Homogeneous Tracking In Schools

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Homogeneous tracking has too many negative effects and not enough benefits to be used much longer. Homogeneous tracking has no positive long term effects. It negatively affects the students placed in low and average ability classes, whereas detracking has been proven to help those students. Detracking has been extremely promising, showing benefits both academically and socially. The bad far outweighs the good, so students should not be tracked homogeneously.

Homogeneous tracking has not yet shown any positive long term effects. When one middle school in 1992 mixed students of high achieving and average achieving ability, the high achieving students ?suffered no decrease in computation or problem-solving achievement? (Mills 2). The students also scored higher in concepts than their peers from years prior (Mills 2). Robert E. Slavin, author of ?Achievement Effect of Ability Grouping in Secondary Schools: A Best Evidence Synthesis?, argues that since homogeneous tracking has no long term effects on the higher achieving students, there is no more reason to keep the practice (Sl...

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