School Based Group Intervention Programs For Children Of Divorce Essay

School Based Group Intervention Programs For Children Of Divorce Essay

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School-Based Group Intervention Programs for Children of Divorce
As previously discussed, several children suffer from a number of negative effects as a result of parental divorce. Group counseling has long been looked upon as an effective intervention program to treat children with parents going through divorce. Counseling groups are believed to assist in reducing children’s feelings of isolation and shame that so many tend to experience, along with providing effective peer support (Yauman, 1991). Counselors facilitate these group counseling programs in order for children to discuss their feelings allowed with other students going through similar situations. “Such groups provide an opportunity for much needed and desired peer validation as well as peer modeling of appropriate behavior and alternative ways of thinking and feeling” (Yauman, 1991). Group counseling can help to decrease children’s misbehavior in school, as well as improve their school work and overall attitude. On an individual level, short-term group treatment is considered to be the most effective in helping children to develop adaptive processes for coping with a significant span of problems, (Crespi & Borges, 2006). Thus, even brief school-based group intervention programs can be effective for students, even on a long-term basis. The majority of articles emphasized the importance of attending to the favorable aspects of the divorce in each child’s life (Yauman, 1991). Highlighting the positive facets in the divorce can lessen the negative facets that come with the divorce. Applying the many techniques of group counseling can help each child internally with coping with the divorce, which then transitions into the many potential improvements in behavior inside an...

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...nnolly & Green, 2009). Consultations further inform and educate the parents and teachers of the students who are involved in each given intervention program. Children of divorce can unquestionably benefit from their parents meeting with the school counselor prior to any action. Since parents are essential in affecting their child 's ability to adjust, intervention with the child’s primary parent in conjunction with the child’s intervention itself is presumed to be crucial (Yauman, 1991). Most authors generally agree that without the involvement of both parents and teachers, intervention programs are significantly devalued in terms of long-term change. The more educated and informed that parents and teachers are regarding each particular child and his or her intervention program, the more favorable the outcome of that intervention is in terms of behavior as a result.

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