Essay on Scalability and Consistency in Server Based Network Gaming

Essay on Scalability and Consistency in Server Based Network Gaming

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2 Background
2.1 Industry
The online games market - whilst known by the industry as in its infancy [4] - should surpass $15 Billion this year and sales of virtual goods likely to exceed $1 Billion [1]. This very profitable young market can be debated as the future of gaming [2]. With the cost of Broadband technology going down and online services offering a larger amount of micro-transactions and subscription based games – not to mention virtual goods – it would be hard to resist by any gamer.
For example it was reported within 5 days of MODERN WARFARE 2 (MW2) being released it had made $550 million in revenue and an online player base of 8 million, an “army” bigger than real world countries [5]. Not to mention the “Behemoth “of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPGs) WORLD OF WARCRAFT(WOW), the insanely popular title by Blizzard has a staggering 12 million active subscribers[6], considering each subscription costs the consumer $14.99 a month[8], huge amounts of money can be made in this increasingly popular market.
However with such a vibrant and ever growing market the cost of developing an online game is getting higher, especially Persistent Worlds (PV). Morgan (2009) details that if a game is inept at attracting a sufficient player base it would be unprofitable, thus a wasted business venture [9]. To avoid this outcome an online game must be budgeted and planned accordingly, this is mainly due to how expensive it is to develop an online game [4]. Mulligan et al (2003) further states that development costs averagely run over $7 million and $10–$12 million projects are more common for PWs, plus additional promotion costs are typically around $3-5 million.
Morgan (2009) reinforces the few that init...

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...," Decision and Control, 2004. CDC. 43rd

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