I was a child I was in low achieving classes, and barely learning anything. When I was in my senior year of high school I was in one AP class. At the time I wished that I was seen as smart and talented but in reality would I be happy if I was tracked into the smart classes? Would I have been the person that I turned out to be? I guess I would have not been the hard working person that I came out to be, I would find it hard to get back up when I ever I feel just because I would not know how to deal with the fact that ailing at something or not being good at something is the reason that I never give up so easy. Also because I have a mother that never fell into the views and mentality of human capital, she knew that I could and would make it.
I have worked with sixth graders in the past, I helped the children publish their short stories and poems. The children that I worked with are in the West Contra Costa County Distract, where school are not the best but its working to do better. Not many of the children know that they are being tracked every time they are taken out of class to be tested on reading and writing. I could not change how the school ran but I showed then that anything they wanted was possible to achieve. All of the students that I helped are now freshmen and sophomores in high school, and most of them are doing good. The students that where published regally are A and B students, most of them were tracked into advance placement, the rest have been ...

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...sentially fall behind on work and just be passed through the school system. Yes, the nation has a growing epidemic on education, school are not functioning to its full capacity and where we see the problem are mostly in inner city schools, when its everywhere. There might be one or two schools in one area that are doing good and that attacks parents to want to get their children into the school that seems to have their things in check.
Human Capital, tracking, and systems may have different kinds of meanings to people and to topics but in the end those three are the reason why some of society have a difficulty in finding a better solution. Tracking has never been a good for anyone, it’s always been a way to see what children or what race is smarter than the other. Systems have never changed their ways over the years but there is still hope for anything to happen.

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