Scars Left from the War in Afghanistan Essay

Scars Left from the War in Afghanistan Essay

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Here in America there is little tangible evidence of the war in Afghanistan, no visible scars besides the ones involving processions of caskets coming from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. The mentality though remains. People are tired of this war; they have lost the patriotic spirit that had been created after 9/11. With the war reaching a decade people are losing hope and faith in the government. They are losing the desire to continue in their support for the war. People have taken negative viewings to Muslims as well because of this war and have become very aggressive over those coming from the Middle East and of Islamic origins even if they have been citizens of the United States before 9/11. “We kid ourselves if we think we can be a people at war for a decade without suffering consequences” states James Carron (Hampson).
The United States Military though has problems in the country and has been having these problems since the invasion. Training Afghan forces and fighting the Taliban has not been working and is not efficient. We are trying to win the hearts and minds of the people but when the Taliban are blowing up schools and hospitals, winning those hearts and minds is a challenge. “Americans are used to be successful and these wars are not” announces Mark Lytle (Hampson). Americans are being worn down and soon will be on the verge of giving up, something Al Qaeda wants, and we are letting our enemy win this war. Afghanistan though also has ethnic problems. There are several divisions in Afghanistan, different tribes different ethnic background. The concept of majority rule has not been sitting well. The Afghan Government is corrupt and is not efficient enough to rule effectively. “The sooner we accept that Afghanistan ...

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