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Clan: Saulot (Saul’s Lot)
Progenitor: Saul
House: Simonovich

Sparse throughout the Modern Nights, the Saulot are barely a clan let alone a ruling house. Composed of few vampires, the Saulot are in search of Golconda, enacting a bloody ritual of cannibalism when they achieve that state or despair of ever doing so.

Nicknames: Priests, Soul-sucking unicorns
Appearance: Come from a varied background of those that come to piety through revelation. Traditionally this is an epiphany from hitting the bottom of an emotional chasm. The only thing that is truly distinguishable about them is their propensity to wear religious adornments such as rosaries, crosses, yamakas, keffiyehs, collars, etc.
Background: The history of Saul is thought to have ended at the battle at Mount Gilboa, but summarized as follows: after falling in battle the evil spirit that God set upon him became his Beast, in horror and shame he pulled himself from the wall Beth-shan and fled into the night. History would have you believe that his body had been burned. Convinced that he had fully fallen out out of God’s grace, he turned to prayer and a path of redemption. He had hoped that meditation, prayer along with other abnegation techniques could quell the Beast, however nothing could for long.
Having come across others like himself, Saul had taken upon himself a new duty for his “kin”, so he Embraced a clan of healers, the Lot of Saul (Saulot). These vampires were unique among the kindred for their compassion — they were healers of kindred and kine alike.
Sometime after the Crucifixion, Saul gave up on the disciplinary techniques he had developed and sought enlightenment in the East under the tutelage of Hindu gurus, disappearing from the sight for centuri...

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...At any point of time, two remain in Moscow to hold nightly mass for the Sword of Caine in the Sanctuary. Saulot are chosen from many walks of life and from any faith as long as they are devout in their faith.
Disciplines: Auspex, Obeah, Resilience
Weakness: So powerful is their belief of their role as monsters of the sacrament, the Saulot are unable to set foot on any ground believed sacred. They must spend a Willpower to break the thresholds and remain of such places and can only use Willpower in this manner when in the presence of consecrated grounds or persons. So powerful is this curse that they cannot feed from an individual that has treated their body as a temple. Any attempt to drink their vitae inflicts a point of aggravated damage from every point consumed. The only way this can be circumvented is if the vitae is offered willingly and without coercion.

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