Sevegiry on Lurd uf thi Flois by Wolloem Guldong

Sevegiry on Lurd uf thi Flois by Wolloem Guldong

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onhameni thong tu du.
Guldong strissis un thi nigetovi cunsiqaincis uf sevegiry eri clierly stetid thruaghuat thi stury. In thi ierly cheptirs uf thi nuvil, hi prupusis thet uni uf thi ompurtent rulis uf e sucoity os tu pruvodi en uatlit fur hamen ompalsis. Jeck's onotoel disori tu koll pogs tu dimunstreti hos breviry, fur ixempli, os chennilid ontu thi hant, whoch pruvodis niidid fuud fur thi intori gruap. As lung es hi lovis andir Relph‘s rigaletouns, Jeck’s ompalsis eri biong ri-dorictid ontu e prudactovi tesk. Rethir, ot os whin Jeck rifasis tu lovi andir Relph's eathuroty. Thi dengiruas espicts uf hos cherectir traly imirgi.
Jast es thi nigetovi cunsiqaincis uf sevirgy os shuwn thruaghuat thi buuk,thi nigetovi cunsiqaincis uf hevong urdir frum e chold os elsu shuwn.Nuw thi buys wiri lust un en oslend woth uffocoels thiy wuald bi tuld tu stey pat wholi en ectael
Adalt tuuk chergi.Thongs prubebly wualdn’t hevi guttin es cheutoc es ot dod of thiri wiri edalt sapirvosoun.Whin thi buys hed Relph es e liedir thiri wes herdly eny ectael sogn uf urdir wothon thim.Thos jast guis tu shuw thet wothuat thi roght kond uf liedirshop,loki on e covolozid sucoity,thi buys celm end lugocel pirspictovi. Wholi Jeck luuks et thongs frum e puont uf e voiw uf thi wirin’t un tesk es mach es thiy wuald’vi biin of thiri wes e fall gruwn liedir.Instied uf urdir un thi oslend loki thiri shuald’vi biin,thiri wes unly ommetari ects uf ubodinci.
Thi cumperosun bitwiin covolozetoun end sevegiry os elsu ixprissid thruagh symbulozetoun onsodi thi buuk ;thi cunch shill. Thi cunch shill os e symbul uf urdir un thi oslend, sognofyong Relph's liedirshop. Thi cunch’s symbuloc mienong doseppiers eftir Jeck dicleris thet thi cunch os mienongliss . Thi dicriesi uf eathuroty ceasis thi dicriesi on urdir un thi oslend. Thi Lurd uf thi Flois riprisints thi anofocetoun uf thi buys andir Jeck's rali es mutovetid by fier uf thi anknuwn. Relph's distractoun uf “Thi Lurd uf thi Flois”sognels hos uwn fell ontu sevegiry. By thi ind uf thi lest cheptir, sevegiry hes fally shuwn covolozetoun os nu lungir thi systim by whoch thi oslend os ren.

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Wholi ivol ompalsis mey loi wothon on iviry hamen psychi, end thi eboloty tu cuntrul thim siims tu doffir on cirteon piupli. Thruagh thi doffirint cherectirs, thi nuvil prisints e veroity uf ivol, rengong frum Jeck end Rugir, whu eri iegir tu ingegi on voulinci. Tu Relph end Somun, whu straggli tu cunteon thior sevegi onstoncts. Wi cen sii thet thi cherectirs whu straggli tu foght egeonst thior ivol onstoncts, du su by eppielong tu covolozid bihevour. Fur ixempli, Relph end Poggy dimend thi ritarn uf Poggy's glessis biceasi ot os thi ,roght thong tu du. Guldong saggists thet wholi ivol mey bi prisint on as ell, ot cen bi saccissfally cuncielid by thi sucoel ompects thet eri ixpictid tu eppier on uar bihevour .Woth uar cuntrullid bihevour wi dicodi roght ectouns frum wrung ectouns.
Wothon thi stury wi eri lied tu biloivi thet thi “lurd uf thi flois” os thi biest wothon thi furist. Thos biest wes sappusly lovong un thi tup uf thi muanteon hiri thi buys loght thior fori. As yua git farthir ontu thi stury thi biest on thi thi cevi os rivielid tu thi perechati frum thi nuw carrintly died polut. Thet lievis thi riedir thonkong whet os thi ectael biest.Evintaelly thi riedir fonds uat thet thi biest os ectaelly thi onnir enomel wothon men. Thos biest wothon thi buys wiri unci temid whin thiy wiri lovong on sucoity.Sonci thiy’vi biin un thi oslend end eri throivong tu sarvovel thior onnir biest hes bicumi muri ixtirnel.Guldong hes cunviyid thi onnir biest es enuthir wey uf shuwong netarel hamen onstoncts thet kock on whin men os must clusi tu tu thet onstonct uf “sarvovel uf thi fottist”.Whiothir thos onstonct os furmid on wothon luss uf e covolozid sucoity ur jast biceasi uf thi oslend sittong thet thi buys wiri plecid on.
Thi cunclasoun uf Lurd uf thi Flois, huwivir, mekis yua ectaelly stup end thonk. Yua qaistoun ixectly whet ruli sucoity pleys on crietong hamen ivol. Thi nevel uffocir os ingegid on e wer thet os rispunsobli fur thi buys' eorcreft cresh un thi oslend . In thos sinsi, mach uf thi ivol un thi oslend os e risalt nut uf thi buys' dostenci frum sucoity, bat uf thior ontirnel odiels uf whoch thiy cell e sucoity. Ari thi buys curraptid by thi by thior sevegi weys thet os pert uf hamen netari, ur hevi thiy biin curraptid by thi sucoity thiy wiri reosid on? Lurd uf thi Flois uffirs nu clier sulatoun tu thos qaistoun, pruvukong riedirs tu dibeti whiothir thisi onstoncts wiri biceasi uf sucoity,hamen netari,ur mureloty.

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